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*Smthin_Clld_Luv*Nov3_Updt_p146*Jaane Kya Baat Hui (Page 118)

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Wow Achiever..Lovely post...loved all the chapters...awesome writing...waiting for next part...Pls continue soon...And no prob with length...

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waiting...waiting..waitingDay Dreaming
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jst posting..
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******For previous chapters, refer Index on page 1******
Chapter 45:  The untouched!

Hand in hand, thy ventured ahead on the narrow bushy path wer the path ahead cud hardly b seen, such had become the jungle in monsoon.  Bugs and insects.. butterflies and birds.. the color green in all its different shades and the colorful groups of flower.. adorned the jungle for what it stood in the seaon of rains!  Nidhi had more thn once wished tht it rained after such dry spell of almost 2 days now and Ashutosh had of course silently prayed for the opposite!  Sometimes climbing up the hard rocks of the dry stream and sometimes running on to the little brown path carved artistically amidst a carpet of green pastures, Nidhi was having fun.  Along she took Ashutosh and up thy went.  Crossing and skipping the proper road and trekking along those lesser trodden paths, only taking very short and very few breaks inbetn to appreciate the mother nature.  The thing was tht tht Nidhi had been too excited to reach early on the top and more importantly ahead of the rest!  Ashutosh chuckled after her.  Tht little girl in Nidhi had awakened once again.  He was sure if he allowed, she wud stay behind and catch the butterflies or would run around the woods like little Red Riding Hood!  He had a laugh with himself.  Nidhi had turned around and enquired after his suppressed chuckle.  He had given a nod of nothing and she had drawn her brows, arched a brow, grinded her jaws, and twitched her lips into her fuller cheeks to make a very cute mock sceptical face!  Ashutosh smiled at her lovingly!  She smiled back with a cute curl of her lips and then turned and ran ahead chirpily!  Was he in luv with a little girl!  He wondered and joked to himself.  She was surely anything bt little girl!  The way she had willingly lost herself in his passionate wooing jst last nite on the rock under the beautiful moonlight or the way she slid very silkily over his chest invoking some very shameless desires in him, he was sure abt tht!  And she did it with such flair of innocence and cuteness, tht it was almost impossible for him to not adore her.. love her' and'. He sighed' kiss her!  Her expressions wen he had caught her by window still amused him and the way she had flushed at the mention of it a little while earlier had made his heart flutter with an unexplained joy and greedy satisfaction perhaps!  It had been very impishly provocative in a way!  It was not something he wud expect Nidhi to do..unintentional it mite b bt still very provocative!  And a part of him had wanted to seek wat she had seen of him.. so immodestly..huh!  He sighed' and the way it had made her feel.. thru her lips!  Huh!  He rebuked his heart sharply who was unyieldingly becoming too naughty!  eh! for all ur gentlemanliness Dr. Ashutosh' such desires' such amorous secret desires to feed the male in him!  Wud Nidhi learn of his such inappropriate thots, he wud've to even forget abt the kisses' tht wer so hard to come by already.. anyways!  His heart sighed and he laughed at his such poor state of heart!  Bt tht little child in Nidhi had been so blissfully unaware of this sweet battle tht was going inside his head!


His attention was drawn back to a teasingly giggling Nidhi again!  He was amused at her ways.  She wud sprint ahead of him and thn she wud turn back and spiritedly challenge him to catch up with her pace and wen he cudnt keep up, she wud giggle at him teasingly and thn continue with the game all over again!  He was amazed at her energy and stamina.  Was she exception or all the girls of her age exhibited the same amount of vigorousness, he wondered.  Short of breath?.. Naaah.. she can give Mr. Bolt a run for his medals!  And the cramp, tht he had earlier mentioned.. wrongly indeed, wud like to hide his face somewer in the jungle!  He chuckled.  He had try hard to keep up with her fast pace!  Eh!, looking at her, he had to start thinking abt "being old" part again!  He had certainly been foolishly overconfident abt himself, he was sure.  He joked at himself again and looked up in his GPS device one more time to make sure thy wer on the right track!


