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nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2006 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
fantastic!!! really really good !!!! plz yaar, ab cont. soon na!!!!!!!!!!

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2006 at 1:28am | IP Logged

Part 3

Basu publications have got a large contract and everyone is celebrating it with great pomp. They throw a party and everyone is to wear traditional clothes Anurag looks wonderful in his...

...Sam in a

Prerna is in a

Bajaj comes in a

Sneha comes in a

Sharath in a

They all hug each other on the great success…Prerna asks Sneha where Kamini and Shalandar are, she tells them that they have gone out of town and that is why they could not come. Everyone think Sneha is beautyfull…till the gust of wind blows through the door and everyone look mesmazied at Mukti...who is in a 

she Walks up to Anurag and Sampatha hug them and also congratulate them. "All of you are looking wonderful…" she then commented. "As you do chotu," Sharath commented and hugged her, "Good work on getting the seat."

"Or getting Appo*na out of the way?" Sneha joked and added, "Hay great work though I could have never thought of that."

"Thanks bahi thanks babi I am glad you are happy about it." Mukti said and turned to Prerna, "Choti ma, there was something I need to consult you about."

"What is it beta?" Prerna asked.

"Is there anyone who you know in the States who could give me access to DCP's?"

"Yes there is this one person I will connect him to you…why do you need the DCP device?"

"There are some documents I need to despiser."

Prerna and Mukti finish their conversation when a person comes and asks her for a dance. Mukti goes and they dance for Jaga Jaga from Mera Yar Ka Shadi Hai…    

Tushar watches them from far and is thinking to him self, "Mukti you are so brilliant and beautiful yet you are so different. How I wish you where my sister just like Kasak." Just then a woman dressed in a    


bumps into him. "Sorry…I am slightly imbalanced."

"Can't you watch it?" angrily…

"But…" the girl began moving near tears and Tushar burst out laughing and hugged the girl. "How are you Sia?"

"Fine how are you Tushar?"


"Hay brother…" Prem called out.

He looks good in a

"How do you get such good stuff?" he asked.

"Prem she is just a friend." Tushar shot at him clearly embarrassed.

"I was talking about you're dress brother." Prem told him, eyeing his sherwani with contempt… 

"I had time to shop kido…Kasak did it for me."

"Where is Kasak any way?"

"Right behind you." Kasak stood dazzling in a

They hug and then Prem tucks her under his arm. Mukti is done dancing and go to the refreshment table. At the same time so does Prem…they face each other….Smiling and then hugging Mukti brakes the silence,

"Issue you when for?" she asked.

"Solved. You're side?" he answered.

Just then Prem gets a call a voice with great fear says, "Sir there has been a complication."

The camera stops on an ash faced of Prem.



The large...

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nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 07 May 2006 at 5:55am | IP Logged
FANTASTIC!!!! n i mean it!!! i look forward to this fanfic so keep up the good work n cont. soon!!!
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 6:21am | IP Logged

Prem gets a call and when he answers it he is notified of a problem. The camera stops at his face.


Mukti looks at him with curiosity as he shuts the phone frustrated. "What happened?" she asked soothingly.

"There has been a problem…big time." He answered her.

"Well.…what happened?"

"They have caught hold of our transportation."

"Uf oh U.D." she said, with the ease and familiarity of using his nick name a privilege few had; "so what is you're point? It is just a truck…what is so huffy puffy about it?"

"It is the one we send our weaponry in idiot. The one from Kanyakumari witch was ported in for the Kashmiri groups. If we get caught then that is it we are dead."

"Where is it healed?"

"A check post in Mangalore. The police are too honest and…"

"Won't find anything sweet heart."

"But then Mukti this is a huge stocking…it is worth near 18 cores…"

"Budu what did you think? Such large stock's will be sent through a check point like that and information won't leek?"

"Mukti…that is the problem with you take everything a bit too easily you can not – especially with our stuff."

"Police won't find any thing except what is documented to be there manufactured products."

"Explain." He demanded, folding his hands across his chest.

"Well if you insist darling I called to pull the old switcher."

"Duffer do you know how long it will take to take the goods, change the products and what if there is an error?"

"Not products dodo the number plates." Prem looked at her with a practically blank look. She patiently continued, "Listen…I had arranged for two trucks in the exact same model and colour to meat at a particular daba for food. Got it?"

"Who would get suspicious darling?"

