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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

kp's fast forward story

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hey kp- since i recently joined the group, i've been having trouble finding the beginning of your story, although it sounds really interesting from the bits n pieces i've read so far.  would it be possible for you to combine all the existing installments into one file or somethign like that so that we can access the whole story in one go?  that would be much easier to follow.  thanks

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i m happy that u liked it so far

here it goes

hope u anjoy it

love KP

As disha and Dk go inside with sumitra,everyone goes away from dk's house.Disha and Dk are both sitting with sumitra as the nurse makes her go  to sleep. Gargi and vedanth get inside the house and go to their rooms as they are tired of all the excitement and events going on. After sumitra is asleep, nurse tells Disha and DK that she needs to go somewhere and that its an emergency. Dk gets very angry and Disha puts a hand on his back as to stop him from bursting out. Nurse tells them that she will be back by morning. Disha tells that its ok and she can go. The nurse leaves and Disha turnes to DK and tells him that she would take care of sumitra. DK has no idea what to say or do and then he turns to leave. Just then Disha tells him ' DK tum fikar mat karo, main hoon na. mai mummyji ka khayal rakhungi'. Saying this she smiles at him and he smiles back and tells her that he trusts her.


It is 2 am in the morning. DK cannot sleep coz he is too worried about his mother. He gets up and goes to her room and sees that Disha is still awake and is reading a book. HE then shifts his eyes to his mother and sees that she is sleeping peacefully. He goes inside the room. Disha has not yet noticed that DK is standing there. DK puts his hand on Disha's shoulder and she gets scared.  He asks her what happened. She says that nothing happened and that she just got scared when he suddenly came and touched her. She tells DK to sit next to her by sign of her hand. He sits next to her and she tells him that she didn't expect anyone to come at this time. He tells her that he could not sleep and that he is too worried for his mother. He tells Disha that 'I don't know what happens to mummyji suddenly. One time she is normal and the next second she gets all hyped up.'

Disha is worried and looks at DK with concern and love. She is wondering if she should tell DK about the red color. She is still looking at DK when he looks at her and asks her what she is thinking. She tells him………


DISHA- DK main tumse kuch kehna chahti hoon


DK- haan disha bolo


DISHA- DK  jab bhi sumitra ma red color ko dekhti hai to who abnormally behave karti hai.


DK- yeh tum kya keh rahi ho[looks all shocked and sad]


DISHA- mai sach keh rahi hoon Dushyant. Jab bhi kuch hota hai tab kuch to red color ka hota hai unke paas.


DK- yeh tumhe kaise pataa hua


Disha- [thinks that if she takes gargi's name, then DK wouldn't believe her and it is imp for him to know this] DK maine yeh notice kiya hai ki har baar aisa hi hota hai. DK I haven't told anyone about this but I think that it is imp for u to know this. WE have to take care of the most minor incidents that go on around maaji if we want to make her better.


She looks at DK in his eyes and tells him that' DK mere liye yeh jaanna zaruri hai ki tum mujhpe vishvaas karte ho'


DK- [who is sooo shocked and has just come out of his stance realizes that he has to believe her and knows that she wont do anything right] Disha mujhe tum pe poora bharosa hai and I believe whatever you said.


Disha- relieved that finally her hubby believes her] Dushyant thanks a lot.


DK- mai chahta hoon ki hum dona mil kar maa ji ko theek kare and be with each other all the time


Disha- [who is happy after listening to all this] haan DK hum dono mil kar sab kuch theek kar denge.


Disha smiles at DK and holds his hand and presses gently to show assurance. He also puts hishand on top of hers and they both are literally lost in their own world. Disha then suddenly realizes that she has been holding his hand for a long time and gets ahy and lowers her eyes. She looks up at DK and tells him that it is late and he should go to sleep. DK tells her goodnight and tells her that she should also get some sleep, Mom will be ok now that she has taken her medicines. Disha tells him ok and when DK and Disha  turn off the light and are about to go out of the room, DK turns around and HUGS Disha very tightly. Disha is surprised.


Disha- kya hua DK. Tum theek To ho naa


DK- haan Disha main bilkul theek hoon. Thanks a lot for doing all this for me. Only u can do such nice things for  me


Disha- Its ok DK


AND THEN she too hugs him back and smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DK and Disha leave each other and Disha gets all shy. Both DK and Disha don't know what to say. Disha tells DK that we should go to bed. DK tells her ok and they both smile at each other and go to their rooms. DK and Disha think about their hug. DK is surprised when Disha hugs him back. Here Disha is in her room and she also is surprised that she hugged him back. However she thinks that she did feel good when DK hugged her. She still does not understand why she hugged him and she tosses and turns on her bed because she cannot get the scene out of her head. The next morning Disha and DK are sitting on the table and are having their breakfast that Disha made. He asks her if she made the breakfast coz he remembers that once before too she made the breakfast and he liked the taste. She tells him that she made it and asks if he liked it. He says that it is very good. Disha smiles listening to this.


DISHA- DK you do remember what I told you last night don't you

DK- yes Disha I do

DISHA- DK ek aur baat hai jo mai tumse karma chahti hooon, lekin akele mai

DK- theek hai disha hum dona mere office ke private room mai milenge. Waha koi nahin aata sivay mere

DISHA- that's fine DK, hum dinner time par milenge.


Disha and DK  get up from the table and go to sumitra's room. Sumitra is sitting on the bed and Disha asks her how she is. Sumitra listens to this and smiles. DK is surprised and is very happy. He then remembers that he has to go for a meeting for his new business and he tells his mother

DK- maa mai thodi der ke liye bahar jaa rahaa hoo. Aap apna khayal rakhna


Disha- DK kahaa jaa rahe hoo


DK- mujhe meri nayi company ki ek meeting ke liye jaana hai.


