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hi dear
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Chapter 17:  The Tuff Promise!


The Recap:


When someone had said that love of woman weakens a man, he was not wrong!.. he chuckled and shook away his jumbled up thots..he has to think straight to remain hopeful, happy, and confident..jst like his dearest Nidhi? He closed his eyes and Nidhi's smiling face flashed across his eyes.  He smiled lovingly and drifted into a hopeful sleep.


Nidhi woke up the next morning at the sweet chirping of a little bird perched on her windowsill.  She stretched herself lovingly enjoying its sweet music and opened her eyes lazily to look at it.  It was a cute little bird.  She looked at it more interestingly.  It was beautiful bird with a blue underbelly.  It was chirping at her as if trying to wake her up!  She smiled at it lovingly and then looked out of the window.  She could see the long empty road stretched ahead.  She got out of her bed and went up to the window and gazed longingly at the road for a while.  She could still sense HIM waiting for her there.  She sighed at looked around at the trees.  The little bird had flewn over to the nearby tree on seeing her approaching the window and was now chirping at her merrily perched at one of its branches? or at least Nidhi felt so.  Nidhi smiled effusively at it and then to herself.. Even thinking abt HIM brot her tht goody goody mushy mushy feeling.. And with it the pining..  She again gave a short longing sigh.  Dr. Ashutosh's dearly hug from yesterday nite embraced her again and she blushed and hugged herself tight.  She instinctively ran to her study table and picked up her mobile to call Dr. Ashutosh, but then she remembered his words from the other nite.  She sighed again and pouted cutely at the phone and kept it back on the table reluctantly.   She pulled out her chair and sat on it with her hands on her chin sighing longingly and lovingly for Dr. Ashutosh.  She looked so cute and had Dr. Ashutosh seen her like that, he wud've surely forgotten his own promise!


Nidhi sat their for awhile thinking about wat to do abt this situation.  The yearning to see him to talk to him was strong and it had become much more alluring and intense on the mere thot that she cannot see him!  She sighed again deeply and looked around aimlessly as if searching for some sort of solution!  Her eyes laid on her laptop and a winning smile crept up on her lips as she pulled it closer and bit her lower lip mischeviously.  Who says she cannot see him!  She quickly got onto her picnic pics and opened up his pics impatiently.  At last, she cud find some comfort!  His smiling face had made her day and again sat there with her face in her hands and gazing longingly at him!


"Nidhi bibi ji? Nidhi bibi ji!!" a sudden shout from outside her door jerked her out of from her Loveland.  She abruptly closed her laptop as if she was about to be caught!  She looked at the door and found it closed.  She heaved a sigh of relief and answered chote sarkar back"wats it chote sarkar?"  "Oh Good that you are awake.. Dadi bua has asked you to join her if you are awake."  "Okay.. okay.. tell her, will b ready in 15 minutes.."  "Okay," said he and apparently left.  She glared at her closed door for while poutingly and then dragged herself to her bathroom.  She stood ther infront of her mirror with her toothbrush and paste and gazed herself in the mirror for a while.. uff.. wat had become of her!?it seemed as if this whole world was worthless without seeing him!  She chuckled at herself at her silly thots!  Her bathroom reminded her for his and with it came the memories of being there and doing the same sorts of thing inside his private den.  It gave her a little tickling feeling at the thot of being ther in his private den!  She blushed and bit her lower lip and giggled.  She had to literally force herself to complete her morning routine!  Oh it was going to b so hard to keep her mind wandering away in his thots!  It was going to be pretty difficult! 


