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Originally posted by tweetycat

Hai Ram yeh kya ho gaya LOLsorry its really painful but the way Ashu is feeling jealous is really to the mark of the male psychologyWinkso on 1 side i was really aghast at the way they handled the situation but on the other i am really gungho about Rohan's entry as now Ashu will now learn to how be an alpha male when it comes to his territory bcoz up until now there was no 1 else to challenge his feelings for Nidhi that way LOLbut now the competition is on the scene so it will be intresting.and thanks for the pm
yeah.. Rohan's entry and his challenge is so much fun.. bechara Ashu.. he wud've never thot ke uske andar itni jealousy bhi ho sakti hai!  For all his matureness and wisdom!LOL

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Originally posted by rrdsu

Felt sorry for nidhi, the way ashutosh behaved .. Ashu could handled it much better.. Wrote every emotional very good..
Thanx for the PM.. Waiting for the next one .. Eager to know how they patch up..
Ashu still has to learn a lot and he will!  Embarrassed
i felt Nidhi was too good in handling this situation.. her foresight is poor bt she lives her present with perfection!Embarrassed  She is not bogged down by the complexities of life and tries to keep things simple and tackles the problem as thy come!  which i think is a grt attribute!
i m still working on the patching up part.. lets c how it goesEmbarrassed

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**For all previous chapters, visit page 1 index***
**For previous chapter Forsaken, go to page 71***
Chapter 32 :  Hum-TumDay Dreaming


If it hadn't been for Dr. Rangnath's call, Ashutosh mite have actually gone and banged Rohan!  Such had been this overpowering rage of jealousy in him!  But his cell had vibrated and it had brot Ashutosh to his senses!  He breathed in deeply and picked up his phone.  His eyes laid on swaying Nidhi and he jst kept staring at her!  She was grooving to the music!  Laughing and smiling, she was enjoying completely.  He sighed.  He had missed her!  He had missed her so so much!  He had missed her smiles!  He had missed her sparkling eyes laying on him lovingly!  He had missed her candid affections!  He looked at Nidhi again and sighed longingly as he answered Dr. Rangnath back.  He gave her one last look of love and left reluctantly!


"Nidhi I think I saw Dr. Ashutosh!" cried Angie as she swayed on the music beside her.  Nidhi stopped abruptly and Rohan cursed Angie!  Nidhi excused herself wanting to catch her breath!  Rohan wanted to follow but Angie stopped him!  Angie was sure Nidhi needed some time alone.  Though Nidhi didn't say but she knew it was all still bothering her!  For the world, she acted normal, but she knew how much she missed Dr. Ashutosh.  And she was sure she had seen Dr. Ashutosh in the disc thr!  As Angie pondered over it, Nidhi made her way outside to get some fresh air!  His thots had never left her.  As if he had become a permanent resident of his heart, whatever she did, how much she enjoyed all by herself, at the end of it all, she longed to go back to his arms.  He had become a stability factor in her life and her life seemed incomplete without him!  She breathed in deeply and tried to warm herself against the cool breeze!  It seemed it was going to rain and her heart ached for Dr. Ashutosh!  Angie had thot she had seen Dr. Ashutosh.  She wasn't a girl who wud go expressing her hunches!  So Nidhi actually looked around in hopes to see Dr. Ashutosh!  And she actually saw Dr. Ashutosh's car driving out of the gate but before she cud get any glimpse of him he was gone!  She sighed and returned back!


Ashutosh had again one more sleepless nite!  The only nites tht he wud get some sleep was wen he was extremely tired from his work!  It had been jst like old times before Nidhi came into his life, he mocked at himself and stared aimlessly at the ceiling as he laid awake in his bed.  Bt a glimpse of her after so many days had really left him longing for her!  He tossed and turned in his bed till morning!  The next morning, he really wanted to see her in KGH.  He waited for her but was informed tht as Dr. Mallika had been already discharged Dr. Nidhi wudnt b visiting KGH anymore!  Ashutosh's heart didn't knew how it shud react to this news!  He picked up his cell phone and played with Nidhi's number tentatively before finally hiding it in his drawer and getting up to go for the surgery!  That evening Ashutosh drove upto KAH and waited for Nidhi!


