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*Smthin_Clld_Luv*Nov3_Updt_p146*Jaane Kya Baat Hui (Page 79)

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Originally posted by Poojapange

Hey achiever...
The chapter was lovely...I'm super happy cause my old lovely cute teasing master couple is back...after long 1 month they shared some cute moments together & recall there past sweet moments which they live in Ashu's house...
Oh poor Ashu again he trapped in same problem but this time he took right movement and protect his and Nidhi's reputation...
Thank god humara anadi Ashu bina kuch kahe Nidhi ki man ki baat samaz gaya...last scene was too good where Nidhi Ashu expressed there feelings...
yeah.. i had missed their banter so much..LOL
Nostalgia is on the card rite now.. and its sweet to recall old memories..Embarrassed  thy have so many memories attached to every house.. Nidhi's house.. his own house.. and in the nxt chapter thy will make memories in baba's house too!Tongue
Ashu is too mature i wud say.. bt while interacting with Nidhi he becomes quite young naturally.. bt inner conflict of wat is an apprt conduct for him remains.. with tht he has to fullfill Nidhi's expectations too..Embarrassed  its the curse of being old and mature thn ur partnerLOL
i luv thm coz thy r natural in expressing and understanding thr feelings for each other.. something tht a couple lhearns with time thy r learning fast forwardLOL

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Originally posted by priyeah1

Sounds awesome achiever, cannot wait for Roop Tera mastana!!!!!! I'm looking forward to the next part more than the episodes :-)
thnx so much.. will edit and post today!Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Anjani9

Great chapter, completed reading 2nd time and just started 3rd time...the best part of your FF is the cute immaturity of Nidhi and Ashu's love to protect that..
except for his bahavior during the convention, he supported her interest in all ways...love he felt bad for that said sorry to her...looking forward for the next chapter..
oh wow!  thnx so very much..Embarrassed
Nidhi is mature in her own way.. bt she is a character of contrast.. her past  has made her mature enuf in certain sense.. bt her pampered life has made her immature in other aspects.. bt she si very cute!LOL
ashu was slow to realize and say sorry.. bt he did nevertheless.. so thts good!Embarrassed
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lovely update Achiever..  ..liked Ashu  very much . his guilt ,his feeling sorry,apologize.. you potrayed very good. plz update nexy chap. soon

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Chapter 35:  Roop Tera


Ashutosh kept holding Nidhi for what seemed like eternity to him, obviously he definitely didn't want it to end!  But alas the heavens up above had other plans!  On came the sudden thundering rain threatening to soak them shud thy wish!  But Ashutosh didn't wish!  He dragged Nidhi into the car and into the backseat!  Ashutosh heard something like "bt I want to get drenched in these beautiful jungle rain…it wud b completely different!" from Nidhi which he conveniently chose to ignore!  Nidhi pouted and wanted to run from the other door stubbornly but Ashutosh pulled her back!  "wat r u doing!" he yelled!  "I want to go in rains!" "No!"  "bt I m fine now!"  "I know.. N.O. No!"  "F.i.n.e… Fine!" snapped she!  Miffed, she pulled her hand away and chose the other corner to sit away from him!  "well, thts absolutely fine.. its better thn u falling ill again!"he commented.  And she flared her nostrils and crossed her arms to let her annoyance felt at his overprotective and apparently controlling behaviour!  Wat if she wanted to get drenched.. wat if she jst wanted to b reckless.. Oh!  He was such a.. such a… Fuming, Nidhi left her words at tht apparently loss at an appropriate word to address him!  And Ashutosh coolly chose to sink in the seat and relax!

There was but one noise heard in tht car.. the raindrops rattling on the roof of the car!  Ashutosh hadn't known tht Nidhi cud keep this quiet for so long!  He chuckled to himself and gazed at her!  She was looking out at rains with a cute pout!  He smiled to himself.. However stubborn she may b, but it was her inherent cuteness tht made him fall in luv with her everytime he looked at her.. Gazing at her quietly, Ashutosh dozed off into a quick nap.  Having had the heavy load off of his mind, he had felt as light as a feather!  And when he came back taking a brief tour into deep slumber, he found himself staring at an empty car!  Alighting, he looked around for Nidhi!  The rain had stopped but it was all muddy around and her footsteps tracked to the huge closed rusted iron gate of the bunglow!  He peeked inside from the gate and shouted for her!  He cudnt believe tht Nidhi had jumped this huge gate!  He cautiously climbed down the gate and followed her foot marks which led him to an open window falling into the house!  "Nidhi" he shouted again!  The rains had made the dusty and mouldy condition of the house even more worse!  Nidhi was definitely going to get a piece of his mind today!

