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**For previous chapter The Surprise, refer pg 130*****
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Chapter 48:  The Entangled Past
Ashu tossed the keys on his table with sudden anger!  It slid almost to the edge of the table and came to a sudden halt with a dull clanking sound of the keys commanding his attention as the keychain dangled dangerously over the edge!  Ashutosh instantly sprang from his chair to grab it, collecting it back safely in his hand!  He opened his palm to look at it and thn clasped it tight again with a heavy sigh!  It was something tht he cud neither let go nor hold on to!  He dropped heavily into his chair feeling extremely distressed!  All those upsetting thots and painful emotions tht he had buried along with the knowledge of the fact tht Nidhi was tht girl for whom his baba had abandoned him resurfaced again!  His insecurities, his complexities, his weaknesses started plaguing him again!  Y!!!  He cried in frustration as he ran a disturbed hand thru his hair!  Y  Nidhi?  He asked again giving a very painful heavy sigh and picked up a glass of water to gulp down his grief tht had suddenly bubbled up somewhere deep from his heart!  He sat thr taking his head in his hand, placing an elbow on the table, and massaging the worries off his brows!  Suddenly, he was feeling a lot tired and old again as he ruminated abt the lost time of his past!  15 years… 15 long yrs thy wer.. wen all those thots had wore him out gradually over the years.  He took out his wallet and stared at his baba's pic.  It was taken on the day of convocation!  He was awarded a gold medal for topping the state!  How proud and happy his baba was tht day holding his medal and grabbing him in a proud hug!  Tht memory brot back a smile of pride on his lips!  He cud never forget tht day and tht happy smile on his baba's face coz it was the ultimate prize for all the hard study of 19 years!  He sighed.  This picture treasured tht moment and it was as valuble as tht house, wer tht dream was realized!  He touched his baba's smiling face tenderly and some tears gathered in his eyes!  Y baba?  Y did u leave me like this?  He had missed him so much!  Every achievement from thn on seemed futile and worthless without his baba's proud face to appreciate it!  He sighed with melancholy!  Y was his luv not enuf?  Wer did he fell short?  Was it jst bcoz he wasn't his real son?  He was still in his thots wen he received Nidhi's call!


"Hi!" she said in a positive spirit!  He gave a small rueful smile!  Nidhi sensed his disappointment!  "wat happened?"she asked in a low voice!  Her tone turned suddenly dull!  He sighed!  "Nidhi.. I..I cannot take this!" he stated.  "bt Y?"she cried painfully!  He sighed again.  "jst try and understand Nidhi.. I cannot.. please!"  "u know wat…" she wanted to say a lot many things at his such gloomy and reticent behaviour..bt the words jst didn't come out and she left her sentence at tht with a heavy sigh!  Thr was clear displeasure in her tone tht he cud sense!  "Nidhi.. please!"he urged.  "u know how hard I had worked to get it renovated.. I thot I wud surprise u… pleasantly!"she cried.  He ran a frustrated hand thru his hair!  "I understand Nidhi.. bt its difficult for me to accept it!" "Y?" she was unrelenting!  The last thing he wanted to remember was tht Nidhi was the owner of tht house.. the rightful heir of his baba!  His original and only kin!  "Nidhi… bcoz.. its.. its.. very hurtful!" he let it out!  "Y?"she asked.  He stared blankly at his desk in disbelief!  Y?  "Y?..  Nidhi.. u know y.."he cried!  "Nope.. I don't….I don't understand how it can b so hurtful wen its coming back to u!" she stated.  He twitched a scornful smile and nodded his head vehemently!  "So ironical Nidhi..so very ironical..isnt it?" he cried out with contempt!  Nidhi kept mum!  A few moments past with him waiting for her to speak up bt she didn't!  "Hullo?" he cried at last.  "I m not talking if u r gonna talk like tht!" she said.  He sighed in frustration!  Bt she maintained her silence!  "U r so damningly stubborn!.. u know tht!" he cried irritatedly!  She shrugged,"I know! Bt not as much as gloomy and brooding and contemptuous and sarcastic as u r!" He sighed!  "did I jst make u feel all tht?" he cried.  "yes!"she stated.  "I am sorry.. I m a very bitter man!"  "I luv the bitter taste!" she replied!  Ashutosh cudnt stop giving a soft laugh at her wry humor!  "I luv u.. u know tht.. " He cudnt help say.  His heart was suddenly filled with love for her instead of scorn!  "emm.. hmm…u don't!" she replied retorting strongly!  "huh..u know tht!"he cudnt help shriek like some foolish boy seeking his girl's approval at her abrupt denial!  Nidhi chuckled.  "well.. thn prove it... by accepting my gift!" she said!  "Uh.. we need to talk on tht!"he said.  "Okay!.. so wen?"  "I will re-check my schedule and see by wat time I wud b free in the evening!"  "fine.. c u thn.." her voice had amazingly cool and calm composure passing the same onto him and her persistence strangely brot him out of his gloomy state and back to his normal one!  "wait… wen is decided bt wer isnt.."  "well.. at my home!"  "Nooo!"  "y?" "I mean.. y at ur house?"  she chuckled.  "tell me U r not afraid of my baba!" she teased!  "huh..y shud i?"  "thn b brave!"  "I m brave!"  "okay thn its done.. at my home in the evening.. byeee… my luuuvv!" she ended on a loving teasing note, leaving him in a lingering feeling of her doting luv!  As he laid back on his chair with his chest suddenly swelling, he pondered.  At her home?  How in the world did he fell into her trap!  The last thing he wanted was to complicate things betn thm on this issue with her baba's presence!  Huh!  He cried and got back to his work!


