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Dey Ramesh! Dey Suresh Technology Evvlo Valanthuduchu Parthiyaa...

Ramesh, Suresh enra iru engineer nanbargal Delhi-yil irunthu Chennai-kku Tamilnadu Expressil S7 couchil payanam seithu kondirunthargal. Oruthan upper-berth innoruthan lower-berth Iruvarum payanam bore adikkaamal irukka pesikkonde vanthargal. 

Ramesh sonnan " Dey Suresh technology innikku evvalavu vanthidichu paarthiyaadaa?" 

"Amanda Ramesh!" 

"Inggirunthu ulagathula engga vena irukkavangga koodalaam mugam paathu pesa mudiyuthu. Chatting-graangga, Blogging-graangga, Twitting-graangga. Enggeyo irukkiravar ennakku Facebook-la friendu-ngraan. Technology rembavum thaanda valanthuduchu"-naan Ramesh.

Pesikkidde vanthathula rendu perukkum nallapasi. Adutha station-la iranggi sappidalaam-nu mudivu panninaangga!

Adutha station vanthathum rendu perum iranggi angge iruntha oru cafetaria-kku sappida ponaangga. Angge poyum " Dey Ramesh,   technology innikku evvalavu vanthidichu paarthiyaadaa?"  

"Amanda Suresh!"  ( Marupadiyum muthalla irunthu )

Ithukku naduvila ennaachunaa ivangga vantha train kilambi poyviddathu. Satru nerathil Chennai-yil irunthu Delhi sellum Tamilnadu Express athe platforathil vanthu ninrathu. Iruvarum sappiddu mudichiddu antha train-il athe S7 couchil yerinaargal.

Avaravar berthugalil ( ena ninaithu kondu ) yerikkondanar. Couchil yetho maatram iruppathai arinthu Ramesh " Dey Suresh, technology evvalavu valanthirukku paartiyaadaa1 sappida poyiddu varathukulla couchla ennavo maatram senchuddaangga."

"Amanda Ramesh!"  

Middle berthil irunthavai paarthu neengga engge poringgannu Ramesh keddaan. Avar thaan Delhi-kku porathaa sonnaar. 

" dey Suresh, technology evvalavu valanthirukku paartiyaa! Upper-berthum lower- berthum Chennai-kku poguthu. Middle-berthu maddum Delhi-kku poguthu."

"Amanda Ramesh, technology ennamaa valanthirukku!"   

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The Beginning of Happiness

As soon as i entered the house, a strange silence fell over me. It was as if i had become dumb all of a sudden. Nothing could prepare me for what i witnessed. Emotions were mixed and i simply did not know how to react.

It all started like as usual. A quick shower, a quick bite and race to the office before the early morning rush settled in. Just like everyday, i greeted him via a text message. 
But today was a little bit different. He did not respond immediately like how he always does. I assumed he would be driving so the delay.

As i waited for his reply, i gradually settled down to the day's work. I work in a very busy environment where every second counts and the boss watches like an eagle ready to pounce on the moment someone relaxes. As I started work, my mind kept wandering to the missing text message that should have been here almost an hour ago.

I tried to forget about that thinking he must be in a meeting. But still the missing text message was on my mind and like how it happens with everyone else, it showed on my face too. I normally smile at everyone who pass by ' whether i am sad or not ' just to make their moment a happy one. But when things like this happen, i forget to smile and it reflects on my face.

I know him for only a few months, but still i feel like i have known him for long time. I talk to him every single day even if it is for just a minute. And not a day has passed since he did not message me. That's why today was very unusual. So i decided i will call him during my lunch and speak to him.

As soon as lunch time arrived, i grabbed my mobile and went to the rest room where no one would disturb (and no one would come for sometime since its the lunch time). The phone was ringing for a while before he answered it

"Hey, what a surprise." in his usual non interested voice

"Hi, just like that called you since i did not hear from you" i said.