Five days later, Ashutosh received Armaan's call!  He was so angry on him!  "wat r u upto Ashu?" he asked directly!  "wat.. nothing" he tried to evade!  "will u jst shut up!  Have u been doing drugs?"  "Wat" Ashutosh cudnt believe he was even asking such a question!  "have u gone mad Armaan!"  "No.. bt luks like I will if u don't tell me wat is keeping u up all nite?"  "Who told u tht?"  "thts not my answer Ashu!" Armaan asked sternly!  "Armaan.. its nothing!" Ashu was still pretty reluctant  "really? Thn thr has to b some other girl in absence of Nidhi who is eating ur private time till late nite!"  "Shut up Armaan!" he barked out so loud tht Hiraman Kaka came running to his room!  His nostrils flared and his eyebrows frowned in anger!  "exactly.. this is the same amount of anger I felt wen Kaka informed me abt the state of ur health.. tht u hadn't been home before late nite since last 5 days, thn u wudnt have ur dinner properly, and thn u wud lay awake till morning!  For God's sake wats the matter Ashu!" It was for the first time tht he had seen Armaan so angry!  He mellowed down.  "I.. I had been stalking Nidhi!" he replied dispiritedly!  "Wat?" cried Armaan,"tht is.. tht is so wrong to Nidhi Ashu!"  "I know Armaan.. bt I cant help it.. I really cant help it.." Ashutosh was about to cry.  He didn't know since how long he had been holding back those tears in his eyes!  Probably the day he had pushed her away.. the day tht his eyes saw her in most pitiful state!  A lump formed in his throat as tht vision came to haunt him again!  His Nidhi had been needing his help and all he cud do was fill his own self with guilt, pain, and plain jealousy.  He had been so selfish with his own remorse tht he had let her run away and put her in a situation tht he had abhorred himself since thn!  Tears trickled down his face.  Kaka took his phone and left him alone.  He had never cried this bitterly since the day his baba had left him!  But he had never known tht the same love tht brot so much of happiness cud bring equal amount of pain!  He let himself cry openly!  He took out Nidhi's scarf from his private drawer and cried over it asking for her sorry!  If only she cud forgive him!  He wasn't sure if Nidhi even wanted to see his face again!  The way he had treated her he was sure she wud never come back to him again and he jst cudnt live without her!  He had tried to control himself.. he had genuinely tried to respect her decision but he jst cudnt keep himself away once he had seen her!  Tears flowed down ceaselessly soaking his pillow as he laid on his bed and kissed her scarf again and again!  She had looked okay.  She had looked happy but the amount of weight she had lost hadn't went unnoticed from his eyes!  Wen he wanted to give her all happiness, all he had given her was grief!  Oh how he had wished at the start of their trip tht he was going to fulfill all her wishes.. and all this had ended up very bitterly!  Heavy thots didn't leave his mind nor did the tears until the wee hours of the morning, but in the end it did bring some sleep after 5-days of insomnia!


Nidhi had decided to drop off Dr. Mallika to KGH.  She breathed in deeply to reaffirm her decision.  She had invited Dr. Mallika to stay with her till she got completely okay to live all by herself!  Dr. Mallika had been overwhelmed with gratitude!  It had been wonderful stay and Dr. Mallika came to know Nidhi much better tht way.  It was she who had hinted at Dr. Ashutosh's deteriorating condition to her!  She had really gotten worried for him!  She didn't knew if he wanted to see her or not or whether it was she who was responsible for his such state.. bt she wanted him to get well!  So she had decided to at least see him once under pretext of dropping off Dr. Mallika.  And wen she met Dr. Rangnath, she learnt tht his condition was even worse!  Not only it was affecting his health but his profession too!  His surgeries had to b reassigned to other surgeons.  Once he had forgotten scrubs in a patient's body.  If it hadn't been for the assisting doctor, he wud've been in lot of trouble!  Since thn many doctors had warned Dr. Rangnath abt his deteriorating mental and physical health!  Wat was taking toll on him Dr. Rangnath pretty well knew and he himself had been wanting to talk to Nidhi regarding him!  It was as if he had lost his golden touch!  Nidhi cudnt held back her tears!  Had she done so much wrong tht it had affected him so badly!  She always knew tht Dr. Ashutosh had been always pretty deep and complex, but this she had never expected!  Had she lost his faith by her shameless behaviour!  Was it the reason tht he had pushed her away!  Was it the pain of his broken trust tht was eating his heart out!  Rapid flood of thots clogged her brain and she was unable to think straight!  She wanted to see him for once but he had been on leave that day!  She left the hospital with a heavy heart!  After wat she had learnt, it was no way she wud b able to perform her duties.  Heartbroken, she called up Angie!


