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ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Alrite's anotha story by us crazy SwaRon fans...D credit for d concept goes to Manu...n d writers for d FF are Manu, Amu, Nish, Appu, Nishu,Pooh, Joker aka Bhairvi, Ash n Me...plz pm me if i missed out any1's name...

D concept of tis FF:

Swayam and Sharon r d biggest enemies...Rey n Kria like each otha...but Rey doesnt noe how to confess it to Sharon n Swayam get 2geta to help him out...Afta helpin him out,they realise tat d otha Weaklings n Dazzlings aso like each,they will plan to unite all d couples...ViHa,Nimmi,Rimar n BharKa...n durin d process Sharon n Swayam will become frens n start liking each otha but wont realise it...So,once all d couples get 2geta...They will realise tat SwaRon like each otha...n they will decide to turn cupid for d cupids tat got all of them 2geta in d first place...


Chapter 1   - pg 2
Chapter 2   - pg 5
Chapter 3   - pg 7
Chapter 4   - pg 9
Chapter 5   - pg 11
Chapter 6   - pg 12
Chapter 7   - pg 14
Chapter 8   - pg 16
Chapter 9   - pg 17
Chapter 10 - pg 19
Chapter 11 - pg 21
Chapter 12 - pg 23
Chapter 13 - pg 25
Chapter 14 - pg 26
Chapter 15 - pg 28
Chapter 16 - pg 30
Chapter 17 - pg 32
Chapter 18 - pg 33
Chapter 19 - pg 35
Chapter 20 - pg 37
Chapter 21 - pg 39
Chapter 22 - pg 41
Chapter 23 - pg 43

     -THE END-

Hope u guys like d concept...n pls like tis post n add me to ur buddy list if u want me to pm u when i update d FF...n feel free to leave ur comments...

Edited by ABBY92 - 15 February 2012 at 2:59am

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bhavikaD3 Senior Member

Joined: 08 November 2011
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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 6:53am | IP Logged
hi abby wassup dis is bhavika
hkl75 Senior Member

Joined: 16 December 2011
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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
pm me n yea update soon!
Flame.Of.Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Its gr8 n pm me... And ya i've sent u a frnd request...
manasie23 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 31 May 2011
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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
mana ki hum sab ne likhi hai lekin i haven't read it as a whole... So muje bhi pm karna...!!!
SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:10am | IP Logged
I hv read it pura! I'm such a big fan of ur ff's! Dhundh dhundh ke padti hu! :P
bt tab bhi pm me! :D :P
ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 October 2011
Posts: 11344

Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Chapter 1

In the rehersal hall...

Sw: kria...tum waha kya dekrahi hoon?????? yaha concentrate karo na...

K: haan..haan..woh...

Sw: woh kya kriya...tum humesha uss taraf...rey aur sharon ki taraf...rey ki taraf dekti ho...(he concluded with a smile)...

K: KYA...nuthing like that swayam..(blushing)...lets take a break..please...

Sw: k...a 5 min BREAK GUYS...

R: yaar...i wanna dance with her...

Sw: dance with whom rey..(playing innocent)...

R: abhe...zyaada bana mat ...i wanna dance with kriya...

Sw: toh dance kar na...

R: haan...switch

Sw: ways...i am not gonna dance wwiht her...(pointing towards a girl in bright pink dress)

Rey : kyu usme kya kharabi hai...cute hai...sweet hai...khubsurat hai...and most imp dance bhi bohot acha karti wats d prob?

Sw : cute.sweet.khubsurat huh nice joke!! watever it is mujhe uske sath dance nahi karna!

Rey : common yar mere liye plzzz *baby face*

Sw : k f9 for u..pata nahi kab tak tere liye mujhe ye sab karna padega

Rey : jab tak baat...

Sw : kya kaha tune baatcutterrr LOL

Rey : kuch nahi tu ja us se jake baat kar

Sw : jata hu na

he moved towards d gal who was standing at a corner!

Sw: Ahem Ahem *clears his throat as loudly as possible*

Sharon turns around to c hu it is...n d moment she saw Swayam there...she jus ignored him n continued wit wat she was doin...

Swayam thinks to himself...* huh,wat attitude...thinks she's sum kinda PLZ!!!*

Sw: Excuse me,Sharon!!!

Sh: Wat???
Sw: Woh...can i dance wit u???