As Mukti spoke the seen shifted to a daba where many people where eating a man in a dark shirt was eating. A new lorry pulled over and slid another man slipped down an ordered himself some food…both men exchanged looks. Not a word more…just then two scavengers where near the lorry that just pulled in two other near another just like it…in ten minutes the number plates had been successfully changed. The scavengers went near the new diner and called out to the owner; "Ara baiya sahb…do roti do naa book paat ka raha hai…Kaam katham karnaka lia aj kal waqth kabi teher tha nahi. Us kattu malik ka pass wapas hum jana hai tho jaan nikal gaya." He stressed upon the word kaam katham. (Translation: brother [respectfully] gives us two breads, hunger is eating our stomach, work is over now a days time does not stop. We have to go to back that crazy owner otherwise he will kill us.)   

The owner responded, "Bechara tum log…lo achi thara paat bara do aur kuch chaha tho manglo…" (Translation: poor you guys take eat well and fill you're stomach if you want anything else ask.)

The initial diner called out, "Are bai sab ya loo ap ka kanna ka paisa…kaana bohoth acha tha…dill kartha hai kaana bana haath ko sona ka kangan penau…kya kara…kismath saath nahi hai." (Translation: Brother take you're money for the food…it was wonderful I wish that I would present the hand witch cooked it a gold bangle…what to do…fate is not with me.) Laugh at his own joke and goes away, smiling and then goes away. He wakes to the other truck where the keys are kept and drives away in his old root…they other diver too quietly pays the bill and takes the other truck and goes away too.

Back at the party…

"You played the switch, brilliant." And hugs her sweetly. Then taking her over to the adults summarizes what she just did. Bajaj pats her cheeks and says, "Sabash bata sabash…I am really proud of you." Prerna beams at her. Anurag looks at her half affectionate and half proud look with a smile. Sampatha hugs her and says, "You are growing so fast." She wipes the tears out of her eyes and Prem immediately jokes.

"Step-mom…don't shower her with so much tears she will get drenched." Every one laugh…just then Snaha takes some Kajal out of her eyes and says, "Kisi ka nazar na laga." and places it on her temple where it is not very clear. Mukti blushes and bends her head…the camera shows Prem tightening his grip on Mukti's hand and gives half closes his eyes as though he agrees with what she did…she paces another hand on him and leans on his shoulder in a friendly manner. Sharath and Prerna notice this act and smile knowingly. Their friendship is deep rooted…very deep rooted…


P.S this is just to show Mukti's briliance...wait for more.

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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 6:31am | IP Logged

Guys small request RESPOND + and -


Some one's Angry and jealous


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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 11:41pm | IP Logged


Mukti stops a great problem from happening with her pre-planning attitude for one of the many businesses she takes care of and everyone is proud of her.


Baja's are at home discussing Mukti and her achievement. The whole family, Mr. Bajaj, Prerena, Tushar, Kuki and Vishaka. Mr. Bajaj is talking, "I can not believe Mukti is taking up so much responsibility. It seems like yesterday that she was still in her seventh grade and was working on a project. Remember Prerna, she would use every single factor to the maximum. She her library cards, taking notes making a list and on top of all that she would also use the Internet to her complete capacity."

"Yes Mr. Bajaj…" Prerna spoke up, "how could I forget? Even in that age she began taking interest in all our businesses and also began working on them. After a point some of her linking had given us great money."

"You and Kamini aunty have done a good job with her mom." Tushar commented.

"Thank you beta…" Prerna replied.

"Yes mom she has come out beautifully." Vishaka also added.

"She will continue to do so…I can't believe how she pre-planed everything like this. She uses her funds very well." Mr.Bajaj mentioned the black money she was spending on such acts. Kuki listened to everything quietly she did not really listen her mind was else were. Vishaka though was going on blabbing…Mukti's childhood and what not. After a point Kuki said she was sleepy and left…inside her room she did not go to sleep but wept softly. Looking at herself in the mirror she said "Kuki just look at you're self to the outside world you are such a star but inside your own family you are practically nothing at all…just nothing. Mukti, Mukti, Mukti, that is all they think of why she is brilliant she is just brilliant." Saying so she cried her sat down and took a cigarette to her lips just then came a voice, stern but affectionate. "Don't you dare." Prem stood there and smiled at his sister walking and closing the door asked her, "What happened sis?"

"Everything seems to go against me…stating from my family to…"

"Kuki what happened to you? All of us love you so much and still…"

"But they care for Mukti more…and she is so talented."

"Kuki so are you just look at the fans you have…all of us are proud of Mukti because she is very responsible for her age and on top of all that she is also working on many important projects."

