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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Ujala (umm those who have seen Krishna Cottage it is that booth helping lady) "Pranam Ujala ji," both of them reach down and touch her feet, take the aarthi and prashad Mukti starts looking around the room, "Kisko dund rahi ho?" Ujala asks her. Before Mukti could answer Prem comes and crashes on the floor, she bites her tongue and Karan hits his head. Prem somehow gets up and goes to Ujala who looks at him disapprovingly. "Pranam Ujala ji," he says but it does not make any difference to her and mechanically gives him the aarti and prashad. "Tell me why did the three of you come hear – when the three musketeers come together then there is something up.

Prem smiled at her sweetly, "Can it not be for the pleasure of seeing you?"

"It could be but it never is." She retored finally smileing, "What is it?"

"You got us good Ujala ji…it is about Sia and Raj." Ujala's face became hard, Mukti immediately continued, "They are all right. It is just that…well…Sia and Raj have not been coming to collage for the past few weeks and moved into correspondence.

"Mukti…I – I never knew my children have moved towards postal education? Are they all right?" Somehow the mamtha in Ujala had crossed her generally expressionless face. Mukti reached out and thouched her hand, "They are scared…after what happened to their father." Again Ujala's eyes clouded, her husband Tauj Patal had died in an accident or what had thought to be an accident. She just hopped that no one had come to know, who her family were their ancestors were and destroy her because of it. Karan wiped her tears and looked on, "Aap fikar math kigia Ujala ji, hum hai na un kalia."

"Teek hai…jao bahuth waqth hogaya." She takes them inside, despite her saintly life there were certain bonds she could not leave behind. Her family…was all she thought of now as she lead the kids towards the interior of the home. It was nothing like the room, this had a more homely fashion. A more traditional Keralite house with an open roof and airflow. No one would guess the rest of the house was like this from the outside. They sat down cross legged on the floor and she handed the three of them strong tea made in a traditional manner. "Ujala ji…Snaha babi aru Sharath baiya na aap sa puchna ka lia kaha. Would you be available tomorrow evening aap tho jantha hai ki Sur ka lia puja hai. Kya aap kar saktha hai?"

"Yes…un dono ko yaha Sur ko yaha laana ka lia kaho." She tells her and the three of them leave. Next they go to a hospital or what seemed like one, in one remote room lay a man motionless, breathing but motionless. Omkar Sainath Jain the father of Raj Jain and Sia Jain, husband of Ujala Nanandara Jain. Mukti's eyes teared up, the thought was enough to bring the blood to her eyes. Hear lay a man who was once a great friend of ther father Jevan Guptha, he could have been the one dead and Jevan papa (she still thought of him so) laying hear but fate wished it otherwise. Jevan papa and mama had left her, she had chau, chai, bada cahu still she missed her parents. The episode flashed before her minds eyes like they were takeing place right at the moment. Her parents with Sia's father were in the first car. The children Sia, Raj and herself in the next so that they would not disturb everyone…they were playing a silly game. That is when a sudden jerk sent their car skidding across the road, they car crashed but they escaped with minor injuries, the car with their parents was not that fortunate. It landed on a dead tree and blew up immidialy only he had mannanged to 'jump' out and fallen. The driver with them helped the kids and they called home with Omkar ji's mobile. Help arrived in fifteen minutes, the longest fifteen minutes of her life. Bada chacu who was just a few hours behind. Back in reality Mukti tried to hold back a sob but could not be very sucsussfull, they were trying their best but nothing could be done – just as yet. Prem placed his arm around her as she cried, Karan just kept looking on he did not know why but somehow he felt connected to this man lying down hear.

The three of them went away, hopeing that nothing serious was going to take place. Littile did they know some one had seen them, someone had begain thinking.

Holiday time and the trio go away to Shimla were Karan owns, it is a small and at the same time very cosy. They drive all the way and set down their bags, it is only four people. Mukti, Prem, Natasha and Karan. The place is very nice, they go inside and start dump their bags on their beds. "All right guys let go out some place." Karan suggested. Everyone decide to go to the pub. Mukti and Natasha want to get ready so they come latter. Suddenly two girls enter the pub and most of the men are gabbing at them, one is wearing a light blue tops with a tieing up tops with a blue deanim skrit that was very short.