Thy had finally reached on the proper road again, bt thr seemed to b no sign of the group anywere thr.  Thr wud b a final resting stop ahead at some 5-min walking distance.  It was the point wer he had SMSed thm tht thy wud meet, unbeknownst to Nidhi!  Bt he was sure thy were ahead of thm!  "Oh wow.. v r definitely ahead of thm!" cried Nidhi with her ever excited face!  "Think so!" Ashutosh nodded in approval and stopped to take in a dose of her liveliness!  She was walking backwards with her body facing him,"c'mon.. v'll fall behind.." she cried and gestured him to buck up!  He smiled and pondered.  She was an epitome of youth and vitality' and of freshness!  He had to confess if it wasn't for her exuberating energy, he wudnt have made it tht far tht easily.  Surprisingly, he wasn't even feeling tired or short of breath, which he had expected considering his age, his unathletic body, and his nonadventurous lifestyle!  Nope not a single cramp or even giving away of his knees..so far soo good!  He mulled and took in a deep breath!  "feeling tired?" she finally stopped and asked, wen he didn't move, with a clear tease in her eyes building up to a naughty mischief!  And oh yes! throwing one of her most mischevious and brightest of smiles tht he luved so much!  "huh.. do I look tired?"bt he retorted.  "hah! Thts bcoz u wer walking at ur own slow pace" she asserted on the word slow! "u didn't even take up any of my challenges.. u wer way far lagging behind me.. thr was no fun.. how can u get tired.. huh!" cried she playing with a little pebble in her hands.  Ashutosh looked at her with a small frown!  "Nidhi.. I m not a sprinter, I m a neurosurgeon..remember!"  "Huh.. such a poor excuse.." "excuse?  And for wat may I know?"  "u know!" she smiled mischieviously again and threw the pebble far away while thy strolled leisurely along the road!  "wat.. Dr. Nidhi Verma!"he asked demandingly  ."Tht Dr. Ashutosh'" she bit the inner of her lips misheviously to restrain her widely spreading smile and waited to enjoy his developing frown and continued,"tht.. Dr. Ashutosh.. ur age is showing!" She cried mischeviously and mercilessly!  "huh!" he swallowed down tht bitter pill with his wounded pride.. bt he was sure his face had shown his wound because she was still biting her lips and still chuckling naughtily'very naughtily indeed!  Now tht was a direct and very brutal attack on his pride!  Very very brutal!  He gathered in some air in his lungs to salvage his remaining pride!  Not tht it wasn't true, of course it was..he was indeed 42 and he himself dbted his strength and stamina.. and he had to confess tht he had been saving up his energy for the return trip.. he didn't trust himself enuf.. not after a day's hectic trekking and travelling already!  Never had his stamina and strength put under such direct test!  Running whole day after patients and keeping up with busy schedule was one thing and running after Nidhi and keeping up with her pace uphill was a totally different thing!  She was still smiling and he knew she was jst teasing him.. and hadn't seriously meant it.. bt it hurt.. hearing from her mouth.. it hurt..pretty badly.. somewhere deep!  He sighed and made such cute frowning face tht Nidhi cudnt stop herself from reaching out to him to console him!


Bt suddenly, thy heard low murmurs from behind.  Ashutosh turned back to see a few heads peeping out from the sloping road below.  Nidhi giggled and jumped,"Oh..oh.. thy r here.. wat a surprise thy will get!  I so wanna c thr shocked faces!" she cried excitedly.  Ashutosh chuckled at tht little rogue tht was jumping excitedly beside him!  And a wonderful idea struck his mind!  It wud kill two birds with one shot!  He quickly bent down and swiftly picked up an alarmed Nidhi in his arms!  Starlted, she stared back at him in puzzle!  In answer, he winked at her with a mischievious twist of his lips,"my dear Nidhi.. lets give thm some wonderful shock!"  Nidhi giggled excitedly in response.  Her face lit up and eyes sparkled exactly like tht of an overexcited child in anticipation of the thng tht he was gonna do!  His heart twisted with beautiful ache again!  She was jst so irresistible!  as if the enchanting and appealing woman in her wasn't enuf!


He sighed and turned suddenly towards the approaching group!  "whoa.. so I really made it ahead of u.. cant believe it!" he exclaimed.  Nidhi held back a suddenly erupting giggle as she was swayed in his arms and she had to clung to his shoulders securely, which looked, to her, pretty more strong thn usually she felt.. or was it jst her brain tht had started sending some strong signals for some reason!  Suddenly, her breath was caught in her lungs and her eyes inadvertently noticed his broad chest too tht was holding her close and she breathed out heavily and blushed without even knowing!  Strangely, his hands, his fingers, and his every part tht touched her body wer suddenly invoking a strange sensation!  "how did u get ahead of us!" thy cried which brot Nidhi back to her senses!  "well.. the shortcuts I guess!"Ashutosh chuckled.  "well, we had tried some and v had got lost instead!"  "well.. thts y I always prefer a proper device!" he raised his GPS device!  "Oh! Dr. Ashutosh.. how do u manage to b so meticulous abt everything!" someone cried from the group.."who the hell left behind our GPS devices!"someone cried and thn everybody turned to glare at Rohan, who shrugged and glared at Dr. Ashutosh!  Angie joked to dissolve the situation.."well I guess ur money was wasted Dr. Ashutosh.. Nope.. u cant discipline us or sort us out.. not this soon at least..v r one reckless and unorganized bunch of youth I guess!"  Everybody laughed at her joke.  Only Rohan scowled!


