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Chapter 6:  The kiss!!

The Recap: 

."  "well, good bye Dr. Verma.  Wanna c u sharp at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow right here in my cabin."  He was not going to let her go tht easily and before she could retort back, he swirled his chair facing its back towards Nidhi.  Dr. Nidhi turned towards the door in anger.  As she reached for the door knob his "please be kind enuf to be gentle with that door" left her more fuming as she stomped out of his cabin pouting cutely!


Dr. Ashutosh could not help himself laughing as he saw her walking past his cabin through the blinds pouting and fretting and he thot he saw her mutter "Dr. Heartstone."  And his cabin filled with a good laugh.  With Dr. Nidhi, it was really going to be a lot of fun, Thot he.


The next morning, Nidhi got an early morning call.  Quite unexpected and half asleep, grudgingly she picked up the phone.  "Hello Dr. Nidhi Verma.  Hope the morning is good."  Nidhi found the voice familiar but her brain didn't register anything beyond it and she mumbled a few words back, wat she wasn't herself sure of.  "Dr. Verma?"  The voice was persistent and she thot the person at the other end had but one intention and that was to wake her up from her sweet little sleep which she had no intention at all.  She hurriedly uttered "a bye, call u later" and was just about to hang up the phone wen she heard the dreaded name from the other end. "Dr. Ashutosh" She sprang and sat upright on her bed.  She looked at her phone screen twice to make sure it was Dr. Ashutosh indeed.  "Oh, hello Sir.. eh.. sorry Sir.." she fumbled for words and finally let out a lazy "Good morning" with a long yawn.  But a sharp "Dr. Nidhi Verma?" was enuf to make her wide awake.  The next thing Nidhi knew was that that she was rushing on with her daily morning routine like anything.  Wat a start to the day, thot she.  She was called to the hospital early coz she had missed her induction yesterday and apparently Dr. Rangnath was out of town today and wudnt b able to make it and the great Dr. Ashutosh had taken upon himself to do the honors.  The Mr. BusyBee had called her early to fit her induction in his already tight schedule.  Huh! Thot she.  Why in the world is the dean of this hospital taking so much of trouble and more importantly giving HER so much of trouble.  Peace wasn't a word tht cud b found in Dr. Ashutosh's dictionary, Nidhi was sure of.  She suspected he didn't have a social life.. on second thots she believed he wudnt have a life at all.. !  She was really having a go at Dr. Ashutosh.  She was so annoyed with him.  No one had ever been able to make her hurry this fast in her life.. not the teachers of her school.. not the professors of her college.. not even by her Baba.  She always found her way out with thm.  She glanced quickly at the clock 15 minutes to 8.  She had exactly 15 minutes to reach hospital and to avoid Mr. PunctualP's wrath.  She was on the road in 5, driving speedily.  Meanwhile, she chuckled at the names she had popped up in Dr. Ashutosh's honor.  Dr. Heartstone, Monster, Mr. BusyBee, Mr. PunctualP.. the list was getting bigger and better.  She chuckled some more as she took a sharp turn into the driveway of the hospital towards the parking lot and almost collided with the car ahead trying to park!  With a screeching sound, she halted the car and peeked out of her window and to her utter horror it was none other than Dr. Ashutosh's.  He gave her a look, but she quickly moved on to park her car at the farthest spot possible from his car.  She alighted with caution and having made sure the coast was clear, she hurried towards the entrance.  It was a bit dark in there.  There must've been a power cut, thot she.  She observed a lone emergency light ligthing at the far corner towards the stairs.  As she hurried towards it, she collided badly with somebody.  She missed her balance and leaned on to him for support while the papers in his hand blew away and showered over them.  While the hold was strong and tight and there was no reason for her to fear of a fall, still she felt a certain fear.  Her 6th sense told her something wasn't okay.  She looked upon his face and God! it was indeed HIM!..She quickly drew apart, mumbled a quick sorry, and bent over and kneeled down to collect the strewn paper.  The safest way out was to avoid Dr. Ashutosh's look she thot, but to her horror, he too kneeled down.  All the while, she could feel his intent gaze studying her. Oh, why he had to be so scrutinizing always!  As the sunrays slowly fell on her face across the glass door entrance, she took an opportunity to observe him back as she picked up the last pages.  She had to know wat he was thinking!  He actually looked handsome with sunrays falling upon his short dark black hair and giving his wheatish complexion a golden hue.  His intent eyes wer still gazing at her.  She felt something was pretty deep in those eyes, but she couldn't read wat it tried to say.  "Dr. Verma" his indifferent voice brot her out of her brief trance.  "Please wait for me in the conference room.  Go through the CD kept in the 1st drawer.  Will be back in 10 minutes." And he went away jst as he had come, like a sudden sailing breeze.  She looked back at him for a minute and then shook her head to clear of the wayward thots that were getting into her head unnecessarily and hurried to the conference.