"Didn't i message you today?" he said

"No, that's why i called you to check"

"Hmm' i must have forgot about it"

"Didn't you get my message"

"No, I didn't"

"Ok. Had your lunch?" i enquired with a sad tone now visibly apparent.

"No, i have something important today evening so i am at home today."

"What is that important? You didn't even tell me about it and don't forget we are going to the new restaurant today evening"

"Restaurant!!! today evening!!!" he replied in a shocked voice

"Yeah, we agreed last week itself"

"I am sorry i cannot come today, something urgent has come up"

"What are you going to see a girl for you?"

"You could say that"

"Ok. Go on."

With that i disconnected the phone and went back to my desk.

Lunch was the last thing on my mind now. I gave the contents of my lunch box to the dog that usually stays near our office complex. As i trudged through the rest of the day's work, my mind was completely elsewhere. We were not just friends, i had grown completely attached to him and even when he proposed his love to me, i had not committed and said no to him. But strangely though, i started to like him for the person he is. But he never even profused his love again (maybe once or twice, thats all).

And it was quite unexpected of him to behave in this fashion as well, since he is not this kind of person. He tells me almost everything that happens in his life and I also tell him most of what happens in mine. So i was not able to digest the silence and this strange behavior from him.

As i left office and reached home, i did not notice anything. My mind was so occupied in this issue, that i failed to notice the gleaming new flowers near the door., couple of new foot wear outside and most of all a calm over the house. My house is always a bundle of noise with the tv blaring constantly and my parents talking in a loud voice. It was the All India Radio of our apartment. But today, it was very quiet and silent.

The light was not switched on when i entered the house. The moment i switched on, only a small bulb was lit. As my eyes got accustomed to this "twilight", there he was standing on one knee with a bouquet of flowers in his hand with a big banner on the wall behind saying "Will you marry me?".

- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - 
just a fiction  
any resemblance to anyone present/past/future is purely incidental 
- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' -

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A little bit of coffee

The last few days has been kind of mixed in many ways. Right when I thought I shall start writing once again, my imagination and to an extent the little brain I had did the unthinkable. All the ideas and thoughts that were swarming inside just disappeared after a good night's sleep.

It was as if my mind just became blank or as I am saying to myself, clear. No reason and absolutely no bloody excuse why this happened. So I did a quick search on big G and the solution was to keep writing more!

Ok, I have no idea what to write and I am stuck in-between this world and that world. Clueless of what to write I decided not to worry too much and just concentrate on other things. Even after a bit of shopping, movie and some late night parties nothing came up. Not even a little spark.

Now this started bugging me to such an extent I sought professional help.

There I was waiting in the lobby and trying to cure me of this sudden thoughtless state I found myself in.

A cute little nurse ushered me inside the doc's room. I thought how on earth such a girl like her is working in a place like this where only losers, psychopaths and mentally unstable people come in.

"Ok, Mr. Vivek, tell me what's your problem"

"Doctor, I am not able to think of anything to write"

"Not able to think eh? Are you a writer?"

"No, I am not. But I write to keep myself sane"

"Sane? Do you have any previous record of any mental/emotional problems"

"hmm' not that I am aware of any, but this is the first time something like this has happened"

"What happened"

"I am not able to think of anything"

"Good or bad"

"Both. I need something to write about"

"What do you write?"

"I write what comes to my mind. Mostly what I feel, think and mostly my emotions."

"Hmm.. go on.."

"Rather than bottling my emotions, I express it all out as writing."

"hmm' hmm'"

"But for the last couple of days, I am completely blank. It's as if my thoughts have ran away taking my little brain along with it"

"Do you consider yourself to be a good writer?"


"So why do you write?"

"I told you I write to keep myself sane"

"So, the problem is not why you stopped writing. The problem is whether you are sane or not?"

"What makes you think so" obviously now deeply affected by this sudden turn of events.

"Going by what you said and the manner this seems to have affected you."