At 7 p.m., he reached her doorsteps!  He was greeted by Col. Verma himself at the door!  "aah.. Dr. Ashutosh.. welcome welcome.. at last entering from the correct entrance!" he commented!  Ashutosh briefly turned red and thn chuckled sportingly as he saw tht Col. Verma wasn't serious.. he was jst joking and pulling his legs!  He seemed to b in jolly mood!  tht shud help him!  He thot!  "well.. dadi bua has gone to temple and Nidhi is in her room.. if u please!" he said!  Ashutosh was surprised tht he was sending him to his daughter's room and tht too rite away!  So Col. Verma wanted thm to have a private conversation!  Eh!  Ashutosh didn't know how happy he shud feel!


Bt wen he entered her room, without knocking, his happy and hopeful face turned red with sudden extreme anger!  Rohan was sitting side by side, head to head, on Nidhi's bed, with her, discussing something very secretively and hushedly, but apparently pretty animatedly as Rohan had exact manners as Nidhi in gesticulating!  So Ashutosh inferred from their body languages tht it was pretty sensational and shocking to Nidhi!  If he got near thm, he mite even catch up some words to confirm his suspicions!  "its true luv.. believe me!" rohan was insisting to Nidhi!  Nidhi was nodding vehemently,"bt u know..its impossible!"  "please.. at least give it a thot!" he urged!  Nidhi declined nodding her head vehemently!  "U know wat.. if Dr. Ashutosh is to learn abt this, he is gonna kill u!" she cried!  "huh!" he had cried shrugging unpleasantly!  "also so cheap of u to think of ur "ILU" cards tht way!"  "wats cheap in tht!" Rohan retorted,"it was, is, and will remain for my true luv!  It's the feelings behind thm tht matters.. it's a true treasure for me."  "Huh!" Nidhi cried frowning,"well I m not going to save u from the wrath of Dr. Ashutosh..if u r not going to behave appropriately!"she cried.  "I thot u wud understand me better.. I m ur best friend!" Rohan cried!  "thn better behave like one!"Nidhi cried!  "u know I stood with u.. I told him I will never leave ur side come wat may!" Rohan cried in disappointment!  Nidhi sighed and cried with a rueful pout,"Oh I m soo sorry!" she laid a sorry hand on his shoulders,"u know how much our f'ship means to me too!"  Rohan nodded a yes,"thn u have to consider my feelings!"  Nidhi sighed and looked at him with deep wrinkles forming on her forehead in worry!


Thy wer so deeply engrossed in thr talk tht thy were totally oblivious to Ashutosh's presence in her room and also unaware of the fact tht he was standing dangerously close to thm and had overheard almost everything tht thy had said..even wen thy had wisphered!  His ears had become suddenly sharp wen it came to Rohan and with his every statement.. his frown grew thicker and his lips grew tighter and the anger seared in him silently!  "Oh.. Dr. Ashutosh!" came a voice suddenly from the door and all three of thm jerked their heads towards tht voice!  Angie was standing by the door holding tray full of 3 coffee mugs and smiled sheepishly at him and thn warningly at Rohan!  Rohan jumped out of Nidhi's bed from her side and greeted him awkwardly!  He didn't miss the intense rage tht was visible on his face!  He knew he wished to cut him into pieces rite now, at least thts wat his looks suggested!  Rohan shifted in his place with slight fear!  Can a man b this threatening!  He was sheer dread in this form!  Nidhi climbed down from the opposite side to welcome him!  "oh.. I thot u told me u wudnt b able to b free by 8!" she said.  Angie nodded her head in dismay!  This girl wud never learn!  Cant she see the anger of jealousy in his face!  Stupid girl..! Angie cried to herself.  She was uttering all sort of wrong statements!  She rolled her eyes and attempted a ceasefire!  "oh y don't u have coffee first.  Uncle told me u wanted to discuss an important matter with Nidhi!" she placed the tray on Nidhi's nitestand and turned to Rohan with a suggestive warning cue,"Rohan.. y don't u help me make another cup..haan!"  Rohan promptly picked up her cue and ran after her who had picked up one mug and left thm alone closing the door on thm!


