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please updateLOL

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Inteha ho gayi intezar ki.
Please yaar ,so much eagerly waiting for your next update.
Please please update soon .
Teaser se kaam nahi chal raha
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Hi.. all.. thnx for ur patient wait... LOL
bt ull all get a treat for ur looonggg wait..Tongue
was jst going thru the chapter.. and its pretty pretty pretty big one..  i guess i have to put it in 2 parts.. wat do u all say to tht?

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Originally posted by achiever

Hi.. all.. thnx for ur patient wait... LOL
bt ull all get a treat for ur wait..Tongue
was jst going thru the chapter.. and its pretty pretty pretty big one..  i guess i have to put it in 2 parts.. wat do u all say to tht?
You can put in any no of parts... Hope you had nice easter vacation... Pls do release some part now...Smile
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k.. thnx.. putting it in some parts.. i dunno how much I-F can take..LOL..
bt will PM u all some time later on.. some time constraints..Embarrassed

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Chapter 15:  Her  Sweet Love


The Recap

Soon, Nidhi and Ashutosh were back on their way to KGH.  Nidhi was feeling so so happy.  She was glowing all over with joy, love, admiration, pride, and respect for this man, who had slowly become the 2nd most important man in her life.  He was so so good, he rightfully deserved everything good and best a life cud provide.  Nidhi knew a little abt him, bt she wanted to know more.. and she wanted to give him much more joy and happiness than wat he had brot in her own life.  She sighed determinedly.


Ashutosh glanced at Nidhi briefly, clearly she luked a lot more relaxed and happy and why wudnt she.. her baba had forgiven her.  He was truly happy for her.  He himself was greatly relieved and he cud feel her growing admiration for him.  It had definitely increased her respect for him to manifolds but oh! she was so nave...he knew wat she was thinking.. she probably thot her baba too was as impressed with him as she was!  He nodded his head and smiled to himself at her naivety.  Little did she know tht its not how a father's brain wud work!  Ashutosh was sure that right now Colonel Verma must be pacing in his room, pondering over this incident, and still mulling on HIS role in this whole thing.  He sighed and looked at her.  She was looking silently thru the window lost in her own little world and then she smiled to herself at something that she was thinking abt.  Instantly, a warm smile crept up on his own lips.  Her smile was surely infectious..


Dr. Ashutosh was not wrong in judging Col. Verma.  That was exactly wat Col. Verma had been doing in his room, pondering abt this sudden turn of dangerous event and abt the significance of this abrupt appearance of practically a stranger in his daughters's life.  Suddenly he felt all the care and concern tht he had took to make Nidhi safe and secure werent enuf.. bt thn Dr. Ashutosh was rite.. one cant keep their child to themselves.. thy need to let thm face the world on their own to let thm grow.. it was jst tht he didn't know tht his Nidhi had grown up so fast!


He had been still thinking over it wen Bua suddenly barged into his room calling out his name with some urgency.  He hadnt yet thot abt how he was going to disclose this whole incident to his bua.  Surely, she wasn't going to take it in the same spirit as he had.  Explaining her was going to be tuff task!  But Bua herself helped him out.  Bua had apparently seen the girls giggling and eyeing over Ashutosh a while back while returning from the temple and her worldly "wise" knowledge had told her tht thr was definitely something "fishy" going on.  So she had come down to Col. Verma to enquire abt tht certain someone with whom Nidhi had apparently left in effusing joy.


On learning the "semi-truth" abt yesterday night's events, she immediately expressed her concern over Nidhi's further dwindling prospective chance of getting "good" mrg proposals with the expressions that had made Col. Verma chuckle in amusement.  His bua had been a complete nautanki, but she had seriously disapproved Nidhi's ways and had even voiced her suspicion over Dr. Ashutosh's real intentions.  "Oh come on bua, u r jumping on conclusions too soon!,"  Col. Verma had said with slight exasperation.  "Dr. Ashutosh is her senior and a very respectable and reputed man of our society.  You should have listened to him.  He is a wise man.," he had defended Dr. Ashutosh.


But Bua had replied with a disapproving tsch, "Yog," she had rebuffed him, "you remember how I had caught you and Vrinda.  I know something is brewing the moment I see it.  We do a lot more than jst sit there in the temple and share our miseries and misfortunes!"  Col. Verma had rolled his eyes and replied, "yeah.. Bua and that is sometimes called gossiping!"  "Huh!" she had replied in a huff, "Yog, u cant ignore the vigilant eyes of wise old ppl like us.  Its my duty to warn you and I am jst doing tht."  She said warningly.  "You think I don't love Nidhi as much as you do.. huh?.  I am equally concerned abt her." and she had walked out of his room nodding her head in strong disapproval.  Col. Verma had heaved a sigh of relief.  He didn't have to disclose his bua abt Nidhi's nightout.  His bua had been so preoccupied with Nidhi's suspcious conduct towards Dr. Ashutosh that it had apparently escaped her "vigilant" mind, but he knew sooner or later, she is going to come back with those questions and he better prepare himself for it!  He also needed to took to Nidhi abt all these as soon as possible and apparently abt Dr. Ashutosh as well.


Dr. Ashutosh's thots still wandered over Col. Verma.  He must confess that when he had planned to reveal the truth, he was a bit worried about how it wud all go, but the way Nidhi had described her baba, it gave him confidence.  Moreover, her baba was a colonel, so he knew Col. Verma wud handle this situation with the same dignity and pride and besides wen talking to a man like himself, Col. Verma wud definitely give some credit to his reputation and status so he knew it wasn't going to be a melodramatic father-of-daughter Vs lover-of-daughter showdown that normally happens in the films.  That thot brot an instant chuckle.. grt! now he had started joking in his thots too!  He chuckled some more and turned and glanced at Nidhi.  This girl has surely changed him a lot!  He kept looking lovingly at her for a moment and then turned his attention back to the road.


