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Originally posted by SwastikAshNi

As usual super one-slow but meaningful progress,liked this idea.
On the one hand-Baba-Ashu face-off is going to happen likely,interesting part it wd b.
Now u urself has given the hints of dhamakedaar update and i know,ur dhamakedaar means it wd b breathtaking.Can't wait 2 c Ashu's reaction looking Nidhi this time.
I must say,u r some sort of Master in Romantic Psychology, Thumbs Up
The romance in the nxt chapter is gonna up thr intimacy a bit... some interesting shades of Nidhi.. tho she seriously needs to get serious abt Ashu before she can answer her Baba's questions..

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Hi achiever...
Oh Ashu was sooo eager n impatient for his first date...Ashu enthusiastically started preparing himself for date...first time i saw concious Ashu for his overall look...N i loved it..Nidhi Anji conversation was full of fun..
Now waiting for AshNi first date...

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Chapter 22 - The first date - The First Kiss!Blushing


The recap:

"good bye Nidhi.. its ur first ever date.. and enjoy it pretty well.." she had whisphered into her ears and winked mischeviously and tht had left Nidhi blushing and the tension and anxiety out of its anticipation returned to her!


She slowly walked down towards the car and glanced at him expectantly.. oh! he looked totally stumped!  She lowered down her gaze in shyness.  Ashutosh was completely spellbound by her beauty the moment he saw her!  She looked pretty elegant and gorgeous in tht pretty peach saree.  It was a completely new and more beautiful look of her and he jst cudnt keep his eyes off of her.  Nidhi glided down the road smoothly and she cud already sense his eyes tht kept following her as she slowly made her way towards his car.  She had already been pretty excited in anticipation of thr first date, but this made her more aware of herself and the effect tht she was having on him.  She suddenly felt extremely shy.  He had never looked at her tht way!  She blushed.  She again became very much conscious abt her being draped in a rather somewhat revealing attire as saree.  As she neared, his eyes drifted down on her gracefully swaying figure and as it moved back up, Ashutosh cud see her blushing hard and he cudnt keep his own blush down!  He had realized how crazily he was looking at her and how hard it was for him to stop himself looking at her like tht..and he had blushed!  He chuckled to himself!  He was getting crazy!..Of all in the world, he was blushing dammit!  He gave himself a mental kick and forced himself to stare at the steering while she slowly came around and glided smoothly into the seat beside him!


She looked at him.  He was staring at the steering instead of her and she felt a bit disappointed.  She coughed a bit to grab his attention.  He understood her cough and smiled, but he played with the steering and looked out of the window instead!  She cudnt help chuckle at his cute reaction.  Did he know tht his face was so flushed tht thr was no point in hiding anything actually?!  She chuckled again? a bit hard and tht brot his eyes on her!  And he cudnt keep his eyes from getting absorbed in those beautifully sparkling eyes.  She stared back at him for a while with her big eyes.  His face was flushed, but his eyes stared at her with a different glint and she looked away instantly.  And then she suddenly heard his hearty laughter and she looked at him with surprise.  He was blushing slightly but laughing freely.  "You know Nidhi.. it jst feels so wonderful.. this evening cant get any better.  I am sooo sooo loving it already!  Thank u soo very much for this evening..Nidhi!"  and he looked at her lovingly.  She jst stared back at him.  He looked so handsome when he laughed like tht.  His laughter tugged at her heartstrings and she found herself pulled more and more towards him!


Ashutosh by now had stopped laughing and her intent gaze at him had captivated him and she had never looked so so pretty before and he jst cudnt control himself.  He suddenly lunged forward feeling a sudden urge to gather her in his arms and was about to hug her in his enthusiasm bt Nidhi quickly moved back in utter amazement and pushed him back to refrain him and so did his seatbelt.. thankfully!.  She looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed it but he had jst expressed a strong disappointment with a huge cry and was completely taken aback by this sudden restrain!  Somehow the surroundings didn't matter to him!  She was a quite surprised by his behaviour but cudnt help herself chuckle at the cuteness he was showing.  He had jst reluctantly started the engine and drove away.


A minute later, he still looked sulked and she cudnt see him like tht.  She coughed again.  "Wat?" he asked.  His eyes still on the road.  "Thank you" she said and his eyes turned back to her,"for wat Nidhi?"  "For everything," she replied sincerely and looked at him lovingly.  His eyes glued to hers and she had to snap him out,"Dr. Ashutosh.. its better and safe if we keep our eyes on the roads!"  A happy chuckle escaped his lips.  "yeah.. I don't know if its better but its definitely safe!" He joked back!  Soon he was back in his happy state of mood and was grinning widely at the road.