Nidhi hid behind the door upstairs mischevioulsy waiting to startle him to fright!  She muffled her giggles beneath her palm!  When his footsteps approached quite near to the door, she jumped onto him with loud bark and thn bundled with an uncontrollable laugh at his reaction!  He had jumped back with sudden fright, hit the almira behind, slipped and fallen down with a loud thud!  "I m so sorry..bt u wer as frightened as a lamb!" it was hard for her to control her laughter!  "tht is so not very funny Nidhi!" he muttered under his breath getting up and patting away the dust from his pants with a huff!  She giggled some more and thn asked him tenderly,"r u hurt?".  He didn't answer and turned away instead.  "ohh.. I m so sorry.. please!" she asked for a sweet sorry and hugged him from behind!  "Please..!"she asked again!  "U r wet!" he cried and turned around to look at her!  She was drenched completely!  Watever was she doing!  He crossed his hands and glowered at her furiously!  She looked caught and flushed!  "Fine.. if u want to do as per ur wish thn I think I shudnt interfere in ur matters anymore!" he snapped and turned towards an old trunk lying in the corner of the room!  She stood there feeling bad!  He got hold of some old cloth and blew the dust over the top of trunk and traced down its edges with nostalgia!

He gave a deep sigh!  This room.. This house held so many memories from his past!  The amount of dust which had gathered thr added more yrs to the time elapsed thn in actuality!  Deserted and left on its own to wither, it almost looked as if it was from a different life!  As he looked around the room re-living his childhood memories, his eyes rested on Nidhi!  She was rooted at her spot looking sad!  "R u crying?" he asked.  She nodded a No!  He went up to her and asked her grabbing her shoulders gently,"y do u keep doing such things?"  He wanted to pull her into a hug, but she pushed away.."No.. I m wet!"she retorted  "so wat?" he pulled her back.  She started to struggle with a little pout and he chuckled.."This is so very unfair Nidhi.. its always me who loses"  He picked at her cheeks lovingly and stroked at her nose cutely!  She sneezed in response!  And he raised his eyebrows suggestively!  "Oh..its jst a small sneeze" she replied defensively!  "yeah.. a small sneeze! V will c!" he replied and she tried to move around the room to escape his stare!  "That is my study table!" he said as she stopped infront of table with a small chair pushed into it.  "Oh so this is ur room!" she cried excitedly!  "was my room" he corrected her!  Suddenly, she stared at him deeply as if she wanted to say something but she didn't and jst smiled at him sympathetically!  She picked up tht old cloth again and tried to dust off the furniture around making herself and Ashutosh cough badly!  "wat r u doing Nidhi.." he cried.  "Oh.. I cant c it in dust!"  "leave it Nidhi!"  He held her hand.."its not mine anymore!" he said with deep sadness in his voice!  "it belongs to its riteful owner" he said with a slight contempt.." who wants it to b left in ruins!"he added.  "u…" Nidhi hesitated but thn continued" u didn't try to search for its riteful owner?"  She waited for his answer eagerly!  "Y shud I Nidhi.. who am I to even search or question or take back this house wen my own baba himself had willfully decided tht it wasn't mine to keep..!"  his voice trembled but he controlled himself," I had no rite Nidhi.. and will never have!"  "u..u don't seem to like thm much.. do u really hate thm so much?"  "I don't know wat I have for thm in my heart Nidhi.." he confessed,"I really don't know.. contempt.. hatredness.. malice or extreme bitterness..  I really don't know wats its called tht I have in my heart for thm!"  Nidhi looked at him with sudden fear!  And suddenly, Col. Verma's words started to swirl in his head like a whirlwind!  His words still rang so clearly in his ears!

 "thn y ver u stalling facing ur past demons Dr. Ashutosh!"  he had said.  "The questions its gonna raise.. u will need to face it before I even give my verdict on this r'ship!"  He had cried.  "Dr. Ashutosh, unless u reveal everything abt ur past to Nidhi.. I cannot tell" he had cleared himself.  "its jst a pitiful twist of fate the way our lives have entangled" he had stated.  "this humble abode is fine.. but well… a little "but" still remains regarding ur abode.." he had said further deepening the mystery thn!  And all his statements had some bearing to him.. to his past.. to this house.. and to Nidhi.. bt Nidhi hadn't recognized his baba by face or by name or this house at all!.. "I really don't know how much u two have shared with each other!" but her baba had said!  And he stared at Nidhi for a while as if trying re-organize his thots in some rational way and get some sort of clue to this puzzle!  He felt a tender hand placed on his hands and he looked into her eyes.."u know some things u have to treasure in ur heart as invaluable memories wen u cannot have thm!" she said tenderly.  "u wish and desire for so many things in ur life bt its not always tht v get those things!  Bt u still keep it in ur dreams.. u keep it in ur wishlist.. similarly the past tht is gone by is gone by.. clinging to it materially isn't going to bring tht past to present.. its bygone.. thn y keep those painful memories attached to it.. y not re-live those happy moments and feel happy all over again instead!"  He looked at her and sighed.  Suddenly, he felt so tired by his jumbling thots..by his overworking brain.. by his neverending search to find his baba.. and his never quenching thirst to seek the answers for his long endured pain!  It seemed to b ceaseless and he felt as if he was tired running and enduring!  He really wanted to jst lay in her arms!


