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Originally posted by Poojapange

Awesome chapter achiever...Armu ne to koi kasar nahi chodi love birds n specially Nidhi ko embarass karne me...i loved Arman-AshNi all scenes...
Anji is such darling...she support Ashu at Rohan house...
Loved it
thnx so much.. was waiting for ur comments..Tongue
I luv Armu.. LOL.. he is frank and funny and Nidhi-Armaan scenes r fun..Tongue
yeah.. Anjie is a very good friend.. and she knows Ashu's importance in Nidhi's life.. i like her for accepting Nidhi for what she is and wat she likes.. like Armu, she is faithful and caring too..  both friends do not try to impose their views on one another bt r thr to share and advice wen need is thr.. i luv thr friendship..Embarrassed
will try and reveal some past abt Armu and also his r'ship with Ashu.. and Mallu.. Embarrassed  and how his fship with Nidhi grows..Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Anjani9

Hello Achiever,
Romantic and very close to reality. I am eager to know how they will face the reality and take their relationship to new heights. The love towards each other is growing with each chapter and the understanding. I am wondering what made Baba think that Ashu will not fail in his tests and they will start their life together soon?
yeah.. reality strikes..  in their safe and comfortable haven of hospital all was fine.. their peers and colleagues.. new Ashutosh's character very well to blame him of immorality!  Accept for managment, the others had hardly any problems except it being a very spicy gossip, it hardly mattered to thm.. as normally it happens in offices..  its in more of social scenario with family or new and unfamiliar surroundings tht their luv wud b tested.. so i think Nidhi's baba challenging him to mingle with Nidhi's school friends was a good move by a father..Embarrassed  a caring and sensible father..
regarding his faith on Ashu.. well.. it will b revealed soon.. the part of it is related to their interwoven past.. and plus Ashu's conduct so far has compelled him to think otherwise.. and give a serious thot to their r'ship.. as his own daughtr seems equally determined..Embarrassed
and he is similar to Ashu wen it comes to complexities in his life..LOL  bt he is a soldier and so he is trained to apply tactics.. plan strategies.. and find solutions!Embarrassed  bt most men cannot handle their emotional mess as smoothly as their practical problems.. hence thrs this problem with Col. Verma to decide on Ashu.. coz it involves so many imp ppl of his life.. his daughter.. his wife.. and his wife's baba..Embarrassed
their past and house issue is for now pushed away in backseat bt soon it will come forefront again.. Embarrassed
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The best part is your response to our comments Clap Thanks so much for the FF and response..

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Chapter 38:  The Bonfire nite!


As he looked out of the window thoughtfully, those harsh words rang in his ears repeatedly.  "he is thinking from the wrong part of his anatomy!"  It echoed!  He sighed.  Even Nidhi's dadi bua had same thots abt him bt her words wernt this coarse and hurtful at least!  Can thy not see anything beyond lust in his r'ship with Nidhi?  Was it so wrong for him to have a girl half of his age?  Wat he thot as something very sacred and pure was seen as sinful and lewd by the society.  He was shattered by the thot.  He had always conducted himself appropriately and never let anybody question his moral integrity!  From the unknown background he belonged to, being orphan meant being untrustworthy.  It was'nt till Dr. Mathur vouched for his integrity, tht ppl actually started trusting and respecting him.  The name and respect he had earned today was hard earned!  It had pained him immensely wen baba had rejected him.  And it pained him today to hear wat he had heard!  He stared out of window blankly!  So lost was he in his thots tht he didn't hear Nidhi calling him to join in the fun!  Wen Nidhi enquired after him in the break, he cudnt face her.  Nidhi got worried as to wat had suddenly started to bother him.  Looking at her worried face, he tried to gather himself, bt he cudnt.  He remained aloof and reticent.  Wen Nidhi urged him to join thm again, he chose to take a nap instead.  Nidhi allowed him to be with himself.  The thing tht she was afraid most was him getting into a shell again and pushing him mite jst risk tht!  She sighed.


After 4 hours of drive and two breaks, thy finally reached their hotel.  Thr friends too had jst reached and thy all greeted each other with enthusiastic noises over beary hugs and pats at the reception counter of hotel while Ashutosh jst stood by the side watching over thm and mulling.  The youngsters had been full of life, he observed.  Unrestrained, excited, ambitious, adventurous, fearless, and independent.  Wat once he and Armu had dared to be wen thy wer quite young, bt he was conditioned to strict discipline and  cultivated to become a more refined and cultured person abiding to society norms living by its set of rules!  While Armu was able to break free of those shackles and shape his own life like a free spirit, he willingly let his baba mould him into wat he had been today.. a cultured, sophisticated and responsible man of society... it wasn't untill Nidhi arrived in his life tht he had dared again without him even realizing it!  And yet those 18 yrs still lay betn thm and thy rise its ugly head every now and thn and never let him forget how old he was to Nidhi!  Today was such day.  The young zestful group infront of his eyes thr jst made him realize tht he was indeed turning old and not young as he wud like himself to believe!  He was someone who suitably fell into the category of serious mature wise middle-aged men!  Even the hotel manager had approached to greet and welcome thm formally guessing tht group fell under his authority!  Wat if he was above thm, essentially he still wasn't one of thm..!  He shifted on his spot anxiously feeling quite out of place!  Nidhi came to him with an affectionate smile.  She wanted to drag him in but before she cud do tht, all decided to freshen up first and talk the rest over the lunch.  So everybody resigned and Nidhi had to too reluctantly.  Ashutosh had booked a separate room for himself while the rest had decided to share a room between two.  Angie and Nidhi wer sharing a room as expected.  And wen thy wer left alone, Angie questioned Nidhi abt Ashutosh's issue at Rohan's house.