Disha- [happy to hear that her hubby is doing something of himself] smiles at him and tells that she will meet him in the evening.


DK-ok, bye!


DK leaves for the meeting and Disha goes to her room. She calls her aai. Her aai asks her how she is. Disha tells her that she is fine. Aai then asks her how is DK. Disha is surprised and tells her that he is fine. Disha asks her aai why she asked. Aai tells her that she just wanted to know and they both smile. Aai asks her what Disha is doing in the evening and asks her that she should come home since its been a long time. Aai tells her that yesterday was holi and you didn't even come then. Disha tells her that she wont be able to come sine she is meeting DK. AAI smiles and tells her that Disha is very busy nowadays. Disha tells her that it is nothing like that. Aai tells her bye coz azoba is calling her.


In the evening, Disha dresses up in a beautiful peacock blue saree with a silver bordering. She leaves for DK's office. When she reaches there, She asks the assistant for DK and the assistant tells her that he has been waiting for her . When she enters DK gives her a rose. He is wearing a turtle neck white t-shirt with a blazer on top. Disha smiles at him and she sits on the sofa.


DK- tum kya logi Disha


Disha- kuch nahi DK


DK-[was about to take liquor but then just sits next to Disha] Haan Disha bolo, tum mujhse kya kehna chahti thi


DISHA- DK mai chahti hoon ke jab bhi nurse  sumitrama ko medicines de tab hum me se ek wahi par ho. Aur mai yaeh bhi chahti hoo ke medicines har baar nurse check kare.


DK- kyon Disha


Disha- kyon ki yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki koi medicines badala ho aur uski vajah se mummyji ko kuch yaad naa aaye. Pata nahi kyon lekin mujhe bohot dino se aisa lagta hai ki kuch theek nahi ho rahaa hai mummyji ke saath . is liye main bas precautions lena chahti hoo.


DK- theek hai disha. Yeh precaution hum leenge aur hum nurse ko bhi kahenge ki who mummyji ke paas har woqt rahe


DISHA- thanks DK. Main bas yehi chahti hoon ki mummiji jal se jal theek ho jaye.


DK- no problem DISHA. Mai yeh jaan kar bohoot khush hoon ke tumhe mummyji ki fikar rehti hei.


DISHA- [is quiet for some time and then…] DK kya mai tumse kuch poochu.


DK- haan Disha kaho kya baat hai.


DISHA- Holi ke din tumne mere maang me sindhoor kyon bhara tha?


DK-[ surprised that disha asked this ] Disha maine tumhari maang me sindhoor bhara kyon ki main tumse yeh bataa na chahta tha ki mai tumse bohut pyaar karta hoo aur mai chahta hook e tum sirf meri raho……..



As DK says this, Disha gets shy and  looks down however DK cannot stop looking at Disha. He is trying to figure out what she is thinking. He takes Disha's hand and she looks up at him. DK touchs Disha's face.He gently caresses her cheeks ,then her jawline and then her lips. Disha turns her face as she gets very uneasy. DK asks Disha if she wants to go to dinner with him. Disha does not know what to say. DK continues, he says that since both of us have not eaten, we should go, Would you like to come with me?

Disha is quiet for sometime and when DK tries to say something she tells Why not and smiles.


DK and Disha go out of the officeand go to the car. DK opens the door for Disha, She smiles at him and they both sit in the car. They go to a restaurant and order their food.


DK- Disha why is it that we never talk


Disha- We do talk many times


DK- We never just talk  without any purpose

Disha- What do you mean


DK- I don't think its necessary that we talk only when we have work with each other


Disha- of how about this, Can we be friends?


DK- surprised ] of course why not


They smile at each other and are enjoying themselves.


After dinner, when they reach home, as they are going to go inside, DK holds Disha's hand and…….


DK- Disha thanks for everything.


Disha- you don't need to thank me, you know that right. The relationship that we are in, we don't need to thank each other.


Dk- yeah youre right. I just want to tell you that you are a very special person


Disha smiles at him when DK touches her face and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Disha fells really shy and they both go in.


Leap till the day before the contract……….


Disha- DK you know that our contract is ending 2morrow


DK- I know Disha[he hesitates in saying this but finally decides to say it]


Disha- [hoping that DK will stop her from leaving] so what now


DK- Disha can you stay back for some time……I mean, only u can take care of mummyji well[ he looks at her with a hopeful glance]…………………



Disha-[looking very happy but trying not to show it] Yes DK I will stay, anyways I have to take care of mummyji


DK- ok Disha, I think that u tok the right decision. Yehi theek hoga


Disha- Yehi theek rahega ki koi apna hi mummyji ka khayal rakhe. Maybe I should go and unpack my things then


DK- ok Disha, I will see you later!


Disha and DK go to their rooms. Disha and DK are happy that Disha is staying back. None of them wanted her to leave but were not able to tell each other. DK calls up Disha and tells her that he wants to talk to her. He asks her if he could come in her room for some time. Disha tells him that its fine if he comes.[these 2 are starting to get into each others rooms huh guys!!!!!!!just jokin] DK goes to her room and sees that she is in her night dress. DK asks her if she was about to go to sleep and that if that's the case then he will talk to her later. She smiles at him and tells him that she wasn't going to bed she just wanted to change into something more comfortable. She tells him to come inside. He notices that she is looking soooooooo beautiful and looks relaxed. They both sit on the bed[ since there is no sofa in her room] and….


Disha- Haa bolo Dushyant kya baat hai


DK- [happy that she called him Dushyant] mai tumse meri company ke bare mai tumhare saath kuch discussion karna chahta hoon


Disha- Haa Dushyant, mai soon rahi hoon


DK- Mujhe ek deal mili hai mere diamonds ko market me lane ki aur mai chahtaa hook e tum meri model bano


Disha- [shocked to hear this] kaisi modeling?