"huh!" he muttered in anger!  Nidhi chuckled!  "Y r u so angry!"  As if she didn't know!  He cried to himself bt cudnt tell her!  He turned away from her crossing his hands across his chest!  She turned and stepped to stand infront of him.  She tugged lovingly at his crossed arms!  "r u feeling jealous?" she asked dancing her eyes in excitement mixed with tease and delight!  Ashutosh stared back at her with mild displeasure and a slight frown!  "Huh!" he turned away again!  She chuckled and took a step tht brot her infront of him again!  "U know.. u look very cute wen u r so jealous with rage!"  She tipped up on her toes and taking support of his arms, she pecked softly on his lips!  He melted in a second!  And looked deeply into her eyes!  Her eyes twinkled with mild thrill!  He was amused!  "wats so exciting abt this!"  She shrugged joyously with unashamed pride,"u know.. someone getting jealous over me..to this extent… isnt tht exciting enuf!"  aaah.. very!  His heart cried.  She had given him such teasing and inviting smile tht he cudnt help himself grabbing her closer by her upper arms!  And before she cud resist, she was lifted up on her toes and her lips wer captured into his!  So delectable was his devour tht Nidhi gave a pleasurable moan!  His hands grew more tight on her arms as he tasted her lips and tongue and every delectable part of her mouth tilting and diving!  The taste of his lips on hers never tasting so delicious!  Nidhi moaned as she dipped in this wonderful sensation!  His kiss was urging, loving, and extremely wanting!  Wen he broke off from the kiss, his eyes still lingered over her throbbing red lips!  Wanting to devor thm once again, he lunged forward again towards her mouth, but she playfully retracted as he had let loose his grip on hers and she was free to move away!  "cruel!" he cried.  She cudnt help blush at the underlying desperation in his voice!  She moved away to her side of bed, opposite to him and offered him a seat on her bed on the other side,"baba has allowed u in my room to talk and not this!"she teased!  He sighed with lingering need and took a seat on her bed,"surely.. u wudn't want to challenge me!" he cried looking straight into her eyes very confidently!  Nidhi didn't break his stare in shyness this time, infact she luved to stare back at him for his naughty tease!  He gave a side smile and spoke softly,"u want it.. don't u.. u luv wen I break ur baba's rule.. don't u ?" he teased.  A blush crept up on her cheeks and she looked away!  He luved to make her blush!  He gave a satisfied smile!  "well, we'll save it for another day.. for now lets talk for wat baba has given us permission!" he said.


Nidhi smiled and looked up at him with love!  Thy stared at each other for a while as if Ashutosh was searching her and Nidhi let him search till he felt satisfied!  He sighed at last and brought out the keys of his baba's house tht she had gifted him!  He slid it across to her on the bed!  "I cannot take this Nidhi!" he said seriously!  "y?"she asked softly!  He looked down on the bed as if trying to gather his thots as to how to put it appropriately!  "Luv.. u know.. its.. very painful to me!" he said looking into her eyes.  "U have to let it go!"she whispered softly!  "I m trying to.. u r bringing it back!"he said.  Nidhi sighed looking into his eyes,"we have to face it and let it erase from our minds!"  He looked away,"u don't know how hard it is to erase ur black memories!"  "U hate me so much tht u cant let it go!"  "I luv u so much tht I want to let it go!"  "bt without facing the truth?" "It will only bring more bitterness and sorrow!"he cried.  "bt u want me to keep nagging myself with the fact tht this man whom I luv so much and who luvs me so much somewhere deep hates a form of me so strongly..u think I can bear tht!" she said tenderly.. her eyes moistened with tears!  "Nidhi..i don't want to hate u.. I jst want to luv u!" he cried in desperation!  She stretched forward and placed a loving hand on his hands,"thn tell me wats bothering u.. don't bury it.. let ur hatredness for tht granddaughter of ur baba or for tht owner of ur house out.. I want to heart it.. trust me I can bear tht bt not ur harboring it in ur heart for lifelong!"she cried tenderly!  He sighed and pulled out his hand from underneath hers and got up to turn to the window of her room!  He sighed as he stared outside and started,"u know how much I loved my baba… very much Nidhi.. very very much!" he said.  "so much tht I dedicated my life to him.. to fullfil his one dream.. his one aspiration.. To see his son as a renowned doctor not jst of Lucknow bt of this world!  And I toiled myself to bring tht pride and happiness on his face!  The day I held my degree and tht gold medal in my hand I felt proud Nidhi.  I felt immensely proud wen I was recognized as his accomplished son!  Tho he never legally adopted me, bt his name as guardian was enuf for me!  His luv and dedication to me was such tht I never questioned this legal issue.  How cud I suspect his generous intention?  He had been an angel of my life!  My mentor, my family, my everything..Nidhi!  My existence on this earth was made worthwhile by him!  Everything tht a good life can provide, he had provided!  Everything tht an orphan like me cud ever wish for, he had granted!  My fulfillment of his dream was much less in comparison to wat he had done for me and more importantly the genuine luv tht he had imparted, so much so tht I had almost forgotton tht I was orphan.  Tht I wasn't his son until one day tht reality struck me hard on my face!  Tht one tiny note by him screamed out loud and laughed at my such foolish assumption!" He paused as his voice became more painful.  Those words from tht note flashed clearly across his eyes as if it was rite thr before his very eyes!