"bt he is daring and adventurous too!" Ashutosh was complimented again for the the way he took initiative in everything and he was appreciated for the way he dared with his methodical planning!  Ashutosh twitched his lips and nodded in humbleness and tried to hide the gleam of self-pride tht mite have started to glow on his face..he was afraid.  Oh Wer was his humbleness slowly vanishing!  Was he getting too eager and impatient to prove himself!  He wondered.  But he was unsuccessfull as far as Nidhi was concerned, coz she had cleverly noticed his self-gloating gleam and she cudnt stop adoring his such cuteness.. for once he wasn't humble!  She chuckled.  "Dr. Ashutosh' don't tell me u carried Nidhi all the while" Sammy suddenly cried as she looked at Nidhi in his arms disbelievingly!  Aaah jst wat he had wanted!  He thot to himself and gloated in fake self-pride again!  "well'"he shrugged as if it had been a walk in the park And Nidhi had to try hard to suppress her laughter as others stared at thm in bewilderment.  Thy seriously did not think tht Dr. Ashutosh cud lie!  Except of course Rohan and Angie who knew him better!  Rohan rolled his eyes and Angie was simply enjoying the scene.  She knew wat Dr. Ashutosh had been upto and she also knew how impressed her friends were with him and his sincere efforts!  She cudnt feel more proud of Dr. Ashutosh bt Rohan had other thots.. clearly!  "Wow.. bravo.. Dr. Ashutosh.. bravo! .. not a single drop of sweat.. or even a single puff of heavy breath.. amazingly indeed!  I think u r a superman Dr. Ashutosh!" Rohan cried sarcastically!  Ashutosh arched a sharp brow at him! "oh Rohan.. thnk u so much for ur compliment.. bt I cannot take tht title" he shrugged humbly.  The rest giggled.  "obviously supermen only exist in comic strips!  Not logically possible.. is it?  Bt I m quite impressed at ur sharp observation' really!  Bt for such incredulous present state of body, I owe it big time to a caring wonder lying in my arms!"  he smiled and bowed his head to Nidhi!  Nidhi gaped and blushed!  Did he jst say tht' It took some time to sink in her.  She cudnt believe it!  did he jst say those words in front of her whole group of friends! ..Oh My God!   She was shocked and was blushing at the same time!  Bt he didn't stop at tht!  He looked at her with a super mischief in his eyes,"She did make me look superhuman..aaah.. the tender hearts!" he cried in a loving voice!  And Nidhi cud jst stare at him disbelievingly!  "She wiped off my sweat wen I perspired heavily and she rested humbly wen I got exhausted terribly.. wen thy say thrs a woman behind every man thy r soo rite!"  he announced proudly tht made Nidhi seriously blush!  Wen he glanced at her, he cud see she cudnt stop herself from beaming all over with a mixed tint of a reddish hue spreading on her cheeks!  He chuckled as his eyes danced with her at their mischief!  Rohan huh'ed and rolled his eyes once again!  "oh.. such love!" The girls wow'ed and sighed silently!  The boys shrugged.  He was a romantic too!  "Wer did u find such stamina Dr. Ashutosh?" asked Siddhant.   "eh.. some exercises tht I had took up lately..i guess" he said humbly.  "oh u go to gym to build up these muscles..really?" a girl asked eyeing at his flexed and bulging biceps appreciatively!  Nidhi felt a strange kind of jealousy!  "of course..how do you think these muscles developed.. not operating on patients surely" Siddhant teased her.  Everyone laughed.  Bt Nidhi was left puzzled!  It was definitely jealousy tht she was feeling rite now bt it was mixed with something else too.. y was she cant help herself blushing at the praises tht were showered on her man for his well-developed physique.. his strength.. and his stamina!  Her eyes lowered inadvertently and his appealing figure from the hall flashed across her eyes!  A sensational wave of current passed thru her!  It all suddenly appeared very vivid and he looked so increasingly attractive..in.. in..jst a..!  Oh God! ..She checked herself.  She was crossing all the boundaries of shamelessness! ..she cud still imagine him very vividly draped only in his towel and trying to pull out his pants from his legs!  Her face turned red and the sudden heat began to creep in her body again!  The closeness to his huge body wasn't helping!  Thankfully noone was noticing her much.. thy wer too focused on Ashutosh and his muscles!  "Well' I think we shud march ahead!" he suggested as his gaze shifted over to Nidhi, who had a distinct color of redness crept up on her cheeks and her eyes were filled with all the shyness of the world!  Her eyes lowered again after a brief glance at him.  Thy had sparkled at him for a moment and strangely, he felt immensely satisfied.  He gazed at her for a while satisfyingly and thn tried to focus his attention on the babbling group and the road ahead!


The nxt stop was quite nearby actually bt the road was uphill and gravelly and it really got increasingly difficult for Ashutosh to carry Nidhi even to tht spot.  Such a bravado..Dr. Ashutosh.. such a bravado.. all for his wounded pride!  He took in a deep breath as he bravely moved ahead.  He didn't know wat wud happen of his muscles after this and wether his arms wud even comply with his orders to operate on the patient who is scheduled to be operated by him the first thing tomorrow morning!  U r a neurosurgeon too, He-Man!  A voice barked inside him again!  He sighed!  Nidhi whispered to him softly to put her down when thy fell behind slightly from others.  She knew it was tough for him and thr was not need for this actually.  His health and condition was her prime concern and not wat her friends wud think of him!  Bt Ashutosh put up a brave face and declined.  "please" she requested earnestly.  She tried to get off, but he didn't losen his grip.  "u will go down with cramps tomorrow!" she cried with a worry, bt he ignored her strangely and didn't even bother to answer.  Nidhi worryingly wondered abt his adamant denial!  Ashutosh frankly had no answer for Nidhi.  He didn't know y he was doing this beyond every reason and logic and.. and'commonsense.. bt he wanted to do it..he jst wanted to do it!  "oh he is sooo strong!" thy heard a girl's soft murmur as she passed by thm.. not knowing tht thy had heard it.  And Nidhi felt Ashutosh's grip getting determidendly tighter on her!