DK- [ just realized what she might think}] oh Disha I am sorry I didn't mean that this is just regular modeling and not what u are thinking


Disha- you mean that with…


DK- yes [looking worried] waisi nahi jaisi maine tumhe pehle offer kit hi. This one is completely opposite


Disha- [lloking relieved yet uneasy] are u sure I mean I thought that u don't like that


DK- [relieved that she understood] thinking[tumhi ne toh mujhe apni galat definition women ki badal ne ke liye kahaa tha] Nahin Disha aisi koi baat nahi hai. Aur waise bhi tumhi ne toh mujhe ek nayaa raasta bataaya tha meri ad campaign ko present karne ke liye…..


Disha-……..aur mai hi who ad contract tumhare liye laayi thi[looks at him and smiles trying to catch his eye]


DK- haa, you are right…[doesn't know how or what to do next]


Disha- [feels his uneasiness and attempts to make him feel better] Kya tumhe lagtaa hai ki mai kar paaongi [ looking hopefully at him]


DK- of course tum karpaaogi. [looking happy and hopeful to convince her ] aur waise bhi tum itni khoobsoorat ho ki jo bhi tumhe dekhe who…..


Disha looks up at DK, surprised to hear this, smiles at him and they both look into each other's eyes[ and the song plays man se man ka………………..]


They come out of their stance and DK…..


DK- mujhe poora yakin hai kit um yeh kar paaogi


Disha- fine DK agar tum kehte ho to mai karoongi, lekin tum jaante ho na ki mai bohot nervous ho jaati hoo. Tumne dekha tha who shoot ke din……….


Disha and DK just remember that day and Disha remembers what and how she had to do her part of the contract and DK remembers what he almost made her do. DK also remembers that that was the day that he realized that he was in love with her. They both aren't looking at each other


DK-[decides to break the ice, says in a soft voice] Disha, I am sorry about all that I did to you . I am not able to tell you how sorry I am……..


Disha- [in a cold voice and not lookin at DK] DK mai pichli baton ko phir se yaad nahi kar na chahti hoon


DK- [trying to console her] I really am sorry disha. I am not that person whom u first met, you know that I am not like that any more………


DISHA- [understands that DK means what he is sayin, in a warmer tone] holds his hand , DK, don't worry about all that now, Right now we have to focus on the new business. Tell me when do I have to start


DK-[looks a little happier] thanks Disha. Mai jaanta hoon ki this is too much to ask from you but can u also give me a hand in the advertisement department. Its completely ok with me if u don't want to do it. Its just that you helped us in getting the contract.  I think that we might be able to bring in something new if we mix yours and my ideas……..


Disha- DK I will do it, you don't need to give an explanation as to why u want me to do something.[thinking You tell me and I will do anything]


DK- thanks a lot Disha. In fact I cannot thank you enough


DK is just about to leave when………


Disha-DK before u leave, I want to be clear of something.[ puts her hand on DK's back] do u think it would be possible to put our past behind. I don't want to think of it anymore


DK- whatever u want . even I eanted that. I don't want it getting in our way anymore


DK puts his hand in his pocket and gets his ring that his mother kept for his wife

DK- Disha, I have something for u ,[gives her the ring][decides not to tell disha what this ring represents] its my grandmother's . I thought that you might like it


Disha- wow its beautiful DK[but then hesitates] DK I cant


DK- [sees that she is hesitating and before she could finish sayin…] Disha please, you should have it,I want u to keep it


Disha looks at him


DK- and anyways I didn't give u anything till now, please keep it as a gift from a friend and u know that its not good to return gifts[hopes that she would accept it]


Disha-[smiles and thinks 'from a friend' ] {says softly} its beautiful Dushyant


DK makes her wear it and ……….. she hugs him and thanks him



They leave each other and DK is happy seeing that Disha is very happy. Disha looks up at him and is extremely happy and thanks DK again

They hear Sumitra shouting and they rush to her room. DK and Disha see her getting out of control and DK calls the nurse and the doctor. Meanwhile, Disha goes inside the room and tries to calm her.

Sumitra- Gargi, mere Dushyant ko kuch mat karna. Mai kisi se kuch nahin kahoongi, please Gargi, Mai tumhari aur tumhare pati ki zindagi se bohot door chali jaoongi. Lekin tum Dushyant ko kuch mat karna


Every1 is shocked to hear this. Disha and DK are frozen on their spot. Disha takes control of the situation and tells the nurse to give sumitra the medicines and put her to sleep. Sumitra goes to sleep and Disha takes DK by his arm and gently gets him out of the room. She takes him to his room and they sit there. DK has not yet come out of his shock and sits there still. Disha takes his hand and tries to shake off his shock………


Disha- DK, [he doesn't respond], DK


DK- [who has just realized where he is and what just happened] haan?[ has a puzzled look on his face]


Disha-DK, tum theek to ho naa


DK- what just happened Disha? Mummyji ne kya kaha abhi.[expecting for some explanation]

Disha-[doesn't know what to say] DK, mummyji ko ab sab yaad aa rahaa hai


DK- uno ne kahaa ki..[after a pause] unho ne  kahaa ki Gargi mujhe kuch kardegi. Isi liye who itne baraso tak chup rahi. Lekin Gargi mujhe kya karsakti. Gargi sab kuch jaanti thi aur unh one mujhe yeh kahaa ki who kuch bhi nahi jaanti. Unhe pataa tha ki mummyji ki yeh haalat kab aur kaise hui. [ now his confusion slowly turns into anger] Wohi maa ki haalat ki zimmedar hai. Mai unhe chodunga nahi. Lekin kya who aisa karsakti hai?


