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NL ArHilicious Droolers#14 Aa Dekhe zaraa

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #14 Aa Dekhe Zara

Shine: I want to have competition between me and Fairy that who is betterApprove
Fairy: Offcourse I am betterCool
Shine: Yes u r better in killing mosquitoROFL
Fairy: Shut-up lets have competitionAngry
Shine: Okay how about competition who will sing betterEmbarrassedHeart
Fairy: No how about dance competition
Shine: No ways if u will dance than there will be earthquakeTongue
Fairy: I will kill you, okay hw about jalebi eating competition
Shine: Woww someimes u do use ur mind or wait u stole my mindShocked
Fairy: How do u know thatShocked I was about to steal Minu's dhandha than I found ur mind and I stole itDancing
Shine: Dont worry I never had mindROFL I alws used to use ur mind onlyWink

Minu enters with 2 Dhandhe

Fairy: Haila 2 dhndheShocked

Minu:  Yeshh cz both of u needs it badlyAngry because u people are not so serious and u people are getting lazy day by day
Shine: Now everyone cant be  serious, padhaku and strict like uGeekLOL


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Arnav and Khushi are disgruntled at  having had to see each other at the stroke of 12..  A seething  Arnav who was under the blanket , surfaces after Buaji leaves  but  gets mesmerized on seeing the beautiful Khushi but pretty soon They are back to squabbling !! Just as Khushi begins to gloat on the fact that it  WAS Arnav who came to see her  , Arnav punctures her euphoria and sends her into confusion by saying that  she really did not win in actual sense ..

The Raizada brothers  arrive at Shanthi van  , While Arnav is all steamed up on having to lose and also jealous over the fact that NK came to Gupta House ..Akash is royally cheesed off that NK lied to him and tried to make a fool of him..Both the brothers rush to confront  the rose smelling love struck NK.. NK pretends to be resting , trying to ward off  his jet lag ..Arnav and Akash are stymied  in getting their pound of flesh as NK pretends to be a dimwit .. Both the brothers stalk off ..

Next day dawns  and Buaji  tells Khushi to liaison with Raizada's and  enquire about the preparation's for Sangeet.. Khushi's mind comes alive with possibilities of avenging herself  n defeating Arnav Singh Raizada ..She gleefully begins to plan  while her family tries to stop her from embarking on this foolish venture but a determined Khushi will not be thwarted, She soon has her family eating out of her hand and planning on how to tackle each members of Raizada's..

Khushi comes to Raizada house intent on selling her idea of having a competition between the two families  when she is bothered by a mosquito buzzing around her .. She tries to kill it by clapping her hands  over it , Nk  tries to copy it thinking it is a dance move .. in his excitement  , he holds Khushi's wrist and tugs her to the pool area..  Arnav gets displeased when  he sees  NK holding Khushi's wrist ...

Khushi is again  bothered by the mosquito   buzzing around her .. Arnav who has just come to the pool area with his tried and trusty laptop , He is puzzled by her actions... .. A mosquito sits on Arnav's  cheeks , A focused Khushi intent on killing the mosquito takes a swipe at the mosquito inadvertently slapping Arnav ... Arnav  gets wildly angry and makes a valiant attempt to control himself while Khushi stammers through her apology ...UnMollified by her apology, Arnav tells her to go away ..A relieved and scared Khushi leaves the spot and hurries into the living room where the rest of the Raizada clan are gathered..Khushi sounds them on conducting competition between two families during Sangeet .. All get excited by this idea but Arnav comes in and informs the gathering that he is cancelling the Sangeet as he does not like  Noise ..The Raizada's are surprised  and a lil downcast ... Khushi realizes that it is bec of ehr slap that Arnav has cancelled  the sangeet, she repairs to his room and seeks an apology but Arnav refuses to  go back on his announcement , says he loves silence  and he cant put up with Noises and cacophony...

 Khushi gets an idea , to mollify Arnav, she enlists  the members of Raizada  in her mission..Accordingly ..All begin to use sign language and refuse to speak .. Arnav realizes that Khushi is behind the strange behavior of his family, he corners her in the Kitchen  and demands an explanation ..Khushi explains that he is getting his wish   fulfilled  ..Since he loved silence so much, he was given  silence as a gift which leaves Arnav angry and frustrated .