The induction went well.  A thorough professional was the impression Nidhi got of Dr. Ashutosh.  He had managed a brief surgery and a quick round inbetn her induction process.  She was actually impressed with his time management, a quality which she somehow never admired in her baba.


The hour went by quickly and soon the interns were called in for daily briefing of thr duties assigned.  She was assigned under Dr. Mallika.  She observed Dr. Mallika closely.  She defo seemed a lady Avaatar of Dr. Ashutosh.  She chuckled at the thot.  Dr. Mallika was sharp to notice it.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma, wat do u find something amusing in my assigning of duties?" Asked she.  Nidhi was alarmed.  "No M'am.  Its nothing."  "well, thn go to ward no. 1.  Examine the patient and report to me.  Will b there in 5 minutes."  "Okay, M'am."  Said she and moved towards ward no. 1.


Dr. Ashutosh was already in there examining a patient on the bed beside her patient.  She quickly looked away and turned towards her assigned patient.  As she reached out for her stethoscope, fear returned back.  Oh No.. my stethoscope!...how can I forget my stethoscope?. Oh shit! She looked for it frantically and then gave a sigh helplessly.  Her eyes couldn't get off the floor.  Eventhough she hadn'd spoken a word abt her missing stethoscope, she knew HIS eyes wud b on her and he must b frowning angrily.  Bt wen she mustered some courage to look up at him, she was left utterly surprised!  He wasn't angry at all instead he looked more calm and composed.  Oh, No..somehow she felt tht this was more dreadful.  She knew it was time to visit his office.  She turned and headed towards his office even before he had ordered to.  Dr. Ashutosh nodded his head disapprovingly and turned his attention back to the patient.  He finished with his patient and followed her into his cabin.


"Good Lord, again that scrutinizing gaze," she thot helplessly.  "Wud he ever speak up?."  She wished he wud blast her right away if he wanted to, but this silence of his made her more uncomfortable.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma, u know who tends the patient in the hospital WITHOUT a stethoscope?"  Asked he finally breaking the silence.  She gazed at him blankly trying to gauge wat he meant.  He gave out a sigh and called on to head matron.  Oh! it struck her suddenly..Without a stethoscope and a matron.  She knew exactly wer she was headed to.  He had assigned her under the head nurse instead of a doctor!!!.  "I think now we can employ a doctor who forgets her stethoscope at home effectively." Said he sarcastically.  Dr. Nidhi looked at him disapprovingly, but she actually didn't mind working under a nurse.  She was simply more than happy to be out of that dreadful cabin underwatever pretext it may b.  The matron talked to her sympathetically and introduced her to the head nurse, Nurse DSouza.


Nurse DSouza was a great soul.  Dr. Nidhi really enjoyed working under her.  Initially she felt a bit out of place with other interns looking at her disbelievingly.  Some she thot had a gud laugh at her, some sympathsized, and some took this opportunity to belittle Dr. Ashutosh, but she wasn't affected that much and soon she forgot the happenings of morning and went on with her day spiritedly.


