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Chap 2:The U-turned LOVE[pt5(B)/pg15] SD and SR ;P

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hey guys
here is a short fic of 4 parts that i am writing on AshNi...

It starts that Nidhi's father have a huge loss in business and have a major surgery...no house track in this fic...just Nidhi and Ashu love eachother but didnt tell...and that Rohan-nidhi couple track arises

Kernel Verma get to know about Nidhi and Ashutosh and afraid of the world's cruelty, he agrees with dadi-bua that Rohan and Nidhi should get marry before its too late for Nidhi to get out from this love with Dr.Ashutosh

and and annndd...Rohan is in love with Nidhiii...

My Killer, My Lover

Looking at the mandap decorated with flowers and colors and inside, sitting the love of my life..Dr.Nidhi Verma who was getting a mangalsutr of someone's else name around her neck...it was supposed to be mine...was a devastating scene

Yes mine...just like she wanted to have my surname with her name...i know it...i could feel it in her eyes...the unconditional and pure love...but that was the problem...I didnt had a surname

"They look so good together...they make a nice couple" i heard someone saying to another person beside me...i didnt dare took my eyes off her as these will be the only few moments where i could capture her in my eyes...in my mind...though i know that these moments will always hurt me inside out...but they are worth

I felt something stir inside myself...Oh the pain...that UN-bearable pain that i was trying to bear right from the start of this wedding...Oh God! why me...why i had to suffer all this pain...Right from the time her baba came to my home after getting well of that severe heart-attack


"Dr.Ashutosh" he said as he get inside and turned to look at me when i offered him to have a seat

"I just came here to ask you for a favor" I was confused

"I somehow got to know that Nidhi is feeling attracted towards you..." Oh Damn, i knew it...i had felt that but i dont know why i try to ignore that...but his next words make me break my chain of thoughts

"I will call it infatuation, a crush may be like what they refer it now-a-days but i cant see it as a love" I felt something strong hit me inside...
"I mean i know you are a sensible man and you care for your colleagues and patients as well as your juniors and my stupid daughter is taking it in another way...I cant see her getting destroyed by this mere crush" Aha What.....i was angry now...did he mean that i will destroy her life...

"Being a father as well as a mother of her, i know where i need to hold her and where i should let her be on her own self...Me and Nidhi's Dadi bua have decided that she should get married now" I know what was coming up...i was having a pretty bad feeling about this whole stuff

"Rohan is a nice boy and he loves Nidhi alot...I want Nidhi to marry him" He said it looking stright into my eyes, judging my reaction or trying to read something on my face, i dont know...but i do felt tears in my eyes which were ready to get out in split of a second but i hold them back

He was hoping for a reaction from me...i looked at him for few seconds and get hold on myself as i asked

"What can i do for you?"

"Convince Nidhi...I know if I or her Dadi Bua will ask her...she will never agree...i want you to tell her that Rohan is a good life partner for her...i know she will stay happy with him"

His words were hard to digest....he want me to ask my love to be someone's else....He was going on with his words

"I know if you will tell her to come to reality she will listen to you...I think she had took your care, respect, affection in a wrong way" Affection, my foot...it was love...just pure love

"You are far more senior to her and i know you also know the cruel world and its reality...they just need a topic to gossip on...i dont want Nidhi to face any of that" I could feel his tongue trembling as he must have imagined that

Yes, our AGE...there was a great gap between us and above that there are many other realities that were stick with me...how did i ever thought that we could be together...that i could have her in my life beside me

I was feeling awful myself now...it was plain immoral for me to think that way for her

"I hope you understand my worries and love for my daughter" as he ended, i looked up at him...confident that my voice will give power to my words i am just about to say

"I respect you sir...and i promise that Nidhi will marry Rohan..." i saw the worry lines went away from his forehead...

1st time i felt that i am really good at something...i am good at taking worries from people dont matter how those worries gonna hurt me to the core

He came to me and hold his hands together infront of me

"Thank you...i dont know how i will ever repay you"

I hold his hands as i remembered my own baba...Fathers are like this...worried for their children and there better future...

"Its the least i could do for you sir" and he left giving me a light smile

As i closed the door, i also close the door of my heart that somehow opened up as Nidhi entered my life and introduced me once again with life, its colors, its beauty

I will never let anyone enter in it again...Ever

FlashBack Ends

Slowly, Nidhi and Rohan get up, taking blessings from all...and soon it was time for bidaai...she was behaving like an statue...no tears you can find  in her eyes...every one came forward, with teary eyes...hugging her but she didnt hug anyone back...as she put her head on his father chest and move towards the exit...her eyes were stuck to mine...teary..asking me again and again...why i did this...why i let her marry someone else...why i break her heart into pieces...

Being not able to hold that stare anymore and turned around, wiping my own tears who couldnt stop themselves now...

As promised to her, i was present at her wedding right from the start till the end...didnt matter how many wounds i get by seeing her belonging, step by step to someone else...to prove her that i am not in love with her...without her knowing, that i couldnt get out of love of her ever...

She sit into the car and proceed towards her new life...tomorrow, she will be in america...starting a new phase of her life with Rohan...i know, he will keep her happy...and its her happiness...that means the most to me

Getting back into my house...yes house

I loosed my tie as i looked around...Once i thought that Nidhi will make it a home with me...but that was a foolish thought of me...it was impossible and i want to make impossible possible...thats ridiculous

pushing myself on the bed, i closed my eyes as her teary face flashed infront of my eyes...

"I just pray you dont have to shed another tear in this life Nidhi...i will always pray for you" i dont know till what hour i thought about her as i dozed off to sleep...

Part 2

Sitting in the aeroplane, i looked at my mangalsutra and rohan sleeping beside me...This feeling was hard to digest that i am married to Rohan...I never wanted this, never in my wildest dreams i imagined him as my life partner...