He suddenly looked so dejected and she cudnt bear it!  She led him gently to the table.  She made him sit on the chair and pulled him in for a tight embrace leaning on the table.  She pressed his head close to comfort him!  She ran her gentle fingers thru his hair to soothe and comfort him!  "U know hatredness is such strong feeling.. it ruins lives!" she said meaningfully after a while.. he looked up at her.."and our lives r not worth it.!"  she added!  And looked at the house as if she knew wat past it held buried inside its walls!  Ashutosh found himself confused again!.. Was it tht he was reading too much into her expressions given wat all her baba had said abt her or was it all for real.. was she really hiding something from him!  No! he argued back!  Nidhi wudnt lie to him.. not abt his baba or this house.. No!  He cannot mistrust Nidhi!  Watever the mystery is he is going to dig up.. if not Nidhi.. Col. Verma is surely involved in this.. and he jst mite b dragging Nidhi into this unnecessarily to ensue a conflict betn thm!  Bt the pain tht he had witnessed in Col. Verma's voice confused him!  It had felt genuine and his concern for him and Nidhi had felt genuine too!  He sighed and decided to put it at rest for now.  He will think over it and instruct his detective accordingly!

He again placed his head back in her lap and let himself enjoy her caresses completely without any interference from any disturbing thots!  He was going to make beautiful and pleasant memories instead, as Nidhi wished!  He had closed his eyes and laid there for a while.  He only woke up with Nidhi's sneezes!  "Sorry.. I.. I.. am sooo sorry!" and she sneezed again.  She rubbed her nose and uttered a sorry again!  "oh Nidhi!" he quickly got up and suddenly realized it had gotten quite dark inside!  With no electricity available, the room was fast drowning in darkness!  Nidhi had pulled back the curtains to let in some light but it seemed as if the heavy clouds had gathered again shielding the sun!  And his fear was right, with deafening thunder and lightning, it started to downpour again!  "Oh..No!.. its seems its going to b a windy rainstorm!" he cried hearing the heavy rustling of winds outside!  "Lets go Nidhi.." he caught her by arms and made downstairs quickly.  Thr was complete darkness downstairs as no curtains had been pulled back thr.

"Careful Nidhi" he instructed and took her to the lone open window thru which thy had climbed in with the aid of faint light from his mobile by supporting the adjacent wall!  Thy climbed out and stared helplessly at the heavy downpour!  The woody area around made even 6:00 clock look like it was already way past 8:00 clock as if thr was a sudden nightfall thr.  Thy had to get back to the car b4 it gets too late or thy will b stuck in thr!  He looked for the gate and saw tht the path thy had come in had become pretty muddy and slippery having badly sopped with puddles of water!  "Nidhi.. v need to get out quick!" he said as he surveyed the area for an alternate way out!  He sighed and finally decided take the path tht thy had come in!  It was not until thn tht he realized tht Nidhi hadn't spoken a word for long.  Horrified he looked at her, indeed wat he had jst heard was clattering of her teeth!  She was shivering badly!  He pulled her close instantly and hugged her tight to provide her warmth.  He rubbed her hands and cheeks aggressively!  Thy felt hot!  She clinged on to him for more warmth!  "Oh Nidhi.. u r running fever dear!"  he said worriedly.  Her clattering had subsided a bit, but she was still shivering badly!  And the strongly blowing cold wind wasn't helping!  He had to take her to car somehow.  Car heater was the only hope..but only if the rains wud stop! But how was he going to make her climb down tht huge gate in her feverish state he didn't know!  But the darkness around thm was growing!  Watever he needed to do, he had to decide fast.  He asked Nidhi to wait outside so tht he can get something from the house to shelter thm from the rains and can get thm out of the gate somehow!  He rummaged through the house in the faint light of his mobile and came out empty handed!  Thr was nothing tht cud get Nidhi out of gate with safety and the walls had been too high to jump off!  He sighed and gathered her into his arms again!  He decided to wait till the rains stopped.  Thr was nothing tht he cud do abt the darkness tht had set in!  But the rains had other plans tht nite!  It was in no mood to rest!  And the clouds affirmed it with a loud thunder!

Finally, Ashutosh had to take Nidhi back into the house!  It had been dark, dirty, dusty, and smelt badly of damp odour!  He made Nidhi wait and ran into kitchen to find the candle in hopes of finding it wer thy normally kept!  Thn came the turn of the match box.  After an hour of rummaging thru kitchen drawers, he finally found it and heaved a sigh of relief.  By the time he came back he saw Nidhi lying in the couch.  She had thrown down covers and was sleeping with her knees drawn up to her chest in a tight grip.  He put the lighted candle on the side table and checked her temperature again.  Her clothes had still been pretty wet and the cold wind coming from the window was giving her chills and thr was nothing clean thr to cover her!  "Nidhi u need to change" he said running a hand thru her wet hair softly!  "hmm.." she uttered feverishly.  "u.. u need to get rid of ur wet clothes!"  "hmm.." she uttered again and thn cried sharply,"Nooo!"  He caressed her again.  "Its okay Nidhi!"  "Nooo!" she cried back sharply again!  He got up and pulled off his shirt and vest,"Nidhi wear this and put ur clothes here.. I will arrange for something to dry thm. Thn u can wear it back..hmm?"  He suggested her tenderly and ran a caring hand thru her hair again and went into the kitchen instructing her to call him wen she was done!