"Nidhi.. y didn't u introduce Dr. Ashutosh as he deserved!  Jst bcoz he is not saying anything abt it, doesn't mean he msnt b hurt by it!" she cried.  "I know Angie.. I can feel tht something is nagging him.." she said worryingly.  "bt..bt.. how cud've I..?" She sighed.   "I was hoping Rohan wud help me out here.. if he had already told thm abt us it wud've been easier for me.. u know Rohan's dadi.. she is a clone of dadi bua!..u know how she wud react to this sudden news and I really don't know how she wud've behaved with Dr. Ashutosh!" Nidhi cried.  Angie sighed, she had pretty well witnessed how she had behaved.  Bt she knew how embarrassing it was for Dr. Ashutosh and she jst cudnt keep mum!  Sadly, one way or other, Dr. Ashutosh did end up having a bitter experience in the end!  She really didn't know how thy cud've handled this situation any better!  "bt sadly Rohan didn't inspite of me asking him to.. so he got wat he deserved!.. A good and solid one in his ribs!" added Nidhi fisting her palm.  Angie jst smiled in reply


After refreshing, Rohan went out to greet his friends!  While Ashutosh took his own time to shower and chng.  Nidhi knocked at his door a while later.  "Hi.."  she smiled brightly at him as he opened the door.  Bt wat met her eyes was a figure of an extremely handsome looking man.. her man.. clean shaven with an attractively sleek jawline.. freshly showered.. skin still very much damp.. hair wet and glistening ' and smelling as if he had jst drenched himself in a pool of very pleasantly smelling..extremely pleasing.. fragrance of some musky intoxicating masculine scent.  Nidhi breathed in deeply.. her heart suddenly filled with an unknown desire  .. tht certain desire tht he had jst planted in her brain so skillfully in his restroom jst the other day!  She blushed.  She found the desire rising in her slowly.  She didn't knew tht her eyes were revealing it all.  He smiled at her alluringly and stepped out of his room.  Her heart squeezed with a bit of uncertain fear.. but her amorous feelings overshadowed the fear when he stepped a bit closer and it displayed itself on her face pretty plainly!  He cudnt help chuckle at her cute and very sweet reaction she looked completely smitten and dazed and he didn't even had to try!  Something tht made him feel very young and desirable!  He forgot tht jst some time back he had been feeling quite old and out of place!  "Nidhi ppl wud misunderstand if thy wud c u staring at me like this in lobby of a hotel!" he teased!  She blushed like a freshly bloomed bud!  "err.. I jst came to call u.." she replied in her trade mark style low shy voice.  "em.. hmmm.." he gave a naughty groan as he pulled the door behind him.  He took his time to look at her as thy walked down the lobby.  "you..." she hesitated but cudnt stop herself say.."you look extremely extremely handsome!"she remarked shyly.  He cudnt help love her expressions and flushing cheeks!   He laughed at her cuteness.  "u know.. I wud luv to hear tht wen we r alone in tht room!"he murmured in a low plain voice bt Nidhi found thm too seductive!  She blushed trying to hide her face!  How he wud react if she dared wat she desired.. she didn't know.. bt the feeing itself was quite thrilling!  She pondered to herself.  He knew exactly wat was running in her head.  She was slowly growing upto him, bt still he knew she wudnt dare.. not yet atleast!  She was jst too shy!  Oh how he loved her blushes!  And her cute ways jst took his breath away!  Unpredictable, unexpected but totally endearing!  She had a knack to make him feel younger and happier.  He didn't know wer all his sadness and resentment had vanished jst like tht.. in a woof! 

Finally, thy joined the others on the table.  Nidhi took seat beside Ashutosh.  She moved her chair closer to his and gently took his arm in hers to everyone's surprise!  Ashutosh was taken aback with her sudden move.  He tried to pull back feeling embarrassed and awkward.  Public display of affection wasn't exactly his style!  Bt she held it tightly and confidently!  "Surprise!" she smiled brightly at the gaping faces of the rest.  "He is Dr. Ashutosh.   And he is going to take the most important place in my life very soon!"  Her friends cried with mixed feeling of joy, surprise, and shock!  Every one congratulated her!  Some wer left in awe and some utterly shocked!  As he observed those 8 pair of eyes studying him with new found interest, for the first time he felt nervous and sweaty.  He hadn't felt so even while giving MBBS papers or even facing Nidhi's baba!  Nidhi still held him tight and it gave him courage and some mental boost!

After lunch, thy gathered in the hotel lobby.  Nidhi introduced each one personally to him specifically mentioning their attributes and virtues and how and y thy became such good friends!  With a talkative Nidhi by his side, Ashutosh felt at ease slowly.  He conversed with thm formally and received polite replies in return as expected.  Bt after a while, Ashutosh again found himself pretty misplaced in tht group.  Nidhi had gone to catch up with her friends.  And having no topic to converse further, Ashutosh had fell silent!  Slowly her friends moved out to form new groups and he jst stood thr by side again feeling quite awkward and ignored!  One topic tht he cud converse for hours seriously was medicine and certainly it wasn't a group tht wud enjoy tht!  He sighed.  Neither matching intellectually nor by any common interests, thr was nothing tht he cud talk about!  Moreover, he wasn't a very approachable or sociable person as such!  And this wasn't his familiar territory of hospital and neithr wer thy his juniors whom he commanded nothing but respect and discipline and complete attention!  He sighed again and looked at Nidhi.  She was laughing and hugging and chatting so animatedly.. obviously it had been long long time tht thy had met and she was njoying the catching up thoroughly!  He stared at her for a while and thn resigned into his room.  Tht gave the others impression tht he was pretty arrogant, reticent, and stiff as he chose to not mix and stay aloof!   Snobby as he singled himself out by taking up an exclusive suite room instead of sharing!  He looked strict and rigid as his personality gave him a boss-like and domineering appearance to strangers.. after all he had hardly smiled heartily to make thm chng their opinion abt him!  With him resigning early, it was proved tht he was quite boring as well!  One had even remarked tht he reminded him actually of his boss and regretted the fact tht he mite spoil their fun of partying like crazy!  Ashutosh had stepped out of his room to attempt another try in trying to mingle with her friends but had to stop dead wen he heard tht!  Not aware tht he was back, the hot topic of their discussion had been Nidhi-Ashutosh and their unusual love story!

Everyone chipped in with their POV as soon as Rohan, Angie, and Nidhi had went away to explore the hotel and its surroundings.  Thy had crossed Ashutosh as thy had approached his room from the other end and found it locked.  Nidhi had tried his cell bt it seemed he had left it in his room!