"That is my point everyone trusts her and gives her such important…"

"It is because she has a knack to do that just like you have a knack to make any audience dance with you're beat or hum to you're tunes. You can't compare you're self to Mukti she is different and you are different." Prem looked at her in a worried tone he knew Kuki more than anyone else. "There is so much towards this than what you think Kuki when you work on certain things you are good at everyone praise you too. Besides trust me one day you will see this for you're self." Kuki smiled though her tears…she knew Prem was right. "Thanks a lot bro…"

"No time come strait to me and not go to a cigarette."   

Next day:

Prem is jogging and Sharath and Snaha join in, "Morning brother-in-law, morning sister."

"Morning Prem…so how did you like the party." Sharath asked.

"Loved it…man all the hot…"

"Prem…" Sneha began but Sharath cut her words.

"Hay what are you going to do today? Big plans?"

"Not at all just need to slip into office a bit and then go out shop for my collage clothes." Prem replied.

"Great…" Sneha took on, "Mukti needs to go too…hay why don't you two?"

"We already are sister that is why I am coming to pick her up my nine." Prem told her.

"All right then we will see you latter important meeting to work on." Sharath mentioned and they left on separate paths. In the car Shena and Sharath where saying, "So are you going to order it today?"

"Yes wifey we will organize the whole thing. No error…he says we can pick it up around a day before so no problem at all."

"Good." Sneha smiled and leans on Sharath and cuddles him sweetly. "Just two more weakes."

Mukti is trampling her closet on what to ware for her shopping today…luckily it is not much work in office so she can be very casual. After all it is a Friday…she glances at her calendar when she tells her self, "Just two more weakes." Finally she decides to



along with some silver jwellery

Looking beautyfull. Prem pulls over and goes inside yelling for Mukti and she comes running down. He looks at her and is dazzled at how nice she looks. "Close you're mouth U.D a fly is going to go inside it." Prem shoves her comment away in good hummer and taunts her… "Come on Ms. C.B.I we have some work before our leisure time…we do need to hand over a lot of responsibility to those two goons."


"Prem they are nice besides we will drop in now and then to check on them it is not like we are dumping the company."


"What ever…let's go."



Prem and Mukti are in the office and are seen sighing many papers and talking to two men. It takes them half an hour to set everything right and then they step out with a huff. Next they ride to the shopping mall where they practically shop and buy out many things…clothes, (they don't have much with them because in school it was uniform and rest is formal were) shoes and a few music albums. Deciding that their phone was getting bad get new mobiles. After a point they end up also getting some cool glances, watch and jewellery. Mukti buys some make up and other stuff and Prem helps her out in them. Prem on the other hand gets him self some deodorant, after shave and more nonsense. This goes on till lunch time when Prem gets very hungry…they go. Mukti gets her self salad with diet coke. Prem gets himself sandwiches with bear…Mukti scowls at the bear but does not say anything. After lunch they do the very heavy work…getting necessary stationary. They knew they would need a terms worth as time would not be available. They get highlighters, book marks, post its of various sizes, a large set of pens, pencils and erasers check their list again. "We still need to get some…" Muki rummaged, to the attendant "barites, permanent markers, some notepads and…"


The attendant decided to intervene… "Mam you can get all the items witch you got so far with the batteries and marker once you select them and I will send them to the counter."


"O great thanks…and you do remember separate…" Prem


"Yes sir." The attendant replied.


"Great." Prem replied and finally get done with all the items and a large box of C.D's each.


"That is done…um where are the files and notepads?" Mukti asked.


"There mam…" the attendant pointed out.


Finally they get some folders and files of different kinds the labels as well as a last minuet work. Prem and Mukti are on the way out when they decide to get a pen holder and a pouch for pens and pencils. After they pay they are too tiered to work so go and sit for a coffee…just as they settle down Karan walks up to them. "Hay guys, done shopping?"


"Hay brother…no we still have to get a laptop bag."


"I thought you got it with the lap top?" he looked surprised.

"No the back pack kind buddy." Mukti told him. "Also some travel bags…I was using brothers or uncles but now I really need to get some."


"I was doing mine too…my god it is tiring. After a point you keep going back to you're car to keep the stuff." Karan added.


"Tell me about it…" Prem and Mukti groaned.


"O.K then I will see you guys at collage I need to"


"By…" Mukti said and so did Prem.


They got back to doing their last bit of shopping, the bags once they where finished they drove home.






