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Chapter 11:  Caught up in your scarf!Embarrassed


The recap:

A soft voice awakened her.  She opened her eyes reluctantly and looked in the direction of the voice.  She gave a lazy smile still half asleep.  Again, someone called her name softly and she opened her eyes to gaze into 2 deep black piercing eyes.  She found herself drawn into them as she stared back.  She thot she saw a glint of something in them, but she quickly came to senses by a tender touch on her shoulder.  She withdrew her shoulder in a quick reflex and stared back to realize it was Dr. Ashutosh.  She rubbed her eyes and mumbled a quick sorry.  "Dr. Nidhi, why don't u come inside and have a cup of coffee?. 

"Its getting cold anyways.. a coffee wud do gud," he asked smiling.  Nidhi was indeed in need of a gud strong hot coffee.  She sprang out and followed him inside.  Dr. Ashutosh reminded her to call her home and he went to prepare coffee.  She followed Dr. Ashutosh in kitchen and informed her baba that she was with Dr. Ashutosh and it wud get a little late, but that Dr. Ashutosh had offered to drop her home.  She saw Dr. Ashutosh standing in the middle of kitchen and scratching his head.  A quick laugh escaped her as he turned towards her in embarrassment.  "I confess, I really do not know how things work here in kitchen.  I just remembered tht Hiraman kaka had a off this weekend," Confessed he.  "I wud turn out to be a pretty bad host," said he as he scratched his head some more.  She chuckled and answered, "but surely I wont turn out to b a pretty bad guest."  And he smiled back.  "This guest is gonna help herself,"said she and started searching the cabinets.  After some searching, she finally found the required ingredients and quickly made two hot cups of coffee.


As they settled on the dining table, Dr. Nidhi hesitated a bit.  Dr. Ashutosh looked at her questioningly, but she jst tried settling herself in the seat and rubbed her eyes again.  Suddenly, Dr. Ashutosh realized it.  "Oh I am really sorry.  Please feel free to use my rest room." He motioned her towards his bedroom.  "Its on the left," added he as he saw her searching in his bedroom.  He looked back at her hesitantly.  As he saw her vainishing to the right side of his room, he felt a little uneasy.  Someone had entered into his private den, but it was no someone.. it was this girl called Dr. Nidhi Verma.  If Hiraman kaka was to know abt it, he wud've surely enjoyed his situation.  He took his cup and went up to the window to get a fresh breath of air.  Shortly, Dr. Nidhi joined him.  "Wow, you have a beautiful garden."  Said she smiling.  Her eyes were still slightly puffed up from recent sleep.  He found her eyes still dreamy and her voice sleepy and quite?.. he deliberately shut his wayward thots and looked away immediately.  Wat was he thinking..Good Lord!... His heart started fluttering heavily in his chest.  He was becoming increasingly aware of her presence near him.  Even her hair tht flicked lightly in the mild breeze seemed inviting.  It wasn't helping..No!  The atmosphere suddenly seemed all charged up.  He quickly finished his coffee and excused himself under the pretext of getting fresh and changing into some dry clothes.  A cold splash of water on his face allowed him to relax and calm down a bit.  He stood there for a while closing his eyes and taking in deep breaths.  He now seemed to be in more control of himself.


When he came out, he saw Nidhi waiting impatiently.  She informed him that her baba had called her up and was increasingly getting worried.  Ashutosh reassured her and drove her quickly to her house.  He dropped her off and after bidding each other quick good byes, each went into their own direction.  As Nidhi neared her door, she glanced back to watch him go.  Dr. Ashutosh saw her glancing him from the rearview mirror.  He left out a big sigh as he drove away.  He could feel as if Nidhi was still there sitting beside him in the car.  He glanced there quite a few times to make sure it wasn't true.


Dr. Ashutosh jst couldn't sleep that night.  The days' events haunted him and Nidhi kept coming back to him every time he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.  The park, the river, the waterfall, the rock, the car, the coffee, the window, the garden... everything.. everything.. ended with Nidhi.  He got up from his bed frustrated and started pacing in his room.  He was getting increasingly restless and nothing seemed to soothe him.  He tentatively picked his cell and played around with Nidhi's number.  Suddenly, he had this strong desire to hear her voice.  It felt like nothing else would soothe his excited nerves.  He was surely going crazy!  At last, he went in rest room to have a splash of cool water hoping that it wud serve the purpose and as he reached over to pick up the dry towel, he felt something smooth and soft.  He looked at it and realized Nidhi had forgotten her scarf.  His first reaction was to put it back immediately, but as he stared at it, he knew it was his only respite.  He grabbed it gently and went out.  He switched off the lights and slowly settled himself into the bed.  He put that on the side table and stared at it.  The faint moonlight poured in from the bedroom windows and on to that scarf.  He picked it up gently and held it lovingly in his hands.  The smooth breeze blowed in and ruffled his hair.  He closed his eyes with a deep breath and embraced it tightly.  He felt more close to Nidhi than he ever was.  Soon the serene silence of the night and the soft rustling of leaves outside did the trick and he slowly drifted into a nice soothing sleep.


