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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2012 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
so sorry friends.. i have one chapter ready.. will post it this weekend..
thn nxt week onwards a new chap every weekend..
due to time constraints and personal commitments and new target goals i wont b able to post all chapters together..
thnx for appreciating, encouraging and waiting for my chapters..HugHugHug..
SK's entry has renewed my interest in KTLK hope to write some pretty gud scenes for Jaane Kya Baat Hui..

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Binat Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2012 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by achiever

so sorry friends.. i have one chapter ready.. will post it this weekend..

thn nxt week onwards a new chap every weekend..

due to time constraints and personal commitments and new target goals i wont b able to post all chapters together..

thnx for appreciating, encouraging and waiting for my chapters..HugHugHug..

SK's entry has renewed my interest in KTLK hope to write some pretty gud scenes for Jaane Kya Baat Hui..

Sounds great look forward to as many as you can post. Will make our weekend something to look forward to Wink

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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 12:14am | IP Logged
I had already finished the chapter.. so a quick go thru and posting it today.. as i wont b online on weekend... njoy!
Chapter 5:  The unpunctual intern


The recap:

Dr. Ashutosh finished with his emergency surgery and was greeted by Dr. Rangnath on his way out who informed him about Dr. Nidhi.  Dr. Ashutosh gave a nod and carried on with his routine.  Dr. Rangnath shrugged off his shoulders as he watched Dr. Ashutosh walking away "God save u Dr. Nidhi Verma." Prayed he.  As Dr. Ashutosh made his way upstairs by the corridor leading to his cabin, he peeked at the corner to c wat Dr. Nidhi Verma was doing and he stopped right there.  His lips pressed tight.  His hands in his pocket.  His brows drew together in a disapproving frown.


Dr. Nidhi Verma was almost on the edge of the chair outside Dr. Ashutosh's cabin, clunching her cell dearly? striking randomly and fastly on the mobile keys? yelling "oh no" no?? Yes?right right right.. oh..No..No  No?. left left leeeffft?Yes..yes?c'mon.. c'mon.."??and suddenly she erupted in joy yelling "Yes!" she jolted up as she triumphantly pulled her fist into herself.  Her face all flushed and excited? she threw her arms in air beaming with pride and smiling all ears?.


 "Wat the hell!"  Cried Dr. Ashutosh couldn't believe his eyes? bt thn suddenly his expressions changed? he collected his dropped jaw.. and his brows gathered and narrowed eyes in all apprehension? "Oh no!" came instantly. He exclaimed and closed shut his eyes tightly.. nodding his head sideways disapprovingly.. he imagined wat was jst happening outside HIS cabin.. in his DAMN HOSPITAL.. a?.a?.. winning jig!!... he cudnt believe it was actually happening rite outside his cabin! "Oh?. my?. goodness!"? he opened his eyes and luked disbelievingly at this overjoyed girl outside his cabin.. Wat was this girl doing? was this a hospital or some damn gaming zone!..  the ppl passing by had stopped to look at this SHOW tht was happening outside HIS cabin?All sorts of mixed emotions quickly ran into Dr. Ashutosh's mind.. disbelief..? anger and frustration? and even helplessness ?? but mostly he was completely stumped and was at utter loss of words!!!  "Ashutosh?" Dr. Mallika interrupted him.  "Dr. Ashutosh, wat happened?." She called out to him again.   "Dr. Sanyal is waiting for u in ICU for your consultation, come on"  She urged him from upstairs.  "Yes, yes..am coming.." he gathered himself quickly? and made his way upstairs towards ICU..bt not before calling up Dr. Rangnath.


Dr. Rangnath's mobile flashed Dr. Ashutosh as he picked it up and heard a sharp.. "Dr. Rangnath?"  from the other hand? Dr. Rangnath became all alert.. Oh well.. Now wat? ..thot he.. he knew that tone very well.  "aa.. Yes Sir.." he replied hesitantly.  He knew exactly wat was coming!!