Nidhi had felt his gaze and returned it with a slight blush and then had turned back to gaze out of the window.  She had been observing Dr. Ashutosh all this while.  He was apparently in the "thinking" mode and the way he kept looking at her in between, she knew he was thinking abt her and his recent meet with her baba.  She wanted to ask wat, but her experience with her own baba had told her that it was best if thy r left alone.  They r either thinking seriously abt something that is better not to be disturbed or probably just stressing themselves out with their wandering thots!  She chuckled.  She had asked her baba once,"wats so gud abt sitting and thinking?and thinking?and thinking..?" "one needs to get up and act?" she had suggested.  She had re-invented tht famous "pehle aap-pehle aap" Lucknow joke.."if you keep on pondering over.. like the Shakespeare? to board or not to board?.. Is it actually the rite train.. or?wud it ever lead to wer I want to go?...then.. u r probably gonna miss the train itself?and wudnt know wen the nxt wud arrive!".. she had joked.  She chuckled and looked back at Dr. Ashutosh.  But he was back in his deep thots so she buised herself back to stare at the passing Lucknow streets.


Ashutosh had sighed briefly and forced himself back on some serious thots.  Before his meeting with her baba, he had actually mentally prepared himself for more of a man to man talk, but to his surprise it turned out to be a man to father-of-a-daughter talk.  Col. Verma wasn't able to say much but he realized how much he loved Nidhi and this incident had affected him deeply.  Clearly, he must b pondering over how a complete stranger like him had won her daughter's trust and confidence this much.  For a father its complete shocker wen he learns that his little daughter has suddenly grown up and like any father of a daughter, Ashutosh knew wat Col. Verma's next step would be.  Col. Verma will either try to learn more about him if had made a favorable impression or he would discourage Nidhi on growing further acquaintance with him.  Though he was confident abt the former being more true, a slight fear seized him at the thot that wat if the latter was the case.  Tht wud mean this thing with Nidhi wud not go any further.  His heart sank suddenly at this mere thot.  Just the thought of seperation from Nidhi had made him uneasy and weak.  He felt quite emotional.  He gave a slightly frightened sigh and glanced at Nidhi.  She was still happily dwelling in her own thots.  For her, this whole world was jst wonderful.  Wat wud it b like to see the world thru her rose-tinted glasses?.. Sometimes, he really felt jealous of Nidhi.. to remain young and blissfully unaware of unpleasant repercussions was a good thing.. too much thinking and planning can sometimes malfunction the hardware of the brain!  He chuckled briefly.. But was it really good idea to let the things unfold betn thm on their own and leave it on fate..and let thm confront things as thy come? or knowing the unpleasant outcome, shud he prevent it beforehand from happening to save thmslves from all tht pain and suffering? Or rather b optimistic and hope tht sometimes love can make miracle happen.  He gave a deep sigh?.its not tht he hadnt given tuff tests in his life..it had been a tuff battle for him.. he had lost everything tht brot him happiness.. his baba? his house.. the only thing tht remained was his profession..and now suddenly Nidhi had entered his life and turned it topsy turvy..he was becoming more and more emotional for her.. he isn't able to control it..and this sudden fear of seperation from Nidhi was making him unsure and clogging his flow of reasoning.  He nodded his head to clear away his cluttered thots.  He had suddenly felt a need to talk to Nidhi and she actually turned towards him just then as if she had recognized his need.  Ashutosh was pleasantly mildly surprised!


"So?" asked she with a contented smile.  She had just observed that he had been apparently out and done with all the thinking in the world that he had to do!  Her satisfied and bright smile had instantly soothed his agitated nerves.  He gave a big relieved sigh and smiled back at her pleasantly and asked in reply,"So?"  "So..do you always think while driving or u leave something to ponder over in the nights on tht rocking chair of urs?," she asked jovially.  He laughed softly and replied,"thinking while driving sets my thots in motion and sometimes the road moving ahead gives my thots a right direction."  "hmm?good!  so how many accidents have u done so far?" she asked with a slight hint of disapproval in her voice out of concern for him and that made him chuckle instantly.  "so far?.. well.. one," he replied, "and that I would rather blame on the other driver.  Sometimes some drivers jst drive sooo rash.. and thn thy blame others and extort exorbitant money!" he added teasingly and smiled to himself.  He knew pretty well wat was coming!...She instantly retorted with a sharp cry "I don't drive rash!," and he chuckled hard.  She frowned at his restrained chuckle and replied, "It wasn't my fault alone.. the way u r driving.. look at ur speed rite now..," and she pointed at the speed-o-meter.  "This way v wud reach the hospital in 0 minutes and still thr wud 30 minutes to spare before the meeting starts.  U r so lost in ur own thots tht u don't realize how fast u drive," she said and crossed her arms in a huff.  She thn pondered a bit abt something with a big pout and replied cutely,"u will ponder over each and every thing under this bright sun but forget that someone hadnt had a thing to eat since morning!"  Oh Shit!  , he had completely forgotten that this poor little thing hadn't had anything at all while he had gobbled up some quick snacks over 2 cups of gingered-flavored tea and a cup of coffee!


"You like to keep me hungry!," said she and made one of the most cutest of faces.  "tht day in ur cabin too, u kept me hungry.." He chuckled lovingly at her.. she was such a cute thing!  "I am sorry.. absolutely sorry..," he had replied defensively.  He glanced around the streets?Oh!.. thr was no sight of burger anywhere.  "No burger.. luks like thrs some chinese restaurant ahead..," said he peeking thru the front window of his car.  "Chinese wow!," she suddenly shrieked with joy.. "yummy.. that wud certainly do" she said excitedly and rubbed her hands and beamed at him like an overjoyed kid!  He was a bit taken aback in amusement as he turned his car towards the restaurant.  She blushed in embarrassment at the look on his face and thn collected herself more composedly.  He chuckled and stared at her lovingly as he turned off the engine.  She gave a shy smile.  She surely made his heart leap a thousand miles wen she did tht!  He cudnt help himself staring at her lovingly.  When he didn't move for long, she teased him back,"Dr. Ashutosh, I don't think so they r gonna serve food in the car for ppl like us."  Her "ppl" had almost sounded like a couple! She chuckled and then ran out of the car blushing!  Her sweet laughter filled his car and his heart.  He gathered himself and shook his head in slight embarrassment.. Shit!