"Sorry Ashutosh, I cant b with u.. I don't deserve this.. I cant stay with u without feeling guilty and believe me its no fault of urs.. bt I cant live with u anymore.  So I m going away from ur life for forever.  Do not try and search for me.  I promise I wud b fine.  Don't worry abt me."


"Nidhi.. u remember wat he had written.. Do not try and search for me!  He had written.  U know how much those words had hurt me!"  A tear trickled down his face.  Nidhi wiped it off gently and tugged at his arm supportively!  Nidhi had, somewhere in the middle of his narration, come to stand by his side bt he had been so deeply involved in his thots tht he hadn't noticed!  Bt her touch brot him back to present!  He looked at her and sighed and grasped at her hand on his arm,"Nidhi.. tell me how can a son not search for his father?"  he asked her!  Nidhi cud jst stare with teary eyes in reply!  Thr was so much pent up pain in his eyes tht bespoke of amount of it mst be thr inside his heart!    "I m sure he didn't mean tht" she said tenderly.  He laughed ruefully!  "I cant stay with u without feeling guilty! He had written.  Nidhi staying with me was making him feel guilty for someone who didn't even bother to care if he was dead or alive!  And he left me in worry for someone like tht.  Wudnt it pain anyone?" He asked again.  "I m sure the guilt mst b heavy!" Nidhi sighed and looked away!  She was unsure if she shud tell him the truth behind his baba's guilt.  Wat if it wud led him to equal amount of guilt!  She feared tht.  He loved her so much tht she feared he wudnt b able to bear the truth!  And she wudnt want to lose him like thy lost her nana!  Ashutosh searched her face.  "wat is it Nidhi?"  he asked.  Nidhi looked up at him and thn turned her face away.  "Nothing!"she said.  "U r lying!" he said.  "thrs something very painful behind this isnt it?"he asked.  Tears formed in Nidhi's eyes.  As thy threatened to spill off, she quickly turned to move away but he was quick to grab her back by her shoulders,"tell me Nidhi" he asked.  "Its.. its.. lot more painful!"she said.  He laughed ruefully,"u know.. I m habituated to grief and sorrow.. my heart can take it all!"  he said.  Nidhi clunged to him tightly,"I don't want u to do tht!  I don't want u to feel any more grief or remorse.  I dont want u to feel sad, lonely, and depressed.  U don't know wat ur smile means to me!" she cried.  Tears trickled down Ashutosh's eyes as he clasped her tightly in his chest!  "I know wat a smile means Nidhi!" He sighed deeply,"bt I am used to feeling unwanted..and nothing can surpass tht pain..trust me!"  Nidhi broke the hug and put her fingers on his mouth,"don't u ever say tht!" she cried.  "wat can an abandoned newborn think of himself Nidhi?"  Tears in his eyes were relentless and Nidhi wiped thm off gently!  "tht u r soo wanted by someone worthy of ur luv!"she said tenderly.  He smiled and held her more dearly in his arms.  "u know if my mom was alive she wud've been so grateful to you coz u fulfilled my nana's dream.  His dream to see my mom becoming a renowned doctor one day!"she said.  Ashutosh broke the hug and stared at her!  "Nidhi… y my baba cudnt confide tht in me!"  Nidhi had no answer!  "I told u..the guilt must've been very strong!"she said.  "so strong.. tht my sincere luv wasn't enuf to wash away his sorrows?" he asked.  "sometimes.. its so deep bore..tht nothing can affect it I guess!"Nidhi said sadly.  "bt he cudnt tell his beloved son wat ate him away inwardly all these years!"  Tears trickled down his eye again.  The thing was tht his baba had never considered him his real son or else he wudnt have let himself silently drown in such sorrow right infront of his son's eyes!  The pain of this realization was too much for Ashutosh!  "  Nidhi.. u know…all my achievements.. aspirations, ambitions suddenly didn't make any sense!  U know how it feels wen u reach the top and realize thrs no oxygen to survive to cherish tht moment!  The attainment of this name, this fame, this money is tht futile and meaningless for me Nidhi!  Coz thr is no baba to appreciate it!  I was reduced from my baba's something to nothing in a second Nidhi.  Bt thr was still a hope tht he wud recognize one day tht my world was nothing without him and return!  He wud realize I wudnt b able to live, forget sleep, eat, and rest, till I was assured tht my baba was okay and well!  For 10 yrs I searched for him and thn he hit me brutally with a solid fact and I was thrown mercilessly out my world of illusion.  One legal notice told me tht I was still an orphan.  Thr was no name attached to me!  All those years spent with him wer nothing!  I was not his family.  He was not my baba!  He was someone else's.  He admitted in his very own will tht his riteful heir was someone else!  The rite to own his precious memories wer of those who hadn't even bother to come and see him.  Nidhi tell me how wud've I reacted any differently.  How wud I have not hated tht one person who snatched away my baba from me!  All those years of love and bonding was sent into some trash out of guilt for not providing to some legal heir of his!  Nidhi he gave away the most prized possession of ours to tht someone who cudnt value its worth!  Who didn't even once visit it and left it in desertion to wither and wear away!  Those years jst didn't wear away paints from the walls Nidhi, it wore out our memories and left in ruins our good times with those furniture!"  He grabbed her shoulders with overwhelming emotion and asked her,"Y did u do this Nidhi.. y?  y did u left the most precious thing of me to wither away silently…y?!" His grip became so tight out of the underlying frustration, anger, and pain tht he unknowingly started to hurt Nidhi!