He woke up next morning with his head buried into Nidhi's scarf.  Its soft silk caressed his chin lightly.  It jst felt so so good and cozy that he continued to caress it without actually knowing wat he was doing.  He was so absorbed that he jst heard a faint distant ringing of his phone.  He picked it up absentmindedly and put it on the other ear with his head still lying on the scarf.  The voice at the other end made his heart skip a huge beat.  He jolted up in his bed and moved away from the scarf immediately with a small fling backwards.  It was Nidhi!!!  His face turned as red as tht of a wild cherry.  He flustered badly and fumbled for words.  A minute passed trying to get his tongue straight and make it speak up some coherent words!!!  Alas.. in vain!  Not knowing wat to do, he cut the call and sat resigned trying to catch up on his lost breath and words!


Twenty minutes later, his doorbell rang sharply.  He hurried onto it to find a worried Nidhi at his doorstep at 7 a.m. in the morning.  He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.  Nidhi mumbled a few concerned words in a hurry, which he wasn't able to comprehend in his mixed state of shock, confusion, and nervousness.  She checked on him up and down and then barged inside forcing him to bump into the door.  She hastily moved all around the living room and whole house to check if everything was okay.  She even checked the open windows!  Ashutosh jst stood there in bewilderment.  Then she quickly walked towards his bedroom.  A dread fell over Ashutosh.  Her scarf was still lying on his bed!  It wud b hard to explain how it got there from his bathroom rack!  Ashutosh gulped in apprehension.  His mind suddenly went blank and Nidhi was inching fastly towards his bedroom door.  But his body was moving on its own accord.  It moved him a few steps towards her in apparent daze and then suddenly came down on the floor with a loud thud!  "Ouch," Cried he.  "Sir," shrieked she and ran back to help him.  He had tripped over the big heavy wooden rocking chair.  His left ankle was entangled in its legs somewhere.  He tried pulling it out but it gave him a sharp prickling pain.  "Ouch," this time it was more low and painful.  He felt a soft cool hand and saw Dr. Nidhi trying to untangle his feet.  He tried to pull back his leg uttering a quick "No.. No."  "Its okay, Sir," she said reassuringly but she really looked worried as he flinched in pain.  "Are you okay sir?" She asked.  He smiled and tried to get up in response but cudnt put weight on his left ankle.  She quickly gave her hand to pull up as she grabbed on nearby wall for support.  Once on his feet, he tried to walk but instead tripped and he grabbed on Nidhi's shoulder for support.  She was bit startled at his sudden touch.  He uttered a sorry and withdrew instantly.  He leaned on the wall and taking its support he tried to walk again, but it was too painful.  The pain was excruciating.  He took a few steps and thn grimaced in pain.  It was a shame!  He was a doctor and yet his pain threshold was so low!.  Nidhi couldn't see him in pain.  She took his arm gently and put it across her shoulder and got more close to him to give him more access for wider support.  "No," said he and again tried to move away.  It was jst so awkward!  "Please,"said she softly and tugged at his arms protectively.  She didn't knew wat affected her more; his pain or his proximity that was doing something deep inside her stomach.  She had never noticed earlier but he was so strong and huge..and.. she closed her eyes and blushed slightly.  "Let me take you to the sofa,"said she shyly.  They slowly made their way to the sofa.  As his weight pressed heavily on her shoulders, with every press, his heart was fluttering even harder.  He was afraid even before her scarf, his loud thumping would reveal it all.  She was so close to his heart.  His brain didn't register the pain at all for now, it was too busy holding up against this sudden tension that he was feeling.  They reached the sofa and Nidhi helped him to lower down by lowering herself slightly.  His warm breath touched her lightly on the skin of her neck as he removed his one hand from her shoulder and held on to the sofa with other hand to sit down.  Nidhi winked and flinched her head away instantly.  It was a sensation that she had never felt before.  Her heart started to beat rapidly.  Perplexed, she turned away slightly.  Suddenly she became aware of his gaze and she did not know how to face him.  He saw her flinching away and he knew exactly wat he had done.  His senses too hadn't failed to take in the mild scent from her neck and shoulder, but she seemed a little afraid and confused.  She had clenched her fingers in a tight fist.  He looked at her and said most causally, "Dr. Nidhi, I think my broken ankle would need something more than your brave support." to ease the growing tension between them.  She looked back at him.  He was very casually taking a look at his ankle and then signaled her to see and smiled.  "Hey doc, I think my ankle knows thrs this doc around who faints seeing patient's wounds, its panicking." he added jokingly.  "I don't faint," retorted Dr. Nidhi instantly, "at least NEVER seeing a closed wound," she added pouting.  Dr. Ashutosh chuckled.  "well, reassure my little ankle then," said he challenging her.  She smiled back and replied, "I will.  Thank you, bt first I will get u some water," and turned to go the kitchen.  Dr. Ashutosh watched her go and then gave a relieved sigh.  He cursed himself for putting her in such a vulnerable situation.  She returned back in a few minutes with a glass of water, an ice pack, and a pain relief spray.  "Oh you found all the required stuff so easily," he said in surprise.  "yes thanks to my dadi bua.  Sir, she has trained me soo hard."  She said smiling.  She put all the stuff on the small table and put it in front of him and then added, "she says a woman mst know all her ways around her man's house."  Oh God, wat did I jst say!!  She blushed slightly and avoided his gaze.  "I mean? you.. know..," she attempted weakly.  "Yeah, I know," replied he.  She stared back at him with big eyes.  "You mean u r being trained really well at both? how to be a perfect wife and how to be a perfect doc," he said joking.  She blushed a little.  Oh, he had wonderful smile, she observed, but he didn't laugh too often, why?  She raised his foot carefully and placed it on the table.  She gave him water and thn started applying bag of ice on the swollen ankle slowly.  He flinched a little and took a sip of water.  "Sir,"she asked tentatively.  "hmm, "replied he.  "Sir, I didn't know you cud joke so well," said she continuing to apply the ice.  "So u jst realized I am not Dr. Heartstone after all," he said not stopping.  She blushed again.  "Sir, you have a very wonderful smile," she looked up at him and said sincerely.  He just stared at her big eyes.  Oh thy were so.. so? overwhelmed, he looked away, "thanks," he replied shortly.  Nidhi thot she again saw that glint in his eyes.  Wen he looked at her like that, his eyes cud b so captivating but with the spell broken, Nidhi tried to concentrate on cold compresses.