Disha- DK tum to jaante ho ki who aurat kiske kaabil hai.aur ab hame khush ho naa chahiye ki mummyji ko sab kuch yaad aarahaa hai. Ab who din door nahi  jab mummyji hosh me aa jaayegi


Disha and DK go to their beds to sleep but neither of them can actually sleep. Disha thinks that first thing in the morning, we will get mummyji checked. DK is still lost in his own thoughts and is really mad that Gargi did something to his mom and made her like this and on the other hand he is happy that his mom is gaining conciousness.The day is not far when she will remember everything and  come into the present time period.


The next day the doctor comes to see Sumitra. He is glad to tell DK and Disha that sumitra will get all her memory back in max. time of a month. He tells them that once a person starts gaining powerful memories, it will be much easier to gain conciousness.

He tells them that Mrs.Disha Sehgal did the right thing by bringing sumitra home. DK and Disha look at each other and she smiles shyly.


DK says that just wait till Gargi comes. When she puts her foot in this house, her arrest warrant will be ready for her. I will make sure that she gets lifetime imprisonment.


After a month and a half………


We see that sumitra his happy and healthy, she gained all her memories back just as the doctor predicted. Garhi comes home after a 2 month around the world trip. She looks happy and is just about to say something bitchy to Disha when DK comes and stops her. He asks ……..


DK- kaisi rahi aap ki trip


Gargi- [surprised that he asked] bohot hi mazedar rhi. Lekin tum itne khoosh hoo rahe ho.


DK- achaa hua ki aap ko mazaa aaya. Kyonki ab aap ko bohot kaam karna hai


Gargi- [says slyly] What do u mean sonny


Just then Disha opens the door for the police

The police tell her that they have an arrest warrant for Gargi


Gargi-[shocked] what the hell are u talking about. Mere liye arrest warrant


Just then Sumitra comes out


Sumitra- kaisi ho Gargi. I hope u missed me


Gargi-[shocked] Sumitra…tum…….tum hosh me ho……[then pretends] oh didi, u don't know how happy I am to see u like this


Gargi is about to go and hug sumitra when …….


DK- yeh naatak bandh karo Gargi. Mummyji ne mujhe aur police ko sab kuch bataa diya hai.


Disha- ab kya hua CHOTI MAA[she says choti maa sarcastically] ab aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta.


Sumitra- ab tumharaa kaam karne ka waqt aa gayaa hai. Ab toh tumhare paas bohot waqt hai aur mujhe yakin hai tumhe kapde banaa ne me bohot mazaa aayega.


Those who are confused, in jail they make the ladies weave cloth


Gargi- yeh tum kya keh rahi ho.dekho sumitra……


Before she could say anything


DK- le jaao isse  ab iski koi zarurat nahi hai


Gargi threatens and pleads to DK, Disha and sumitra while the police take her away


Let me pause right here……..

When sumitra gains conciousness, she sees DK and Disha. She is very happy to see  him all grown up and as a successful businessman


She asks ……….


Sumitra- Dushyant, yeh kaun hai[she points to Disha]


DK- [doesn't know what to say] maa who…..


Disha- [looks that DK is confused and tries to get out of this situation as fast as she could and says the first thing that comes to her mind]{holds DK's hand to stop him from saying anything} mummyji, mai Dushyant ki patni hoon


DK is shocked to hear her say this and sumitra and him are happy to hear this


Sumitra- Dushyant, tumne mujhe bataaya nahin ke tumne shaadi kar li. Anyways, mai tum dono ke liye bohot khush hoo. Mujhse aashirwaad nahin loge.


DK and Disha look at each other and both touch her feet


Sumitra- that's like good children, hameshaa saath raho


Listening to this DK and Disha look at each other and Disha becomes shy.


When sumitra goes away, Disha and DK look at each other and are a confused. Disha says to DK that she said she was his wife because that was the first thing that came to her mind and anyways she didn't want to disappoint sumitra. DK says that its ok and it is true that they are a couple. Disha keeps on looking at him when sumitra comes.


Sumitra tells that they should take dinner otherwise its getting cold. DK and Disha have dinner with sumitra. All of them are extremely happy to be together like this.


After they have dinner they sit together for sometime and sumitra tells them that its late and we shouls take some rest. Even DK and Disha are about to go to their rooms when sumitra sees them going in different directions. Sumitra calls out to them and asks them what they are doing. DK asks her what do you mean and she tells that why are u both going in different directions. Dushyant's room is up there right then why is Disha going to the other room. Dk and Disha are shocked and they didn't expect anything like this to ever occur and they look at each other hoping that the other would say or do something……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Disha and DK give a hopeful look at each other but all is in vain. Sumitra comes up the stairs and holds both their hands. She takes them to DK's room and enters. She says that it's a beautiful room. However its lacking something. DK asks her what and she tells that your wedding picture. DK and Disha look at each other but sumitra says to Disha that she should give the picture to DK and tomorrow he will enlarge it and put it in the room. DK tells her but mom……… but sumitra cuts him and tells him that no excuses. She tells Disha that when Dushyant was small, he didn't like girls and said that he wouldn't get married but then u came into his life and he forgot all about his stubbornness and I can see it in both ur eyes how much u love each other. DK and Disha avoid looking at each other. Sumitra tells them that she needs to take rest and so she pushes DK and Disha inside the room and closes the door.


DK tells Disha …..


DK- Disha I m sorry to get u in all this, yeh to mummyji ki zid thi ki  hum dono ek hi kamre me rehe. Please unki baat kaa bura mat manna.


Disha- DK mai unki baat ka bura kyon maanungi, who meri bhi mummyji hai and u don't need to apologize to me, u didn't do anything

DK- [quiet for sometime and tries to come up with a suggestion but none comes to his mind] Disha……toh ab….ab tum hi koi suggestion do coz I cant come up with anything.


Disha-DK……who mai soch rahi thi ki……..


DK- haan bolo Disha……..


