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I'll always be here - KaSh OS (completed)

TaniLovesDB5K IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:01pm | IP Logged

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm back with anothersmallKaSh OS. This is my 2nd OS. The 1st one was this:

Ok so I wrote this OS long ago for KaSh Heaven exam or sumfin like that. It had the same concept but I made some changes. The 2nd part is crappy. I have no idea what I wrote.

My English sucks & I am a very bad writer. So read at your own risk. & if you find any gramatical mistake feel free to point that out. I'll edit it right away.

I'll always be here

"Where the hell did I keep that it?" ' Karan said it loud in an unconscious mind. He starts talking to himself when he is stressed. The reason he is stressed now is because he is not able to find the shirt he s supposed to wear in a while.

"What happened? Is everything alright?" ' Shilpa came running.

Karan felt a little embarrassed. He totally forgot that he doesn't live alone in this house anymore. "Umm' I am not able to find the check shirt you gave me last year" ' he replied scratching his head like a kid.

"Why don't you wear something else stupid? We don't have any time to waste. It's already 7. We're gonna be late. I have to get ready when you are done. & I swear I am gonna take time." ' Shilpa said in a serious tone.

"Don't worry about the time'. We won't be' Oh' Ahhh' Here it is' Found it" , He pulled out the shirt from the bottom of his wardrobe.

"Now get ready as quickly & spare me" ' saying this Shilpa was leaving the room but turned back as Karan started talking.

"Why don't you start getting ready? We can both get ready at the same time' You & me together' in the same room' I can even help you dress up'" ' Shilpa realized Karan's talk is going to get dirty now. So she stopped him , "Stop right there Mr. Grover. Just wear whatever & get your ass out of this room."

"Come on na Shilpu' It's gonna be fun" ' Karan insisted.

"See' This is why I took so long to say yes to you'  Karan seriously look at the clock' We don't have any time to joke round now. Don't ruin our special night." ' Shilpa kind of got irritated.

"I am not getting ready unless you accept my offer." ' Karan sat on the bed lazily.

"Karan if you don't get ready in 5 minutes, I am gonna leave you alone." ' She said almost shouting.

Suddenly the smile on Karan's face disappeared. He stood up & took the shirt to get ready. Shilpa left. He turned back. His eyes got teary. He has to get ready as soon as possible. He doesn't want to upset Shilpa. He doesn't want Shilpa to leave. He took his shirt off. He was about to wear the shirt when he felt the warm hands around his waist.

"I am sorry baby. I didn't want to hurt you. I was annoyed. I didn't meant it. Sorry." ' Shilpa said hugging him tightly from the back.

They stood like that for a while. Karan could felt Shilpa's warm breath on his shoulder. He turned back & hugged Shilpa tightly - "I am so sorry Shilpu. I won't do it again. I'll try my best to keep you happy. But don't leave me' Never ever."  

"I won't' I'll always be by your side. I am sorry." ' Shilpa said coming out of the hug.

Karan held Shilpa in his embrace - "Tonight is going to be special' Not only tonight each & every moment of our life is going to be special & beautiful from now on. We'll make a perfect world' Together.I have waited 6 years for this. Nothing can't go wrong now." ' he kissed her on the forehead. 

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TaniLovesDB5K IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:02pm | IP Logged

Karan can't take his eyes off from Shilpa. He is totally mesmerized by Shilpa's beauty & purity. She is dressed up in white ' Karan's favorite color' No make-up only eye liners'  Just the way Karan has always wanted to see her' But he is quite surprised to see her wearing white. Shilpa doesn't like white at all' Karan had tried to convince Shilpa to wear white so many times in the past. But she never did. She was always into colors ' yellow, pink, blue.

"Kya hua? Achchi nehi lag rahi hoon?" ' Shilpa asked as she didn't receive any compliments from Karan.

"Nehi nehi bohot achchi lag rahi ho'  In fact you haven't looked this beautiful before today." ' Karan's comment brought a smile on her face. He walked to Shilpa and put his arm around her. "So are you ready Ms. Anand?" ' Karan asked with a smirk.

"Absolutely' So where are you taking me to celebrate our togetherness Mr. Grover?" ' Shilpa looked at Karan excitedly.

"Well you have to wait a little bit for that Madam." ' Karan took out his handkerchief while saying this.

"No wayyy' Don't tell me you are gonna blind fold me. How am I gonna walk?" ' Shilpa tried to stop Karan with her lame excuses.

"You don't have to worry about that Missy.  I have prepared something for you." ' he tied the handkerchief tightly covering her eyes & then lifted her up.

" What are you doing Karan? Mera fayda uthana chahte ho? Put me down'" ' she started hitting Karan in a playful manner.

"Ssshhh'  Trust me' This is going to be the best night of our life." ' Karan whispered.

Instead of taking the elevator Karan took the staircase as he headed to the rooftop. On the way Shilpa insisted her to put him down as she thought Karan was having a hard time carrying her but he refused to listen. Finally they reached their destination.

"Tadaaa'" ' Karan took out the blind fold. He has arranged candle light dinner under the shed at the roof top ' Shilpa's ideal date idea. "Welcome to Mr. Grover's love restaurant Mam. This way please" ' Karan took her hand & led her to the table. He pulled out the chair for Shilpa & she took her seat. Then Karan disappeared for a while & came back with a tray.

"Your favorite Chinese food made by Chef Grover. Hope you enjoy your meal Mam" ' Karan put the plate of Shilpa's favorite Cantonese Chow Mein in front of her. "Red wine for the lady & beer for the gentleman" ' he said as he served the beverages.

