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ManVeer : Flame and candle go together.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged

ManVeer :  Flame and candle go together.

Hey there!

Hmmm'. Now, now, now, did we see a little bit of a chink in UV's armour today?  When he was sitting alone in his room, slouched on the couch with the most tired and exhausted expression on his face. Was it exhaustion or was it the 'hurt' and 'human restlessness' that was trying to cut through his cold intelligence? Perhaps it's the latter and I guess Unnati saw it when she saw her brother giving lectures on 'taming of the shrew'. He seemed worse than a caged lion. He was angry , he was frustrated and yes DEFINITELY HURT. Since his heart is lying wrapped in black velvet , he can only FEEL with his mind and his ego. So as he relates Maanyata to a wild horse Sultaan whom he had tamed once upon a time . Yes, Maanyata is not a wild horse or a mare as a puzzled Unnati tries to drive the point home to UV, but she evokes the same feeling in him ' the drive to win and conquer ' and the fear of failing. The only difference is that this time UV is not just challenged ' he is hurt as well. Now, if its just a case of a hurt ego or a heart that has received its first prick , is yet to be seen. Unnati , for the first time cannot get her brother who is raging like a lion within 4 walls because her brother is changing. His EGO and the UDAY inside him are at war . He hates the fact that Maanyata doesn't love him , rejects him all the time but he fights that hurt with the valour of an egoistic  lion. Woh kya hotaa hai na, jab aapka switch kisi aur ke haath mein chalaa jaata hai, to khud ke andar short circuit honaa guaranteed hai. Samjhe UV?

On to the episode'.

For once UV didn't try to save Maanyata from DS' MUCH NEEDED lecture. Yes, UV was at  fault and Maanyata too was at fault. UV, because he was snatching away her phone and reading her messages . Maanyata because of her foul language. But Maanyata was at the receiving end because DS caught her , not UV. DS's aura and her authority is amazing when she explains to Maanyata , not just the importance of ManVeer's alliance but her responsibility as a princess and a future queen. She can't manhandle her fianc , she cannot abuse, talk and behave like that because she is PRINCESS MAANYATA and she cannot fight her destiny that has made for bigger things in life. Nothing registered with Maanyata except that UV is her fianc and she will marry him. Uff! This girl! But I guess UV just had to butt in to stop DS from giving Maanyata sermons for too long. He finally interrupted and saved her neck in his signature style. Jitne 'pyaar' se Maanyata ne use sorry kahaa tha , utne hi 'pyaar' se UV ne usko bachaa bhi liya aur uska phone lekar nikal bhi gaya.  When ManVeer have the eye-war with UV tossing her phone in his hands , Maanyata wants to kill him there and then and UV simple gives her  that  ' two can play this game together'. Bottomline being that now, UV is talking to Maanyata in HER LANGUAGE. So, no wonder Maanyata feels trapped in her own games.

After his venting session with Unnati at the hotel, he wears a mask of a smooth operator gifted with cold intelligence and arrives at the palace the next morning with the most charming smile in the world. Who can tell that this man was raging , ranting and losing his control a few hours ago? That is the mystery of UV. And maybe that is what draws viewers to his depths. He had a plan in his mind regarding Maanyata and he smoothly  moonwalked through it. And this is how he did it'..

He simply came to Maanyata's room and sitting next to her told her that there is no use fighting or threatening each-other. I got your phone and you hold my princess within ' so we make a deal. We both will walk out of this room like a good well-behaved couple, and you will be a dignified  princess at the breakfast table. And surprise , surprise! Maanyata GAVE IN.

When you see the scene in the dining hall where UV maneuvers Maanyata without a single glare , a single psychological arm-twisting , you know that why , just why he is the only one  who can tackle her , teach her , train her without ever making her feel like she is some low class scallywag who doesn't even know how to sit on a dining table. The gentle and tender instruction card with which he makes her wish everyone ' goodmorning' , makes her ask him to serve her , teaches her how to eat with a fork and knife ' its actually an ACHEIVEMENT. No bitter fight , no threats, no manhandling ' nothing. Just a small mind game and a smooth deal. The shock on Jaanwar and the whole family's face was worth watching. UV achieved what nobody else could. He CIVILIZED Maanyata , to a small extent. Yes, he is a bitter medicine lekin asar dekhne laayak hai.

Later , when UV refuses to return her phone, its like a coal piece calling a coal mine black. When Maanyata says that UV is not keeping his promise, he sweetly shuts her up by saying that they are in it together. Did she keep her promise as a princess to the family? She didn't. So, even he didn't. Aur aapki Maanyata madam chaaron khaane chitt ho gayi. Now, she is supposed to spend the whole day with UV in the palace , so that they both can play chhuppa-chhuppi all day long' oops, I mean, kutta-billi.

UV is devastated inside but that devastation is not sinking to his bones yet because his heart hasn't let out a cry yet. But Maanyata's behavior hurts him and whatever degree of emotion this man can understand , it burns that 'something' inside him. Of course, Maanyata has no idea about it because all she sees is a smooth smirking sly UV. But even mountains get blown up with wires of dynamite , UV is only a human. Someday , he too will have a breaking point and that breaking point will have nothing to do with his ego. But , but, but. UV will not reach his breaking point alone ' he will take Maanyata along. Isn't that what avalanches do? They don't dissolve into nothingness alone , they take everything with them. As for Maanyata , UV seems to be sitting in her subconscious mind . When alone , she thinks of him, abuses him  , calls him a jallaad and what not. UV is not there to listen to all these love ballads but yet she sulks about him'. All alone.  Flame and candle ' doesn't matter if they love or hate each-other because they are meant to live and die together.