"So, I am going to prescribe you some medications that will calm your nerves and will help you get over this feeling"


"Please collect it from the counter outside"

With that he scribbled some gibberish stuff and handed over a prescription. As I slowly made my way out, I couldn't take my eyes of the cute nurse. On the pretext of asking her where the counter was, I made my way and stopped in-front of her. Actually I wanted to speak to her and this seemed to be a nice excuse.

Looking up from what she was doing, "Yes, how can I help you" she enquired.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where the counter is" as if I hadn't noticed where the counter was, but this seemed a good way to begin.

She said something and pointed  out the direction, but inside my mind I was not even listening to what she said. I just nodded my head for the sake and slowly made my way out.

Since men (and women) are curious by nature, I enquired about her in the medicine counter. I found out she is only doing an intern for her medicine course here and would be leaving in another 2-3 weeks. Thanking the counter guy, I grabbed the tablets and made my way to the nearest coffee shop as I hadn't eaten anything since morning.

In the next 30 minutes I spent sipping a little bit of coffee, my mind, once again, started swirling with ideas and thoughts. Whether I had a serious problem or not, I have 2-3 weeks only!

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Time is a mystery

Life is a mystery everyone says, but if you ask me Time is a bigger mystery. When you want it to go slow, it just zooms like a roadrunner. And when you want time to go fast, it just crawls like a snail.

I did not realize two weeks had gone past since I last spoke with her. Only a text message enlightened of that fact that neither of us spoke or even made any attempt to break the silence. It is very unusual of me to remain silent especially with certain people.

I decided to break the ice and called her up immediately. But as luck would have it, there was no response. Being the tech savvy person, I sent her a text message

"Hi, its been a while since we talked. So, if you are free tomorrow lets meet over a cup of coffee."

I was not expecting an immediate response, but within 10 minutes the reply popped in to my inbox.

"Hi, sorry I was in a meeting tats why could not attend your call. Lets meet for lunch today. I need to talk to you. bye."

Probably I would have been ok if she had not responded. But talk to me???

That left me perplexed and confused with questions. Why? for what?

The clock said only 10am and still a good 2-3 hours  before I can expect uncle's phone call.

As I engrossed myself in the day's work, this nagging question refused to go away. After what seemed a long time, I left my desk for a late breakfast. As I left the desk, I took a look at the clock and to my amazement it was only 10:30am!

The next 2-3 hours was the longest in my recent life. Time just slowed down so much, that I even had time to go to the bank, wait in the queue to complete my work and from there I went to pay my mobile bill. But even after doing this, the time was only 12pm!.

My patience got the better of me and before I knew it, I was on my way to the restaurant where we agreed to meet.

As I entered the restaurant, I was very much surprised by what I saw.

Surprise is not the correct word, I suppose shocked would be more apt!

Sitting in the corner table, there she was 30 minutes before our agreed time and next to her was Uncle!!!

Now my heart started beating at hyper speed. Wondering why uncle is here and for what reason was something that was eating me.

"Hello uncle, its a surprise to see you here."

"Hi, you didn't tell me uncle would be coming"

"No, it was supposed to be a surprise and we had planned to see you at home today evening. But since she has to go and once she told me you are going to meet her now, I decided to talk to you now!" he replied.

"Where is she going? What are you going to talk about?" still not sure what he was referring to.

"She is being transferred to bangalore. She hasn't accepted it yet. She called me today morning and I only asked her to call you out".

While I am generally not that dumb, at times I can be very out of sync that I do not understand even the simplest of things being said to me.

I guess my face said it all. Without waiting for me to reply, he added "She wants to know what have you decided?"

"About what?" still being a bit clueless about what is being asked from me.

"Do I have to make things very clear to you? She wants to know what have you decided about her?"

"Oh!" was all that I could mutter.

As the food arrived, this was temporarily pushed away while we concentrated on what was on the table.