When she came out, she thot of planning an agenda to pass her day.. While getting dressed up, she thot of important matters to be discussed and taken care of with her baba and family now that she had some time in hand!  One, she definitely needed to make a favorable impression of Dr. Ashutosh on baba.. to impress him was foremost on her list!  Secondly, she wanted to learn about her mom and their love story.. aaah.. the little things from their experience can b helpful sometimes!  She smiled to herself at the thot and looked at her mom's photograph while putting on her earrings.  She went up to her picture and gazed at her.. Oh mom!  It is so beautiful to be love.. wish u cud've been here to share my happiness.. some tears welled up in her eyes but she pushed them back and gave her mom a flying kiss and ran out of the door towards the kitchen.  Thirdly, she needed to do something.. some sort of work to keep her busy.. well.. for now she can cook.. thot she as she entered the kitchen and greeted dadi bua and hugged her lovingly!  Her bua was surprised as Nidhi had gotten up early and she was in most happiest of moods and to add to her surprise even more she had offered to cook breakfast all on her own!  She smiled at her with affection but opposed, "Why beta, I m here to take care of it.. you go and have some rest.."  "Oh Dadi bua.. its you who keep on saying that girls shud b adept in everything around their household.. rite.. and if I don't practice how wud I b proficient in these things.. I definitely don't want to blot your name with my in-laws!"  She said teasingly.. She knew wat her Dadibua's reaction wud b and she was rite.. her dadi bua was gazing at her with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.  She chuckled hard "wat has happened to you suddenly!" she exclaimed and continued "till yesterday you were running away from the word "marriage" and today you want to b adept!.. wats going on Nidhi?," she asked her suspcisouly.  Nidhi continued with her naughtiness, "Oh dadi bua? you know.. every girl has to do these things.. you know how important it is to please and impress someone!"  Dadi bua instantly got alarmed and Nidhi had hard time keeping her face straight!  "who is this that you wanna impress? hmmm?", she asked in a little stern tone.  "of course..my..baba?dadi bua!" and she chuckled.. "Oh" replied she.."who else did you think I wanted to impress dadi bua?" she asked with a teasing eyes..  Her dadi bua looked at her weirdly "yeah, of course baba who else.. Nidhi beta..well you continue then," she gave her mock assuring smile and rushed out of kitchen to search for Yog!  She had to imform him abt this sudden change in Nidhi and her apparent alarming behaviour!  She laughed hard behind her rushing figure!  She laughed so hard that she had to clutch her stomach and press her mouth to stop herself!  Chotesarkar looked at her with equal bewilderment as she drowned herself in this mirth!  Finally, she pushed him out and ordered him to set table for breakfast while she started to prepare for morning breakfast!


Her idea was to prepare her baba's fav aloo ka paratha with mint chutney and to talk about Dr. Ashutosh!  A great plan indeed!  She chuckled at herself and thot abt the possible points to discuss abt Dr. Ashutosh while she prepared the breakfast and of course the ginger-flavored tea to accompany it!


Soon they were on the dining table and Nidhi glanced at her baba to check his mood, but she cudnt quite get it as he was absorbed in some kind of serious news in the newspaper.  She twitched her lips disapprovingly and was still pondering about how to approach her baba with the topic of Dr. Ashutosh wen her baba herself peeked out of his newspaper and asked her instead, "Nidhi beta.. wud you please take your dadi bua to the temple.. I need to go early today and she wants to visit the other temple as well.. take your car.. and may b ask Shyama aunty and Angie as well.. u can have your little ladies outing sort of," he completed with a laugh.  Nidhi stared at him blankly Oh shit! She had completely forgotten about her car!  She started chewing her nails nervously as she saw her dadi bua giving her an approving nod!  The car..Oh my God!  She smiled at her baba sheepishly and stammered.."The? the caar.. baba?I? I?hospital?"  Her baba again peeked out of her newspaper and looked at her questioningly "why Nidhi? you don't know?"  "wat I don't know baba?"  "well, you thot I wouldn't know wer u wer after the hospital yesterday if you didn't tell me?"  wat!..Oh! did he already knew that she was at Dr. Ashutosh's house!.  She gazed at her baba to get some sort of clue!  Oh God.. please help me.. pleeaasseee!.  "You know baba?"  Her baba chuckled amusedly at her worried expressions.. "Of course, I know!  Dr. Ashutosh had called me up this morning and apologized for making you keep your car in the hospital.  He also mentioned he had some sort of work from you at his house and so had invited you there yesterday and then forgot abt your car completely.  He had sent a driver from the hospital to fetch the keys and drop the car back here!  He is such a nice gentleman."  "Oh.!," she cud just reply and heaved a silent sigh of relief.  So even before she cud impress her baba, he had already made a positive impression!  Good!  She had completely forgotten abt her car.. bt he hadn't! Oh.. he is such a .. Nidhi blushed before thinking abt him as darling!  Dadi bua didn't fail to gauge Nidhi's reactions.. "wat was the need to call Nidhi outside the hospital for work and that to at his house and that too at night.. huh.. how does that make him a gentleman!," she cried.  "Oh Bua.. please!.. it was jst late evening!" exclaimed Col. Verma.  For Nidhi, her paratha had stuck in her throat at her dadi bua's reactions.  She nodded disapprovingly and looked at her father.  He seemed to be least interested in Dadi bua's apprehensions.. but she wondered why he didn't ask her why she was there..!  She wondered and looked back at her dadi bua.  She was glaring at her plate disapprovingly as if it was Dr. Ashutosh!  She chuckled at her dadi bua's expressions!?but.. Oh Lord! The task was gonna b tougher than she had thot!  But well who said the task was going to b any easier and this was just a start!  She nodded her head and smiled to herself and her thots wandered back to Dr. Ashutosh as she nibbled on her parathas.  Hmm?so he had called.. well if not to her at least at her house.. so technically.. she can too call his house at least and say a little thank you!  She smiled brightly at the idea and quickly excused herself to act on her idea pronto and ran to her bedroom and closed the door behind her.


