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Dark Shadows (Page 8)

soaps_01 Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2006
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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Great parts!

Plz cont soon

mandy07 Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2006 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
how cum u haven't continued plz update soon Cry
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2006 at 1:28am | IP Logged

Next day, a room is slowly being filled with people for making a presentation. One in particular seems to have a great hold on everything, Mukti Guptha. Slowly the people start giving their presentation, and then Mukti came up, "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Mukti Guptha and I will be representing Seema Creations. Seema has a reputation for creativity," Mukti began and after that practically swept away everyone with her presentation. At the end everyone was very impressed. A brake was called when Mukti was rooming around aimlessly outside when she saw a woman with Kuki having lunch, she approached them but was called back because the results were to be announced. "Ladies and gentlemen the presentations were very well but the contract goes to the best, Seema Creations – Ms. Mukti Guptha." Everyone congratulated Mukti, and they left. When Mukti came out the lady and Kuki were gone. "Patha nai kaun tha jo Kuki ka saath tha – I will ask her at dinner." Mukti too walked away.

In her car, she called Prem and informed him that they had bagged the 8 core contract. "Good work champ, hay what do you say we celebrate it?"

"At the party were the contract is go be sighed." Mukti completed.

"I will be ready, saath mai chalanga." Prem told her.

"Sure." Mukti cut the line and called Sharath. "Baiya I got the contract."

"Great job chotu – hay can I call you back I have to go for a meeting." Sharath asked.

"Sure – by." Mukti cut the line. When Mukti reached home she heard Kuki play the piano. The tune was mesmerizing and she stood there listening to it till Prerna came and shook her thoughts, "Ara Mukti beta tum yaha kya kar raha ho? By the way congratulations on you're contract."

"Thanks choti ma. I was just listening to the tune…" Mukti answered. Kuki came up to them and congratulated Mukti. Taking the opportunity Mukti asked her, "Di, I saw you with a lady today when I came out after the presentation who was she?"

"She is a singer." Kuki began, but Mukti interrupted her.

"O all right, I really won't understand then." She smiled, that was what Mukti was all about, frankly spoke when she felt lost. "I liked her sari though, a nice shade of blue in cotton." Mukti continued, "Choti ma I am hungry."

"Come I will get you something to eat." Prerna takes her away.

Kuki looks on, "Mom I know how everyone is proud of Mukti and her talents, she is brilliant. I could never do well in business like her, I really wish – still." She thinks sadly. In the mean time we see Shilandar sitting on a swing deep in thought, a flashback is seen were Mukti comes and takes a sip of coffee from Sharath at the breakfast table. They way Snaha had made him change his dress for a campaign and always insisted that they have a good breakfast with out phone calls. Kamini comes with a tray of tea, (it is two in the afternoon) "Aap kaunsa soch ma duub gai gai?"

"Bacho ka bara mai soch raha tha." Kamini smiles.

"Muja bi unki bahuth yaad ahti hai. Let us complete this campaign and then we can go back." Just them her mobile rang, "Snaha beta we were talking about the three of you."

"Mama Mukti bagged another contract a large one 8 cores this time." Kamini smiled.

"That is very good beta. How is you're work going?" Kamini enquired.

"Mama kam tho ho raha hai. It would take some time but hopefully it would be over soon, three months I don't know how bachi is managing. I really miss her mama." Snaha complained.

"Beta relax…she will be fine. I spoke to Prerna today morning. She told me that she woke up calling for you." Kamini Shilandar and Snaha laughed.

Shilandar got up, "Beta I have got to go, take care." And left. Kamini and Snaha spoke for some more time.

That evening Prem is yelling for Mukti when she comes down dressed in a, 

and she also has   ,  and  

She does not look up because she is busy putting on her watch, "Arahi hoon ha baba, there." Standing in front of Prem, "Agai…enough? Chala?" Prem was stating at her, an innocent beauty was spreading through her like a warm chocolate drink. "Yes let's go."

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Bookworm87 Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2006 at 8:03am | IP Logged
wow pls update sn!!
soaps_01 Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2006
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Posted: 17 July 2006 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Nice update!!!!!!
...but I can't see the first and last pic, plz post them again
Plz cont soon!
shakthi258 Senior Member

Joined: 10 April 2006
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Posted: 20 July 2006 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Guys after today's episode, Dead (witch I totally hated and I am never seeing KZK again in my life) Sharath is completely opposite and he believes in women rights very deeply, why that will come in a latter part of the story. I wanted to make this statement.    
shakthi258 Senior Member

Joined: 10 April 2006
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Posted: 20 July 2006 at 11:08am | IP Logged

A couple is seen watching Mukti and Prem face the media happily, it is Raj and Reema. They switch it of and Reema say, "They are so happy after all they have done…I wish we could do something to spoil this."

"I know…even – we can do something, yes we can do something." Raj's eyes gleamed with a feverish glint. The camera left the room and goes to a disco, everyone is dancing for Fithna Dill, moving around the dancers who seemed to have been drugged…the camera closes upon one couple. The girl is in a

and he is in a and 
With black jeans and leather jacket, he moves a bit more closer to her, and places his hands on her waist. She smiled at her husband as he pulled her closer. Many women were eyeing her enviously she knew, many men were eyeing him enviously he knew. At the end of the song, both of them went to the bar, just when Sharath was about to order his drink Raj came and ordered the same. Both of them laughed, Sharath placed his hand in front first, "Hay Sharath Guptha."

"Raj Manhothra." Both of them shook hands. Suddenly a woman wearing a ... comes and shuts his eyes from the back. "I know it is you…" Raj pulls Reema in front as Snaha comes and sits on Sharath's lap, when Reema went back and placed her arms around his neck. "Sharath this is Reema my wife." Both of them shake hands, "This is Snaha my wife, so I guess you ladies also got to know each other." Sharath adds as Snaha sakes hands with Raj and Reema.