Armaan was looking down on him when Ashutosh opened his eyes!  It seemed like ages tht he had had any kind of sleep!  It took him a while to realize tht Armaan was for real and in his room right at tht point in time!  He threw his eyes wide open!  "Armaan!" he cried.  "Yes my Ashu jaan!" he shook his shoulders encouragingly,"rise up and shine my boy!" he grinned with a warmest of his smiles!  Ashu sat up smiling back but sighed deeply after a while with a rueful twitch!  "thanks for coming down here!" he thanked him.  "I didn't knew u cud insult me so well!" he shot back!  Ashu cudnt help chuckle,"okay.. sorry for tht!"  "there u go.. u know I haven't felt this insulted by u ever.. u know tht!" he cried with mock anger!  "okay fine!" Ashutosh cried back throwing up his arms,"I take back my words.. fine!"  Armaan finally gave him an approving nod!  "Yes my friend now stand up, bathe and we r going for a gym!"  "Wat?  I have to go to hospital!"  "Nope.. u r not going anywer till ur head gets straight!"  Ashutosh started to oppose.  But Armaan pulled him out of his bed and pushed him in bathroom!  Somehow Ashutosh felt good at his caring gestures!  He didn't feel like opposing and followed his orders quietly!  He had learnt to value the love and affection of his near ones and he had learnt to value the most important ppl in his life!


Nidhi was sobbing uncontrollably wen Angie reached the park bench Nidhi was sitting on!  "Angie!" she clunged onto her as soon as she saw her and cried her heart out!  Angie let her cry out and then patted her gently and offered her some water!  Then she abruptly pulled her up and said,"lets go!"  "Wer?" she asked thru tears.  "Something tht wud cheer u up!" she said and dragged her to a dance class!  Nidhi was reluctant to enroll but thn gave in to Angie's threat tht she wud go and ask Dr. Ashutosh everything if she didn't relent!  So finally Nidhi joined the dance class!


Within a few days, she found out tht it was more positive way to vent out her disturbing emotions!  She had already gathered herself up the same day tht she had joined the classes.  She had picked up a pair of golden gloves and painted on its fingers "T.H.E. B.E.S.T S.U.R.G.E.O.N" with a bright red paint and delivered it to Dr. Ashutosh!  She didn't knew wether he wud accept it or not!  She didn't knew wat he wud think abt her or wat he thot abt her!  It didn't matter to her.  Wat mattered to her was his happiness and all she had wished was his happiness while delivering tht gift.  The rest she had left to God.  She had sincerely prayed to God to bring happiness back in his life.  And both Dr. Rangnath and Dr. Mallika had informed her tht he was definitely getting back to his usual self slowly!  Which was a good thing, it made her extremely happy and she started participating in her dance class with new found gusto!


The day Ashutosh had received Nidhi's gift was the best day in his life!  Nothing cud've been more encouraging thn Nidhi's caring gesture and her confidence in him!  Tho he had rued abt the fact tht Nidhi hadn't come herself to present him the gift, but still she had gifted him and tht meant tht he still held a place somewhere in her heart!  And he really felt good and hopeful.  If not for himself, he was going to b best surgeon again to prove Nidhi rite!  He smiled to himself as Armaan patted his back encouragingly!  Armaan and he had enrolled in a gym.  The benefit was tht it kept his mind sane and he had built such a physique tht he can go and bang any number of Rohans in this world if he wanted to without any fear!  The other thing tht the gymming had brot something gud out of him was tht he had started joking again!  And laughing too, at Armaan's antics.. he had been literally toiling after him!  Poor boy had lost 5 pounds in the process!  And he had loved it!


Ashutosh circled the date on the calender.  It had been 1 month since he had last spoken to Nidhi!  He was glancing at her picture in his mobile when Armaan entered his cabin!  "So Dr. Ashutosh, can I at least have a glimpse of my wud-have-been sis-in-law coz I don't think so I wud ever have the honor of meeting her or even making her my sis-in-law in this life!" he remarked!  "Armaan please!" Ashutosh requested!  "Ashu my jaan.. u need to tell me wat the problem is!  Whole life aint some 1 month thts gonna pass this easily without Nidhi!" he explained.  Ashutosh sighed understandingly!  "But wat if she doesn't want me!" "And how did u conclude tht!"  "Armaan.." he started in a low voice,"wen I had stalked her, I had observed her.  She looked happy and fine.. even without me!  And I m really fine with tht Armaan.. really" though the thot pained him immensely but he had learnt to live with it! "Armaan.. you know once Mallika had told me.. tht this young generation is totally different from ours.. thy know how to live life.. thy don't let their life b stagnant and so thy move on!" He sighed deeply and continued,"You know mallika had even compared Nidhi with a flighty naughty river.. carving her own path.. moulding and nourishing itself across its path.. everflowing.. and satiating and fulfilling those who seek from her.. pure and sacred!  thts exactly wat Nidhi is Armaan!  I cannot bind her and I would not!" Tears gathered in his eyes!  He had been becoming quite emotional off late!