She quickly picked up her phone and called Hiraman kaka immediately.  "Hello.. kaka"  "Oh Nidhi beta.. hello.." "kaka.. I.. I?"  "yes.. Nidhi beta.. "  "I wanted u to pass on my msg to Dr. Ashutosh" She said shyly.  Kaka was a bit confused.. wer was the need for him to pass on the msg.. had something happened betn thm?  Well, tht he needed to ask to Ashutosh.  "of course y not..Nidhi beta"  "well, tell him I had said thnx for the car"  "well okay.. anything else.."  "No.. nothing else!"  the things she wanted to say surely she cannot tell kaka to pass on!  She blushed. "so.. not in hospital today?" he asked.  "No.. I have an off.." "Oh! so it's a gud break from ur busy schedule.. wish Ashutosh wud take such a break!" "Yeah.. he definitely needs one!"  "Yeah.. so wat r u planning.. any outing?"  "Well, kaka nothing of that sort for now.. I m rather planning on cooking different meals for lunch and dinner?"  "oh thts wonderful!"  "Kaka.. can u tell me? wat dish HE likes.. I mean wats his fav dish?"  Kaka chuckled.. now she was getting to the point!  He told her the name of the dish.. and she had hard time repeating it.. forget abt preparing!  It was dish she had unheard of! "Nidhi beta.. I know Hare chane ki kadhi with methi muthiya sounds really difficult.. but its not hard to prepare.. its an easy dish.. and Ashutosh wud give anything for it.."  "really?"? "Yeah.. he loves it so much.. and I have a quick receipie for you.. and I m gonna tell u my little secret to prepare this dish for him faster and a lot more tastier that it wud make him want to eat the plate along with the muthiyas!"  She laughed at Kaka's joke.. he was too cute!  And she quickly jotted down the recepie along with his expert tips!


