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Dark Shadows (Page 9)

sweetazsugar Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2006 at 11:14am | IP Logged
aww plz count soon

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2006 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Back in reality Prakshi is sitting at the swing and deep in thought of what happened that morning. Karan had taken Prakshi to the doctor for a regular check up. She goes inside when Karan hangs around outside…after the check up the doctor looks worried. Slowly she opened the difficult topic, "Prakshi…there are certain complications in you're delivery…you see being five months all ready and abortion is a very dangerous option. This could cause serious complications…there is treatment but the chances are only fifty-fifty."

"Doctor could you give me a some time I will get back to you."

Now she sat in the swing and thought about her life…she remembers the pain she faced in her life. The beatings given by her uncle her aunt shaking her like anything giving her scars in her heart. She was at that time fifteen when she ran away from home. The pain she faced that strengthened her enough to run, towards a world was she was safer. Fight ring, were she met the first person who really loved her like a daughter. Slowly she remembered…how she met him. It was the day she ran away, her uncle had moved over the limit he healed her close and tried to kiss her infant besets as her aunt watched and laughed. That is when he had come in, Nickshay Sendia – seeing her suffer and struggle with one move he pulled her uncle and slapped him and kept hitting him, she did not stop or wait for watching. She ran from the house without turning back. She ran for a long time till she fell down on the road shivering partially due to fear partially due to cold. She could not get up, she felt strong hands lift her up, and she wanted to scream but could not. Somehow this touch was different and caring…when she got up much latter she found herself in a bed, with a thick blanket covering her. A sponge was on her head, a loving hand re-placed a new one for the old. "Nick uncle?" she whispered and when she remembered everything began crying. He knew holding her being a man was not the right thing now, he stepped out and placed her teddy bare nearby - she hugged and wept. The next time she woke up again her Nick uncle stood in front of her, with a bowl of soup and some toast. "I thought you may be hungry." She was and she gulped the whole thing…their relationship was not that of a father and daughter. More like friends, he was the one who taught her how to ride a bike, how to race. He was the one who got her into drugs to help her forget the past. He was the one who opened a Champaign bottle when she got close to Karan. He was the one who celebrated with wine when she won her first bike race, praised her when she gave her first knock out punch. When she was attracted to Karan, he was the one who gave her the plan. When she found she was pregnant he was the one who opened a new bottle of coke with everyone to celebrate, champagne was not good for her child. He was her first family, she would have loved to be with him but she needed women to take care of her. "My life was filled with pain until uncle came along, this child has given both me and Karan a meaning. Uncle you are the one who I am going to turn to now." She thought as she went to her room. There in a remote corner was a photograph, set near it was two candles, and she knelt before it and prayed. "Uncle before you left me you gave me a family, now I may soon join you. I want to know if I am doing the right thing for my child." In a piece of paper she wrote the word yes in another no, she picked on of them, YES.

"It is decided, Karan you may have to raise this child by you're self but I know you can do it." Prakshi smiled like a fresh bloomed rose and her eyes healed tears of joy.

--- back to Snaha and Sharath, they were celebrating their wedding anniversary with Reema and Raj at the disco, their favourite hang out spot. "Guys today we want the two of you to come with us to a very special place." Reema declared. Sharath and Snaha agreed. In the dead of the night, they were taken to an old building. Suddenly Reema took out a gun and said, "You have destroyed so many lives that you won't remember her…"

Raj cut in, "My sister, Sharmili…she was such a good friend to you're sister Mukti and brother Prem. But what did Mukti and Prem do? They destroyed her like a piece of cloth. Ripped her apart, now you have to pay for it." suddenly Snaha and Sharath laughed, a evil laugh that sent chills down Raj and Reema.

"What do you guys think?" Sharath asked. "We are such big idiots that when you called we would come? Remember the champagne it was drugged in five minutes the two of you are going to join you're Sharmili."

Snaha added, "Before you die I thought you may want to know the truth. Sharmili was part of Mukti's work, she was about to betray her and both of them silenced her – that is all. Now as far as the cause of death - it does not come out with the alcohol…rather would make it look like you had a bit too much." Just as Snaha completed her statement the two of them lost their breath and fell down dead. Sharath walked over with Snaha to their car were a few bottles of wine were kept, the same the drank in the hotel. Carefully poring them around the two moved away. Snaha with expertise lit two cigarettes and flung them near the bodies as they brunt away. (5 hours latter in a police station)

"I-I knew we should not have left them." She wept, "My husband and I just went to check out something we saw at a distance, just half an hour and we lost two such nice friends."       