Dr. Ashutosh kept a close eye on Dr. Nidhi's movements from there on and was actually surprised on seeing her in good spirits and enjoying her odd job thoroughly.  He had observed her intently for a while now and he had found a certain pleasant quality in her demeanor that he had found quite interesting.  She was an eager and enthusiastic learner and she enjoyed her work, whatever it may be.  She wasn't messy as such but things just seemed to go wrong around her.. somehow.  A small smile crept up his face as he remembered his coffee disaster at the mall.  It brot back the memory of their first ever collision and thn the one near collision this morning in the parking lot.  He knew she wudnt b coming out till he left the parking lot.  He chuckled at the thot.  She wasn't hard at all to read.  She was open like a book bt he felt something in her eyes when she was picking up the strewn pages, as if she was searching for something in his eyes.  He had observed her attitude closely today and he had liked the way she was always at ease.  Her soft suppressed laughter had filled the room every now and then and she had knack of bringing liveliness in the otherwise dull and mundane atmosphere of the hospital.  She seemed like a sweet angel or may b like a tiny little butterfly who flew here and there spreading the joy.  She seemed tension free, without any baggage, emotional or otherwise, without any stress.. jst as free as she wanted to be.  Looking at her, he had almost wished that he too could b free of the heavy weight that he loved so much to carry on his shoulders, but this life, this life he had chosen deliberately and now he was buried so deep into it that he had lost his wings to fly away like her.  It was not until recently that he had felt a less serious, a bit light, a bit happy, jst like his younger years.  His timer went off and he realized he was mulling a bit too much over an intern who he had jst met a few days ago.  He laughed at himself and shove away her thots.  He picked up his coat and started for his routine round ups.


"and this because u took the injection without crying."  Said Dr. Nidhi and bent over on her little patient and gave her a soft little peck on her cheeks.  The girl's face lit up instantly and she asked Dr. Nidhi innocently, "Wat is this for Dr. Nidhi?  "This is to pass on.." replied she smiling back affectionately.  "to pass on?"Questioned the girl.  "Yes, see I gave u a kiss and u felt happy.. right?  Asked Dr. Nidhi.  "Yes, very happy." Replied the little girl.  " Hmm.. so now you will need to pass on ur happiness to others.. so that it keeps flowing from one to another and one fine day it will eventually come back to you again and embrace you in much more happiness.. understood?.explained Dr. Nidhi.  "Yes, but whom shud I pass on to?".asked she. "Any body, any one.. whom u feel thankful or whom u want to make happy." Said Dr. Nidhi.  The girl felt satisfied and sat up and pulled Dr. Nidhi down for a hug.  Dr. Nidhi pulled her more closely and sat holding her dearly for a while, swaying her lightly.  Dr. Nidhi was so involved tht she didn't notice Dr. Ashutosh at all who had just entered the room and who now silently stood beside the bed till the girl greeted him over her shoulder.  She suddenly jerked apart and gently laid the girl back on the bed.  She greeted Dr. Ashutosh without looking up at him and slowly retracted back beside him.  Dr. Ashutosh looked at her briefly amusingly and turned his attention towards the girl.  He finished his routine check up and enquired Nidhi abt her well being and stats.  Just wen he was abt to leave the side of the bed greeting the girl good bye, the girl pulled at his arms and sat upright on the bed.  "Dr. Ashutosh" She said and signaled him to come closer when he glanced back at her over his shoulder.  He obliged turning to her side and bending over. "wats the matter little girl?" enquired he.  She slowly turned his face sideways and gave a soft little kiss on his cheeks.  Dr. Ashutosh was stunned.  He luked back at her and into those 2 little innocent eyes.  He touched his cheeks and still felt the softness and warmth of her tender peck.  "wats this for little girl?"  Dr. Ashutosh asked her softly, he felt something very unusual.  "It's a pass on from Dr. Nidhi"  She said innocently and smiled back at Dr. Nidhi.  Dr. Nidhi was taken aback.  "wat?"  asked Dr. Ashutosh completely floored and turned his head towards Dr. Nidhi.  Dr. Nidhi was unable to meet his eyes.  Her cheeks had turned reddest of crimson.. "no.. its not? I?".. she fumbled for words.. bt thy jst weren't coming..  Dr. Ashutosh realized the awkwardness as he saw her blushing hard and quickly glanced back at the girl.  His heart was suddenly racing fast.  It was sudden.  It was awkward and completely unexpected and his heart did not know how to respond except to beat fast!  "Dr. Ashutosh? Dr. Nidhi had asked me to pass on my happiness to someone who I am thankful to so that one day it wud come back to me again" Explained the little girl sweetly.  "Oh!" Was all he could mutter.  "Thanks" He smiled back at the girl and quickly got up and rushed towards the door without even glancing at Dr. Nidhi.  He needed a break before he could continue with his rounds in the ward.  He headed towards the rest room to get a quick breath.  Once in rest room, he breathed deeply and closed his eyes.  Nidhi's cute pouting face flashed across his eyes.  He threw his eyes wide open.  He was feeling something that he didn't quite understand.  As he touched his cheek, the warmth of the kiss returned to his cheeks and he cud feel the love and happiness of that little girl.  It was really long long back that he had felt this way.. loved.. loved again.  He remembered how his baba used to embrace him tightly and shower him with warm kisses.  Instantly, Nidhi hugging that little girl flashed before his eyes and a smile spread across his face.  He was feeling warm and happy and loved, but it didn't stay long as he was interrupted by a call and he had to rush for an emergency.  The brief spell of bliss is over..Thot he, now back to business!