"Dr. Nidhi Verma?"  He called out to Dr. Nidhi Verma curiously from the corridor as he walked towards her with some quick steps.  Nidhi was surprised at sudden call of her name.  She quickly hid her mobile betn her palms and looked up quizzically in response.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma? wat are you doing?"?"Dr. Ashutosh was here a minute back and he had jst asked me to check on you.." Dr. Rangnath continued when Nidhi didn't answer back. 


"w?wat?... Oh Good Lord!" She bit her nails and looked down in worry.. wat a scene it must've been if at all? if at all Dr. Ashutosh had seen her doing a jig!.. thot she, now clearly embarrassed.. Oh.. No.. tht was definitely not gonna go good!...  "so? errm? Dr. Ashutosh was here a minute back?"?inquired Nidhi?."Apparently.. yes??.. and .he?he really sounded pissed off..  So.. tell me? wat exactly wer u doing here?"... asked he.  "Oh.. nothing?."  she brot her hand up and answered gesturing with an opened palm "absolutely nothing??was.. jst.. you know?. waiting.." finished she.  "Well, but apparently looks like Dr. Ashutosh didn't find your doing NOTHING that pleasant.. AND. .. he has sent me with this little msg for u in his exact little words?? he has asked me to ask you if would you be sooo kind enuf to do? errm.. whatever you were doing? INSIDE his cabin rather than OUTSIDE and to not give ppl a free pass at your entertaining skills.. considering tht this is a hospital and the place you r standing is outside his cabin and tht would you be kind enuf to remember that u are a doctor..and that this is your first day of your first job... and yes.. he also added a "please?"   Nidhi's face turned red with a deeper hue.. ??"well..yeah?.. I think.. THT?wud b a better..idea"  picked up her purse and hurried into Dr. Ashutosh' cabin.    Dr. Rangnath actually found Nidhi quite amusing.. He knew Nidhi was in a bad soup.. bt he didn't knew she had guts to take it fearlessly.. apparently she didn't know WAT Dr. Ashutosh was like!..but somehow he felt tht Nidhi was a girl who cud take on Dr. Ashutosh.. she was cute, she was brave.. and she was a rebellion!.. haha ha. A fearless rebellion in a disciplinarian 's den.. aah.. tht was gonna b a lot of fun..  he amused himself and went back to his routine..


She hesitantly stepped into Dr. Ashutosh's cabin.  She stood there for a second but she had begun to understand Dr. Ashutosh.  Having waited for more than 4 hours since morning, she somehow knew he wasn't the kind of guy who wud let her go off easily and tht he wasn't going to turn up any soon.  Per him, she wud definitely need some more punishment at her outrageous performance outside his cabin.. She chuckled at the thot.  Well, that mite be his way of welcoming her to this best hospital of Lucknow.  She joked with herself.  With all the time in her hands, she leisurely moved around his cabin.  It was pretty neat and well organized.  There was a huge window right in front of his desk.  She went up to it.  The blinds were closed up.  Wats the use of window then, she thot.  She slowly opened up the blinds allowing the light to stream in.   She noticed his window looked upon the parking lot cum driveway.  She moved around towards the other wall.   She had never seen such a huge books/file cabinet in any doctor's cabin till date.  It had lots and lots of volumes of books on medicines.. medicines.. and well medicines..hmm.. and latest too.. pondered she...  Hmm.. so Dr. Astutosh was a gud reader and a well-informed and learned man.  Behind his desk was a comfortable revolving chair.  Its back was towards the wall that was having huge plain glass windows but the blinds of it were opened up.  "thts interesting, so he has a gud watchful eyes too.. gud and absolutely necessary for an administrator, thot she.  The cabin did give him a certain character.


