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******HeartJaane Kya Baat Hui!Heart******

Chapter 1 - Pehli Mulakat (pg1)
Chapter 2 - Aur Huyi Ek Baat (pg1)
Chapter 3 - Pehli Pehli Cofee Date..(pg1)
Chapter 4 - teaser on page 2
Chapter 4 - Meet Dr. Hardstone (new - Jan 25)  (pg 3)
Chapter 5 - teaser on page 5
Chapter 5 - The unpunctual Intern on page 7
Chapter 6 - The Kiss.  teaser  on page 7
Chapter 6 - The Kiss  new update March 10
Chapter 7 - Fainting!  Tuesday Teaser on Page 9
Chapter 7 - Fainting!  new update March 14 page 9
Chapter 8 - I like u!  new update March 16 page 10
Chapter 9 - Little Picnic Rendezvous  new update March 19 page 11
Chapter 10:  ... Caught up in your scarf!   March 21 page 13
Chapter 11:  In ur arms..  new update March 23 page 14
Chapter 12:  Saiyaan..  teaser March 25 page 15
Chapter 12:  Saiyaan..  Update March 27 page 16
Chapter 13:  First Knock of Luv..  Update March 30 page 19
Chapter 14  My Knight in Shining Armor..  New Update April 2 page 22
Chapter 15  Her sweet love - teaser ..  April 3 page 24
Chapter 15  Her sweet love - update April 10 page 26
Chapter 16 Adorable Ashu..  Teaser pg 28
Chapter 16 Adorable Ashu.. new update April 12
Chapter 17 The tuff promise!.. new update May 2
Chapter 18 My Prince..  new update May 04
Chapter 19 Lovers' Tiff.. .. new update May 09
Chapter 20 Chocolates.. .. new update May 12
Chapter 21 Will He!  new update May 14
Chapter 22 The First Date - The Preplanning!  new update May 17
Chapter 22 The First Date - The First Kiss!  on page 49
Chapter 22 The First Date - The Dinner Date Teaser!  on page 51

Chapter 22 The First Date - The Aftermath!  on page 53

Chapter 23 Baba talks to Ashni!  on page 54

Chapter 24 The Worries of Nidhi  on page 56 New June 04
Chapter 25 Nidhi's Trauma on page 59 New June 11
Chapter 26 Mallu Vs AshNi on page 60 New June 14 updat..
Chapter 27 The Ashu Mallu STory!on page 63 New June 18 updt..
Chapter 28 Ashu Proposes!  on Page 56 June 27 updt..

Chapter 29 The convention Romance - Part I - The take off! on Page 66July 2 updt..
Chapter 30 The convention Romance - Part II - A kiss in paradise Page 67 July 4 updt..
Chapter 31 The convention Romance - Part III - A Passionate Affair Page 68 July 6 updt..
Chapter 32 Forsaken Page 71 July 17 updt..

Chapter 33 Hum-Tum ..Page 74 July 19 updt..
Chapter 34 Our Ardent Love..Page 77 July 23 updt..
Chapter 35 Roop Tera...Page 79 July 27 updt..
Chapter 36 Tum Bin jaaon Kahaan.. Page 83 August 8 updt
Chapter 37 The wait!.. Page 85 August 13 updt
Chapter 38 The Sin.. Page 87 updt
Chapter 39 The bonfire nite!  Page 89 August 28 updt..
Chapter 40 The nite with u!  Page 94 Sept 3rd updt
Chapter 41:  Nidhi's denial!
Chapter 42:  "J" is the word!
Chapter 43:  I C U!
Chapter 44:  Oh My God!
Chapter 45:  The untouched!
Chapter 46:  ILU,bt I hurt u!
Chapter 47:  The Surprise!
Chapter 48:  The Entangled Past!
Chapter 49:  Shagun!
Chapter 50:  Something Called Luv!!