Kaka wondered abt her call after she hung up.  It was strange that she had called him to pass on the msg.. He quickly rang Ashutosh.  "Hullo.. Kaka.. wat happened?" Ashutosh was a bit surprised and anxious.  Kaka never called up in his routine hours unless thr was an emergency.  "Oh no.. nothing of serious sort Ashutosh.. thr was a msg left for u to me" "wat?" Kaka chuckled.."Yeah.. strange isn't it.. and so it deserves a prompt calling? rite..and especially if its from Dr. Nidhi.. rite"  Ashutosh blushed.  Jst the word "Nidhi" wud make him melt and Kaka knew it very well!  He chuckled.  Kaka never let go a chance to pull his legs!  When Kaka didn't get a reply, he teased him"luks like u r too busy.. okay thn I will tell u in the evening thn.. bye.."  "Nooo.. Kaka.. hullo!," he promptly cried into the phone and heard a heavy laughter from the other end in reply! "Kaka!" he asked in a mock stern.  "Okay.. okay.. Nidhi beta jst called up to say you thnx for the car or something.."  "Okay," he smiled..so she found a way to communicate to him.. getting a clue from his own doing!  Smart girl!  How can he not love her!  He wished he hadn't had to be the mature one.. the responsible one.. and make her keep such promises!  He gave a silent sigh.. lest Kaka wud hear the state of his heart!  "Hullo u there Ashutosh"  "Yeah?"  "I thot u two mite have had a fight..it took me by surprise wen she called up to pass on msg? nothing wrong I hope"  "No..Kaka.. nothing.."  "then y she called me up and not u..  thr definitely seemed something more I can tell.."  "No..its.. its.." Ashutosh was contemplating on wat to tell him"  "Okay I can understand"  "wat do u understand"  "that its little something that I didn't need to know!"  "Kaka!"  Kaka jst chuckled!  Ashutosh didn't want to give him any more chances to pull his legs!,"anything else?" he asked wanting to hang up!  "yeah definitely?and this is more interesting.." "really?"  "yeah.."  "wats it?"  "well.. looks like someone is gonna get a treat of his fav dish soon!"  "wat?  Kaka don't talk in riddles.."  "okay okay.. She was asking for recipe of your fav dish.. hare chane ki curry with methi muthiya.."  "really?," he was really pleasantly surprised.. he had never thot she wud make such fruitful use of her dayoff!  He chuckled.."yeah" came the reply, "and wen she does that I will demand a treat!"  "Kaka!"  "eh.. y not.. it definitely deserves a treat.. it wud have a different distinct flavor and definitely be a lot more tastier?for one.. it wud b the first time u will taste tht dish made by a woman.. and secondly.. oh?how relishing it wud b.. especially wen its made by ur.." "Kaka!," he exclaimed at Kaka on the phone and hung up blushing!  Even kaka was getting bold!  He chuckled at the thot tho.. it wud b definitely a lot more tastier and yummier! 


Nidhi was sitting and dwelling on the thot of how Dr. Ashutosh wud've reacted to her msg.  She blushed.  Kaka wud've definitely told him abt her little cooking adventure today.. Hare Chane Ki Curry with Methi Muthiya!  Hmm.. on repeating the name it really sounded good, she thot.  Or was it coz with its every repetition.. Dr. Ashutosh' happy face flashed across her eyes repeatedly!  She chuckled and blushed at herself.  She forced herself up to announce the grand dish that she was gonna prepare for lunch today!


Dadi bua was taken by surprise.."wer did u find such a recipe.. it's a quite old recipe.. ppl don't prepare such traditional dishes nowadays!.. many ppl find it odd with green chanas and don't like it," she said to Nidhi.  "well, someone surely loves it!"  "wat? Who?"  Oh she heard her!  Nidhi cursed herself!  "Oh Dadi bua.. I mean someone surely loves it thts y its on Tarla dalal's site."  "who is Tarla dalal?" "she is a cook and has put on some recipe on net and I found it among thm"  "who wat.. wer?"  "Oh dadi bua.. the small little electronic thing tht I use.. I found it thr" "How?"  "Oh dadi bua it wud b confusing to u.. jst say.. I found it and I m gonna prepare it.."  "Okay fine fine!," her bua finally gave in.