Arnav comes to know that Anjali is not eating any food, he carries a plateful for her and accedes to her request  of holding the Sangeet but after making the family members aware that he was not fooled by their tomfoolery..

 A delighted Khushi leaves the  room and is halted by Arnav's words who dares  her to win and mocks  her saying that he will not be there to hold her were she to fall ... He begins to walk past her  when HE trips on the rug and Khushi stops him from falling...Both exchange some deep looks .. Khushi coolly tells him that  he may trip and fall any time cos she will be there to catch him .. she pours  fuel on the fire and  trots away leaving a infuriated Arnav watching after her..

 Soon the members of the Raizada including Shyam gather in the living room.. Naniji announces that the winner of Sangeet will be getting a Natraj statue as the trophy.. Khushi and Maami are determined to win it !! ..Shyam tries to get close to Khushi, Khushi ignore him and walks away from him , leaving him angry and he resolves that   he will get Khushi to talk to him ..

Khushi takes leave of the family and goes home to practice for the Sangeet with her Buaji... Unknown to both of them Shyam is watching Khushi from a nook .. Buaji spots him , she begins  to get angry , she walks out to confront him while an unaware Khushi goes to attend a phone call ..

Buaji drags Shyam by the collar of his shirt and forbids him never to come to the house again, she also warns him that  if he persists he will be acing severe consequences ...Meanwhile a smitten NK has called up Khushi  and is blabbering away much to  the annoyance of Arnav who is hovering nearby watering the plants... Not knowing what to say, NK hands cuts the call and goes away..A puzzled Khushi rings him back and is stunned when Arnav answers the phone..

Khushi thinks that Arnav is deliberately calling her to disrupt the dance practice and  get her  to lose the competition , She  huffily cuts the call leaving Arnav incensed ...

Buaji comes into  the house muttering imprecations against Shyam, scolds Khushi when she asks Buaji to continue the dance practice ...Meanwhile The Raizada's are getting ready to go to Gupta house to  deliver the gifts.. Both Arnav and Shyam decide to accompany them ...

 Payal is worried about the way Maami might treat her after marriage..To cheer her up Khushi dresses up as maami and mimics her perfectly ..The bell rings , Khushi still in her mami spirit goes and opens the door and is shocked to see the Raizada's standing at the door, while Arnav is stunned to see Khushi in Maami Getup, he quickly turns sideways to suppress his mirthful smile while Khushi hastily shuts the door and rushes inside the room to change... Buaji comes and opens the door and invites the Raizada's in..Shyam comes at the tail end , mockingly asks whether he can come in and smirks when Buaji does not reply..Anjali and Shyam enter together .. refreshments are served..The Raizada's hand over their gifts..Buaji tells  Payal & Khushi to get the gifts selected for the Raizada's, Payal says that Khushi is preparing Tea and Payal leaves to get the Gifts ...

Arnav goes to the kitchen on the pretext of getting himself some water ..He confronts Khushi and both briefly indulge in their war games..Arnav plays the mind game perfectly ..he corners her in the kitchen and says that so far Khushi has always lost and she will do so now too..while Khushi heatedly refuses and hotly tells that if she were to lose, Arnav presses home the point , He softly, silkily asks what will Khushi do if she were to lose ??

Since NK's arrival, he's been ruling this section every week! Not my fault that he's so damn hilarious all the time.

This week, after his disastrous 'failed' attempt to see Khushji at midnight, we find him still drooling over the thoughts of Khushi holding a rose and his favourite companion, a packet of chips. He keeps on daydreaming until he hears Arnav & Aakash returning home. A furious Arnav and amused Aakash comes to take his class while he pretends to be nonchalant. He comes up with a lot of excuses and tries to prove that he had not gone to meet Khushi. 

