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Dark Shadows

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2006 at 9:07am | IP Logged

Mr. Resab Bajaj:

To the world a multi millionaire, industries all over and big in the media industry. Reality he was one of the big people in the black market and his clenches wide spread. There was no proof to his connections and that is exactly how they worked no real proof rather nothing anyone could really understand they had people for that…

Mrs. Prarna Bajaj:

Well she was one the greatest brains behind his projects…both the legal and illegal. Any problem and she would bail them out…never once in this system was there any error in her calculations she knew where to do what and was very good at it like anything.

Mr. Anurag Basu:

A person who was another multi-millionaire and hand his hands wide spread in the black market as well. There was no one who could ever understand how he got his information…be it for his publications, newspapers or be it to punish the people who betrayed him.


Mrs. Sampatha Basu:   

She is everything Prarna is to Bajaj, the greatest brains behind his projects…both the legal and illegal. Any problem and she would bail them out…never once in this system was there any error in her calculations she knew where to do what and was very good at it like anything.


--- Sampatha and Prarna are the best of friends and so are Bajaj and Basu ---




Mr. Guptha (sr)


Baja's buddy and they are like brothers in many ways…he lost his wife in an accident but did not re-marry.


Mr. Shralandar Guptha


he is the youngest brother of the two, a politician and also a great part of the underworld tamasha…he is the political force behind many of the bills not being passed or being passed.


Mrs. Kamini Gupta


she chose not to play a great part because she was more emotion than brain. She plays a full time emotional support for the whole group and the criminal entity behind the screen. She is also a great mother to her children, Shrath and Mukti, also her daughter-in-law but considered daughter Snaha. She loved them to pieces though Sharath was her SON but Mukti a nice and Snaha a daughter-in-law made no difference to her.


--- Mukti's parents died so she grew up under Kamini's care ---


That is the adult set now for the younger ones,


Sharad Gupta:


Son of Shlandar and Kamini…he loves his sister like anything and would do anything for her. At the same time does not protect her or anything and lets her fight her own battles. He made his entry into the world with Snaha in a project but ended up marrying her…now both where still involved but married and not as partners in crime.  


Snaha Guptha:


Daughter of Anurag and Prarna and wife of Sharad…loved him a lot and still was a big brain in most of the operations. She was more than a wife now…a great babi to Mukti and a wonderful bahu for Kamini…she was the best of all.


Mukti Guptha:

She was the most pampered of all and also the best in the industry…like Snaha and Sharath entered when she was like 15 but grew very fast unlike the other two…she had her contacts in places no one could imagine…really…expert with fake names and fake i.d's…Also the brain behind some ingenious ideas by witch most of the time the people never got caught…

Tushar, Vishaka and Kuki and Bajaj:

They are to an extent minor characters…to an extent…children from his first marriage. They where the mechanical engineers they had invented many things for rather made sure many things where invented (Thushar and Vishaka) who could twist out anything out of anyone. They acted as a great assert for the group with their ingenious architecture and disguise expertise. Kuki was a pop star and model who was the glamour of the family. The power behind some great cover-ups…

Prem Prarna Sharma:  (also known as U.D)

You know his history, son of Anurag and Prarna but went by his mother's name…he too was a great assert for the black market. His company was the greatest assert for many hacking work's and to an extent protective of his younger sister Kasak who was in her 12th.  Two year's older to her but he too let her fight her own battles and interfered only when it was absolutely necessary. Prem had taken after Thusar and learnt a lot about disguise and worked on them very well…there was no end to his potential.

Karan Dasav:

Best friend of U.D and was well the one who would always knew what he was really doing but always helped him escape. He was more than a mere student and ran the underworld school and collage drug ring…he was the best. In this as well, especially that he built this empire from near the ashes.   


Not to mention, po*nography and well also human trafficking.  

Kasak Bajaj:


Little sister of Prem and Snaha but most importantly the person who did a great part of the underworld's large scale planning. She was still not so big but was big to an extent just taken a brake for her boards.


--- they come together to form


Dark Shadows


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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2006 at 9:38am | IP Logged

They came to win…they continued to stay…

A girl steps out of the dark…partially embracing it with her night black dress, dripping grace and glamour. Attractive with a glow…seated with a drink…deep as her dress in a crystal glass. "Faith…I use against you…your own…be it Rama be it Allah…be it Jesus…I use it against you. Pupating you destroying you before you know so…if you are not worth being."

This is Muki Guptha…unveiled, unmasked, in private…as though is response comes the male voice…a man in a black jacket his hands hold a similar drink. When he comes in speaking the words… "You mean nothing to us…we pour within you're living body the liquid of death. We pump into you're hot blood veins the cold ice of destructions till you kneel to us."