"Dr. Ashutosh!" a loud shout of Col. Verma came from the door and his grip loosened on Nidhi bt as Col. Verma glared at his hands, he released Nidhi instantly coming back to his senses!  The place wer he had grabbed Nidhi had turned all red!  Col. Verma ran to his daughter and pulled her back to safety behind him!  "I told u.. I m going to protect my daughter at any cost!" He barked.  "Baba.."Nidhi tried to explain.  Col. Verma raised his hand to stop her from intervening without turning around!  "I.. I am sorry for…" "U better b!" Cried col. Verma fiercely out of protectiveness for his daughter!  "I let u and Nidhi tackle it alone bcoz i thot u cud handle it more maturely and sensibly!" he censured him severely!  "I… I.." Ashutosh sighed heavily!  "baba.. he was jst talking.. u know how sensitive this issue is to him as well!" Nidhi cried in his defence!  Col. Verma took a few breaths to calm himself down as he stared down Dr. Ashutosh!  "U cannot blame my daughter for no fault of hers!"he cried.  Ashutosh looked up at him questioningly!  Col. Verma sighed,"Dr. Ashutosh Nidhi didn't knew tht his nana had given her tht house… not till tht traumatic incident happened when u took Nidhi for dinner!  And she came and asked to me abt the reason behind her fainting! And for how long cud I have hidden it from her!" col. Verma sighed suddenly!  All his anger subsided and suddenly grief took its place!  "It was because of her shock tht I had refrained mentioning anything abt her nana in this house.. so much so tht thr was not a single picture of him in this house!  Bt I didn't knew tht Vrinda had already given it to her with her letters!  Tht day while going thru her mom's belongings, Nidhi came to know tht ur baba was her nana.  She learnt from me tht she had a house wer u once resided with ur baba!  Bt perhaps she didn't know its significance till u took her to tht house!  And from thn on trust me Dr. Ashutosh, Nidhi had bt one desire to renovate tht house and to gift u back!"  Ashutosh looked at Nidhi!  He had no words even to say sorry!  He sighed.  Nidhi picked up the keys from the bed and handed it back to him!  "It belongs to u.. and it always will!" she said tenderly.  Ashutosh nodded vehemently,"No.. Nidhi.. Baba wanted u to have this.. not me.. he had written tht clearly in his will.  I cannot take this and I will not!" Ashutosh still had slight bitterness in his voice as he pushed the keys back into her hand!


Col. Verma smiled ruefully at him.  "Dr. Ashutosh its not good to harbor bitterness and resentment wen one doesn't know the whole truth.  Trust me.. u wud repent bitterly later on.. and sometimes, u wudnt even get a chance to apologize.  And tht is the worst thng tht can ever happen to anyone.  And thrs no way out of ur remorse thn!"  He said with deep sadness and Nidhi went to hug him and provide him solace!  "Its not ur fault baba!" she said.  Col. Verma sighed and looked at Dr. Ashutosh!  "U want to know wat was the reason tht ur baba left u.. wat was tht guilt tht heavily weighed him down?  Thn listen!"  Ashutosh face became attentive as he started at Nidhi and thn back to Col. Verma!