She had already occupied a table by the window when he entered the restaurant.  He looked away from her in slight embarrassment.  The ambience of the restaurant was really good!  The artificial waterfall by the window gave it a more romantic feel!  Or was it his heart that was feeling so romantic!  He blushed inside with joy and nodded at the passing manager to distract himself.


She glanced at him walking towards their table.  Oh he looked soo handsome in that well-fitted suit and he had a glide tht wud suit some real knight!  She blushed and turned her attention towards the table and started arranging the things on the table randomly.  If she got distracted this way, she wudnt b able to face him across the table without giving a blush!


He finally came and took the seat infront of her.  They both kept glancing at each other briefly but intently across the table.  She kept playing with the cutlery.  He kept playing with his tie and his suit.  She quickly ordered some starter and noodles and waited for it.  He apparently had enuf already so he didnt.  Nidhi wished the food wud arrive soon to keep her busy.  She cud feel the tension building up between them.  She tried to concentrate on the song that was playing.  Oh! it was a beautiful romantic song, which actually added something to the lingering romance betn them?.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeyfUuXPOcY  - courtesy T-series Channel on Youtube

(Dheere Dheere se.. from film Aashiqui.. one of my most most most.. fav romantic songs..**sigh***)


And the music.. was sooo? heart touching? She sighed yearningly..!.. and it had guitar tune!  She glanced at him.. he too seemed to be engrossed in this beautiful song..


She concentrated on the lyrics..thy wer jst too beeeauuutiful..


Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana.  Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churana..

Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana?Tumse Milkar Tumko hai Bataana


Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana.  Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churana..

Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana?Tumse Milkar Tumko hai Bataana


She blushed..and gazed at him.. Oh! he seemed to b concentrating on thm too.. and was actually gazing at her intently?she instantly lowered her eyes with shyness..


Nidhi's heart had started doing something at the way he was gazing at her and the lyrics wer jst adding fuel to this fire..?.Jabse Tujhe Dekha? Dil Ko Kahin Aaraam Nahin?Mere Hothon Pe Ek Tere Siva Koi Naam Nahin?.


Her heart suddenly oozed with all the love that she had for him.  She looked up at him longingly for a moment and and then lowered her eyes at wat was played next.. Apna Bhi Haal Tumhare Jaisa Hai Saajan?Bas Yaad Tujhe Kartein Hain.. Aur Koi Kaam Nahin? she started biting her nails nervously and blushed hard at wat was played next?Ban Gaya Hoon Main Tera Deewana?Dheere Dheere Se Dil Ko Churaana 


She blushed again and looked up at him with some boldness.  He was still gazing at her with those deep brown captivating eyes as if he was determined to go deep inside her mind and know wats happening there..?her heart skipped huge beats!..She was unable to look into his eyes any more.. She had suddenly felt soo soo shy of herself?.. of his gaze on her like tht? it was becoming increasingly hard for to tolerate it any further? She instincively got up and excused herself and ran to the restroom with all the shyness in the world?She knew his gaze was still following her.. yearningly?


Once inside, she closed the door heavily behind her and leaned on to it clasping her heart tightly.  She closed her eyes tight to gather herself but the words of the song playing from the rest room speaker were back to sweetly torture her?Tune Bhi Aksar Mujhko Jagaya Raaton Mein  Aur Neend Churayi Meethi Meethi Baaton Mein..  His loving face flashed across her eyes and she threw it open.  Tune Bhi Beshak Mujhe Kitna Tadpaya?Phir Bhi Teri Har Ek Ada Pe Pyaar Aaya? Her heart was now pounding wildly and uncontrollably as she cud still feel his loving gaze at her..


And then she heard the nxt lines of the song Aaja Aaja Ab Kaisa Sharmaana?Dheere Dheere Se Dil Ko Churaana? and she didn't know y but suddenly tears came flowing down her eyes incessantly.. may b her heart had accepted his love and she was unable to keep it inside her anymore wat she was feeling for him.. Oh she was so much in love with him all these days.. she hid her face in her hands as the realization dawned on her.. and its was not just her he too was feeling the same thing..she wiped her tears slowly as she realized how much he had started to love her.. he had never said it but his eyes spoke volumes of wat he was feeling for her.. She closed her eyes and stood there still for a while.  She felt more and more relaxed as tears trickled down her face slowly.  She felt relieved of all the tension and anxiety that had build up... She finally gathered herself and came out.  She splashed her face with cool water.  She patted her cheeks gently with the towel and wiped out her spreaded kaajal with the soft tissue.


When she came out of restroom, she saw him standing by the door with worried expressions.  "Are u okay.. Nidhi?," he promplty asked her in a tense voice.  Some tears again gathered again but she lowered her gaze and replied in a low tone with a more relaxed smile, "yeah? I guess."  "Well, it looks like those monkeys in ur stomach were hopping wildly with hunger!," he tried to joke to ease the moment.  She looked at him at his abrupt joke.. she cud still see the tension and worry for her on his face but she gave a much much more relieved chuckle and replied,"thts a pretty bad joke!" as they moved towards their table.  "I know.. monkeys does sound pretty pretty poor.. I normally have mices running in my stomach in such cases!," She finally burst out laughing uncontrollably at his silly joke!  He joined her with equal zest of laughter.  That brot the situation betn thm back to quite normal one and thankfully the song was changed to a more peppy one!