And i would never have married him only if the two men, the only two men of my life wouldnt have forced me

Baba...i dont know why he so wanted me to marry Rohan...getting up from bed after the serious surgery of his heart, his first worry was me getting married...and the solution was provided to him by Dadi-Bua in the form of Rohan, he knew, pretty well he knew that i dont love him...right from the start i told him that the only man i want to spend my life is Dr.Ashutosh...he is the man for me...my first crush, my first Love...Firstly, he was too enthusiastic in getting us together...he knew and he told me also that Dr.Ashuthosh loved me too...

Did i need to hear that from him???...No, i already knew he do...i can feel the love in his eyes...the feelings were pure and so easily viewable from his crystal clear eyes...He just love me as much as i do...though we never said, but we didnt need words...Silence was way more better and soothing to my heart...

But then i dont know why he pushed me away from himself...i need to know, badly need to know...he asked me to marry Rohan giving me all the false excuses of age, people, background... and last, he dont want me to embrace my family coz of him

How he thought that he could be an embarrassment for me...i could be anything coz of him, proud, happy, excited, crazy but never embarrassed because of his existence in my life

His existence was just as much important into my life as taking breath...my heart beat with his name now

Those all reasons were base-less and i didnt accept them till the time he said

"I dont want you in my life" those words still roam in my mind like blood...were all those emotions, feelings, warmth that i felt from his existence and surrounding was a false alarm...

No way...i know he loved me...and i would have waited for him my whole life if Baba wouldnt have given me swear of his life

I defeated...Not getting any support from Dr.Ashutosh even made me more disapponted and in anger, i agreed to marry Rohan just for my Baba...hoping if I cant, then Rohan would reject this proposal

But he didnt...

I pleaded to him but he didnt listen and given me one chance

"Nidhi, only if Dr.Ashutosh will come and accept that he love you...i will back out from this wedding...Only if"

"But why Rohan" I questioned him... "You know i love him...it was you who told me that he love me too...than why, why are you doing this?"

He hold my shoulders...tightly...there was something in his eyes that left me trembling and shocked...

"No" and tried to loose his hold and move back "No Rohan...Dont you dare say that" I tried to stop him

"When you see it then why i shouldnt accept it Nidhi...i Love you..." he came forward and hold me once again

"and this reason is enough for me to not back out from this wedding" he looked at my face trying to judge me emotions...were they in favor of him...but i put a stone cold mask on my face and looked back at him with hatred as i shrugged his hands from myself once again

"You will never be able to have me Rohan...Never"

"I will change you...my love will change you" he said confident of his words but i am confident too...the only person who could love me, who is having my heart is Dr.Ashutosh and it will stay with him...

After landing, i followed him from counter to counter and get out from the airport...

I know...everything i have done till now was for my Baba...but now, forward...anything i will do will be for my own self

We get into the small apartment of his as he called it our house...i was feeling ridiculous to be called his in any way...he broke my trust and i m never going to forgive him for that...

he entered asking me to wait for him at the door...i was least interested in any of his lovly dovly acts so ignoring his saying i get in with my hand bag...i went upstairs as i found a room and put my luggage, removed my duppata throwing it on the bed...

Closing my eyes, i went through all the moments i went through in the last week...my life turned upside down in this whole week...

I still cant get his teary eyed memory out from my mind...he must have thought i didnt saw it,...but how i couldnt...i know him better than he thought i do

I hoped, secretly inside my heart...every second of my wedding that he will come forward and stop that crap and express his love but silently, he stand at a corner...burning me as well as himself...he needed me and wanted me to be hers as much as i wanted to be his

"Oh, you here...i thought that..." Rohan entered the room and said it having a sigh of relief

"You thought what...that i ran...if i had to do that i would have done that long ago" Rohan eyes saddened but ryt now i was least caring about him

"No, i am just happy that you get inside and feel at home...its better if you get used with ur home early" he said almost convincing himseld

"Rohan, for the last time...i m not interested in you or your house...whatever i have done till now was for baba...but i cant do anything more...and it would be better if you expect nothing from me..."

I get up to get my things out from my bag but he hold me in mid-way and pushed me to the closet behind as his mouth crushed mine...

i was shocked...i tried pushing him back but he was determined as he ripped my lower lip trying to get access to me...but i didnt...my body was shaking and i thought he felt that as he get away from me

"I will make you mine in every way Nidhi..."

"You can have my body,...but u can never have my soul and heart as it already belong to someone else" and he left in anger as i sit down with the closet and holding my legs cried...

my tears were unstoppable as were my love for Dr.ashutosh...my life become a misery in just the matter of 2 weeks...

Part 3

Its almost been a year to her marriage when 2 days earlier... i get to hear the news of her Baba's death...it was a sad news...he had some heart problem and the major sudden heart attack didn't let him survive

I was in denial...Should i go or not??? as if i go, i know i will have to face Nidhi...and i dont want too...

My heart yearned to have a good look of her but my mind still has her last crying faced image stored it it and it also told me, how much it hurt me to see her like that then

Today, the moment is like this that she must be crying...that day, she cried because of me more than leaving his father house and i wasnt able to stop her tears

I knew, she told me...he will wait for me till the last moment to move forward...express my love in front of the world and she will break every promise, every relation she had...just for me, to be with me...

She was confident then...she believed that i will not bear seeing her belonging to someone else...in someone's else arms...wearing someone's else named mangalsutra and sindoor, but i wasn't confident of myself...