Thy finally reached their nxt spot of rest.  Neither did she nor did Ashutosh know how he had managed it thr!  As the others settled on the cement seats laid in a makeshift temporary village hut, Ashutosh gently put Nidhi down and helped her on the seat too.  He was panting heavily and perspiring profusely.  His face bore a flushed appearance with a deep red hue!  He rested his hands on his hips and heaved as if he had jst worked out!  Nidhi lent him some water tht she had obtained from the shopkeeper.  As he splashed the cold water on his face, it drenched his T-shirt augmenting the chiseled lines of his tightened muscles!  But Nidhi wasnt noticing tht.. she was busy worrying as hell abt his condition.  She didn't even notice tht the girls had been enjoying wat she had missed!  Innocently, Nidhi offered him her towel!  Ashutosh gave her a reassuring look as thy shared some lemonades over energy bars.  Ashutosh decided to take a stroll around to relax his strained muscles a bit!  If he sat, he didn't knew if he wud b able to get up again!  As he strolled nearby and stopped briefly to admire the greenery surrounding the hut, he heard the girls whispher to Nidhi.  "Wow  Nidhi!!'such muscles.. such strength  and such stamina for a 40 plus year old guy..lucky r going to b ur days!" thy whishpered shamelessly to her!  Nidhi who was lost in thots worrying abt him and mulling abt his sudden strange behavior, was suddenly brot out of it with an embarrassing shock!  She gaped and blushed at their bold comment and the naughty winks tht followed it!  Lucky days! God! Her cheeks turned a bit more red! "or shud I say lucky ni..!"Angie tried to whispher into her ears bt nidhi nudged her hard jst in time!  "ouch" she cried.  "Serves u rite"Nidhi whispered back and then flushed heavily as the girls giggled suggestively!  Embarrassed, suddenly, she turned around abruptly to look for Ashutosh.  She was hoping tht he wasn't anywer nearby and praying tht he had not heard anything at least.. bt he had!  Gosh he had!  She didn't know wer to hide as she had found him standing quite nearby..and in pretty earshot range even for such whispers!  Her face picked up the same color of redness tht had crept up on his cheeks as well!  His face had suffused with sudden redness.. she cudnt miss it.. it was distinct and certainly not from his recent exertion.. she knew him well enuf to know tht!  Strangely, she blushed with a different glow as Ashutosh moved away awkwardly!


She turned back to the girls who wer beaming and eyeing at Ashutosh and thn giggling heavily.  She turned to look at the boys who seemed to b engrossed in thmslves.. thy had no idea what had been going on over thr.  She then turned to look at Ashutosh again, who stood quite faraway now, still not looking at thm.  Bt Nidhi knew he was clearly not in himself.  She cud make out from his body language!  Thr was distinct glow on his face and pride in his demeanor suddenly!  "oh he is sooo ruggedly handsome" a girl sighed heavily and sat mooning.  Nidhi jerked her out with a quick slap at her elbow!  She looked at Ashutosh again.  She cud swear tht thr was a hint of gloat too!  And thn suddenly it struck her.. Oh! it was all for these girls!  His gloat.. his pride.. his act of bravado.. all was for these girls!!!!.. or y else he wud even attempt such thng inspite of her frequent requests!  Nidhi grumbled to herself.  It was too clear to even hide.. she cudnt mistake the distinct change of expressions on his face the moment the girls had commented on him.. and suddenly, Nidhi was frowning all over!  Angie sat smiling at the drama tht was enfolding betn Nidhi and Dr. Ashutosh!  She chuckled and winked at Sammy, who cried,"Oh if u cud've seen him in his ruggedly manly beard too!"  Nidhi shot a really scary glare at Angie and Sammy.  Angie was truly taken back at her fierceness!  Oops, it luked like things were getting out of control, she thot.  Bt the girls giggled heavily at her expressions suggesting her tht thy had been successful in their mischief!  Their laugh was so frank tht Nidhi cudnt stay angry on thm for long.  Wat was their fault.. thy had jst been doing mischief..how wud thy know tht her man wud succumb to it!  Pouting Nidhi turned to glance at Ashutosh, unbecknowest to him tht the girls were jst playing mischief, Nidhi cud c him smiling indulgently to himself!  She cud swear tht he had heard the ruggedly handsome and the manly beard part too!  The anger in her uprose suddenly and she cud hardly curb it!  She wanted to go and confront Ashutosh thn and thr.. bt Angie caught her hand and as the girls dispersed to mingle with boys she asked her finally.  "Wat is the matter nidhi?"  "Nothing!" she replied.  "Wat?"  "Nothing angie!" she said angrily.  "Did Dr. Ashutosh do something wrong?"  Nidhi looked up at her.  Did she not see wat she jst saw in him?  She looked at her questioningly.  "Nidhi.. u know I m smart enuf to know tht he didn't carry u up here from all the way down.. I know it was jst a mischief.. bt the way he carried u here.. I mst salute him!  None of the young boys cud've have or shud I say would have done tht!  If u r angry on him out of ur jealousy, thn u r at fault!" Angie explained.  Nidhi jst looked away exasperatedly.  She didn't know'nidhi cried to herself  she didn't know wat she saw.. the actual reason y he was doing all these!  Angie whisphered to her, "help him in his mission dear!"  Nidhi didn't know wat to answer.  She sat there sulking.  Not once had Ashutosh looked at her.  Probably, he was busy dwelling in his own praise!  Nidhi thot angrily!


Soon the boys announced to resume back their trekking and Ashutosh approached Nidhi sincerely and silently to carry her again.  Bt Nidhi refused him flatly and instead started walking with the help of Angie and soon to everyone's surprise, she cud walk absolutely fine!  Ashutosh rolled his eyes and wondered abt her sudden abruptness and anger.  Bt Nidhi jst kept avoiding him.  His eyes didn't fail to notice tht!  Even after reaching their sunset spot and till thy reached back to the hotel for their evening surprise, Nidhi hardly spoke to Ashutosh!  Ashutosh was completely confused and needless to say, he cud hardly enjoy the beautiful sunset!  The scene wasn't any different for Nidhi either!  Her mood had been totally turned off.  Bt she smiled and talked to him jst for sake of talking to save his reputation among her friends!  Bt tht hadn't missed from Ashutosh' observant eyes either!