As for the rest of the episode, Jaanwar got insulted by UV again where he finally called her a DESPO but I don't think any of that even hit her self respect balloon even though UV preferred to give his Maanyaya breakfast in bed.  The day Jaanwar understands that people are people, not trophies and stepping stones, she will be a much better person. Sicky seems like a sloppy sandwich crushing on Pakaash , honestly. Pakaash apna kaam bhi kar raha ho , to bhi Sicky Maanyata ke bahaane aa hi jaati hai! Double Uff!  Pakaash-Vijay-Jaanwar are on mission Anti-ManVeer aur ab dekhna ye hai ki zyada ziddi kaun prove hota hai.

PRECAP: When UV tells Maanyata who has fallen into his arms in signature RK BANNER style that he is enough to handle her all alone , you recall what somebody had said in 'Sex and the city'. Some women are meant to run alone , until they find somebody just as wild to run with them. Match met , Maanyata . Bring it on now, ManVeer.

Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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*Shruti* Global Moderator

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The conversation between Uday and Unnati, Unnati was suprised by UV. It's not that he has not talked about tvictory and triumph before but she could find sense something different this time and she was not able to understand it.  had a point when she said Manyata is not an animal but a girl who has her own thoughts wishes he can't force her to accept him or their relationship as more he dos that more will she be rebellious.

UV snatches Manyata phone she tries to take it from him throws abuses at him and DS enters. It was Manyata bad luck that DS entered right on time when she was telling all those coloful words to UV. However this time UV didn't came in between when DS scoded Manyata asking her to respect UV as he is her fiance and she is a Princess and Princess don't behave like that. From whatever DS said this has been told to her earlier as well but only thing Manyata could register was UV being her fiance and counter attacks her. UV steps in between takes control of the situation.

Uday knows Manyata's weakness is Akash and he used that as his trump card. He got her to breakfast table made her behave nicely all were surprised to see this. Uday might have his own selfish reasons to marry Manyata but he makes sure she is respected by people around her.

J and Vijay will make sure they create rift between Uday and Manyata. Manyata finds Uday as villian in her life who wants to separate her from Akash. Whenever they make such plans it backfires and Uday-Manyata get more close. They might fight, argue but they are leaving footprints in each other life heart unknowingly.

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.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
I res

but I have got to say Udayveer is just too good and there is no one like him right now

God the guy know what he want and how to get it too.

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Evolution it is!!...Ahhh….so after J-Viru combo…it is now Unnzie who is left dazzled by UV. Her brother is becoming indecipherable n how! UV's talk of victory n triumph was not normal like always….this time…it had a rage of mixed emotions flowing in it. There was this aggressive passion…intensity and fierceness in his talk as he tried to drive home to Unnzie the point that M's taming can and will only be done by him…no matter wat it takes. Unnzie was left speechless at her brother trials of talks n thots as she cud no longer find the same rhythm in him that she was known to. Yes….UV is evolving!!Cool


The DS-M-UV scene had such a royal class touch to it. The command that DS displays has such an effect that M  simply shuts herself up while DS commands just like a guilty school kid in front of the principal with head down listening to warnings. But M is yet not ready to give in….her rebellious teenage self wont let her give in…n she counter attacks DS. UV observes and knows that there is no point in this prosecution-defence merry go round between M and DS coz it ultimately he will have to take charge n he intervenes very smoothly….but strongly!! UV knows his moves…and he has got it down and he basically told DS…."Cover urself with blanket n go to sleep….I shall be the watch guard now"…Determination n Confidence….Lethal I tell u!! Cool


And here begins round 1 of "taming the wild horse". UV walked into the palace smartly making his way to Manyata's room crushing yet again J's self-respect under his royal shoes and that was such a sight to see. J truly is a very low life indeed!! Oh well… UV strikes a intelligent deal with M knowing very well she will fall for it ….n she did. Aha!!!...Akash indirectly becums the propeller for the ManVeer story it seems. How endearing it was to see Manyata learn her basic manners…tho under tyranny….but yet still LEARNING….n UV achieved this without any physical touch….just a simple mind game yet again proving once again….If M is the player of this game….then UV is the mastermind of the game!!! Way to go UVClapClap...


And that leaves us all geared up to witness round 2 of "taming the wild horse"!! Embarrassed



PS. Vijay's 1 liners are truly make my day:ROFL

"Maharani dheehati….Her highness Jalebi Bai the second"ROFLROFL

"Ab uday ko hi dekhlo….ussne toh jaise Akhand pratigya hi le rakhi ho Manyata se shaadi karne ki"ROFLROFL


Great posts as always Pinksss!! Hug

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arryline IF-Rockerz

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Yes everything you wrote is absolutely trueClap.Believe it or not UV couldn't believe that he could be rejected time and again by somebody,but instead he played smartly and got us what we all wanted "Manyata makeover"Though small steps he atleast achieved what others just thought of to do so.He's that one string which Manyata couldn't get never rid offWink.
As for Maanveer hide and seek it would be a treat to watch itLOL

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ninii Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged
just lovely...
pranneem Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
you put forward beautifully! love reading yours posts :)) .. this one s no exception and love this candle and flame metaphor :)

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arryline

Yes everything you wrote is absolutely trueClap.Believe it or not UV couldn't believe that he could be rejected time and again by somebody,but instead he played smartly and got us what we all wanted "Manyata makeover"Though small steps he atleast achieved what others just thought of to do so.He's that one string which Manyata couldn't get never rid offWink.
As for Maanveer hide and seek it would be a treat to watch itLOL

Thank you. Embarrassed...UV has faced rejection in his life for the first time , so his mission is not just to get Maanyata but to make her fall in love with him. His mind is set on winning her and winning her over and this makeover is only the beginning. Smile

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