After instructing Chote Sarkar of the menu and the ingredients and its preparation, she quickly ran to Angies house next door.  "angie.. Angie.." she shouted from outside and barged into her room without knocking and shook her up wen she saw it was 9 and she was still lying in bed!  "Oh Nidhi.. stop it!,"she cried.  "Nooo? wake up.. don't u have classes!"  She finally sat up and stared at Nidhi annoyingly!  "from wen have started worrying abt my classes.. and oh! I m so surprised.. tht u actually have some time in hand for me!, she said sarcastically.  "Oh.. cmon Angie!"  "No I will not!  I am pretty badly pissed off with you.. I m supposed to be your best friend but it seems I need to take an appointment to even talk to you nowadays!"  "Oh Angie its not like tht"  "really thn how its like.."  "tht u will not understand till u fall in love.."  "really? And if thts the case thn I better not fall in love.. and neways.. falling in luv is stupid idea!"  "Its not!"  "luk at ur moony self, u forget everything else except Dr. Ashutosh!"  "Angie!," she blushed it was true!  "thts y have come to u..wen r u classes.." asked Nidhi  "at 11:30.. need to go by 10:30.. y?"  "Oh Angie.. bunk ur classes!"  "Wat NO!"  "Please.. please.. for me?"  She glared at Nidhi with open mouth.."U don't have time for me.. and wen u find some time for me u want me to bunk my important classes N. O. NO!!"  "please.. I have important and serious things to talk abt.. please.. its abt Dr. Ashutosh and baba.. and dadi bua.. its really making me worried.. please.."  Angie looked at her.. Nidhi was serious!  "Okay.. okay fine.. happy.. but I will attend my after-lunch classes.. I really cannot miss thm.."  "Okay its fine.. freshen up and meet me in my room.. Okay?"  "Okay.."  Nidhi smiled at Angie and gave her a sweet peck before leaving.  Angie nodded her head and smiled after her.  Nidhi was so cute but the path she has taken was a tuff one.. she was with her but she was worried abt her future and abt Dr. Ashutosh.. it looked soo complicated already!  She sighed and got up to get ready.