Disha- until we can come u with something hum dono ko isi kamre me rehna hai…..toh me soch rahi thi ke mai sofa par so jaati hoon aur tum apne bed pe so jaao

[ she isn't looking at him]


DK- nahin Disha, tum bed par so jaao aur mai yahaa par.


Disha- lekin DK………


DK- don't worry disha, I like the sofa[ showing that its his final decision]


Disha- its getting late, I think we should go to sleep


Disha goes to change her clothes and goes to sleep, when she sees DK in his Sofa and smiles at him[its dark so he cant see her smiling]{she softly tells him…} Goodnight Dushyant


DK hears her and smiles and they both go to sleep…..


In the Morning, Disha gets up and realizes that she is still in DK's room and sees him sleeping. She looks at him and thinks that he is so calm and tension free and relaxed when he is sleeping. She keeps on looking at him and smiles and gets up to get ready. After she's all dressed up, she wakes DK. He gets up and thinks that for the1st time after such a long time he has woken up with a smile on his facejust by looking at her. He smiles at her and she too smiles back.


Disha- Dushyant mai neeche jaa rahi hoon, mummyji bulaa rahi hai. Jaldi se neeche aa jao, theek hai


She is just about to leave when her saree pallu gets stuck under DK's hand. She stops and turns around, when it is almost about to fall, she catches it. DK realizes that his hand is on it, he looks at Disha and lifts his hand. She is fixing her red, see-through saree when DK keeps on lookin at her. As she senses his stare, she looks at him and softly says that he should come down after he is ready. He tells her ok and Disha leaves.


After some time……..when Disha and sumitra are sitting, sumitra asks Disha about DK. She asks her,how he has been all these years and that if he has turned out to be a better person at heart etc.  Disha tells her that Dushyant has been fine all these years. He has become a very big businessman and has his own empire[  OH AND I M EXTREMELY SORRY GUYS, I FORGOT TO TELL U THAT DK GETS ALL HIS PROPERTY BACK NOW THAT GARGI IS IN JAIL]{HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} .However Dushyant missed sumitra a lot and remembered her everyday. He is a very nice person ……


DK is listening to all this and is happy that Disha is speaking of him so highly. Sumitra then asks Disha about his leg. Disha is quiet. Sumitra asks her that if his leg got better or is it the same. DK listens to this and feels bad. Disha tells sumitra not to worry about all that and that she should be more concerned about her health…..


DK is in his room and thinks about the incident that happened at gargi's place and how he became handicapped.  Disha is also in her room and she remembers DK telling her about his past and also about how his leg was injured. She feels bad and thinks that it must be very uncomfortable and unbearable. She thinks that she should do something about this and she calls someone on the phone…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




We see Disha calling up the orthopedic surgeon and  her conversation is shown in mute with a beautiful music playing in the background. Disha goes to DK's room and tells him that she has to go somewhere and she will be back soon. DK tells her ok and Disha sees that he looks very disturbed and thinks in her mind that…DK mai jaanti hoon ki tumhe kya baat itnaa beechen kar rahi hai. She gives him an affectionate look and leaves thinking that she cant see him like this. Disha goes to the doctor's office and talks to him about DK and he explains her what has happened to his leg internally. After a while, Disha comes home and she sees sumitra sitting in the living room and reading something. Disha asks her ….


Disha- mummyji, Dushyant kahaa hi


Sumitra- who upar apne kamre me hai, kyon koi khas baat


Disha- nahi mai to bas yuhi pooch rahi thi, mai abhi aai mujhe Dushyant se kuch zaroori baat karni hai


Disha leaves from there and goes upstairs to DK's room


She enters and sees that DK is still in the same mood and is sitting near the window on the sofa , Disha puts a smile on her face and cheerly goes to DK and puts her hand on his shoulder……..


Disha—[speakes softly and lovingly] Dushyant, kya kar rahe ho

DK- [ with no expression on his face] kuch nahi disha, tum kab aayi

Disha- mai abhi aayi, mai tumhaare liye ek khush khabar laayi hoon, bataaon

DK- [ still hasn't anything showing on his face but speakes sadly ] haan bolo disha, kya baat hai

Disha – kya baat hai dk tum khush nahi ho

DK- aisi koi baat nahi hai disha mai toh bas yunhi….

Disha- move over DK, let me sit next to you,

She smiles at him and says that ..

Disha- DK, mai doctor ke yahaa gayi thi aur…

DK-[cuts her off, now with a worried expression on his face] kya hua tumhe, tum theek to ho naa

Disha-[smiles ] haan dk mai bilkul theek hoon, mai wahaa tumhaare liye gayi thi, maine doctor se tumhare leg ke bare me bataaya aur unh one kahaa ki tumhaara per theek ho saktaa hai aur tum pheer se aazaadi se chal sakte ho bina kisi support ke


DK- tum wahaa kyon gayi thi, mujhe yehsab pasand nahi hai, mai jaisa hoon theek hoo,tumhe iski fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai


Disha-looks a little hurt but understands what he's going through] kyon DK kyon, tum kabhi apnaa khayaal nahi rakhte.kya tum nahi chahte ki mummyji khoosh ho. Pataa hai ewho aaj tumhare bare me mujhse pooch rahi thi aur mai unhe kuch nahi baataa paayi.woh tumhe phir se pehle jaisa dekhna chahti hai kyat um unhki yeh khwaaish poori nahi karoge


She looks hopefully at him


DK- mai kya karsakta hoon ab tum hi bataao


Disha- [takes out some pamphlets and gives them to DK] yeh kar sakte ho tum, tumhaara leg sirf 2 months mai theek ho sakta hai lekin tum chaaho to

She opens his hand and pputs the pepers on them and closes it. She holds them close tightly and tells dk that he should think about it and its for his own good.