Already knowing the feeling of a lost family, i know how it would be for her and i didn't wanted anyone to blame her for anything or say her anything because of me...She was a mere 26 year old girl...still experiencing life...i had to be the mature one in the relationship we shared and i think, i did right thing

From that day onward, not a day went by when i had not thought about her or not prayed for her happy life...for having all the love, the happiness she deserved...even if its with Rohan

and for me...it was enough to know that she loved me...LOVED...i truly want to believe that she still do but its not morally correct when she is someone's else wife and it was me who created that situation that lead her to marry him...

Ignoring to look at her, not receiving her calls...not letting her assist me in any surgeries was the starter that move forward in the form of heated arguments...and it all ended up when she come to my house asking me the reason for ignoring her and all i said was

"It was a mistake for me to think that i love you...may be because you are young and enthusiastic and that thing make me attracted to you but now i know...calling it and giving it the name LOVE was wrong...it was just attraction" not facing her, i tried harder to make my voice steady as i said all this...i can heard the voice of her clear crystal heart breaking into pieces and if i know her,  those salted tears just escaped her eyes, leaving traces on her soft cheeks

"Thats not true..." she blabbered after sometime composing herself...i heard the shakiness in her voice

Grabbing my shirt as she come forward, she looked straight into my eyes as i tried avoiding her...she observed me for a moment when her hands move up to cup my face and made me look into her eyes

I am a bad actor and she is a good reader...thats what i though and maybe she too

"You cant even lie properly" she smiled a little between her tears

"I am not lying" removing her hands i turned when i felt her strong hand hold my wrist

"Yes you are...and i know...you love me...its love that i always saw it in your eyes and still can" there was a hope...GOD!! why i have to do this...but getting a grip on my emotions, i shrugged her hand and said with more strong voice

"Think whatever you can Nidhi...but i said what i had too"

"I dont know why you are doing this but please...i beg you..." and i felt her dropping on the floor with running tears and holding hands

"Dont do this with me...i will die without you"

My heart skip a beat...how can i imagine her like that and my heart wasn't strong enough to look at her in that state...it so wanted to move forward and hold her in my arms...but as i turned, my mind reminded me of my promise i did to her Baba...i willnt break it in any case...

May be, this promise will help me pay back my Baba...

"No one dies without anyone Nidhi...and i know you too will survive...." my harsh words really make her lose all hopes and she cried her heart out

Portraying myself insensitive, i left her like this and come to my study room to take out all the tears that i was stopping from a long time...but even those bitter tears weren't enough to overcome the pain, i was feeling that moment

I went to my hair and turning it towards the wall, i looked at the picture of me with my Baba

I looked deep onto his face with my teary eyes...my heart was asking questions to him as why everyone i love, have to leave me...1st my real parents, then Baba...then Mallika who left as she didn't want to see me just as a best friend who she know it now better then ever, that i can't be his and now...the one person, i think i had spent my whole life till now to find...had to leave

This was painful of all those emotions i felt before...i thought i could bear it but it was unbearable...

It was almost an hour that i came into the study...just when i assumed that Nidhi must have left till now, accepting all that what i said...i heard my study door open with a thud and heard the rushed foot steps

I was still facing the wall when i heard her

"Ok Dr.Ashutosh...if you think that whatever in between us is just attraction and nothing more...then you are invited to my wedding with Rohan...it must not be a problem for you to then attend my wedding and seeing me being someone's else" Oh...that thought killed me once again then...i wiped my tears as i was still facing the wall and composed myself to talk to her face to face for the last time...i turned around and looked at her burned face...she was angry

"I will check if there is no emergency..." but she cut me in between

"No, no more excuses...any emergency, any medical or personal reason is allowed...you are coming to my wedding and will stay there right fro the beginning to the end...and if you willnt come, i will tell everyone about us in the public and then there will be no one to stop me" she was confident...and knowing her, i know...she will not think about anyone else...she was one spoil girl

"OK...i will be there" my answer relax her

"I will wait for you...my wedding card will be sent to you first" and she left...and as said, i received the card first as she came to the hospital to invite all her fellow members and standing in between them...she personally hand-over that to me

"the first wedding card for you Sir...do come" there was a challenge in her eyes...

"For Sure Dr.Nidhi" and as said and as promised...i was there...attended her wedding and watched her left for her new life

Now, after a year...i dont know how to face her...those angry eyes still haunt my mind and my dreams...

My mind and heart battled once again...my mind wasnt allowing me to go as seeing her in that situation once again will break me part and will keep me up for several months like last time

On the other hand, my heart was pushing me to go and provide her the shoulder, she needs to cry on...

But i know, i will not to that shoulder she want to cry on...last time, it was due to situation that i refrain to offer it...and now, its my guilt...

Finally...i listened to my heart this time, and went to her house...

Standing on the door, i looked at the people taking place in the small garden of her house...

"its so sad...Cornel Verma's body was kept into the morgue for 2 days to wait for Nidhi and Rohan's arrival"

"Poor man, wast able to bear the separation of her daughter" someone saying beside me

Surly Cornel Verma's love for her daughter was great...it was the power that made me believe that he will not take any wrong decision for his beloved daughter which asked me to back out

Soon it was time to take Cornel Verma's body for his last ceremony...i was near the entrance of the main hall...my heart skip a beat as i looked at her...sitting beside his father's body...still, like a statue...she wasnt crying...her eyes were stuck to her father face...Dadi Bua was sitting beside her...asking her to cry but it feels like, her tears are dried up...

I saw rohan and other men standing up as they took there charge as they lift the body and come out...i also joined them...Rohan perform all the rituals of his funeral...

"May he rest in peace now"...i silently prayed and left

Next: Ashutosh Nidhi face-to-face after an year...was Nidhi really happy...last part will be up soon guys
do comment if you like

luv ya

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I didnt like this idea nobody wants nidhi-rohan get married we all wants ashu-nidhi together  the serial is also based on dhisBroken Heart

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Part 4

Being back in my home town, feels like being back in the lap of my mother...this town knows me..i made some beautiful relations here...the roads know where they have to take me as they took me now to his house...my love...Dr.Ashutosh...