"I wonder wats its gonna b like..thrs 20 yrs of age difference betn thm.. surely it wud b a live-in rship.. I mean.. I don't think so Nidhi's parents r gonna ever allow such match!"  One remarked.  "yeah.. surely he is a bit handsome for his age.. agreed.. bt at age of above 40,  for how long can one hide one's gray hair and wrinkling skin!.. its true wen ppl say luv turns one blind.. how did Nidhi turn blind to them!"the other remarked.  "Oh come on. its plain attraction yaar.. its forbidden and u know tht makes it more exciting and thrilling!  And our Nidhi luvs thrills!" someone laughed.  "Bt.. Nidhi seems real serious!"  "C'mon.. I gaurentee tht this is a flinge.. it seems all true love at first bt thn this euphoria slowly fades away..after having attained wat thy seeked from each other.." he winked.  "oh C'mon" someone opposed,"Thts too harsh.. Nidhi is a decent girl.."  .."agreed yaar.. bt u know.. thn wat wud a man of his age want from a girl so young and bright.. its pretty much obvious.. wat Nidhi can provide!  Its sad tht Nidhi has fallen into this trap.. soon she will realize her mistake.."  "I think Dr. Ashutosh is pretty honorable and decent man.. I don't think so thrs anything like tht!" someone commented "Thn  I pity this poor old man.. its going to b real heart breaker for him" someone laughed.  "Agree.. he looks decent.. thr mite b some other reason behind such match.. may b midlife crisis!"  "yeah.. mite b.. it wud pretty hurtful for the poor old chap wen this bubble bursts!" "u know wat I think.. he mite not b wat he seems.. and I hope tht he doesn't have a murky past.. he jst mite b putting up a decent mask.. and some dark ugly truth mite b lurking in his closet.. if he is tht, then he deserves the hell for luring Nidhi!"  "I will pray tht he rots in hell!" "Let better sense prevail in Nidhi and she forsees their dark future before she regrets bitterly for chosing him!" "yeah and even if we forget all tht.. as such he is so boring and unromantic.. completely opposite of our bubbly Nidhi.. Wat has she gotten herself into.. I pity her!" someone sighed!

As Ashutosh listened to thm with a disheartened heart, he sensed someone's presence beside him.  He glanced to see Nidhi standing near him with tears flowing thru her eyes and lips quivering so badly as if she was abt to burst into a sob.  "Oh Nidhi.." Angie whisphered, giving her a comforting hug.  Rohan looked at Dr. Ashutosh helplessly.  Ashutosh grabbed her hand and took her back to his room.  Angie and Rohan followed in!  "Nidhi.. please!" he cried wiping off her tears!  She nodded a No vehemently.  "Nidhi its okay!" he consoled her again.  "Nooo!" she cried out loudly,"ITS NOT OKAY". She let out a soft sob.  A slow anger began to rise in her as she wiped off her tears.  Her jaw muscles tightened and nostrils flared as she breathed in sharply.  She grind her teeth determindedly!  "Nidhi.. please.. jst let it go!"he cried again as he saw she was all set to bite back.  "yeah.. Nidhi.. thrs no point in making an issue of it here.. with thm.." Angie tried to explain.  "no..Angie" she cried" THY HAVE NO RITE TO INSULT HIM LIKE THIS"  Thr was sudden rage in her to go and whack thm up all!    

As she got up determindedly, Ashutosh grabbed and rounded her by her shoulders.  "Please Nidhi!" he cried sternly, "No.. No.. NO" she cried out strongly.  "Shusssh.. Nidhi.. its okay.. thy don't know me.. like u do.." Ashutosh gathered her in his arms and hushed her.  Bt she struggled violently to break free, bt he held her in a tight hug.  Angie and Rohan looked away.  After some time, Nidhi gave up crying bitterly in his chest.  "I am so sorry.. I m so very sorry.." she sobbed asking for his apology.  "its not ur fault Nidhi.." he said tenderly.   "bt thy r my friends.."she cried.  Ashutosh cud feel her tears wetting his T-shirt.  He broke the hug and wiped off her tears.  "You cant control their thots and beliefs can u?" he said tenderly looking into her eyes.  "sometimes u jst have to take it.. bear it.." Nidhi thot she felt pain in his voice.  His eyes glistened with hurt!  "Did someone else insult u?"she asked.  Ashutosh didn't reply.  "Yes.. Rohan's dadi" replied Angie"and pretty rudely!" she added and glared at Rohan.  "Wat did I do" cried Rohan.  "its bcoz something u didn't do!  U cud've informed thm before hand!" Angie cried.  Rohan shrugged helplessly at Dr. Ashutosh.  "Its okay.. its over and done with!.. its okay!" he emphasized to reassure himself more.  Tears again trickled down Nidhi's face and Ashutosh wiped thm off gently again!  He breathed in deeply and suggested,"lets jst forget everything.. okay.. v r here to have some fun.. and not cry.. so lets go out and have some!"  He asked Nidhi to freshen up and she reluctantly went inside.  Ashutosh requested Angie to accompany her!

Rohan apologized to Dr. Ashutosh on behalf of his dadi, which Ashutosh accepted humbly.  "well u know.. even if I didn't reveal ur truth.. actually Nidhi shud b grateful to me.. otherwise if i had relented to my dadi and her dadi bua's wishes..i wud've been going on this trip with our seven children and not with my friends or u!" he joked.  Ashutosh felt very strange.. hearing abt Nidhi having kids with another man!  He looked at Rohan who returned a quite terrified look with an instant sorry, may b his strange feeling had displayed itself on his face quite appropriately!  He chuckled to himself.  "yeah.. I shud thnk u thn.." he jst replied and Rohan heaved a sigh of relief.  For a moment he thot he was going to get a solid punch on his face as if Nidhi's elbow wasn't enuf!  Messing up with Dr. Ashutosh was dangerous, bt he luved dangers!  He chuckled to himself.  His mischevious self wanted to annoy Dr. Ashutosh as much as possible!

Thy had decided to take a brief visit to the places in town and thn take a quick tour of the nearby market.  Return back for early supper and gear thmslves up for tomorrow's trekking and thn head for thr camping site for the bonfire!  As expected, Ashutosh was leading in conducting, coordinating, and planning for this trip to function it smoothly with the help of Rohan!  After all wat a waste it wud b as he had spent a whole nite researching abt this place, its site-seeing places and most important thing, safety!  He had hired a guide and added some more useful safety equipments tht had made the cost go a little out of group's budget.  To group's chagrin, he had offered to pay the extra cost incurred from his pocket!  Wat he didn't knew was tht tht it wasn't wise thing to do wen u r going on a trip wer u r supposed to share things and cost equally and tolerably..its all abt team, team spirit, team work, and team sharing!  Bt all tht mattered to him was the convenience and safety of girls in the group!