Thread Two... Chapters 51 and forth...
Chapter 1 - Pehli Mulakat Embarrassed
Dr. Nidhi Verma.. it sounded jst so great... the gleam and pride was more on her Baba's face than hers.  The results were out and to her utter surprise she had passed with flying colors!  Nidhi had never tried too hard nor was she serious about getting her medical degree and yet there she was finally a doctor.  She was termed as the most mischievous student in her class and yet she was a bright student.  Learning things quickly came naturally to her and though most of the professors were fed up of her casual and carefree attitude, they knew she was talented.  She had somehow this ability to diagnose the medical condition correctly.  Medical world is full of complications and complexities.  One can never know when a simple week-long cough can lead to pneumonitis.  The possibilities are endless and differentials many, to draw a conclusion and infer a diagnosis with utmost conviction and confidence is indeed a rare talent.  She certainly was gifted, as if it was in her genes, but Nidhi had never given it a thought.  She was not at all as such interested in it.  She was just going along with it because her baba wanted her to, but frankly, she did not know what she wud b if she wudnt b a doctor.  Angie, her friend had once asked her "What if she wasnt fed on the thot day and nite, tht she has to be a doctor?  Wat wud she had then be?" and Nidhi had really no idea.
 Ever since she was born, her baba had just one dream for her and that was that she be a doctor.   Nidhi sighed at the thot.  She had never quite understood her Baba's wish.  Why he so so wanted her to be doctor and nothing else.  She had tried to ask him quite a few times, but he had just either joked it away or changed the subject.  She had just known that it was her dying mother's last wishes.  Her baba had never actually pushed her for it but it was just tht she didnt want to disappoint her baba.  He was everything to her, her mother, her baba, her family.  The only person who she loved more than herself and she would do anything for her baba, anything and so she studied medicine.  She glanced at her report card and the degree certificate and pressed it to herself.  She closed her eyes and let a heavy breath out and her baba's proud and happy face flashed across her eyes.  A sweet and contended smile crept across her lips and she smiled away happily.
There on the other side of Lucknow city stood a man infront of a huge closed rusted iron gate with sad and dejected features.   His face bore deep melancholic expressions, his lips pressed tight, and his eyes stared longingly at the bunglow that stood spanned across the land infront.  The bunglow had a desolated and deserted look.  Its garden in a complete wilderness.  He for the last time looked at the bunglow and sighed heavily.  He looked at the picture of his baba and an unopened envelope that he had in his hands.  He tightly pressed it to himself.  He closed his eyes and let a heavy breath out and his baba's smiling face flashed across his eyes.  A small salty tear crept out of his eyes and ran down his cheeks and he walked away with a heavy heart.  He was Dr. Ashutosh and that was once his house, but its no longer his.  It has been taken away from him.  It is as if a part of him is left behind in that house and he cannot bear the pain to be away from it brings to him.  Every now and then, he visits this house in hopes of reliving those beautiful moments of his life but every time he attempts that all he ends up is with tears in his eyes and an ache in his heart.  His mind rushes from sweet memories to bitter moments of his life.  The moments when his baba left him suddenly.. abruptly... with a tiny letter wrapped in a small white envelope, which he had no heart to open and read.  He got back into his car, pushed the picture and enevelope back into the cover, and put it back into the drawer of his car.  He determindedly brushed away the depressing thots and headed back for the city.
It was nice morning.  One could hear the birds chirping, feel the cool breeze.  The weather in the jungle seemed really cool, but all of it didnt seem to affect Dr. Ashutosh.  He drove fastly and silently to the city and ignored it as if they had ceased to exist for him long back.  The sun was rising up fastly and as he entered the city as it shone heavily.  He glanced at the time and it was already 9:00.  He was getting late for the hospital.  He was very punctual about time and he expected the same discipline from his staff as well.  Today, he just had to hurry a bit to make it on time.  He steered around the corner to make a right turn and thud!!!!!!!  The bonnet of his car was hit by car going straight.  Thank God, he braked just on time.  He just felt a mild jerk but he was startled a bit and before he could gather back his senses he heard tapping on his window.  He saw a girl signalling him to lower down the window. 
He did so and heard her accusing him of rash driving!!! He was confused and taken aback.  She was the one who ignored the signal well at least it was an orange light.  She shudve luked and slowed down.. and instead of apologizing she was blaming him!. Anger quickly rose up in him.  He hated this kind of situation and he hated such people, but he controlled his anger and quickly got out of the car.  The lady's face was all flushed and she was blaming him for the damage to her cars headlights.  He so wanted to argue back but he was in a hurry and he just had no time to stretch this thing more.  "Hello lady," said he "please calm down.  As much as it is mine, its your fault too."  "What?"  "Hullo" said she "Mister u wer the one who didnt see my car and wer rushing on"  "there was an orange light, it means you have look and cross" said he annoyingly.  "uh.. oh.. it also means that you too have to look and cross and by the way, why are you blaming me.  It was you who were turning with that amount of speed.  It was you who were in such a hurry and by the way You need to c rite and left while taking a turn and by the way who passed you in ur driving test.. hmm..  I am sure u mst have bribed him.  One luk at you and anyone can tell u r no gud driver," Said she.  He simply stared at her.  Wat was she talking?  But he really had no time for this nonsense.  "okay luk lady, I am really really sorry, but I need to hurry."  "No.. No.. No.. Mister.. even if u present ur sorry wrapped up in a some delicious hot burger with mayonese sauce topped up with extra cheese.. it wont do!" Said she worriyingly and luking cutely at the damaged headlights. She suddently was feeling sort of hungry.  It happened with her all the time in such situations.  "which by the way, is my fav burger.. but luk at those head lights.. My baba is gonna kill me.  Its his darling."  cried she.
She made a cute little face and luked angrily at Dr. Ashutosh.  He simply stood there with his hands folded across his chest and watched her antics.   Her face was all flushed, she was uttering some cute nonsense, and throwing her arms around.  Her eyes tho had a hint of worry than anger.  He gave a sigh and luked at his watch.  Oh my god, it was already 9:15 and he had to reach by 9:30.  He quickly took some cash out and offered to the girl.  "Luk lady, I will pay for your damages.  I am in a hurry.  Please take this.  I think these wud do."  She was puzzled.  She actually didnt expect it, not this soon. She just stared back at him.  He gave a heavy sigh and nodded his head, anger now clearly visible on his face, he took all the money and offered her "all right, all right, lets not take this too far.  I m in a real hurry.  This is all I have got.  Now please take it and lets move.  For God's sake, we are blocking the road."  The honking made her came out of her brief trance,  she smiled sheepishly and took the money.  The "gentleman" quickly moved back into his car and drove away hurridely.
She looked back at him for a moment and then counted the money and she gasped.. "Oh my God!"  the amount that he had offered.. well it now seemed like it was a bit too much. She bit her lower lip nervously, "but well, nothing can be done" thot she.  People around her were really annoyed at her for blocking the road and she quickly got back to car and drove away.