"I do not know what to say. I guess things are going too fast you know. She has been a good friend to me in the last few weeks I had known her. While I do like her, I need more time to decide. This is something that I cannot rush into, you know. I have to think about my life and even more about her life."


"So, I need more time to decide."

"How long"

"I don't know. Maybe another month or even 2"

"That's too long. Let me know by 3pm today"

"That's too fast and too soon. I cannot decide about this right away."

"She cannot wait for you forever"

"I am not asking her to wait for me. I do not want anyone to wait for me. When I think its time and if she is still around and willing, lets do it. Till then I do not want to rush into anything nor want anyone to wait for me."

Maybe the manner I said it was harsh. But I did not know any other way. I would not say this was totally unexpected, but it was quite out of the blue at-least today.

All the while, she has kept quiet.

"Uncle, do not force him. What he is saying is correct. Let me go to bangalore. If he changes his mind, let him call me or you call me. Otherwise it is fine."

As she said this, an awkward silence descended on the table.

With nothing more to say, we finished the rest of the lunch in silence.

And that was the last time I saw her. She went to bangalore and last I heard she got promoted, left India and is now happily settled in life.

Uncle was very sad that I did not agree to his plans and he stopped talking to me. And he also went to live with his son, somewhere in Delhi.

As for me, I did not want to rush into making a decision. It was my life. And I get only one life to live!

Thinking about it now, I still do not know whether I did the right thing or the wrong thing. But I guess I cannot worry about it now. I had made the choice and I do not have any regrets about it.

- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' 

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The Elusive Search

It all happened very suddenly, I was busy trying to figure out what was going on and probably the frustration of not trying to reach a solution got the better off me. I quickly wrapped up everything, switched off the computer and left work.

Not sure where I was headed, I climbed on my bike and just proceeded where the roads took me. As the hunger pangs overpowered my senses, I stopped at a nearby restaurant hoping to put an end to this at-least.

Waiting for my order to come, I started to wonder what I was doing wrong. What seemed so damn perfect yesterday now seemingly has gone out of control. But as soon the food was in-front of me, everything vanished and I quickly gobbled up everything on the plate.

Having sorted out the bill and with a full stomach, my eyes beckoned me to sleep and my mind now temporarily cleared of these doubts, wondered what to do. Do I call and find out what the person is doing? Do I just go home and sleep? or Do I do something else?

With these questions in mind, I ventured out into the mid-day traffic. Just as I started, my phone started ringing.

"Hello" I answered wondering who it could be.

"Hi, What are you doing?" asked a very familiar voice.

"Oh Hi!, Just finished my lunch and thinking what to do?"

"Are you on leave today? Why didn't you tell me? We could have gone to the movie"

"I was feeling bored and since you were also busy at work, I called it a day and now soaking up the mid-day sun"

"Oh ok, listen I am going to call it a day as well and let's go for the movie. Wait for me near the theatre and I will be there in 20 minutes, Ok?"

"Hmm.. Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Lets go to a movie, I want to speak to you about yesterday"

"Hmm.. ok, I'll be waiting"

With that my confusion ended and my choice has been made. Having started out with no plan, I am now waiting for something that I did not anticipate would happen so fast. Quickly starting my bike, I reached the theatre and went directly to the ticket counter. As luck would have it no tickets were available. A quick call and a quick change of plans. Now instead of watching a movie, it has now been changed to a bit of shopping.

I am the kind of shopper who plan my things, go to the places where I want to go, finish my purchases and come out as quickly as possible. Window shopping is something I hate and something I cannot get myself to do.

So, there I was walking around the busy shopping complex holding my helmet in hand watching this person going into each and every shop searching for something that is so popular, none of the shops have them. With my patience wearing out by the minute and the thought of "wasting" a nice sunny afternoon, I was getting desperate to escape.

As if on cue, the search was stopped and we decided to go for a much needed drinks break.

"You know uncle told me to talk to you and find out what you planning to do" she said sipping on a cold orange juice.