"u almost got cot our bluff thr!" he complained once thy reached back hotel and he dragged her into his room under some pretext for answers!  "huh!" she replied angrily.  Ashutosh was amused.  The way she blew anger over her jealousy for him, it was very cute in a way!  "now wat did I do?" he asked sincerely.  "as if u don't know!" she bawled.  "Wat?  seriously!"he asked!  She glared at his clueless but genuinely cute and innocent face.  Can he b so cutely innocent, she wondered with a frown!  Tht distinct glow was still thr on his face and a strange sense of self-satisfaction gleamed too bt ther was not a shred of guilt or sense of wrongdoing in his eyes!  She kept staring at him to search for her answers!  He shrugged cluelessly!  She shook away her thots!  "Oh! don't tell me it wasn't ur deliberate intention"  "wat intention?"  "the way u behaved!"  "and how did I behave?"  "oh!!." she cried exasperatedly.  Y was he behaving as if he was so ignorant of everything!  She clenched her fist trying to conrol the inexplicable anger tht she was feeling!  He looked at her angry face and thn her angry fist.  He smiled and then grabbed her gently by her shoulders and turned towards him.  "Sweetheart.. wats the problem?" he asked her tenderly.  Nidhi knew she was melting!  She tried to held on to the few last straws before she wud lose herself completely!  "I know y u wer flexing ur such strong biceps' and y u wer hell bent on proving ur such grt stamina!"  She cried cutely.. trying to remain as angry as possible!  Ashutosh was amused.  Was she praising him or accusing him!  She frowned at his amused face.  "the way those girls wer praising u ' I m sure u mst've have been dwelling in seventh heaven" "and y not.. after all those muscles u've developed' so well' in the gym.. ur.. ur.. seemingly six packs" she cried throwing her arms in air in anger!  Ashutosh smiled to himself meaningfully.  ".. or.. or..ur..wat thy r called in layman terms.. ur' ur quadriceps.. ur femoris or hamstrings..or.. or..eh!..u must've been very eager to show thm off.. wernt u!" she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists more tightly!  "huh well developed muscles" she grumbled repeating her words as she ran out of the words.  She was so angry tht she was clearly lost at words!  The words too mst have blown out of her ears with her fumes!  She thot angrily to herself!


Ashutosh still smiled indulgently at her words!  She probably still hadn't realized how foolishly she had revealed herself!  In anger, she had named the muscles tht she must've seen of him!  Quadriceps.. femoris and hamstrings.. interesting!'He thot and hid his blushes to himself.  (the quadriceps, the femoris, and hamstrings r muscles of thighs ).  Oh!  She had noticed thm.  She had noticed him!  And she was even praising him!  Suddenly, he cud feel his chest swelling out of porpotions!  For all his vanity, his male pride was bloating enormously!  The one which had been wounded so badly by her remarks earlier!  Seeminlgy six packs!  Her words echoed in her mind and he cursed himself! How shamelessly conceited had he become!  For the want of her attention, he had behaved and was behaving so not himself!  His thots ran rampant as Nidhi paced in the room angrily.  He let out a sigh.  Honestly, he cudnt really fight off his thots.  He cudnt curb it even after rebuking himself!  The feeling jst wasn't going and he decided to leave himself alone at tht!  "such stamina' soo ruggedly handsome.." Nidhi blabbered suddenly miming the girls in a hateful tone.  It amused Ashutosh even further.  "So?"he commented.  Nidhi gasped, gaped, and bawled at his sudden shameless manner,"u wer blushing!"  He jst stared at her with a straight face!  She cried in disbelief," thy wer showering u with all the profuse praises and u.. u wer enjoying it!"   "well..wat wud u expect of a 42 yr old man being complimented like this.. for..u know for such well-developed muscles.. as u jst said'" he bit back his chuckle.  "and tht too by some pretty young girls for the very first time in his life!"  "u..u'" Nidhi was too shocked to utter any words.. and thn she fell silent and pouted with a thick frown.. very cutely.  And thn she shook her head as if not believing him.."I know' u.. u r jst teasing me"she muttered to herself and thn she turned to him and asked very innocently,"aren't u?".  Ashutosh chuckled.  "No Nidhi!..I think its gud to b frank!"he played along!  "Nooo'u r jst teasing me.. I know..  so tht.. so tht I wud feel more jealous!"she cried.  Her eyes looking very cutely confused.  He jst smiled mysteriously in reply and Nidhi jst stared at him pouting and frowning cutely!  He enjoyed the scene.  He gazed into the two beautiful eyes tht were searching his eyes strangely!  Oh she didn't even know wat she has jst done to him.. to his pride.. to his ego' and to tht man in him!  His heart cried helplessly as he gazed deeply!  An air of strange quietfullness spread in the room betn thm.  Thy were hiding so much of passion in their hearts.  The bolted up.. pent up passion.. Wat wud happen if it wud jst burst forth!  Ashutosh was still dwelling in the thots and Nidhi's expressions too matched his own strangely wen thy heard a heavy knock at the door!