Dr. Rangnath had called Dr. Ashutosh up and informed him abt happenings with Dr. Nidhi and tht she was to wait for him in his cabin.  Dr. Ashutosh had made a mental note of quickly following up with Dr. Nidhi in his cabin after consultation with Dr. Sanyal.  But things got critical for the ICU patient.  It was decided to transfer him to Arogya Cardiac Hospital under Dr. Sanyal's care.  Dr. Sanyal had also requested Dr. Ashutosh surgical consult on some of his patients at his hospital.  The time jst went by keeping him pretty busy for almost whole day.  Well, he had a busy schedule and it was hard for him to take time out for an issue like that of Dr. Nidhi Verma's.  He would normally let Dr. Ranganath take charge of the situation with the interns, but Dr. Nidhi Verma was a different case.  If he got lenient with interns like Dr. Nidhi Verma, it was not going to go well at all with his image in eyes of other interns and certainly he cannot afford that.  He cannot b lenient wen it came to following rules and regulations and maintain certain discipline in the hospital.  Dr. Rangnath had called him a few times in between to ask if he can handle the issue of Dr. Verma, but he deliberately wanted to be a bit harsh on Dr. Nidhi Verma especially after wat he saw her doing outside his cabin.  That he could not tolerate in any way.  That was supposed to be her punishment and she was not supposed to enjoy it by any means.  The clock struck 5 when he entered the corridor of his cabin.  As he approached his cabin, his previous days' encounter at coffee shop and car accident flashed across his mind, suddenly he was pretty eager to see the look on Dr. Nidhi's face.


Dr. Nidhi heard the clock striking 5.  She rubbed her heavy eyes, folded the open book she was reading, and placed it on the desk.  She gave a brief yawn and reached for the half-filled glass of water on the desk.  As soon as she had taken a sip, she heard a sharp voice "Dr. Nidhi Verma"  Dr. Ashutosh glanced at her and back to the glass in her hand a few times, every time anger in his eyes rising an inch further. "wat do you think you are doing?"  She suddenly felt wide awake.  Her eyes widened in disbelief, "You?"  "Dr. Nidhi Verma.  The cabin in which you are sitting right now is mine.  I am Dr. Ashutosh."  Ashutosh said sternly.  Dr. Nidhi was left stunned and speechless.  Dr. Nidhi felt his features getting hard with every step he took towards her glancing to her face and back to the glass that she was now holding in her hands and which now bear her red lipstick marks.  She gulped down the water nervously as he slowly closed upon the distance.  "and the glass from which you are drinking is mine.  The chair which you are occupying is mine ."  Finished he.  Nidhi suddenly jerked up from the chair and blushed badly.  Oops, she did it again.  She didn't know wat she was more embarrassed of.. her drinking from the glass from which he had apparently drank earlier..Oh Good Lord..  she blushed harder.. or that she was sitting and catnapping in his chair.. at least he hadn't caught her catnapping? Thank God.. but did he still remembered her little jig?.. Of course he did!... ohhh!.. this couldn't get any worse.   She quickly put down the glass and backed off behind the chair.  "? Sorry?. Sorry?"  came promptly as she fumbled for words and rushed to the other side of desk.


She stood there, her eyes looking down.  Dr. Ashutosh took his chair and nodded disapprovingly at her.  He continued to gaze at her for awhile and then asked her to sit down.  "I ?.I ?.. am sorry"?She tried again and looked up at him to gauge his response.  She saw him gazing intently at her.. as if he was studying her.  As her eyes met him, she quickly looked away and bit her lower lip nervously.  Dr. Ashutosh gave a brief sigh and pondered for a while.  "I think its better if I not ask, wat you wer doing in my chair?" He said finally in more calm voice.  "Yeah.. its better.. definitely better?" replied Nidhi honestly.  He gave her a sharp look.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma, you need to understand that I cannot tolerate any sort of indiscipline, unpunctuality, or violation of the rules and regulations of this hospital.  Not by you, not by any intern, not by any single employee of this hospital."  "Yes, sir"  She replied meekly.  "yes sir?"  "So you finally understood why you were kept waiting for the whole day, I am surprised" he said sarcastically.  She glared back at him, Wat did he mean.  "Of course, sir, I understand that I shouldn't be have gotten 15 minutes late on the 1st day of 1st ever job.. so that I wouldn't  have been punished for 6 long hours for that 15 precious minutes" He was clearly invoking her anger.  "That is precisely wat I need to you understand.  In our profession, even those 6 hours cannot make up for a second lost attending to the patient.  That's how critical our profession is Dr. Verma.  I am a surgeon Dr. Verma and I know how precious every single second passing by is for a patient's life.  Wat even a single second takes to give thm thr breath back Dr. Verma."  He replied seriously.  His voice raised a bit.  "I wanted you to understand the importance of the time you wasted, which you could have employed in saving some patient's life or taking care of a critical patient."  Nidhi didn't know wat to answer.  She had never thot that away.  "Sir I understand" Nidhi replied meekly.