DK holds her hand when she is about to leave and asks her if this would really work and she tells him yes. She bends really close to him and gives hima soft kiss on his cheek and hugs him. He smells her hair and is relaxed and happy that she went herself to the doctor for him. She tells him that he should take some rest on the bed and 2morrow they will give a visit to the doctor. He lies down on the bed and she puts the blanket on him.


The next day they are at the doctors office and are sitting on the couch when another woman comes and asks if she can sit there for some time[sofa is only for 2 ] disha tells her ok and she moves a little closer to dk and she is practically stuck to him[the woman next to disha is fat]. DKputs his hand around Disha and pulls her closer to make her comfortable[u know what I mean right] she looks at himand keeps  staring when the doctor calls them. They talk to the doctor and tell them that he will operate 2morrow on his leg. DK and Disha  are at the door at the same time when a guy with a big packet comes and tries to go in, he tells disha to mave a little and disha and dk are facing each other and they are almost hugging[ only thing lacking is that disha's arms are not around DK] when that guy passes, Disha moves back a little when she stops realizing that her  mangalsutra is stuck in DK's suit button. They both look at each other and Disha tries to remove it, but she cant. DK holds her hand on the button and tells her that he'll remove it[ all this time, ther is harldy distance in 10 cm btwn the 2 D'S] DK removes it and they go to the car. When they reach home, they tell Sumitra about DK and his operation and she gets very happy. The next day, Disha and DK are about to leave for the hospital when sumitra stops them and gives them Prasad and tells that it is shagun[good fortune] and tells them that she will pray that everything goes well and she is sorry that she won be able to come bcoz of her health. She tells DK that he's gonna be fine and that Dish is also with him. Disha and DK look at each other and Disha tells that they should leave. After the operation, Disha talks to the doctor and he tells her that DK's gonna be fine and he can go home in the morning and he just needs to practice walking at home. Disha goes to DK's ward …..


Disha- kaise ho DK

DK- mai theek hoo

Disha- holds his hand] doctor ne kaha ke tum kal subah ghar chalsakte ho aur tumhe sirf roz chalne ki practice karni chahiye.

DK- thanks Disha, tumhare bina yeh mumkin hi nahi hota. Tumhare bina mera yeh sapna adhura reh jaate

Disha-don't worry about it dk its just me right, and u know that I wouldn't want anything to happen to you


Just then the doctor comes in and disha leaves dk's hand. He tells them that he's gona give some medicine names and dk needs to take them.

Disha calls sumitra and tells her that she will be staying overnight and will be back home 2morrow with DK. She brings food for him and then gives him medicine and he goes to sleep. Disha cannot sleep and she is  lovingly observing DK and sees how he has changed in such a short period of time. She also falls asleep with her head on the pillow on DK's bed. When she wakes up, she feels someone;s hand touching her face.its DK and he tells her 'you are very beautiful' she smiles at him and asks when did he wake up. They both leave for their home and disha takes him to his  room


2 months later…………


We see that DK can walk without his crutches and him and Disha are leaving for office for a meeting. Sumitra again gives them Prasad and they leave. After the meeting, dk and disha are alone in DK's office and the door is also closed. Dk is looking at Disha and sees that she is looking so mature and responsible when she is doing work. He goes near her and holds her by her waist, she gasps and turns around.


Disha- tum mujhe hamesha daraa dete ho Dushyant

DK- tum dar kyon jaati ho disha, its just me right

Both of them smile at each other

Disha- u r too much Dushyant

DK- oh really,……


Saying this, he gets closer to disha and holds her tightly with one hand and with the other, he touches her face, softly……


Disha-yeh tum kya kar rahe ho DK,

DK-mai kya kar rahaa hoon Disha, tum hi mujhe batao….

Disha- lekin DK yeh office………..

DK-[puts his finger on her lips] toh kya hua….i love you Disha aur mere liye bohot hi mushkil hota jaa rahaa hai ki mai tumse thodi der ke liye bhi door rahoo.


He is still touching her fece and then feels her lips…………


Disha- completely zzzzapped and has no idea what to say. Has the expression on her face that shows that she is mesmerized by him……


DK- ab tum hi bataao zdisha mai kya karoo…..tum nahi jaanti ki itne din maine tumhse door kaise kaate hai.


Just then someone knocks on the door …….


Disha tells DK koi aaya hai…..and he leaves her. She opens the door and the secretay tells her that there is a call from switzerlend and its urgent. DK talks to the person on the phone while Disha fixes her saree and DK keeps on looking at her. She looks at hima dn amiles and nods her head thinking that he is still the same…..


They go out for lunch and  Disha they both of them would have to go to Switzerland for an international business meeting. Disha tells him that he is right and that they would have to leave 2morrow itself. They pack their things and leave for their tour and when they reach the hotel, DK asks for a single room……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!



When they reach the hotel, DK asks for the honeymoon suite. Just when Disha is about to say something, one of the members of their company come to say hello to both DK and Disha. Meanwhile in the background DK confirms the suite and pays for it. After the 3 talk for some time, Disha and DK go to the room and Disha forgets all about the honeymoon suite. When they reach the room, they enter and see that the room has the the red and gold theme to it, with some roses and a statue of 2 people holding each other in their arms. Disha looks surprised and looks at DK who all the while has been looking at her.


Disha—yeh sab kya hai DK


DK—yeh toh kuch bhi nahin hai. Mai to sirf rituals poori kar rahaa hoon.


Disha—kya matlab


DK- matlab yeh ki shaadi ke baad honey moon par jaate hai naa.[saying this, he closes the room door and starts getting closer to Disha]


Disha—is totally dumbstruck and has no idea what to say.


DK—kya hua Disha, tum hi to kehti ho ke rituals bohot maine rakhte hai tumhare liye


Disha—haa lekin …………….


