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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2006 at 2:24am | IP Logged
After class Karan joins them in the canteen when Mukti is teasing Prem regarding Sakshi thinking she was attracted to Prem. She stops when she sees the look on Karan's face. Prem feels concerned and asks, "You all right brother?"

"Guys…there is something I need to tell you." And finally Karan tells them all about his affair and adds. "Today I met her again…she said she wanted to speak to me about something I am really nervous."

Mukti smiles and says, "Don't be nervous Karan…relax."

Karan smiles at her but still feels nervous. A restaurant is seen, Mukti goes there finds his her sitting there. She looked so different in a sari…he went next to her and she smiled. Slowly the whole truth came out, after that night she recently found she was pregnant. "I want to give birth to this child…tumna hamasha yehi kaha ki you don't have any blood relative I want to give this child to you. Will you accept it?" Karan's joy knew no boundary and he hugged her…after a long night walk on the beach Karan knelt down and proposed marriage to Prakshi, "No I can't…I can't tell you why. This child will be yours and yours alone Karan but jaan promise me just one thing you will be by my side when it is born."

"I promise you jaan." He knees down again and fells his child and listens to its voice from within. Prakshi's face is somehow mixed with happiness and pain…she is hiding something.

A car is driven into the Bajaj house, it is Kuki, who has returned after a long time. "Mom dad I am back," she yells both Prerna and Bajaj hug her…after that she goes to her room because she is very tiered. Prerna follows her to unpack – Kuki is in the bathroom. Inside the baggage Prerna sees a C.D and the singer makes Prerna feels shocked. She thinks, "Hay bagwan Kuki isa kai mili tho nahi?" when Kuki comes out she asks her, "Kuki ya C.D this?"

"Mom I heard this in when I was shopping I loved it so I bought it you have got to listen to her voice it is so nice." Koki went on and played the C.D listening to it Bajaj comes there but feels relived it is seeing the C.D. When both of them got some privacy, Prerna began crying, "I really hope she does not know about her…she would not be able to handle the truth I can't loose my daughter."

Mr. Bajaj consoles her, "Don't worry Prerna she won't."

Avinash is in his office when a knock in hared at the door. "Hai Sakshi come in."

"Avinash baiya there is something I want to talk to you about. The case – there may be some information."

"I really hope we can get some solid information because the whole thing is written in code and worst part – we can't brake it." pointing to some paper they had but could not understand. Sakshi kept staring at it she had seen it some were before…were – o were. "Mirror image." She said suddenly.

"What?" Avinash asked.

"The script is mirror imaged that is why it is so confusing…de code it after you mirror image it, it is the ancient Jewish scrip hear they have written the whole thing in Hebrew. Get an expert to work on it for you brother I think that is it."
Soon they worked on the very same track but the statements presented before them was more than just clear because there seemed to some stuff added to this whole script. The script said,

Respectful friend,

Time to raise the historic fight again…the planets have set themselves in alignment – the lady of the night has spoken. Centuries have passed and man has fought with the sacred beast close to the heart. Manny have passed this time when = brother kills brother. This time unchangeable fight for beliefs lay the core in our gain for more power.   

: a happiness passed through Avinash's face they were nailed. The logo below was what disturbed him most, DS set in a five point star.

Everyone was at the Basu House – happy about Karan and Prakshi. Anurag and Sam had adopted Prakshi (unofficially) and she stayed in their house. Them not getting married was completely accepted, only Kamini complained that she could not see their marriage but no pressure. One Week leap summery:

Sakshi did get close to Prem and Mukti but not very, the project was the best and P-M-K leadership was fixed in the class. Sneha and Sharath have to go away for two months, Kamini and Shilandar for five months so Mukti goes and stays at Bajaj's place.

Monday morning: Mukti's first day at Bajaj's

Six thirty, Mukti stretches out awake and says, "Babi – coffee." Mukti who was used to being given coffee when she came after her bath went away. It was when she came out for her dress was when she realized were she was. "My god..I have to get ready for jogging."

Mukti meets everyone down only in time for breakfast, she and Prem hurries through it and is about to leave when Prerna calls her back. "Mukti juice."