Both step together…raising the glasses to one another…say together…

"Soft are we…in pulling you away from your own…place within you we do the unthinkable…destroy you we do finally…"

A new male voice says… "Deep are you're wounds…they you feel not as the medicine we give for purposes our own." Sharath Guptha…

A new female voice says… "A pawn in our game you become…a bait you turn into…a scrape-goat you end." Snaha Guptha…

You see the four pillars of the Dark Shadow's empires future…who say together

"With death we play, like serpents we destroy, stop us will you not…for you know not we exist."   

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shakthi258 Senior Member

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This is not the first part only an introduction hay you guys like it then I will post the first part. And guys if you think it is boring…tell me. I will then stop.

nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2006 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! mind blowing!!! sach much, this is zabardast (hehe, me n my silly hinglish!!), but do cont. soon, i rly wanna read more!!
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Part one...

Sharath and Snaha where having their after jog coffee with cream and sugar on the sit out. Just returning from a morning workout still in their tracks…Sharath his black and Snaha her navy blue…It was one of those excusive times of the day when they had a family time together…just the kids…His eyes though were frantically searching for his younger sister Mukti who always joined them near this time. Snaha smiled at his frantic search for his sister witch he had just given up. Stating to Snaha like a fact, "This girl works too much." Snaha was about to respond when as though on cue Mukti called out… "Baiya…baiya…" running up the stairs in her blue and white track stues and practically jumping into Sharath's lap like she always loved to do…Snaha laughed and handed him some coffee. Happily he fed it to Mukti and then gave the cup to her.

"Morning chotu…" he says…

"Chotu…" she counters; "will you never stop?"

Smiling with affection says; "Never!"

"Good…never." Happily hugging him and he hugs her back.   

Snaha looked at the two of them very happily, she always loved there picture perfect moments…she even snapped them without their knowledge. Their bond was so wonderful. Mukti finally said, "Babi…"

"Hungry bacha?" Snaha responded. Mukti nodded like a kid, Snaha smiled, "Sandwiches are on the way." Mukti smiled weakly…and settled her even more comfortably. A servant came and left the grilled chilli n cheese sandwiches she asked them to bring. Mukti took them and munched away Snaha and Sharath waited till the servant left and then confronted Mukti…

"You all right bacha?" Snaha asked.

"Why do you ask babi?" Mukti looking confused.

"When did you have dinner last night." Sharad made his wife's statement much more clear.

"Near nine at the Mexican Mancaho…after taking care of a business deal." Mukti replied.

"Witch one?" Snaha asked.

"This was a child matter…" she replied.

"Sorry?" Sharath looked totally bewildered.

"Umm…it was a case of large scale brown sugar smuggling act…huge money. Just needed to be settled out…" Mukti answered.

"Why do they do this to you?" Snaha asked…before Mukti could respond her mobile rang.

Mukti… "Yes Das tell me."

Dash a man on the other end of the line said… "Madam…there has been a problem…" Mukti's face hardened and her eyes healed a cold look as she moved away from her brother.

"Spit it out." She demanded.

"There has been a crash." Das stumbled.

"I did not get you?" she told him.

"Madam…some scientist is fishing around our health spa…if she finds out…"
Das continued.

"Where does she work?"

"Madam…she is Apo*na…she works for Sanda Bio-science Institute…"

"I will get back to you in 10 minutes…" Mukti cuts the line and calls someone up. What she says is muted but in the end of ten minutes she calls Das again and says…

"Problem will be solved by 11.5 this morning…it is 7 now so that would be near five hours before we have to let Dr. Aprona out of the spa. Keep her busy till then." She orders.

"Not a problem mam…I can do that very well…" Das replies.

"Good now have a nice day." In a very happy and cool tone.

"To you too…to you too." He cuts the line and Mukti gets back to her family.

Sitting down on Sharath's lap… "So babi you were saying something."

Snaha responded "Nothing much I was just highlighting the fact that you do not seem to rest much."

"Chill babi I get enough rest. Relax"

"Good…what was all that about?" Sharath asked…

"O just a small issue…solved it…" Mukti answered.

"I know…you always do so."

"O…K you guys take care I need to go I have a interview for collage today."

--- Mukti was going to the best Management collage and she needed to be filtered through the interview though. She goes to have a bath…the only time when she starts becoming a complete business person. In her room her bath is fixed and hot, just the way she likes it. Stepping in she switches on the news channel and watches when she takes a bath…reading bits some newspapers as well. This took her about an hour when she became embedded within the world around her.

