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*Smthin_Clld_Luv*Nov3_Updt_p146*Jaane Kya Baat Hui (Page 68)

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Hey achiever thanks for d PM...The chapter was beautiful...Ur description about places where love birds roamed was beautiful specially jungle tracking...
Nidhi wore mini skirt & top..wow..Btw Ashu controlled very hard himself after watching Nidhi's beauty..Nidhi also drooling over handsome Ashu...they share some romantic time with each other...

As always waiting for next...

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Originally posted by DikshaBaluja

Hii Achiever...you're a fantastic writer,dear..The story is moving ahead in a great way !! I really love the romantic moments you show between Ashu and Nidhi..They are so cute together...Ashu is getting more and more bold in expressing his feelings...Col.Verma has given a slight hint to Ashu about Nidhi's relation and his Baba.Dr.Avinash Mathur...Lets see what happens when this truth comes out in front of Ashu...really enjoyed reading their romance during to the trip to Amby Valley...and the kiss was just perfect...it was so nice to imagine it..eagerly waiting for the convention romance..!! You need not end it soon..take it slowly..enjoying every bit of it !!
Thnx so much..Embarrassed..
yup.. Ashu Nidhi relation is heading towards a definitive future.. bt wats the twist!Tongue
and yes the story behind thr lives is interesting..
i dunno if i wud carry on the story the way i have planned.. bt will try and take it tht way to make it interesting..
thnx for ur interest in the story. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Poojapange

Hey achiever thanks for d PM...The chapter was beautiful...Ur description about places where love birds roamed was beautiful specially jungle tracking...
Nidhi wore mini skirt & top..wow..Btw Ashu controlled very hard himself after watching Nidhi's beauty..Nidhi also drooling over handsome Ashu...they share some romantic time with each other...

As always waiting for next...
i had planned to put the pics as well.. it was the effect of the trip tht i jst had..  amazingly different world there!Day Dreaming..
So Ashu-Nidhi sharing thr first kiss thr.. was like wow!Tongue
thr attraction is jst a start!WinkLOL
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well!!well!!achiever,dat was fantabulous,read 3 chap @ a go,have reserved my comments,thou last time cudnt get back,but dis for sureSmile

wid evri update,i have just fallen head in heels over dis ashuBlushing
credits to ur beautiful writing,i knw al thou i say comments later,n just cum back to mention how much i ahve luvd dis ashu from chap 1Embarrassed
n i neva shy away from tellin it to d zillionth time,u r just fab,fab n fabClapClapClapClap
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Very well written achiever. Enjoyed it.. Waiting for next update.
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Chapter 31:  The Convention Romance Part III  -  A passionate affair!

Brief Summary of Previous Chapter:

Nidhi joins Ashutosh for convention and they reach Mumbai.  After getting fresh, thy drive to Lonavala.  While Nidhi was stumped by Ashutosh informal looks, Ashutosh ignores Nidhi's new look.  Nidhi gets upset and keeps silent.  Ashutosh cajoles her stating she was indeed looking pretty attractive tht mini-skirt!  Nidhi cheers up and thy together enjoy the scenic beauty of Lonavala peaks!  Nearing their final destination, thy head for a trekking trail to a nearby Korigad Fort.  The solitude of jungle area and awesome weather makes Nidhi romantic!  Thy reach top and r mesmerized by the heavenly atmosphere there!  Inspired by the divine and serene beauty around, Ashutosh kisses Nidhi fully for the 1st time!  Relishing the kiss and basking in tht tranquil atmosphere, thy feel happy, contended, and blissful!  Thy share an understanding moment, but later each one realizes the growing attraction for the other!  Nidhi becomes aware of Ashutosh's such feelings!  With thm alone together in tht wilderness and both having such feelings, she panics and runs down ahead of Ashutosh without thinking abt her safety.  Ashutosh gets angry wen thy reach at the base and reprimands her.  She gets pretty nervous due to sudden overwhelming experience compounded by his outburst!  Looking at her pity state, he consoles her and thy make their way back to their car!