Her food had arrived and she busied herself in it.  Ashutosh sat looking at her.. he himself had felt quite overwhelmed with those intense unknown emotions listening to the lyrics of the song tht had been playing.. the music was sooo sooo touching.. the guitar tunes had always tugged deep at the chords of his heart..and the words had matched the plight of his mind and heart so well tht he jst cudnt help himself staring at her like that?He got so worried when she ran away like that.. he had almost cursed himself badly till he finally saw her safe and sound coming out of the rest room? He so wanted to hug her dearly thn but controlled himself.. but now he felt much more at ease looking at her relaxed face again.. though it still had tht little something somewhere.. and his mind too was still humming tht song somewhere inside..?Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana?Dheere Dheere Se Mere Dil Ko Churaana?Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana?Tumse Milkar Tumko Hai Bataana ? As Nidhi emptied her food, he just sat there gazing at her.. jst lovingly this time..


Soon Nidhi had finished and with her stomach filled and her heart gratified completely, she was feeling pretty lighthearted and gay and was slowly getting into her more usual self.  As they got up to move out, Ashutosh suddenly noticed tht ppl were staring at them.  He instinctively moved close to Nidhi and he so wanted to enwrap her in his strong protective arms away from the glaring of this world ..but he jst walked quite close to her instead.  She felt mildly surprised at his sudden movement but didn't look back at him.  Ashutosh observed that she was apparently lost in her own thots and was quite unaware of wat was going around thm.  He was glad tht she hadnt realized yet tht ppl were literally staring at thm.  Well, cant blame thm..actually with tht sort of display of thr intense affections in the public.. thy were naturally quite intrigued!  He nodded his head disapprovingly.. wat was he doing?


Ashutosh observed that Nidhi was still pretty silent on their way back to the hospital.  With tht sort of emotional outburst, it was expected but he wasn't used to seeing her like tht at least not after their stalemate.  He smiled in wonderment as it struck him tht it was jst yesterday night tht thr stalemate had been broken.  A LOT had happened over jst one nite and this morning and thngs betn thm had completely turned upside down.  It seemed like their stalemate was like ages ago.  Thy had gotten much much closer in every ways within a span of like 12 hours!!  He smiled to himself at the word "closer"? Gosh! "it" had came on so naturally..and she was so hard to resist!  He was sure Nidhi had felt the same way tht he did.  It was as if thr was some kind of fuse tht instantly sparked up the moment thy came any closer!  He chuckled to himself.


Nidhi's honking brot him out of his thots and she looked questioningly at him.  "Wish I cud get into your head and know wat u r pondering so much abt," she asked with a gentle smile.  He smiled to himself again.. Nidhi dearest u wud b blushing all over if u knew wat I am thinking rite now?She observed him closely now and then said again,"See..there u go again?u have been constantly thinking since v left my house."  Something strange was surely going inside his head rite now and it seemed tht something was pretty pleasant coz it had brot tht wonderful smile on his face?She gazed at him admiringly.  He just turned to her and smiled and replied gently?"It will take some time Nidhi.. it will take some time for you to get into my head Nidhi," as if she already hadnt..he thot to himself and chuckled and turned his car towards the parking lot of KGH.


When they reached the conference room for the meeting, Dr. Mallika, Dr. Rangnath, Ward boy Shankar, and Dr. Mehta were already there.  After the usual round of greetings, Dr. Mallika started the meeting and it was clear she had but one intention?to hit Nidhi from the word go!


"So Dr. Nidhi Verma, how r u feeling after ur foolish act of bravado!,"taunted she.

"Very fine, thank you," replied Nidhi.

"Dr. Nidhi Verma, I am sure you feel that u r already pretty accomplished and ready to take on the emergency situations on your own all ALONE, but don't you feel you should have given some regard to Dr. Mehta's experience and seniority here."

"I?," Nidhi stammered and looked at Dr. Mehta.  He nodded her reassuringly and pressed his lips in approval.

"and of course, we all know and who knows better than Dr. Ashutosh here, how much regard u have for the rules and regulations of our hospital.  Isnt it our hospital protocol Dr. Nidhi Verma that only a senior doctor or reporting doctor can attend the emergencies Or shud I not b surprised to learn tht u r not aware at all tht such a protocol even exist?," she asked Nidhi sarcastically.

Nidhi jst didn't feel like replying so she jst stayed mum.. she didn't know why Dr. Mallika was so spiteful against her.. but Dr. Mallika looked at her sharply and was still waiting for her answer.  So she finally replied, "Yes, mam?I am pretty much aware of it."

"Oh.. really.. I am quite happy to hear tht .. then perhaps now you can tell us why you chose on your own whims and fancies to defy it?, she poked her again.

"Ma'm, I tried contacting Dr. Mehta but he was on an another emergency," replied Nidhi.

"hmm? so you took it all upon yourself to b the one superwoman?"

Oh her tongue was so caustic! Thot Nidhi and she thot she was like Dr. Ashutosh!

"Ma'am, it was really matter of life and death..it was really an emergency," replied Nidhi, her temper rising slowly.

"Oh Yes.. so u chose to risk yours and our ward boy's life here by rushing like tht in the middle of night all alone," grilled Dr. Mallika.

"Oh come on Dr. Mallika, tht cud've happened to any one.. even if it was Dr. Mehta..it was an unplanned attack!" Dr. Ashutosh exclaimed.  He had enuf of it.  He was clearly pretty mad at her constant nonsense to Nidhi.  He was trying hard to maintain his professional demeanor there.

"Fine.. so wer was the need to trouble you..Dr. Ashutosh in the middle of the night.. y didn't she call the police ..?

"Dr. Mallika it was okay?I didn't mind tht?"

"Dr. Ashutosh of course you wudnt mind.  You are always so humble, but we all are pretty grateful tht you helped Dr. Nidhi even when she had called at such an odd hour.  It was an act of humanity and we all appreciate it.  But of course, that doesn't mean other doctors wudnt object to such interference."

