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Originally posted by ssktlk

wonderful update, read it yday after returning from my vacation. Loved the house issue being taken care of and everyone handling it maturely. Am glad things did not stretch. With this issue over, are you going to close this ff or the story will go post marriage? Will eagerly await your next chap.Smile
oh wow! vacation.. hope u enjoyed ur time!Embarrassed
well, this issue is over.. and it nvr was a significaont enuf issue tht wud seperate thm in my story.. thrs still another plot..bt i m still contemplating on tht.. dunno how things wud take turn after Diwali.. Diwali is going to bring almost a month's gap and my continuation of this FF will depend on wether the readers wud still have interest in my FF after tht!!LOLLOLLOL
If at all i continue this FF further, thrs a completely differnt and fresh angle to this story later on.. Embarrassed  i have exactly one week to decide wer i want to take my story!LOLLOLLOL
rgrding post mrg sequences, tho thy r very interesting to write.. bt thy r already being explored in so many FFs on this forum.. i dont want to be repetitive.. and only if i have a solid plot to support my post mrg sequences i wud like to continue.. if not, even readers wud not find it tht interesting.. and frankly i havent thot abt tht rite now...  tho thr r some post mrg sequences tht make Ashu-Nidhi story very interesting to read.. thr will b more passion and fine nuances of their married life.. Embarrassed bt essentially nobody wud like to read a diary of their daily events devoid of any major drama in their life..LOL

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Originally posted by hilarious44

Originally posted by achiever

Originally posted by Cherishh

Originally posted by achiever

Okay.. i have jst finished the chapter...bt if i include all the things its getting.. tooo long.. i m wondering wat to do!  Ermm

love to read long ones...but its up to u how to give us...becoz me cherishh just cherish everythingBig smileTongue.

will be waiting
LOL  I luv tht!Embarrassed  bt if I put everything it wud become one of those marathonish updates... bt i dont want to cut down on their romance at all... bt the substance of this chapter has to b thr too.. errrmmm.. wat to do!!???!!!!  Super confused!
Decide super fast plzzz...WinkLOL.
N update asap...we never mind marathonish chapters at all...Embarrassed
Waiting eagerly...Day Dreaming
welll i need to c how marathonish it is !!LOL

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Okay.. i have tried hard to not make this too marathonish..  and yet keeping everything tht i wanted to keep.. I felt tht depiction of the level their romance has reached at this stage was necessary.. so i m keeping those scenes without doing any major cuts..
Brace urself for a delightful surprise!
will b updating soon!

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**For last chapter:  Entangled past, Refer page 136****
**For all previous chapters, Refer index on page 1****
**I will post a link of new thrd on this update if the pages reach 150 pgs.. Thnk u all for ur support.. u can find the link on the index page as well...Embarrassed*****
Chapter 49:  Shagun!Dancing
Their tea's completed with the song tht was relaying from the radio.  Nidhi kept their cups back in the tray and took Ashutosh's hand and settled herself more comfortably back in the bed.  Thr was huge relief visible on Ashutosh's face and his mind seemed to be at last at peace.  Smiling at him, she started playing with his hand while squeezing it warmth intermittently.  Ashutosh gazed at her playing silently.  He wud smile slightly and reciprocate with his gentle squeezes in between!  Their eyes wud meet and Nidhi's face wud brighten up with a huge playful smile!  He had jst started to enjoy this game and Nidhi was giggling silently at his increasing involvement wen thy suddenly heard a large commotion from the living room, which was immediately followed by a huge uproar of laughter!  "Solanki uncle!" Nidhi cried suddenly!  "Who?" he asked.  "Angie's father.. mst say he has a laughter tht I cudnt miss even from the other part of the world!" Nidhi giggled joking!  Ashutosh smiled back in reply and picked at her cheeks suddenly!  Nidhi coiled herself instantly in like a shy child!  She looked too cute wen she giggled in excitement and Ashutosh cudnt take his eyes off of her!  Nidhi started to stand up.  She wanted to go out and join the rest, bt he held her back,"I want to talk to u first.."  She stopped and settled back"hmmm?"she asked while gazing at him attentively.  He suddenly looked quite thotful!  "Nidhi..r u ready for this..?"he asked  "for wat?"  "the chng?"  "wat chng?"  "u know its going to bring a lot of things all together all at once in ur life.. a lot will b changed suddenly.." Nidhi listened to him quietly.."a change of house.. a change of ur whole world.. even change of the persons with whom u will b living with..  u realize u will b living with a completely new person for the rest of ur life, someone who u have known barely for a few months instead of the ones with whom u have spent 24 yrs of ur life..u understand tht?"  She stared at him deeply for a while and thn blushed.  Ashutosh felt amused,"wats thr to blush abt?"  "Nothing!" she tried to change the topic!  "Nidhiii!" he urged impatiently!  She jst coiled again with a very shy blush and nodded a no!  He smiled to himself and thn frowned at her!  "Nidhi..u know how much u divert my attention from the serious topics tht we need to discuss!" he said with mock anger in his voice!  "bt..bt I didn't do anything!" Nidhi instantly retorted with a cute gesture.  "really?..u really don't know wat u r doing to me?" he teased.  Out of her shyness, she wanted to run away bt he didn't let her budge from the bed!  Nidhi's head lowered down further and she blushed heavily!  He gently squeezed her hand. "u know u r making me very impatient.. so impatient tht I want to throw all my reasonable thots out of the window and I jst want to make u mine at watever cost it takes..u know tht!"he uttered tenderly  The sincerity in his voice made her look up at him.  He looked so adorable wen he uttered such loving and caring words!  She cudnt help run her fingers thru his very gray hair, down to his ear, across his chiseled jaw and upto his protruding chin!  A distinct tinkle rose in his eyes, which Nidhi thot was better for thm to ignore at tht moment!  "thn y r u thinking a lot abt all these things" she asked quietly bt tenderly.  "bcoz we have to…we have to.. luv" he explained gently.  "bt I m ready for everything!" she said with downcast eyes!  He tipped her face up to look into her eyes,"I know.. bt I want to make it as comfortable as possible for u.. I want to provide u the best.." he said tenderly.  Thr was no need for Nidhi to even say tht she understood him.  Her eyes spoke so much of her blind devotion!  At tht moment, he wud've luved to kiss her and crush her securely into him to convey tht he wud not disappoint her bt thr was tht open door and thy cud still hear sounds of loud chatter from the hall outside!  He sighed,"we will talk rite?" he asked.  "we will talk" she said with affirmation!