Another girl who entered looked like she just came out of a dazziling pink sleeveless top that was having a very low neck and a heavy jem work just near the neck with a upside down flower pattern at the end. The top was not very short but reached near her skrit. A very frilly white skirt that reached a littile above her anckles. Both were wearing high heealed shoes that mached their outfits. With they reached Prem and Karan, Prem could not take his eyes of Mukti, "You look really nice the pink and white suits you."

"Thanks Yudi. So chala?" she asked, Karan was looking at the governess like he had never seen her before. Granted he had left lucky with Prerna aunty but a girl like this was being a governess. She looked really hot! Soon they are sitting and drinking, Mukti was drinking wine and Prem his bear, Karan with his Martini dry but Nathasha opted to go for an orange drink. After the third round Prem finally pulled Mukti away for a dance. Both of them danced for the song Tum Bin Bathaya from Rang Da Basanthi. Prem pulled her closer somehow enjoying the warmth of her skin against his as they danced, going behind her and holding her tightly, something told him. The time would soon come to reveal his feelings. Mukti was enjoying, savouring his every touch as he passed around her body. Slowly a relationship began changing like it had never done before, "Ya muja kya ho raha hai…" was the only though before she surrendered herself to the dance.


mandy07 Goldie

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
finally sum really nice scenes between prem n mukti hope they reveal their feelings 2 each other in ur next udpate continue soon Wink
manpreet06 Newbie

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Posted: 23 August 2006 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
LOL very nice! continue soon!
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 August 2006 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Mukti goes home, disturbed the first thing she does is have a cup of coffee. "Chill it was just an attraction that is all there is nothing between you and U.D…relax." she took a few deep breaths.

Week latter:

The kids are back home and Mukti got out of her 'confutation' and leads a normal life. Snaha walks down the stars and Kamini looks surprised, "Beta you are ready for office so soon?"

"Ji mama I have to go there is some important work, I will come as soon as I can…by mama by papa." She runs out with out eating any breakfast…soon she is seen getting into the car and drives away…a highway is seen with a truck coming in top speed. A turning and Snaha's car and the truck came against Snaha's car and when she tries to avoid it looses control and she hurts her self very badly and starts bleeding. Soon she is hospitalised…

Guptha house phone rings and Kamini takes the phone, "Hello? Kya ya ya kaisa…hum abi vaha aaraha hai. Sharath beta Snaha is wounded and is hospitalised chalo…" Everyone run to the hospital and Prerna is crying uncontrolabily. Soon the docter calls the family and says, "Mr. Guptha I am sorry but you're wife can not survie she has only a few hours left and she would like to see all of you." All three families go to Snaha's side Mukti huggs her tightly she hands her to Sharath, "Take care of bachi Sharath she needs you after I am gone." No one stops her, "Aap sabna muja bahuth pyar dia I know I don't have much time…I can't tell all of you how much I love you. There is only one thing I want to ask you, please take care of Sharath find him someone find my dauter someone. Promise me." Everyone (adults) agree and Snaha takes her final breath. Prem weaps and so does Mukti were as everyone else is too shell shocked. Soon they do all the akri karam for her, and Sharath sinks deep into work, his world revolves around only few things Sur, Mukti and office. Soon his company too develops and Mukti's office too so much that to forget Snaha babi's death.

Another month leap:

Mukti is in her room working on a project very sinciarly, to an extent that she completely forgets food. Sharath walks in with a tray of sandwitches, "Chotu eat and first then you can do you're work."

"Bai I can't stop now…yaha raklo." She states and Sharath ignores her, and feeds the food. Mukti with out takeing her eyes of her computer, as she is fed the food. Kamini stands at the door and stays there, some how she needed a bahu for this house and she was going to start looking for one. The best time for her to develop this search was now.