"Dr. Mallika, I m sure you would agree that she was in no circumstances to think straight"

"Agreed Dr. Ashutosh.. thts precisely my point thr r clearly documented hospital protocols of whom to call under such circumstances.. she shud've called police, me, Dr. Rangnath.. or her reporting doctor tht day.. Dr. Mehta... I am sure you too would agree that this would make a wrong example for other interns to follow.  Hospital protocols are here for a reason. Its one of the purpose is also to ensure a doctor's safety as well while attending patients.  We are responsible for both equally, so this violation is inappropriate.  It would have been tough for us seniors and the hospital management to answer had anything worse happened to Dr. Nidhi.  You know these media people.  It could have really marred our hospital's reputed name.  So I am going to put tht as a remark on her progress sheet and besides the reason why all this was initiated in the first place was that patient's emergency.  By taking such rash action this way Dr. Nidhi not only jeopardized her own and her colleagues life but also tht patient's."


"Well, you can b rest assured Dr. Mallika that that patient is well taken care of."  Dr. Mehta came to Dr. Nidhi's rescue this time.  "Dr. Nidhi had SMSed me already requesting to join her when I was finished with my emergency patient as I was nearby and this was first emergency for her.  I had reached there on time, but she didn't turn up so I attended the patient.  When I came back to the hospital, I learnt abt this incident.  I would just say that Dr. Nidhi is a very brave and good doctor.  Hospital protocols or not, she did the right thing and I m sure everybody in the hospital would b proud of her."


"yeah? v all r very proud of Dr. Nidhi Verma," Said Dr. Rangnath.  "she knew it was risky but she braved it.  Dr. Nidhi is surely one of promising and talented interns that we have.  I wish we could amend the protocols and ensure more saftey to encourage such courageous doctors."


"well, surely we will take this suggestion to the management." Replied Dr. Ashutosh."Thank you so much gentlemen for your time."  Both Dr. Rangnath and Dr. Mehta then took their leave.  Shankar too took the leave after getting some stern rebuke from Dr. Mallika.


Dr. Mallika then glared at Dr. Ashutosh.  "well, you probabaly think tht I m targetting Dr. Nidhi unduly."  Dr. Ashutosh jst glared back at Dr. Mallika.  "but I m just doing my duty," completed she and added "and as a part of it, I have removed Dr. Nidhi Verma from your favorite ward of orphanage kids and employed her routine time to the other wards.  I hope you wudnt' mind that," she said sarcastically. "as her punishment period is already over.."


Dr. Nidhi started to oppose but Dr. Ashutosh eyed her to not, so she kept mum.  "Very well, thank you Dr. Mallika.  Thanks for your dedication to this hospital, but I wish a little more sensitivity could be incorporated in these rules and regulations to handle such situations.  Anyways, thank you so much for your time.  I will take it from here on, thanks," finished he.


Dr. Mallika glared at him and then Dr. Nidhi and left the room in a huff.


Ashutosh stared at Nidhi for a while with pride as she watched Dr. Mallika go and then nodded his head and twitched his lips in disapproval.  Nidhi had now turned to him and heard his tsch.  She simply smiled back with understanding and said "I think she doesn't really like me."  "Oh.. No?Nidhi its not you..." he replied promptly and then sighed deeply and repeated with some mulling thot behind it "Its not you?"  She stared back at his thoughtful face for a while.  She wanted to ask more, but before she could, Dr. Rangnath entered with some urgency.  "Sorry to disturb you sir, bt thrs an accident case and you are required there immediately."said he  "okay..lets c" and Dr. Ashutosh got up promptly picking up his mobile and rushed towards the door.


It all happened so quickly and abruptly tht Nidhi cudnt utter a good bye or even give him a proper glance..  Nidhi looked back at his rushing figure expectantly but Dr. Ashutosh was out and gone in a minute!  She sat down disappointedly and waited for him.  She waited impatiently for him for about 30 minutes.  Finally, she glanced at her mobile one last time and then reluctantly got up to leave.


After about 15 more minutes, Ashutosh called her from his cabin.  "Hi.. wer r u?"  "In the parking lot" replied she.  "really?wer?," Ashutosh replied with a slight delight and then rushed towards the window that faced the parking lot and tried to locate her there.  She was a little surprised at the delight in his voice.  "wer?.. well, near the gate..y?" she enquired and then instinctively looked up at the window of his cabin.  He was there standing by the window gazing down at her through the blinds.  Oh! she was still waiting for him.. He smiled at her lovingly, waved a good bye, "okay c u?"   but when??She wanted to ask but thn jst stared at him expectantly for a while.  Today was her off and she wudnt b seeing much of him today.. she sighed longingly and thn reluctantly bid him good bye.  She turned her car and again looked back at his window, but the blinds were drawn.  She sighed heavily this time and drove away.  Ashutosh was still standing by the closed window.  He gazed at his mobile briefly.. he felt as if he was suddenly missing something.. or was it someone? He sighed and smiled to himself and prepared mentally for his next appointment.


At about lunch hour, Ashutosh was in middle of a casual discussion with his colleagues wen his mobile rang.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma" flashed on the screen.  He hesitated a bit but then excused himself and went into a more private corner to pick up the call.