Angie had barged in Nidhi's room with coffees!  "so hows my dear friend?"  "Fine" Nidhi replied trying to smile brightly!  "I wud prefer the hot coffee to brighten my day instead.. at least its not fake!" remarked Rohan!  "thn have coffee instead.. who invited u here in the first place!" Nidhi cudnt help herself retort back annoyingly even while she was in fever!  "I come uninvited my dear friend.. hadn't u had enuf experiences of tht by now!"replied Rohan   "huh and the worst one of thm all too!" cried Angie hinting at the convention incident!  "Y do u keep blaming me.. wen clearly it was Ms. Nidhi's Dr. Ashutosh who was at fault!.. I really don't like him!" he cried.  "well, don't worry.. the feeling is mutual!" cried Nidhi!  "yeah.. I know .. bt if u hadn't stopped me.. he wud've got a real taste of my muscles!" Rohan continued!  "will u stop it.. u will b getting back from me for wat u did thn!" Nidhi barked.  "aah.. so much of luv eh!.. and Dr. Ashutosh doesn't even deserve it!  U know if u had taken me seriously, we wud've had 2 kids by now.. I don't c any future of u with Dr. Ashutosh!"  "Thank God tht I didn't take u seriously or I wud've been banging my head with 3 kids!  Please don't stress urself worrying abt my future with ur pea-sized brain!" Nidhi gave Rohan her piece of mind!  "Will u two stop it!" Angie finally yelled.  She checked Nidhi's temperature.  It was quite at borderline,"U still need rest!" she stated.  "Angie.. I m the doc here!"  "yeah..the one who cant even take gud care of herself.. a doc yeah!" Rohan cried sarcastically.  Nidhi glared at him!  "Please!" Angie cried frustratingly!  "Nidhi its enuf.. u have to tell me wat happened.. I know wer ur fever stems from.. its been 1 month now!" Angie voiced her frustration.  Nidhi cudnt luk into her eyes!  However hard she tried to hide, Angie wud always know!  She had been always strong physically and mentally except for her PTSD and the slight anxiousness tht she occasionally encountered!  But she hadn't known tht this cud affect her so much tht she wud get fever inspite of trying to put up a brave face!  She sighed.  "Angie.. let me exactly tell u y Nidhi is hesitant!" Rohan jumped in!  Angie turned her attention towards him!"and wats ur expert take on it!"  Rohan nodded disapprovingly,"y u girls never take me seriously.. I mean.. I was thr.. I was the witness of thr fight and yet u seem to completely ignore my point!" he threw his hands in air annoyingly!  "Okay fine.. tell me!" Angie gave in!  Nidhi was still keeping mum.  "Angie I have already told u.. the aromatic candles, fine music, and a lone romantic nite!  Wat else u need!  Her disheveled self clearly told us wat Dr. Ashutosh had tried to do with her and thts exactly y she is shielding him!" Rohan barked with some real anger!  "Just stop it Rohan!" Nidhi cudnt help herself shout!  "No..I wud not.. if u try to become a pativrata nari even b4 the mrg thng happens I m not going to let tht happen.. he is such a disgusting man.. even I don't treat girls like tht!" Rohan wanted to add some swear words but he refrained!  "shut up Rohan.. u don't know how gentleman he is.. if he hadn't pushed me away, I don't know how it all wud've ended.. he tried to stop us crossing tht line!" she barked at him furiously thru tears!  "okay.. I don't get it thn" Angie cut in with her cool question,"Is it becoz Dr. Ashutosh didn't do wat u had desired tht ur angry or is it becoz he did the right thing by pushing u away tht u r angry!"  Nidhi stared at her!  Angie shrugged her shoulders!  Rohan chuckled!  Nidhi glared back at him!  "you wudnt understand the pain of rejection Angie!" she cried back!  Rohan chuckled more!  Miffed, Nidhi asked him to jst shut his mouth up!  "anyways.. for ur so called heartbreak.. it doesn't even look like u had any sort of heart break!  Look at you.. partying.. shopping.. eating out.. dancing.. huh!  I m sure ur dadi bua will b back finding ur match with gusto and the topmost name on her list wud b mine.. the most eligible and readily available bachelor!" he winked at Nidhi!  "You don't have to b devdas to prove ur pain in love!" Nidhi retorted!  "surely Nidhi..  ur conduct pretty much shows how much u r missing him!" he said sarcastically.  "Rohan u wudnt know!" Angie supported Nidhi.  "Nidhi.." Rohan became serious.."I really cant understand.. from wer I see, u r giving wrong signals.. and I m serious abt Dadi Bua she has already hinted me thrice!  Watever v think of each other, thy do think v make a perfect pair!" he said rolling his eyes!  Nidhi bit her lips!  Angie hugged and consoled her,"Nidhi.. u need to talk to Dr. Ashutosh and get this thing cleared b4 its too late!"  "Angie y is it tht u need to cry buckets to prove tht u luv someone.. cant thy b in ur mind and heart as a happy thot!  Instead of missing thm in sorrow, cant u dream of thm wishfully.. cant u wish for togetherness happily in loneliness instead  cant u wish for thm happiness in their own life instead of missing thm in our own life!"  Angie looked at her appreciatively and pecked at her cheeks!  She was so cute and simply adorable!  "And tht sounds good as some script in some romantic film!" cried Rohan,"I still cant believe u r simply sitting here and not calling him up.. u r not the Nidhi I knew.. can love make someone so weak and coward!"  "Nidhi .. Rohan is rite.. unless u don't talk to him.. how wud u know wats his problem.. how wud u even know wat wud give him happiness?" Nidhi looked at Angie and Rohan, who were looking at her earnestly. "Nidhi.. u need to act to make those dreams and wishes come true!" Angie added tenderly! "Or u will end up marrying me and u know I m not gonna say no ever!" Rohan warned her!"pick ur own risk" he winked at her and Nidhi cudnt help chuckle.  She nodded at them and mulled over it.