He waited for her but heard her sniffling instead.  He quickly ran back and saw her sitting and crying over her grabbed knees instead with her clothes intact.  His shirt and vest lied on the couch as he had left!  "I cannot do this.." she cried as he approached her.  He sat beside her and wiped off her tears gently.  "Nidhi.. u r running a very high fever.. with nothing to warm u here.. I…" his voice trailed off.  He had suddenly felt emotional!  Damn it.. it wasn't as if Nidhi was going to die out of cold here!  He cursed himself.  He had to control himself and handle Nidhi cleverly instead of getting stupidly emotional!  He was a doctor and he had to act like one!  Nidhi looked at him and cuddled into him for warmth and support.  But suddenly she realized she had been hugging to his bare chest and quickly drew apart!  "Its okay Nidhi.." he said tenderly.  She nodded a No!  He sighed and thn smiled to himself as an idea struck his mind!  He drew on her slowly.. startled she leaned back!  Oh.. my God!  He was nearing her with some intention!  An instant fear gripped her mind!  Wat was he planning!  He was now almost all over her and thr was no way tht she cud get out of his enclosure!  He leaned closer to her mouth!  "Noo.. please!" she cried.  "Thn.. u have to let me treat u the way it shud b done!" he whisphered.  She stared back into his eyes!  Thy had but one thing.. concern for her!  She sighed and nodded a yes.  Nevertheless, he closed in and grabbed her by her nape tenderly to offer her the most tenderest of his kisses!  He made sure she felt enuf hot!  If she had'nt been in her feverish state, she wud have realized how provocatively she had been gripping his bare chest!  Tho it only helped him to impart to her the amount of heat she needed!  The heat her touch had been generating in him.. if it had been some other time, he wud have surely had a hard time putting up with his moral restraints and the whole hell of his mature wisdom!  But with equal tenderness,  he slowly broke the kiss.  And he pecked on her lips gently cupping her face.  "Please change.. okay.. and call me wen u r done!" he instructed.  He kissed her temporarily flushed cheeks and went into kitchen to let her change!

Nidhi had suddenly felt nicely warmed up!  Her shivering had gone and she got up to go into a dark part of the room to change!  She was feeling really awkward.  Getting into his worn clothes gave her some strange feeling!  As if it still held a touch of him.  As if it still smelt of him!  She smelt it.. it really smelt of tht masculine odour tht made her intoxicated everytime he came near her!  The thot brot her warmness and she hugged herself warmly as she made her way back to the couch!

Ashutosh had picked up the thrown covers from the floor on his way to the kitchen.  He had dusted off the kitchen top with it and was now sitting on it comfortably!  The kitchen smelt even more horrible thn the living room!  He glanced at his watch and smiled to himself.  He was sure Nidhi wud've no guts to call him back!

And he was so right!  Nidhi was struggling with herself to decide on whether to call him or not!  She shud b calling him back, but her half-naked state demanded to oppose the idea!  "Nidhi.." he called her out!  "I…I…" she stammered.  "did u lay ur clothes to dry?.. u mite b needing thm in the nite.. its gonna b real cold!" he asked from inside.  "I have!"  "Good..  Good nite thn.. call me if u need me!"  "hmm" she uttered and sank cozily into the couch.  After a while, she got up slowly to peek inside the kitchen!

