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ff- U are my life PART43upd.pg67 3/6

harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Om Ganeshaya namah.
Jai shri krishna
Jai sai ram

New ff-U are my lifeee

"What is my destiny kanha?"

'Tomorrow is his b'day and I was unable to be with him. Is it fair?"

'can I atleast see him, no I has to reach out to my enrollment, Why are u doing this Kanha.'

'Why this every thing to me. zindagi mein pehli baar kuch maanga aapse, aur har din maangte huye aa raha tha 4 saal se, Lekin aap kyun nahi sun raha hain'

She did her pen down and closed her eyes leaning on in the car which was fast movng towards Delhi. She opened her eyes with a jerk seeing the phone beeping , she kept that diary a side and looked at the caller id, it named shanthi,

Radhika attended the call and said "Chachi,bolo"

Shanthi:"Radhika kaha ho"

Radhika:On the way, to Delhi, abhi abhi 50km milestone pass kar raha tha

Shanthi:Thik hain, jaldi aavo. kal subah tum jaldi colege jaana hain na.

Radhika agred and switched it off.

Radhika looked at driver and said "Vijay bhaiya kuch jaldi karo na"

Vijay:Haan betiyan, jaldi pahunchega chinta mat kariye.

She nodded and again closed her eyes remembering his face,.

Vijay:Betiyaan ek baat poocho

Radhika:Ji bhaiyya

Vijay:Betiyan main aap ke paas join ho kar thin saal ho gaye hain, iss thin saal se dekha rahi hun, kyun aap is dinom mein mood off hote hain


Vijay:wahi june29th ke din aap bilkul pareshaan hote hain, kyun. aur bolte hain ki kisi ka b'day hain. kiska hain betiyan

Radhika took a deep brathe and said "Meri zindagi ka"

Basic knowledge of this FF:Friedns it wasn't only a lovee dovee story of Radev, It may not have all those roantic scene in every part. But it explains the story of a girl who love a person that hates her. She lvoes him more than her life. and Her best friend will eb her strength towards the journey.How she gets the strength of ehr life from her lvoer who was much more important for her than her life...

Every character in this story had it important and is complex.I believe every person had two shades in him Positive and negative, trying to potray them in different characters here and if a person becomes negative what will be the reason behind it, why would they choose it and all. Its a love story and youthful story which include the importance of relations too.

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Okay friends,

here I go with another FF. Now don't scold me for starting new ones with out completeing old ones Actually I used type al thsi ones before and posting now. And I will never leave any ff will complete al of them. I am posting ti as soem relief to u people, but don't expect more romance, as it will be more mind game than romance lovee dovee one. Hope u not to throw chappals at me

this one for pm list.

Meena luma

Masuma srilanka





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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Radhika-Rubina dilaik. A rich girl but who loves to eb simple. Bubbly in nature but traitional too. Typical girl. Complex to understand

Dev_Handsome hunk, typical guy. Not understanded by any one. Unique

Shanthi:Radhika's chachi, who took care of her after her parents death

Ammaji-Radhika's maternal grandmother. love radhika a lot, and onw who can understand her to soem extent.

Chaya-Dev's mom, who was modern but traditional

Harinath:Dev's father a lecturer by profession. who loves his subject a lot. and people love him a lot.

Pari-Dev's younger sister.

Nandu-Dev's younger brother - twin of pari. both are in tenth standard

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
nice update pls pm me when u update next part

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masumasrilanka Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
nice 1,hope 2 enjoy it,so pls update soon

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Thanks meena and Masuma srilanka  I am updatig next one now. Probably the one which I update now was the first part

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Part1: Fir mil gaye ho hum

Finally the car reached the Vrindavan towers in the Rashtrapati Bhavan road of Delhi. Radhika get out of the car and took her suitcase from the car and went towards the lift. As her phone beeped again she took it and gave the suitcase to driver to bring it and she went up talking,

She reached up and went to her flat where she found it locked feeling confused she asked the friend online to hang up and she phone for Shanthi.