"Nai chahia choti ma." Prerna knew this was coming she pulled Mukti towards her and force feeds it to her. "Snaha was right." Prerna thought thinking of all the instructions Snaha had given her. "Mama make sure she drinks her juice with out ice during breakfast. She never does and also don't let her get away with a half eaten breakfast make sure she switches of her phone this girl keeps talking. Also give her some snakes after she returns from jogging."

How true Sneha's words were Prerna understood when Mukti's mobile rang. "Hello?"

"Morning Mukti this is Danny it is just that Sanjivi want some dizziness and I wanted you to just finalize the one to send."

"All right when is the presentation?" she asked.

"Tommorow." The manager told her.

"Can you show me at lunch time?" Mukti asked.

"Yes mam." Danny answer and cut the line.

"Prem," Mukti turned to him.

"I may miss our class after lunch all right cover the stuff for me." Mukti instructed him picking up her bag.

"Yes mam." Prem answered as they rushed out.


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continue sn!!
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update soon Wink
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nice part

plz cont soon
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Mukti is busy in her office, looking at some dizziness and giving instructions to the manager. Clearly she is trying to rush through it munching away her meal bar with a can of coke. A smile crept on her face at the thought of what Sneha would have said when she found out about this. Mukti was called only for the biggest of projects that could be one with her talent. Though she was not 'in office' she did take care of a large part of the work with Prem. This particular project was always her pet project and was always taken care of by her for the year that she had taken over the business. "What time is the presentation Danny?"

"Ma am it starts at 10." Mukti thought for a few minutes and saw what were the classes she had and decided she could afford to bunk collage for a day and go for the project. Once she gets to their favourite hang out she looks for her buddies, they were in the canteen. Karan was busy in work so she did not disturb him Prem was flirting. Rolling her eyes, she went and ordered a latt and donut, Prem joined her at the couch. "Hay there sweet heart." Mukti gave him a look as though he was going to murder him. Prem smiled even bigger, "I am doing that presentation tomorrow," she declared.

"Good, it is a very large project – nearly 8 cores I was going to suggest that to you." Prem replied. "I will cover all our classes tomorrow we have like what a whole hour free and some extra activates so there is only two classes both lectures you can relax."

"Thanks a lot." Mukti finally smiled. That smile always made Prem feel strange from within. It struck in her eyes and healed his with hers, her face softened completely with that smile. He stretched his hands and touched her face and removed the hair from her eyes. Softly she placed her head on his shoulder his arm went around her and hugged her for some time as she closed her eyes. The stress was slowly getting to her…Karan came and sat next to them. "She asleep?" Prem nodded. Just then Mukti's mobile rings Prem takes it out of her pocket and gives it to Karan who moves away a bit.

"Babi?" Karan asks.

"Karan, Mukti kaha hai?" it was Snaha. "So rahi hai? Phir sa kaam over load ho raha hai?"

"Babi rehna do na. You know Mukti. Were is biya?" Karan asked.

"Biya is in the bathroom I only called to check on Mukti. I have got to go by."

"By take care."

Sharath came out of the bathroom asked Sneha, "Who was that?"

"Karan I tried to call Mukti…she is sleeping." Sneha informed him. The expression on Sharath's face changes. "Kya hua what happened?"

"Sneha I am worried about both Karan and Mukti." Sharath said.

"Why?" Snaha searched his eyes.

"You know how much Karan takes care of Mukti. After this child well…" Sharath hesitated and then continued, "I really hope he does not pay less attention to Mukti."

"Sharath you are mental - Tum bachi ka bara mai bath kar raha ho. My brother and my davar take care of Mukti only when she wants them to other wise she takes care of them. As far as Karan's child is concerned she will take care of the mother, father and child if given a little space. She acts like a kid only with you and me, not even with mama papa." Sharath nodded he too knew but he preferred it when Mukti acted like a kid with him. Snaha continued, "Patha hai Sharath Prerna mama was telling me today morning Mukti was going to office for some important work during collage hours."

"She is bunking collage?" Sharath looked very angry, picked up the phone.

"Are chod do na yar. She did not miss anything important waisa it is very good she is doing like this knowing her priority and don't worry she promised that she will make sure that she does not have too many days absent." Sharath smiles and pulls her into a hug.