"Mrs. Guptha, you seem to be a great dancer, I noticed you." Reema began.

"First of all it is Snaha, come on ab bi umar hai guys. As far as dance is concerned…well…the compliment goes to Sharath." He kisses her on her temple.

"So Sharath do you stay hear in Puna?" Reema asked.

"No we are from Mumbi but came for establishing the business." Snaha replied.


"Strange so are we, we came hear for a holiday." Reema explained they were falling for the act. Soon they found time flew and they had to get to their rooms. In their room, Snaha showed and stood there in a beautiful baby blue night dress with wet hair. Sharath comes out from the shower after her, wearing a towel. With a naught look goes and tickles her, she tried to avoid him but falls on the bed and Sharath on top of her. Slowly they start looking into each other eyes…the lights go of.


Next day morning, both Sharath and Snaha wake up to the phone ringing. "Hello." Both of them say together, two voices shot from the other end, "Happy Anniversary." Both of them get shocked… "O my gosh!" Snaha was all smiles.


"Thanks choti, thanks sala." Sharath said…both of them kept looking at each other…a flashback of their wedding…    

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shakthi258 Senior Member

Joined: 10 April 2006
Posts: 491

Posted: 21 July 2006 at 9:13am | IP Logged

A flash back is set…Sharath and Snaha marriage:

Everyone is at the Basu house, the women especially Sam getting Snaha ready, she had already put on her dress,

Her jewellery were set on the table, a nice set,

With many more…Sam gave them to Prerna and said, "Get these on her would you…I have to go check on A.B and Prem." She ran out, "A.B call Shilandar and ask if the barath has started. Aur Prem, ya kahai chala gaya, behen ki shadi hai aur ya ladka gayab hogaya." Just then Prem heard a, "Step-Mom" from behind.

"Prem jao aur deko ki sab teek hai ya nai." Prem nods and runs along.

Finally the barath arrives, and everyone run down…Kasak and Prem watch at the window. Suddenly there Prem stands and looks on as though he has never seen a woman before. As part of her brothers barath came Mukti, she looked dashing in a

with ...Seeing that Gupta was not dancing, pulls him in and makes him dance with everyone else. Prem keeps looking at her from far…but can't take his eyes of her. Sharath comes in and the required ceremonies are done by Sampatha and Anurag. Mukti quietly goes towards the brides room, Prem who comes out gets a closer look at her and loves her beautiful, ...

Just then her necklace slips, "Can you?" she asks him sweetly. He obliges by going towards her and putting it back on her. "Thanks." She said and ran towards Snaha's room. Prem stood there mesmerized, was this the girl he knew for the past year? Mukti entered Snaha's room were Vishaka and Kaki are adding the last touches to her decorations. "Waaw…Snaha babi you look wonderful – I am going to make you sick by calling you babi babi all the time."

Snaha smiled at her through the mirror, "Good. I will also give you lot's of affections and make up for it."


Mukti placed her arms around her neck and said, "Babi, baiya is giving me so much love and now I have you as well. I won't need anything in my life." Snaha looked at her again, "Bachi sit in one place will you? You have to take me down with Kuki and didi."


"All right," and Mukti sat right next to her when Vishaka announced, "All right, just the gungat to be put on. Mukti do that…we did all the other work." Mukti like a good girl got up and put the gungat on Snaha. Everyone took her down…They take up the ceremony in the sweetest manner, finally Sharath completes it and take everyone's ashirwad. The whole time Mukti was jumping around and Sharath being the only one who could control her was busy at the moment. Her child like innocence healed onto Prem when he feasted his eyes. Finally Sharath managed to become free enough to go to her, "Happy you finally got a babi."


"Very!" she hugged him, Sharath hugged her back. He always loved his sister like a baby but today was a little too much. Guptha's who stood there watched…Mukti was always close to Sharath and Sharath alone. There was no one else she would open up to so much. They only hoped Snaha did not come between them. Their doubts were erased in half-an-hour when Snaha started taking away responsibility from Sharath. Prem, Sharath, Snaha and Mukti were in the lawn when Mukti fell asleep on Sharath's lap. Snaha was the first to notice, "Sharath Mukti so gai hai. Chalo we will put her some were comfortable." Sharath carried her to a Sam's old room and placed her on the bed. Snaha immediately put the blanket around her and took of her jewellery so that she could sleep more comfortably. This was normally done by Sharath, he look at her for a moment and smiled within himself. He made the right choice. "Come let us let her sleep for some more time." She whispered. The whole thing was again witnessed by Kamini and Shilandar, they had a perfect bahu.  

Snaha's first day as a bahu:


Kamini does the puja (a five minute affair) were the kids appear in tracks and sends them of for jogging. Snaha went on, "Sharath kuch dino ka lia hum dono ko relatives ka sath lunch dinner par jana hai. Be prepared." Suddenly she realized he is not there next to her, "Sharath" she yelled…suddenly he came behind her and hugged her. "I love you doll." And whirled her around. "I can't thank you enough for taking care of Mukti."


"She is my responsibility as well…" she reminded him. The real responsibility came out in the breakfast table…Snaha had made the shagun food…with keer the one item Mukti ran from.


"Cahi I will eat everything except keer pleas." She begged Sharath was too scared to say anything, luckily Snaha knew about the reason she hated keer…it was too sweet for her and she did not put so much in it. Taking a spoon she fed it to her, Mukti made a series of expressions. Finally a smacking sound, "Keer babi that was perfect – wow. Two thumbs up." Everyone stared at her this was seriously a compliment.


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