It feels strange...its been a year and i did not talk to him...I cant reject how i missed seeing his face... but it wasn't that hard as i used to close my eyes...his face will come infront of me...

But still i missed him and in the last year...whenever i would feel too low, i would just call him, to hear his voice...sometimes it was a disappointment when he will not pick up my phone or kaka pick it up...but the 3 times, he picked up my call...it made my day...Surly, i never said anything just keep hearing his husky voice...but it was enough

Like last three days, today i was again parking my car opposite to his house...its still dawn...just around 5:30 and as i noticed in last three days...he will come out for his morning walk...

Cant explain when i saw him three days back...for the first time after a year...i felt my breath stopped momentarily before my heart started its normal pace...his face still can make m drool...his manly attitude and way of walking...make me hissed...i m totally, deeply, desperately in love with him

I was angry...i know whatever
he done to me was wrong...the thing that most hurt me was that he didn't stand up for himself or for me...

But then something come up, and all my anger went away...i nver doubt him...i knew there was something that make him get away from me

Marrying Rohan was the worst period of my life...not because Rohan was a bad person...he wasn't...now i can say that because he too was in love...but sadly, it took him time to understand that Love can never be snatched from someone...it has to be attained

After marriage and going to America... he tried...to make me fall in love with him...he tried harder to make me forget my love and accept his...but my love wasn't so week that someones little effort would break me...

He forced, throw, splash, blow his love on me...forcefully, sweetly, angrily or going beyond his powers to show me how much beautiful his love is...but my heart never accepted him in any way...

Rohan called Baba after defeating and asked him to tell me to move forward with him...to explore the world with him...to be his better-half in true manner...

Baba called me to convince me

"Nidhi, beta i know right now you think whatever i did was wrong but beta i know, sometime later you will know why i did this"

"Baba...as you wished, i married Rohan...only because of you" and HIM...i just stopped these words to come to my lips

"But baba, dont expect anything more from me...you know me the best and you also know that if i decided a thing, no one can change my mind...you made me marry him but you cant make me heart accept him in the way a wife accept a husband"

"but Nidhi..." baba knows whatever i said was true

"baba" i cut him in between "can i ask you one thing?"


"what you would have done if Nana will have made mama married to someone else before you both ran away? would you have bear loosing her"

and he was silent...i know he would have shattered...because i never saw such love in any couple as much as i heard of my mama and baba...

My question must have convinced him as he stopped asking me anything...he himself had a love marriage so how could he would have forced me to go against my love to accept a man i dont love...and his silence also disappoint Rohan and he too understand that love is a free bird...if you try to keep it in a cage, it will die soon due to lack of space, sadness and loneliness...but if you let it free, it will explore the colors of life and will have a happy life

and that was the time after 7 months of our marriage, he suggested for a separation and already knowing my feelings, he went ahead with it...

it took 4 months to go through all the procedure of our legal separation and just three days later, we got separate, baba got the heart-attack...

but before dying, he wrote a letter to tell me something...something that holds the happiness of my life

Next Half

Getting out of my thoughts, i again stared at the main entrance of his house...waiting for him to come out for his usual morning walk, but to my disappointment, he didn't appear...i waited till 6:30 but he wasnt there

"May be he got an emergency last night and is in hospital or may be he is not in mood for his walk today" convincing myself with the possible reasons, i turned on the ignition of my car and left towards my home

From some of my friends from hospital who came to pay last regards to Baba after getting to know about his death, told me few days later that they spotted him outside... my heart beat to know that he cam to see me but also felt low, that he didnt come inside and consoled me...

But then, i didnt need his words...i never needed those "Sorry" words from him...the last thing i want to see in his eyes in pity and sympathy for me...Nevertheless I wanna see him, but neither that was an appropriate time nor i was in situation to think about it

My car moved towards my home when i spotted few children playing on the road...Stopping my car, i looked around and found an orphanage building where lot of children were playing inside...

How sweet they look...without worries and tension...enjoying life...

Trying to free my mind of all the bad happenings in my life, i get out from my car, parking it aside...and get near the kids when there football approach me

"Didi, please pass us our ball" one of the cutest boy around 7-8 years said

"I will but you too had to let me play with you" and after looking at each other...they agreed and we started playing football

In no time, i was free of worries...i was again feeling like a kid...getting inside, i played with another kids...football with boys, skipping rope with girls and many other games

Sometime later, i spotted a girl sitting at a corner...holding a broken doll tightly...her eyes searching around and were sad...

Sitting beside her i softly asked

"Why are you sitting alone? dont you wanna play?" She looked at me with strange eyes but replied

"They all dont play with me...i am having a small hole in my heart so i cant play with them...but when i ask them to play doctor doctor or any board game, no one is interested"

Adorable child...but my heart felt a ping for her heart problem...to light up her mood, i said

"you know what, i am a doctor" the girls little eyes lit up hearing it

"so will you play with me?..."

"Yes...but where is your stethoscope?" the girl stand up and said

"My friend Renu have it...she is laying inside as she is a little ill...come with me" before i cold say anything, she hold my hands and drag me inside a room...

There were four children laying on the bed, badly coughing...before i could think, the girl drag me to a bed where a girl was laying having small bumps on her face and her body was covered with a sheet...she was suffering from chickenpox i think...

Ignoring her, the girl open the side drawer and take out the plastic stethoscope

"Lets go" but this scene here made me stopped her

"One minute baby...who look after you?"