Bookworm87 Goldie

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Posted: 30 August 2006 at 5:23am | IP Logged
wow!continue sn!
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2006 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Kamini's hunt for a girl is soon over, in just a week they find a girl called Akanksha. (Played by the heroin in Karam)

She is the daughter of Kamini's friend and a very loving girl who is very found of children. Sharath and Akanksha talk and Sharath sees that she already loves Sur like her own dauter and is happy. Apart from that she has her own faction business and is doing very well with it. Everyone are doing the shadi preparations, Mutki is involved half heartedly. Every time she remembers Snaha harder but does not show it, soon the wedding begins and the seven steps are taken, Sharath puts on the mangalsuthr the sindur and they take everyone's blessings.

Finally the widia takes place and Akanksha huggs her family and goes away with Sharath. In the Guptha house Mukti is praying in front of Snaha's picture, "Babi aaj koi aur aap ki jaga lana ka lia aarahi hai…saab na usa accepted her lakin meri lia babi tho sirf aap hai…I miss you babi." She wipes her tears and moves away to welcome Akanksha. She gives a painful smile with the aarthi and welcomes them home. Only Sharath sees the pain she is desperately trying to hide. The next day morning, Mukti gets ready for collage dressed in a pink top with a blue jeans. When she comes down Akanksha is dressed in a light brown sari and making the shagun food. That is when Mukti walks into the kitchen for some juice, "Morning Akanksha…" she brushed of the calling of her name for she all ready knew what Snaha meant to Mukti. "Morning Mukti…hay today I am fixing shagun food so you can have normal breakfast from tomorrow on wards."

Mukti rolled her eyes, "Lucky me…seriously I have a long day ahead of me…" sipping her orange juice thinking. "So you are wearing sari because of the function right?"

"Yes why did you ask?" Akanksha looked at Mukti who simply shrugged.

"I won't be having breakfast hear by the way…I am going right now I have dance rehearsals." She marched out before Akanksha could respond with the can of juice she was drinking. Sharath walked in and whished Akanksha a good morning, who was stating after Mukti then came to her senses. "Ya go-good morning."

"Kya hua?" he asked taking his coffee.

"Mukti left with out having breakfast…said something about dance sections." She explained sensing something was seriously wrong.

"That. Leave her she told me about them…she is the in charge of the show and has to be there. She will have breakfast latter, she did take juice right?" Sharath asked suddenly concerted.

"Yes…she did take some juice." She smiled at her husband who came and hugged her, "I hope she is fine."

"Don't worry." And kisses her temple. Kamini sees how sad her new bahu is and decides to talk to Mukti. Just then Mukti comes back and says, "And Akanksha make sure you keep my food in the fridge I am coming back for lunch and I will have the food then." Akanksha smiles happily and Mukti says by to Sharath. Kamini feels happy she need not hold this issue and leaves it there, as Mukti runs out to the house. In the car she weeps a lot and drove away, Guptha saw this from the window.

In the collage Mukti watches the rehearsals tells something to the dancers when Prem walks in the auditorium. He watches her for some time, at the end of the dance show she told everyone to pack up. "Hay U.D so what's up?"

Prem studies her for a moment and then asked, "How is Akanksha?"

"Akanksha she is totally fine. Chalo I wan't to catch some breakfast…" she pulled him by the hand and went to the nearby caffa. As they ate breakfast Prem finally asked, "Tum aab thak usa bul nahi paya na?"

Mukti looked up, "Ithni achi thara jantha ho na muja." She has tears in her eyes and Prem wipes them. After breakfast they go back to collage, while Prem remembers the time he went to his sister's place. [Flash back] Some of Kamini's friends come all of a sudden unannounced. Snaha who had just returned from office was dressed in a denim cut of with a simple t-shirt. She did not know that Kamini's friends are down and comes in the same clothes, "Mama muja coffee chahiya." Just then Kamini's friend says.

"Ara Kamini teri bahu aisa kapda pehenthi hai?" she asked.

"Ismai kya problem hai ya tho teek hai Prema." Kamini asked but Snaha was already very hurt more by the next words.