"It all started, as I had told u, wen I met Nidhi's mom at a relief camp and fell in luv!  My posting had been near Lucknow thn and we cud meet frequently bt as my posting chngd we cudnt!  She was still an intern thn and I wanted her to complete her internship before we even seriously thot abt marriage!  Bt we wer so hopelessly in love and we cudnt stay apart!  We wer jst in some 20s and u know how restless v r as young ppl in luv!  Dr. Ashutosh… in tht era, it wasn't so easy to communicate like today.  I was on front and she was in hospital.  Days wud pass without getting any news of each other!  The pining was hard and days of separation were tuff!  She wud become extremely anxious and worried and it affected her job.  Bt her baba was very strict abt it and he wanted her to solely focus on her career bt we thot otherwise.  One day he came to know abt us and reprimanded Vrinda as he felt her future wudnt b secure with a wandering soldier like me who was going to spend half of his youthful days at front.. plus her career wud get ruined as I wud have frequent and erratic postings!  He rejected our luv outrite!  Bt Vrinda was very determined, so wen v met nxt, she proposed to get married!  At tht time, V thot it was best solution.  Once married, her baba wud probably come in terms with it and accept us!  She wud stay with her baba and complete her internship, while I served the country and thn v wud get settled in Lucknow once and for all!  Tht was our plan.  Bt it failed coz her baba didn't approve.  Instead, he got so angry as Vrinda married behind his back tht he severed all ties with her!  He told her thn and thr to not return to his house ever again!  He said some very harsh and bitter words to her out of his rage and contempt!  I got enraged.  I cud stand no longer and took her rite away from thr and I asked her to never contact her baba ever again if she had an ounce of respect for their luv and him!  She agreed bt she was so devastated with this incident tht she never completed her internship and left it midway!  A year later, Nidhi was born and soon it was all forgotten tho she wud sometimes remember her father and cry!  I learnt later tht she was trying to track down her baba bt her baba had left his house and perhaps even Lucknow the day I had taken Vrinda away!  And he was untraceable!  Perhaps Vrinda missed her baba, even felt guilty bt she never voiced it.  Days and years passed, the matter was put on shelf!  Nidhi grew up and v led a stable and beautiful life.  Till one day ur picture was published with her baba in newspaper at some convocation wen she learnt abt him!  I was on front and wen she insisted on meeting him for once, I refused and asked her to wait till I returned and v discussed this matter over.  Bt she didn't wait.  She tracked down her baba.  And the day she went to meet her baba was the last day tht Nidhi saw her mother alive!"  Tears gathered in Col. Verma's eyes and Nidhi hugged him dearly,"Oh baba!"she cried.  "U know wat Dr. Mathur had said to Nidhi and Vrinda?  Wat sort of harsh words must've he spoken to her tht she was completely devastated wen she called up dadi bua as she needed to talk to someone after tht encounter and I wasn't available!" Col. Verma cried painfully!  "Dr. Ashutosh if u cant bear the pain of letting ur house go to one person who was indirectly responsible for the pain and sorrow in ur life thn how can a person bear to luv someone who was indirectly responsible for her mother's death?"  Ashutosh staggered back with shock as the realization of the accusation of Nidhi's baba dawned upon him!  "Ashutosh ji.." Nidhi cried and offered him support, bt he turned away from her with deep regret!  Nidhi cried in pain and looked at her baba, who cud jst give a huge sigh in reply!  "Dr. Ashutosh u have to bear this truth!  Its sad and tragic bt this is wat is the truth of our entangled lives Dr. Ashutosh!  The person responsible for snatching away ur baba from u is Nidhi coz the day Dr. Mathur came to know abt his daughter's death he was devastated!  He had no place on this earth wer he cud vent his grief!  The day Vrinda had come to see him, he had very rudely said tht he had his own son now and tht Vrinda or her daughter r not his kin anymore!  And the he had no relation to thm whatsoever!  Tht he had his son now who had fulfilled his dream and tht Vrinda had no place in his heart or life and tht it belonged to his son now!  He didn't melt seeing his granddaughter and remained as aloof and cold as he cud!  Vrinda was completely shattered at her baba's indifference.  She had no mother and her baba was everything to her!  She was inconsolable as she left his house with heavy heart, the same house tht is gifted to Nidhi by ur baba..Dr. Ashutosh!  She talked to bua to get some relief, bt those harsh words mite have come back to haunt her as she drove back and in her such state, tht accident happened!  It was bt a miracle tht Nidhi survived unscathed!  Bt from tht day on I hated Dr. Mathur!  And not jst Dr. Mathur, his so called adopted son too!  I hated and cursed thm both.  I hated and cursed u Dr. Ashutosh all my life!  Little had I known tht Dr. Mathur was already repenting.  Till the day I received tht legal document, I realized tht Dr. mathur had already given tht house to Nidhi long back.  Bt it cudnt bring my Vrinda back and I cudnt forgive him tho my anger had subsided significantly over the years.  I realized somewhere tht I was too in a way responsible coz I kept a daughter away from a father.  Bt it was not till I enquired abt u tht I found this truth tht u Dr. Ashutosh wer his so called son bt tht he had never ever adopted u legally!  And the day Dr. Mathur had learnt of his daughter's death, he had fallen ill.  And one day he had gone missing and tht u wer still searching for him bt he is not b found anywhere.  It was not till my daughter fell hopelessly in luv with u tht I realized wat a love of father is!  Wat Dr. Mathur mst've felt wen his daughter betrayed him!  Wat pain he must've gone thru and how his actions and anger wer in a way justified.  Had tht happened to me, I wud've reacted even worse!  Bt I was lucky tht I had u Dr. Ashutosh!  Dr. Mathur left u coz he cudnt bear to live with u after wat he had said to his daughter.. not a single moment.. not a single second after getting tht news.. how can a father live.. bt he did.. didn't he Dr. Ashutosh?  Nidhi told me tht he lived with u for almost 2 years before he finally cudnt take it."  he completed his narration on a heavy note.  And Ashutosh cudnt stop his tears from flowing down!  "Dr. Ashutosh if anybody is responsible for this whole thing thn its me.. I shud b punished for watever happened.. and not my wife, or my daughter.. or my son in law or even my father in law!" he said.  Nidhi rushed to him to console him,"No baba.. u did wat u thot was rite.. thrs no fault of anyone in this.. its.. its jst.. pitiful fate baba and nothing more.. and jst think of it.. how the same fate has given us all chance to repay back the sorrow tht we brot in other's lives with happiness!  Isnt it?  I m sure nana is okay wherever he is.. and I m sure God wud b kind enuf to grant u forgiveness baba.. or y wud he bring such tormented souls together for forgiveness hmmm?"  Col. Verma sighed and patted his daughter's head.  She was the only thing tht gave him some relief from his remorse!  He kissed her forehead and nodded a yes.  "ur mother wud b very proud of u my daughter!" he said and glanced one last time at Dr. Ashutosh and patting his back in consolation he went away advising,"to forgive ourselves and to forget tht hatredness is the only solution to all our pain Dr. Ashutosh!"  "I will tell chote sarkar for some tea!" he said to thm closing the door on thm!