As thy made trip to their sites, the group didn't spare Nidhi!  Thy pulled her legs and tested Dr. Ashutosh's patience deliberately by commenting on Nidhi's new found luv for the color gray or her renewed intreset in antic pieces and monuments.. or her having to instruct her tastebuds to get acquainted to healthy food.. as apparently Dr. Ashutosh's didn't seem to like the junk food as she did!  For the snacks he had avoided it and opted for juice and salad instead!  It was essential for him to remain fit fine and healthy afterall.. looking at the future, someone had commented.  Thy hadn't left any point to pull the legs abt thr odd r'ship!  Nidhi felt humiliated and angry.  Ashutosh and Angie had hard time keeping her under control.  Rohan didn't help the matters as he continued to provoke her anger more!  His theory was tht the best way to get rid of something bothering one is to face it!  Angie had asked him to go to hell with his theory but it hadn't affected him much and he continued to annoy Nidhi!  At the end of the day, the group and Rohan had peeved her off so much tht her mood was totally turned off.  The day had been a complete waste for her. eNeither had she enjoyed site seeing nor had she shopped!  She sat pouting and sulking at the supper table!  Having had their misson accomplished, thy had apologized to her and Dr. Ashutosh and requested thm to take it sportingly!  For Nidhi, she had made quite of few enemies out of her friends!  She glared at Rohan, who jst winked at her naughtily.

The group dispersed to backpack and decided to meet in the parking lot!  Ashutosh completed the formalities of signing out for the rest of the group and returned to his room.  He had jst changed wen he heard a knock at his door!  Nidhi stomped in as soon as he opened the door.  Ashutosh looked at her amusedly.  She had crossed her arms and wasn't even looking at him bt glaring at the wall instead with huff expressions.. it meant tht she was clearly angry on him!  "looks like someone is pretty angry.. shud I offer my sorry?" he asked. "huh.." she replied.  He chuckled.  "u luked too cute wen u wer angry today..bt pity u cudnt do any shopping!" he teased.   "huh.. so now i cant even react if ppl insult u.." she cried.  He had made her promise tht she wasnt going to react to their teases..and especially thr was no place for any violence!  Huh for all promises!  She pouted.  "oh..how romantic it sounds.." he smiled,"bt it was not necessary" he explained.  "Thts wat u think Dr. Ashutosh.. these ppl need special treatment for thm to learn the lesson!"she retorted.  "really?" he asked, "I don't think so..!"  "oh wat wud u know... I know thm well, thy r smart and big jerks!"  "really?"he crossed his arms and leaned on the table.  Nidhi didn't know wat else to say.  He seemed least interested save for planning to get back for their ill-treatment to him! It was frustrating for her!  "Oh! How can u not react!"she cried.  "I leave tht for u!" he joked!  "Very funny!" she cried but thn became very serious.. "I.. I jst cant tolerate!" she paced heavily in the room.  "hmmm.. so wat r u planning thn?" he asked.  "u haven't left me with any choice.. have u?" she cried and strode upto him!  He still looked unperturbed tho and it frustrated her more!  Y in the world it didn't bother him, she didn't understand!  "oh.. how can u take it so calmly!"she asked.  He smiled and pulled her close by her waist.  She rested her hands on his chest, his wrapped around her slender waist.

Ashutosh looked at her beautiful face tht was flushed heavily with anger,.."as much as u luv me Nidhi.." he pecked lovingly at her nose," and as much as u luk beautiful wen ur so angry, u wud've have to agree tht whatever thy wer referring to wer facts afterall!" he said.  Nidhi stared at him unbelievingly!  "Oh.. how can u justify thr misbehavior!"she cried.  He cupped her chin lovingly and smiled.  Nidhi found it distracting.  She pushed away his hand.  Bt he cupped it again stubbornly!,"No.. u don't do tht.. u know tht!," he said gently.  "its distracting"she blurted out.  "really?"he laughed.  She blushed in embarrassment.  "u r going off track" she complained.  He sighed. "Oh Nidhi..wasnt it u who counted me their virtues.. how can I forget tht.. if thy had been ur friends for so long, thn thr has to b a reason for tht.. rite..  thy cannot b tht bad.. can thy?.. Didn't u say tht for Mallika.. and besides.. Well.. didn't Armaan tease on similar lines?.. I didn't feel bad thn, thn y shud I now with ur friends.. " he explained.    oh! She thot.  She cudnt help herself admire him.  How can he even think so deep!  She sighed and gazed at his face.  As much as ruggedly handsome his face was, his heart was lot more big and beautiful.  Ashutosh smiled at her love struck look!  She was getting affected even by his trivial of gestures.  And she hadn't been attempting to hide tht apparent attraction tht she was feeling for him lately.  Or was tht she wasn't aware of the changes in herself at all! He breathed in longingly as he gazed back deeply into her eyes!  Watever it was, it was igniting some deep desires in him slowly.  Her hands inadvertently reached to caress his hair around his ears.  Her eyes roaming on his face suggested tht she was taking in and appreciating every minute feature of his face!  Her fingers slid down onto his tempting jawline tracing along its sleekness softly.  Ashutosh felt a surge of arousing sensation.  Her touch was so very provocative!  If Nidhi wud've known wat she was doing to him, she wud have pulled her hand back with a fearful gasp!  He caught her hand suddenly to stop her sweet torment.. before he wud do something tht he shudnt!

Startled, she jerked out of her trance!  Realising wat she was doing,  she blushed in embarrassment.  He tipped to see her flushed face!  With one hand resting on her slender waist and the other cupping her face gently, he slowly made his way to her lips.  Nidhi's heart flapped loudly!  It wasn't first time he came close to kiss her, bt every time he came close he made her heart flutter in a new way!  She clenched at his collar and he pulled her by her nape making a way softly thru her silky smooth hair.  She moaned as his lips reached hers! He was abt to fulfill her wanting desires wen thy heard a knock!  Nidhi breathed in sharply as he gently pushed her aside.  His gaze wandered ove her beautifully flushing face for awhile.  "Sorry.. sweet heart.."he whispered gently as he picked at her cheeks and went to open the door!  Nidhi stood ther stabilizing her racing heart and catching up on her lost breath.  The tension had been such tht she had almost forgotten to breathe!  She blushed as she realized the extent of effect he was starting to have on her!