"Sister Nancy"

"Ok, can you please call her for me?" thinking a bit, she nod and walk out to call sister nancy...being a doctor, it was my duty to provide relief to these kids...i took the oath and i will fulfill it

She was aged women with wrinkles telling she is in her mid-fifties...she told me that they hadnt called a doctor for the children as they themselves dont have much resources to afford the bills...the little they get, was to be spend on the food and other needs of orphanage...

The children were suffering from last 2 weeks but didnt gt any proper medication but some herbal treatment was giving to them

I checked them on my own and got that one of the kid was having a serious bacterial infection and need medical assistance...the other one was having food poison

Convincing Sister Nancy and along with another guardian sister paula, i get the kids in my car...and took them to hospital...though i felt bad for not being able to play with the little girl

Fortunately or coincidentally...the nearest hospital told to me by the sister was Kotnis

The name brought too many memories in my mind...my life actually started from there and ended...

The most happiest phase of my life, loving someone and the feeling of being loved by someone, i felt there...

Still i was in my thoughts when we reached there...i inspected the building while in the mean time sister paula take out the kids from the car...She was just waiting for me to move forward and reluctantly, i did

I know if it was the case of children, then i must have to face Dr.Ashutosh...the thought excites me as well as made me nervous...

what will i tell him?...how will i face him?...what will be his reaction seeing me...did he miss me like i do?...do he still love me??...

i was still thinking about these questions when i heard his voice coming from the children ward...

"and you know what, the butterfly get disappointed by the Kings reaction and flew away..." the butterfly and King story...we wrote it...he still remembers it...

Smiling, i looked at his face standing on the door...his dimple was visible...Oh how i missed his beautiful smile...my heart started beating fast

I was still busy in admiring his face when the nurse called him

"Sir, these children need your supervision" he turned his attention towards the kids first and then his eyes look at me...my body felt it instantly as i came to senses...and looked back at him with longing...

Part 5

Seeing her looking at me with those eyes, i dont know why...but i felt myself alive...What was that in her eyes? anger, frustration, despise, hatred...No, it was something softer if i guessed it right or may be i want to see it like that to console my broken and soft heart...if it was anger, i will consider it questioning look...if it was frustration, i will consider it longing...if it was despise...i want it to be attraction...and if it was hatred, i so wanted it to be Love...

Looking back at her, i totally forget where we stand till the nurse called me again

"Sir" i took my surroundings in notice as she too broke the eye lock and looked away

"Ya sure..." taking the kids with me, i gave her a last look and moved forward

She was still standing on the door with Sister while i examined the children

"Dr...are the children alright? This lady is a Dr. too and she said that there health is bad" Sister said refering to Nidhi...she didnt look at me face-to-face after that eyelock but i felt her eyes while i was examining the children

"Ya Sister...?"

"Sister Paula"

"Sister Paula, she is right...one of the kid is having a bacterial infection and other one having food poison...they both need to be admitted right now before its too late" getting back to my Dr mode, i was totally professional

"Oh...but we dont have enough money to pay the bills" as she completed, Nidhi stop her

"I already told you sister paula, i will bear the charges till they are alright" Sister Paula holds her hands...God, i too want to hold those hands...i want to feel its softness...its comfort

"Sorry to interrupt, but here in Kotnis, orphan kids are treated for free...so no need to worry about the charges...Nurse"

Nurse came with the admission papers and sister paula signed them after Nidhi and I requested her...

"The other two just need to have proper medication and they will be alright in no time..." Writing the prescription, i gave it to sister paula and she said a thank you

"Lets go sister...i will buy you the medicine and drop you back at the orphange"

"But kids here...???" she was tensed

"Dont worry...they are in safe hands" she looked at me for the last time for a brief moment...there was something else right now in her eyes which i cant explain and didnt understand ...her face said something else altogether...she turn around to go to dispensary associated with the hospital...

At that moment, i so wanted to stop her...ask her whats wrong?? what happened in her life that made her so lifeless...i didnt find her full of life as she was used to be...i was restless

i turned to go towards my ward but my mind was stuck with her...its a month to her Baba's death...and surly my mind was justifying why she is not her usual...her Baba was everything to her like mine was for me...but my heart gave me warnings...that something is wrong...surly wrong

"I need to talk to her" But what will i say...it was me who pushed her away when she so wanted to be with me...for what reason, on the authority of what relation...i will ask her anything...

But my restlessness pushed me up on my feet as i went out towards the parking

She was there, making the other two children sit in her car as Sister Paula took seat with them...

"Nidhi" i called out for her as she closed the car door and turned to look at me

Those same sad eyes...i felt them engraving in my body...i dont know from where to start and how to ask her about her life...how to ask her about her married life with Rohan...oh! the thought killed me like always

"I am sorry about Baba...i know what he meant to you and i can also understand how hard it is for you to live without him"...She looked at me with strange eyes...she took a moment before she replied with a mocking expression

"You were right Dr.Ashutosh...No one dies without anyone..." Her words hit me on my face...

"I survived then and i know, i will survive now too...but you know what the best thing is?" tears took place in her eyes...her beautiful eyes that always become the center of my attention

"I now know that i have to survive on my own...without those weak pillars...for my own self" saying that she get into the car and left...

I keep standing there for long time...trying to absorb her words in my mind...something serious has taken place in her life...

My mind keep drifting to her words again and again...unable to get her out from my mind...i tried to indulge myself deeply into my work...but it was not of any help...the day went on and finally, tired, i went towards my home when i spotted a car infront of my house...someone standing besides it...

I slow down my car when the person move forward, making actions, asking me to stop...and i did

Getting out, i found myself being approached by Rohan...

"Rohan, you, at this time...what are you doing here?" i tried my best to not let any bad emotion depict with my tone

"Dr.Ashutosh...i came here to talk to you about Nidhi" My mind warned me that there is a danger...its not like i am afraid that now he get to know about mine and Nidhi's past...he knew that already...and that somehow, made me hate this person...