When she came out…breakfast was ready and waiting for her, sharp at 8 as it was suppose to be. A very light meal…a large bowl of dall and a great glass of milk. She needed all the protein today…her interview was on though she was prepared. Mukti was talking to herself unable to decide what to were, "I need something witch makes me look responsible at the same time not too flashy…something witch is a mixture of casual and formal…finally she decided on a blue jeans with:  


carefully left open... Just to make sure she did not look too formal or perfect she wore some


She knew the power of her eyes…If there was someone who could make a first impression it would be Mukti Guptha. She had experience…unaccounted but experience still. She looked one last time at her well organized file…her resume. It went up towards five pages…two pages of qualifications and achievements academically. One page was dedicated to her extra-acicular activities. An evil smile spread across her face when she said to her self… "It would be ten pages if they find out my illegal one's as well" tacking a sigh, "All right Ms. Guptha…you would now have to take you're mobile, digital and normal planner and you're file."

Off she went in the car playing songs to relax her self and sinning along with it…


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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Hay budies Janthi hoon ki it is all blah blah lakin next part you will see for you're self.

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Part two

Mukti walks into her collage for the interview in the most casual of manners…sliding her car into the parking lot and walked away into where she was expected. Her turn came soon…another bait…another chance to go for the kill…another chance to prove her wroth. She walked in…a woman sat there and saw that it was a woman who sat there, glasses on, "Excellent my ability would have a good workout with this firm person." She thought and knocked the door. "May I come in mam?" with a polite smile.

The lady looked up at the polite girl who was a clear mixture of causality and seriousness. "Come in my child. Do take you're seat."

"Thank you mam. Good morning." Mukti stepped in and politely took her glasses off and placed them on her head. It worked as the lady was taken in by her magnetism in her eyes. Placing her hand out she introduced her self "I am Mukti Guptha."

Taking her hand and shaking it feeling feeble under her confident grip. "I am sister Angela Fernandez. Do sit down child."

"Thank you sister Angela." Sitting down with uttermost posit. A wonderful impression…Sister Angela thought "Most students would come with their parents and most would be refusing to speak or they would be showing out too much. This girl is different, she is so nice to speak to…"

"Mam hear are my resume, certificates and financial situation to the present date." Handing the file…she was already falling for her act, "What a woman," Mukti thought "not as difficult as she seemed…good." Sister was looking at her resume and her eyes grew wide – "My god child you seem to do a lot with you're life."

"The gods wishes seem so and I am merely a puppet who should subdue to the wishes of the greater being mam." Mukti answered, for another moment magnetized the nun within her clutches.

"You seem to be very involved with many art and drama groups." Sister asked.

"Yes mam…actually I was hoping to be part of you're great drama and art club."

"Now down to business I would like to ask you regarding you're financial situation."

"Mam I have placed a copy of my bank account statement and also an official letter from the board of directors of Isha Spa and Beauty Clinic that I am one of the directors. I also hold a certain percentage of share in my uncles business – Guptha Group of Industries and Hotels."

Sister ruffled some pages and saw the information she had given was very true and the her financial statement had a good amount of money. By the looks of it…this girl could fund her own education. "I see dear…you seem to have a lot of experience in direct transactions as well."
"To an extant mam."

"Hmmm…wonderful letters of recommendation from very strong forces you're parents are well connected." The smile faded from Mukti's face and only for a moment did Sister Angela see a true emotion –

"My parents died when I was very young. I stay with my guardians…my uncle and aunt."

"I am sorry dear…so you're guardians do have good contacts for them to give you the letters"

"We do mam…me and my family." It took a moment for the sister to understand the significance of the words. Her eyes widened as she asked, "You got the letters by you're self?"

"Yes mam." Looking down modestly.

"Amazing…well my dear you do have good connections, a wonderful resume and good financial situation. Would you ask someone to pay the donation fees and get you're registration…an excellent choice of courses."

"Thank you mam. The fees I can do it by my self mam if it is allowed…"

"No dear you are just under 18 I need a guardian to do this for you. Hear is you're confirmation letter welcome to St Cristopher Ms. Guptha."

"Mukti mam…thank you very much."

--- she goes out and calls someone.

"Hello uncle can you come over there is a small problem I need a adult signature."

"On my way chotu…money?"

"I have my check."

"Excellent now turn around." Mukti turns around and finds Guptha there waiting for her there.

"Hay uncle – how come you?" Mukti asked

"I kind of knew such a crunch would come." Gupta told her.

"Hay so cool now can we get this done with I want to go home." She said.