The whole day had passed and Nidhi couldn't get tht embarrassing "moment" out of her head.  She hadn't seen Dr. Ashutosh for the remainder of the day and she thanked God for that.. or situation could've been more awkward betn thm.  As she lay in her bed thinking abt the day and her 2nd day at job, she had mixed feelings.  One, with Dr. Ashutosh something was quite different and two, she knew it was going to be pretty tough at her job with her now being the focus of Dr. Ashutosh's attention.. mostly negatively..  She had felt today on a couple of occasions tht Dr. Ashutosh's sharp eyes were observing her closely and tht thr was no room for an error.  She became aware of it for a while, but her easy going nature took best of her and she was able to keep it aside and move on with her day and duties with ease, but surely things werent going 2 b always easy with HIM around there.  She left out a sigh and pushed the thots away, prepared herself mentally for the next day, tossed by her side, and slowly drifted into sound sleep.


Dr. Ashutosh was still sitting by the window and glancing at the half-moon.  Today, everything seemed pretty calm and peaceful out there.  The breeze felt pleasant.  The day had went by pretty peacefully in spite of the hectic schedule and emergencies post tht "moment." The days otherwise jst went by giving him a body ache and a very tired instant sleep but it was not coming today?he was tired all right and he knew it was way past his regular sleeping hour, but the sleep was jst wasn't coming.  His mind wasn't feeling tired at all instead was feeling more at ease and peace.  He had to drag himself to the bed.  He cudnt afford not to sleep as he had to be up early tomorrow for a surgery scheduled.  He reluctantly threw himself on bed.  He tossed and turned restlessly on the bed for a while and then slowly fell into sleep.  The most peaceful and undisturbed sleep he ever had in the recent times.

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It couldnt have been better...i mean its just awesome...kudos buddy...Smile

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Can't be better Heart-Touching than this.Continue it and come soon,very soon with the next.

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Very lighthearted puts a smile on our face. Can't wait to see this relationship develop don't keep us waiting too long with the next chapter

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Wohhaa.. u updating... Dancing

So happy achiever...! Thankoo Hug Great work ... ur a maestro with words..! 

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Great update Achiever Smile

I love how you keep it so simple and casual. Waiting for the next part already.


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Why did not they show such sweet little little things, the fights, the little little incidents, which helps two individuals to come closer, know each other better Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
Nice update Achiever...Please post soon...Smile

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Hey achiever...simple n beautiful chapter...i love specially ashu nidhi n little girl conversation...thank u..n plz continue

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