She quickly composed herself as he heard Angie and Rohan's voices.  Thy came and took their seats on the sofa!  She had still been very angry at Rohan.  She glared at him once again and settled beside Angie!  Angie took her hands and questioned her with eyes!  Nidhi smiled and squeezed her hand reassuredly.  "u got tht for thrusting at my ribs for no apparent fault of mine.." Rohan answered back Nidhi 's glare.  "u need to learn to face it urselves rather thn striking innocent ppl, who mite have to pay the price for ur falling in love with an older man!" Rohan cried." U.. u.. jst shut up!" Nidhi barked,"one word abt him being old and i m gonna kill u!" she warned him muttering under her breath!  Rohan looked at Dr. Ashutosh severely, who jst chose to ignore it.. to his surprise!  "well i shud've said yes to ur marriage proposal.. thn I cud've taught u a very fine lesson! " he said it purposefully infuriating Nidhi further.  Bt he jst wanted to annoy Dr. Ashutosh who was sitting irritatingly unaffected while he was bearing Nidhi's wrath!  Nidhi got up to strike him but Ashutosh caught her on time!  "wats with this violence Nidhi!" he cried.  Nidhi struggled and was successful in getting free and she didn't held herself back in throwing blows at Rohan.  Rohan chuckled and escaped from there.  Nidhi glared at her with wild rage!  He was going to get for supporting and encouraging the group to tease her!  She ran after him in whole room.  Rohan giggled and escaped from her reach every time!  After awhile Nidhi forgot all abt her anger and jst chased him playfully, she at last caught him and thy both giggled like small kids.  Nidhi was again in Rohan's arms and Ashutosh cudnt hide his jealousy!  Angie was sharp to notice it,"if u two kids r done with ur play, thn shall v proceed..?" she asked!  The two giggled again at each other.  Angie had always been the monitor and the two of thm mischief makers!  Thy high-fived and said "yes!" in unison!  Ashutosh rose up to gather his bag trying to push his jealousy away with his seasoned maturity, but only if he cud!  He pulled Nidhi right away from Rohan.  "Let me help u with ur bags Nidhi.." he promptly offered and followed her and Angie to their room.  Rohan cudnt help chuckle!  Someone was smoking up heavily out of jealousy!

After an hour of drive, thy finally reached their camp site.  The guide helped thm out and soon thy were sitting around a bonfire lit in the middle of the surrounding tents.  As Ashutosh had no idea abt bonfire parties, Rohan had arranged for it instead.  Out came the beer bottles and grilling equipments from his sack.  Ashutosh glared at him.  "I m sure u don't want to be a party pooper!" he remarked.  "Sure.. suit urselves" he said and walked away from thr quietly!  This was certainly not his idea of partying.  Rohan's friends chipped in with their musical instruments and a large music player!  Thy had compiled some good dance tracks to liven up the mood!  Thy danced around the bonfire as Ashutosh chose to lie down in a far end corner of it.  He looked at Nidhi.  She was enjoying it thoroughly.  She had helped in setting up the bonfire and was helping with the barbeque.  As the rest danced around the fire, she walked upto him.  "feeling lonely?.. u can join me in the dance.."she asked.  He smiled,"dance on these numbers.. No.. Nidhi.. I m not crazy!"  "Oh it isn't abt being crazy.. its abt having some fun!"she cried.  "No please.. wats fun in drinking and dancing wen u don't even know wer u r stepping!"  He pointed to a boy who had jst stepped on a girl!  Nidhi laughed.  "Oh thts the fun!"she cried.  "Nidhi u go and njoy.. I m having fun in my own way!"he suggested.  "bt it wud b no fun without u"she cried cutely.  "believe me.. it will b..for me..watcing u!" he winked.  She blushed and got up reluctantly as Angie shouted and waved at her to come over for a dance!  "r u sure.."she asked again.  He nodded,"Yes my dear.. it wud b infact a blessing in disguise.. trust me..i wudnt wont to join tht ruckus!" Nidhi sighed and shrugged and went away reluctantly!

Rohan and some friends arrived shortly after her to invite him to join thm in but he declined politely.  "at least u can have some beer" he suggested offering him a bottle.  "Thnks.. bt I don't drink!"  "its not drink its beer!" a friend cudnt help cry.  "wats the difference..it still contains alcohol!" "oh! Wat fun u wud have without a beer and dance at bonfire!" Rohan cried.  "sorry boys.. thts not the way I enjoy.. I wud prefer my book and coffee.. bt thnks for asking!"he replied.  Thy shrugged.  Thr was no way tht thy wanted to get influenced by his boring ways, it seemed.  Thy rushed away quickly leaving him alone with his coffee and his book.  Wat and how much he was going to enjoy reading in tht flashlight and with such amount of noise around, thy didn't know!  "Oh.. Nidhi has found the most boring man on this earth!" he heard one of thm say.  He sighed!