… they complete the formalities and go away. Back home Mukti runs up to Kamini yelling "Aunty Aunty I got the seat."
Kamini "Wonderful bata…have some curd…I am so proud of you."

"Thanks hay where is Uncle? O and are those bars I asked for ready?"

"Yes dear…kaka is just packing them it would take a few moments. It is now 10.50…they should be ready near 11. 10 beta."

"Great…just great."

"Go to you're room and freshen up…would you like some butter milk with salt?"

"Yes please…I will go now need to freshen up."

Mukti steps into her room and washes her face…when she comes out the butter milk is out and waiting for her. Taking it she switches on the news on her t.v in the bedroom. The broad cast was interrupted to show a 'sudden accident' in Sanda Bio-science Institute. The news telecast presenting the news said "This accident witch took place because of a stray matchstick had triggered a chemical reaction and created a burst in the lab of Dr. Appo*na Jainthan, who was working on a cure for skin damages. This unfortunate incident seems to be caused because of the smoking habit of a cleaner who was working on that side. The investigators as well say this was an unfortunate accident and the case is closed. The statement of Dr. Approna is that she finds it unfortunate but lucky that she was away at the time and was unhurt and would soon start her work."

Mukit switches the news off goes to the mirror and says her self "You are brilliant." Kamini who stood at the door and understood what happened…she was proud of what her daughter was doing. After all she the dark shadows under her power would never let her down.



Entry of U.D


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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Part three

A really fast car is seen ripping the road. Smooth and controlled…it pulls over at a farm house a man opens the door. It is Prem who steps out and goes inside the house. Inside are the high-techest equipments and some men and women in white cotes poring over some papers. "Dr. Mark Steven have you found what the problem is?" Prem called out. One of the people from the group comes away his grey hair is messy and his eyes bloodshot due to lack of sleep. He has dark circles and clearly tiered – walking over to Prem he says "Sir, it is almost over only a few more hours and the bug will be removed. I give you my personal assurance Mr. Sharma."

"Good, so when can you get to work?" he asked.

"We already are sir…it would be a matter of few hours now before this biological weapon is completed." Mark replied.

"You know that we want as many as possible right?" Prem demanded.

"Yes sir, you can rest assured that this would be completed in good time." Mark said to him.

"And the constant keep of record and tracing them through you have kept it in mind right?" Prem asked.

"Yes sir – I think you would be convinced if you see the system it self. Please follow me sir."

Prem is taken to a place inside where many laptops are kept – they are attached to some kind of equipment more like a satellite. Dr. Mark Steven starts talking, "These are the GTD V15A short for Genetic Tracing Devises Vision 1. 5 Accuracy – this is a devise by witch with the use of satellite system is used to trace anyone based upon their genetic coordination."

"They can run but they can not hide – excellent. I like it. What is this 1.5 Accuracy mean?"

"Sir it could trace you to you're present position and follow you around but you would never know that you are being followed."

"Man you scientists. I like you're style. So in how long can it trace a person?"

"Sir around 5 hours once you find them then it is a matter of DOTing them and keep track."


"Sir that is Dir…actually it is a devise by witch you can watch the person from anywhere…"

"O that DOT – got it. Is there anything else you would need?"

"No sir, we are fine for now sir."

"Good then I will leave."

"Sir, how did you're collage interview go?"

"Wonderful thank you I got the seat."

"Congratulations sir, may I know witch collage?"

"St Cristopher."

"A wonderful place sir."

"Thank you I need to leave."

"See you soon sir. Have a nice day."
"You have a nice day too doctor."

Back in the car Prem was wondering, "What a life one side I handle a great number of transactions for two companies and on the other hand this as well. Man I am brilliant." His mobile rings and he looks at the i.d

"Mother India, how may I assist you today?"

"Beta how was you're work is it over or is the problem…"

"No it's fine it was solved and well they will soon get back to work. Hay Mother India, I am on the way home I will be there in a few hours can you fix my something to eat I am really hungry."

"Sure beta sandwiches?"

"I like them green."

"Green it is."

"By Mother India."

"By Prem."

--- A few hours latter Prem pulls up into his home and Prerna is waiting for him with some sandwiches. Prem hogs them down and go to freshen up. He calls someone –

"Hay brother."

"Hay U.D"

"So you ready for collage we are going to start in a weak."

"Yes and I have also started developing new plans, money spinners."

"Karan you would never take life a bit cool would you?"

"That I will when I have enough to settle down with you're from a rich family you will not…"

"Stop you're sentiments now will you? Disco tonight?"

"I am not in town I am in Delhi there is some work."

"All right…then see you soon."

"On the day of collage."






Party, Mukti and Prem come face to face.

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