She felt satisfied and stared back lovingly at him while he drove silently!  And her thots wandered to how he had looked at her.. He had looked extremely happy tht evening and wen his eyes wer on her.. for the first time she felt like.. she was a woman.. She blushed to herself and stared blankly out of the window.  This jwellery.. this saree.. this makeup wud've meant nothing if he hadn't looked at her like tht.. she had felt so complete and he had filled her heart with so much of love that her heart was jst wanting to express itself and she was afraid tht she was gonna do something tht wudn't b in her control.  She blushed.  Her own thots wer getting alarmingly out of control..She jst smiled to herself and kept staring out of the window!


Ashutosh looked at her after a while.  She was somehow pretty quiet tht evening..her extremely mischievous self from the morning was completely missing.. she was smiling and blushing, but thr was a different glow to her blush!  He cudnt put a finger on wat..  Everytime he thot she cudnt look any prettier or cannot blush any harder, she came up looking more and more appealing and getting even more rosier!  He sighed longingly and slowly turned his car over to parking lot infront of the mall thy had entered.  Thy took the elevator to the terrace restaurant wer he had reserved the table.  Thy quietly entered the restaurant.  It was pretty early for dinner and the restaurant was literally empty so thy just took a nearby table.  It was early evening and the sun was jst setting in.  The dimly lit lights over the tables made the atmosphere romantic.  Mild cool wind was blowing and the soothing instrumental music added to touch of quietfullness thr.  Thr was a roaring traffic beneath on the roads.. bt up there.. it was pretty quiet.. and peaceful.


Ashutosh looked at her again.  She was still pretty quiet.  He relaxed on the chair a bit and observed her closely.  The mildly blowing wind was fluttering her beautiful hair, which she had done something to.. something which he had observed in the morning too.  Thy were extremely neatly done and looked pretty silky and.. may b he thot thy mite smell as good as well as thy looked!.  She was trying to keep thm in control with her beautiful fingers, but in vain.  He noticed she had really very shapely.. perfect?cute little fingers.  Thy had artistic features and he felt were certainly not meant for a doc!  He chuckled to himself and his gaze shifted back to her face.  Those fluttering hair wer teasing her cheeks gently, which somehow looked more rosier to him at tht moment.  Was she blushing?  He hadn't had said anything or done anything tht wud make her blush, so he wondered.  Even her eyes wer lowered down as if.. as if.. in extreme shyness.. and she hadn't spoken much since she sat in the car!  Thr was definitely something going on in her mind tht he wasn't able to understand or he hadnt understood? "Nidhi?,"he asked.  "hmm.." she had replied but her eyes still bore on the table.  "R u okay?"he asked.  She cudnt hide her smile and replied with nod!  He was a bit relieved.. thr was nothing wrong afterall.. but thn y she was still silent? He sighed in confusion.  She looked up at him.  He had given such a big confused sigh tht she cudnt stop herself from looking upto him with big questioning eyes, but he didn't answer anything and jst smiled at her lovingly and she lowered down her gaze once again.


He realized the waiter hadn't turned up yet and got up enquire and he got the biggest shock of his life.  "Wat?" Nidhi heard him shouting at the counter and rushed there.  "Wat..I had reserved this table almost 1 hour back, called up 3 times to check the reservations, and now u tell me.. its cancelled?"  "Sir, I am extremely sorry.. thr mst have been some misunderstanding"  "Huh.. wat sort of misunderstanding can thr b.. I had called three times to confirm?" his anger was rising and yet he tried to keep his voice down.  "Sir, the earlier shift manager must've cancelled it.  Let me check."  He still cudnt believe it.. it was his favorite restaurant.  He had dined thr quite a few times and thy wer never known to b such irresponsible!  "Sir, I am extremely sorry.  Your table was reserved for 7 p.m. bt since u didn't turn up till 7:30, he must've cancelled it because we jst got an emergency booking at 7 p.m.  All the tables r completely booked for a b'day celebration!"  "Wat the hell!" he wasn't able to keep his anger down this time!  Nidhi grabbed his hand in an attempt to calm him down.. but he wasn't taking this crap!  "I dine here regularly and this is how u treat ur customers.. at least u shud've informed me.  I get this awesome news after I enter this restaurant!"  "Sir, I am sorry for negligence on our part.  We have already put up a board abt the bookings,"said he and pointed at the door!.  "So its my mistake tht I didn't see it.." he was completely miffed off.  "Sir, its our mistake absolutely..we thot u mst've been guests from that party.  Sir, a table wudnt b available here but I can reserve a table for you at our sister restaurant jst down the road," he offered promptly.  "No thanks please.. thank you so much.  You already helped a lot to put me in this situation!" he replied with bitter sarcasm.  "Sir, again I apologize.  We are extremely sorry for the inconvience we caused to you.!"