Thy grooved and danced on the loud music and Ashutosh watched over thm quietly.  He didn't know wat their camping meant bt thr bonfire nite surely meant nothing but a crazy carousal!  No wonder parents wernt invited!  The only thing tht gave Ashutosh some respite was tht the group was decent and Nidhi cud enjoy how she wanted to!  Soon, the party was over and thy sat down exhausted to munch on the deliciously smelling barbeque!  Nidhi called him for the barbeque meal!  "so Dr. Ashutosh luks like u r the only one who didn't enjoy much!" Asked Angie as the three of them sat down beside the fire.  Rohan had too much of beer and he thot prudent to stay away from Dr. Ashutosh.  "y?"he asked taking the bite of a deliciously roasted marshmallow.  "u seemed quiet and aloof"  "this is not my idea of having fun!"he answered.  Angie chuckled,"well..I wonder..do u even party?"  Ashutosh replied with a chuckle,"Rite!  I don't party!"  "wudnt it make ur life too.. u know.. I mean.. too dull!"she asked cautiously.  Nidhi glared at her.  Y was she hell bent on making him conscious of the fact tht he was sounding dull and boring on such a lively nite!  Bt nothing can go unnoticed from Ashutosh's sharp eyes.  He caught on with Nidhi's expressions.  "Well.. No..  joy is a relative expression.. for some a beer can give high.. for others it mite b some other thing!" answered  he meaningfully.  Nidhi cudnt hide her blush!  "Well.. I was jst wondering if our bubbly Nidhi has chosen you, thn u ought to have something thts so attractive abt u!" Ashutosh cudnt help turn red.  Angie was even more bold and frank thn Nidhi! He chuckled and asked her cleverly,"and u r weren't able to find tht something in me..?"  Angie blushed in embarrassment!  "No.. I hadn't meant tht!"  "No u can b frank.. really" Ashutosh encouraged.  Nidhi had stopped at her bite to listen to their conversation. She cudnt believe tht Angie was making him open up so much!  "really Angie.. please.. I wud luv to hear wat u young ppl think abt me.. I wud help me and Nidhi.."  "Its jst tht sometimes u need to show and express exactly how u feel to help ppl understand u better.. I know.. it doesn't matter.. coz v probably wont b meeting thm again any soon.. yet.. u know.. for a girl.. one's husband.. one's boyfriend is something she takes pride of.."  Ashutosh chewed on his morsel as he mulled over it!  "I don't think so its necessary"Nidhi remarked,"U r wat u r.. and I know wat u r.. and for me thts more thn enuf.. I don't care wat others think abt u!"  Ashutosh studied her for awhile.. trying to gauge her real feelings.."really"Nidhi added confidentally.  Angie shrugged,"Thr.. u got an approval from the person who matters most.. I don't think so anyone else's opinion wud matter more!"  She got up to bring the water.  Ashutosh asked Nidhi seriously,"r u sure?"  Nidhi shrugged,"very sure!.. I don't want u to feel embarrassed for anything for me.."  Ashutosh sat mulling over it..

Having catered to the hungry demands of their stomachs, the group laid down beside the fire for some bonfire games.  Telephone, flashlight tag, dumbcharades all was in their kitty!  Ashutosh didn't join in bt sat to give Nidhi company.  At last it was turn of their favorite good old game of truth or dare!  "r u sure?"Angie asked Rohan eyeing meaningfully at Dr. Ashutosh.  "yeah.. y not?" Rohan shrugged.  The fact was even some of the ppl from the group wer apprehensive abt playing this game with Dr. Ashutosh being around!  Ashutosh sensed their discomfort.  He looked at Nidhi questioningly!  She jst smiled nervously!  The way thy played this game, she wasn't sure if he wud approve of it!   "I hope u wont mind me playing it!"she asked.  "yeah.. y not!" Ashutosh was surprised.  Oh.. clearly he had no clue abt wat this game was all abt and how thm youngsters played it! Nidhi thot helplessly!  She was still pondering wether to join in or not wen Rohan announced start of the game.  As usual, except Dr. Ashutosh everybody joined in! 

Everybody gathered around in a circle around the bonfire.  Soon, the bottle was spinned and the game was started.  And the way it progressed, Ashutosh was left shocked and speechless!  With their initial hesitation of Dr. Ashutosh's presence inbetn thm gone, their truth questions and dare tasks became even more bolder and naughtier.  Finally, the bottle pointed towards Nidhi and she looked nervous!  It was Rohan who had to ask her the question.. unfortunately!, Nidhi thot.  "truth or dare?" he asked.  "Truth" she said.  "r u sure?" Rohan asked with a mischevious glint in his eyes.  Nidhi got suspicious of his intentions.. the way he had behaved today.. surely he was going to ask something embarrassing involving him and Ashutoshji.. and it ws bettr if she opted for dare with Ashutoshji around she was sure Rohan wudnt dare to give her any embarrassing task!

Ashutosh was already alarmed the way this game had went and tothe extent it had gone, from some innocent revealations, the game had turned to some bold dare      tasks!  Kissing?  He cudnt believe it!  And thr wer ppl who actually felt no shame or embarrassment doing it in full view of their onlooking friends!  Shame!  Bt can one have any sense wen thy r not sober! .. It was thr way of having fun!  Huh! Y col. Verma was reluctant, he cud understand.  But here Nidhi was betn thm and all thnks to him!  And now it was her turn!  And the way Rohan was looking at her.  He feared the worst!  Cud he..?  Can he dare such a thing from Nidhi in front of him?   His jealous heart shuddered.  If he dared even to ask, he was going to brk every bone of Rohan rite here!  He was already starting to feel angry.  It wasn't meant for him.  Such games wernt for him and he wud not b able to take it in name of sporting spirit!  So wat if the punishment was to cry the name of loser loudly ten times against the bonfire.. tht so and so was a loser.. shud anyone not abide by the rules or withdrew!  Thy wer simply making fool of thmslvs.  "dare!" Nidhi stated as he was still pondering!  "okay!" cried Rohan.  "Its dare thn!" thr was tone of triumph in his voice, which alarmed Ashutosh!  "Okay.. thn u have to kiss the one person sitting around this bonfire whom u luv the most in this world infront of everyone.. and it shud b a french kiss!" Rohan declared.  Ashutosh was stunned.. he actually hadn't expected tht.. he was thinking abt something else.. totally!  Rohan wasn't as bad as he had presumed out of his jealousy! 

Nidhi gasped.  "This is not done!"she cried!  "Y?" Rohan asked.  "Cmon Rohan.. u know..!"   The others booed! Rohan laughed like some mad man in his drunken state.  Nidhi felt like killing him!  "c'mon Nidhi.. the dare is supposed to b something u wudnt even dream of doing.. I know u wud dare to do any other thing but this!"  The group supported him.  Nidhi looked at Ashutosh helplessly!  Clearly, he didn't look pleased!  "No.. I cant.. I wont!" she declared.  "oh thts so unsporting!"  Cried someone from the group and the rest supported it with booing!  "oh c'mon guys.. its.. its Dr. Ashutosh" Nidhi stressed on Dr. Ashutosh to make thm understand.  "yeah.. c'mon guys.. this is not wat u subject someone like Dr. Ashutosh to.. at least make it a light peck on cheeks.." Angie offered a solution.  Bt the rest didn't agree.  "If u play, u play it fairly Angie.. u know the rules.. the task once given cannot b withdrawn!  Blame it on Rohan.. ur best friend if u want.. bt sorry..  u know v never brk the rules.. whatever happens.. have we ever in these many years.. for anyone ever... and u jst want rules to b bent for Dr. Ashutosh.. and he isn't even playing!" cried one boy!  Ashutosh had enuf of it.. Wer thy even serious!  "Nooo!" he yelled sternly and thr was complete silence around the bonfire save for the crackling noise of the burning bonfire wood who was the only thing cud dare against Dr. Ashutosh! 