To learn wat all happens nxt on their weekend convention trip, read further'


Reaching at the base village where thr car was parked, thy change quickly into some dry semi-formal clothes and sit to have some hot tea!  Nidhi was shivering and still looked quite shaken.  Ashutosh asks her to have something hot to eat as well as tht wud energize her and keep her more warm, but she denies and Ashutosh starts to get more annoyed!  One, he wasn't happy tht she had to change in some dirty shoddy room and two, she had been behaving very strangely since they got into the car!  She was keeping away from him.  He feared her state of health wasn't good, but she wasn't listening to him!  He got up and moved around a bit to cool off his uprising anger while she finished her tea.  Nidhi studied him.  Clearly, he was quite miffed at her!  She twitched ruefully but she really had no courage to go near him!  She was afraid tht she wud reveal herself!  She fidgeted with her fingers nervously!


After 20 minutes, thy reached their hotel.  Dr. Mehta came to receive thm and took Nidhi under his charge.  Nidhi and Ashutosh resigned to their respective rooms without any further word to each other.  Ashutosh was really worried abt Nidhi.  He sank in sofa thinking abt her!  While Nidhi was too tired to think abt anything further.  She took a quick hot shower and threw herself in the warm cozy bed.  She didn't knew how long she had slept, but she still felt groggy when she was awakened rudely by the heavy knocking on her door!  She opened up to see Dr. Ashutosh staring at her with hands on his hips!  "Dr. Nidhi Verma!" he called her out sharply.  She seemed to ignore it as she went and slumped into the sofa instead!  Frowning, he followed her in!  "Dr. Nidhi Verma!" he cried sharply again to pull her out of her half-asleep state but there was no response.  He was clearly losing his patience.  He looked around.  Thr was no sign of her roommate!  He bent over Nidhi with the intention to shake her up but met with a hot blazing skin instead.  "Nidhi!" he gave a worried cry and checked her for temperature.  She looked pretty exhausted and pale as well.  "Nidhi" he called out again gently tapping her cheeks, but she jst moaned feverishly in reply.  He looked at her state.  He was no way going to keep her there.  He opened the door and carried her carefully to his own suite.  He gave her two paracetamols and tucked her in.  He informed Dr. Mehta abt her condition and he excused her from the welcome meet!  Dr. Ashutosh kept a check on her every hourly!  Dr. Mehta had asked him whether he was okay with the curiosity he was creating among his peers regarding his overattention to Nidhi here at the convention!  He hadn't replied.  Yes! he was aware wat all questions his actions were going to raise!  He had exchanged his suite with Nidhi and chose to share with some junior doctor instead given the shortage of rooms!  Not only it was going to raise questions on his own actions but it mite point finger at Nidhi as well!  He knew it pretty well but he was helpless.  He wasn't going to let Nidhi suffer in temperature in a shared room when he enjoyed the luxury of suite room!  He knew he was inviting a thick gossip there as well!