Do hell with ur sorry!, he wanted to shout.  He walked back to the doors angrily.  "Its okay we can go to tht other restaurant.. I m sure the food thr mst b equally good," Nidhi tried to calm him down,"it doesn't matter wat restaurant we go.. c'mon" she urged and followed him out.  Ashutosh was feeling so furious tht he literally wanted to kick at tht door!  But he didn't. Nidhi was with him and he cudnt possibly behave this way!  "okay.. thn I know a fine restaurant nearby.. lets go thr.. it serves delicious food.. Its my favorite" she said excitedly to give him some comfort as thy made thr way down via the elevator.  But he jst kept mum.  He jst wanted to calm himself down lest he wud lash out in anger again.  As they took their seat in the car, Nidhi asked again calmly,"shud v go there?  It doesn't matter, which restaurant we go.. we will still spend some gud time together.. rite.."  "its not tht Nidhi" he said with a low sigh,"thr was a surprise for u"  "surprise?" she cudnt believe it.  "Yeah.. a special dish.  Nidhi I chose this restaurant coz it's the only restaurant who serves it"  "wat dish?"  "Hare chane ki curry with methi muthiya!"  Awww? Nidhi's heart cried out.. no dbt he looked so disappointed.  He had planned so well and he had called up thrice to confirm it.  Oh.. it was such a disappointment.  She looked at his disappointed face, but she cudnt possibly let his mood down!  "oh? its okay.. c ?its gud.. I mean.. I am gonna prepare it again? we will make a special plan for it so tht u can get to taste it firsthand!..howzzat  hmmm?" she tried to cheer him up, but he still looked sad!  He silently drove out of parking lot and into the traffick as thy moved out of the mall.  Nidhi sat looking sympathetically at him.  He was now in his thinking mode.  "Its okay.. lets move on to our nxt plan instead" he said abruptly after a brief silence.  Nidhi didn't restrain herself to express her joy!"nxt plan?"  "Wats tht?,"she asked excitedly.  "A movie!" he said.  "a movie..wow!" she actually shrieked with joy and tht instantly lifted up his spirits and he looked pretty satisfied and started to smile again,"and may b we can have something nice to eat while there" he said with renewed enthusiasm!  "Yeah.. not a bad idea..!" she replied happily.


Thy reached the multiplex and quickly parked the car outside in the open parking lot itself instead of the basement.  Thy quickly alighted and rushed towards the booking office.  Thr was a bit of long queue, but he was back in his good mood to be disheartened and he happily joined the queue.  Nidhi was actually having mixed thots.  She was quite surprised tht he had planned a movie!  Not quite surprised tho.. as she remembered she had wished for a movie tht nite and he was actually trying to fulfill it!  Aww.. and tht made her pretty more excited for the movie.  She glanced at the board displayed nearby..hmm.. thr were quite a few gud movies tht week tht she wud actually luv to c..  but she was excitedly waiting to c wat movie he was taking her to!  She turned and looked at him.  He looked pretty eager.  As she moved around a bit and glanced over the movies again, but it occurred to her tht if he had planned everything, thn y didn't he advance book for the movie tickets?.. she was still wondering abt it wen she heard him calling out her name.  He had reached the booking counter and was calling out for her.  She quickly made it to him.  "Nidhi.. thr r only corner seats available.. I don't think so thy wud b tooo comfortable.. I don't think so it wud give a grt view" he had said with genuine concern and Nidhi chuckled at his ignorance!.. any other couple wud literally give anything to have those corner seats!  She blushed, but before she cud answer he had turned and replied back at the counter attendant,"No.. No tht wont do!"  "thn sorry, sir, the show is full!"  He got the reply and he turned back to Nidhi and shrugged his shoulders,"now wat to do Nidhi?" he asked.  Bt the ppl in the queue were getting impatient and there came a prompt answer from the booth instead,"Wud u like to go for the nxt show or another movie?"  And she immediately nodded to Ashutosh and conveyed the same to the attendant.  "Sir thr r only 2 front row seats available?"he asked.  He looked back at Nidhi cluelessly and she nodded a big No.  He nodded a no and the attendant asked thm to hurry up with their decision.  Looking at Nidhi's disappointed face and having no clue as to wat to do, in desperation, he jst asked him to book the middle seats of any earliest movie available!  "Sorry Sir, the only available tickets for the middle seats are for a movie tht has already started.. bt its jst 5-10 minutes.. wud u like to go for it?"he asked  "yes.. tht wud do!" he didn't mind as long as he got one!  The attendant obliged and thy finally got the tickets!


Thy quickly rushed to their screen hall and promptly took thr seats with some help from the attendant thr.  Pretty much all the seats wer empty, Ashutosh observed and the only occupied ones were the corner seats!  He was still wondering abt trying to settle in his seat when he heard a quick sharp gasp from Nidhi.  He promptly turned around and saw her clasping shut tightly at her mouth and she was looking at the screen with some horrified expressions!  Puzzled he turned around to look at the screen and gave a low cry of horror!  Thr was a lovemaking scene going on on the screen.. tht had apparently jst started as thy had entered..and now the whole hall was booming with the soft silky cries of oohs.. aaahs.. and the deep groans and moans of the lead pair.. and not to mention the thing tht was going on vigorously on the screen!  Nidhi looked away instantly and buried her flushed face in her hands in utter embarrassment and Ashutosh jst closed his eyes shut tight in utter shame!  He had blundered.. majorly!!  For a second his mind went blank bt wen he cudnt take it any longer, he promptly grabbed Nidhi's hands and led her out of the hall and heaved a grt sigh of relief.  Their faces were heavily flushed and thy wernt able to think straight after the utter shock tht thy had jst received and wer jst trying to get out of it!  Thr was an awkward silence betn thm and neither was able to face the other one.  After a while, Ashutosh grabbed her hands and said,"lets jst get out of here Nidhi!"  He said apologetically.