Thr were disgruntled murmurs after a while.  Nidhi let out a regretful shy!  Oh y did she even participate for this game!  She glared at Rohan and decided on something and finally got up!  "Its enuf.. I m withdrawing.. lets jst go Ashutoshji.." Ashutosh sighed and got up.  Thy had jst taken a few steps wen thy heard the booing with Nidhi's name!  Thy stopped on the spot! "u know how its done for a loser withdrawer!" cried someone to thm,"at least v r not going to brk tht rule.. u know wat.. u shudnt have participated in this game if cudnt dare Nidhi.. bt this is so not done.. !"  Thy heard their displeased murmurs.  Tears welled up in her eyes.  "Lets jst go.." she murmured to Ashutosh, but he held her back.   Nidhi was startled!

"She WUD dare!" Ashutosh said determindedly.   She nodded a no vehemently and glared back at Rohan.  But Ashutosh seemed firm.  She pleaded him,"U dont have to do this.. really!"  But he pulled her close and whispered,"yes I do.." she stared at him.. was he really serious!  "please" she whisphered again.  "u dont have to prove to anybody!" she urged.   "no.. not to anybody.. but to u..Nidhi!" he replied hoarsely!  And her stomach squirmed!  The intention in his eyes very clear and she stepped back instinctively!  But he pulled her close to him again!  Nidhi struggled

helplessly.  "please" she wisphered again as he took her gently a bit further away from the circle of the group as thy watched over thm.. thy wernt sure if he wud still dare!  "please" she cried again as he moved her infront of him shielding away from the crowd.  "shush.."he gently put a finger on her lips and gazed deeply into her eyes.  "y?"she asked.  He smiled and gently placed her one hand on his shoulder.  He caressed her face lovingly.  "coz  Nidhi..i dont want to end this trip with u feeling angry or humiliated for anything.." he replied.  Nidhi was still searching his eyes for the rite answer.  He took her other hand and placed it on his heart and pulled her by her waist.  " sweetheart.. I want u to feel proud of me and thm to feel extremely jealous of u.."he wisphered.  "Bt.."she started to oppose.. but he closed her lips with his fingers once again.  His hand moved up from her waist slowly towards her nape.  He squeezed into her hair tipping her head!  Nidhi let out a soft moan.  Her eyes still searching his.  He stared at her parted lips intensely.

Nidhi's eyes inadvertently rested on his!   And she jst realized how big and round thy wer!  A wave of shyness rushed over her and she closed off her eyes.   "And Nidhi.."he whisphered her name in such a seductively deep husky voice tht Nidhi thot she was going to lose herself any moment in his arms..,"tht campaign.." he paused and caressed her ear with his thumb tht made Nidhi squirm with pleasure.."tht campaign starts rite here.. rite now.." he whispered and captured her lips tilting his own head and pressing her more close with need!   As he devoured thm deliciously, Nidhi had hard time remaining on her feet.  His kiss was sweet but he was dvelving in with much need!  She fell backwards as she found herself falling in his arms but he gathered her in his strong arms and Nidhi had to fear nothing.  She let him kiss and devor her as much as he wanted as she found herself drawn into a new world wer nothing seemed to exist beyond him and her.. All thr felt was his touch and her need to cling onto his broad shoulders for support as found herself drowning deep into his desires!  Nidhi cud feel thr was something new in his kiss this time.. thr was a hint of roughness.. and a restlessness of growing passion to have her more!  Finally, her knees gave in and she cud no longer stand on her own legs.  He sensed her helplessness and lifted her up enveloping her in his strong arms.  Crushed, Nidhi felt like she was in heaven as he hadn't stopped with his delectable devour.  If he wanted, she wud never let him stop and she didn't even wen she was in dire need of some air.  She jst herself fell into a dizzy world, but Ashutosh broke the kiss to let her have her breath and with one sharp intake of breath, she breathed her life back.  Her face was flushed with sudden rush of bright red blood as the air started filling her lungs convulsively!  "Oh.. Nidhi!" he cried as he hugged her frail self passionately!  Tears of fulfillment trickled down her face and soaked his shoulders.  He broke the hug and kissed her eyes very tenderly wiping off her tears.  "please.. please.. don't!" he pleaded her gently and she nodded and obeyed, slowly breathing normally.  Wen she did tht, she deserved a peck for her cuteness.  So he bent over and imparted a very soft and gentle kiss on her lips.  Nidhi felt tht beautiful nite in tht faraway jungle cudn't have been any better!  He kept gazing deeply into her eyes.. He had strong urge to carry her away in his private tent.. to embrace her tight and caress her till his heart's content and then cuddle her closer into his chest and sleep all nite long and never let the dawn break..  He chuckled at his thot and nuzzled her lovingly.  She questioned him with her eyes..
"u surely wudnt b able to resist..bt we will need to wait...sweetheart"he whisphered.   And Nidhi cudnt help blush.. whatever he was thinking.. it seemed pretty irresistible from the twinkle tht she saw in his eyes.  Thy wer still lost in each other wen someone's teasing whistle brot thm out of their private world!  Nidhi jerked apart suddenly and tried hiding her blushing face behind a shaking hand!  Oh God!  She jst realized wat thy had been doing infront of her whole group of friends!  She ran away from thr instantly and Ashutosh followed her embarrassingly.. suddenly very conscious of those glaring eyes.. he had dared to b bold..bt now he didn't know how to handle it!  He excused himself awkwardly not meeting anyone's eyes.. Angie giggled and gave a triumphant pump in fist to herself!