Ashutosh hadn't been sleeping.  He was still sitting and staring onto the walls of the kitchen tht illuminated faintly in the light coming from the living room!  He saw Nidhi peeking onto him with big wide eyes with her legs safely hidden behind the wall!  His shirt really looked grown over on her and she had buttoned it up till the neck!  He chuckled.  The sleeves were let loose at the arms and thy mite b hiding her hand completely!  Her hand gripped at the wooden frame of the kitchen door revealing only her dainty fingers!  "Oh.. it smells real bad in here!" she cried.  "yeah.. I guess.. the rats and insects mite have been doing overtime!" he joked.  "Its dark too!" she cried again!  He looked at her.. "yeah.. bt not pretty dark..at least I can c my hands!"  "u cant sleep on this kitchen top!"  "well.. its length is okay I guess!"  "its..its.." she was lost at words and he chuckled!  "Okay.. fine!" she cried at last!  He chuckled.  "wat fine?"  "U know!" "wat do I know.. Nidhi.. I have no idea wat u r talking about!" he teased her with his tongue in his cheeks!  "R u going to come out or not!" she cried.  He chuckled.. he loved her wen she ordered him this way!  He jumped off from the kitchen top,"r u sure Nidhi.. I mean.. r u absolutely sure abt this!" he continued with his tease as he approached her!  She glared at him and he chuckled!  "Wait" she cried as he reached the door! "wat?"  "U need to close ur eyes!"  He chuckled!  "really.. and wat difference is that going to make in the end"  he commented but nevertheless closed his eyes as was ordered!  "Am I to find my own way to the couch?" he asked!  She was feeling irritated at his tease!  She was in such a state and he was finding ideas to tease her!  She grabbed his arm reluctantly and led him to the couch!  He chuckled again!  "Will u stop chuckling!" she cried as they sat on the couch!  He really cudnt stop his mischevious smiles!  "So am I compulsorily subjected to this imposed darkness for the whole nite!"  He heard her cry,"I wish I had something to throw at u!"  He cud hardly keep his laughter in control!  She sank into the far end corner in huff trying to hide her legs beneath his large shirt!  He sank into his corner with his eyes still closed!  She looked at him after a while.. he was still following her command!  She cudnt help smile!  Her eyes drifted from his face to his bare chest and she looked away!  Oh my God!  She felt sudden butterflies in her stomach!  She got up suddenly to check on her clothes tht she had let dry on the curtain rod pushing back the curtains!  She felt him stirring,"Don't open ur eyes!" she shouted.  "U know u r tempting me otherwise!" he cried back.  She ignored and checked on her clothes again and gave a big sigh!  "U can take the dupatta" he suggested!  "how did u know!" she yelled back aghast!  He chuckled.  "I am not blind folded remember.. and its very tempting!"  "its.. so wrong!" she cried pulling the dupatta and covering her legs!  She rushed back to the couch and yelled again,"its so very wrong!"  "Can I now please open my eyes?" he asked her ignoring her yelling!  She didn't answer and settled in the couch heavily instead.  "y r u even asking!"she cried and re-settled in the couch turning away from him.  "How can I make sure tht u r fine and safe thn?" he defended.  She had no answer!

Both laid on the couch not uttering any further word.  The nite slowly grew more dark and cold!  Ashutosh had called up her baba informing abt thr situation and Nidhi's condition!  He had heard her dadi bua's curse from background!  He sighed.  He was helpless at their situation.  Had the rain subsided, he wud've brot in some food from the car.  Nidhi was sleeping on a hungry stomach and he was really worried abt Nidhi's condition.  She mite have felt warm temporarily but her body wasn't going withstand the cold night tht was drawing up.  Both getting wet wasn't a good idea!  He needed to keep himself warm enuf to give her warmth.  He opened his eyes and looked around the room!  Thr mite b everything in tht house, but nothing useful!  It was all dirty and probably filled with mites!  He sighed.  The mosquitoes seemed to have had their own plan in mind.  He had drawn in the window close and only left it open enuf to ventilate the room but still it had turned pretty cold!  The rains weren't subsiding and he was sure Nidhi's fever must've been at rise!  It was long time she hadn't uttered a word and he had to check on her!

He turned her slowly to check on her temperature.. in deed it was wat he had feared and her face had swollen up with the bites of mosquitoes!  He caressed her tenderly which stirred her up a bit and she moaned feverishly.  "Nidhi" he tried to awaken her up tenderly!  "Nidhi…" he tried again, but she just moaned again and tried to cuddle into him.  He gathered her and pulled her to his end to lay themselves on the couch.  The couch blew dust as thy laid but thr was no other option for thm.  He nestled her so as to make thmslves lay comfortably on the couch.  She turned and hid in his chest in search of warmness, but he laid her down on her back and covered her with his body instead making sure he didn't crush her under his weight!  He had planned to stay awake till her clothes dried down to make her wear thm or at least till the rains subsided.  But he didn't knew wen he himself fell asleep!

He woke up in the middle of night with her slapping to the mosquitoes!  He stared at her whacking figure half asleep!  "I am so gonna kill u!" she was muttering under her breath!  "Nidhi" he cried in sleep.."wat r u doing?"  "oh look at u .. u r all red and swollen all over!" she cried.  "Wat?" he tried to open his eyes awake!  "wat r u doing?" he asked again.  He sat up stretching his aching body as if he was in his own bed.. forgetting tht thy were in a totally different place altogether!  "oh!" he came to his senses as he suddenly recognized his shirt on hers!  He glanced at her figure.. "u know this transparent duppatta cannot hide much!" he cried.. he knew how to make her stop!  "Wat!" she suddenly jumped back in the couch hiding her legs beneath his shirt!  He chuckled.  "It seems ur fever is gone!" he commented.  She seemed to have ignored his comment.  Her eyes were roaming worriedly over his chest!  He looked at himself.. the mosquitoes seemed to have had a feast!  He chuckled.  "u r chuckling!" she barked annoyingly,"Wats so funny abt mosquito bites!"  "u sound like u have a hardcore vengeance in mind against these mosquitoes!"  "Look wat thy have done to u!"  "Its part and parcel of spending a nite here!" he joked!  "will u stop joking.. u mite catch malaria!"  "oh relax.. Nidhi nothings gonna happen!"  "Nooo…" cried more strongly!  "Nidhi thrs nothing v can do abt it.. I really don't know if thrs even a mosquito coil in this house.. at least v never kept it!"