Ashutosh too was sitting and mulling over wat Armaan had jst said before leaving.  "Ashu.. a river mite b flighty and fickle and may chng its course thru its journey.. it learns and moulds itself to the way of its path… bt wen it sees its ocean.. it knows its destination.. A river will always flow to its destined ocean and none other Ashu and even ocean cannot make it change its course thn!."  "Ashu.. I haven't met or seen Nidhi, but I think I understand her.  She cares abt u a lot and if u cannot appreciate her luv.. u cannot appreciate life!  I don't know wat happened betn u two..but she at least deserves a call from u.. I don't think her luv was so cheap!"  He sighed heavily.  No Nidhi's love was and is most precious and invaluable to him and whatever was betn thm deserves a gracious farewell!  Jst as he was about to dial her number, his mobile flashed "Nidhi" for the first time in last one month!

He cudnt stop his lips curling into a big smile!  For some reason, he felt instantly happy and relieved!  He picked it up and even before he cud reply, he heard her sweet complaining voice,"Are you going to meet me or not?" She had planned to say something totally different and serious but as soon as he picked up her phone, she cudnt help herself!  "Yes or No?" she asked again.  Ashutosh was smiling at her sweet voice tht he had heard after such a long time and relishing the warmth and affection tht was oozing from the phone!  "If it's a No, I swear I am not gonna c u for rest of my life.." she said with pout!  She didn't know wer it was coming bt she was jst behaving like their old times.. "Nidhi.." he started.. "Yes or No?" she again asked him threateningly!  "Nidhi.. If u threaten me like that, do I have any option?" He replied with a chuckle.  Nidhi blushed for the first time after so many days!  The redness of her cheeks was returning!  But she had wanted to cry.. she had felt so overwhelmed hearing his sweet tease.. she had missed it so much!  But she wiped off her tears tht had threatened to gather more and break loose!… it was no time to cry, it was time to smile!  She said to herself.  "Nidhi.. ?" he called her out with a concerned voice.  He jst wanted to keep hearing her voice so tht he was assured tht he hadn't made her cry!  When she didn't answer, he became too restless and anxious!  "Nidhi?" he called out again.  Oh.. how much had she missed his concerned voice calling out to her!  She had vowed not to cry bt she was really about to cry!  "I don't want to cry and u r making me cry.. u shud b making me smile!" she complained cutely.  He chuckled.  Yes! He wanted to make her smile and he needed to see her so tht he can make sure tht thr remained no tears in her eyes watsoever!  bt before he cud ask her she asked him," "Can u get a leave?"  "yeah.." "fine thn.. pick me up from home at 10 thn" she uttered hurriedly and hung up before even he cud reply!  Ashutosh stared at the phone for a while and thn pinched himself to make sure it wasn't a dream and thn smiled to himself!  It definitely wasn't a dream!