When thy finally went out, thy saw whole family had seated in the living room.  Solankis had arrived.  Dadi bua was back and Rohan-Angie had taken their respective seats on the dining table!  Thy all had been laughing at some apparent joke tht Mr. Solanki had cracked!  And Ashutosh felt relieved to see Col. Verma in better mood!  As thy slowly stepped closer to thm, he realized tht thy wer walking quite close to each other infront of her whole family and friends!  It was an instinctive gesture bt Ashutosh felt such strange emotion!  Finally, Nidhi was his, the realization dawned on him. He cud claim her in front of everyone as rightfully as he wished!  He cud talk to her privately in her own room wenever he wanted!  Thr wernt going to b anymore restrictions or hesitations.  He took a deep breath of satisfaction and nodded politely at the Col. Verma and Solankis and for some reason, he went and bent down to take blessings of Dadi Bua who enthusiastically blessed him with good health, wealth, life, and embarrassingly to father 100 healthy sons!  Angie had giggled heavily and winked at Nidhi, who cudnt help blush in embarrassment!  Mr. Solankis applauded the blessing with loud noise of clap and laughter.  Apparently, dadi bua and Mr. Solanki competed for the loudest laughter in tht room!  While Col. Verma jst chuckled secretly!


The conversation was lighthearted initially as thy exchanged their pleasantries with Ashutosh!  He was formally introduced to the Solankis and Nidhi's chest swelled with pride and she held Angie's hand in excitement.  And amidst tht, Ashutosh cleverly expressed his desire to take Nidhi along with him to see his baba's renovated house!  Dadi Bua shrieked a sharp "Wat?" stunning and quietening everybody present in tht room!  Suddenly the atmosphere became quite serious!  Dadi Bua enjoyed the moment for a while chewing on her paan and thn laughed out loud at the end and everybody heaved a sigh of relief!  "oh Doctor.. Doctor.. u r one smart guy arnt u?.. Engagement is jst announced and u r already claiming ur full rites on Nidhi haan!  U think thrs no need for any permission haan!  Bt let me remind u.. tht thrs still long way to go to make Nidhi fully and formally urs!" she laughed teasing Ashutosh-Nidhi as Nidhi looked at her with a pout!  "till ur name gets attached behind Nidhi's and thrs one and half months of wait for tht to remind u!"  she chuckled mercilessly chewing on her paan and enjoying Ashutosh-Nidhi's plight!  "v can see how impatient u two r getting and even bold bt u r not allowed ur claim jst yet!" Ashutosh face turned red in embarrassment.  Did she get to know abt the bolted door thing! He wondered! And the rest joined dadi bua with a teasing laughter.  Nidhi's face matched to tht of Ashutosh's and she instinctively inched a bit closer to Ashutosh to support him!  Ashutosh noticed it bt he felt a bit annoyed at not having enuf rites to reciprocate her gesture jst yet!  huh!.  Dadi bua very well gauged his annoyance,"arre Doctor.. its matter of a lifelong commitment!  It needs to b taken slowly and steadily!  And now tht ur engagement has been announced u two shud take it more responsibly!" she advised.  Bt Ashutosh was getting more impatient instead..hadnt their long wait for approval enuf!  Both looked at each other with disappointed eyes!  "Doctor..thrs a custom called Shagun b4 engagement" Dadi bua explained,"it seems trivial to the engagement ceremony.. bt its very imp coz its a formal announcement of acceptance of this alliance by both families as a first step towards making this lifelong commitment!"  Ashutosh found it interesting!  "dadi bua obviously I don't know abt all these rituals and such stuff!"  Dadi bua smiled,"I know.. beta.. it serves as a positive start and it doesn't require us to c any auspicious day to make this formal announcement so v will do tht.. and don't worry I will make sure tht Nidhi becomes 100% urs at the end!" she joked and his face turned red again!  "bt thrs a custom to it.. for shagun a bride's family mst visit groom's house to see and check wether the groom is wealthy enuf or at least settled enuf to accommodate their little princess, if not grant her every wish!"  "Dadi bua!" Nidhi retorted instantly with a soft frown!  Dadi bua chuckled,"Bacchi.. this custom is to make sure tht the groom's family can support and provide their child before this alliance happens!  Shudnt ur Dr. Ashutosh have invited us to his house first instead of inviting u more often if he was so eager to marry u haan!"  Both Ashutosh's and Nidhi's faces turned red again!  Col. Verma come to their rescue,"buaji.. enuf of this teasing.  Please get to the shagun ritual.. I m sure Dr. Ashutosh wud b getting late to go home..he has a hospital to attend tommorrow.."  "tho however eager he mite b to get married!" he added as an afterthot tht erupted a new round of laughter across the ones seated! Nidhi pouted with huge huge frown!  ,"Okay. Okay.. Dr. Ashutosh.. have u any elder at ur home whom v can give the shagun?" she asked.  Ashutosh shrugged,"jst Hiraman kaka.. and the only person from my side wud b Armaan..and tht is if he arrives tonite.. he has been out for his business around Lucknow!"  "hmmm.. no problem.. beta no problem.. I will talk to my pundit and arrange things with Hiraman Kaka on the phone.  Bt let us fix this Sunday morning for Shagun.. as I know u r too eager to take Nidhi to ur baba's house..bt I will not let u take her without any sort of formal announcement!"she declared.  "Besides v have to follow the custom.. so I think v all shud visit ur baba's house too!"  "dadi bua thrs no custom as far as I know to visit the second home too!" Nidhi retorted.  An instant laughter erupted again and Nidhi felt embarrassed.  "Y u don't want us to accompany u?" Dadi bua teased her.  Nidhi looked helplessly at Col. Verma who to her dismay nodded a yes,"Yes.. Nidhi beta.. we all wud like to c how my daughter has renovated her nana's house!"  "yes.. and v can make it a little family picnic.." cried Angie in excitement!  "Uncle its long since v all have been out for such picnic.. remember how frequently u used to take us out wen we wer kids!" cried Angie!  "okay okay!  Its done thn!" Declared Col. Verma!  Ashutosh and Nidhi had no say in tht!  Thy looked at each other miserably!  Thy needed to talk.. privately, thy knew, bt how wer thy going to do tht escaping from teases of her family he didn't know!  He sighed frustatedly and Nidhi had to force a smile and accept her family's wish!