Sharath placed his arm around her he him self a little teary, "I…I don't know what to say, why did they drink so much?" The inspector took in their story and let them go with a sympathetic words. Just another drunk accident was the file report when it closed. Another victorious work completed…

mandy07 Goldie

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Posted: 23 July 2006 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
wow dat was great another murder case closed within a day dat was a nice update plz continue soon
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2006 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
We see a large group of people dressed in white, Sakshi is in one corner and Avinash goes up to her, "They did it again…" she sobbed.

"Kash kash mai kuch kar saktha tha." Avinash hit his hand against the wall.

"We are all helpless…the report is against us…the officer is a honest fellow…" Sakshi continued to cry. Diya is on another side crying away…she lost her brother, Auni comes and holds her as she cried like a child. The camera focuses upon Anui's face…an anger is struck there.

In Bajaj House:

Mukti is working, no one is at home and Prem comes into her room, "Kya kar raha ho Basanthi?"

"Yudi, I am trying to complete a report that needs to be given in tomorrow." Mukti answered with out taking her eyes of the computer.

"All right. Mmm want to go out tonight?" he asked.

"No you go, I am already too tiered." Mukti answered, stretching and closing the computer.

"You know what…you are tiered because you don't eat properly Mukti come on let us get something to eat in Biju Kaka's kitchen." Suddenly Kasak said, "I will join you. I am famished." The three ate away a heavy Tiffin of samosas, cakes, even a few can's of coke. Tushar and Vishaka walked in, "Kya hua the three of you hungry?"

"Totally all this work…" Kasak complained.

"Relax…waisa you guys will do great." Vishaka boosted them herself sting to eat.

"When are biya and babi comeing back?" Mukti asked. She began missing them a lot. Prem rolled his eyes, "Mukti…"

Vishaka interrupted, "They have completed their work…they are coming back in a week." Mukti practically jumped, "Mukti tuma is gar ithna bura lagtha hai kay?"

"Nahi, Vish di…I did not meet them for such a long time." Mukti tried to explain away but everyone laughed. Mukti went away angry…Prem follows her to her room, he found her lying down on the bed. Going towards her, he too lays down near her after closing the door. Just to irritate her he sings, "Hum Tum Ek Kamra Mai Band Ho…" Mukti gives him a look. "Basanthi! Tera kyal mai kya laghta hai? What do you think Karan is going to have a boy or girl?"

"I don't know…but one thing I know is you are gone today." She started hitting him with the pillow. He too began hitting her and soon both of them were engaged in a pillow fight. At the end both of them are laughing like anything and lying down in the bed. Prem stretched his hand out and stroked her hair. "D ek bath puchu?"

"Sure." Prem prompted her.

"How do you think Karan and Prakshi are going to manage?" Prem looked at her. Mukti began her long talk about schools and ambitions, parvarsih that his head started spinning. "Mukti Mukti stop."

"What ever – now go I need to get my work done." Mukti pushed him out of the door.

Back in his room Prem was thinking about how he and Mukti just had a pillow fight, the way her hair went away from her face and the way her smile lit across her face. The way her eyes moved from one expression to another…after thinking about it he got up and and went to his desk, in a diary…the first page was a picture of Mukti. He looked at it and smiled, then he turns the page over…there is a leaf stuck to it…Prem's mind goes towards a flashback…school Mukti was sleeping when he took this very leaf and spread it lightly across her face…she had smiled and turned over. The had placed the leaf there below he had written, "Sleep my princess rest those un-rested eyes…" the next page was an entry, "Dear diary, today something special happened when Mukti came to get some notes from me she lingered a moment longer than she usually did just to speak to me. I hope I have more chances to understand her like this." The next entry was different, a photograph…this was taken when Mukti and Prem had been in a family prayer…she had been near him and the photo was snapped. Again he turned the page, it healed a poem he wrote about her a few days ago…a fresh page was taken and he filled in the new entry…

mandy07 Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2006 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
awww Embarrassed this was by far da best update b/c it had alot of prem n mukti scenes n also b/c da scenes were romantic thanks shakthi258 4 writing a whole epi on prem n mukti hope there r alot more updates lik this 1 hey by da way wats ur name? hope u can update soon can't wait 2 read da next update Wink
soaps_01 Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2006 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Just caught up, the last couple parts were really good!