Amidst a lot of 'changing panghat's and 'wanting to know saboon's, Arnav gets more furious at his blatant 'guess why a young boy goes to a young girl's house' dialogue while Aakash shuffles between being amused at NK's antics and scared at Arnav's temper tantrum. Arnav finally goes away from there mentioning that NK was as unbelievable as Khushi.

Happy weekend and I hope you won't get nightmare of NK's pink PJs!

Joota scene is the scene after watching which we all are about to break our TV screens.
The credit of joota scene of the week goes to a scene in which Shyam was stalking khushi through the window in Gupta house.
Shyam who followed khushi to her home was watching her dancing with her Buaji.
But he was brought back to the world by Buaji.
Buaji had given the right treatment for him by dragging him out of the home. She then warns him to stay away from khushi. But the snake who was not satisfied by the treatment again peeped into Gupta house along with Raizada people n irritated the Gupta people along with us.

Hi my cutest, sweetest, and dearest ArHilicious DroolersHug,
Wasn't it a comically bombaastic week for ArHiParty,
                      There wasn't really a hot Achari Scene this week, but a bunch of tiny little ones like Arnav taking out a flower from Khushi's bun when she was dressed like Mami jiROFL, or when Khushi offered Arnav her cheek and told him to set the score equal by slapping her back and Arnav moved forward and Khushi closed her eyes praying to her devi maiyya, while Arnav with his blazing hot gaze just exclaimed... 'Rehne do, tum seh nahi pao gi' that was HAWWWTTTBlushing. Barun's eyes were like an inferno, if Khushi had her eyes open, I bet she would've just melted on the spotCoolBlushing. Well these were the major scene that caught my eye. The rest were pretty much ArHi and their laughter ke phatkeROFL.
                       And before I forget, who can ignore the infamous 12 baje ki stare sealing ArHi's fate to be together, and it was all cause of Arnav, the one who was confident that Khushi would be the one to mess up LOLLOLLOL, and then the sona pe suhaga sceneApprove... The infamous sharing the blanket scene, Haiii main toh mar gaye oyeee. Arnav and Khushi sharing a bed together knowingly for a few minutesEmbarrassed...Thank you Buaji!!Approve... and then Arnav pulling the blanket off him to give Khushi a piece of his mind, only to get lost in her lying figure on the bedDay Dreaming, next to him clutching a blanket... and this time Arnav starting drooling, and his hand automatically found a way to Khushi's hair...Haiii kya hotty hot scene thaDancing... Main toh totally mar gaye gur kha keWinkEmbarrassed...
...Chalo guys, see ya next weekSmile,
         ...Its your nat khat MahiHeart signing off, Toodles!!!

Hi dear fellow droolers Hug

It was difficult for me to select filler scene...not bacause there weren't any...the entire week itself was a filler one...

Coming to fillers, The "Yalgar Ho" sequence seemed quite unnecessary and it was stretched for almost 3-4 minutes...

and the macchar dance was dragged for long...And the dance competition , all r talking about Sangeeth haar -jeet...The leads have forgotten everything and are fighting over for dance competition and that s the only thing they r talking about...

So that's all for this week guys...Hope next will be an eventful one, with less fillersBig smile


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hello arhi droolers, its me again, without much convo d bc of the week is none other thn,,,,,,, [hai re nandkishore yeh ladki humri naam bhol ne se ithna waqt kyun lethe ho, agar tum nahi bhole to...] LOL acha acha teek hai teek hai mein announce karengi! before she kills me presenting d BC is none other thn our own...