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Chapter 2 - Aur Hui ek baat..Embarrassed
Dr. Ashutosh fumed at himself for chucking out that sort of money to that girl.  "wat abt the dent on his car.. huh!".  He just hated such kind of people and he hated himself more for giving in easily, but he surely cudnt b late.  Didnt it say something abt his character that watever happened he was never late at his hospital till date.  It was about discipline.  He practiced wat he preached and it was his motto.  A surgeon, a doctor can never afford to be late.  He knew it too well wat time meant in his profession, sometimes a few seconds wasted could be a matter of life and death for a patient and he would not tolerate any sort of negligence towards his patient's health.  His staff needed to be punctual, disciplined, and on the toes while thy are in his hospital.  If they cant, they dont deserve to be at KGH, aka Kotnis General Hospital, the best hospital in Lucknow, and thats wat made it the best and thats why only the best graduates from Lucknow Medical College gain internship at KGH.  He is famously known among internees as Dr. HardStone.  Eventhough, he was stern, very particular, and at times pretty biting, many of internees idolized him.  He was a well-respected and an accomplished surgeon in his fraternity.  Well, today he was gonna recieve the list internees that are joining KGH this year.  He, Mallika, and Dr. Rangnath had lot of additional work apart from routine roundups, daily outpatient followups, and the usual mundane administrative stuff.  He had a few surgeries scheduled too.  It was yet another long hectic day for Dr. Ashutosh and he simply luved it.  He was literally workaholic.  All he was interested at hospital was work, work, and more work.  At home, all he was interested in was knowledge update. He read a lot of books, surfed a lot.  He believed in offering the latest to his patients.  He believed in quality and good service.  Finally, he reached the hospital just in time.  Dr. Rangnath awaited him in his office and gave a quick update regarding his schedules and other routine stuff.  Finally, having planned the day, he leaned back in his chair and relaxed.  "Sir, Shud i order for some tea and bfast?  I learnt u hadnt had ur bfast today" asked Dr. Rangnath smiling.  "wat?  Who told u that?" asked Ashutosh glancing at him questioningly. 
 "Hiraman kaka" replied Rangnath giving an affectionate smile "He cares so much for u sir.  He called up just b4 u reached."
 "all right, order something.. well anything u like" answered Ashutosh.  "how abt some hot delicious burger" ".. with mayonese sauce topped up with extra cheese" finished Ashutosh.  Rangnath was mildly amazed and amused by his answer.. especially the way Dr. Ashutosh completed his sentence.  He smiled amusedly at him.  Dr. Ashutosh looked at him bt ignored his questioning look and said, "Can u please hurry up?  We have lots of work to do?" Said ashutosh.  "sure, in a moment please" and Rangnath rang for the tea.