"Hi," said he.. "Hi" replied she.  They greeted and then she was all silent, so he asked, "so?" "Nidhi?," he asked again.  "well..I need to know the password of your laptop,"she said hurriedly  " wat?," cried he.  This was something totally unexpected. "need ur password" "of wat?" "Ur laptop" "How did u know tht I have a laptop?" "from the one who knows everything around in ur house.." He chuckled at her prompt reply but thn got suspicious?"emm hmmm... so wer r u exactly?" "wer can I b if I am asking such a question.." "Nidhi?" her asked sternly..she was getting out of control! "at ur home.." "wat r u doing ther?" "asking for password.." "Nidhi?" "I came to collect my camera.." "Wat camera?.." "the one I had left behind.." "wen did tht happen!" he was clearly surprised "one fine day.. bt thts not important wats important is ur password.. jst give me ur password". "Nidhi.." "y do u need to know everything..." she finally asked in exasperation.."apparently coz I think its my house and its MY laptop.." "so u r not going to give me ur password.." "didn't say tht.." "thn please.. please give me.. I m getting late.. really.. really late.. baba is waiting for me.. please please.. pleeeaaassse?"  "Nidhi I need details of wat u r going to do with my laptop.." "Oh! I m not going to raid on ur private folders.. I jst need to put something in.. .. don't u trust me.." "Nidhi..emotional blackmailing is not gonna work..  details plz..""FINE! its some pics from the camera..""wat pics.." "Picnic pics.." "tht u can put in ur laptop as well.." "I cant " "y?" "thr r some pics which I cant.." "really!!!?".. "its not whatever u r thinking.." she was greatly annoyed..wat was he thinking! "thy r innocent pics..,"she thn said in low voice "thn y cant u put it in ur laptop?"  "coz anybody can c thm.. baba.. dadi bua.. Angie.. Rohan?. Anyone.." "bt its okay if I c thm.." "I didn't say tht.." "bt u r putting it in MY laptop!" " coz I know it wud b much safe here.. wen ur laptop is safely stowed away in some upper shelf of ur cupboard, I m pretty sure thy r gonna b pretty safe and secure at any time.."  "Ha!..?okay tell me.. even if I allow u how r u so sure tht I wont c thm.."  "I wud make them password protected!"  "huh!.. tht u can do on ur laptop as well.. y mine?"  "Y r u asking so many questions.." "bcoz this is so ridiculous!"  "Its not" "how come.." "u wudnt understand!!!"  "really.. now I m really curious to know wat r these pics exactly..tht I wudnt understand.."  "Fine.. I will think abt something else.. thnks for ur huge huge help!  I am humbled"   and she cut the phone abruptly.  Oops! he stared at his mobile and chuckled.. luks like my dearest Nidhi is really really annoyed. Hmm..... he was pretty intrigued with these pics.. he wanted to talk to her?ASAP!  I will get back to you Dr. Nidhi Verma..this is getting really interesting.. bt first I need to honor my commitments sorry for keeping u pouting for a little more while..   he chuckled to himself and off he went..


"Hi?" he called her again after the lunch break.  She didn't answer.  "Nidhi?...will u say something or u want me to take this to the operating room as well.. I have a surgery scheduled in 15 minutes.. "  "I don't want to talk to u?.U can do whatever u want.. after all its YOUR mobile ?YOUR hospital ? YOUR scalpel.. and... and YOUR watever!"  "Nidhi?" he replied sternly..he was actually taken back at first.. she never talked to him like tht!  He was then a little amused bt she didn't reply.."okay.. fine.. I m going to keep this on.. if you want so Nidhi?," he asked in a more calm voice.  "I don't want tht.." she replied sharply  "No..U want it.. u don't wanna talk and u want me to hold this on forever?" "I didn't ask u to!"  "but u know I will.."  "Fine" replied she,"ask!"  "wats with the pics.." she was silent for a while and then replied in a low voice,"Nothing," and blushed.  He sensed it.  "thn y u need to hide thm?"  "coz thy were taken at ur house.."  "really wen?"  "The day we had first fight"  "Oh!.. u mean the day u sneaked in?"?.."I didn't sneak in!!.."she barked back  Oh he was unbelievable! "Okay..Okay.. fine.. the day u entered in my house with my key without my permission.. absolutely fine!"  "r u going to keep asking questions or gonna give me the password?"  "I cant!"  "Y?"  "Coz passwords r supposed to b secret"  "oh its not some password of allibaba's hidden treasure.. u can chng it later on" "I know.. but I cant"  "Y?  u can!!" Y was he being so stubborn?  "I jst cant.." "its ridiculous..!" "Its not.. wats ridiculous abt it.. it's a password and I cant reveal it to anyone!"  "and thts wats called ridiculous!"  "Nidhi.."  "Sorry.. bt .. oh..please give me.. I jst cant believe tht u r not giving me.. unless of course.. its something tht u cannot tell me!"  "No ITS NOT!"  "Of course YES.. its has to be so!"  "its not like tht!...  She chuckled in reply.. "ITS NOT!" He barked again and blushed.. he had jst changed his password recently and no points in guessing WAT it cud've been!  "Okay fine!,"said she chuckling again.  "wat?"asked he.  "wat?" asked she.  "Y r u grinning like tht?," he asked suspciously.  "No.. nothing..Jst like tht.." she chuckled some more and then added hurriedly,"Okay fine.. thnks.. c u.."  "Wait?. wats the thnks for?" asked he.  "Tht u wud know soon?"she chuckled more.."for now ?c? u?" it felt like she was kissing him good bye on the phone before she hung up.  Ashutosh stared at his mobile unbelievingly.. Oh this girl is unbelievable! Ashutosh rolled his eyes... it was she who was teasing him now.  He had bluffed and she had caught him and now she was apparently surely up to something.. but wat? Huh! He cursed his busy schedule for the first time in his 15-year long service!!


But to his utter surprise she called him up herself this time.. "Hi.."said she.."Hi?" replied he.. he glanced at his watch it was nearly 7:00.  "still in the hospital?"  "Yes.." "How much long wud it take?"  "Y?"  "jst asking"  "Y?" " nothing ?"  "Hello..Nidhi?" "no nothing important?. really.. c u?sooon" she chuckled.  he was sure she was up to something.  He pondered for a while? y was tht call for?? and then smiled to himself knowingly and rushed towards his cabin.  It was very late in the evening.. the hospital corridors were mostly empty with the visitors of patients gone.. the next shift staff was jst settling in..  He was abt to enter his cabin, but he was stopped by the door by a melodious voice coming from his cabin.  He smiled lovingly.  Oh my Nidhi dearest!   She had given words to his guitar tune.  He chuckled at its lyrics, but thy were pretty pretty cute..."


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md0WwqffYPY  courtesy:  sarupariya o


"Pyaase hai naina ,tarse saari raina

Jinme tu hai rehta ...