As the Solankis got up, Ashutosh exclaimed tht he had forgotton his wallet in Nidhi's room and rushed to her room even before Chote Sarkar or anybody else cud offer him help, eyeing suggestively at Nidhi!  Nidhi felt flushed as the rest stared first at vanishing Ashutosh and thn at her!  He hadn't made it any less obvious!  She quietly followed him into the room!  "u made it look so obvious!" she cried reaching him,"u know v look soo desperate!" she wisphered to him as he took her aside wer thy wernt seen from the open door!  "in all probability yes v actually r..this wait and this teasing is going to make us crazy!" he said and sighed,"I m sorry Nidhi. Bt I m truly getting very impatient!"  She lowered her eyes,"yeah.. bt u know how suggestive v have become.. all r making fun of us.. I don't like it wen thy tease u!"she said ruefully.  He smiled at her lovingly.  She had inched closer to him and was playing with the shirt buttons on his chest!  Ashutosh found her gesture very appealing.  He sighed deeply and took her fidgeting fingers in his hands to stop her!  "so u don't like ur family teasing me?"he asked.  She nodded a no cutely,"not at all!"  "and u think u r not able to share my agony?" he teased.  She pouted!  "don't worry.. u will get ur share of tease from my family once Armaan arrives!" he chuckled.  "Wer is he?" she asked.  "dunno Nidhi.. every time I call up he jst says he is amidst a very very important thing and will contact later!  U know if he is going to miss our shagun.. I m going to kill him!"  Nidhi giggled!  "Don't do tht.. he is a very nice man!"  "huh.. to u everyone seems nice Nidhi!" he rued and then looked at her.  Her hands were still in his!  "u know..I don't care abt anyone else.. I jst want to c u happy"he said.  She looked up at him with smiling eyes,"I m happy… very happy!" she said,"and as impatient as u r!" she added lowering her eyelids!  He chuckled with sudden rush of luv!  At other time, if thr wasn't this open door, he wud've kissed her insane for her such bold statement!  He sighed.  "u know.. v'll need to wait a lot!" he said.  Nidhi twitched her lips in yes!  He tipped her face up at him!  "u wanted some time alone.. didn't u.. at baba's house?" he asked earnestly and Nidhi looked down again,"u know.. its first time we wud b going out as a formally approved couple and I was.. in a way.. very excited and was looking forward to it..I know thrs nothing new..bt"  he put his thumb over her lips to stop her,"I know luv.." he said tenderly! His fingers still cupped her tiny chin and he tipped it up once again!  He looked deep into her eyes wisphered,"I promise tht I wud give u the best gift of shagun thr and also tht we'll sneak some time alone together!".."I promise" he promised again!  And Nidhi jst stared at him for a while.  She jst wanted to hide into his chest.. once and for all, bt she knew thy will need to wait!  Now tht thr day was announced, thy wer becoming increasingly restless!  Both sighed heavily as if understanding their plight.  He offered his hand and asked,"shall v?"  She nodded a yes and grabbed his forwarded hand!  Hand in hand, thy turned towards the door releasing it jst b4 stepped out of tht door!  Ashutosh had hated it, to leave her hand tht was ritefully his.. if he cud he wud go for a short and sweet court marriage and thn simply take blessings of God in some temple!


And soon enuf the morning of Sunday..their day of shagun arrived!  Thr was no sign of Armaan yet and Ashutosh made a mental note to reprimand him severely.  As he welcomed Nidhi's and Angie's families into his house, his eyes got glued on Nidhi!  Dressed in beautiful light orange saree with some beautiful deep red work on it, she looked absolutely stunning!  Rohan had to nudge him out of his trance to bring him to present!  And once again he was left puzzled by Rohan's stance.  Tht day wen their shagun day was discussed in her house, while everyone was participating, he had looked serious and thoughtful!  Ashutosh was forced to shake away his Rohan thots as Dadi bua expressed a desire to take a tour of his house before starting anything!  Ashutosh obliged and Dadi bua was quite pleased as he even showed his photo album containing his childhood memories with his baba, his achievements and medals tht were proudly displayed on the wall and mantel piece of his study room!  Col. Verma found particular interest in the long cabinets of books and he picked up a few interesting books to borrow!  Solanki aunty was surprised to find a guitar standing in one corner of his room and Solanki uncle challenged him tht he wud very much like to see wat "fine" taste in music did this doctor have and he asked him to take it with thm on picnic!


Soon all were settled in the living room of Ashutosh's house.  Hiraman kaka had decorated it as finely as he cud, bt clearly it lacked tht fine touch of a woman in house, bt nevertheless dadi bua was pleased and it was all tht mattered for Ashutosh!  Ashutosh had been forced to wear a light cream kurta with some traditional embroidery at neckline on Dadi bua's insistence.  He had been also forced to shop with kaka for shagun and engagement stuff by her!  She was of opinion tht thy shud know the rituals so tht thy can perform thm well at their children's wedding!  And so here he was seating across Nidhi in some kurta for the very first time in his life and her eyes tht gleamed everytime thy laid on him told him how handsome he mst have looked in her eyes!  Thr was mixture of shyness and admiration in her eyes and looks!  For Ashutosh, tht was everything tht he needed!  She had brightened his house by her mere presence thr!  He sighed longingly once again!


Soon the ceremony of shagun was begun.  A big tilak was applied on his forehead and he was sprinkled with some rice and same was done to Nidhi by Hiraman kaka.  A formal token sum of money was exchanged with a decorated coconut and a box of mithayi.  The only difference being Nidhi took it in her pallu and Ashutosh was offered in a small decorated basket!  Thn both rose up to take blessings of the elders together!  And as thy did tht, Ashutosh felt more relieved and satisfied.  Finally thr was commencement of the rituals to make Nidhi formally and forever his!