DK—now getting even closer, says in a softer tone] lekin kya Disha…….ab sirf tum aur mai. Naahi koi yahan aayega aur naahi koi hame disturb karegaa


Disha—[speakes very softly avoiding eye contact with DK] DK honeymoon ritual nahi hai, honeymoon par sab jaate hai kyonki do log ek dusre ko theek se jaan sakte hai


DK—wow Disha, tum honeymoon ke bare me mujhse bhi zyaada jaanti ho


Dk gets real close to her and slides his arms around her waist. He gently touches her face and caresses her neck. Disha feels the jitters and moves back.


DK—[ looks at her with passion and thirst of  love in his eyes] you are a beautiful woman Disha, and also a very beautiful person. ……..


He looks at her in such a way that makes Disha feel that he is reading her mind. She is completely mesmerized by him and while moving back she sits on the bed

Dk is  still holding her, and sits next to her. Disha is shy and scared and looks confused. She keeps on looking at different places in the room when DK lifts her face gently by her chin and makes her look into his eyes. Both of them are completely lost and DK is really getting hot himself and also makin Disha feel the heat. HE gets his face close to hers and there is only 5 cm distance between them. He gets closer and closer to her face and gently has his fingers laying on her cheek. He feels her lips……he gets closer and closer and they are only 1 cm apart. They both feel the heat coming from each others bodies and they are sooooo quiet. They both look so intense and electrifyin. They close their eyes and give in on the atmosphere………… Their lips are sso close that they are only .5 cm  apart……the lips are just about to touch when the phone rings………………


DK and Disha come out of their dream world and DK goes to pick up the phone. Disha feels as if something was taken away from her when DK went away. The connection between them broke when the phone rang. DK and Disha both are disappointed. The person called up to only tell that the meeting had to be postponed for  2 days. DK tells Disha this and both smile at each other and feel as if they are somehow happy hearing this[u know what they say guys, take 1 thing and give another] DK tells Disha that they should go out for dinner. There is a nice restaurant near by, Disha tells him ok and says that she will freshen up in a bit….


In the evening, DK is waiting for disha to come and is thinking that why is it always that women take a lot of time to get ready. Just then Disha comes in a beautiful see-through red saree with a gold border. DK keeps on looking at her and stands up, she asks him how she is looking and he tell MESMERIZING. She blushes and smiles at him and says shall we go. They both sit in the car and are on their way to the restaurant when DK takes Disha's hand andkisses her palm. She looks at him and folds her palm and asks what that was for. He replies: for you. They have dinner and come back to the hotel. DK and Disha change and Disha is in the balcony . DK comes and …..


DK—kya baat hai disha, aaj tum kuch bol kyon nahi rahi ho


Disha – looks at him and smiles


She takes his hand and they both sit on the sofa in the balcony. She puts DK's hand in btwn her 2 hands and kisses it.


Disha—ek baat pooch DK[ has a dreamy expression on her face which DK has never seen]


DK- haan kaho disha[has a worried look on his face]


Disha— [ debating in her heart wether she hold say this or not ] aaj jab hum is kamre me the aur jab phone ki ring baji, toh mujhe aisa kyon lagaa jaise mujhse kuch chin gayaa ho………and she looks at DK who has a shocked and happy expression on his face



Disha looks into DK's eyes passionately as if looking to find some answers in there.


DK  looks at Disha, he knew that Disha loves him but it was confirmed today that she does love him but she is not sure of it in her mind although in her heart.


Disha and DK in soft low voices …………….


Disha- bolo naa Dushyant, mujhe aisa kyon lagaa………………


DK- Disha , yeh tumhe mujhe nahi lekin apne dil se pooch naa chaahiya.


Disha- kya matlab


DK- matlab yeh ki jo tum  apne rishto ke bare me soch rahi  ho uske bare me tum pakki nahi ho. Tumhare man me kuch shak hai ki jo tum soch rahi ho, kahi usi ko tum apnalogi to shayad tumhe dhoka na mile.


Disha- mai samjhi  nahi, anyways don't worry about all this, I was just thinking unnecessarily. This is for me to find out


They both sit in silence for some time in the balcony when……….


Disha- DK aaj mujhe bohot akela mehsoos ho rahaa hai. Can you hold me


DK spreads his arms and Disha comes really close to him. DK hugs her very tightly and disha cuddles very comfortably in his strong arms. they sit there for a while when…….


DK- Disha do you love me


Disha- [looks up at him and smiles] why do you ask


DK- because I feel that you do  but you are hesitating in telling me. You know that I am not too good with words and maybe that is why u are not sure wether you should confess you love to me


Disha- I am sorry Dushyant if I am making you feel that its your fault that I am in  dilemma. I didn't mean to do that


DK- don't worry about it Disha, its late you should get some rest


Disha and DK smile at each other and both of them go to the bed in the suite.  Disha lies down on the bed and DK puts the blanket on her and dims the lights and is a little bent towards her when….Disha  holds the collar of his t-shirt and pulls him closer to her….


Disha- DK tum jaante ho hum kahaa hai


DK-kya matlab Disha


Disha- hum kaun se room me hai


DK[looks confused]- Honeymoon suite


Disha- smiles..aur yahaa kaun aata hai


DK- I don't know disha, what do you want to say[ guess his back hurts with too much bending] say it clearly


Disha- smiles at him again and gets him a little bit more close……DK tum mujhe pooch rahe the naa ki mai tumhse pyar karti hoo ya nahi. Toh mera jawab hai ki……[by now she has pulled him on the bed really close to her]….[she remembers the night scene]……..[she whispers in his ear] I LOVE YOU DK AND I WANT YOU.