The manager knocked at the door to inform him regarding the arrangements for his surprise party!  Nidhi didnt get excited at the word "party", he observed.  And it was strange!  So she had jst taken everything quite to her heart.  He smiled and picked up a special packet from packets left on the sofa by the manager.  Although, she had been very angry on him..and confused to b frank, her ears had tweaked at the word "evening gowns" uttered by manager to Ashutosh and as he stretched a packet towards her, her eyes started to twinkle with excitement.  Thr was "snowwhite" written over it and the fabric inside it shimmered!  As she opened and unwrapped it, she gushed with joy and her eyes reflected the sparkles tht glittered from its surface!  The color had been white.. pure.. sheer white..!  Criss-crossed at the bodice, crystals and rhinestones adorned the heart shaped neckline!  The heart shaped neckline.. She stressed and thot and her hand ran over the finely shimmering mesh covering the smooth and crisp full skirt, which had a very distinct feminine luster!  Bt nothing sort of typically girlish frills and certainly nothing sort of fairytale fluffs either, it behold the true grace and elegance in its stones, in its texture, in its crispiness, in its touch tht wud suit some beautiful princess.  She mulled dreamily.  And it almost looked like a wedding gown!  She blushed and caressed it softly as she felt its satiny soft fabric!  Ashutosh coughed to grab her attention.  Had she fallen in luv with tht gown!!  He wondered and chuckled.  She put it aside instantly and feigned a huff!  "y?" he asked.  "u know!!" she cried.  "u know.. u mite have a knack to melt my anger bt this time.. I m not relenting!"she declared!  He chuckled.  Strangely, he was keeping silent and not retorting with his teases.  She looked at him and feigned a pout again to evoke some strong response!  Bt he jst smiled mysteriously and pushed her gently towards the rest room with the gown.  She resisted initially bt wen she reached the door, she cud hardly stop herself looking at the gown in her hand.  She was jst too eager to get into it!  She rushed in quickly to change not bothering at all to hide her joy!  Ashutosh cudnt help laugh after her.


"Oh! this is sooo sooo lovely" she cried as she came out and twirled around and made some very fine belle dance moves around Ashutosh!  She looked so beautiful and so classy.  He looked mesmerizingly at her.  Her open hair swayed beautifully .. teasing him.. tempting him.. and luring him completely along with those brightly smiling lips!  His eyes cudnt get off her finely moving figure and his eyes followed her dance!  She was lost in herself as if some music was playing in her ears.  Her moves so gentle and so graceful and Ashutosh cudnt help reaching for her.  Gently, he caught her by her waist.  As he pulled her closer, she stopped to look into his eyes.  His eyes pierced deeply into hers telling her how beautiful she looked..and how she had mesmerized him completely!  How many times he had pulled her closer, but today was something different!  Her heart was pounding as well, he cud tell.  His eyes roved over her and she cudnt help smile with a shameless acceptance ' sending an open invitation to him.  And his lips took the invitation graciously.  Thy wanted to do much more thn jst kissing!  They tentatively lowered on hers.  She blushed at his eagerness.  She cud tell the way he had clasped her..he wanted to do a lot more.  As he neared, she backed her head and he tried to reach out in desperation!  "Wait!" she cried as she tried to push him!  He grunted and continued to advance.  He crushed her close so tht she cannot back off.  His mind was focused on jst one thing.. her lips.  And all tht he wanted to seek from thm!  "wait.. please.." she cried.  He ignored.  "please" she cried almost helplessly as his lips brushed hers!  With all his strength, he pulled away!  She was surely gonna drive him crazy one day!  "cruel!"He cried.  Nidhi bit her lips and giggled with naughtiness.  A sudden mischief had occurred in her mind to make their little thing more interesting!  "Dr. Ashutosh.. only a prince charming can kiss the beautiful maid.. don't u know the snowwhite story!"she cried.  "uh wat?" he cried.  She picked up a packet written "Snowwhite's prince" over it and eyed at him suggestively.  "Uh.. No!" he cried.  "please.." she requested.  "No!" he cried vehemently at her outrageous idea.  "its jst an outfit!"  "exactly its jst an outfit!"  "Oh thrs no fun like this!"  "V r not looking for fun!" he cried.  She blushed.  She cudnt answer tht.. bt she wasn't going to relent either!  "fine" she shrugged,"thn u will miss the chance to kiss the beautiful maid.. uh..sorry!" she cried very heartlessly and ran to the door giggling!  "uh Nidhi! thts very cruel' u know tht!" he outcried after her at the shut door!  Very cruel indeed!


Bt he didn't pursue her and neither did she relent.  Soon, the rest were summoned by Dr. Ashutosh to pick up their outfits and she learnt later on how this all had been arranged.  Apparently, thr had been a party earlier tht week in the hotel on the theme of fairytale characters and Dr. Ashutosh had borrowed the clothes for the surprise party except hers, which was brand new delivered jst tht evening, the manager had informed her.  How had Ashutosh managed such miracle, she was wondering wen manager informed how it had happened.  He had a best friend who had boutiques of his own apparently, he said.  He had planned it suddenly last nite from the camp site and enquired abt it, said the manager.  He had offered him his package and he accepted it readily except tht he wanted a brand new gown for her, which he cudnt arrange at such short notice.  So he called up his best friend urgently last night and his friend had promised to deliver it pronto.. and here it was!  The manager asked her curiously wether thy wer engaged to b married!  She nodded a yes!  And he cudnt help express his liking for him..for his generosity and kindness.  Not tht because he had tipped thm so well and had a lucrative offer for thm, bt bcoz he was as such genuinely good person!  She cudnt help smile widely with pride!  She adored him for everything.. for his gallantness.. for his such thoughtfulness.  She clasped at her gown lovingly.  It had become much more precious for her.  And how cruel had she been to him.. "uh Nidhi! thts very cruel' u know tht!" his desperate voice rang in her ears and she felt angry on herself.  Oh how cud she have been so heartless.. now more thn anything she wanted to give him wat he wanted!