"What? Beer? Not today Karan please. Don't get drunk." ' Shilpa insisted.

"Jo hokum sarkar'. Jab aap sath hai toh nashe ke liye sharab ki kya zarurat hai." ' Karan said with a mischievious smile.

"Eww.. Cheap dialogue. You are too filmy" ' Shilpa acted like she is going to puke. Both of them laughed & after that there was silent for a while.

"So did you like it?" ' Karan asked while eating his food.

"I loved it Karan. I can't believe you still remember what I said about my ideal date. But you know what? One thing is still missing' You are supposed to say something. You haven't said those words to me yet. I'm waiting'" ' suddenly Shilpa's words made him uncomfortable. Karan hasn't confessed his love to Shilpa yet. He hasn't said 'I love you' yet' He is too afraid to say those three words. He is afraid of rejection'  Shilpa is with him right now but still he doesn't have the courage.

"What is there to say' I mean'  You know my feelings & I know yours now'" Shilpa didn't let Karan finish his sentence, "NO Karan' I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. You have to tell me. Say it before its too late." ' She said in a strong voice.

Karan looked at Shilpa. She is looking at Karan right into his eyes. Suddenly he realized that Shilpa is not lying' He could read it in her eyes that she doesn't know how much he loves her. He took her hands in his. He was about to say something when his cell phone rang.

"Shoot man' I forgot to turn it off' Wait a second. Let me deal with this 1st." ' He took out the phone from his pocket & put it on silent mode.

"Who is it?" ' Shilpa asked. "Mayank." ' Karan replied. He sounded low.

"Pick it up."

"I'll call him back later. It's not important right now." ' Karan is really desperate not to pick up his phone right now.

"I might be important Karan. TAKE IT." ' He couldn't say no to her. Going in a corner who took the call.

Karan : Hello!

Mayank : Hello Karan! Abey kaha hai tu yaar? Sab yaha tera wait kar rahe hai.

Karan : Main nehi a sakti. I am busy right now.

Mayank : Busy? Aisi kaunsi zaruri kaam a pari ke tu apne best friend ki shaadi mein nehi a sakta?

Drashti who was standing right beside Mayank snatched the phone from him.

Drashti : Dekh Karan. Zyada bhaav maat kha. Shilpa bohot gusse mein hai. Who tujhe maar hi dalegi. Phere hone se pehle idhar aja'

As soon as Drashti said those words Karan's heart stop beating' He turned back to check whether Shilpa is still there or not. Yes' Shilpa is sitting there smiling' She is right in front of his eyes'  Drashti is yelling at Karan on the other side on the phone but he can't hear a word. He is too busy to convince his mind that Shilpa is with him'

Drashti : Wait... Shilpa wants to talk to you.

She handed the phone to Shilpa.

Shilpa : where the hell are you Karan? Hurry up & get your ass over here right now. I can't believe you are missing my wedding.

That's it. Karan couldn't take it anymore. He dropped the phone.. Went back to the table. Karan noticed that Shilpa hasn't eaten anything yet.

"Why aren't you eating Shilpa? Khana achcha nehi laga?" ' he asked helplessly. Shilpa is not replying. She is sitting there' Looking at him with a smile.

"Am I too late?" ' tears rolled down his cheek as he asked the question. Still no reply. Karan couldn't believe his eyes. He is crying but his tears aren't affecting Shilpa. She is not trying to make him stop. This can't be true. Karan fell on his knees & started to cry like a baby'

"Shilpa you are right here with me. Hai na? Please talk.. Say something." ' He kept saying the same thing again & again.

It can't be just an illusion. He couldn't breath. He felt like he is going to die' "Shilpa talk' FOR GOD SAKE SAY SOMETHING." He pled. His vision started to get blurry. Suddenly he heard a voice "Yes Karan' I am right here' I'll always be here' With you." Even though he couldn't see properly he was sure the Shilpa who is sitting in front of him didn't say anything. The voice came from his unconscious mind.

"I am feeling weak'" ' Karan lied down on the ground. With his burry vision he  mistook the moon tobe Shilpa. He kept staring at the moon with a smile on his face until the very last moment of his consciousness. Karan closed his eyes. 

"I'll always be here... with you" the voice started to fade away.


Ok So I think I need to explain some of the parts as one of my DUMBO frnd got confused what is happening here. 

It was all an illusion. The whole time Karan was imagining Shilpa. Shilpa was actually not their. It was her wedding day. & no Karan didnt die in the end. He just fainted bcz he couldn't take the pain anymore.

Why made Karan imagine Shilpa all this time?

Well... Karan loved Shilpa a lottt... But never had the courage to confess as he thought Shilpa will reject his love. As Shilpa was getting married Karan didn't want to let her go. So he made his own imaginary world with Shilpa. 

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-screwed.UP- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
man i was sooo enjoying the cuteness n beauty of thier lovely moments n den it came all crushing down:((...i could so feel d pain of karan's heart in d last lines...i wish it wouldnt be lke that.
i must say ,u did an amazing was indeed a very beautifull os...!!!
do write more...would love to read a happy ending next time:))

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noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
wow..i loved it..
Karan is very
Waiting for more:D

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nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
OMG woman this is super seemed way to perfect to be flawless...kudos to u for thnking such a warm scene, its so affectionate, tender, gentle and had all the ingredients...congos for wriitng such an amazing piece...u should write more..

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freya123 IF-Sizzlerz

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RomanceChocolat Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Its awesome girlThumbs Up
Continue it soon and try to write moreCool
and u better get this into ur head girl... Ur English is amazing and u have got great talents in writing... Keep doing itHug

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sweetie_angel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
cute one

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