The moment she said that, I was wondering why on earth is she telling me that for?


"And you know I wanted'."

"Just a minute" I interrupted her.

"Let me make it very clear, I am sitting here with you because I didn't want to disappoint Uncle. In-fact I had been wanting to ask you why did you come out today?"

There was an uneasy silence before she replied

"I am glad you told me this. Let's finish the shopping and go to the movie"

With that we finished our drinks, settled the bill and once again went in search for that elusive item that we knew nothing about.

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Mysterious Girl

As I made my way into the marriage hall, I could not find any familiar faces. I had come to a friend's wedding reception yet I was feeling so lonely and irritated.

The events from the previous evening still haunted me and try as much as possible, I couldn't shake them off my mind. I decided not to come to this reception yet I needed to break out of the cage that I have found myself in. Since this was also my best friend's wedding reception I cannot avoid it as well. So with a heavy heart and a fake smile, I dressed up decently, made my way into this "party loving crowd", wished them and promptly took my place in the last few rows of the hall.

"Son, what are you doing here?" a huge voice billowed from the room next to me.

It was the bridegroom's father.

I am like this second son and he had demanded that I be there from the first second the marriage started till the very last.

How can I go to him and explain what happened yesterday? Would he believe me? What would he say?

"Hello Uncle, sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. I met with an accident and had to go to the hospital. And I didn't want to come here like that to the wedding." I lied to him.

I normally do not lie to him or to any other person. Only when I am sure it will not affect anyone, I sneak in a white lie.

He looked at me and smiled.

"I know what happened. I asked prashanth yesterday when I did not see you and he told all that happened" in his usual smiling face he replied.

I cannot lie to a friend. And on his marriage, I did not want to spoil his mood. So I made him promise he would not say it to anyone. But it looks like his desire to see me live made him tell it to uncle.

As I stood there, not knowing what to answer, he took me by my hand and made me sit in the first row where everyone could see me.

Without a word, he left me there and vanished like how he always does.

As the minutes turned into hours, I found myself looking at what everyone is doing.

As mysteriously as he vanished, Uncle came back with a huge smile in his face.

This time closely following on his heels, head bowed and with a smile, she came and sat next to me.

"My first son's marriage is over and I was thinking about you. When prashanth told me what happened, I knew what I had to do. Talk to her and let me know what you decide" Uncle whispered in my ears.

With that, he whispered something in her ears and with an even bigger smile, walked away from us.

I did not know what to say and what to do. So I took my phone and started playing a game, like I always do when I am bored or nervous.

"What is your mobile number?" she quietly asked.

"Hmm. What?" I mumbled at this sudden turnaround.

"No, I thought maybe you would not be comfortable talking to me here and I am not comfortable as well. So I was thinking I'll call you tomorrow and talk to you about what Uncle had said" she gently whispered.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well" I reverted back with a very stupid smile on my face.

After we exchanged our numbers, she quickly left.

Dumbfounded and still in bit of shock, I was watching her leave.

Just as she neared the exit, she turned, smiled and left me in a state of bewilderment!

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The Web of Life

Disclaimer: This is not the continuation of the previous writing. My second attempt at non-poetic writing. 
- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '


As I lay there on the bed after a hard day at work, my phone rings just like every single day. Lifting my head slowly and answering the phone for answering sake, I listen to the entire speech without interrupting.

"I want to meet you in person." I spoke in a soft voice that was barely audible.

"Sorry I cannot see you now, but I will see you tomorrow morning " the voice on the other side whispered in a trembling voice.

Having agreed to meet the next day, I had nothing else to say and promptly disconnected the line.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, I went back to bed and dozed off soon or at-least tried to.

The sound of the phone ringing woke me up the next day morning. Thinking I had overslept, I lifted my head slightly and looked at the time. It was only 7am,  but the phone just kept ringing.

"Hello, who is this?" I asked still half-asleep.