She was still dwelling in his thots wen she saw him walk up the hall tht had been decorated for the party.  Dressed in prince's attire and surrounded by girls and boys, he looked totally ridiculous!!!  She cudnt help laugh bt suppressed it the moment Ashutosh's accusing eyes fell on her!  Bt tht made her laugh harder!  Ashutosh rolled his eyes.  She learnt tht thy had forced him to wear it.  Thy had been too excited at the idea and wanted Ashutosh to join thm.  And the fun part tht she learnt from Angie was tht thy didn't conform with Ashutosh's persistent insistence tht he looked absolutely ridiculous in tht attire and thy had ignored his polite refusals!  She laughed her heart out!  Her friends were too mischievious for him!  Angie nudged her to hush hush as Ashutosh glaring eyes fell on thm!  It wasn't as if only Ashutosh looked ridiculous.. the boys' outfits had been so dramatic.. tht it made mostly all of thm look so funny!  And Ashutosh had to take it in good spiritsOh he had started to hate tht phrase!  Ashutosh hid his scowl.  Nidhi went to him to encourage and support him!  Ashutosh was more thn happy to get out from the clutches of the flocking birds!  As he had termed the chirping girls!  Strangely, thy let thm go quite easily to their surprise!  And Ashutosh wondered suspiciously wat thr plan was for thm tht evening!  He questioningly looked at equally surprised Nidhi who shrugged cluelessly!  Thy occupied a faraway table.  She smiled lovingly looking at his attire and he rolled his eyes!  "u do look handsome!"  "Pleasee!"  "seriously!"  "huh!"  "to my eyes u will always look handsome, no matter wat u wear" she said sincerely.  He stared at her.  She had a skill to make him feel very good!  She gave a shy smile!  "so..wud u do the honor?"  she asked.  "Wat?"  She blushed and inadvertently took her lower lip in!  Ashutosh gaped at her suggestive gesture!  "wat?" she asked innocently.  Ashutosh cursed himself for falling hopelessly in luv with this beautiful creature!  She smiled mischeviously suddenly!  "u know.." "wat?"  "If kaka wer to see u, he wudnt recognize u.." she giggled.  "may b we shud take a pic!" she suddenly cried excitedly!  "Noo Way" he retorted!  "Oh please.. if u have worn it thn wats the problem in taking a pic!"she cried.  So tht u team up with kaka again and tease me for life time, no way!  He cried to himself bt didn't answer!  "u look soo handsome.. really.." she tried.  "Very very very handsome!"  "Sincerely.. adoringly.. charmingly handsome!" she tried to think of some more adjectives!  He made a fake smile and cried,"Very funny!.. N.O... NO!"  "Huh!" Nidhi cried in huff!  "huh!"he replied.  "If u can go this extent for me, wats with a simple pic!"  "Wat extent?"  "I know how u ordered this dress!"she said and smiled appreciatively!  "and how cruel I had been!"  "really?" She blushed.  "I think.." "wat do u think?" she blushed.  He was getting too naughty!  "tht may be'" "may be?"  "I shud.."  "U shud wat..?"  "U know!" she cried impatiently at last!  "I don't know!"he laid back relaxedly and answered cooly!  She pouted cutely!  He smiled.  "Wat I know tht I don't know Nidhi?"  His eyes danced with tease.  Bt she cud atleast do this for wat he did!  "I shud give u wat u want." She replied shyly and lowered her eyes.  "and wats tht per u?"  She stared at him.  He shrugged.. "u r such a mischief.. I m so not trusting u Nidhi.. unless u say it in very clear words!"  His eyes glinted with mischief.  "Very clear words?"she repeated with a shock!  "very clear words" he confirmed suggestively!  "thts.. thts.." she fumbled for words.. "very cruel!" he completed.  The tables were definitely turned!  She pouted.  "its shameful to ask such thing from a girl!" she cried!  "really and the way u torture me?"  "u think I m torturing u?" she cried.  "Franky.. very much!"he said seriously!  Her eyes became suddenly wet!  "Its u who wer teasing.. I was so willing to give earnestly!"she cried.  He looked at her helplessly.. now wat did he do!  "Nidhi.. I didn't mean tht way.. I meant the other way.. y r u crying for tht!" he cudnt understand.  "watever way.. U feel I m torturing u..isnt it?" she rubbed off her eyes and glared at him!  "Nidhii'."he started to explain.. "jst if I want some fun.. thn it's a torture for u rite!" she cried with anger.  "Whoa Nidhi..!" He cried in exasperation!  "u r taking this too far unnecessarily.." "really?"  "yeah!" "so now my wishes have become unnecessary..thy r an unnecessary interruption to u!" Ashutosh gasped in horror!  Wer was this going.. all he wanted was a kiss!  He pressed betn his brows and sighed!  Nidhi sniffled and he rolled his eyes and cursed himself.."Sweetheart.."  "I m not ur sweetheart!" she cried.  He cudnt help chuckle.  "Thn wat r u?" "torture!" He gasped!  God save him!