Nidhi yawned and stretched as she woke up.  She was feeling completely fresh and recharged!  As she glanced around, her eyes fell on Dr. Ashutosh who was leaning back on sofa and staring at her with crossed arms!  Oopss he still looked cross!  She bit her lips!  As she sat up, she realized it wasn't her room!  Oh my God.. wer was she?  "Wer am I?" she asked him.  Dr. Ashutosh sighed as if trying to give up his anger.  "In my room." He replied quietly.  She stared back at him with wide eyes as he got up and strode up to the bed!  She sprang from his bed to the otherside with a cry,"Wat?  wat am I doing here?"  "resting!" he replied shortly.  "Bt.. bt..I was resting in my room.. how I got here?" she panicked!  She didn't want to think anything further on this.  She just wanted a good answer!  He frowned,"wat do u think of me Nidhi?" he cudnt control his anger.  "Noo.. I mean.. I mean.." she stammered defensively.  "I know wat u mean Nidhi!" he replied sharply.  "Nooo..really" she tried again.  "You were running a very high fever, so I carried you down here and exchanged my room!"  He carried me down here at this convention.. infront of our whole national medical fraternity'oh God! she clenched her stomach nervously!  "And I came earlier to ur room bcoz ur baba had called up.  U hadn't called him and weren't picking up his phone.  He got worried and he called me on my cell instead wanting to talk to u!" he replied in as calmer tone as possible!  "I m not asking for an explanation!" she cried in a low voice. "Well, I thot its better for me to get it clear!" he replied sarcastically.  Tears welled up again in her eyes somehow!  She wiped them off quickly.  She didn't know y she was becoming so sensitive to his harsh comments!  Y was tht she cudnt bear him talking so harshly to her!  Some tears gathered again.  He looked at her and gave a remorseful sigh!  "I am sorry Nidhi!" he cried.  He did not know y bt he jst cudnt bear to see her cry!  Her tears wer a great weakness for him!  "Noo.. I am sorry" she cried again and ran to him for a hug!  He stroked her back gently and consoled her,"Nidhi u know u can always talk to me if u have any problems.. bt I cant bear to see u running away from me!" he voiced his grievance!  "And I hate to c u not taking care of urself and not listening to me either!" he stroked her tenderly and complained.  "I am such a bad girl" she sniffled in his chest!  "No.. u r not!" he pulled her out and cupped her face lovingly!  "u r a darling.. u know tht!" he gazed into her eyes and rapped at her nose lovingly!  She gave a sorry pout and clenched to him tightly.  "I promise I wont act stupid!" she vowed.  "But y wer u running away from me in the first place?" he asked in his deep voice.  She blushed.  How can she possibly answer tht!  Bt if she said nothing he was going to get miffed up again!  She lowered her gaze in shyness and moved around to his back!  He followed her with a puzzled gaze!  She hugged him from back with shyness and replied,"Girlish instincts!"  Ashutosh thot for a while and thn it suddenly struck him.  His eyes and face suddenly lit up like a 1000 watt bulb!  He quickly pulled her back in front of him and asked in excitement.. "U mean.. I mean.. Oh God..it was all abt u!" he cried and grinned madly as she started blushing badly!  "Oh God Nidhi.." he cried again,"u r so cute!" and he enveloped her in a tight hug!  "bt u need not b afraid of me.. I m in pretty much control of myself..if not u!" he winked at her mischeviously and she hit him hard in his chest!,"well, I am too!" she cried.  "Really?" he teased her.  "well, I m still young and..and..the experience is new!" she defended herself.  He grinned at her.  She was too cute!  Thr was nothing like inexperience the way she had reacted to his kiss or did it came naturally to her like it did to him! He wondered and kept grinning!


"I think I will take back my room!" she suddenly announced.  "Y? the damage is already done!"  "wat?"  "carrying u to my room.. letting u sleep 4 hours in my bed.. and checking on u every hour.. wat do u think ppl r gonna make of it?" he said as a matter of factly!  She stared at him wide-eyed,"now wat?"  "nothing!" he shrugged his shoulders!  "its not nothing!" she cried,"u had even more reputation at stake here!" she cried regretfully!  "So wat Nidhi!"he consoled her!  "No!" she nodded her head in self-disapproval and pouted!  "Let it go Nidhi.. thrs nothing tht can b done abt it!"  "I feel guilty!"  "y? for luving me?"  "Nooo.. for letting down ur reputation..!" "No u didn't.. in fact I m to b blamed for the way its gonna malign ur name instead!" he cried disappointedly.  She looked at him questioningly!  "Nidhi .. u know how ppl r gonna talk abt u now!"  "I don't care!" she replied trying to reassure him!  "Bt I care Nidhi.. I care very much abt my Nidhi's reputation!" he hold her hands and cried!  "ppl will talk if thy have mouth, some hot topic, and empty time at hand!.. v cant shut thm up" she explained.  He sighed shrugging his shoulders!  He really didn't know how to tackle it!  Morever, he was here at this hour in her room.. well it too was not good for her!  "well, I shud b leaving Nidhi.. I jst came to check on u" he stated abruptly and started for the door!  "Oh.. I so don't like all this!" she cried behind him!  He turned at the door and winked at her assuredly,"jst one more day Nidhi.. jst one more day.. and thn we will b back to our normal life!  For now, from now on we will forget everything and act professionally.  Done?" he asked her.  "done" she replied and he walked out of the door and Nidhi stared after him with a sigh!