Sh: Kya???..*chuckles*...u n me...dancin 2geta??...i dnt think so...

Sw: Hello...muje koi shock nehi hei tumhare saath dance karne ka...

Sh: Then y did u ask me???

Sw: Woh...i asked cus of Rey...

Sh: Rey??...Wat does he hav 2 do wit tis???...pls find a betta excuse than Rey...

Sw: If u think tat i really wanna dance wit u...then plz DREAM ON!!!...i'm seriously askin cus of Rey...

Sh: Huh...But wats d prob wit Rey tat u hav to dance wit me???

Sw: Rey wants to dance wit Kria...tats y he asked me to switch patners wit him...

Sh: Rey...n Kria???

Sw: itna overeact kyu kar rahi ho... Rey wanted to dance wid kria.. So he just requested me to be ur partner...

Sh: aaarrgghh...!! My bad luck...
Sw: oohh helo.. Miss drama queen... Muje koi shauk nai hai tumhare saath dance karneka.. Tumhe dance nai karna den i'll just go and cancel our practise for today...
Sh: aarrgh..! Tumhari himaat kaise hui.. Mujse sharon raiprakash se aise baat karne ki...
Sw: i duncare.. Tum jo bhi sharon wateva... Do hell wid ur attitude...!!! 

Swayam was about to go when rey comes and ask swayam kya hua y ru guys nt dancin

SW: Itna attitude dikhaati hai..i told her u sent me and she is like URGH

Rey: hey sharon y ru nt dancin with swayam

SH: U asked him to ask me for dance...y rey yr doing this to me

SW: Dekh liye ..i cam here bcz rey asked me too

SH: Whatever...

SW: OH Gawd

Rey: Come on guys dnt fight

SW: OK fine 

SH: OK lets dance

SW: rey dnt ever ask me to dance with her again

Rey: She is so beautiful..lok at her swayam how can u guys fight...u guys look so perfect together Tongue

SW: What ru mad and then stares at her...she was playing with her hair and he was mesmerized 

SH: Ab dance shuru karen..gossip baad main kar lena girls

Rey smirked as he saw that lost look on swayam's face...

R: k then...u guys carry on...(grinning)
Sh: shuru karein????
swayam just stared at her...sharon felt really weird...
Sh: oye hello..(claps her finger infront of his face)...what r u staring at???
Sw: u..( comes out of the trance)...woh..i mean...i hav to dance with u..issliye..
Sh: watever...shuru karein????
Sw: dance aaati bhi hai kya...??
Sh: i am a born dancer...(attitude) mere blood mein hain..
Sw: oh really...tum jab born hui thi...uss waqt letter leke aayi thi kya...that u r a born dancer...yah tum andar nacchthi ti...n which blood group r u...i wanna know which blood groups got dance mixed with it...

Sh: U noe wat...jus forget tis...i'm not gonna dance wit u...

Sw: Fine...u'll b doin me a favour by not dancin wit me...

Sh: Jus shut up!!!

Sw: Y shuld i shut up???...U shut up...

Sh: Huh...Hw dare u???...Muje...Muje...shut up kaha tumne...

Sw: wat??? 


Every1 in d rehearsal hall stares at Sharon n Swayam...

Rey: Guys...chill...

Sh: Rey...dnt tel me to chill...jus tel tis...tis idiot to keep his mouth shut...

Kr: Swayam...wat did u do???

Sw: Excuse me???...I didnt do nythin...she's jus mad...

Sh: U noe wat...I'm sorry Rey...but forget it...I'm goin home...

Rey: Sharon...wait...

But Sharon had stormed out d rehearsal hall be4 Rey culd stop her...

Sw: u guys continue... Muje RDX sir ka kuch kaam... Hai.. Vaise our CS is useless toh saara kaam ACS ko karna padta hai...

Every1 start their rehearsals again... Swayam cums back.. 
Sw: neha can u come wid me.. For a sec!
Vi: aaae tu mere aur kaagu ke bich me kyu aa raha h...!
Ne: wat u calling neha..! Kaagu hu is!
Vi: vvoo... Vvoohh... 
Sw: kuch nai neha.. Vo dekho khidki pe kabotar hai.. Vicky uske bare me baat kar raha hai.. And he leaves...
Sw: sabko ho kya gaya... Kria-rey.. Vicky-neha.. Hey bhagwan aur koi surprise mat dena...!!! 