Soon thy set off for his baba's house.  Thy had arrived at his house equipped with picnic baskets, mats, game boards, playing cards along with the shagun material!  It was a strange combination and Ashutosh was sure none in this world wud've had such shagun!  He chuckled to himself as thy all settled completely in their seats!  Thy had hired a 10-seater Bolero for the journey and Ashutosh was driving!  Nidhi was sitting by his side while others had settled themselves in the back side.  Nidhi had wanted to actually change into one of her dresses tht wer kept at his house bt thn fearing tht all wud tease thm more, she hadn't and besides Ashutosh had expressed a desire to see her in saree last nite on phone and so she had changed from the heavy saree to a light one!  And Ashutosh too had changed into a more light white kurta.  He hadn't like thm initially and had picked a couple of thm up only on dadi bua's orders bt now looking at the spark in Nidhi's eyes, he wanted to wear it!  He chuckled to himself and enjoyed the fun tht had started in back seats.  He stole some glances at Nidhi inbetween to enjoy her laughing face tht turned back frequently!  And for the first time Ashutosh saw wat fun family picnic can b!  He had missed having tht fun with his baba coz thy had been too focused on their goal to have such fun or pleasure in their lives!  Each member participated very enthusiastically in antakshari, which to other's immense surprise Ashutosh didn't knew wat it was til thy explained it to him!  It was jst an half an hour journey bt thy made such use of it thr was no need for any FM!  Dadi bua had been on a roll with some very very old b/w songs while Chote Sarkar cut her in with new songs!  Angie spiced up things with her dance numbers!  Col. Verma chipped in with some beautiful patriotic songs and Solankis upped the romantic mood with their classic duets!  Strangely, Nidhi was keeping shy and silent stealing some pretty glances at him every now and thn.  The only other person whose voice he didn't hear much was Rohan!  He was strangely silent again and it was very peculiar and unusual of Rohan!  Wen Angie had dragged him in, he had participated half-heartedly, Ashutosh felt and he was intrigued and worried abt his silence.  Had it to do anything with thr engagement announcement, he wondered!


Afterall tht ruckus in the car and a hefty picnic lunch on their way beside tht lake tht Nidhi-Ashutosh had once visited, finally thy reached their destination closer to noon.  As Ashutosh stepped out of the car and gazed at his house, he was left in awe at the beauty it displayed!  It was a completely new and beautiful makeover!  "Beeeaaautiful!"  He cried as he stopped at the gates and clasped the iron bars in his hands tightly as some overwhelming emotions flooded his mind.  Nidhi came to stand beside him and smiled,"u like it?"she asked.  He nodded an emotional yes and opened the gates to take an eyeful view of the bunglow infront of him!  Colored and decorated beautifully it wore a new happy look!  Nidhi and the rest followed him in on the beautiful gravel path tht led up to the main entrance of the house lined on its sides with some beautifully colored flowering shrubs!  The lawn across it was neatly done as well and the garden adjacent it boasted of some well bloomed fresh flowers and a lush green greenery tht swayed wildly in the breezy wind tht blew from the woods in adjacent plot as if welcoming him with heavy giggles to this new world!  The house had been completely and wonderfully renovated!  He ran around the house with quick steps as a little excited kid wud do taking a gud 360 degree look at his house!  It looked all new and fresh as it cud!  He wondered how Nidhi had managed to do all these and kept it well maintained in such remote area!  He wanted to ask her and he was flooded with lot many more questions, but she pushed him infront of the main entrance of his house to take a peek inside!  She had initially planned a different surprise for their first step inside tht house bt now with everyone around she had stalled it for a later time!  He had promised tht thy wud take some time out alone thr and she was too excited and was jst waiting for tht!


When he opened the door with strange anticipation, he was left completely awestruck at the changed interior inside tht house!  If the outsides had been beautiful, the insides had been awesome!  The color combination, the interior decoration, the choice of the new furniture, and the way of it blended with his old furniture was simply fantastic and in conform with his choice of aesthetics!  Nidhi definitely knew every inch of his heart!  When he stepped into his room upstairs, he saw a wall was left unpainted.  He looked enquiringly at Nidhi and Nidhi looked at others with shyness and replied tht she had planned tht thy wud paint it together to give his room a personal touch!  The rest appreciated her idea!  Tho Ashutosh cudnt remember wen he had last held a brush in his hands to color!


Time flew by and after a quick nap, thy all gathered again in late afternoon for teas and some games!  Thy had gala fun at his baba's house!  He had played some beautiful guitar tunes to entertain thm and gained a favorable opinion of Mr. Solanki on his taste of music!  He was forced to compliment him with terms such as refined and classy!  Col. Verma had chuckled silently at their developing chemistry!  And thankfully, Rohan had shed his thoughtfulness for good and had started participating with gusto!  He had brought in some wonderful games to pass their time!  It was truly a set off to a gaiety festive mood tht was going to grapple thm for a month and half long days culminating into their much-awaited wedding and ending with post-wedding rituals!  Dadi bua had given kaka a list of rituals and the items required therein and also strict instructions tht were to b followed by both parties till wedding happened.  And Ashutosh knew this wud b probably the last chance thy wud get to b alone together in such way b4 wedding!


As the evening approached everybody geared themselves up for departure!  Col. Verma climbed up the stairs to terrace and Ashutosh followed him thr!  As Col. Verma silently stood thr gazing at the beautiful scenery out thr with golden rays of sun making it more beautiful, Ashutosh joined him with a polite greeting!  "Beautiful and such serene environment" Col. Verma commented.  "yeah.. thts y baba had chosen this bunglow!" ashutosh said.  The bunglow had been surrounded by huge garden and thr wer some empty plots around it before any sort of habitation started.  It was more sort of a farmhouse bunglow if one is to term it correctly, which provided jst right amount of solitude and isolation as one wanted and yet connected to more habitat area within jst 15 minute distance!  Hence Ashutosh hadn't find it difficult to commute to city for studies from thr!  Col. Verm sighed heavily,"I wish I cud meet Dr. Mathu for once!" he said.  "Thts wat I wanted to talk abt" said Ashutosh!  Col. Verma turned to look at him questioningly!  "I have already given some fresh new instructions to our detective to search for baba bt if u cud provide with some more details may b we mite succeed this time!" Col. Verma heard a hopeful voice of his wud b son-in-law!  "u mean u want us combine our forces in search mission of Nidhi's nana!" he joked to lighten the moment!  Ashutosh chuckled with him,"yeah.. one can say so!"  "Grt and good tht u came up with it beta!"  "thnk u.. errr... papa!" After initial hesitation at last he was able to address him with wat col. Verma had requested, papa, jst and plain papa with no ji!  Bt the word beta itself had moved him so much tht he was jst lost at words momentarily!  It was after 15 long years tht he had heard tht word for him from a father-figure like him who had also truly beginning to render him with tht luv of father!  After Dadi bua had announced their Shagun thing, he had called him up and enquired if everything was going okay and to not to hesitate to ask him for anything if had any dbts or reservations regarding any of the rituals and he had truly felt humbled.  Technically, he mite b jst 12-15 yrs younger thn col. Verma bt col. Verma had insisted tht he addressed him as papa instead of baba as tht word had already been patented by many, particulary by two from their households! He had joked.  He didn't think it was wrong to address him tht way and tht age didn't matter bt relation did.  He also rued how he missed calling his FIL baba!  And before thy turned and climbed stairs down Ashutosh apologized to him for watever happened because of him in his life!  Col. Verma had patted his back sportingly and said,"Life has come to full circle my boy and I have no more regrets or any bitterness.  I only wish to seek my FIL's blessings and forgiveness!"  Ashutosh had commented tht thy will surely find him and thn thy had went downstairs!