Buaji has prooved that she is d best aunt anyone can have!!! hw caring is she! i thought she only cared abt payal like garima but this week she prooved dat she gave equal consideration for both khushi nd payal! she loves both of them! eventhough she scolded khushi too much but she loves her inside her heart! that was clearly prooved with her dialogue with shyam!! she understood shyam's evil intentions nd gave him nice scoldings! i think dat creep will be hearing such scoldings for d first tym! she was pulling his collar i bet she would've punched him if he would've stayed there for moreLOLLOL she told him that if he tries to trouble my daughter thn he'll see d bad side of her!! [we all know dat bua loved shyam alot, he has cheated her, afterall she must've seen many dreams abt him but all this was in vain]  i have to say that she is far better thn garima!!! wat a powerful dialogues buaji!!! a standing ovation frm my side! kudos to u!
buaji: tumne humri ithni tharif kiya nandkishore tumri saath hamesha rahogi!!
me: kaun NK? woh kyun... mujhe nahi chahiye usse, agar uske jagah arnavji hai toh...Day Dreaming
buaji:woh nk nahi humri nandkishore, aur tum arnavji ke bareein mein kuch kaha kya?
me:arnavji? kaun arnavji meine kuch nahi kaha!
buaji:acha teek hai nandkishore, phir milte hai!
me: ufh buaji mera naam nandkishore nahi, mera naam navya hai!LOL
buaji:maaf kijiye! humri muh mein sirf nandkishore he!
me: [thinking] aapke muh mein bhi nahi mann mein hi woh NK hi rahte ho!
that's all frm my side! see u soon. waiting for a dhamaka next week!!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us whenever he comes on the screen. This week's most irritating character was again Shyam! What the hell? He tried to kill his wife? That was beyond pathetic. He should be sent to jail and tortured endlessly. Thank God Mama ji came at the right time to interrupt his  disgusting deed. He is a danger to everyone living around him.
On the other hand, I found it really sick that he went as far to Khushi 's house to see her. That looked so desperate. He should be ashamed of being guilty for peeking at a single girl while him, himself, being married. Ugh!Angry Really wanted to go and smack him hard! Well that's it. Adios till next week.

Hello Hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character this week...!! I know most of you are still in ArHi land after Friday's epi..i am too...wat an epic episode it was *Sigh*Day Dreaming

Okay okay m getting back to work once again i have the honour to Announce this week's funniest character..!! Wasay tu most of this week reminded me of the laughter Challange with nearly everyone trying their best to win this oh so very prestigious award...LOL
To those who didn't like the funny track one bit i would like to apologize as it was my Kiya dhara..i made everyone belive that this was the most prestigious award and so nearly everyone went for comedy just for the sake of winning it...ROFL but oh well its all sorted now they figured it was a prankROFLROFL
Okay m sorry m talking A BIT too much so getting to the award..This weel the most prestigious award i mean the funniest award goes to our berry berry own KKG...!! *wow that was a surprise keeping in mind that she nearly always gets it*ROFL
So there is just no beating KKG when it comes to the funniest award..its like made for her...her mami and bua act was just hilarious and how can i forget the machar dance and the mon wrat...!!ROFLROFL
Even the mighty ASR couldn't help but laugh at her...not infront of her but in secret..i'm sure he gets into fits of laughter before going to bed or in the showerROFL First he surpresses it in front of everyone and then later bursts into uncontrolable laughter when he remembers the events of the day...Lalit Mohin i demand a scene where u show Arnav laughing his head off in private...ROFLROFL
Okay so i know the above 5 or 6 paragraphs made no sense wat so ever but hey u shud never ever expect me to make sense..cause its impossible...!!
So i'll be back with a "bang" next week...CUT ITROFLROFL

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rarity Wink.. thanks to the mami costume, this would never have happened LOL

aa dekhen zara, kisme kitna hai dum.. Evil Smile

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Helllaaa ppeeppsss!! Hope ya'll doing good..this week was better compared to the past i wont spoil the flavour and give away some with prominent bloopers..;)


Yaar Arnav had helped himself with so much of daal and kheer and yet his plate seems to be empty..gosh where did it evaporate??LOL

see in this pic,when he leaves behind khushi to question her about their stupid silence


Hehe just like the above case the two bowls in the plate also get gayab..wanna know what i mean ??Confusedsee first when anjali pushes the plate under the bed only the spoon drops off it,but the next moment when Khushi spots the plate near Arnav's foot it has the spoon but the saucers are missing..hhehe..i know its a silly blooper but couldn't help notice it..

have a great weekend ahead Smile

Hindi Embarrassed
Agar hamri bhatigi ki taraf nazar uthai ke bhi dekha na, toh kasam nandkishore ki, jin hantan se tumko garam garam Puriyan khavayi hai na..e madhumati ne, tumhara taitoowa bhi daba deinge, samjhiyo..