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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Night before collage:

Mukti is seen looking at all her clothes desperately she wants to make sure she does good. All her books are ready as she had ordered them on the Internet and arrived…looking through her files. "Mmm I think I will take that one…good to slid in my materials. Fits into my bag and looks good excellent." Mukti was talking to her self she wanted to make a good impression and was desperate to do so. Deciding on a grey file with slip in folders for any extra materials. Next she begun glancing though her notepads and picked one up and slipped it in as well in her bag. Checking out another item in her neat printed list looked at the next item… "I need to put in my stationary…" placing it in again checked the list. "Make sure that you put the plug ins right? Sharath what is wrong with you?" she thought aloud. The list was made by Sharath for her first day so that she won't forget anything. Rolling her eyes checked everything again anyways…she knew Sharath says reason is there. Checklists always saved her lives and she did as she was told. Next on the list was something witch made her laugh – keep in you're planner. "Brother I always do." And she followed his orders. The list went on till it came to, "Have a minimum of 500 as cash with you." She forgot to draw hard cash today brother is going to kill me, she looked at the time, "Just eight great the ATM's very nearby I will go and get it." On retuning with the exact amount checked it as well and sighted with relief. Slowly everything was completed and Mukti's bag for collage was ready. Next she looked through her clothes and decided to were something trendy but not very flashy – "Black tops and this t-shirt should do."

Prem's seen doing a similar stuff Sneha had sent him a copy of the list. He groaned but respected his sister and followed what she said. When he too scanned down and got towards the five hundred cash raised his eyebrows but did not say anything. Soon his bag too was ready and decided to throw on anything in the morning. "Hay Prem…" came a cheery voice from the door, turning around and looked shocked picking up a shirt…he was in nothing but a genes and was embarrassed, "Sister can't any one in this house knock?"

Sneha smiled at him sweetly, "No Prem never."

"Great so how 'bout you brother-in-law?" he demanded to Sharath.

"She opened the door I didn't." Sharath replied hurriedly.

"What an excuse she opened the door it seems." Prem was angry.

"Anyways what are you going to were tomorrow?" Sneha asked.

"Hmm I don't know…talking of clothes sis that top with this skirt looks horrible." Pointing to her clothes, "And my clothes just anything and I will make girls faint."

"What ever…Prem did you get that tape recorder as I told you to do?" Sneha demanded.    

"Sure I did…see." Holding a tape recorder up.

"Good boy…do take it to you're collage tomorrow it will come in handy. Now for you're clothes were something…"

"Sister please not this Mother India representative I have had enough all ready just something I like so don't worry. Now go home it is getting late."

"You too we are going for dinner together all of us with mama and papa…" Sneha instructed him.

"Witch one?" Prem asked jokingly he knew who she meant.

"My in laws as pre-planed." Sneha snapped at him.

First day of collage: Basu residence. (Bajaj and Prerna are out of town and Prem was staying over at Basu's in the morning he wakes up gets ready and eates…all the usual stuff and says) "O.K guys I better leave…I have to go to collage."

Dadi stops him saying, "Wait Prem, we will prey for you and then you can leave…" when dadi is praying and Prem is rolling his eyes Sam and Anurag step out. They return and Dadi is feeding Prem his favourite dahi having a few extra spoons finds his car keys missing. Anurag steps in and says, "Prem you're car is waiting for you outside come on." They step out to find a beautiful …

standing out Prem is too happy for words and hugs Anu and Sam. Running down the stares and drives away to collage.

First day of collage: Gupta residence. (Kamini and Shalandar are also out of town and this work is done by Sneha and Sharath for Mukti) Sneha is praying for Mukti, gives her prashad then dahi just as Mukti starts to leave Sneha says, "Mukti we have a surprise for you."

"Really?" jerking around, "What is it?" Sneha hold her by the shoulders and takes her to the door. Sharath ties a cloth around her neck and then opens the door…when Mukti's blinds are opened out she finds a car standing there.

Happily hugs Sneha and Sharath and she too runs of to collage.



New characters…would they brake the dark world or would it sustain against their acts.

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Five dark hooded people are seen with lit candle in their hands. They step in and kneel before a stone in a circle formation. "He destroyed you…we will avenge you. He and all involved with him in this game and save all those who are involved with him. In temptations he pulled you and destroyed you're body and mind. We will avenge you're death, and give you the justice you never had when you were alive."

They get up and make a ritualistic dance around it by stepping right till every one were opposite to their initial place. Raising their candles they say… "Listen to us great lord…give us strength in our venture and success fail us not." With this blowing out their candles they remove their hoods. Revelling their faces…



The image




Who are they? What are they capable of?

Keep reading.




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