"Oh yeah.. Do you.now?.  I know how well you understood and how finely u used your time.." he said sarcastically.  "bt thn wat was I supposed to do the whole day?".She retorted back.  "I honestly waited for you for more than 2 hours.." she replied sincerely.  Something in her voice and honesty on her face told him she was telling the truth.  "and how was I supposed to be productive wen I was busy getting punished for whole day.. how can I b blamed for wasting time?"  "Okay, so now I m responsible for your wasting of time.. gud.. pretty gud."  He was in no way going to hide his dislike.  ".. I don't know who is to be blamed but this is no way to punish?" She again retorted back.  "so now you dbt my methods even before joining?"  "I don't know.." Nidhi finally said giving up.  She was not used to such kind of scrutiny.  Whenever her baba put her under a fix, DB always bailed her out.  But here there was no DB.   She looked down sadly.  "I just know that, its no way to punish.  I was waiting here for whole day, this long hours and you are not even supposed to breathe ? coz tht would b acting against your punishment? .. one cannot even kill the time, coz that wud b enjoying the punishment?"  she said in a single breath.. she was so angry so frustrated..she didn't knew where it was coming from "and forget that? one cannot even have a single sip of water after 6 long hours of wait forget about having a bite?"  suddenly? tears seemed to be springing from her eyes.  Not because she was still so angry at Dr. Ashutosh or sad at nobody being around to bail her out.. bt suddenly?she realized she hadn't had anything since morning b'fast.. and she was feeling very very.. very.. hungry.. her stomach had suddenly realized she hadn't eaten anything for last 6 hours and was grumbling loudly!..she jst cant stay hungry.. it was her weakness and well.. tht had never happened in her 24 years of life? again, anger started to rise.. on this this Mr. Hardstone,..  how cruel was he.. he didn't even order for a glass of water at least forget abt food!.. such a cruel.. monster..surely he didn't have a heart!  "You.. you? are not Dr. Hardstone.  You are Dr. Heartstone."  Barked Nidhi angry and pouting.  And she hold her hungry stomach.


Dr. Ashutosh was left speechless with sudden turn of events.  It was normal for him to go lunch-less on his most busy days.. bt surely how cud he forget that she was waiting in his cabin apparently not attended by anyone? Shit!... He closed his eyes and made a mental note to rebuke Dr. Rangnath.  If he was busy and well not in his senses, wasn't it his duty to attend to her.. well.. or at least inform him that he himself was busy with other things?. Hell?... He looked at her.  She was holding her stomach and pouting.  It looked like more than being angry.. she was hungry.  In his anger, he had kept this poor thing starving and apparently thirsty whole day!


The cabin was suddenly filled with silence.  He sighed and quickly ordered a burger with with lots of mayonese and extra cheese and 2 cup of coffees.  Nidhi was surprised but one she couldn't wait any longer, and two having not had anything since morning, had left her with no strength to oppose any more.


After about 15 minutes, the attendant arrived with the burger and coffees.  Oh Gosh.. it seemed like ages, thot Nidhi.


Dr. Ashutosh motioned her to have the burger.  She initially hesitated, but thn devoured on it shamelessly.  Afterall, her mouth had already started watering and she was afraid it might start to drool.. and her stomach was grumbling louder and louder with each passing second..