Thy were still silent wen thy drove out back on the road.  Ashutosh still hadn't gotten out of the shock when he heard Nidhi's sudden laughter.  He turned around to see her laughing hard with her face hidden behind her hands!  But he wasn't able to laugh.  After a while she looked up at him and said,"u know.. tht was unbelievable.. utterly shocking.. but actually quite funny.. how cud tht even happen to us!"  She laughed hard and was in a pool of laughter!  He looked at her laughing face again and finally felt some relief.  "It was embarrassing Nidhi!" he replied.  "yeah.. it was.. bt it was more funny.. I mean.. of all the ppl in world, it had to happen to us..God has strange ways to joke I say!" and she laughed again.  He finally chuckled a bit at her and apologized,"I am sooo sorry abt tht Nidhi  sincerely!"  "Y..it wasn't ur fault... u didnt..know... I mean.. how cud u possibly know!"  "I really don't know y it had to end in such a blunder.. really   You know.. I wanted to take u to tht 4-starred movie!" he said with some annoyance.  "4-starred?"  "Yeah.. Nidhi.. I am not a movie buff and I didn't know wat movie u wud like.. so I went on net and went thru some film reviews and opted for the one with most stars!"  "really?" she was clearly impressed!  "yeah.. bt those stupid ppl jst had corner seats for it!"  A chuckle escaped Nidhi's lips.. oh! he wud never know the value of corner seats..at least not this soon!  She blushed. "wat?" he saw her blushing and asked! "Nothing!" she blushed again.  "Nidhi.. am I missing here something?"he asked sincerely.. "No.."she chuckled,"Nothing really!"  "thn y r u grinning..and blushing!" "No.. I was jst thinking.. wat nxt?"  He gave a big sigh!  After such a disastrous evening already, he really had no guts to implement his further plans!  He glanced at his watch.. thy did have enuf time in hand.. He thot abt something and turned on an off road.  "Wer r v going?"  she asked.  "a last attempt to save some of my grace!" replied he.  Aww.. she suddenly felt too emotional!  He had tried so hard to make this date a success.  He planned meticulously and got out of his way to do so.  She looked at him lovingly.. and he had been so eager and excited abt thr date.. thr first ever date.. bt it jst didn't turn out as he had planned.. sadly!  She sighed!


She saw him taking a turn towards the road leading to express highway and almost exclaimed in joy!  "Oh.. r v going on a long drive?" she asked excitedly.  He looked at her excited face and nodded a yes!  "Wow!" she felt overjoyed.  He was darling!  But Ashutosh felt a little apprehensive after wat had happened earlier with his plans and he was not wrong wen he had dreaded tht.. it jst didn't seem to b his day!.. after driving further down the road, thy saw thr was a huge huge traffic jam!  "Nooo!" cried loudly in frustration and whomped on his steering wheel angrily!  Nidhi was taken back by his sudden outburst and looked ahead.. ooopss.. it looked like a pretty bad.. jam!  She looked at him,.Oh.. he looked so dejected!


Ashutosh glanced at his watch it was almost nearing 8:30.. and looking at the traffic jam ahead thr was no chance tht thy wer gonna make out from thr b4 an hour or so!  He sighed frustratingly!  And soon thr wud b time for Nidhi to go home.. he cant possibly keep her tht late!  He sighed again and sat with a sad gloomy face!  She twitched sympathetically at him.  "You know.."she tried to cheer him up but he cut her in.  "Please Nidhi.. I don't wanna talk rite now!" he said disappointedly and made a cute little sad face.  She jst smiled and didn't say anything further and put on the radio to uplift the gloomy mood of the car a bit.. and lo! Tht was indeed a good idea.. coz it played a really really good song and she hummed along with it..


As the song played along, he looked at Nidhi.. she didn't mind this jam at all.. and was but enjoying this song.. swaying with it happily and giving him happy smiles.. He sighed and smiled reluctantly.. her smiles were pretty infectious and it was hard for him to keep away from thm!  "I am sorry Nidhi!"he apologized earnestly.  "Y?"  "For this big fiasco of our dinner date"  "shush.. its not over yet"  "really wat r v gonna do in this jam!"  "Not in this jam.. bt c.. thr is a turn.. move to right and take tht turn"  "y?"  "Jst do it"  He looked at her questioningly.. but she reassured him,"trust me.." and thn added excitedly,"u will b surprised!"  He actually chuckled at her sudden enthusiasm.