When he reached the spot wer Nidhi had asked him to wait, he saw Nidhi running hurriedly towards his car.. looking back occaisionally at her house with a mischievious expressions on her face.. like a kid who is trying to secretly run away!  She joined him with a cheerful and exciting "Hi!"  He looked back at her dumbfounded for a while!  Wat had she been upto!  "Hurry.. hurry fast.." she cried instantly swaying her arms wildly in air and looking at her house again.. "take me wherever u want to.. bt make it quick!" she cried again!  "Nidhi…" he wanted an answer.. but she cried out impatiently.."pleaseee.. pleaseee!"  He gave in and drove away.  After thy had a main road and Nidhi had found her breath settling he asked her the matter.  Sheepishly, she tried to evade it.  So he had to stop the car and ask her sternly!  She didn't answer and bit her nails!  He kept his scrutinizing gaze on her waiting for her answer!  She finally gave up!  "I.. I.. nobody knows tht I m going out with u!" she was finally able to reveal!  "y?"  "oh.. nothing!" she was again trying to evade his questions.  He didn't move and kept staring at her!  "Coz thy wudnt have allowed me"  "Oh.. Nidhi.. I cud've asked ur baba.." "No…its not the matter"  "No?.. thn wats the matter!"  "welll… I… I.. was running a high fever and thy thot I shud better b resting!" she completed hurriedly in one breath!  "Wat?" he didn't quite get wat she had jst said.. bt his sharp ears had caught one word.."fever"  "Nidhi.. u r running fever?" he yelled!  "was running!" she replied meekly!  He shot an angry glance at her and checked her for temperature!  "Nidhi.. u r still running a fever" he stated angrily!  "Oh.. its jst fever of euphoria!" she tried to give a reasonable explanation!  "a fever of wat?"  She was unbelievable!  She didn't answer and pouted!  He tsched and tried to explain,"Nidhi.. u r running a fever.."  she still didn't answer.  "Nidhi.." he started but she cut in,"if u hadn't wanted to meet me.. u shud've said so!"  He sighed.. he had wanted to keep distance betn thm this time but how can he possibly stop himself when she behaved so adorably!  He cupped her face lovingly and answered,"is this ur way to sweetly punish me?"  she nodded a No cutely and asked,"Y shud I punish u?"  he stared into her innocent eyes and thn replied with sigh,"u know y Nidhi.."  "I had thot u mite b angry with my shameless behaviour!"  Ashutosh cudnt help chuckle.. she had stressed the word shameless with so much of contempt as if she was angry on the word itself!  "It wasn't ur fault Nidhi.." he replied tenderly,"I have a bad habit of pushing imp ppl away from my life!" He completed with a slight scoff!  Nidhi for a moment again relived tht incident and felt bad and hurt but the very nxt moment she gathered herself!  "but sometimes u do it for a greater good!" she replied with a low voice.  Her eyes didn't leave the floor.  She hoped he wud know wat she was hinting to!  She wudnt b able to explain him in any explicit words without touching tht forbidden topic or even blushing for tht matter!  Ashutosh observed her.  She was surely abt to blush and he knew exactly wat she was hinting at!  He stared at her for a while!  His Nidhi hadn't changed at all!  He wanted to reach out and make her blush!  Check check his brain alerted him!  He surely wudnt want to repeat his mistakes again!  He sighed.  "But it turned out pretty bad rather!"  "well.. not as bad as it wud've been if v hadn't stopped!" she uttered without thinking and thn blushed at her own boldness!  His heart had started jumping in his chest.. he seriously needed to change the topic!  "Rohan.. wat was Rohan doing thr?"  "oh.. he was staying at an adjacent hotel.. he learnt from Angie abt my stay there and so he wanted to meet me!"  "by jumping the walls?" He nodded his head in disapproval.  Somehow he hadn't liked Rohan at all and his dislike cudnt stay hidden from his voice.  Nidhi chuckled.  He surely didn't like Rohan and the feeling was so mutual!  "well. He is sort of crazy like me.. an only son of a big business man.. he had nothing to lose even if he got caught!"  Ashutosh wasn't sure if he shud comment on Rohan's inappropriate timing!  He wud've caught Nidhi if he hadn't come thn and may b things wudnt have had gotten tht far!  He sighed.  "he seems to b a gud friend of urs" he didn't want to sound jealous but he surely wanted to know more abt him and Nidhi!  Nidhi laughed,"Yeah.. he is my childhood friend but he lives at other corner of Lucknow.  We, me, Angie, and Rohan, were in same class till 10th , but thn I took science, Angie took Arts and Rohan took commerce.. thts wen we got separated otherwise we were inseparable!"  "But u have never mentioned tht he was ur childhood buddy too like Angie!"  "thts bcoz he was not worth mentioning!"  "Y?  he seemed to b protecting u fiercely!"  "No.. tht way he is a very good friend..most reliable and true friend.. bt after he went to college.. he… u know.. jst became so flirty.. he was always with one of his girlfriends.. v hardly met .. but Angie kept his contact.. she likes to take dig at boys like Rohan!"  She chuckled.  "well, he surely didn't seem to like me in ur life!" he confessed.  She chuckled,"yeah.. its true!  He had disapproved of u from the time he came to know abt u.  And the fact is tht if u hadn't been Dr. Ashutosh, thn he surely wud've had broken all ur bones and ruined ur life for touching me!"  "Really?"  "yeah.. he is very protective of me.. u know he had crush on me since standard 8!"  "oh!"  "yeah.. I never took him seriously so in std 12 he made me promise tht if we didn't find our suitable partners in life, we wud marry each other and give our f'ship a chance!"  "really.. I mean… wer u serious!"  "yeah.. y not.. to marry a friend was 100% better thn to have married a stranger!"  "I don't know.. I don't think a boy like Rohan wud make a gud husband!"  "Probabaly not.. bt he is gud enuf to take care of u for ur whole life.. and he doesn't seem commited at first look but he is very genuine at heart and he keeps his promises.. he is not at all superficial as he seems!...its jst tht he doesn't take his life seriously and so nobody takes him seriously!"  He looked at her.  She surely held Rohan in high esteem!  Ashutosh didn't know y but tht twinge of jealousy wasn't leaving him!