Plz cont soon!
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2006 at 5:06am | IP Logged

 Prem is writing about his pillow fight with Mukti and closes the diary and locks it. Some how a part of him started missing Snaha as well, "I will call her." He decided and picked up the mobile.

"Yes Prem." She said…she too was missing him.

"Hay sister Vish told me you will be back in a week." Prem asked.

"Yes I am just doing some last minuet shopping." She answered, Prem sniffed in the air.

"Do I smell plastic burning." He asked.

"Prem – shut up. I thought I would get you some chocolate but now I wont." Snaha teased.

"No…I want chocolate." Prem cribbed.

"Then don't teas me." Snaha told him looking at some shirts in a shopping mall. "Prem do you like red or black better?" she asked looking at the clothes.

"Black – that is what makes me look hot." Prem responded.

"What ever – what is Mukti doing?" Snaha asked.

"I don't know…she is not in her room I just passed by." Prem told Snaha.

"Then she must have gone for practice – leave her." Snaha was looking at some jewellery and asked Prem, "Waisa…aj kal she is giving a lot of focus to work outs." … the camera changes to a different place. The setting has an ancient layout with many weapons like guns and knifes and some other items. Mukti is seen in one corner dressed in a white track and t-shirt. She sets some thing and starts practicing. First she jumps over some spikes that began coming up from no were. Suddenly takes a revolver and shoots at some knives that come strait at her. Then again she uses her hands as a balance to skip over something and slides down the rope…at the same time placing her revolver back in and lands on the ground. Moves closely against a bullet and shoots at the figure that is trying to attack her. Suddenly everything disappears, "Congratulations You have scored 1200 average." Came a computerized voice.

"Log that will ya?" she requested.

She came out, when someone applauded her, "Karan what a pleasant surprise."

"Nice score I thought I may find you hear." Karan looked at her for a moment and then continued. "That looked very good…"

"Thanks so how is Prakshi?" Mukti asked.

"She is fine…I came after dropping her home." Karan told her as they sat down. "It feels great, pehli bar ek rishtha jisma jaisa nahi hai."

"Karan…tum bi na." Mukti starched out and healed his hand, "Hum sab hai tara sath. Don't worry."

"Thanks Mukti – I really hope I can be a good father…I…" he began but screamed in pain.

"If you dare say that I will screw you're ears and as far as mom dad parvarish I concerned I don't have any and I am fine. Besides you are my buddy you will be fine as a father." Karan hugged her. "Any ways chalao I promised Prakshi that I will get the child's room ready before the delivery…"

"Why you? I can do it." Karan declared.

"Haan Haan you would put black all over if someone lets you. Shut up. She told me to take the responsibility and I will do the whole thing my self. Money ka bara mai math pucho. It is my gift for you're child from me." Mukti shot at him.

"You are the aunt – jo bi karna chahati ho do it…" Karan told her.

"All right, just tell me the room…" Mukti demanded.

In Karan's flat, (He lives in the one with two stories in one…I don't know what it is called) he takes Mukti to a room up stairs left empty and says, "Completely my child's…the whole top section." Karan told her, "Spend all you want."

"You got that…" Mukti gave him a thumbs up and starts looking around. "Paisa karch karna ka acha muka." She rubs her hands.

Now for a small change: Kasak's school.


A whole bunch of people are playing basket ball, others are cheering one name, Kas-ak Kas-ak. We see a girl wearing a white t-shirt with a blue collar, white shorts that reach up to near her knees. She scores the winning basket and a huge cheer goes up the air. A guy comes up and hugs her, "Hay Kasak that was too good."


"Thanks." She said and hugged him back. Then we see the mans face, (It is they person from KSBKBT umm new Tulsis's B.F) "So what are you doing hear Kailash?"


"I came to check if you are free…but you don't seem free at all." He told her.


"Tell me about it – come one I want to get a coffee." She pulled him along. On the way a few people stopped to congratulate her on her work. On girl (who was over weight) ran to her, "Kasak how do score such nice goals?"


She mumbled under her breath, "I maintain my figure." But aloud she says, "I tend to play a lot, so just do it."


"All right, even I will practice a lot and become a good player just like you." That girl replied.


Again Kasak thinks, "First try even reach the basket." Aloud, "Best of luck." 


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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Hay why no responses? Koi bath nahi, This part is very cute.


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