Wen all wer ready to depart, Ashutosh seeked Col. Verma's and dadi bua's permission to let Nidhi stay back with for a while.. jst to check on some of the things thr in tht house, jst in case if any additional work needed to b done and also to make sure everything was alright.  The last part of this sentence abt checking and all he had added as an afterthot in an attempt to make it not sound as obvious as he had done in tht morning!  Wat he didn't know tht tht he had failed equally miserably!  It was a very plain excuse for everybody to see!


Nevertheless, after some teasing Dadi bua did permit him and thankfully dragged Col. Verma out with others before Col. Verma cud give his sort of instructions to Ashutosh!  Bt Angie and Rohan came running back for their share of tease.  Thy had said thy wud send the car back to pick thm up!  All thy needed to do was call thm up an hour earlier if and wen thy wer "done with thr thing!"  Angie had stressed on the whole last phrase very very suggestively and Nidhi's face had picked up an instant color of tht of a very ripe red cherry and Ashutosh glared back in turns first at Angie and thn at Rohan in utter disbelief!  Thy wer giggling heavily without an ounce of shame considering obviously he was 18 yrs older thn thm!  Huh!  He cudnt believe it!  Ignoring him, thy merrily high-fived each other on a stunned face of Ashutosh!  Thy knew he was in no position to rebuke thm at all!  Bt before Nidhi cud do any harm to thm on his behalf, thy ran away!


Nidhi inched instinctively closer to him to tug at his arms inspite of all her blushing from the teases tht she had received as thy stood looking back at the driving away car!  Wen finally it vanished from their view, Nidhi suddenly realized how alone thy wer and released his arm instantly.  It was jst late evening bt the solitude in tht isolated and quiet place was noteworthy!  The surroundings had suddenly plunged into deep silence and she realized the only sound now tht wud b heard thr wud b thers.. or perhaps of ther pounding hearts!  Her heart twisted suddenly and the anticipation drew on her slowly and she found herself very nervously excited!  "I promise tht I wud give u the best gift of shagun thr!"  he had said and her stomach squirmed unreasonably remembering tht!  Wat sort of gift he was planning to give her!  Was he.. was he.. Her thots suddenly started to run rampant thinking abt it!  Oh My God! She felt nervous and suddenly sweaty in her palms!  She stood rooted to her ground with her face buried into her chest.  With the amount of boldness and unrestrainedness tht he had acquired lately, she didn't dare to look up at him and see wat exactly he was thinking!  The deep silence betn thm grew more tense and the wait suddenly seemed endless!  She wished if he wud jst speak up.. or jst touch her.. or jst do watever he wanted to..to relieve her from this sweet suffering!


Ashutoh suddenly came up quite close to her and with one swift move, he bent and lifted her up in his arms and carried her into the shade of the bunglow to the open wooden entrance door.  It laid back open on the wall and he dropped Nidhi thr on her feet!  Nidhi still hadn't dared to look up at him!  All she knew was tht her heart was pounding heavily and it was all for him to see too!  He took her hands and clasped his fingers on to hers sending a very clear cue.  He inched closer and drew her hands up, to the level of her head and pinned thm on the door behind!  He thn crushed her onto the door and she cud feel his equally heavily pounding chest!  Writhing in this sweet pain, she was taken off the door after a while, and her hands wer pinned behind her back making her body even more accessible to his.  Her head fell backwards and she was able to see his smoldering eyes from under her fluttering eyelids!  He bent his head and tilted over her mouth as his hands lifted her by her waist so tht he cud reach her mouth easily.  "my luv..this is for bringing back my house to me" he said and lavished her with a very deep peck and thn waited on her lips again,"and this is for making it even more so beautiful thn ever!" he whispered very hoarsely and in a trembling voice tht suggested her tht he cud hardly wait any further second!  And with a sudden desperate move, he pressed her very close to him and took her lips for a very very savory devour!  The wait tht seemed to long commanded a profound release!  He lifted her up from the floor as he raided her with one deep devour and Nidhi was left completely in his command!  Her senses had already rendered useless to even realize wat he was doing, bt he did it with a skill and purpose!  He stepped inside the house and placed her gently on the floor again releasing her lips from his mouth!  Nidhi cudnt leave the clutch at his shoulder and pulled at him needingly.  He brot her close once again and made her step onto his feet and upping on her toes again, her face reached his and he relished on her lips again.. as delectably as he cud!  The closeness thy had attained was unmatchable!  She uttered a moan as his hands ventured behind her back to carve a path upwards thru her spinal groove, drawing and pressing her body more closer with need.. as if the touch thy had gained was jst not enuf!  The layers of fabrics betn thm again hadn't mattered much!  Thy cud feel every part of each other's body so perceivably.  And Nidhi was again drowning in a world unknown!  Wen he was satisfied in the end, he broke the kiss and again lifted her up to take her to the sofa tht had witnessed their earlier intimate play!  The only difference this time being, it was furnished with a new fabric and some more colorful cushions wer added to offer more coziness!