She had a buffet dinner later on with her peers and Ashutosh had with his!  Nidhi had been introduced by Dr. Mehta to some of her peers and her roommate-was-to-be had enquired after her health!  She was a good girl and Nidhi felt instantly at ease with her!  Raima was her name.  As they moved around making some new acquaintances, a girl from her group coughed suggestively.  All glanced at the direction she was looking at, Dr. Ashutoh had jst stepped in with his colleagues.  The dress code was a semi-formal attire and Dr. Ashutosh had picked up a grey suit tht was his all-time-favorite.  "wow!" the girl exclaimed as her gaze tracked down Dr. Ashutosh's glide!  "He glides like some knight!" she threw an effusive praise and Nidhi felt a sudden surge of jealousy!  A girl nxt to her nudged her at her comment and eyed at Nidhi!  Nidhi tried to look indifferent!  So the girl went ahead to get herself introduced to Dr. Ashutosh.  The group followed her and heard her throwing bountiful of compliments at Dr. Ashutosh.  Dr. Ashutosh returned her compliments with sincere courtesy!  The girl was completely floored wen they moved away from him,"Oh.. he is such a gentleman!" she cried mooning!  Nidhi felt like murdering her thn and thr!  The other girl started,"Oh bt isn't Dr. Nidhi lucky here.  Dr. Ashutosh gave her his room, checked on her so caringly, and she even had been an intern under him before joining Dr. Mehta!"  "Really!" the girl eyeing Ashutosh cried with envy!  And Nidhi chuckled inwardly,"Yes.. this gentleman is so very kind, caring, and generous too!  He even offered me lift here for convention today from Mumbai Airport!"  She saw tht girls face turn green and she took a sip of victory!  And it was time to uplift his reputation!  "I have known him for too short a time unfortunately.. bt he is a pretty good mentor!  The interns at KGH jst idolize him.  Very hardworking and extremely intelligent!  A doctor to look upto!  In Lucknow, he is known as the surgeon with golden gloves!  He is so able and successful and above all a highly esteemed administrator too!"  She finished with gleam of pride on her face!  "And I am so lucky!" she uttered unintentionally and saw the girls staring back at her with suspicion,"'to have had him as my mentor!  He had been such an inspiration!" she completed with an earnest smile!  She felt the girls seemed to have bought that! Whoosh! Tht had been close!  They moved around leaving Dr. Ashutosh's topic at rest thankfully for Nidhi!


More than once, Ashutosh's eyes had searched for Nidhi!  He had resolved to himself before coming down tht he will not lay eyes on Nidhi, but alas, his heart wasn't in control of his brain!  And she had looked so pretty afterall!  Donned in white suit, she looked like an angel!  When the girls' group with Nidhi had approached him, he for a moment felt awkward.. acting formal to Nidhi felt strange, but he had conducted himself appropriately and the moment had passed!  Both kept pretty busy with their peers the rest of the nite and hadn't had a chance to converse with each other even formally!


Sinking into bed tht nite, he cudnt control himself calling her up.. it had almost become a habit afterall!  Keeping an eye on his snoring junior room partner, he greeted her lovingly keeping his voice down.  "Hi!" she replied.  And thy kept silent for a while!  "Nidhi'" he started slowly. "Hmm.." she offered an attentive ear!  "I cant act like a stranger!  Its so hard!" he complained cutely!  She chuckled,"being formal isn't to act like strangers.. remember v do know each other professionally.. u r allowed to talk!" "rite!.. so laying eyes on u frequently is okay thn?" "Wat?"she cried and he chuckled.  "Very funny!.. but Mister Ashutosh tomorrow is a ballroom eve.. hope u r well prepared!"  "for wat?"  "okaaay.. so now u don't even remember!" she whined!  "No..really.. wat?" he teased and chuckled to himself.  Nidhi got his teasing!  "okaaay.. fine thn' its good infact.. I will have a freedom of choice!"she tried to provoke him.  "U don't have any freedom of choice anymore Nidhi!" he cried with jealousy!  And it was her turn to chuckle! "bt u don't seem to have prepared for the dance!"  "Noo.. I was busy!" "thts a poor excuse!"  "Its not.."  "It is'. wen I had thot and planned abt my ..u know.. fulfilling of ur little request.. thn y cant u?"  "Really?" he asked excitedly,"how?"  "While dancing together!" She heard a huge cry from other end and she let out a chuckle!  He saw his partner stirring and brought his voice down!  "Thts unfair Nidhi!"  "its totally fair!"she whisphered back!  "U know I cant dance.. how can u b so.. soo..its cruelty!" he cried.  Nidhi cudnt help herself chuckle.. "Cruelty.. eh.. y does this word sound so familiar!" she teased and Ashutosh remembered how Nidhi had used this word wen he had snatched her chocolates away!  "Yeah.. bt its not done Nidhi.."  She didn't reply.  "please!" he cried  "Okay thn u have to let go ur request!" she bargained.  "Thts not fair either!"  "Dr. Ashutosh u can't have ur cake and eat it too!" she retorted.  "okay fine!" he said sulking!  Nidhi kept silent for a while and thn aksed,"r u sulking?" "No!" came a huff reply.  Nidhi found it quite amusing as usually it was the otherway round!  She chuckled but taking the reins she replied,"hmm.. so let me tell someone tht his Nidhi is not gonna make him suffer.. tell him to wait for her tomorrow.. Good Nite and have Sweet Dreams!" she ended in a husky tone and Ashutosh was left speechless with a yearning heart!  If she wanted, she cud make a caveman out of the gentleman in him.. he was damn sure.. such was her cute luring and such was her temptation!  He waited for the sleep to come and relieve him but it wasn't going to come any soon!  He knew the wait had jst started and it was going to b pretty long day tomorrow.. counting even by eons wasn't going to make it pass any soon!  He sighed and laid there thinking abt Nidhi!  A small smile crept up his face!  He too had a little surprise for his Nidhi!  A very very pleasant surprise!