Another busy day had passed for Dr. Ashutosh.  He quickly took the elevator up for the 3rd floor of the Lucknow Central.  Gosh, he hated shopping.  It was such a waste of his time, but he had to.  His favorite shirt had been missing from his laundry lot.  Only, if there was a law to sue them for their inefficiency!!!  But it had been his favorite laundry service, they did a perfect job.. well almost perfect.. till thy thy screwed up with his shirt!  Reaching the floor, he turned towards his fav brand shop.  He was very particular abt his clothes.  He liked a few certain brands and he wore only thm.  He didnt like to experiment at all.  He wasnt meant for the changing fashion or style.  Not that his age mattered, bt he simply wasnt tht kind of guy.  As he was moving towards the men's section, he bumped into someone speeding.  "ouch" exclaimed he.  His toe had been stamped on badly. "oops..sorry.. sorry.." came the reply.  Angrily he looked up and he met with the same worrying set of eyes.  "Oh" He cant believe this.  "Oh.."Said she.  She quickly looked down, unsure of wat to say.

Clearly, she wasnt expecting to meet him ever again and that was the reason she had decided to spent on all the extra money from this gentleman on shopping some of her fav dresses that she had longed to have. Of course, her conscience had her for a while, but she had brushed it off and given in to temptation of shopping.  Also, she needed to get rid of that money ASAP before baba ever learnt of wat happened to his car or before she needed to explain about this money.  She had to get rid of it.. any how.. some how.. and wats the better use than shopping!.  She had got fixed her car by her car-doctor buddy Rohan almost free of charge and all the money was there for her to shop shop and shop !.. the idea sounded so grt.. and shopping was going to be a lot more fun, but little had she known tht she wud bump right into HIM.  Clearly ashamed, she looked at him guiltly and gave a sheepish smile. 
Ashutosh did not try to hide his displeasure.  He turned away in disgust.  He didnt like such people, but she called after him, "uh..hello.. Mister, excuse me... ex.cuse.. me.. Mister.." and she came running back rite infront of him. "now wat?" he said impatiently.  "Oh.. sorry of this.. and for wat happened earlier this morning" Said she hopingly.  "its okay" he softened a bit "i need to go."  "No wait.. please" she stopped him.  "okay, see I m sorry but it wasnt my fault.  You wer in so much of hurry.  You didnt even wait 4 my reply.  You jst left in a blink of second before I could even answer"  He jst stared at her. Wat was she talking.  "See.. you know.. well.. actually my car got repaired for almost free of charge and so i was thinking wat to do with all the extra money.. you know i cudnt keep it and all that.. I had to really get rid of it.. so i thot of shopping a bit.." she said nervously and showed him her shopping bags.  "bt bt.. now tht u r here.. i think i shud give back ur extra money back.." he let out a deep breath and replied "its okay.. i dont need it back.. I see that u've already SPENT it."  "No, No.. bt i need to.. now tht i have met u, i cant keep these dresses" she made a cute face and nodded her head. 
 "i cant!"  She said finally.  Ashutosh simply shrugged.  "one second, You wait here"  She quickly went to the billing counter and enquired abt something.  The next she heard her arguing with the store manager "wat do u mean u cant give me back my money?  I jst shopped it.  Thy r not damaged.  I havent used it.  I dont want it now.  Cant u jst give my money back?"  "No m'am, its against our policy.  Goods once sold r not taken back unless thy have some defect."  "but u dont understand the situation here.  I want tht money back.  I promise i will come and shop for the same amount tomorrow.  There will b no loss for u.  Please."  The store manager chuckled.  "Its not that m'am.  V cant give u money back.  You can exchange anything u like but v cant give you money back.  Thats the most I can do for you m'am.  Now if you will excuse me m'am." and he simply moved away.  Nidhi stood thr frustrated.  Now wat was she supposed to do.  Ashutosh went upto her.  "look lady, its okay.  At least, you wanted to give it back genuinely.  So its okay.  I can understand you dont get that kind of money as pocket money.  Its absolutely okay."  Gosh, thts the last thing she wanted to hear, thot Nidhi.  He was just so nice and gentlemanly.  She HAD to give back his money.  But how?  She thot for awhile.