"Thrs one way out!"she stated in a low voice.  "wat?"  "we can use my duppatta to cover ourselves from mosquitoes"  "Nooo!" he cried out instantly.  "Yes!" she said determindedly and got up.  "No Nidhi!" he said seriously.  "Oh.. its long and broad enough.. Please.."  "No!"he cried sharply.  She walked up to him and he looked away.. "No..Nidhi.. No!" he refused vehemently!  "Pleaase.." she pleaded gently.  "Nidhi.." he started.. he was unable to understand y she wasn't understanding..."Nidhi..its not done.. its not done Nidhi!"  he repeated his refusal.  "fine thn.. thrs another way out!"she cried and turned around to undo her dupatta from her waist!  He clasped his fingers tight and looked further away.."Wat r u doing stop it!" he yelled.  But she had already undone her dupatta.  She threw it on the couch beside him and she started walking towards the kitchen!  "Stop please.. do u even know wat u r suggesting! " he cried!  "I do argue but not this much wen u care for me!"she retorted!  He sighed!  "Nidhi.." he started to explain her again.. but she stopped him.."lets end this argument rite here.. i will take the kitchen or the room upstairs.. may b!" she uttered with determination but thn got scared of the possible rats in the kitchen and the haunting darkness upstairs!  She looked at both parts of the house with hesitation!  He cudnt help chuckle!  She was stubborn bt she was too cute!  He breathed heavily and finally gave in reluctantly"Okay..fine!".. unsure of wats gonna happen nxt!


She returned back promptly and picked up her dupatta to cover herself before he cud face her!  Her retraction with scared expressions was too cute!  She cannot go to anywer but him!  She was his responsibility and it was his test of resolute will to give!  She stood there unmoved.  It was a cue tht he had to lay back inwards and allow her to lay in his arms.  He followed the suit and waited for her!  The situation was one of tension but he cudnt help himself smile at her antics.. it was her suggestion and she was the most hesitant one!  A chuckle escaped his lips and tht made her more determined to lay beside him.  And when she slid beside him, he had to confess he cudnt keep his intentions clean.  She drew up dupatta over their heads and her face gleamed with radiance of red and golden hue falling on her thru the heavily embroided dupatta with golden work. The gold shimmered on her face..giving her an exquisite look! When she laid in his arms like tht, she cannot belong to anywhere else.  Her face was so close to his tht he cud almost hear her breaths, which suddenly deepened and quivered as his eyes wandered over her face slowly!  And she looked away in shyness!  But her hair smelt good and he was into her hair now and thr was no place tht she cud hide herself from him!  She had invited this upon herself!  Her hand slid over her stomach to quieten the fluttering butterflies tht had started to gather in there!  His face had reached her ears and she cudnt help herself squirm! "please.." she uttered facing him but she thot he misunderstood her coz he started to close in on her!  She turned away and hid in his neck instead!  But his chest had been so bare.. Oh everything was going horribly wrong here!  She tossed herself away from him again barely able to control her pounding heart!  Her face was so flushed and she was feeling suddenly so hot all over!  She clenched his shirt tight to control herself!  But he was so persistent! "please" she pleaded again!  and he chuckled!  Oh! he was jst teasing her!  "stubbornness is dangerous sometimes u know tht!" he whisphered into her ears!  She tried to move out of the couch, but he pulled her back.  Some tears had welled up in her eyes and he regretted instantly!  "Oh.. i m sorry Nidhi!.. i m.. i was jst teasing u.. really..please… I m so sorry!"  "Is this a way to tease!"she complained.  "No.. i agree!" "u know how tensed i had gotten!"she cried back!" "I know!"he replied.  And she looked away in embarrassment.  In actuality, he himself had gotten carried away a bit!  He turned her face to him.  Her eyes wer little wet and thy gleamed with innocent love!  He kissed thm imparting his love,"I m to b blamed Nidhi.. u wer so innocent!" he whisphered and stared at her!  She looked so beautiful!  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder it is said, bt sometimes it is jst laying in ur arms in pure and innocent form!  Nidhi cudnt break his spell.  When he gazed at her like tht, he looked like an epitome of love!  Can someone love someone with this intensity, she didn't know!  With his short gray-black hair and beautiful eyes, his love for her imparted him a different glow and she felt like loving him even more!


The candle flickered noisingly as if announcing to thm tht it was going to say a goodbye soon!  Thy stared at it for a while and thn turned their attention back to each other.  If eternity cud mean anything, it was rite at tht moment.. the moment didnt seem to end as thy gazed into each other's eyes deeply.  The whole world seemed silent and the only voice thy cud hear was each other's breathing.  As the light flickered away dimly to let the darkness take over, he closed in on her lips gently for a beautiful kiss!  Had the world stopped rite thr, she wudnt have minded!  His closeness in tht darkness was so endearing!  And he hadnt stopped at the kiss at all.  He had chosen to explore her face and neck completely unbuttoning the topmost button of his shirt on her!  With his hands sliding over from her neck to the smooth skin of her arm to her waist, he didnt know wen he had moved over her legs sending chills thru her spine!  Her hand had slid from his shoulder to his chest and all the way to his back in response making him want her with more desire!