He cruised to the right slowly through the traffic and took the right turn.  Soon thy were off on a completely new road away from tht noisy chaotic boring jam!  "Yes!" she exclaimed!  "Nidhi.. r u sure abt this road?" he asked as he glanced around in the darkness.  It seemed pretty empty and quiet and the night was slowly setting in.  He glanced at his watch it was nearing 9 already.  "Pretty sure.. I have been here so many times" "really?" "Yeah.. c thrs a villa out thr.. jst stop by it!"  "Y" he asked in confusion.  "Stop..stop stop please.."she cried at once as thy neared the villa and he stopped right infront of it.  She quickly alighted and ran upto its security booth.  Ashutosh stared behind her in amazement and thn quickly followed her.  She was talking to the security guard who apparently seemed to b know her well.  "Give me ur purse" she suddenly asked him as he neared her.  "Y?"  "bcoz my purse is in the car"  "Nidhi!"came a stern reply  "Sorry.." she smiled cutely and pleaded again,"please..!"  and he resigned to her wish.  She took out a 500 rupee note and offered the gaurd.  He quickly opened the gates for them and before Ashutosh cud ask anything or oppose more importantly, she dragged and pushed him inside the car and thn quickly got into her side and cried," lets go..lets go!"  "Nidhi wats all this?  I hope u know wat u r doing?" he asked suspiciously looking at the deserted villa!  She chuckled.. Wat was he thinking!  He looked back at her chuckle and said defensively,"Not tht I don't trust u.. bt u somehow seem to get most craziest of ideas!"  She chuckled again.. "Wait and watch.. Dr. Ashutosh..wait and watch" she said demurely and his heart actually skipped a beat suddenly!  Did she knew tht her thrill-seeking behaviour gave him a high! And he was afraid of his own reaction to her behaviour!


She asked him to drive a little far away to wat seemed like some cliff.  He parked the car beneath a tree near the cliff and alighted.  Thr was complete darkness save the faint light tht illuminated the area somewhat from the villa tht now seemed to b standing a little far away from where thy were.  He looked around quickly and was rest assured tht indeed it was completely safe.. the area was actually walled high save for tht cliff part, which apparently looked into the valley below and was secured by a low wrought iron railing.  Nidhi grabbed his hand and took him to the cliff.  "Look!" she cried in an excited voice and pointed at the lights gleaming below from the valley!  It was a pretty beautiful view and Ashutosh looked at it with awe!  He had seen many starry nights and many such flickering lights but never had thy looked so beautiful.  There was again a serene silence there.. tht he was soo getting used to? with Nidhi around him!  She somehow had a knack of bringing tht peace and quietfullness in his otherwise mundane stressful life and sometimes frustrated situations!  He smiled at himself and looked at her.  Her face was as excited as it always is!  And tht brot an instant chuckle on his lips.  She was jst soo soo wonderful!  She was always able to bring tht smile on his face somehow.. and he sighed and he hadn't even been able to give her a little surprise.. a little real delight.. on their most special day.  He sighed again.  He turned around and saw a little bench underneath the tree.  He occupied tht quiet bench and ruminated on his disastrous date planning.. quietly loosening up his tie.  He had planned this date so enthusiastically.. so meticulously but somehow it didn't turn out well enuf!.  Oh.. how much he had wished to pamper her.. to..to? He cudnt think further.  He suddenly felt quite overwhelmed and emotional.  Thy hadn't even had a dinner on thr dinner date!  He smiled ruefully!  This wasn't something tht he had planned to pamper her with on thr first ever date!  He gulped down emotionally at the word pamper.


He was still in his thots wen he felt a soft hand on his shoulders.  He looked up and found Nidhi staring at him lovingly.  Those two eyes didn't have any dissatisfaction.. any complaints.. any regrets.. thy jst had so much of love..  He cudnt look into her eyes and he looked away from her.  She lowered herself and sat beside him slowly.  She tugged lovingly at his arm and caressed at his shoulders and sighed yearningly.  "You know.. this is the most beautiful day of my life.." she said lovingly.  Ashutosh didn't reply.. he wudnt b able to agree with tht!  He sighed dejectedly.  She squeezed at his arms lovingly and chuckled,"you know wat I had dreamt abt my first ?date? "she said blushing.  "Wat" it interested him.  "Tht I wud probably go to some big 5-star hotel.. wear a really really beautiful dress.. gorge on some really delicious yummillicous food.. wud drive on to a long long road tht jst didn't seem to end.. and thn jst roam around crazily!" She added with a soft laugh.  He was surprised!  "really?.. oh thn its nothing like wat I had planned!" he said disappointedly.  "Thts wat is funny.." she said chuckling,"don't u get it?"  "Wat?"  "who thinks abt the place.. and the attire and the food .. or the ride.. on thr date!" she chuckled.  "y.. its wat u want rite"  "Nooo!  I was so stupid thn bt now I realized!" she said blushing.  "Wat?"  "tht.. more thn anything wat matters is the date!"  "wat?" he was quite puzzled.. she seemed to be talking in chinese.. date mattered on date?  She chuckled at his cute dumbness.. he wasn't going to ever get wat the date actually meant!  She blushed and slowly poked pointedly at him on the chest.  Oh! he got some but he still looked puzzled!  She chuckled  Oh.. he was soo soo cute.. and loving.. he had planned so much for her..and he was soo soo enthusiastic abt it.. never had she seen him so eager.. so impatient.. and he had looked so genuinely happy..  and she cudnt get his happy widely smiling face out of her head.