Thy sat silently for a while before he broke the silence,"Nidhi.. don't u want to ask me anything?"  "hmm.. "   "wat?"  "did u miss me?"  Tears threatened to invade his eyes and he looked away!  "so u didn't miss me?" she asked poutingly!  He smiled slightly,"Nidhi.. I have to confess I had stalked u"  "Wat?" she exclaimed in excitement,"wow.. really?"  He looked at her in disbelief and nodded his head!  "please tell me in detail!" she cried.  "No!" now he felt embarrassed!  "Please.." "u know Armaan shud've seen ur reaction.. and he had scolded me for doing wrong to u!" he cried.  She laughed,"really!  I wud like to meet Armaanji"  "Ditto he wants the same!  He had been bugging me since he came to Lucknow!"  "oh he is here!" she cried.  "yeah.. u know how he luvs to meddle in my personal affairs!" he said with a soft laugh.  Nidhi chuckled,"If u r not taking me anywere else thn lets go and meet Armaanji!"  "Armaan.. I don't know.. he mite b pretty busy with his work.. he is opening a franchise here.. actually he mite b off site and u need to return home anyways!" he declared and started the engine!  "Y?"  "why coz u need rest Nidhi!"  "Tell me frankly wud u have been able to rest even while having fever if u wer in my place!"  Frankly, No!  He sighed!  He wudn't have given a damn abt his health!  "but.." he started,"Sorry.. I m not going home!"  she declared with finality!  He shrugged his shoulders and gave up!  "And wat abt ur baba's worries?" asked he.  "Oh don't worry.. I had placed pillows in my place.. so till lunch hour thy will think I m resting!"  "wat?" he cried.  She giggled.  "Yes.. and I have placed a chit below my duvet.. thy wudnt worry abt anything after reading the name of person whom I m going with!" she beamed!  She definitely was cute!  He turned his car towards his home!


Armaan wasn't at home infact he hadn't been in town at all.  Nidhi got disappointed.  As it was getting pretty cloudy and chilly, Ashutosh made her take paracetamol!  Reluctantly, she ate the food prepared by kaka.  She had wanted to go out for lunch, which Ashutosh had declined!  And she had wanted to b a nonstop chatterbox wanting to give him every detail of how she had spent her past month, but Ashutosh had offered to play guitar instead.  Nidhi agreed readily.  The rains, hot ginger tea, and guitar!  Nothing cud've been more romantic!


Off they went into their familiar room, his study room and thy took thr usual places.. him on the chair and she on the sette!  He started playing a series of most beautiful tunes on his guitar, which held Nidhi completely spell bound!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePQoMThoIbE&feature=fvwrel  Courtsey lipowicha on youtube!


Nidhi listened quietly to his playing!  He really played very beautifully!  It brot back memories of her first nite spent in tht house!  This house had been so close to her heart!  She looked around it and thn back to Dr. Ashutosh.  It looked as if he was in luv with tht guitar!  She chuckled.  He really luved her with the same tenderness!   Completely different from his hardcore personality.. it brot out soft, tender, and romantic side of him!  She breathed deeply as he finished and beamed at her!  She gave a nod of appreciation!