The next morning, Ashutosh made a point to have tea with Dr. Mehta and Nidhi.  They prepared for their respective speeches and Nidhi lend her helping hand to both Dr. Mehta and Dr. Ashutosh.  When Dr. Mehta wud leave his chair, she wud tease Dr. Ashutosh with her mischievous smiles making it even more harder for Ashutosh to wait!  After the speeches were over as everybody made their way for buffet lunch, Dr. Ashutosh stopped Nidhi under pretext of having a formal chat.  "so how did u find my speech Dr. Nidhi Verma?" he asked.  "The amount of applauds it received, it was jst grt!" she replied enthusiastically.  He looked at her proud face.  "rite..bt wat abt the loudest of applaud tht I had heard!"his murmur was so low tht even Nidhi cud barely hear it.  But she did and cudnt hide her smile,"so someone is turning pretty romantic and bold here.. hmm?" she murmured back!  "blame it on the heavenly climate here!" Ashutosh was replying with a straight face bt Nidhi had hard time controlling her blushes!  It was supposed to b a formal chat and here he was reminding her of their kiss!  "excuse me..Sir!" she suddenly excused herself and ran towards her room!  Ashutosh stared after her!  As she approached her room, she slowed down to catch her breath.  Thr was no one around except for the footsteps tht she heard coming from the other end of the lobby!  She was about to open her room when she heard thm approaching quickly towards her.  She was about to turn to look when she was suddenly pushed inside!  Her immediate frightened shriek was muffled by a strong hand on her mouth.  She stopped shrieking as her eyes widened in disbelief at Dr. Ashutosh!  "Wat r u doing here?" she cried.  "Y did u run away.. I told u I cant bear u running away from me!" he whisphered hoarsely and caged her against the door tht he had jst closed!  She suddenly felt extremely shy!  Now tht thy knew how aware thy had been of each other, the feeling was hard to hide!  "Nidhi I cant bear to wait any longer.." he continued in his husky tone again and Nidhi blushed resting her head on his chest.  He gathered and hugged her passionately,"please Nidhi!" he whisphered into her ears!  She had totally turned into a hot crimson cherry..so red and so hot!  His hug had never felt this passionate!  He crushed her more and she stammered,"I'I"  "its..Ashutosh!" he helped her whisphering softly over her lips and waited!  Taking his name deep into her being while enwrapped tightly in his arms was the only thing she wanted to do right now!  Their eyes met and they knew they both desired the same thing!


"Knock..Knock!" she heard a loud knock at her door and thy jerked apart jumping!  Ashutosh cursed himself for putting her in this situation!  "whos thr?" she enquired.  "Nidhi.. arnt u coming down for lunch?" enquired her friend.  "Yeah.. m jst getting fresh... can u wait down there for me with my plate please.. it wud jst take 10 more mintues!" she answered with a presence of mind!  "Okay fine.. bt b thr in 10" Nidhi heard her footsteps dying down and she heaved a sigh of relief.  Ashutosh quickly opened the door, checked the course, and thn quickly ran downstairs from the way he had come!  A minute later, Nidhi got his SMS stating sorry!