Haal kyun tu jaane na, saiyaan pehchaane na

Haal unka kyun tu jaane na ...

saiyaan nainon ki bhaasha samjhe na

nainon ki bhaasha samjhe na...samjhe na


Kuch to hai zaroor dil mera kitna majboor

Kuch to hai zaroor dil mera kitna majboor

jaanke bhi tu jaane na ..saiyaan..

pyaase hain naina (saiyan )

tarse saari raina (saiyaan)

jinme tu hai rehta

Haal kyun tu jaane na,saiyaan pehchaane na

haal unka kyun tu jaane na...

saiyaan nainon ki bhaasha samjhe na ,nainon ki bhaasha samjhe na ...samjhe na"


Ashutosh blushed and Nidhi sighed yearningly as she drifted into her own dream loveland.  He listened to her sweet voice standing by the slightly opened door?he smiled to himself.  He absolutely luved the way she had said "Saiyaaan?"  Oh Nidhi.. He blushed slightly and peeked inside his cabin.. his whole face lit up with amused delight?. she was revolving on his chair with her eyes closed and was apparently into her own dreamland.  Her head was lying sideways on the headrest of the chair and she was clasping his coat lovingly to her chest and was now humming this beautiful tune? apparently dreaming abt him.. Nidhi was looking so.. so.. so.. cute.. Thrs absolutely no way he wud b able to live without her..!  He kept looking at her lovingly for a while and thn coughed mischeviously.  Caught you Dr. Nidhi Verma!


She got so startled at his sudden presence there tht she choked on herself and started coughing heavily staring at him with wide eyes and surprised expressions.  Oh Poor thing! He quickly rushed to her and gently rubbed her back.  She tugged on to his shirt for support still coughing heavily.  "Oh Nidhi," cried he.  He tried to make her sit on the chair, but she didn't and instead pushed away from him and chair.  He quickly grabbed the glass of water from the table and offered her.  She had now reached across the table and was still pressing her chest hard and coughing.  He was quickly back to her side and was soothing her back again.  She quickly gulped down some water to ease her lungs.  "Go slow.. Go slow..Nidhi,"he said gently and continued to stroke her back.  She had to admit she felt good!  His touch was good and warm and she had felt like burying right into those shoulders for more warmth and support, but jst she sipped down some more water slowly?and it slowly dawned on her wat an awkward and embarrassing situation she was in?  she looked up at him to check whether he had seen her..like tht.. he quickly gauged her expressions and his worried expressions slowly started to change to a more teasing one.  She slowly put the glass on the table.. Her eyes fell on his coat lying on the arms of his chair.  Oh lord she was holding it and.. and?God!  he must have surely seen her?holding it like tht? a sudden wave of redness crept up on her cheeks.  He raised his eyebrow slightly to tease her mercilessly.  She was now feeling increasingly uncomfortable near him.. and the redness on her cheeks was just finding a more darker hue with every passing second.


Nidhi was looking so beautifully cute with tht redness? and with tht sort of closeness between thm.. more thn teasing her, Ashutosh had a sudden urge to kiss hard those reddened cheeks.  She was looking so so unbelievably cute with those expressions of hers.  His eyes danced with mischief as he was so so tempted to do it.


She blushed hard as his lips started to creep up into a most breathtaking mischevious side smile.  She instantly lowered her gaze and moved away from him.  "You? you?are not going to tease me for this!," she said promptly in one breath with some mock anger.  An instant chuckle escaped his lips,"really? Y shudnt I?"  He again teased her.  She looked at him helplessly.  She was feeling shy, embarrassed, and was blushing heavily.  "I .. too.. will not ask u abt the scarf.." she said in a low voice.  He jst looked back at her lovingly..and asked.."really?" and went closer to her.  She nodded in yes.. so then he whispered.. "and wat abt my password?"  She grinned with a huge huge blush and ran towards the door?"Nidhi?," he called out to her surprised.. she turned around blushing.. there was a mischevious and yet shy glint in her eyes.. "tht u wud know soon..,"she replied and before he could stop her she was out of his cabin but then stopped jst outside his window.  He jst stared at her smiling at her apparent mischief.. tht he didn't know!  But to his amazement she signaled him "call me at 10" and waved a good bye?Wat was up with this girl? Well, he wudnt know till he reach his home or wud he...y not!. He gave a mischevious smile to himself and ran after her to catch her!


She had jst reached the reception when he caught her.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma," he called out at her.  Surprised, she looked back at him.  "Dr. Verma, you told that your car has broken down.. Well, I am going towards your way.  I can drop you somewhere near your house if you want," he asked.  "No Sir, thank you.. I will manage."  "certainly not.. I insist.. the sun is down and we surely don't want tht incident to be repeated.. please come.." and without even waiting for her reply he rushed towards his car and waited for her there.  She came on quickly and asked him whispering.."wat was tht?"  he shrugged his shoulders,"wanted to drop you home.."  "bt I have my car.." "u can pick it tomorrow.." "and wat will I tell baba.." "that it broke down.." "u want me to lie to baba" "hmm.. good question.. okay.. lets do this.. u come with me..u tell me whatever I want and I will drop u here and u can take ur car back home.. no lies.. only truth.. thts a good idea..!"  "its crazy idea!" "its NOT"  "and neways how r u sure that I will give u the answers Dr. Ashutosh.." He chuckled with his tongue in cheek? and Nidhi instantly knew wat he was going to do!  "You cant blackmail.. we had a different deal!"  "U didn't say v cannot have 2 deals with one weapon!"  Nidhi stared at him with her mouth wide open!  He chuckled.. "I didn't knew u were such a mischief"  he chuckled more "have to b with one who is more mischievious thn me?. Now please get in the car.. unless u want everyone to know wats going on betn us.."  He chuckled and got in the car.  She blushed and joined him in.  he was totally unbelievable today.  She stared at him for a while.  He drove towards his home and asked her,"so tell me.."  "wat?"  "abt my password" "told u u will know wen we reach home.." "I wanna know now.."  "I cant" "Y?" He was surely very very  eager, She blushed.   "please," he requested.  "okay.. bt I wudnt b able to tell u here.. we will first get to your house..and then you drop me back at hospital and I will pick up my car."  "No, I will drop you home and let someone drop ur car at your home.." "but?"  "its okay.. I will explain Col. Verma .. I am not going to let u drive alone at least wen I m there.." "Its not middle of night.. its jst late evening.. the roads r pretty busy for someone to attack me.. " "I know.. bt I don't want to take any risks"  She chuckled.. risks?  Wer thr any..on such a busy road!  He joined her and winked..  Nidhi's mouth fell wide open.  She stared back in utter amazement.. still unable to believe wat she jst saw.. wat has gotten into him. She got seriously worried. But Ashutosh was having fun.. he knew wat was going insider her head?"Did u have anything.. any.."  "No?"  "rite.. inhaled in the lab any sort of chemicals..or"  "No"  "any sort of drug mishap?"  "No" "thn wats giving u this high!!," she finally asked in mixed tone of worry and annoyance, but thn felt a little fearful that he mite feel offended.. bt he chuckled heavily instead? he surely was in high!.. She was now afraid of something else.. and it showed on her face.. and he laughed uncontrollably?oh! she was so innocently nave!  He laughed so much tht he had tears in his eyes.. he had never laughed this much in his life after his baba had left him.  Oh she was so worried for him.. she probably thot he had lost it!... He coudnt stop his laughter? She was still gazing at him weirdly ? by now his jaws had started to hurt and his stomach was aching badly?Yes.. he was behaving as if he was on high  He was behaving like some 20 something boy in luv for the 1st time.. bt he wanted to.. it had been such a crazy day.. and he wanted to remember it as one hell of a crazy memorable day of his life. He had suddenly felt like he was yung again and he so wanted to enjoy it with Nidhi... Wen he cudnt laugh any more, he stopped.  Nidhi had no clue as to wat was happening to him or wat she shud do with him.  She just stared back at him cluelessly.