Wat happened thn was something extremely beautiful and something tht these two love birds had never experienced before!  There was this first ache of need to b touched and felt!  Thr was this first wave of pure passion spreading thru thm!  And thr was this first experience of such intimate closeness!  And yet thr was deliberate restraint.  Thr was this unspoken understanding betn thm thy cannot cross tht fine line!  Sometimes wat the light cannot convey, the darkness can convey it more beautifully.  Sometimes wat words cannot convey, a touch can convey it more expressively!  And sometimes wat a preaching cannot teach, an experience can teach u more truthfully!  Thy had learnt to control their emotions in jst the rite measure!


The situation was unintentional, but the desire had been intentional!  Forgetting abt how thy wer going to face each other in the morning thy had plunged into it!  And reslished it for tht matter without any pretense or hesitation!  Darkness lays bare ur inner feelings it is said and it had been so true in their case!  Their first play at intimacy had been blissful.  Bt laying aside their wanting desires for some other day, thy had chosen to lie thr in each other's arms treasuring these beautiful sensations instead!  Their breathing slowly became steady and Ashutosh snuggled her in as thy drifted into a peaceful sleep.  The morning of the nxt day was going to b completely different for thm for sure!


Ashutosh woke up first in the morning smelling her fine hair!  He glanced at his watch.  It had been 6 a.m.  The rains seemed to have stopped for he cud hear the birds chirping outside!  He shifted to get up but she stirred and he realized she was in a state tht she wud feel embarrassed when she got up if he was up before her!  So he laid back deliberately closing his eyes!  She stirred and woke up after a while!  She took her time to come to senses and wen she did, she gasped!  She quickly straightened her shirt and glanced at him to see if he was awake!  Thankfully he wasnt.  She cautiously slid out from his arms and ran for her clothes.  She pulled them quickly and ran upstairs to change!  He allowed her to reach upstairs and thn pulled himself up and stretched and thn smiled after her!  Wat wud she do if she came to know tht he was very much awake!  He walked upto the window to take in the beautiful view of wildness tht had grown out there!  This house tht always brot painful memories with some pleasant ones bt will from now on b remembered more for this beautiful memory tht thy had made!


She coughed to grab his attention and he cudnt help chuckle!   Was she feeling shy to even take his name now!  He turned to look at her and she turned away instantly.  He cudnt help himself chuckle more!  He pulled his clothes gently from her hand and coughed back!  "U r teasing me!" she cudnt help herself cry as she pouted to him and caught with his caught-u-dear expressions!  And she moved away with shyness.  She was shyness all over and she was trying to evade his gaze, he observed.  He smiled to himself.  Well, wat thy had accepted and indulged in dark nite was going to b a bit difficult to acknowledge in broad daylight!  And it was funny tht he had to help her jump out of the same window tht she had readily jumped in all by herself jst yesterday!  He chuckled again!  And she looked at him with questioning eyes!  Fearing she wud get miffed again, he readily offered an explanation,"u r behaving strangely.. u know tht!"  He said with a slight smile!  She made a cute face and played with her cheeks..and asked,"wat strangely.."  he shrugged amusedly and replied," very strangely!"  She kept mum and rushed ahead biting her lips!  She really didn't know wat was happening to her.. all she knew was tht she was feeling strange too!


When they reached the gate, he remarked,"well I had always wanted to know.. how in the world did u jump this huge gate!"  He asked with his hands on his hips!  He asked as if it had been a big challenge for him and Nidhi cudnt help chuckle!  "so u have never jumped such huge gates?"  He gave her an obvious look!  She smiled and showed him how exactly to jump such huge gates!  "the amount of energy and the high tendency to go reckless tht u have, u shud've been an athelete and not a doctor!" he remaked as he climbed down the gate.  She again strangely gave a shy smile instead of an answer!  "u didn't answer?"he asked.  It was getting awkward to see a different Nidhi!  "thn how cud have I met u!" she answered.  And he felt like he shud kiss her all over again!  As if she understood his intentions, she ran away to the car with shyness and picked up her purse.  "I think I shud call baba!" she said and pulled out her mobile and moved here and there to get the network.  "emm hmm. No network."she murmured as she looked on him.  He was gazing at the bunglow with a big sigh and she felt a little sad!  But he later shrugged and looked at her with a bright smile and she felt at ease!


They got into the car and drove back.  She decided to SMS her baba instead and call him only wen thy reached his home!  Why she needed to come back to his house, he had enquired.  He felt it was better if she went directly to her house as it wud already get pretty late for her and her baba wud worry abt her more.  She replied tht bcoz she cant go in different clothes after spending a nite with him.  Her dadi bua was going to jump in with questions if she did tht!  He really cudnt understand wat difference did it make since she her spending nite with him signified more thn her changing of clothes!  She chuckled to herself.  He wud never b able to know wat changing of clothes signified for a woman!  And she had given a shy smile again, perplexing Ashutosh!  Thy chatted randomly on their way back home.