After half and hour she was at Nidhi's house.  She found her in Kitchen preparing for some weird kinda dish.  Nidhi smiled brightly on seeing her and winked mischeviously at her surprised face.  Angie nodded her head and smiled.  Nidhi instructed Chote Sarkar of the rest and almost dragged her to her bedroom and closed the door behind her.  "so wats up with cooking?" asked Angie.  "oh tht..," Nidhi blushed.  Angie raised her eyebrows teasingly at her blush, "luks like somebody is cooking something special of someone special.."  Nidhi blushed, "yeah.. its Dr. Ashutosh' fav dish!"  "Uff.. I can never understand..its so rubbish.. wats big deal in cooking for someone!"  "tht u will understand wen u wud want to cook for tht certain someone"  "tht will never happen.. coz I will not marry a guy who doesn't know cooking or housechores.. I have a grand plan for my career and cooking and managing a house doesn't fit in there? the guy whom I choose will need to share each and every responsibility!"  "God angie.. uff Shyama Aunty is going to have a tuff time looking for ur match!"  "Y?" "Y?  the guy you want .. do u think ur father is gonna approve of him.. unless u chose for urself.. I hardly think u r gonna get ur perfect guy in this life!.. forget abt choices u don't even like the idea of being in luv"  "Its not like tht.. I don't oppose falling in luv.."  "but u jst said tht.."  "well, its not like tht exactly.."  "Yes.. I knew it.. behind tht rationale self I knew thrs this mushy little girl who wants to fall in luv.. do romance..and do some coochie cooing" Nidhi nudged her teasingly.  "eeeks.. coochie cooing.. thts eeeks!"  "Angie!"  "No really.. don't stress urself Nidhi?by tht I meant..I don't mind accepting a guy who falls in luv with me.. afterall a wise man had said.. to be with a man who luvs u is better than to live with a complete stranger!"  "Okay.. so at least v got a green signal for making some guy fall for u!"  "Oh Nidhi.. please!.. if it has to happen it will happen.. if not, DO NOT orchestrate!  By the way wat r u doing at home.. and wats going on betn u two.. how far hmmm?"  Angie nudged her teasingly and then laid down on Nidhi's bed.  "Angie!"Nidhi blushed?"Nothing's going on!"  "but ur blushes says something else.. so hows he?"  "fine"  "Jst fine.. eh.. not done.. cancel him!"  "Angie!"  Angie chuckled.. so HOW fine is he?" "really.. really? fine.."  "mm..hmmm?"  "he luves me so much," she said in a low shy voice".."mm..hmm..but u've jst met.. how do you know this soon?"  "Oh Angie.. u don't need a proof.. the things he does for me.. the way he cares abt me.. u've to jst look into his eyes.." "really?" and she nudged Nidhi again as she blushed profusely.  Nidhi took a pillow to hug it lovingly.  "so how far have u two gone?"  "Angie!"  "Nidhi..I need to ask.. the way u r blushing.. I suspect?" she teased her with a straight face  "Angie!," she exclaimed and hit her with the pillow.. "Okay.. sorry sorrie.. bt tell me hows he tht way?," she asked a blushing Nidhi.. "Wat way?"  "tht way.. r u going to answer or u want me to elaborate!"  "Angie!" "Okay fine.. tell me how close have u come?"  "very close"  "really..now now"  "Angie!.. not tht way.. the normal way.. I mean.."  "Oh.. so he is not good tht way!" "wat?" and Nidhi hit her again.. but Angie wasn't going to stop!  "Y r u hitting me.. go and hit him!"  "Angie!" and she got some more from Nidhi.  Nidhi finally sat up and pouted!  Angie had to give in, "Okay okay.." she too sat up beside her and hugged her lovingly.. "okay.. now seriously? tell me.."  Nidhi blushed hard and replied, "he is good in every ways!"  "mmhmm.. so did u kiss"  "Nooo!.." but on seeing the look on Angie's face, she meekly added.."I mean..not yet.. C'mon Angie.. its too soon!" "thn how can u tell.. I mean considering the age difference.." she shrugged her shoulders.. she really didn't know how to say it to Nidhi "Angie?. how do I put it.." she blushed again.. and Angie hugged her tight and encouraged her, "tell me.. wat ever u feel like"  "Angie.. u jst know tht thrs this spark..thrs this pull.. this attraction.. u don't need to kiss to judge tht..  the way he teases me.. I wudnt have imagined in my wildest of dream tht he is such kinda person down under.. and yet he is so gentlemanly.. so protective.. so caring and so so mature.. he is not at all the person he looks like at the first impression.. once u know him u will know tht he is a genuinely loving person.. and I am so proud tht I found him.."  Angie cud c the pride and love on Nidhi's face for Dr. Ashutosh.. "Oh Nidhi I am so happy for u.. I was really apprehensive initially.. coz I thot he is those serious kinda .. boring kinda man.. and knowing u, I was really worried abt ur future.. one can still adjust with differing tastes in such age differences.. but compatibility is mst!.. but still thr r gonna b lot of questions raised!"  "I know Angie.. and thts wat I am worried abt.. I mean.. I don't know wat baba thinks of him.. he seems pretty impressed with him? but as a doctor.. as a mentor.. as my senior and a respectable man of society.. how he sees him as my?" she blushed.. "I don't know Angie.." and she took her hands and looked at her anxiously..  "Nidhi.. everythings gonna b alright.. but in such kinda r'ship the man has to be strong.. taking responsibilities.. fighting odds..facing the world  is he?"  "Oh Angie.. thts the wonderful thing abt him.. he doesn't want me to lie to baba.. he is upfront and frank to baba abt even our meets.."  "really?"  "yeah.." "and how does Verma uncle take it".. "Angie.. thts wat I want to know... baba definitely has sensed something.. and Dadi bua.. Oh Angie.. she is already suspicious.. and is leaving no chance to stuff the same things in baba's head?. Angie..I feel thrs definitely a plan in baba's head.. he is jst waiting for something.. or may b a rite time.." Nidhi said anxiously.. "Nidhi how can u b so sure.."  "Angie.. wen Dadi bua can notice and ring warning signals.. how can baba fail to notice!"  "hmmm u have a point"  "Angie.. and that too wen Dr. Ashutosh is already giving him all the clues!.. these two men I tell u Angie are playing a sort of game.. like a chess.. waiting for rite opportunity and other's move.."  "wat do u mean?"  "I don't know.. Angie.. but thrs something related to me.. related to my past thts holding thm up.. and tht thy both seem to understand.. bt I don't have a clue.." "wat sort of thing?"  "thy both think I possibly suffer from PTSD syndrome!"  "wats tht.. a medical jargon?" "Its posttraumatic stress disorder that u suffer after a traumatic event.."  "hmm? y tht can happen.. I mean u jst went thru such incident..""Angie thts precisely the thing.. the situation was under my control.. I mean.. I didn't let it out of my hand.. obviously I was terrified.. but I wasn't traumatized!"  "hmm.. so how exactly this PTSD happens.. wat r its effects?"  "Angie.. wen one is in a terribly frightening, life-threatening situation or otherwise has highly unsafe experience, one tends to develop an anxiety disorder after such experience..it can manifest into a variety of things.. thrs no clear demarcation.. no clear symptoms.. its pretty complex.. but yes certain recurring and common symptoms do occur.. but I have none.. and sometimes..ppl do get out of it.. sometimes thru counseling.. sometimes thru personally modified coping techniques.. thr r different ways.. some mite avoid re-experiencing it.. keep themselves far away from the person, place or situation.. some mite become emotionally numb to it.. some mite jst block it out.. at other times those repressed emotions can manifest in some other way.. like sleep disturbances.. long term depression..headaches.. I don't know.. fainting..thr r hell lot of things.."  "mmm hmm.."  "Oh Angie!," it suddenly struck Nidhi.  "wat?"  "Oh.. I was so stupid.. it was rite thr infront of my eyes.. but u know how the saying goes.. however accomplished a doctor mite b he always fails to diagnose his own disease!" "Nidhi wat do u mean"  Nidhi grabbed her shoulders excitedly and jumped out of the bed.. "Angie.. its fainting!"  "Wat"  "Angie I faint on seeing open wounds!"  "You do?  Really?.. u r a doc Nidhi!,"she exclaimed  It was hard for Angie to believe.. it had never happened in 24 years of their lives.. at least she had never seen such things happening to Nidhi!  "Oh Angie.. even I didn't know of it.. but it started happening more frequently after I joined this medical field.. I never took it seriously.. bt Dr. Ashutosh knew it from the day I had told him first!"  "He knew?"  "Oh yes..!" she said excitedly.. "I distinctly remember the concern on his face.. first time ever.. for me.. and then he had asked me.. so gently for the first time ever.. Oh! Angie.. he had asked me that wat was bothering me!"  "mm hmm.." Angie was actually amused on seeing the look on Nidhi's face.. here she had diagnosed herself with a possible PTSD disease, but she was merrily discussing abt how Dr. Ashutosh had already recognized it!  Oh how effusive was she becoming at mere thot of Dr. Ashutosh!  Poor girl!.. such things do happen in love!  She chuckled, "Nidhi.. r u realizing wat u r doing?"  "No?. wat?," she asked excitedly.. Angie got up and grabbed her shoulders tenderly.. "My Nidhi dearest.. u r rejoicing at the diagnosis of ur own disease!"  Nidhi chuckled, "Angie.. and thts the best thing ever happened.. coz now I can treat myself.. now I know how to cope with it.." and thn she rubbed her hands excitedly "and now I now how to handle these two men who think I m a delicate little toy.. probably made of some glass.. whose gonna break at slightest of touch!"  She chuckled.  "Nidhi.. I don't know abt Dr. Ashutosh.. bt ur baba definitely treats u as such.. he jst needed to add a tag on u "handle with care!"  she chuckled.  "Shut up Angie!.. it's a serious thing for him.. how hard it must b for him to send me for MBBS after knowing tht I suffer from such thing."  "hmm.. bt hows it gonna benefit u..i mean wat abt the handling of these two men?"  Nidhi smiled knowingly and again rubbed her hands.. "Angie have u seen two gentlemen playing a game of chess..?"  "yeah.. sure.. my dad with ur baba.. bt I dbt if I can call my dad a gentleman!"  "Oh shut up Angie.. ur dad is a darling. Neways.. u know wat I had always wanted to do wen thy played the chess?"  "wat?"  "topple the pieces and throw away the chessboard! Wat if I do the same with these two gentleman" "Nidhi.. u will get the same treatment tht u wud've gotten thn.. good little spanking!"  "Oh No.. certainly not.. especially if u know tht u r their weakness!" Nidhi smiled mischeviously!  "Really..?" "really Angie.. really.." and she grabbed her shoulders and she made her do a little spin!  "okay okay.." Angie stopped her holding her spinning head.. and asked.. "But how do u plan to do it"  "I don't know Angie.. bt I will surely give it a try.. if not topple thn at least I will place my little piece inbetn to confuse thm".. and she chuckled excitedly.  Angie was unsure abt her plan.. bt she really hoped that it worked.. jst for Nidhi.. Nidhi was driven by her heart.. and she afraid tht both Nidhi's baba and Dr. Ashutosh relied on their brains more in such matters.. can their love for Nidhi make thm think thru their heart rather than brains.. does love have such powers tht it can concur every obstacle!  Angie was left mulling as Nidhi was called out by chote sarkar to prepare for lunch and Angie took her leave by wishing her all the best!