 "Hullo??" said Ashutosh. Clearly this was annoying.  He looked back at her thoughtful face.  Now wat was she upto?  "wait, i have an idea.  Store manager said its okay if exchange my dresses.  Wow, it sounds jst grt." and the fun is a lot more shopping! Wow! she thot happily and rushed to the men's section.  She just luuuved shopping for anybody and everybody.  She was excited all over again.  "Wat?  Hullo.. miss" Ashutosh followed her but she was gone in a second.  where did she go?  Ashutosh kept looking for her here and there but all in e and there but all in vain.  How did he ever get into this mess.  He closed his eyes, clearly frustrated.  He waited and waited.  It was more than an hour.  Who spends an hour shopping?  Good Lord!.  He was getting more and more impatient, angry, and felt like leaving rite at tht moment, but he couldnt.  He cant just leave her like that.  It was such a waste of his time.  He paced impatiently.  At last she showed up with a happy and satisfied smile on her face and hands full of bags!  "here take this" she smiled.  "I have got exchanged my clothes for urs.  So now its all paid back."
 She had wonderful smile.  He mellowed down a bit and said, "Look, I cant take this.  I like to do my own shopping"  "hullo, i wasnt shopping for u.. i jst wanted to exchange to pay back ur extra money.  Its done and for your kind information i had hard time convincing that store manager for this exchange, if hadnt noticed."  remarked she. "dont b so ungrateful.  I spent an hour luking for perfect clothes for u.  Now, please take it."  Said she.  Ungrateful? Now wer did that come from.  Does she always talk such nonsense.  There was no point in arguing such nonsense, especially wen nothing wud gud for him wud come out of it.  He wasnt going to get rid of her until he takes those bags.  He simply threw his arms and took the bags "yeah.. nothing can b done.  Sorry for being soo ungrateful." He said sarcastically and went away.
She looked at him for a while and then gave a deep sigh.   Ok, thr goes my fav dresses.  Well, at least one burden is off my shoulders.  I surely wud've felt guilty wearing it.  She chuckled.  She suddenly felt hungry.  She always did in such situations.  I do need some coffee thot she and moved to the coffee shop next door.  Aah thrs her fav coffee and burger.  The place was full.  She was lucky to spot an empty seat.  She practically ran towards it.  It was tuff to get an empty seat on busy days but oops, she collided with someone.  Apparently, the one who too wanted to grab the same empty seat.  "Ooops, my cofeee.." cried she.  "Oh no.. my shirt" cried he.  She luked at him. Oh no, God help me.  Again, not HIM. 
He glanced at her and said sarcastically, "oh fine, this is jst so grt." "Hey, it wasnt my fault.  I spotted the empty seat first."  "Yeah, yeah.. you r never at fault."  He placed his bags on the table and tried to wipe off the coffee with his handkerchief.  She had soiled badly both his shirt and pant with her cofee.  God, I hate this. He thot angrily.  "But i m sorry abt tht.. again.." she said guiltly.  He shaked his head disbelievingly.  Wat was with this girl.  "its all soiled.  Wat will i do?"  He said angrily.  He felt kinda helpless.  He had never put himself earlier in such a situation.  Wat was he supposed to do?   "well, u can chng if u want" offered she.  Was she out of her mind.  He wud chng in a mens common room in this mall.  Seriously? 
 He luked at her angrily.  "or you can go around the mall in the same soiled shirt and pant"  Replied she taking the seat on getting his angry look.  Oh well, was thr any other option? he smirked contemptuously.  He definitely cant move around the mall like this, well not even to the elevator.  No.  No.  There was no option.  Wat exactly did he hated more.. moving around in soiled clothes or changing in men's common room of men.  well, definitely soiled clothes.  He gave in and shrugged his shoulders.  He luked at the bags and tried to pick one confused.  "here, take these."  She Offered two bags, of course smiling.  He was so angry at her, at his soiled clothes.. at that common room.. at this mall.. For Gods sake..and he snatched the bags angrily.  "I will look after ur remaining bags, dont worry" said she, smiling cutely.   "Yeah, thank you so very much" replied he sarcastically and left.  She had a gud laugh looking back at him after he left.   He was some man she thot, but he was unbelievably cute when he shrugged off and gave that angry look.
Meanwhile, she was going to enjoy her delicious yummilicous burger with extra cheese.  Emmm.. yummmy!  she smiled and smacked her lips.