As he laid her down on it, her eyes asked many questions bt he replied her with yet another kiss bt this time he hadn't stooped to lay beside her bt instead had knelt down on the floor beside the sofa providing himself jst the perfect angle to kiss her fully!  His hand had travelled from her hair, to her ear, to the neck, and tracing her jaw over to her chin and from thr, down the midline of her neck, over thru her chest, ending to her navel and ultimately from thr to her waist for a very possessive grip and all his touches and kissess wer making her dazed and intoxicated in his passionate play of luv!  Such touch she had never known.  She again clutched to his kurta as he broke the kiss and he very gently lifted her head to guide her to his face.  He rubbed her lips on his face and Nidhi got a cue of wat he had wanted!  Her lips ran rampantly brushing deeply all over his face tht had turned very warm and red!  The touch of his faint stuble made her feel so good tht she cudnt stop herself from rubbing her soft skin over his roughness over and over again!  She was scraping her skin roughly very willingly and shuddering bt he cannot let her do tht!  He tipped his chin upwards wer she cudnt reach bt she found her own way into him!  Her lips travelled down from his chin slowly and wantingly over his Adam's apple!  Her fingers wer clasping his head over his ears very tightly and she had gotten into a very good position over sofa such tht she cud get a very good access of his neck.  And so her soft lips captured his Apple to taste his very manly protrusion.  "nidhiii!"A very husky moan escaped his lips as he flinched upwards instinctively to stop her sweet invasion!   Nidhi's lips trembled briefly with sudden shyness!  As she stopped herself and let herself descend from his neck, her eyes were drawn to the opening formed by his unbuttoned kurta.  Such irresistible was tht pull and it had pulled her with its such masculine strength, tht before she knew she had dipped into it!  "Oh!" escaped a voice from his lips..with such strange sort of hoarseness tht compelled Nidhi to do it more and more!  And she did it as she searched and felt him in tht area!  Her fingers wer running in frenzy in his hair and over his nape and Ashutosh cud hardly hold her any longer!  He pulled her away and held her at a safe distance apart from him!  "Luv!" he cried out amidst his shortened breaths to bring her back to senses!  She was equally dazed and was too heaving heavily and breathlessly!  Thy sat thr grabbing each other for support and gathering their breaths.  Ashutosh suddenly got up from the floor and seated himself beside her on the sofa.  He gathered her up from her laid position and clasped her tight for a dearly hug!  It all had happened so suddenly and so spontaneously tht thy had travelled into a senseless world tht thy hadn't intended to go.. not jst yet!  As the realization dawned upon her, Nidhi clapsed tightly on his kurta with her every finger of both hands and she buried her face into his chest in shame.  "its okay luv.. its.. its.. bt natural to feel this way!" he whispered and soothed her as much as he cud!  She bundled herself into to him like some cute lamb wanting some warm comfort!  He broke the hug after a while and asked her,"u okay?" cupping her face gently and tucking the wet stranded hair tht stuck on her face back behind her ears!  He rubbed off her wet perspiring face gently.  Nidhi looked into his eyes briefly and thn lowered thm down!  He tipped her face up and kissed her lips softly to tell her tht it was perfectly okay to kiss and to do any such thing forgetting any dbts or hesitation!  "its okay.. u know tht!" he said tenderly and kissed her forehead gently!.."u know..if u hadn't reacted this way.. I wud've dbted ur capabilities!"  "Wat!" she exclaimed loudly and punched him hard in his chest!  He drew back with instant laughter.  She turned red!  He pulled her back.  "my sugar!" he muttered lovingly and squeezed her warmly!  She struggled to get free!  "y?"he asked.  "huh!"she uttered.  He chuckled.  "I just wanted to.. u know..divert ur attention!"he defended.  "divert my attention?"  "yeah..b4 u start to curse urself and have second thots abt devoring me in the future!" he had said with such causualness tht it took Nidhi a few seconds to exactly understand wat he had meant and thn she hit him hard in his chest again!  "oh! u r.. u r.. soo.. soo" she cried bt cudnt complete as she had no words to describe his such shamelessness!  He laughed hard at her pouting fretting face.  "luv.." he called her.  "Don't call me tht!!" she barked.  "let me go.." she barked again and struggled" Don't touch me!!"  "really.?" He cried and trapped her into his arms till she stopped struggling!  And thn he pecked her on her forehead as a reward!  "U r sooo cute u know tht!" he cried,"and I cant stop myself.. u know tht"  She looked up at him from his chest.  "bt sweets.. u trust me..rite?"he asked.  she nodded a yes!  "r u afraid of all these?"he asked.  "I..I don't know!"she muttered truthfully!"  He suddenly laughed very hard.  "Oh my God..Nidhi.. u don't know!!!  U know.. u r going to give me a real tuff time!" he rued teasingly!  Bt Nidhi didn't hit him this time.  She shud get used to his such teasings!  Afterall, thy wer going to get married in a month!  And in a way, she was thankful to him tht he was opening her up on the most difficult topic as this!


As she rested in his arms, she asked,"and wer is my gift of shagun?" He cudnt stop himself from laughing even harder and she felt really embarrassed!  He broke the hug and wiped off his tears of happiness,"Nidhi.. u r gem.. u know tht!"  Bt wen she saw tht she was feeling ashamed he told her,"its ur rite Nidhi..to ask watever wenever from me.. after all u r my officially wud-b life partner!" he teased and got up to ramble something out of his bag tht laid on one the cabinets near the window!  She came up to stand beside him.


As he took out the box, he made her sit on the chair tht lay thr!  Her eyes twinkled in excitement and he chuckled as he pulled out a beautiful payal from the box!  "Wow!" she cried.  It was a beautiful little payal studded with diamonds!  She jst stared at it with awe.."u didn't like it?" he asked.  "No.. its.. its very beautiful.. really!  I.. I haven't worn anything like this!" he chuckled,"well Dadi bua had asked me to get a more traditional one for our engagement.  Bt I liked this one too!.. is it really worn in jst one leg?" he asked.  Nidhi giggled at his ignorance,"yes.. if one wishes!"  "well.. the sales girl at the counter told me tht it was "in thing"!"  Nidhi smiled tenderly bt as he tried to grab her foot, she retracted back shrieking a big No!  "Y?"  "I can do it myself!"  "well.. I haven't bot u these gifts to do it urself!" he said and added,"I have my own selfish interest behind it.. u know!" he teased.  She blushed.  He got hold of her foot and he picked up her saree gently to reveal her beautiful leg!  He placed it on his kneeling thigh and carefully tied it around her ankle.  Nidhi took away her shy foot from his thigh!  "hmm and now its turn of this delicate thing!" he said and picked a beautiful kamarbandh from the box!  "Oh my god! how did u get this idea?"she cried.  He stared at her and chuckled,"it came to my mind wen I saw it and asked wat it was and wer it cud b worn!"  Nidhi blushed.  "now up on ur feet!"  "no…I can wear this on my own…. please..!" she uttered getting up, feeling really shy this time.  "really?" he muttered and turned her around to gather her in a hug!  "y r u so shy Nidhi?" he asked embracing her lovingly as he wound her arms around her waist and tht dangling kamarbandh started to tease her!  "I..I.. don't know!" she cud jst say.  The effect of everything was too much on her to even speak anything reasonable.  "u don't know?..Oh.. how many things u don't know Nidhi.. "he let out in a half whisper as his senses started picking up fresh smell from her hair!  How had he missed tht earlier!  He rued.  The smell of her hair was jst so good.  Nidhi cud jst coil in his arms.