Bt thnkfully Angie interrupted before thr battle cud get any worse!  She invited thm on the dance floor!  Nidhi pouted for a minute bt as the ppl geared up for the dance she forgot abt everything!  It was such fine evening.. and Ashutosh had planned it with so much effort and most importantly.. he had got her her dress.. She sighed.  This fight was not worth it.  He truly deserved everybit of wat he wanted and wat better way to express it thn while dancing.  She was going to whisper into his ears in exact clear words!  She thot determindedly and looked up at Ashutosh expectantly who nodded alarmingly!  "No way Nidhi.. I have even forgotten the last moves tht I had learnt.." "Oh! I can teach u!"  "On the dance floor.. no way! I don't want to b a fool infront of ur friends!"  "oh come on.. no one will notice.. everybody wud b busy dancing"  "No Nidhi!" Ashutosh declared with finality!  The last thing he wanted was to make a fool of himself in this already ridiculous attire!  "Bt'"she started to argue.  "No discussion Nidhi.. period!" he declared.  He had been already feeling a bit miffed at her earlier refusal and thn their crazy fight had made it worse.. and this was certainly not happening to him!  Dance was the last thing he wanted to do wen his mind lingered on the kiss.. how much more he had to wait.. he didn't know!  and it didn't look like she was even bothered abt his pending kiss!  Did she not want wat he wanted!  Was he so not irresistible to her like she was to him?  He thot frustratingly and looked away in anger.  "bt I.." she started again.  "no!" he cut her off sharply.  "Fine!" she cried in anger.  "fine" he replied.  Bt not long before had he said tht, the girls came to him and dragged him to the dance floor inspite of his protests!  The music had jst started and thy wanted him to dance with thm!


"I' I.. am..sorry.. bt I don't know dancing!" he declined politely.  "oh.. its okay.. v can teach!" the girls said.  "No.. please!" he cried at once and looked at Nidhi who was shooting daggers at him!  He glanced back at girls and said a big no who conveniently ignored it!  The girls flocked around him and he had no choice left!  As Sammy taught him dance steps, the girls blocked his view from Nidhi.  Nidhi sat there fuming as she heard the words tht wer relayed from ther!  "oh.. u r so good at dancing!"  "smooth moves!"  "very nice!"  Angie came up to her and laughed at her expressions!  Nidhi pouted.  "Looks like ur Dr. Ashutosh is enjoying their company!" she remarked.  Nidhi fumed even more.  Angie winked at the Rohan who came and dragged Nidhi on the dance floor!


Wen Ashutosh finally had an opportunity to glance at the table thy were sitting, he didn't find Nidhi thr.  The girls dispersed once thy made sure he had learnt the steps and only one remained with him.  It was then tht he saw tht Nidhi was dancing with Rohan!  Ashutosh seared with jealousy as his eyes went on Rohan's hand tht was placed on Nidhi's waist!  Nidhi threw an angry glance at him and flicked away her head in anger!  Ashutosh rolled his eyes away in equal anger!  Bt the plan of the group had been clear to thm.  It was to keep thm apart and each boy wud dance with Nidhi one by one and each girl wud dance with Ashutosh one by one but Ashutosh Nidhi were refrained to dance with each other!  But Ashutosh-Nidhi were more thn happy with tht.. so angry wer thy with each other!  Thy deliberately tried to make each other jealous!


At the end, Ashutosh felt tired of this game.  So as soon as the lights went off on the floor for a few seconds to indicate the change of theme of the music, Ashutosh rushed to wer he had spotted Nidhi last and whisphered her name.  Startled, she shrieked,"wat?"  He chuckled at his style of confirming and grabbed her elbow to drag her behind the heavy curtains which fell on a small balcony before the lights came back on.  He didn't know how many ppl he had pushed away roughly in tht darkness to take her away!

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Wow Manisha
Superb chapter.
So Dr. Neurosurgeon is hiking huh.
I am trying to imagine him carrying Nidhi 
In his arms.  How cute.
And him comparing Nidhi to little red riding hood.LOL
So is he the Big Bad WolfWink
I love his teasing Nidhi all the time.
You do a wonderful with that partof the story.
And the best partof the whole chap was
Ashutosh dressed up as Prince Charming.Embarrassed
I'd love to see that on the show.Big smile
Great update. Manisha.
When is the next one.Big smile

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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
wow achiever,it was fab chap,and loved ach and every movement,and nidhi ka gussa kab tak aisa rahega?Ashu had a strong muscle.the strong he-man.wow.great chap will comment more later.wait for the long comment.
ssktlk Senior Member

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Long awaited wonderful update. But what is this? Poor Ashu doesn't get even a kiss? Not fair. Nidhi is really torturing him. I hope this tease ends, and they get their heart's desire.Wink
achiever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mehek25

Wow Achiever..Lovely post...loved all the chapters...awesome writing...waiting for next part...Pls continue soon...And no prob with length...
oh thnk u soo much...Embarrassed
hope u will enjoy this chapter too..
the further chapters r going to b intrsting coz thy will highlight the differences in their thinking.. thr level of maturity and of course.. the kiss-me-kiss-me-not thing!  and wud thy advance further...Embarrassed
interestingly she is not angry on her friends she is angry on Ashu!!LOL

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