Precap for chptr 3:  Dr. Ashutosh was horrified at wat he saw in that bag.  He was supposed to wear THAT!  No way!  Bt he had no choice left.   

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Thanks looking forward to the next part

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thnx friends Embarrassed..
have future coffee date scene in mind..Embarrassed.. its really very very cute scene.. still have to pen it down... will update soon...
thnks for reading.. Embarrassed

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Chapter 3 - Pehli Pehli Coffee date..Embarrassed
Dr. Ashutosh quickly got into one of the cabin. His situation was horrible. He was pretty much pissed off. "How did he ever get into this mess.." thot he. "Tht girl!" and he luked into one of bag.."Oh No!" exclaimed he. Bt he realized he was in rest room and controlled his voice. He was horrified at wat he saw in that bag. He was supposed to wear THAT! No way! A lemon yellow striped T-Shirt. No.. No..NO way.. bt he got the feeling the worst wasnt over. He quickly grabbed wat was in the 2nd bag.. and left a loud gasp!.. A dark bottle green colored cargo.. he scoffed.. tht girl!.. tht girl!.. his anger was rising. Bt he realized he had no choice left. It wasnt as if he didnt like thm.. he did like to wear it bt he had left it all..long time back..and certainly it didnt suit his age nor his profession!.. Ah..well, he put those on anyways.. and wen he came out.. it was pretty awkward for him. He thot everybody was staring at him.. some mite even b mocking.  Bt he tried to ignore thm, gathered some courage, and walked back to the coffee shop.. feeling really uncomfortable and fidgeting with his clothes, he reached their table.