----Hiya all.. m back and sorry for going away for so long... bt it was family medical emergency.. but all is well tht ends well.. and everything is fine by God's grace and ur wishes..Embarrassed
----Wrote the chapter in a hurry.. so didnt know how it turned out.. and yeah.. its devoid of tht Ashu-Nidhi moment tht i so luv to put otherwise.. bt at least i tried to salvage it with other characters.. so hope u liked it..
Do comment on how u liked it.. fun-tastic epis ahead..and a little more wait for tht mini-mini step ahead in thr r'ship..
so keep tuned to this thrd for some more fun!
Ciao.. njoy.. tc..

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 February 2012
Posts: 5280

Posted: 02 May 2012 at 7:31am | IP Logged
superb update...so well written yaar...loving the way nidhi realises her love for ashu and njoying it...and anji is a true frnd...Smile

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 February 2012
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Posted: 02 May 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged
So Nidhi is in Goody Goody Mushy Mushy mood completely.Liked the way two friends-Nidhi and Anjie discussed their emotions with maturity and wholeheartedly.
Hope everything goes well,take ur time and i'l b waiting for the next one patiently.

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tweetycat Groupbie

Joined: 10 January 2012
Posts: 63

Posted: 02 May 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
hi hope everything is fine now. thanks for the pmSmile.I just came here to see if u have updated yet or not after a hectic exam todayConfused thanks for the update it helped me to destressBig smile thanks alot for this wonderful updateClapit was worth waitingWink loved the way Nidhi and Anjie teased each other LOL                         love and take careHug

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ritu3kumar Senior Member

Joined: 10 February 2012
Posts: 447

Posted: 02 May 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
just completed  the whole thing and I love it! absolutely superb!! LOVED THE PASSING MSG IDEA!
best was conversation between niddhi- kaka- ashu whole thing was so cute.Cannot wait for the next update. but waiting ka apna hi fun hai
so waiting LOL
take care
now finish reading it once again best part was the last part. between niddhi and anji now she know ahu loves her and now excited to read what is going in her mind what is next planWink

Edited by ritu3kumar - 02 May 2012 at 12:42pm
Pooja_0910 Senior Member

Joined: 24 February 2012
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Posted: 02 May 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Hiii achiever...
Nice update..Ohh poor Nidhi...she dieing to see her love her Ashu but she cant meet him as per her promise...i wonder how Ashu was ready to stay away from her for a day...Nidhi angie conversation was sweet...loved their teasing n some serious talk...now me eagerly waiting for next update...please do update soon...
heydoc27 Senior Member

Joined: 11 April 2012
Posts: 685

Posted: 02 May 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
hey achiever thnks for d PMSmileBig smile
just completed reading the whole thing and M luvin it! !as i have always told,u r one intelligent rogue(just a phrase i get wen i strt reading d chess synonym for d mind games goin on in between these two men in nidhi's life),i just luv dat,brilliantSmileSmile
best was conversation between niddhi- kaka- ashu whole thing was so cuteWinkSmile
hmm now all excited for nidhi ka phaasa palat programWinkBig smileLOL
hmm ab intezaar ka phal toh meetha hona hi chaahiye,toh intezaar karnewaale par thoda rehem kee jiye aur ek aur update kee jiye,matlab jaldiWink
till den intezaar..WinkBig smile

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