Ashutosh allowed her to get fresh and change before him while Hiraman kaka made her her fav bfast.  He noted the fact tht Nidhi was getting accomstomed to using his restroom lately and tht she was pampered there a lot!  He chuckled as he sat on his bed.  A little something glared from her open purse as he sat and it got him interested coz it looked quite familiar!  He hesitantingly looked into her purse.  "Its bad manners to peek into a ladies purse," she shrieked feeling aghast at his blatant inappropriate behavior!  "really.. and is it not to steal something tht belongs to someone!" he replied with a mischevious smile as he swayed the little cup in air at her!  She blushed but tried to grab it nevertheless.."I want it.." she cried.  "y?"  "I jst want it..give me back"  "not till u tell me the truth!"  she blushed and sat beside him giving in.  "it's a souvenier!"  "of wat?" he gave a puzzled look!  She gave a oh-thts-so-dumb expressions and it struck him suddenly and he gave a sudden loud.. "Oh!"  She blushed again.  "really?" he teased her.  She grabbed and put it back in her purse authoratively!  He grabbed her hands closing the zip of her purse and asked her again,"Really?"  She blushed again and replied in a really shy voice, "these little souvenier makes one's life interesting and romantic"  He smiled at her effusively!  "u know v wud drink from this same cup wen wud grow old..to celebrate the anniversary of this souvenier!"   He chuckled at her lovingly.. how she was able to find and create such happiness in simplest of thngs he didn't knew!  "bt thrs jst one little problem.. wen u wud grow old.. I probably mite not b thr to share it.. !" he teased her!  Bt the very nxt moment he realized wat a grave statement he had made!  As tears trickled down her face instantly and she grabbed the bedsheet with tightness!  "Oh.. I m so sorry Nidhi.. oh.. I will make sure V drink from tht cup b4 I die wen u grow old.. I promise!" he tried to joke to ease the moment!  "thts so not very funny!" she cried.  "bt it's a fact Nidhi.. and so u don't have to get sentimental on tht!" he tried to reason her out,"I hate tears in ur eyes u know tht!" he wiped off her tears gently.  "I don't want to hear any such thing from ur mouth ever..!" she ordered him.  "Okay ma'm.. I promise!" he promised genuinely and resigned into the restroom.


It still smelt of her freshness and he breathed in deeply!  His eyes fell on her red suit tht hang thr.  He picked up her dupatta and caressed it lovingly.. "souvenier.." he murmured to himself tenderly and hung it back.  He took off his own shirt and hang it beside the dupatta and glanced at thm lovingly!  He was surely going to make good use of these souveniers later on in his life!  He smiled to himself and thot mischieviously as to how Nidhi wud react to his little naughty mischief when she wud come to know of it!


When he stepped back out thinking a bit blushingly abt his own mischief, he was in for a biggest shock of his life!  He cudnt believe tht he had heard those words from Nidhi's mouth!  We got stuck at Nana's house, Nidhi had said to her baba!  "yes..he had taken me to nana's house baba" Nidhi was saying to her baba over the phone!


**so how u liked my twist in the end..Evil Smile.. sorry.. 2 b a spoil sport.. bt i can assure u.. tht watever it is.. it will jst test the luv of our love birds.. and v all know how thy r gonna fare.. bt wat will b interesting is Ashu's reaction... and also how much does Nidhi know abt his past.. and wat is the exact story involving thm... well it mite not b revealed in one chapter altogether.. and i mite address the age-gap issue inbetn to make the story a little spicier and naughtier!Wink.. bt do comment on how u liked this chapter.. will b unable to update for nxt two weeks.. so njoy the festival...and see u after tht***


Ciao TC


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ssktlk Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2012
Posts: 758

Posted: 27 July 2012 at 5:41am | IP Logged
wow, what a romance in the rain, and the twist was really surprising. So Nidhi knew all this while? I hope Ashu ia able to digest it. It'll be very hard to wait 2 weeks for your next update. Have a nice trip.

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ZedZee Senior Member

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Wohohoo !!! Are you serious ?? She knew it was her nana 's house ??
I mean then why did she pretend??? Oooh... Ashu is gona be furious...
Hmmm... But hope they sought it out fast and with maturity Smile

 Okay now comming to the main chapter : 
Hmmm... Where do i start ?? 
WinkAll i can say is " tumhe kisi ki nazar na lage" Embarrassed
You have left me completely speachless...it was sooo beautiful and sooo romantic.
Each and every word was just...Embarrassed Breath takingEmbarrassed
Great going Clap Oooh and thanx for the nice long update... Its always a pleasure 
To read long the long ones ..Tongue

Ps: Dying to read the next chapter Embarrassed

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
U are a real bad girl manisha di... I was so smiling reading ur update, n u spoilt it at the end... Chalo koi nahi... I trust u... U wudnt let us down wid anything that lasts to b wrong 4 long...

But, only 1 thing that I cudnt recollect was, what was the souvenier thing with the mug... Was it the tea they shared the day b4 at his house...

Chalo u keep writing... Ciao...

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