They finally reached his home and parked his car in his driveway and waited for her to climb out.  When they reached the door, he asked her, " do you really wanna know wats giving me this high today?"  The mischief in his eyes told her.. she better not ask!  She blushed and nodded a big No!  He chuckled.


Kaka was pretty much surprised to see Nidhi back.  Ashutosh maintained his composed demeanor when kaka was around.. the moment he went into the kitchen, to Nidhi's utter surprise.. he grabbed her by her waist and dragged her into his study room.  Nidhi was still in mild shock..!  He quickly took out his laptop and asked her,"now tell me.."  "well.. its just tht.. I have put in my pics ..already.."  "really?   but how?u didn't have my password?"  She blushed and turned away and said in almost a whisper "was it really hard to guess ur password?"  For the first time, he blushed openly.  It was good tht Nidhi wasn't turned around to see it!  To divert himself, he logged in and searched for her pic folder.  He finally found it.  "okay.. tht was pretty smart!.. bt now lets c ur pics..," he said mischeviously.. "I told u its password protected!"  "Nidhi.. is it really hard to guess ur password?"  Oh Lord!, she blushed heavily.. she didn't knew it wud turn around on her.. this way.  He wasn't looking at her.. but she surely wudnt b able to stand in there alone with him.. she instinctively turned around to run away from the room, but he grabbed her arms and pulled her back and made her seat on his chair and asked her,"I know ur password Dr. Nidhi Verma, but I think its bad habit to steal other's password, so I would let you put your own password."  God! he wasn't going to show her any mercy.?She blushed.. the amount she had blushed today.. she was sure she hadn't blushed this much in her 24 yrs of life.. bt oh how was she gonna put his name.. when he was looking right on   she tried but she cudnt, "I cant really" she said blushing.  And then suddenly she started feeling nervous and her fingers started shaking badly somehow! God it was so embarrassing! "thot she.  He observed her shaking fingers.. Oh Nidhi! I m so sorry... he quickly grabbed her shaking fingers and said lovingly "its okay.. its okay.. just relax..Nidhi.." He let her breathe easily for a while and then tenderly got behind her sitting figure and said gently, "let me help you."  He placed their hands on the keyboard and typed "A S H U T O S H" as Nidhi continued to blush and then took his seat on the sette casually.  He started going over the picnic pics and chatted casually about picnic to make Nidhi feel more relaxed and at ease.  Nidhi slowly breathed easy and felt more relaxed as she observed he was finally back in his usual self.  They reached her pics that were taken on the sofa of his living room, but Nidhi didn't click it open.  He so wanted to see them, but he didn't insist.  Casually, they turned the laptop off and went out in the living room.  Kaka was waiting there on dining table with their coffees.  Kaka surely was turning smart, thot he.  He exactly knew wen not to disturb them.  He chuckled to himself.  Nidhi chatted with Kaka a bit and then requested to be dropped off.


When Ashutosh drove her back, thy didn't talk much.  Instead Nidhi put on the radio.  It had some gud songs and they enjoyed their ride back home.  At last he dropped her to her house.  He so wanted to ask her abt those pics, but he knew he cudnt.  He sighed and looked at her expectantly as she waved him good bye.  Nidhi had sensed his yearning all the while but deliberately kept mum.. bt it was abt the time? so she blushed slightly and went up tho his window and finally asked him, "Do tell me how do I look in those pics in your specs.." she finished and ran away blushing.  He stared back at her lovingly.. Oh his heart was aching for her? she was such a darling and she had looked so lovable today.  Had there not been so many restrictions and inhibitions.. of age.. of modesty.. of a lot of things between thm? he sighed.. he wud've actually kissed her with reckless abandon.. wherever and however he wanted..letting her know of the amount of love he was feeling for her.  He sighed heavily and as he was turning his car, he saw her waving good bye from her open bedroom window.  He smiled back lovingly and waved her a final good bye.  It had been such a long long day.. and the most memorable one of all!
Will edit and put the regular disclaimers later on..
C u soon.. hope u'll enjoy it.. please do comment Embarrassed

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AbhiAni Goldie

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wow achiever, so romanticHeartHeartHeart and thank you so much for this beautiful and lenghty chapterBig smileHug

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Such a beautifull update...it is the 'BEST" among all the FF's i have read till date...Thanks a lot ...am actually feeling sooo goood after reading it...

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