As he sipped from his cup, he observed her.  Clearly, thr was nothing more relishing for this girl in this whole world than to have tht burger.. oh yes.. with lots of mayonese and extra cheese topping.  He nodded his head slightly, finishing and keep the cup back on the table.  Wow, tht was so fast.  He blinked and the burger was over.  She must be really very hungry, thot he.


"Thank you for the burger, Sir."  Said Nidhi sincerely thanking him as she took the last bite of her burger and gulped down some more coffee over it.


"I am really sorry, Dr. Nidhi Verma.  I shouldn't have kept you waiting whole day in hunger."  He was really sorry.  He didn't mean to be that harsh.


She couldn't believe that the gentleman she had met earlier was this same Dr. Heartstone as she glanced at him wiping her mouth.  But her heart was feeling happy for the moment.. one, that burger was pretty delicious.  It was totally worth tht wait.  And two, he actually remembered that she liked burger a lot and that too with lots of mayonese and extra cheese.  That was a surprise.  She smiled at the thot.


"So?" asked he on seeing her smile.  "So?" questioned she.


"Okay, see you tomorrow then." Replied he.


"Okay sir. " Said she as she rising up and pushing her chair back.


"And yes, Dr. Nidhi Verma.  In case if you ever have this fancy idea of doing a jig next time, please? kindly do not chose the venue ? OUTSIDE my cabin, INSIDE my cabin or ANY PART OR PLACE of THIS hospital.."  Said he.  He loved the idea of disciplining her with some teasing.  Nidhi pressed her lips tight and glared at him.  "Is that clear?" Demanded he.  "Is THAT clear Dr. Nidhi Verma."  He asked again in most calm and composed voice.  "Yes sir." Came the reply obviously quite annoyed.  "Good!... You are learning fast? and Good."  "well, good bye Dr. Verma.  Wanna c u sharp at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow right here in my cabin."  He was not going to let her go tht easily and before she could retort back, he swirled his chair facing its back towards Nidhi.  Dr. Nidhi turned towards the door in anger.  As she reached for the door knob his "please be kind enuf to be gentle with that door" left her more fuming as she stomped out of his cabin pouting cutely!


Dr. Ashutosh could not help himself laughing as he saw her walking past his cabin through the blinds pouting and fretting and he thot he saw her mutter "Dr. Heartstone."  And his cabin filled with a good laugh.  With Dr. Nidhi, it was really going to be a lot of fun, Thot he.


Chapter 6:  Precap..


Oh No.. my stethoscope!... how can I forget my stethoscope?. Oh shit! She looked for it frantically and then gave a sigh helplessly.. her eyes couldn't get off the floor? She thot she could feel his intense and angered gaze on her.  But wen she mustered some courage and looked up at him, she was left utterly surprised!  He wasn't angry at all instead he looked more calm and composed.  Oh, No..somehow she felt tht this was more dreadful.  She knew it was time to visit his office.  She turned and headed towards his office.. even before he ordered her.



???"Dr. Nidhi ? Verma, u know who tends the patient in the hospital WITHOUT a stethoscope?  Asked he.

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 12:46am | IP Logged
When you will be back?Will be waiting.

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AbhiAni Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Wow that was really nice Achiever and very happy...ur back with your FF...brought back old memories Ashu of first 50 episodesEmbarrassed,,,,,,,,nostalgic...

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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 2:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwastikAshNi

When you will be back?Will be waiting.
Will post a teaser by Monday and will post the new chapter before next weekend..
by the time v mite c our new Ashu.. and he can give me some more ideas..
well jst for fun.. the next chapter is titled... "The Kiss"Wink..
No no.. b4 u get any ideas.. it wud b too soon for my Ashu Nidhi to kiss each other..LOL... bt this particular kiss wud still serve as a connection betn thm..Wink..  something has started betn thm and thy wud start feeling it unknowingly..Embarrassed
To know how.. u need to read my next chapter.Wink.LOL

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Happy to see an update from you. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Found the jig part very cute. Looking forward to more. 
NeelimaSJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Great update!

Waiting for the next chapter.

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