She looked at him and tht lingering craving returned back to her.  She wanted to make this face tht happy again.  She soo wanted to really express wat she feeling for him right now.  She jst wanted to lose herself!  She blushed decidedly and looked around quickly and then at the faraway security booth and smiled to herself.  His eyes wer studying her carefully trying to read her strange sort of behaviour... but she oh wanted to already reveal it all.  She quickly raised herself to reach his face and cupped it lovingly in both her hands.  He was taken by a surprise.  He moved back instantly and gave a cute suspicious look!  She chuckled at his cuteness and a wave of deep emotion swept her over completely and she grabbed his face and kissed him lovingly all over his face with sudden gush.  She cudnt control herself after the first time and repeated all over again till she felt content and thn her lips slowly and hesitantly lingered on his lips.. but she jst cudnt dare.. she gave a little shy smile and gave him a warm little kiss very near to his lips instead and blushed profusely.


Ashutosh was stunned!  He touched his face now quite warm to make sure he wasn't dreaming!  Nidhi instantly blushed again with extreme shyness and got up and ran upto thr car leaning on its bonnet to support her heavily pounding heart.  Ashutosh got out of his spell briefly as soon as he saw her running towards the car.  She stood thr for a while and thn slowly got into the car and waited for him there blushing heavily.  He slowly got up and occupied his seat.  She looked at him.  She was feeling shy and bold at the same time.  She blushed and gazed at him boldly with all the love tht she was feeling for him.  She cud still see her lipstick marks all over his face and her cheeks turned more rosy.  He was still holding his cheeks and looking clueless.  He apparently still hadn't gotten over.. and looking oh so cute tht she jst wanted to hug and kiss him again dearly.  But she jst smiled instead and turned his face towards her to rub away the marks from his face, but he held her hand and asked,"I wanna c it".  "Wat?"she cried in astonishment.  "I wanna c it" bt he was asking most sincerely and cutely.  She blushed and took out her mirror from her purse and offered him.  She was actually amused at his reaction.  She was supposed to feel all shy and blushing after tht amnt of kissing him, bt he jst was so cute with his reactions tht she cud not help herself from chuckling amusedly.  He tried to locate the mark she had made near his lips but cudnt find it,"Wer?" he asked.  She bit her lower lip shyly and turned his face in a position so tht he cud see it.  "hmm.." he mumbled satisfactorily and thn jst simply gave her mirror back.  "Okay.. lets go" he said abruptly and as a matter of factly and started the engine.  A short gasp escaped her mouth,"wat? Waaait?" she cried.  "y?wat?"  She blushed and asked,"Wat.. do u wanna go and display those marks to everyone?"  "oh.. tht?eh..sorry" he simply answered and thn leaned towards her and offered his face to rub them away.  She stared in a little shock for a while and was really getting dbtful as to condition of his present state of mind when he chuckled and teased her,"wat.. u want ppl to see the mark of ur??"  She instantly covered his lips with her fingers and blushed.. so he was back to his baseline!  She looked at him biting the inside of her lower lip and pulled out some tissue and slowly rubbed away the marks one by one.. blushing at each!


She turned around to throw away the last piece of tissue after she was done, but he suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders and gently tipped her face upwards towards his.  He gazed deeply and intensely into her eyes and she found herself melting into them completely.  He cot hold of her face tenderly and gave a warm kiss on her cheeks.  A warm wave of feeling passed over her face and she actually forgot to blush feeling warm all over!  She lowered down her gaze in extreme shyness, but he again pulled her face up and kissed warmly over her temple.. thn.. her brows.. thn eyes.. and cheeks.. and jowls? and chin.. and thn finally nuzzled lovingly into both her ears.. before bringing his lips back onto hers.  She moved away instantly and buried her face into her hands blushing badly.