Just as kaka arrived with hot piping ginger tea, the drizzle turned into heavy rain!  And Nidhi felt pretty excited as she ran to the window to catch the raindrops on her palms!  Ashutosh let her enjoy the rains, lest she wud want to run into the rains!


He opened up his laptop and put on a beautiful violin piece tht he luved so much..


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI-dlat6vdo  - Violin Classic by Ashutosh For Nidhi.. Courtsey KDee755 from youtube!


It grabbed Nidhi's attention and she turned to Ashutosh with a surprise!  Ashutosh offered his hand smiling to make her join him for tea.  Thy sat sipping on tea as the quiet afternoon passed by!  The music had been so so soothing.  After a long long time, she had felt so relaxed and at peace!  She cuddled into sette and pulled up the duvet as she sipped on her tea and Ashutosh relaxed in his chair and listened attentively!  Ashtosh too had been completely engrossed in the music.  He too looked so calm and at peace and it reflected in the smile tht he threw at her!  She smiled back and relaxed some more!  She saw him taking her empty cup way from her hand and placing on the table as her eyes started feeling heavy!  Nidhi didn't knew wat was having the effect but she slowly found herself drifting into a beautiful sleep before she even knew!


He looked at her innocent face and tucked her in duvet more comfortably.  He had missed pampering her so much!  Suddenly, the warmth and affection that had went missing from his life was back!  There was someone back in his life tht he cud shower his love onto!  And the sense of being loved was back!  It was as if Nidhi had made his barren life fertile once again!  He had missed her so badly!  He wanted to cup her face tenderly but he refrained himself.  He wasn't going to lose Nidhi this time by his foolishness!  He closed the windows and put on the blinds and let her sleep quietly for a few hours!  He was going to make sure she rests enuf before he takes her wer he had wanted to take her since the day he had realized his love of her!Embarrassed

**do comment and put on ur views.. wud b waiting eagerly!***

Ciao.. take care and njoy the rains!Tongue 

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 February 2012
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Brillian update Aciever..Mansoon ka mausam hai aur yeh Rain,Ginger Tea n Guitar-the atmosphere is awesome...I liked Ashu's jealousy fr RohanEmbarrassedWinkTongueNidhi ka fever to utaar gayi ab Ashu Nidhi ko kahan le jaayegaDay Dreaming
Waiting fr next...

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ZedZee Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
ClapAwww... Brilliant Wink I loved it... Nice to see that they patched up Embarrassed And love to see ashu jealous of rohan Smile Hehe... So cute Tongue And I just love the way you showcase nidhi's

 I wish ashu makes up for the mistake and also gives nidhi an explanation and 
apology for what he did in the next chapter Smile

Cant wait to read wt happens next Wink Oh!! Nd thanx for the pm LOL

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DikshaBaluja Groupbie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Hey Achiever...once again a lovely update...!!
Its really great to have friends like Anji , Rohan and Armaan's in one's lives...Armaan helped a great deal in making Ashutosh leading a normal life again...and so did Anji by making Nidhi join Dance classes...they of course couldn't remove the pain and angst they flt..but at least made them live cheerfully !!

I'm so so happy...friends came into picture again...and Rohan is not that bad after all..I did feel angry at Rohan when he said bad things about my dearest and loveliest Ashutosh...but at the end of the day..he did prove to be a very nice friend..!!

I really loved the patch up scene...really brought some old sweet and cute memories..love is in the air..romantic mood..Nidhi sitting on the sette..Ashu playing guitar..with a lovely combination of adrak ki chai and rain...what a romantic evening..!!

I really enjoyed listening the links posted by you...specially the " Romantic Guitar"..awesome !!

Ashutosh will have a hard time controlling himself from going towards Nidhi and cuddling her into his arms..such a sweet sight Nidhi presents that its surely gonna be hard task for him...Its very  blissful to see them together...waiting for the next part...great update !!

Edited by DikshaBaluja - 19 July 2012 at 8:21am

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Aah!!!! finally the patch up... I tell ya achiever, I was so heart broken by ur last update, but as u promised that u wont let the grief stay long, m pretty very much happy with ur update... THANKYOU loads... thanx 4 the lovely update.. It was indeed wonderful... Do update soon... ciao...

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ssktlk Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Great update, nice to see their emotions, ashu's pining and also loved how when they spoke after a month, it was so natural like they never parted. Will they ever talk about it? So ashu is scared to touch Nidhi now, that means few romantic moments?Cry. The feelings are always so gradual and slow in your story, love it. Can't wait for the next one, each update of yours makes me wait for the next one eagerly. 

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