DK is surprised and shall I say really happy, he says ,………


DK- Disha I LOVE YOU TOO .[ he touches her face gently and kisses her on the lips and she opens her eyes and looks into his eyes. They both are lost in their world  and………………




Disha gets up early and is sitting on the bed. She looks at DK and is adoring him. She thinks that he looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. She caresses his hair and is looking at him lovingly


She thinks that for the first time she feels as if she did not regret taking this step. She is happy that she confessed her love to DK. She fells that a huge burden has been taken off her heart. Her not telling him that she is in love with DK was stopping her from getting close to her. She touches DK's face and VOWS that she will put her best to keep this relationship strong and will not let anything or anyone get in the middle…………



Disha caresses DK's face gently and he turs and holds Disha's hand. DK gets up and kisses her palm. They both smile at each toher. They both sit on the bed and wish each other good morning………………




He looks deep into her eyes and she is mesmerized by him…..


Disha- [smiles at him] I LOVE YOU TOO


She kisses him on his cheek and hugs him


DK- you don't know how long I had been waiting for this morning……


Disha- thank you DK. Its bcoz of u that I was able to express my feelings towards you. You made me feel secure and safe with you.


DK- disha, mai nahi chahtaa kit um mujhse kabhi bhi door jao. Mai nahi jaantaa ki mai tumhare bina kya karoongaa


They both are still smiling at each other and hugging each other…………


DK- [has a sly smile …….very naughty..]  disha…….. you know, I never want this to get over….


Disha- [laughs and nods her head] DK……. Tum bhi naa…kabhi nahi sudhroge.


She is about to get up from the bed when DK pulls her back by her waist and……she falls on the bed and is lying on DK…..she looks at him….


Disha-[ hehehehe…..she has an i-know-what-you-r-up-to look on her face ]kya kar rahe ho DK


DK- mai tumhe jaane nahi dena chahtaa aur tum ho ki……..disha u don't need to pretend that u don't want to be with me……….kyo ki mujhe pataa hai ki tum mujhse door nahi rehna chahti……..


Disha- aur agar mai tumhare paas aanaa nahi chahti to ……


DK- [smiles at her] to kya disha….u see you cant help it coz mai hamesha tumhe mere kareeb rakhnaa chahtaa hoo.


Disha- fine dk whatever you want [ making excuses haaaan……just joking]


And they kiss ………


Disha- we have to get ready..come on get up DK


DK- kis liye disha…


Disha- tum phir se bhool gaye DK…..hume meeting me jaanaa hai aur humaare paas 1 hr bhi nahi hai….


DK- oh yeah, the meeting….kya hum cancel nahi kar sakte…..pleeeeeeeeeeeease disha


Disha- DK tum bilkul ek bache ho…….come on get up…and can you order some breakfast till then I will take shower


D- [had mischief in his eyes…..] who to theek hai disha lekin kya mai tumhaare saath aa saktaa ho…..holds her hand and pulls her towards him..she has her back towards his face and he kisses her on her shoulder and sloooooowly moves to her neck and……


Disha- tries to stop him …[ softens her voice] ….. DK yeh tum kya kar rahe ho…chodo mujhe…..


DK- mai kya kar rahaa hoo……mai tumhe pyaar kar rhaa hoo…….aur waise tum bhi to mujhse karti ho naa……..


Disha- DK….der  ho rahi hai DK…….


DK- its ok…


Disha- [now knows that he is not going to stop]…speaks in a flirtish way….oh reeeaaaaaalllyyyy DK


She turns around and puts her arms around him and gets closer…..and closer…….and closer…….


DK is surprised and is totally flabbergasted and just keeps on looking at her and she also looks at him………….


Disha- kya hua DK……slowly gets hold of DK's hands which are on her waist and……….she quickly pulls them off her waist and runs to the bathroom…


DK is still standing there still recovering from what just happened…….guess he didn't see this side of Disha..hehehehehe….


After disha finishes taking shower, she realizes that she has forgotton her bathrobe outside……ooooppppsssssss…….she opens the door a little and sees that DK is sitting near the balcony next to the robe on the bed….she calls him and tells him to get the robe….


He gives her the robe and catches hold of her hand…she looks at him and tells him to leave her hand and that its getting late


Dk – looks at her passionately and …slowly leaves her hand saying….' NOT FOREVER'


After the meeting……..


DK and Disha are sitting at a table in the corner


DK-catches dish's eye and holds her hand and ina a soft voice……… disha…..mai tumhe poori tarhaa se jaanna chahtaa hoo….


Disha- smiles at him…..yeh to achi baat hai DK…mai tumhe apne bare me zaror bataaogi….kaho kya jaanna chahteho …….


DK- mujhe yeh bataao ki tum mujhse milne ke pehle kaisi thi.


Disha tells him all about how she and ranoused to play together and how they both went forshopping together and they made inder carry all the bags….DK and Disha had a little laugh and then…….


DK- disha…….looks up at her………kyat um mujhse pehle kisi se pyar kartithi……..[referring to inder]


Disha is completely shocked ………wondering why DK asked her this and has no idea what to say………………



Culture Senior Member

Joined: 18 January 2005
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Posted: 13 April 2005 at 4:19am | IP Logged
thankx KP .. this has been very convinient
sweet n sour Senior Member
sweet n sour
sweet n sour

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 6:05am | IP Logged
mindblowing Big smile
teenietoons Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 8:17am | IP Logged
so kp, what happens next????????
keshp15 Senior Member

Joined: 05 March 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

will post the next part soon

i m sorry but i m a little busy right now

hope u guys dont mind

love KP

teenietoons Senior Member

Joined: 09 April 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
yayyy:-)  okay i'm going to study now and hopefully when i'm done with that, my reward will beeeeee.......the next installment :-D 
Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 4:03pm | IP Logged

heya kp

that was wikedddddd Big smile serioussllyyy tooo goodddddd Clapkeep it up im really really really enjoying it please do post the next sence sooonnnnnn Big smile


Love Asian Princess

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