His hands thn slowly left her waist to reach her shoulder to remove her pallu!  He fidgetedwith her saree and her blouse and her pin and apparently everything on her shoulder, fretting heavily in the end at his failed attempts at unpinning!  "this is jst so complicated!" he groaned annoyingly!  A quick chuckle escaped Nidhi's lips!  "Its less complicated thn those surgeries u do.. its simple pinning!"she cried.  He huh'ed and gave up!  She chuckled.  "bt y u want to do tht?" she asked.  He swung the kamarbandh suggestively at her!  She uttered with shyness,"bt wers the need to do this for tht!"  "y not?"  "bcoz it can b done over from saree as well!"she offered and showed him how to do it over from her saree.  He huh'ed loudly,"I know tht!" and she chuckled even harder.  He was standing very cutely annoyed staring at the kamarbandh in his hand!  "don't u think.. we shud wait..for..for..this"   "Nidhi..thrs nothing to wait abt.. we've already gone.."  she quickly placed her fingers on his mouth b4 he cud complete and he stopped at her shy blush and gave in reluctantly!  He sighed and knelt down and placed it over from her saree!  It hid itself for the most part behind her pallu and he rued abt tht!  "I m sorry and I cannot wear this every day either!" she rued.  "u cant?" "No!  how can I go wearing this in the hospital and under a dress, it wudnt serve any purpose!" "Huh!"he said and thy both rued with disappointment as he got up and thy hugged.  "Bt u know wat?" she said excitedly over his chest.  "wat?"  "u can do one thing!"  Surprised at the excitement in her voice, he broke out from the hug and stared at her!  Wat was she thinking.. was she by any means going to give him his opportunity to watch her in kamarbandh as he desired and perhaps he cud peek further down her navel at her tattoo and..  His thots started running rampant imagining many wild things tht she mite allow him to do and Nidhi blushed at his suggestive expressions and thn chuckled uncontrollably!  "I was talking abt this!" she cried opening her palm and showed him tht beautiful neck piece tht he had gifted her on their first very date!  While his thots had run rampant, she had gone and picked it up from her purse.  "u know.. I hadn't had honor to wear this on my neck till date.  Will u help me do tht?" she asked.  He sighed deeply!  For all his wild thots, hers wer so pure!  "And u know.. I can wear this forever and even show it off proudly!" she said.  Feeling suddenly overwhelmed by her luv, he pulled her close and placed a loving kiss on her forehead.  "Thank u sooo much for coming into my life Nidhi!" he said sincerely.  And thn he picked up the neck piece from her hand and turned her around.  "my life wud have been very incomplete without u.. my Luv!" he said tenderly as he removed her hair from her back and inching closer, he placed the neck piece around her neck and closed it tight!  He then turned her around and held her face in his hands for a while.  As thy stared back into each other's eyes, slowly their lips inched closer and mingled into eachother!  This kiss was more of showing the understanding of each other and of showing how much thy loved each other!


Wen thy wer jst done, her phone rang!  With a flushed face she picked it up as her baba's name flashed on it!  He enquired abt thm and she informed him tht thy wer busy painting and it was gonna take time!  A puzzled Ashutosh gestured her wat?  She gave a pleading gesture and passed him the phone,"baba wants to talk to u!" she whispered!  "Painting walls.. hmm.. good good.. u young ppl find amazing ways to do stuff together.. I appreciate tht.. paint well.. enjoy the task and stick to it" Ashutosh had to suppress his hard chuckle at the last phrase.  However, hard Col. Verma tried to b a modern and accepting FIL, he wud remain a father of a daughter after all.  "bring my daughter back soon and safe!" he had instructed in the end!  And he had chuckled and informed his daughter wat her baba wanted!  Safe he had said!  "painting?" he asked.  "remember the unpainted wall upstairs!"she cried excitedly!  "Nooo!" Ashutosh replied horrified!  "yes.. bt first thrs something else!" she jumped with more excitement and sprinted out of the door down to a small wooden cabinet protruding on the outside wall facing the garden.  Ashutosh followed her out helplessly.  She brot some things out very carefully from the cabinet; a couple of tins of different colored paints, some large sheets of paper, some brushes and rollers, and a thinner!  Ashutosh looked curiously at the stuff and went to help her!  Once thy had brot all the things at the door, she placed the sheet inside the house touching the door frame!  She then took out some paint on a small plate like thing and asked him to immerse his one foot, the right foot to be precise in it!  Ashutosh was horrified!  "No Way" he cried vehemently and stepped back instinctively!  A pouted Nidhi stood up retorting,"U r no sport!" she cried.  "U r asking for such crazy stuff!"he retorted shrugging!  "huh! Its not crazy its.. its…"she left it at tht and looked away!  He sighed!  "sweets.. y all these.. please.. I m sure its not necessary!" he said tenderly.  She turned and placed a tender hand on his stomach.  A sweet breath escaped his lips while her other hand went to hug him from behind.  She gently smoothened over his kurta as she tried to gather her thots and spoke while he was busy fending off his overimaginative thots!   "I.. I wanted to surprise u.. it was first time we wer entering this house.. u know.. as a.. as a.. blessed couple.. I thot v shud make it memorable!"  She said.  Ufff!  He rubbed his brow wryly and nodded his head.  It was better if he jst followed her orders obediently rather thn falling prey to her provocative gestures!  He stopped her hand instantly,"hmm.. by stepping into the color.. tht is?" he asked anyways!  "hmmm and thn imprinting on tht sheet!  One by ur foot and one by my foot!  And thn it will b complete!" she broke the hug and cried excitedly and pointed at the laid sheet and thn looked at him expectantly!  He let out a big sigh!  He had no choice, either out of his wry humor or out of his luv, bt to follow her wishes!  He smiled and took her hand and stepped his rite foot into the red paint.  He then placed it firmly on the white sheet!  He then rubbed his soiled foot immediately on the rug tht she had laid beside it and then he helped her to follow him and step on to the sheet with her left foot!  She stepped her foot jst below his imprint making it look like a step albeit by two different feet, one was tiny and more feminine while the other was big and more masculine, bt it complemented each other so well and she was right, it looked perfect and complete!  He sighed as he pulled in two chairs from close.  Thy sat and he picked up her soiled foot to rub off the paint with cotton and thinner!  She felt very ticklish, she said!  And she clutched at his shoulder and giggled all the while thru his task!  He felt very amused and enjoyed it immensely!  Wen it was his turn, he retorted a big no, bt she was very adamant and he had hard time suppressing his equally silly giggles.  He cudnt help wriggle his toes at her touch!  If only she wud know wat sorts of dormant desires she was awakening!  He sighed.