He knew i loved her, love her now too...that she loved me back...but still he married her...and now, i dont have any topic left to talk to him, especially about Nidhi

"Rohan, We dont have anything common to talk on...and why would i will like to talk to you about Nidhi...she is your wife" saying this i turned around to my car, so that i could park it inside the garage

"She was my wife" my feet stop at sudden...my throat felt a lump...

"We separated about 2 months back..."

My world moved upside down...i turned to look at his casual attitude...is he joking?

"Why you divorced her?"

"Because she asked for it" Nidhi took divorce from Rohan...but why...everyone thought that they are compatible to eachother, they made a nice couple...they were best buddies...then why

Knowing what i may be thinking, Rohan stepped towards me and started saying

"Nidhi took the decision to marry me in anger with you...and because baba gave her his swear...she was not able to say no to him then" reality was hiting me one after another

"She pleaded, almost was on her knees infront of me, asking me to cancel the wedding but i couldn't..." he flinched so did i, imagining that scene

"It was the time i realized how much i want her in my life, how much i loved her..." he stopped to see my reaction of disbelief

"But i forgot...that one-sided love is never true love...she was mine, legally but she never let me touch her...i tried to make her love me back like the way i do...but again i forget that you cant make anyone love you...love just happens...i had her body...but her soul was with you" i dont know what i felt, happy or sad...happy to know that she still loves me or sad to know that she beard all the torture, mental-distress just for me and because of me

"She was never meant for me...she was yours Dr.Ashutosh...and still is...she still loves you the way she did" Ofcourse i know...i know this girl do...everytime my mind will warn me why she will do after everything that i said to her, my heart still believes that that love wasn't that weak...she still love me

"I just want to repent for the mistakes i made and destroyed your both lives...Baba also felt angry on himself for whatever he did to you and her...and it was that guilt that took his life..." closing my eyes, i felt like crying...simply for an unknown reason

"He so want to say sorry to you as he mentioned in the last letter he left for Nidhi...Dr. Ashutosh..." Rohan held one of my shoulder as tears spill from my eyes

"Please Go, get her in your life...every day of our married life, i saw her yearning for you...she so want to be with you...she suffered alot because of me and baba...please dont let her suffer anymore or i will never be able to forgive myself" Squeezing my shoulder a little, Rohan left, leaving me in the pool of tears...

She beard so much for me...for our love which i hardly ever expressed to her...but she believed on it...and took every examination even without my support...

I was totally foolish to not think about her feelings...i did whatever i felt right or what others made me see is right for her...without asking her, what she thinks...

Everytime, it was Her, who stand up for our love...for me, for herself...but today, this time...i had to move forward...i had to hold her hand and stand up for ourselves as a whole...

Removing my tears, i move towards my car and taking a U-turn, rushed towards her house...thinking that this U-turn will also turn the angle of my life and her's too...and will make us move forward to a happy journey

Light was out of her area...so parking the car quietly, i move towards the main door...many questions arising in my mind as i tried to Shooo them while knocking


Waiting for sometime outside her house, really made me eager...I knocked again till i heard her voice

"Just a minute, please" i turned looking out in the dark...trying to arrange my lines in order...i want it to be perfect tonight...i want to pour out my heart to her and want to show her completely, how much i desired her...missed her...loved her in this whole year... and right in a minute, the door clicked and i turned around to saw her ever so angelic adorable face, shinning with the light from the candle...looking mesmerizing

Keep staring at her wasn't my plan...but can't help it when she is looking so dazzling...just like a fairy...my own fairy..

She looked at me for a brief moment before those worry lines appear on her forehead

"DR.Ashutosh...you, here...at this time?" she was confused

"Can i come in?" reluctantly, she gets aside as i entered...closing the door behind, she silently followed me as i reached the living room...

"How are you Nidhi? Didn't get the chance to ask it today?" starting casually was good right now...

"You just came here to ask for me well-being, Dr.Ashutosh..." definitely puzzled...

Moving forward, i got the candle from her hand as over hands brushed a bit and i saw her flinched...

Smiling inwardly, knowing that my touch still affect her...i put the candle aside...a little darkness appeared between us but that seems soothing and lovable...

She keenly looked at me as i looked back at her with smoky eyes

"You didn't answer my questions Nidhi...how are you?" i asked stepping ahead as she took a step back

"I am fine Dr.Ashutosh" her lips trembled as she said that

"You don't seem like fine Nidhi...how is Rohan and your marriage?"

She was perplexed...she didn't know how to answer...she keep moving behind as i step towards her...

"Its...its..." she stammered...

"what its Nidhi?" i already knew the answer...making her confess like this was surely not my plan...but my plans never ever worked the way i want them too...but i silently thanked God, for how it is going now

"We divorced" she accepted quietly...

"Why?" i dont know what my tone was...i already knew that they are separated...but it was something else to heard that from her mouth

"I dont need to answer you that" She tried to run away but holding her hand, i pushed her to the wall and kept her between my arms...there was no way for her to escape...nor i would let her today...Today, i will bring her into my life...