The next few hours had Ashutosh in pretty much good control but as the evening approached, his heart started aching again!  The stage was set for the dance and dinner!  Ashutosh had dressed himself in a smart suit adorned with a white rose and only Nidhi's entry was awaited!  But Nidhi was fumbling through her suitcase!  Oh how can Angie do this!  She cried.  Instead of their chosen gown, Angie had put a beautiful saree!  She had been apprehensive abt saree considering his earlier reactions to her in it but had nevertheless agreed to take it with her bt how cud Angie forget to put her evening gown!  She cursed her.  But even the saree wud've been fine if it wasn't for the blouse she had put!.. She called up Angie immediately! "Angie!" she literally shouted!  She heard a chuckle as answer and she fumed more! "U.. u did it purposefully!" she blamed her!  "Of course!" Angie replied calmly.  Perplexed at her bold acknowledgement, Nidhi didn't know wat to do or say! "Angie.. wat am I going to do!"she cried  "Simple.. wear it!"  "have u gone mad!"  "Nope.. I told u he will bend on his knees!"  Nidhi wasn't sure.. Wat if he disapproved of it!  She bit her nails nervously!  "I cant do this Angie!"  "Y r u getting so tense Nidhi.. lot many women wear it.. it will look classy on u!.. I m the designer here remember.. wud I put my friend in an awkward and embrassing situation!" she retorted.  Nidhi sighed.  It wasn't even the matter of wearing tht blouse.. the real matter was tht wat was happening betn thm.. wat had jst happened bet thm in his suite!  And this cud jst add fuel to the fire tht has jst started!  She wasn't sure if she shud really wear it!  "Oh Angie!" she cried unable to explain her her situation!  "oh..Don't worry Nidhi.. everything will b fine.. jst wear it okay.. and all the best dear!" she tried to cheer her up and hung up!  Nidhi sighed.  The thing was tht she had nothing else to wear for the dinner!  Oh Angie! She cried helplessly!


After an hour of wait, Ashutosh saw Nidhi entering.  Adorned in a beautiful bluish black saree, she looked extremely gorgeous and 'he sighed as he cudnt take his eyes off of her... pretty attractive!  The one he saw in mini-skirt was a cute girl, the one he was seeing rite now was a pretty gracious lady looking extremely appealing!  He observed that quite a few heads had turned towards her as she had entered.  He felt a pang of jealousy in his heart!  If he cud, he wud've taken her away right infront of their eyes!  Her eyes were searching for him and wen their eyes met, she looked down immediately with a mixture of shyness and tension!  He sat upright to observe her closely!  She was trying to relax and mix in but her eyes were travelling back to him again and again.  She was conducting with restraint and her body language was full of shyness..she was trying to shield herself away from him!  Jst like she had done yesterday!  But from wat? He pondered. 


He so wanted to talk to her but thr was no way he cud approach her and ask her.  He himself was seated with his reputed colleagues and he was already having hard time controlling his actions and hiding his reactions to her!  She was in her group of girls and boys.  He texted her.  A - R u okay.  God he had sensed her tension!  N -yes.  A - U don't look like.  N - I m fine really.  She tried to look at ease!  He didn't reply.  She knew he was getting angry!  She sighed.  N - Really I am fine.  She tried again!  But thr was no reply and she found him looking at her sternly.  N - Okay I m coming to u.  She replied and approached towards his table.  She had to convince him and somehow keep him away!  She again fidgeted with her pallu over her shoulder.


"Hello Sir" she greeted him with a smile.  He still looked suspiciously at her but replied formally,"hello Dr. Nidhi!"  "I was looking for Dr. Mehta..Sir!" she tried to keep conversation formal!  "Dr. Mehta is not keeping well, but he mite join a bit later on..Was anything important?" he asked.  "no.. not really.. thank you!" she replied and tried to resign!.  "No.. please allow me Dr. Verma." He rose from the table.  "No really.. its nothing urgent Sir!" she replied quickly and Ashutosh looked at her sharply but replied cordially,"Please Dr. Verma.  Don't feel shy.  You weren't keeping well and as seniors its our responsibility to help u out here!  Moreover, your father wud disapprove of me if I didn't!" He replied.  And Nidhi was taken back by his reply.  She glanced at the gentlemen around the table with uncertainty!  He had grabbed their attention suddenly!  "gentlemen, if u wud excuse me!" he excused himself courteously and led Nidhi towards the suites of senior doctors upstairs!