Shanthi picked the phone "Haan Radhika bolo."

Radhika:Kya hain ye ghar lock mein hain, tum aur daadi kaha ho.

Shanthi:Haan sorry ra I forgot to say u, actually maaki bhabhi hain na, baby aunty vuski health mein problem hain toh hum vuska ghar gaya.

A vexed Radhika "Thik hain toh key kaha diya tum"

Shanthiu:Oh shit I forgot to handle key to neighbors. Tum ek kaam karo, yaha aavo na

Radhika:Waha aur main, vo pinky ki stupid baatein mujhse nahi hoga, jab bhi dekho sirf aur sirf affairs ke baarein mein hi baat karti hain, vuski vumr hain 13 aur vusko affairs ke baarein mein baat karni hain, agar mujhe khrodh aaya toh, ek tappad maardunga, again quarrel why this al leave me I will be here, setting the pots.

Shanthi:Are u sure

Radhika:Haan but come soon,.

Shanthi:Yeah we will try and put it in a tidy way other wise wo gangabhai will keep on mumbling about the dirt present.

Radhika:Haan haan I will keep, haan  main ne aur kuch bhi laaya wo sab bhi bahar set karne wale ko set karungi.

Shanthi:Haan ur wish. I am going will return in 2 hrs.

Radhika:Kam time 2 hrs. great dear

Shanthi:Okay bye.

Radhika cut her phone smiling thinking abt the type of convo might be going there, and took the pots which driver brought,.

Driver:Betiyaan, :Ghar locked hain

Radhika:Haan vo baby aunty ka tabiyat thik nahi hain

Driver:Vuski kitna temp hain 98.7 vusko vahi hi kuch jyaada problem lagta hain

Radhika smiled and started setting the flowers. By that time it was getting evening

Driver:Kya main help karoo

Radhika:Nahi bhaiyya, aap waha jaayiye, chachi mein need u, I will manage

Driver was going Radhika:"Jaraa light on karke jaa na"

Driver did the same and left.

Vrindavan towers for a 10 storeyed building with each store having 2 deluxe flats situated side by side leaving a wide pathway infront which gives a clear view of sky with a beautfiul scenary due to the artificial lake present beside,. The lfit was located in between the two flats while steps were located at one end of the floor,. Radhika's family lives in 3rd floor  in the flat no.301 which was located beside the steps.

Radhika started setting the pots and after completing it she settled them at different corners and positions in the path way. After that she hanged the diya lines she brought along with her in the path way, near the door and at different other places in the boundaries of their place and giving a sigh of satisfaction, took the oil and started to light them.

Then she got a phone and she attended it, talking to it only she was pouring oil in the diyas. When she was doing, there falled some drops on the floor near the steps. After that she completed pouring the oil in the diyas she kept the bottle there and continued to talk when she went towards the steps. she didn't notice that there were some drops falled there.

From the other flat there, a man came out wearing a black jeans with white trousers. He was surprised to see the good decoration out the adjacent flat and and was indeed admiring it. He then saw a girl talking in the phone. he can't see her face as she was turned to the other side. Dev then noticed that she was in a danger of slipping on the steps. He ran that side to prevent her from falling but by the time he went her leg slipped down ,.

Radhika who was talking on phone felt as falling down. She closed her eyes with fear, but then she felt two strong arms holding her one hand and other the shoulder, and dragged her towards him. She turned towards him in fear and closed her eyes in fear and digged her head into his chest holding her shirt tightly.

He was shocked with the girls reaction, but smiled realizing her situation. The anxiety in him was increasing to see her face. He said to her keeping his hand on her hair " Don't fear, nothing happened to u. Now open eyes"

Radhika opened her eyes and realizing what she was dong left his shirt in a sudden movement.

She felt like she know him, felt some unknown pain when she left him. Confused she lifted her head to see him.

He was also waiting to see her face, when he raised her head, he saw it with a very heavy hope. For a moment he was confused to see that face as he was getting same features in another face. Radhika was already shocked to see him, but was trying to hide it. Finally Dev figured out the face and was shocked to know it was she.