"You need to Nidhi..." i said softly in a mummer...as i attached my forehead to hers in a light manner and closed my eyes to feel the moment...her breath caressed my cheek as the beat of her heart got faster...i can clearly heard its thump in this silence...we were away from the candle...in the dark...no emotions to be read...everything has to be felt and in a minute and two, i felt her relaxed

"Why you are here?" she asked after a moment...her voice seems teary...she was breaking inside

"To claim what belongs to me" i said as holding one of her hand in mine and entangling our fingers...she didn't hold back but she didn't back out too...she turned her face to other side...trying to avoid me

"Its too late Dr.Ashutosh... i have learned now how to live on my won without making any commitments...because it hurts when the person, you commit to...leave you in between to survive on your own.." her words hurt me, but i deserved those...she had confusion...she love me...i know...but she was scared...it was all my fault...i made her the person she is right now

"But i wasn't able to learn it that we can survive without the person we love the most" She looked at me in an instant...i wasn't able to see her face...can't read the emotions but i can sense it that she was waiting for me to continued...with a hope in her heart

"Yes Nidhi...you and i was wrong...people can die without the one that means most to them...if not physically then mentally... like i died a thousand times in this whole year thinking about you being belonged to someone's else...being touched by someone else than me...not understanding that that someone else is your life partner" her breath fastened as she hold my hand back...Oh that sweet soft hand...it gave me strength to pour my heart infront of her...

"Dr.Ashutosh..." she tried to stop me but i cut her in between

"Let me finish Nidhi...i dont think i could ever say out this ever again" she brought her other hand to hold my other hand that was still onto the wall and entangled my fingers with its too

"Before you...my life was boring, dark, silent...its you who made me see the bright side of life, its fun, its colors...i was so attracted towards you...i wasn't bear giving that emotion name other than attraction..." she gulped as i could feel tears staining her face...as mine too...but i let them spill

"But it happened Nidhi...i realized that when i kicked you out from the hospital" i heard her laugh at my "Kicked you Out" word

"I was desperate to see you...hear your voice...i know silently, without my knowledge, you have entered into that private area of my life...where i had put a sign of No Entry"

"I was never really a rules follower plus i have a master card to break the locks" her tone was teary...her comment made me smile too

"And i am glad you weren't... you decorated that area with so much beauty, sincerity and love that i wondered, why i never saw it before... but then i also know, that it was just your magic that worked"

"Then why you let me go...because baba asked you?" i felt her getting softer as i was saying all this...she softly withdraw her hands from mine as i felt a little disappointed not being able to feel her touch but felt extremely happy when i felt her putting her head silently on my chest as her hands went to my back, to hug me...

"he wrote all that in the last letter she left for me?"automatically, my hands too took there position on her back...caressing it

"Your baba means the most to you...and at that point, i also realized that his worry about your future with me was genuine...i felt bad myself for not thinking about it..." her hands tight at the thought as her running tears were now getting absorbed in my shirt

"and secondly, i thought i could repay my baba by accepting the request of your baba Nidhi...i didn't want to make you loose your father because of me"

She lifted her head up...but i didn't looked at her

"I wish he would have understand you and our relationship before..." she felt sad because of her baba

"But you know what Nidhi" now i looked at her and cupped her face in my hand

"This whole year made me acknowledge what you mean to me and how much i missed you each and every day...it made me realize that my life is nothing without you...the number of times i smiled in this year, always was for you and because of you...it taught me that if i could ever love anyone, its you..."

"I love you Dr.Nidhi Verma...the much i have never loved anyone in my life and will not ever do...I love you, Nidhi" i never thought, with her, i dont need to think what i need to say...all this comes out so naturally that i wondered myself...

She keep looking at me...till i felt her body weak as her hold around my waist loosened and in the matter of a second...she was fainted in my arms...

Next: Cute moments between AshNi...so wait plz...

Oh God, another part i need to write before the epilogue...from Nidhi's POV...LOLLOL its bad badOuch

ahh...will do it as soon as i could...

luv you guys for your support...


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great 1st part cant wait to read more plz post soon

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ruchi21 Newbie

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plz continue..,m waiting for next part...

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ruchi21 Newbie

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plz continue
sowmyap03 Senior Member

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aage kya hua????

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Part 6

Don't know how, when, why i fainted just at that right time...God! It was just such a beautiful moment...so dreamy...if i have been asked, i would never have wanted to get out from the trance of that moment...but Alas! my weakness just need to struck me right then...

The last thing before fainting i remembered was his expressing of love...those three sweet words who have made me forgotten all the bad and sour memories of this year...and the feeling of his strong arms around my waist...his thumb slightly caressing it, making me trembling with pleasure

About half-an-hour later i woke up to not find him beside me...he was no where to be seen...the light was back

"Was all that a dream?" asking myself, i tried to get up from the bed when i again felt a little woozy and was back on my bed

Hearing the thud sound of the bed, i heard the foot steps and in a moment...he appeared on the door, holding a tray...his worried expression made him look more sweet...but before i could observe anything else...he was at my side...putting the tray on the side table, taking his position as a doctor and started checking my head following with the pulse check of my hand

"Are you OK now?" he asked still worried

"Just feeling a little dizzy"

"From how long you are neglecting your food?" he was still holding my hand while his eyes were stuck to his watch

"I don't feel much hunger anymore" he looked at me with stern eyes

"Damn woman! can't you take care of yourself?" he was angry now

"I didn't have anyone for whom i should have took care of myself" my voice was teary...not because of the anger he was showing...but the concern he was having for me...i so badly missed this feeling

Hearing my voice, he just melted and put his hand around me...pulling me in a side hug...Oh! i soo waited for this time

"Nidhi! i never want to loose you ever again...when you just fainted, i just felt my life is getting out from my hands...i was so scared" my hands again took there place around his waist as my face absorbed in his chest...he placed a soft kiss in my hairs that assured me that now, everything is going to be back on track in my life

"And i also destroyed the perfect moment of my life..." i almost said whining in a childlike tone...just to light up his mood and also to get back to the point, he was here for

He chuckled as i do...

"Yes, that was a rude and unthinkable response to my confession?" the smile on his face seems like coming from his soul

"What confession? i don't remember anything after you said how much you missed me after you just Kicked Me Out from the hospital and in this whole year" i said playfully...moving away a little, just to see his face for my statement...