Ashutosh was leaning across Nidhi's study table for support wen Nidhi rushed to hug him tightly!  He didn't respond and Nidhi broke the hug to look at him!  "u still hate me?" she asked innocently!  He smiled lovingly,"how in the world can I do tht?"  He said softly caressing her cheeks with the back of his hand.  "u feeling guilty?"she asked.  He jst stared at her.  He didn't knew wat he was feeling.  The news tht he was responsible for Nidhi's grief was enuf to shake him to the core!  All these years he had been so selfish and had cursed her so much!  How can a man hate another being without even realizing the truth!  Col. Verma had done jst the same!  And his baba had acted in impulsiveness and paid a heavy price for his anger!  How two innocent lives had paid prize of their selfishness, their arrogance, their ego, and their anger!  He looked at Nidhi.  She stared at him with so much of innocence.  And it reminded of two eyes tht he had seen long long ago, way back wen he was a kid.  It struck him now y Nidhi's mom had looked familiar wen Nidhi had shown him her photo one day.  He had seen her picture in baba's wallet wen he was very young.  Her eyes had been as innocent and sparkling as Nidhi's has been.  And her smile had been as genuine as Nidhi's.  Thr was so much of resemblance in those eyes and smile with Nidhi even wen it was a very young picture of hers tht one can hardly recognize her as Nidhi's mom.  He sighed.  Wen he looked at Nidhi he realized how thy themselves bring so much pain and grief in one's own life out of hatredness and resentment wen one has a choice to spread so much happiness and joy instead!  This girl had known since long tht he had been responsible for her mother's death and yet she had loved him with all her true heart!  And he had been harboring a bitter feeling for her.. a hatredness tht he felt ashamed of now!  Jst today morning how contemptuous he had been to her!  He twitched ruefully and turned away from Nidhi!


"its unfair.. I m at huge loss at the end of all this!"she cried suddenly and crossed her hand in huff and pouted!  Ashutosh was abruptly brot out of his thots"wat?" he asked in his confused state.  Nidhi turned to him and twitched disapprovingly!  "I lost my mom, I lost my nana, and my baba and my wud-b-fiance cant help feeling remorse looking at my face!  Nobody even cares to hug me for my such huge loss!"she cried.  Ashutosh felt overwhelmed and without thinking further abt anything else, he pulled her into him for a long warm tight embrace!  So tight tht she felt suffocated!  "eemmm.." she cried.  She pushed and mumbled something into his chest!  "wat?"he broke the hug and asked her. "u know tht makes me feel ticklish!" he said.  Nidhi blushed with a chuckle.  "wat can I do.. u luv crushing me in ur arms!" she said naughtily and Ashutosh cudnt help gather her once again in his arms with a naughty twinkle,"I luv to do a lot more wonderful things thn jst crushing u in my arms..u know tht!" he wisphered huskily into her ears!  Nidhi bit her lips with a huge blush!  "u better b careful or else u will b banned from entering this room till mrg happens!"she cried.  "really?" he challegened!  Nidhi pushed him away playfully and ran away showing him a thumbs down sign!  "really Nidhi.." he cried"this room is sooo small!"  He ran after a sprinting Nidhi!  It was amazing the way she was creating a running maze out thr in her small room!  "Dr. Ashutosh let me remind u wat is at stake.. If I m found in ur arms in this room, baba is gonna ban u forever!" she cried running and dodging away from him with athletic swiftness!  Running around her round table at the other section of her room, he replied,"I luv challenges and besides if I u r FOUND in my arms.. wat if u r NOT FOUND!" he stopped and smiled mischeviously at her!  Nidhi stopped to stare at him!  Wat was in his mind! She wondered. He coolly walked back to the door and bolted it boldly.  Nidhi gasped!  "wat r u doing?"she cried and ran to unbolt the door, but he caught her jst on time!  "its called playing using one's brain!" he winked and gathered her in his arms strongly!  "leave me!" she cried struggling.  "y..thrs no fear now nobody will c u in my arms!" he wisphered in her hair sending tickles down her skin!  She flinched and giggled and wisphered a please!  "I will tell baba tht u bolted the door!" she declared.  He chuckled.  "will u now?" he grabbed her tight for a punishment,"thn let me first have some fruitful use of the bolted door!" he cried.  Nidhi giggled at his naughtiness and he stretched to tickle her more in her hair and ears bt nidhi was smart and fast.  She outstretched herself and pulled back far away wer he cud not reach inspite of him holding her tightly and securely in his arms!  Nidhi giggled heavily at his failure!  "Oh.. u r sooo naughty!" He cried.  "But not anymore!" he declared with determination and turned her around to pin her on the wall beside the door and suddenly took her lips into his before thy cud offer any further retort.  Nidhi's eyes widened at his sudden delightful attack!  He enveloped her and crushed her close to give a beautiful kiss!  Nidhi blushed.  It was sensational and very naughtily flirtatious, if nidhi cud term it!  He was giving her a very very sweet punishment!  When he finally let her loose, her tongue inadvertently went over her lips to savor his lingering taste!  Taking a few quick breaths, Ashutosh pulled her in again to give her the firsthand taste instead!  She shuddered and moaned with pleasure in his arms!  His want had increased and she cud feel it thru his lips!  He had thn urged her with his lips to reply and she had replied feeling shy inwardly!