Dev yelled out in a gasp" Radhikaaa!"

Radhika  thought in her mind "Haan Dev it was me, neither I expect to see u or meet u here in this way. I thought to never meet u or show u my face again, but my destiny was this. But sorry dev I am acting now infront of u '

Radhika said out :"Who r u? Do u know me"

Dev was completely confused to hear this from Radhika and he was abt to ask her when Chaya came out looking for Dev.

Chaya:"Tum yahaan ho, main tere liye kitne der se dekh rahi hun, mere liya aataa laana hain."

Chaya then looked at Radhika who stood there lost.

Chaya:Radhika tum aagaya

Radhika:Excuse me, sorry to ask but aunty how u know my name

Chaya:Vo, actually My hun Chaya, kal tumse baat kiya.

Radhika:Oh aunty aap, sorry I never saw u na so didn't recognize.

Chaya:Koi baat nahi. chal Shanthi aur auntyji bahar gaya tha, tum humari ghar aavo na.

Radhika:Vo aunty...

Dev:Radhika aavo na

Radhika looked at Dev, who was still in that confusion.

Chaaya:Radhika ye mera beta hain Dev.

Radhika had one more shock . in her mind ' what Dev mere paas wali flat mein. Kanhaaa ye confusion kya hain. aap mere destiny mein kya socha tha"

Chaaya looked at Radhika and asked "Kya soch rahi ho"

Radhika:Nahi aunty main aavungi but aap pehle mujhe ek match box de sakthi ho, muhe thoda sa kaam hain

Chaaya:Haan lekin Match box????????

Dev sighed to Chaaya showing diyas. Chaaya then only saw them and really liked the way she decorated " Radhika bahut aci tarah sajaya, lekin aaj kuch bhi festival nahi hain na"

Radhika:Aunty ji mein har din aise hi diya ye jalati hun

Chaaya was really mesmerised by the answer, she looked at Radhika i wonder and said "Jab aunty ji ne muhe tere baarein mein bola, I didn't believe, but u were really in the wa she said . Aaj kal ke din tere jaise ladkiyan bahut kam hote hain."

Dev was still standing there with some confusion of getting unrecognized by Radhika.

Radhika started lighting diyas and Chaaya stood with her, while Dev went out to bring what his mom asked him for.

Radhika was trying to find a reason from going to that house, and as god listen to her prayers, by the time she complete her work, Shanthi and ammaji came home

Radhika tok leave from Chaaya and went into her room as soon as Shanthi opened the lock, an closed it behind.Shanthi sighed seeing her behavior and said to Chaaya "Please don't mind her, she some times behave like that only. I think she's angry on me, but tomorrow she will be normal again. "

Dev who came back went to Radhikas flat for Chaaya and taking the freedom he went in as he now abt Shanthi.
Chaaya left to make aata and Dev asked Shanthi to sit for carroms. They both started playing as they do in evenings from one week.

Dev:"Aunty ek baat poocho."

Shanthi:Haan poocho

Dev:Is Radhika was normal?????

Shanthi looked at him and said "Why ?"

Dev:If ever she was normal she would have recognised me na, U know na, I was the same Dev who was his class mate. But she didn't recognise me.

Shanthi:Haan vo 1 saal pehle jab vuski eye operation ho raha tha, tab vusko kuch nerves ka hi operation karna pada, tab doc ne ye bola ki, she will forget the unimporatnt things partially for some time. and In that way only she didn't remember u. not only she finds it difficult to remember most of her +2 class mates.

Inside the room...

Radhika was on her bed remembering the words of Shanthi that mornign in the phone.

"Radhu, as u come u may find some surprise, lets see wether u recogise or not."

Radhika was saying to her self"Chachi, it wasn't a surprise for me, I doesn't wanna meet him. Indeed he doesn't like it. Why kanha why this happened. what does it mean for. again are u thinking to hurt me. Kanha now what to do."

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