"Nidhi.. not fair!" he cried,"I did not hide my face!"  He teased her.  "Nidhi!" he teased her again"not fair!"  "U r not a girl.. girls feel shy!" she mumbled something of tht sort from behind her hands and he chuckled.  "but I am Dr. Ashutosh rite.. u know I wud've died out there tonite!" he asked resting his head comfortably on the head rest and staring blankly ahead out of the front windows.  She instantly looked up at him and scolded,"don't u ever say tht"  He chuckled.  He had joked but she had taken tht seriously.  "Nidhi?I was jst teasing.."  "this is no way to tease!"  "Oh cmon.. Nidhi .. the way u reacted.. I almost got a heart atta" and she hit him lightly and quickly covered his lips with her fingers once again before he could complete the sentence.  His lips curled into a warm loving smile behind thm and he quickly grabbed thm and kissed back.  "Nidhi? u made me go completely crazy out thr.. u know tht.." he said in an extremely deep husky voice!  And she melted down completely from head to toe.  He grabbed her again and pulled her more closer,"You know how beautiful u look today.." he continued in his husky tone.. exploring her beautiful face lovingly with his eyes.. some tears gathered in her eyes and she stared at him completely spell bound.He then lowered his face onto her ears and caressed thm softly making Nidhi groan.  She clasped at his shoulders tentatively and he pulled her further close and she was almost held in a hug.  Her heart fluttered heavily inside her chest and she looked at him with flushed burning face.  He looked at her gorgeous face and kissed her lightly on her nose.  She didn't move away this time and looked at him with anticipation.  He embraced her more tightly and cupped her face dearly.  He looked at her for awhile with uncertain desire and gave a sweet little kiss on her forehead.  She gave a soft moan and he went on to kiss softly on every spot of her face once again.. her eyes.. her brows? her temple.. her cheeks.. her chin.. her jowls.. her ears... making her flinch passionately and go hot and warm all over again.  The touch of his soft lips were making her skin go crazy with some new aroused need and she moaned against him softly in delightful pleasure!  He returned a satisfied groan as he gave her a last kiss and thn pulled out and looked at her lips with a strong desire.  She looked into his eyes tht were strangely pulling her.  He bent his head and waited on her lips.. trying to decide with a befuddled brain.. she gave a desperate moan and suddenly clutched at his collars tightly.  It jerked him forwards abruptly and their lips brushed in a quick rush.  A quick shudder ran thru both of thm and thr breathing became even more heavier.  And he was no longer able to control himself anymore.  He urgently ran a quick shivering hand thru her hair and pulled her face closer to him and pressed his lips deeply on hers.  She gave a deep moan of passion and clinged onto his shoulders.  Her some fingers tugging his collars more tightly.  He pecked at her lips repeatedly and hardly and wildly.. jst like he had always wanted to do? !  He cudnt control himself and started kissing her passionately all over her face again till he cudnt hold himself back to reach for those her lips again.  He clasped her tightly and gave the most deepest and hardest of kiss.. tht it made her forget everything except his tight hard lips, his strong broad shoulders, and the tight embrace that he was keeping her in.  He held on to her till it suffocated thm and thn pulled out immediately before he was tempted to devor thm.. ravish thm.. and make her moan more in utmost delight!  But he had to control himself.. if he let himself loose, he wudnt b able to hold himself back.  He wudnt b able to control the desire tht was driving him mad slowly and suddenly arousing him and invoking in him a need so strong tht he wud devor Nidhi completely to satisfy himself and he knew she wudnt b able to say No.. bt he cant.. he cant.. he jst cant with his dearest Nidhi.. No.  Unable to control his own heavy breathing, he looked at her with flushed face.  Her fingers had suddenly started shaking badly and he immediately held thm tight to stop their trembling.  She was breathing heavily and staring at her trembling fingers.  He looked at her flushed and bewildered face and gave out an immediate pitiful cry,"Oh.. Nidhi..I am sorry.. I m sooo sooo very sorry"  He kept saying sorrie and nodding his head animatedly and condemning himself as he saw tears trickling down her face.