When they reached a more isolated place towards the stairs, she finally cried,"Wat r u doing!"  "helping u out!"  "this way.. wat was with brining my father in!"  "Dr. Verma'it will save ur reputation!  I think it was a smart move!" he said taking pride in himself.  Nidhi looked at him.  He looked cute wen he was himself with her and not trying to conduct himself as a formal gentleman!  She smiled.  "hmm luks like even u approve tht it was a smart move.. c I am smart and handsome!" he observed her smile and praised himself again.  Nidhi forgot all abt her tension and chuckled.  "Lady.. I snatched u out from tht crowd.. coz I had a little surprise for u!" He replied with a genuine gentlemanly smile and her eyes sparkled at the word surprise!  He chuckled.  "Nidhi u know u cant hide ur child-like enthusiasm even wen u r adorned in a beautiful saree!" he replied as they got into the lobby!  He led her to her room"u wait here.. I will b back with a surprise.." He smiled brightly and left her in her room.  "open the door wen I SMS u.. the coast needs to b clear rite!" he winked and closed the door behind him!


Nidhi stared after the closed door for a while.  The tension was back and to compound it, they were here in her room all alone!  She felt a pit in her stomach.  She went to the dressing table and adjusted her saree again till she was sure tht it didn't reveal anything more thn required!


Fifteen minutes later, she forgot everything again!  She was staring at his handsome figure in a room illuminated only by a few candles!  They were oozing a mild fragrance, which was very appealing to the senses!  He put on an instrumental version of a latest song on his cellphone to a continous playing mode!  "Well this is best I cud come up to replace a gramophone!" cried he and she cudnt help gushing!