Swayam and Neha leaves for RDX office and on the way swayam was showing a list to neha and asked her if she can go and take Sharon's approval on same

N: Swayam you toh are the ACS na then y not going to Sharon yourself...y asking Neha

SW: Neha, i dont want to talk to her..she is so arrogant..please do this for me ..waise bhi she is useless and CS sirf naam ki hai

N: NOt true that is swayam...sharon is a good CS u remember rose day beautiful it was

SW: Ya ya whatever...please do this for me

N: Ok

Neha goes to sharon and shows her the list and tell her that swayam needs her to check and approve

SH: where is swayam...woh khudh kyun nahin aaya

N: Woh he said that ur very arrogant

SH: What? neha u leave i will check and please tell swayam to come to RDX office

N: tumhara kaam ho gaya

SW: wow thnx neha where is the list

N: woh toh sharon ke pass hai 

SW: what i asked u to get it approved

N: I told her that u find her arrogant and which is y u sent me to her for approval

SW: What u said can u be so...control swayam

Swayam think ab pata nahin aur kitna ladegi...

N: BTW swayam sharon asked me to tell that she is waiting for you in RDX's office

Swayam goes to RDX's office...n knocks on d door...

Sw: Excuse me sir...May i come in???

RDX: Yeah..come in...

Sharon was already there...n she jus gave Swayam a cold stare...

Sw: Sir...Sharon neh kahan ki to meet her there a problem???

RDX: Actually i wtd to meet both of u'll...i wtd 2 noe hw r d dance rehearsals goin???...since d dance fest is nearin...

Sw: Its goin fine sir...

Sh: Fine!!!...Ntg is fine sir...n its all cus of tis...tis Swayam...

Sw: Hello...its not my fault...i'm doin my work properly...if anythin is goin wrong...its cus of ur attitude...

RDX: Guys...stop fightin...d dance fest is nearin...n i need u'll to work 2geta n make sure its a success...

Sh: Sir,if u want it to b successful...then i suggest u find me a new assistant...cus i cant work wit him...

Sw: if i wanna b ur assistant...sir,if u want...u can remove me frm d ACS post...i dnt mind...

RDX: I'm not gonna change d ACS...u guys hav to learn to put ur differences aside n work 2geta for d dance fest...Tats my final decision...u guys can leave nw!!!

Swayam and Sharon leave the office and go in opposite direction

SW: sharon

SH: what? tum mera naam mat lo

SW: toh tumko kya keh ke bulayun...siren ya jungli billi

SH: How dare youAngry

SW: U only said mera naam mat i think these two names will suit u the most...ladaai ke liye always ready jungli billi.

SH: Stop that..else i will kill u 

SW: LOL yeah sure

SH: Swayam u dnt have a freaking clue what i can do to you.

SW: whatever, i just want that list neha gave u for your approval

SH: Tum khudh nahin leke aa sakta the

SW: No 

SH: Y 

SW: I want to stay away from ugly things

SH: Haha v funny

SW: List do...need to complete my work

SH: Its in my locker i will go get it

SW: Jaldi karo ..mere pass aur bhi kaam hai

SH: Accha toh karo na mera bheja mat khao

SW: khaane ke liye usme kuch hona bhi chahiye..siren sharon..go get the list 

SH: Tum mujhe command kar rahe ho...i am ur boss ...dnt try and act smart

Sw: Owh god...can u pls jus get me d list??...Muje aur bhi kaam hei...

Sh: Huh... Jus wait here...i'll get d list...

Sharon storms off to d gals locker room...n Swayam jus waits for her near RDX's office...afta some time Sharon comes bac...

Sh: Here u go...

Sw: U took so long to get tis...

Sh: God,i dnt wanna listen to u rite nw...i've approved d list...if there's nythin else...jus email me...lets minimise our contact as much as possible...

Sw: Fine...d less i hav to tolerate u...d betta...

Swayam jus walks away wit d list n Sharon jus stares at him...

Sh: Muje...Muje...he's givin attitude to me...Sharon Rai Prakash!!! AAHHH...gotta teach him a one treats me like tat n gets away wit it...u jus wait n watch MR SWAYAM SHEKHAWAT!!! Evil Smile


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kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Nice concept
Update sooon!!

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