She had just finished with the spray when her cell rang.  Oh its baba, she panicked.  She picked up the call and got a good little bashing before she cud explain anything.  She was asked to get back home immediately.  She looked at Dr. Ashutosh apologetically and said, "sorry sir, baba called?.."  and before she could finish Ashutosh replied.. "Oh.. so stupid of me.. So sorry Dr. Nidhi to keep you waiting.. I cud've called somebody else.. I?"  "Its okay sir," replied she.  "Hiraman kaka isn't back yet.. who will take care of you??, she asked worriedly.  "Oh its fine Dr. Nidhi, I think its jst a little sprain.  I shud b up and moving in an hour or so.  Really, thanks." Replied he.  "but how? you r barely able to put down weight on tht leg and thrs noone to help you move around," she asked again.  "well, you can do one thing.  Thers a chair in bedroom.  Would you please bring it for me.  I think it wud serve good as a four-legged cane for now." Replied he and tried to put his leg down.  "Okay," said she and rushed to his bedroom.  "No? wait.." It suddenly struck him and he shouted back at Nidhi.  Too late!  She was already in his bedroom.  He gave a sigh of despair.  He stared back at the door impatiently and prepared himself mentally.  It was inevitable, but to his utter surprise, she came back most casually with the chair and offered him.  He got up by himself ignoring her pleas.  "I think this wud do," replied he still perplexed abt the scarf.  She deposited everything back into the kitchen and instructed him to not take more strain.  "Dr. Nidhi Verma, I am a doctor too," he said as a matter of factly.  "I know Sir but right now I am the attending doctor and a patient should listen to his doc ALWAYS," she teased him.  "Very well doc, " he said giving in.  She finally bid him good bye and closed the door behind her.  As soon as the door was closed, he tried to reach his bedroom to locate the scarf.  Once there, he was left in shock.  It was gone!  He frantically looked below the sheets and pillows and even surveyed his room quickly but it jst wasn't there!!!  He flopped on the bed scratching his head.  Did Nidhi found it first and took it with her.. but thn why didn't she enquire?  Did she guess wat transpired with it in the night..  how it ended up here on his bed.. from his bathroom..Shit!.. He flushed heavily.



Precap:  In ur arms


He caught hold of her arm and pulled her towards him, but wen Nidhi tried to push him away, his instant reaction was to pull her more close in a tight embrace.  Nidhi kept struggling against him, but it jst made him hold on to the tight grip longer!  May be Nidhi was invoking those primal male instincts in otherwise gentlemanly Dr. Ashutosh. 

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thanku.. before readingBig smile

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again saying same old line
waiting for nextWink

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excellent...Thumbs Up
ur precap is always making us crazy and demand for moreLOL
very well written...loved it

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Hey thanx achiever...
Nice update...
Waiting for next chapter to find out scarf's mystery n ya ur precap is awesome...

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Awesome update Achiever Clap

I love your precap titles! Builds up anticipation in readers.

Nidhi is so sweet. She finds her scarf in the bed and does not ask Ashutosh about it. I think she knows that it would make Ashutosh really uncomfortable.

Thanks for the update.

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Hey Achiever..It was simply a wonderful update...aww.w...ashu's head buried into nidhi's scarf..however thought something else..but it was also very sweet...both ashu and nidhi getting attracted to each other..Heart...What to say about your precaps...you're precaps are as good as those of  production houses...eagerly waiting for next update..post soon..Embarrassed !!

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