"Oh Wow! Tht luks grt!" Said Nidhi smiling approvingly. He rolled eyes and folded his arms across his chest and stood there with a stern face. Nidhi bit her lower lip nervously, shrugged her shoulders, and gave a quick tiny sheepish smile and said "I bought u some coffee".. "as a sorry".. "Please" and made a cute little face. Well, Sighed Dr. Ashutosh.. one certainly cant stay angry with this girl for long.  He pulled out a chair and sat across the table facing her. "Thanks for the coffee. I do need one." said with deliberate annoyance in his voice. Nidhi was having last bite of her burger, she batted her eyelashes and asked.. "You wanna have a burger?" Dr. Ashutosh stared her for awhile. "Oh No, no.. no.. no thanks. I had had enuf already." Replied he. well, wat was tht, thot Nidhi. I was jst helping him... and well apologizing and she pouted. Dr. Ashutosh was observing her very closely now.  She was an interesting object of study for him. This girl surely cant hide her feelings. "This does luk nice on you, by the way." Remarked she. "But do you even think about the fact that SOME ppl may not like wat u like lady. I wud've preferred shopping on my own rather. This is not something I wear." Making it very clear he jst disliked it. "Well, i thot so myself tht its better if u chose yourself.  Actually, I haven't shopped for any man b4 except of course for my baba, bt then I saw this. Oh, it luked so wonderful on tht mannequin. I thot it wud luk really really nice on you. It was perfect.   Perfect color, perfect size, perfect body.  The only difference betn you and tht mannequin was..it was white and you r a bit dark, rest a perfect fit." Dr. Ashutosh almost choked on his coffee.  He blushed.  He was afraid she wud notice it.  He glanced at her quickly trying to hide his mouth behind the handkerchief but she said it most innocently and genuinely.  She had this habit of moving her hands and gesturing while speaking.  It made her look more lively, animated, and rather cute, observed Ashutosh and that brot a small smile on his face.  "Well, thanks for the this and the coffee anyways.  I hope your baba didn't scold u for the damage?.  Ashutosh enquired.  "Oh, no, he doesn't..not as of yet, but I wouldnt tell him now.  You know he is a colonel and tht car is his darling of course after me, but when it comes to discipline, following his commands he becomes more of colonel and less of a father."  Chuckled Nidhi.  "So your baba is a colonel, hmm.. but thn u shudnt hide it.. otherwise, u cud b in a lot of trouble with a military man."  Said Ashutosh lightly.  "Oh no.. I never lie to my baba.. its jst tht I will tell him at the rite time at the rite moment.. thts when he is in good mood and having his fav aloo ka paratha with mint chutney."  Laughed she.  Ashutosh couldn't help himself laughing with her. "k, so thts ur strategy.  I wonder u wernt caught before"  Asked he.  "Oh no, he is jst a bit strict and disciplinarian bt he loves me a lot.  He knows me very well and wat I am upto.  He can never b angry with me for long or rather I never let him angry on me for long.  He retired some few years back but he is still very much colonel at heart but when it comes to me he is more of my darling baba." "hmm.." Interesting thot Ashutosh.  "You know u shudnt b sharing all these with me.  You hardly know me.  I am a complete stranger and v just had a little sort of .. you know.. a little quarrel.. wat if I take advantage of wat you say.. the world is a small place" Ashutosh wanted to test and tease her.  "Oh.. don't worry.. I don't talk to strangers tht easily and I AM a gud judge of people and moreover with person like you, you just know."  Said she and shrugged her shoulders.  "wat kind of person.. wat kind of person like me?" asked Ashutosh.  "You know those kinds tht you normally don't c nowadays.. you know.. those gentlemanly types.. " said she smiling sweetly.  Ashutosh stared at her for a while.  He suddenly was feeling very good.  He smiled back at her.  "you know.. my baba is also such a gentleman?" bt before she could finish.. her cell rang.."Oh no.. its Baba.. oops got very late.. go to go.. see yeah.." and she literally ran out of there.. before Ashutosh could even answer back.  He sat there and his gaze followed her making her way out of mall.  Ashutosh gave a deep sigh as she vanished out of his sight.  He got up, picked up his bags, and made his way to elevator for the parking lot.  His spirits were somehow lifted and he was really feeling wonderful and he didn't know why.


Chapter 4 Precap:  "Who was tht girl" wondered Ashutosh.  His mind kept wondering abt her.  ...He closed the file and smiled.  Biting his lower lip, he said aloud "Welcome to Kotnis General Hospital. Dr. Nidhi Verma.  Meet the strict disciplinarian Dr. Hardstone." He nodded his head a bit and smiled.

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