She was still giving him the pleasure wen thy heard a knock and a call,"bibiji shud I come in?"  It was chote sarkar with tea and snacks probably!  She broke off suddenly and blushed at the satisfaction tht twinkled in his eyes and at the contended smile tht played on his reddened lips!  He mischievioulsy pointed at his brain and wisphered,"normally ppl wud knock and enter wen a couple is left alone.. a decency of manners u know.. bt still I bolted the door for ur satisfaction!"  "Huh!"she cried and moved away as he opened the door to allow Chote Sarkar in!  "Col. Verma had his tea?" Ashutosh asked.  "yes, he told me to serve ur tea in here.." he went and placed the tray on Nidhi's night stand.  Bt on the way out he left the door open, he rolled his eyes to Nidhi and said,"this mst b ur baba's instruction!" he cried and Nidhi chuckled with a blush!  As she offered him the tea, she asked,"So wen r u going to see the new improved renovated house?"  "eh.. am I to go alone?"  "well, u will need to take baba's permission"  "ma'm its not going to b nite out!"  Nidhi blushed,"I wasn't talking abt tht!"  "thn y shudnt ur baba permit?" "I don't know u two seem to b contesting in a sort of tug of war!"she said shrugging.  A huge laughter escaped Ashutosh's lips.  "True!" he cried at last wiping his tears of laughter.  He cudnt possibly tell her how he was warned by her baba!  "We will go this Sunday!  Is tht fine with u?"  Nidhi nodded a yes!  She wud b eagerly waiting for this Sunday!  It wud b first time thy wud b going thr.. infact anywhere as a formal couple and Nidhi felt already too exicted.. at everything.. at pleasantly surprising him.. at their first outing as a formally approved couple.. and at the time thy wud get to spend alone.. in tht jungle-like area!  She blushed as the images of their last encounter in tht house flashed across her eyes!  Ashutosh clinked the glass cup to grab her attention back to him and smiled with a twinkle as if he seemed to understand wat was going inside her head!  Nidhi smiled at him with a blush and both sat staring and smiling at each other sipping on their teas while a beautiful song played in the background somewhere from his baba's old radio!

Jab bhi kayaalon mein tuu aaye
Mere badan se kushbuu aaye
Mehake badan mein raha na jaaye
Raha jaaye na
Tere bina jiya jaaye na..

Tere bina jiya jaaye na..

Bin tere, tere bin.. saanso mein saans aaye na….

It happened to b his mom's fav song!  And her baba was missing her very much.  She sighed and seeked her mom's blessings silently and asked her to tell God to bless thm all with peace, luv, and happiness, especially, her baba, Ashutoshji, and her nana, wherever he was!

**okay so heres it.. the past.. do write to me.. how was it.. was it worth the wait?  Also i felt it came at a rite time wen Ashu cud tackle it more stably.. and not going into his shell.. col. Verma had been very instrumental.. and his grief is unbound as till he seek's Dr. Mathur's forgiveness his soul will not rest in peace.. bt wat i liked abt him was he didnt let his judging of Dr.Ashutosh influence by their entangled past.. he judged him fair and well.. i wud say like a father wud judge a wud b son-in-law!Clap

Also Rohan's role is getting interestingLOL
So do write and comment abt this chapterEmbarrassed******** 
till nxt update..

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged
what is Rohan upto??? I don't know what is going on in his strange mind...plz continue soon
achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vidishaa

what is Rohan upto??? I don't know what is going on in his strange mind...plz continue soon
LOL he is strangest and wierdest guy.. according to Ashu too... so wait till Ashutosh confronts him!LOLLOL  he wanted him to cut him into pieces.. wonder wat will happen wen thy will meet!LOLLOLLOL

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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjani9

Eagerly waiting for the update...when is the seperation or it is over?
now i m having double thots abt seperation!LOL  bt no its not over.. yet..LOL these wer jst Mini-MUs.. tht thy easily overcame!Embarrassed

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Anjani9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
BB is not alive? but how do they come to know? Why you don't want to get him back? It will be good if he is alive...
All the big issues are not creating MU between them, then how come they will be seperated...
House, his past all are cleared now...How did you celebrate festival? Thank you for the update...
Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged
will catch up soon..gonna read now
ZedZee Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
wow !!! truly worth the wait...Thumbs Up
i liked the way in which they cleared their MU...and all...
great going...
plzzz continue soon ...

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