The effect of their dare had been impressive!  Ashutosh had been holding Nidhi with such passion and kissing her with such obsession tht the girls cudnt help thmslves give a longing sigh!  Angie was crying silently with delight!  Rohan had been completely stumped out.. unable to utter a single word!  The girls had found Ashutosh's post-kiss gesture pretty pretty cute and were giggling with awe!  Angie was dying to tell tht to Nidhi!  The boys scratched their heads!  As soon as Dr. Ashutosh had announced tht Nidhi wud dare, thy had wagered tht he wudnt dare and had put on stakes against him at 1:6!!! But he had dared afterall and thy stood thr counting exactly how much had thy lost

Nidhi was leaning by a tree when Ashutosh approached her.  It was moonlit night and to Ashutosh, Nidhi hadn't looked ever so beautiful under those while light!  Nidhi turned away with shyness as he went and stood near her.  He turned her to himself.  She gleamed with glowing luv.  "u okay?" he asked her tenderly.  She nodded in a yes.."bt y did u do tht?" she asked.  "I already told u..and I m very serious abt tht..esp the jealousy part!" he confirmed.  "and this is how u plan?"  "yup.. pretty much.."  he replied naughtily and she cudnt help giggle!  He tried to get close to her again bt she pushed him away softly!  "u have no shame!" she cried.  " emm.. hmm.. not till I make it up for all the moments tht I wanted to kiss u but I cudnt!" he replied boldly.  "Nooo!" she wanted to cry but she was pulled roughly into his arms and her No got muffled beneath his lips!  She clung to his shoulders as he chose to b playful with her lips this time!  Teasing and tantalizing with his short quick pecks, he tempted her!  She giggled and blushed but cudnt resist the temptation.. she had strong urge to press his lips close!  She tugged at his collar and was about to kiss him wen thy heard some quicksteps nearing thm and she stopped.  Bt he didn't and grabbed her to kiss her in desperation!  Nidhi cudnt help herself chuckle into his kiss and he groaned with indignation.  His kiss had raw need and tht made Nidhi's heart ache with tht desire again!  A wave of shameless intention had jst washed over her and she tried to pull back instinctively out of her shyness!  He broke the kiss and asked her with his eyes.  She lowered her eyes and nodded a no!  So he grabbed her back again for another kiss!  She cudnt help blush at his display of clear need to have her! 

She tried to mumble sumthing inside his kiss and tugged at his shirt urgently and he again reluctantly broke it to ask her again with his eyes.  "I think someone's coming.."she breathed in sharply and whisphered.. "really" he ignored it and pulled her close once again trying to grab her face and capture her lips once again.."oh.. wat r u doing!" she cried trying to keep him away from her.  "campaigning!" he replied and pursued her again!  "noo.." she cried and pushed him away playfully.  "wat if thy r searching for us..!" "let thm.." "okay.. and wat if thy witness this too!" "Oh.. I wud jst luv tht!" he answerd mischeviously and Nidhi cudnt help giggle at the mischief tht was clearly visible in his eyes!  He pulled her close once again and she giggled as she struggled playfully against him.."seriously?" she asked.  "seriously.."he whisphered and before she cud question any further, he gathered her lips fully in his mouth once again!  Thy heard the footsteps nearing thm quite close and Nidhi's heart started to beat at a cheetah's pace!  Never had she done anything this wild before, she snuggled into him to draw in his support and he hugged her tight to assure her!  "Oh!" thy heard someone utter followed by some suppressed giggles.  Nidhi's heart skipped down a beat bt she felt secure held tightly in his arms.  She really cudnt concentrate on his kissing till she heard footsteps died down slowly!  He broke the kiss and complained,"u lack the power of concentration..u know tht!"  Nidhi stared into his eyes for a while and thn she burst into a delightful giggle! 

Ashutosh cudnt stop himself joining her as they laughed at their own mischief giggling against each other!  "Tht was fun.. wasn't it!" Ashutosh cried after awhile,"we shud try it more frequently!" "Nooo!" she cried and blushed.  "oh.. Nidhi.. u r so nave.. thts y I luv teasing u!" he cried at her cuteness and pecked at her cheeks!  "hmm.. we shud try something else..thn"he stated. "wat?"  "well.. wud u dare if I asked u something?"  "wat?"  "wud u sleep with me tonite?"  "WAT!" Nidhi cried.  Her heart had jst jumped out of her chest!  Ashutosh bundled into a huge laughter.. "Oh.. Nidhi u took it in other sense!"  She pouted and he cudnt stop himself.."thts wat it normally means!"she cried.  He laughed even harder.  She tried to muffle his laugh by pressing her hands over his mouth and he didn't stop her.  After a while his laugh died down so he asked her,"so u want tht?"  She hit him hard in his chest.  "Okay.. okay.. I m sorry.."he cried chuckling and caught her fists tht wer throwing blows into his chest.  "Now tell me.. wud u like to spend this beautiful moonlit nite with me..?" he asked seriously!
***********sorry again for this huge marathonish chapter.. bt i had given u the preview and had to chip in tht part.. or else i wud've gotten dandaas this time..LOL.. whoossh! had written and re-written certain parts.. bt hadnt found it satisfactory.. finally i came out with this.. hope u will luv thr romance thts getting bolder and even better with each passing minute!LOL.. So wat do u think abt the end?  Wud Nidhi dare.. infront of her whole group of friends to spend a nite with him tht she knows is going to b very promising?... and wat exactly is Ashutosh planning?Wink.. well, wait for the nxt chapters!Evil Smile LOL**********
Please please comment and share ur views on the story and chapter.. Embarrassed.. it wud help me a lot..
also hit the like button if u want me to PM u my nxt chapter.. cant say wen.. bt will PM wenever i update it.. so hit the like button for tht..Embarrassed...
Thnx so much for ur comments and likes on previous chapter..
Tc and Ciao!Embarrassed

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Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Woww...was waiting for this update from a long time...me gonna read now...thnx for the update

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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its an awesome chapter perfect mixture of everything...

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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks achiever,for th romantic chap.and  nidhi love ashutosh more than anything,and loved ahu's naughiness and passionate love.may their love allow them to do so.

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Manisha di, I just love ur ff a lot... M jus busy wid my studies so din comment on ur earlier update... Its awesomeee...Thumbs UpClap... I juz kinda love the bond AshNi share in ur ff... Frankly I got bored out with the fictions of AshNi that revolves around their pre marriage days, but urs n ana(cool_sk) r  very diff cases...Approve... I do look upon the updates...
    Chalo will read ur update The bonfire nite, n comment later... ok...

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