She was feeling so overwhelmed by this sudden surge of strong emotions that thy jst had and at this strange outburst of their deep love for each other.  She was confused at her such intimate display of affection, but she was sure of one thing.. abt her love for him.  She inched closer to him and hugged him dearly,"No.. No.." and she jst let herself cry into his chest.  "Nidhi please.. please dont" he cried clasping her dearly.  She smiled thru her tears and cried into his chest,"u know how much happiness u've given me.. how much joy u've brot to me.. this is the most amazing first date ever.. something tht I had't ever imagined.. something I never thot cud b so pleasurable.. sooo soo wonderful!"  He pulled her out gently and looked at her expectantly.. unable to believe wat he jst heard.  He cupped her face lovingly and asked,"Really?"  "hmm.." she rubbed her tears away and nodded with a most content and happy face.  "Oh! how stupid of me.. and I thot this wud make u cry in utmost delight" said he with a cute tease and brot out a small box from his coat pocket.  Her eyes instantly grew wide and lighted up brightly and she beamed with joy.. "A giiiffft!!!!!?"she cried  "Yup?Open it up!"  She held it gently for a while smiling widely and then slowly opened it up with trembling fingers.. and exclaimed with instant joy,"Oh My God.. itsss sooo very lovely!"  her heart began to dance.. it was a delicate? little .. neck piece.  Very cute.. very elegant, artistic, and extremely classy!...  "Oh!" she cud jst cry in delight as she touched it.  "U liked it"he asked her "obviously..its so soo beautiful.. how did u know I liked such things.." "Oh.. I had observed ur earrings lately.. u seemed to like those little classy kind of things.. so I picked this up.."  "really.. wen?" she asked jovially! "Wen I was waiting for u.. I jst went in randomly searching for something.. anything.. and my eyes fell on this.. and I thot this tiny little thing wud really suit u.. afterall u have such a delicate neck..!"  He pointed at her neck and she blushed and buried her face into his chest once again and asked him, "how did u know tht?"  "wat abt the suiting u part or the ur neck part?" he asked teasing her.  She jst groaned cutely into his chest and he replied,"okay? okay.. didn't I have a gud measure of ur beautiful little neck the other nite" he winked at her face tht had turned up to look at him.  She just smiled back and he cuddled her more lovingly.. He sighed deeply and cried,"Oh Nidhi!" and squeezed her some and carressed and cuddled her in lots and lots of warmth.  She let herself lose completely into his arms.  She had never felt so content and blissful and loved.  He was soo soo wonderful.. and loving.. and adorable.. the words jst weren't enuf!  Thy sat ther hugging each other for a while wen Ashutosh broke the silence,"u know.. I think its time we honored the "dinner" part of our date"  "hmm"said she but didn't move.  "Nidhi.. arnt u hungry?"  "Yeah!"  "so wer shall v go..u know this area"  "hmm? lets go on a wild chase"  "Wat?"he cried.  She chuckled into his chest mischeviously.  He pulled her out and asked again,"wat?"  she repeated excitedly,"lets go on a wild wild wild chase!"  "r u crazy Nidhi!"  "Nooo!... c heres the plan.. if u take a left from this road we will end up on the express highway.. we will drive on it till the nxt exit.  We will take tht exit and come back thru the national highway.. and I know a nice little dhaba near Lucknow.. which serves very tasty food.. lets go thr.."  "first date on a dhaba.. r u sure?"  "yes.. I m sure?u'll luv it"  "really?'  "yeah.." "okay thn lets go!" he said  "Yes! Lets Wrrooom!" she cried excitedly and he chuckled at her excitement.  She lunged suddenly towards him and straigtened his hair and rubbed off of him any sort of lipstick marks and thn straigtened herself up a bit.  He asked her to mend her kajal and to throw away the lipstick!  She chuckled cutely and soon thy wer ready to roll!


She again pulled out a 500 rupee note from his purse as they passed the security guard on thr way out and thanked him loudly and cheerfully!  Ashutosh cried out,"Nidhi.. u know how crazy u r.."  and she jst nodded her head cutely and turned up the radio and it played a beautiful peppy song tht matched their mood!


"Zindagi Do Pal Ki?..  Zindagi Do pal Ki..

Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala..

Tumhe pyaar na kab tak hum karenge bhala?"





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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
sorry friends this update got pretty messy wont b able to PM or edit title properly.. will come back 
niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
messy???if it is so let it be...sometyms messy things are just awesome...Clap

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heydoc27 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by achiever

sorry friends this update got pretty messy wont b able to PM or edit title properly.. will come back 

well!well!!!sum more well's!!Wink

well u knw wen dere booking went kaput i thght,oh no,has it got sumthing to do with???

but,d night view from d cliff,uff i have relished dem always,d unending night sky,lit with stars,n d beautiful view of d city decked with lights,as thou d city s decked with jewel containing all possible stones of diff shapes n colors,sorry i jus luv dat night view from a cliffWink

n d caressing hands,dat comfort u,makes for an overwhelming reaction responded pretty well tooEmbarrassedBlushing
ritu3kumar Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
so still no dinnerLOL
its not the dinner date but kissing date lots n lots of kissesWink

abhi toh need aa rahi hai it 1am
cu in the morningClap
ritu3kumar Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 11:33pm | IP Logged

Kissising between these two lovebirds is sooentertaining  It had love, action, passion,Everything is so delicious!" yummy!!!!

ashu  is so adorable when "he held her hand and asked,"I wanna c it".  "Wat?"she cried in astonishment.  "I wanna c it" bt he was asking most sincerely and cutely.  She blushed and took out her mirror from her purse and offered him.  She was actually amused at his reaction.  She was supposed to feel all shy and blushing after tht amnt of kissing him, bt he jst was so cute with his reactions tht she cud not help herself from chuckling amusedly.  He tried to locate the mark she had made near his lips but cudnt find it,"Wer?" he asked. "

Both of them are struggling with their desire and attraction to each other.

is there any connection between niddhi n ashu (baba nanna)

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