The nxt exciting round was to paint the wall.  All the things were taken upstairs to his room.  The problem was thn of thr clothes, but a clever Nidhi had planned it well!  Thy quickly changed into paint suits to start the task!  She brought out all sorts of interesting rollers!  Nidhi wanted to do little red "hearts" on white background!   Horrified at her idea, he offered to do butterflies on a ragged green background giving it a feel of flying butterflies in an open pasture of green land!  Nidhi approved it at once.  Tho he thot a painter wud give it more perfect finish, Nidhi opined tht it wud lack their little little personal touch of imperfection!  So on they went with the tedious job, bt he didn't feel so once thy had started coz Nidhi made it fun with her jokes and laughs and her overenthusiasm, coz she was doing it with him!


Once done, thy washed themselves up and thn laid on the clean floor to rest a bit and appreciate their work.  Nidhi laid close in his arms as thy gazed silently at the wall tht thy had jst painted.  Nidhi had highlighted the wall by false lighting above the wall and it gave it a very lively look!  "Beautiful isnt it?" she asked.  And tho Ashutosh cud find many a faults in their painting.. it still looked pretty beautiful!  "if we move in here.. we wud lay our bed here!"she stated!  He chuckled.  "So u have gone as far as to planning on wer shud v lay our bed aftr mrg.. hmmm!" he teased.  She blushed.  "nooo!..I was jst..i was jst.."  she ran out words!  He chuckled and laid her on the floor and propped up beside her to gaze teasingly at her,"and wat else have u planned for aftr mrg?" he asked.  She blushed again.  "Nothing!"  "Nothing really?"  "yeah...please!"she pleaded. "okay..okay..fine.. bt u want to know wat I have planned?"  "Nooo!"  "Hmmmph..thts very unfair Nidhi" he cried with a loud twitch!  "okay.. I m sorry" "No its okay!" he cried miffed!.."No please tell me!"she requested!  "really? even if it makes u blush hard?"he teased.  She blushed and bt nodded a yes boldly.  He curled a side smile as his eyes dance and he bent over her ears and wisphered softly,"tht v r going to have a lot..lot..lot many kids!"  "Wat!"she cried suddenly and pushed him away!  "Nooo!" she cried again!  "y?"  "how can I bear so many kids?" she said innocently!  He bundled into a laughter!  "u seriously thot I m going to make u do tht!" he laughed hard.  She pouted.  "I wish the population of our country wasn't exploding or else I wud have preferred at least a lot, if not a lot..lot..lot.., of kids".. he sighed laying back on his back and gathering her again in his arms,"I think we will settle for one kid.. a girl!"  "No.. a boy!"  "A girl!"  "A boy!" "A girl Nidhi.."  "emm hmm a boy!" thy quarreled for a while b4 Ashutosh finally turned over her and commented.."u know.. lets jst start the process and c wats the outcome!"  Nidhi blushed like anything and pushed his towering self away.  She ran into the bathroom to change and wen he had done the same, thy went downstairs to place the things back and to pack their own things.  And as thy sat and waited for their car to arrive, thy utilized their free time appropriately by watching the CD of Nidhi's favorite cartoon show Tom and Jerry ran on his old TV.. and of course.. stealing many kisses and cuddles inbetween the show!


When thy drove back, Nidhi laid her head on his chest and he had gathered her in his arms.  Thy wer seated on the backseat as the driver tht her baba had sent drove thm away!  Ashutosh sighed deeply as his thots wandered.  Thy had come a long way and as he looked back at their lives.. yet again.. a new chapter had begun tht of a lifelong commitment!  After pondering for a while, he suddenly asked her,"Nidhi?"  "hmmm" "wats up with Rohan? He seemed quite.. u know.. not in himself!" "uh…I m sorry bt I cannot tell u.. u know..the secrecy in fship.. I hope u understand" she replied with an apologetic face.  "hmmm"  "u r really not actually jealous of him.. r u?" Nidhi asked worriedly looking up at him!  "No.. not really…only if he stays 1 feet away from u!"  Nidhi giggled heavily,"Okay..fine.. I will tell him tht!"  "No Nidhi..its a man-to-man thing.. I will tell him tht.. I don't want ur fship to b affected by my possessiveness and jealousy!"  She smiled at his frankness.  "I will tell him exactly wat I need to tell!"he said. "Bt u know.. trust me his intentions r clean.. I mean watever is in his mind its not cheap.. and he is a good man!"said she.  Ashutosh looked at her.  She was definitely trying to say something abt this Rohan issue.  At last she sighed,"u know his gestures r very innocent!"  "well, I cannot reason tht to my possessive heart!  Don't worry I will talk to him!"  Nidhi sighed deeply and went back to rest on chest.  Ashutosh went back to ponder abt Rohan!  He was one strange guy and he definitely needed to talk to him before he worried his Nidhi more with watever it was tht was going on in his mind!

*********okay.. so i felt this had become a bigger chapter..bt i felt it was necessary to depict the level thr romance has reached.. and hence i havnt cut any of thr romantic scenes... it jst protrays their impatience and restlessness and the heat tht it generates!  Embarrassed  I hope tht u all will like it!  They have started discussing some real issues ..which i felt wer equally neccassry bt cudnt incorporate into this update completely..

many have a question tht with this major house issue settled wat can b thr major point of tiff.. bt sometimes u do not need any major point to fight..if u want to fight!LOL  bt i m not focussing on my dramatic plot rite now.. i m focusing on some core issues... hoping tht thy will keep u glued to my FF!LOL 
Chalo.. for now.. Ciao.. TC
Please do comment how u liked or not liked the chapter..Embarrassed

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hilarious44 Goldie

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Thanx for the updateTongue..
Gonna enjoy it now..
Will post comments soonTongue

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Heyyy SURPRISE, did not expected you to update today...yet to read to give you feedback...we badly need your update to miss the episode today...
Thank you, will come back to you with review...
Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Cool...Col Verma wants his daughter to be returned safe and soon into his custodyLOL

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Its just Wow. Thank you for this cute chapter.Hug

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