Suddenly, the air in the room was oozing romance!  He extended his hand to ask for a dance.  She put her hand smiling with effervescing joy!  He kissed her hand and pulled her close for a dance!  With him looking so extremely handsome and suave and her complementing him with her grace and elegance, they swayed on the beautiful music.  "I confess I cud learn jst a few steps!" he whisphered in her ears.  She smiled back lovingly with tears glistening in her eyes,"its.. its.. everything is so extremely beautiful.." she cudnt express in words wat she was feeling.. she was jst so overwhelmed and touched by his love!  He fumbled at a few steps and she cudnt help chuckle at the cute way he was trying to make it up for her," i don't care abt anything else.. I m completely swept off jst by those few steps!" she whisphered back and he stopped to look at her!  The music was still playing in the background and he requested,"teach me something new.. I had been practicing without a partner!"  she chuckled,"u practiced?"  "yeah.. a bit since last 2 weeks.." "Bt u didn't knew I was gonna come for convention!"  "yeah.. bt I had planned to make it up for u!"  She wanted to give him a kiss!  But she smiled to herself instead.  He deserved to learn the most basic step of close couple dancing!  He took his one hand placed it over her waist.  She felt a shudder run thru him.  She cudnt tell him wat response it had evoked in her!  But she cudnt help herself blush and she knew he wud understand her blushes pretty well!  He pulled her close sliding his hand from the waist to her back as she taught him the step and she knew he jst did!  She continued to blush hard as she felt and enjoyed the closeness!  Suddenly, his hand travelled a bit upwards and she gasped!  That tension returned as she suddenly found her heart pulsating frighteningly!  He paused at the touch.  It was bare!  His breath was caught in his lungs for a while and it got released with a heavy breath as he realized it was all pretty bare upwards too!  His heart started pounding wildly as his hand searched and travelled to feel that bareness!  Nidhi had forgotten if she was even breathing.  His tentative touch was wrecking havoc in her brain!  She was losing all her sense!  She clinged on to him passionately as she could no longer bear!  He travelled all thru her back.. it had been completely literally bare!  He lost his sense for a while at the thot!  And then he cudnt stop his hands from moving all around her back with an urgent need to feel it more!  She arched her back fervently at his frantic touch and moaned deeply.  It was the last straw and he cudnt control himself anymore.  He grabbed her by her back and plunged into her accessible neck.  She moaned with pleasure and writhed as he collected her into his arms again.  She was melting into his arms and he was so willing to gather her!  She slowly opened her heavy eyes.. they were full of deep desire!  They gazed at him with so much of innocence and yet the wanting.. the desire to feel this new sensation was there!  He lowered down into her neck once again to give her tht pleasure and she moaned with joy again!  He clasped her tightly!  His hand travelled into her hair and set thm free.  He squeezed and caressed into them and they both felt the closeness.. the oneness!  Her hands were equally tightened on his back and they were caressing and cuddling each other with this newly discovered passion!  "Nidhi" he cried in his deep tone with passion!  "Ashutosh!" she whishpered in one heavy breath! And he felt as if he had found the elixir of his life!  His name sounded sweet as some nectar and he hugged her tight and caressed her as if she was his remaining life!  She felt the joy he was feeling.  She found it so pleasurable!  "Ashutosh!" she cried again as she took his name deep into her being so that every bit of her being breathed a new breath taking his name!  When he cudnt crush her more, he scooped her into his arms and spun her with joy!  She breathed in deeply to enjoy the ride!  When he put her down, she had to hold on to the chair to balance herself!  Heaving they smiled at each other!  Her saree had been displaced revealing somewhat her voluptuous curves!  Ashutosh cudnt help his gaze travel down her revealing curves!  She instantly felt hot all over.  As Ashutosh's eyes stopped at a particular place and widened, she felt a lurch in her stomach!  She tried to cover it up but Ashutosh was quick to stop her!  His gaze transfixed,"you got a tattoo!" he could barely utter as he felt he cud breathe no longer!  Nidhi backed up clenching and hiding her belly with a pounding heart!  She didn't knew wat was going to happen!  He was looking at her like he had never looked before!  Ashutosh could not help himself advancing towards her as she continued to back down.. and she continued till her back hit the wall!  Then she didn't know wat she shud do!  He wanted to see it.. he wanted to see her tattoo.. She still clenched her belly hiding it!  "please"! Ashutosh pleaded.. suddenly he was too desperate.. to see it..to touch it.. and too feel it!  He removed her fist gently and pushed back her pallu to take its full view!  Faint light from candle shone on her flat belly and onto her tattoo.. it was a little "A" and "N" tattoo written artistically jst below her navel.  It rose a strange feeling in Ashutosh!  As he touched her softly there, he found himself arousing!  So strong was the feeling.. so strong was this madness tht was starting to engulf him completely.. He cudnt help himself grabbing and fondling her waist!  She only writhed with intense passion at his touch provoking him more!  He bent down to kiss it and she gave a moan of pleasure and arched against the wall!  Wat she hadn't realized was tht her pallu had tore down from her shoulders wer she had pinned it and was lying somewhere on the floor revealing her full self to him.  He found streams of blood gushing down his every minute vessels with a sudden force as his eyes fell on her arching body!  She had feeling crazy!  She wanted to stretch and squirm her body fully with joy tht he was giving her!  She wasn't aware how provoking her postures had been!  Ashutosh's body was on fire!  He wasn't aware of himself.. of how aroused he was!  He jst wanted to squeeze and crush her writhing body into his arms and drown her in the fiery passion that he was feeling.  With a swift motion, he lifted her up and carried her to the bed!  He laid her down into the soft bed breathing heavily!  She arched again with need.  It raised a mad rage in him.  Her hair were splayed wildly all over the bed and her body writhed with need again as he towered himself over her!  Her eyes were tight shut and he wasn't sure if she was in her senses to even know wat was abt to happen!  But his own senses were completely consumed by this madness.. it was a high tht he luved to be in and rather desired to take it to a new height!  He dipped into the exposing skin of her low cut blouse!  A deep groan with "Ashutosh" left her lips and it suddenly brot him out of this madness tht he was drowning himself into!  A part of his brain started to yell and scream NOoo! but his body was acting on its own accord.  He was going deep and her moaning was jst luring and provoking him more!  His brain was fighting a fierce battle with his senses and he suddenly rose and pulled his body away from her and he pushed Nidhi away down the bed with a violent jerk!


***okay friends.. this is the last chapter for now.. as I wud b outstation for the nxt week or so till then ciao


Do write and tell how u found this chapter.. it was quite bold.. as I haven't written or imagined any thing this bold!  Bt I felt it was necessary to describe the passionate part of their luv story!****

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ssktlk Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2012 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Wow I am in dreamland. It was so so romantic, it was bold but u presented it so beautifully, it was very aesthetic. The best part is you are so descriptive with the romantic scenes, a an d they arpaced so nice n slow, we can savour it. That's how a love story should be. Its very hard to wait for the next update while you're travelling. Thanks for these 2 fast updates, have a great trip. Your ffs always make my day

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priyeah1 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 July 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Hi there!

Im very new to this forum and just stumbled upon this ff. It was sooo awesome!!!!! Girl, you can write and how!!! You are really gifted buddy. Everything was so well written I could picture all of it. Take a bow, friend. I'm a fan!!!!!

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