"Hi, it's me. I wanted to check if you will be coming"  a shaky voice said on the other side.

"ofcourse, I would. I said I will see you and I will see you at 9am" I mumbled in a sleepy voice and disconnected the line.

I always ensure that I sleep properly, even if it means for a couple of hours.

But since the phone call last evening, sleep was the last thing on my mind. I was looking forward to this meeting as if my entire life depended on it.

I never knew when I slept, but now it really did not matter as I had an meeting to attend to.

Quickly brushing and after a quick shower I was all set to go and meet the "voice on the other side".

Excitement, Nervousness, Fear, Worry and so many other emotions that I really could not single out anyone.

As I made my way into the restaurant and took my seat, the conversation started as normal.

It was that moment when it struck me and everything became clear. There was something that attracted me and so strongly pulled me into the realms of life once again. A sense of dj vu.

Maybe I made it too obvious and that's when the conversation ended. A strange silence slowly covered the table. Neither of us tried to break the silence yet it became odd to be silent. The waiter came in at the right time and having sorted out the bill, I was expecting the other person to say something and I was sure it was the same on the other side.

"I think there is something you want to say" I was so into this "silence" and didn't answer until the words were repeated twice.

"Yeah! I have been thinking how to tell you" I squeaked.

"I also want to tell you something and I was hoping you would say first" with a voice that sounded very excited.

"I was wondering if we could meet again on Sunday"

As I waited for an answer, deep down inside I was hoping it would be a yes.

When the reply came out, I could barely conceal my joy but still managed to keep self normal.

"Yes, why not. Lets meet on Sunday".

On my drive back home, I was thinking how much things have changed, how much that I have changed.

The joy and laughter that I so badly missed for a long time seems to have returned at a time when I was not expecting it. I was barely surviving each day but fate it seems has different plans for me.

As the sound of phone ringing echoed in my pocket, I put the indicator on my bike and pulled up to the side of the road not wanting to miss a single second of my new found joy.

Life it seems has spun its web on me, once again!

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Matter of Choice

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at something non-poetic. Infact the very first time i have written something in a story format. So, if you find anything wrong or anything that could be written differently/better, please let me know so that i can make the changes in the next attempt. 
- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '


I reached home and hit the bed straight. Everything has been said and done. All the things have come to a grinding halt and there is nothing else left to do anymore.

Emotions knew no meaning and I was trembling with uncertain thoughts. All my hopes and all my dreams have just come crashing down within a span of 30 minutes.

All things that I treasured meant nothing and try as much, "I couldn't sleep". Until today afternoon, everything was so good. I felt like a "prince" living life to the fullest.

But in one fateful afternoon, I witnessed what I "never dared to dream". And that ended it all. My whole world came "crashing down" like a toy house. I wasn't sure if I wanted to live or if I wanted to die. "Life had become a question mark to me".

Try as I might, I just "could not hide these emotions". And I cannot go out and say this to anyone. Wiping the tears that ran down my cheek, I ran out of the house.

I knew not where to go. And with nowhere to go, I ended up sprawled on the sands of the beach looking into the distant sky trying to find an answer to a very simple question ' "Why?"

The next 24 hours was the longest time I had ever spent. Not knowing the answer and unable to get myself to confront the question, I caved in meekly and withered into the shell that slowly made its presence felt ever since the afternoon before. Finally, without realizing what I was doing, I dialed the number to find the answer behind it all.

30 minutes of sobbing, 30 minutes of reasoning it out was not enough to convince me of what I witnessed was right. But still, I did not have the heart to disconnect the phone and after much pleading agreed to meet in person. 30 minutes extended to 3 hours.

Finally, after 3 hours of arguing, talking, trying to make sense of what happened, it was quite evident ' My "once healthy" ship has hit something and is sinking fast.

Do I bail out or do I stay put trying to save it? It was not a choice of courage or escape. It was a choice between life and death! 
- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '

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