"Araa bahu aisa kapda pehenthi hai aur tum isia bura nahi manthi hoo. Wah ya tera bada pan hai…" Snaha runs out crying but someone holds her hand and pulls her back. It is Mukti, she goes up to Kamini's friend, "Listen aunty, first of all jo meri babi pehenthi hai uspar aap ko kya problem hai?"

"Beta…vo kuch nahi, beti aisa sidi sadi kapda hai, tumhari chudidar-" but Mukti does not let her say everything.

"Bass, peheli bath ya hai ki mai chudiar mai isilia huu kuyki ek function par jana hai muja. Aur jaha thak meri babi, ko tho wester kapda ham saab ka saamna ki pehenthi hai. Jahan thak maina janthi hoon, aap ki beti na shadi ka bath kabi gar par nahi ayi. Vo bi isilia kyuki uski sasural mai jo pyar aur freedome milthi hai ki vo aap ka saath nahi mili." The woman gets the statement lound and clear that she has to shut up, just then Prem was standing there with Sharath. Sharath was looking at a file, for Prem when he heared this was totally shocked. "Ya ladki kaab sa gossip par invoived hui?" Sharath never heared Mukti speek like this before, expecially to elders.

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2006 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
"Aaga bolu? Aap na usko thang kiya kyuki vo aap ki sautali beti hai…you never loved her. Lekin uski saas par usa ek ma mila aur vo aap ka paas kabi wapas nahi aie. Jaha thak meri babi ki bath hai…vo meri chachi ki beti hai bahu nahi…" Mukti starts to storm of but the lady sarcastically says.

"Kammal hai Kamini teri banji ithna saab kuch kaha aur tum bilkul chup rahi ho." She coments but Kamini looks at her coldly. "Waisa tum tho ek bath teek hi kaha…vo kul ka pehenthi hai…apna tanga ko kull ka pehenthi hai."

Kamini can't take it any more. "Baas…ek aur shab bi kaha na. Dyan sa suno, jis kaam tum apna gar par karo. Meri gar par nahi." The friend is insulted enough and leaves. After the lady leaves and the rest of the women there agree that Mukti was right, one of them goes up to Snaha, "Beta don't feel bad. Even our bahu's weare such clothes we are very open with it…Prema ki bath ko bura math mano." Snaha smiles through her tears. "Lekin Mukti ithni harsh words…" says one lady, "beta mai manthi hoon ki tum apni babi sa bahuth pyar karthi ho lakin…"

"Aunty babi bai ki pathni hai, Sharath bai na meri parwarish kiya aur pyar diay. Usi ki pathni ko kisi na ya saab kiya aur mai chup rahu? Hai mai manthi hoon ki thora zayda hua lakin the way she spoke…" Sharath gave her a look and Mukti stops with a "Sorry baiya mai chalthi hoon by." [End of flashback] Prem wonders if Mukti would even accept Akanksha for a babi? He knew for a fact that she could never forget Snaha.

At home Mukti is eating the re-heated food except for the keer. Akanksha asks her and Mukti says, "Muja keer ithna acha nahi lagtha."

"Ara try tho karo dulhan." She feeds it to her but Mukti finds it too sweet and yells at her, "Ya kya pura chakar ka dukan daldiya kya?" she leaves without going back to her lunch. Kamini goes up to her and strokes her hair, "Beta Mukti na jo kuch be kiya…"

"Mummy ji muja usa zayada tahkleef pahoncha kyuki vo kaana aduri chod kar gai." Akanksha is very disturbed and Kamini goes to Sharath who is on the bamboo basket swing reading, "Beta…you have to talk to Mukti."

Sharath after hearing what happened is very angry, "Mom isma Mukti ka koi galthi nahi hai? Maina Akanksha sa kaha ki vo Mukti ko keer pasand nahi ayaga. She did not listen it's her falut." He angrily walks away to see if Mukti is all right, "Chotu…"

Mukti turnes around tear strained eyes, "Baiya vo baas I am sorry aap tho jantha hai ki muja meeti ceez bilkul pasand nahi."

"Jantha hoo aur Akanksha ko kaha bi. Don't worry I will talk to her."
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2006 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Hay people,

I have witers block so I am pausing Dark Shadows for a wile but I think you will like this better.


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