Next part big twist (Kuki)
mandy07 Goldie

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dat was great plz update soon n i can't wait 2 find out wat da big twist is Wink peace
Bookworm87 Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 8:24am | IP Logged
gr8 part!!update sn Smile
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Koki comes out of her bathroom after taking a shower. She is still in a pink bathrobe when she picks up her coffee and paper. Browsing through the pages she finds something that makes her very happy. Dressing in record time she runs out of the room…the camera focuses upon an advertisement announcing the concert of Karnatic music singer Padma Mahaswari giving a concert. "I don't believe this the woman whose music I enjoy is coming to the very place I am staying in – Mumbi. I can't miss this golden opportunity I am going to meet her some how." Down Koki came skipping down and dashed out after grabbing some toast.

When she goes to the shop and buys the ticket, "Do you have any of her albums? I want to take a look at them." They did and Koki buys, seven of the albums out of the ten that were available in the shop. The sales person joked, "You seem to like her music a lot."

"Yes I really love her music." Koki answered and continued, "I am hopping to meet her."

"Then you're wish has come true." Says a voice behind her, Koki turns around and there stands Padma Mahashwari (played by Shabana Azmi) "Good Morning." She is dressed in a classical fawn cotton sari, neatly pined…the only jewellery she wore were a chain, with some bangles that matched her dress, a watch and small earrings. Her bindi was set with a round red sticker…small but detectable, the smile that could win any heart. "Namastha madam. I am Koki, a pop music singer, there is so much I want to talk to you about."

"I am familiar with you. Why don't you come to my home we will speak in the comfort." Koki immediately agreed. When Koki entered she found her self in a beautiful house, a room filled with many books on poetry and prose. "Come I will make us some tea." Koki sat on the kitchen slab and watched as Padma made tea. The care with witch is set the water to boil and then adding the tea powder, letting them simmer on. On another she placed some milk and warmed them but took it off before it boiled and poured it into a tea mug of a china tea set. When the tea was 'ready' she transferred filtered the contents into a tea pot, placing some cakes took the whole tray and lead Koki to the balcony were she had set a table and some chairs made in bamoo. A large view of nature was available. The fresh wind blew through Kuki's hair, as she observed her host. "You have a great western influence in you're habits."

"You observed – yes I had a very close English friend. Milk or lime with sugar or honey?"

"Milk and sugar please." Koki answered as she gratefully accepted the tea and cake she was offered. "Home made." She declared tasting it.

"Yes help you're self as much as you want. I can see you really enjoy it." Padma sat back crossed leg with her own tea. "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I don't know were to start – it is just that I happened to stumble on you're song and well I really liked it…so much that I became you're fan." Koki tried to explain. "Actually when I hared you're song I felt some thing pass through me…"

"Darling music has that effect on everyone, it kindlers all the old emotions in a new way, when you sing or listen to music there is always a magic that is set around it. Singing is one thing, listening is another but talking about that pleasure is something completely different. A friend of mine once said, music does not control the wild beast, it destroys it." After this statement for nearly two hours Koki and Padma talk until Koki has to leave. "I will await you today evening." Padma says as she hugs Koki good by. After she left Padma cries a bit and then goes away sadly inside the house. "It is good she does not know – for now."

That evening:

Koki entered the large hall were everything is ready, she walks confidently towards the front row and seated her self and spent a whole evening immerged in the music.

In the mean time Mukti was sitting in Mahash's room and working on her presentation for the next day. When she works Mahash comes in with a plate of food and says, "Mukti beta, jab tum kaam karo I will feed you. Now open you're mouth." Mukti opens he feeds her a spoon. Mukti is typing away and Mahash is feeding her. Vishaka comes to ask him something and sees this seen and smiles, "Chahu you take such good care of Mukti, in this rate you will want her to always be with you."

"Her job is like that she needs to place extra effort in her work. That is why she needs to be fed, she already missed a meal." Mahash explains to her. The smile on Vishaka's face tightens but she stays silent. "You know she is working for a very large project and for this she had a meal bar. Another today and Snaha will have my blood. Babi would be excused because she has all of you to take care of but me no, never, you know how Snaha is." Vishaka only nods.

"Chacu bass I can't eat more." Mukti says – clearly she does not want to eat but Mahash forces her fondly.

"Thoda aur beta, thoda aur." Mahash persuades her and Vishaka leaves the place.


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