English Tongue
If u even look at Khushi, I take nadkishore's promise, the hands by which i made hot hot puri's, this madhumati can even press u neck.. get it..


I am happy to see Buaji siding Khushi.. there was a time when Buaji hated Khushi, she is now supporting Khushi.. this dialogue was the best in the entire week and also highlights the love and concern of buaji for khushi..Therefore i decided to make this the DOTW.. Thanks a ton for reading.. Hug


Pride and Glory 
Even If You Loose .. Will You Still Stand Beside Me ?

A silence storm is burning in tempting Hearts
The glaciers melts away ; yet their Hearts are stones,
He has set himself in the shadows of embark darkness,
Still, She've awaken & broaden his Internal Spirit
Where the spirit soars I found myself dreary,
The darkest clouds surrounds him solitude,
His heart aches ; he Heart weeps
Still he accepts the gamble of Games,
He feels blazing inside his Heart ; Body Quivers
She dangles with swagger emotion; as a Hide and Seek,
Only he echoes a deep haunting words to her,
The flame of a candle, that dances on his Ways,
Every breath they take is another fire , burning up Inside,
As the ashes sparks as a scattering air,
He feels a stormy weather brewing inside him,
All he just wanted to know ,
Even If she defeats, Will she still amble patiently around him ?
In the dark gloomy Night beneath the Clouds
Will she be there for him to appears like a Sunshine ?
His heart flutter for all these answers and intensity,
Swimming in the darkness, drifting away in sands,
His Heart wants some pledge from her, that he grabs On,
He wants her to show him a Morning delight in Life
He wants her to give a breath of inspiration,
And ignite this Hardened Spirit with her Love,
He wants her to clutch his hand in darkness,
He scares, some things wasn't meant to be,
Some things appears to be Lost, 
Some things just remain intact like a gold,
Will you have an ability to hold me perpetually ?
And never Let him Go , as the way he want her to be ? 
He don't know, what are these feelings for,
He Loves yher, though he Loathes her ,
Seems like he've given himself to her wholly,
Yet he feels like breaking up all ,
He want her to make his thoughts visible and settled
Come, Hold his hand and Embrace him with your Love.

These Verses is depicting an entangled state of Pride's ( Arnav ) mind. Because apparently he doesn't know what his desires are , and at what Vintage path's he's leading to. Although, he have thrown a Direct Challenge to Glory ( Khushi ) still his Nerves are racing swiftly to seek for some distinct reason Of his heart , which is Unknown. Will Glory be able to determined the Internal muddled emotions Of his Heart ? Will she self-assure herself that, even If she loses she'll hold his hand in Dark Nights ? 

This week's best scene was far bar the Anjali and Arnav ones! When Arnav found out his sister almost got barbequed, well that was the best reaction!! Good boy! At least Shyam got us a good bro and sis scene.

And when Arnav was making Anjali not mad at him, well that was so sweet too!! I loved it!! And how Anjali almost melted it was adorableEmbarrassed

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It has to be of the funniest scene.. Bua and Kushi dancing ROFL

Made by: fizzii_gurl

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


Made by: Dangelz

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

Made By: Mllu.N Clap

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


Made by: .MohitzPari.

Here is ur gift

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Posted: 15 January 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged

The Black Kite, by TheWandmaker
Here's your gift.

Read Between The Lines, by reyabear

Here's your gift!

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Here is ur gift

4 Stars out of 5 stars. Well this week do deserve 5 stars as it was filled everything we will always wish for. But I deducted 1 star for too much streching of Shayam track. Now it really needs to end somewhere but what I like the most if ASR V/S Khushi's fight. It will be most amazing fight ever happened on TV industry and I am sure at the end both of them are going to winWink

Great going CVs! Viewers are looking forward to the upcoming track of PayAsh's sangeet/wedding.. Is it a track in which ArHi will become closer? Realise their love for eachother? Well thats what us viewers are excited to see!!!! EmbarrassedLOL.. Looking forward to next weeks dhamakedaar episodes.

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