"Oh you don't remember anything?" Now he was in playful mood too

"No, i was too busy in fainting to register any more words" grinning i looked at him as he gave me a mischievous look

"Ahh! so i have to repeat all that i said before?" he moved his face near mine

"If you think its important...and i need to know...than..f.fo...for s..su...surr..sure" i stammered as i felt the proximity between us

He looked at me, giving a sheepish smile...he know so well how to affect me with his little movements...his eyes were so shinny, full of emotions, passion and desire...not able to take his stare any more...i looked away...slowly, he came near my ear and said softly

"Why not i show you what i meant to say?" ...his hand took hold of my hand, as he move forward and kissed my burning cheek... aroused, turned my head to look back at him...and just in the fraction of a second, his lips approached mine

It was a small peck...i shivered with this little touch but my body felt alive...

He moved back but my other hand was already lost in caressing his hairs that i pulled him and give him a soulful kiss...and he was there...matching my passion...as our lips move in rhythm to eachother

His fingers entangled mine like before... as his other hand move towards my back...pulling me more close to him...i could feel the heat emerging from his body...our need for each other increased as he groaned and ripped my lower lip to gain access..and i allowed...

The passion keep pushing us on each other as our lips struck again and again till we both were out of breath...the kisses slow down as i started feeling limp once again...only his hands were supporting me...he felt my body getting weak and stopped to look at me

"Are you planning to faint again?" worriedly, his hand left my hand and support my head with it

I smiled slightly on hearing this...

"What can i do if you are such a drug that get me so addicted" he pulled me to himself as my head rest on his shoulder now...in some time, i got my senses back while he keep caressing my hair but i continued from where i stopped

"Slowly attacking my senses, making me forget all surroundings...but leaving me just with the need to have it more and more" he looked down at me and placed a soft kiss on my forehead

"But next time, let me remind that whenever you have this drug, your stomach is full so you dont get side-effects"

He smiled so did i...the feeling to be in his arms was soothing to my heart...

We keep sitting like this for sometime... Later he put forward the food tray...it contained a sandwich, juice...milk...

"I feel like i am getting admitted in a hospital" he smiled as i sighed...

"You have to eat this nidhi otherwise i am surly going to admit you in one"...he warned...as i pout...he bring forward the sandwich and made me eat it

"Nidhi, you are too precious for me" he said softly...as he tucked my hairs behind my ears..

"I am sorry..." and i was seriously feeling to make him worried like this...

"I am sorry too..." he said after a minute...and i know for what reason he said that

"You dont need to be...whatever happened was suppose to happen" said taking a bite of the sandwich...he

He looked at me strangely...and did stare for a moment before saying

"So now, what you think is suppose to happen in our life?" he smirked...but this look of him was rare

"I think its going to be great...Nothing is much better than you being beside me" he keep staring at me with that lovely smile...

"I love you..." saying these words gave me immense relief...and took him by surprise...the smile broadened and now it was my turn to claim what belong to me

Moving forward, i kissed near his lips to save that precious rare smile...i felt him moving me in his lap for a tight embrace...the night moved on, healing all the wounds...

We need to talk and we just did that...talking about one thing to another...he told me how Rohan told him about our divorce and asked him to bring me back as i asked him "Why today you took this initiative?" while i was being waiting for this day from a long time...i forgave Rohan for whatever he did to me...because he made me realize that my love for Dr.Ashutosh and his love for me is true...nothing could ever get us apart...and as far as i knew Dr.Ashutosh...he must have been waiting for this day...he just needed a little push

"You remembered the story of king and the butterfly?" i asked as i was surprized to hear him telling the kids the other day...

"It was the only story i remembered because we wrote it together" his answer fill my heart with joy as i was caressing his chest lightly with my hand

"And i also want one day, to tell this story to the children with you" Oh...the thought of the children made me blush and my face got absorb in his chest

He saw it but dont know why, he was more funny today...or it was just a hidden side of him that he rarely show...he suddenly said

"It will be a great time for our ward children" and realizing his words, i hit his chest lightly...

"You are too bad" he laughed as i blushed hard

"Ok, tell me one thing...i heard from alot of people that the girls always have a dream of there future life...is it true?" he wanted to get into my head...i started liking this no barrier conversation of ours...it made me feel so close to him

"Yes, it is"

"So you too had those dreams?" he said resting his back with the wall behind as my head was on his chest...i nod shyly

"what were those?"

"my dreams changed with time" i was being honest

"like??" he was keen to know\

"you will not laugh, right??" they were too dreamy for me

"ofcourse not...i want to know them truly"

getting up from the bed, i moved towards the single window of my room...the moonlight was on its peak...it was quiet and the thing i could hear is the rhythm of his breath and my heart

"when as a kid i got matured enough to think about my future life, i always thought i would be a dominating person and wife...i would have a husband who would listen to me and let me do shopping...lots of shopping" it was a childish thought

"As i grew up, and baba told me that he want me to be a doctor...not like he never said that before...but i always took it as a joke...but he was so serious" i laughed as i remembered the moment baba told be that i am born to be a doctor and he will not let me go in any other field right after i passed my 8th grade

"then my dreams also got changed and as i keep growing, they become more strong...those childish dreams disappeared as new dreams came in which i wanted my husband to respect my feelings as i would respect his...even he dont take me out for shopping...a small gift a month for me will be enough...i willn't demand anything more than his love...if he is not beside me, he will call me telling me that he missed having me with him...in short, all i just will demand is love"

Lost in my own thoughts, i didn't realize when he got up from bed and approached me...i just come out from my dream world as his hands come around my waist, hugging me from back...i was shocked first but then relaxed and my back was touching his chest...my hands slowly moved up and get hold of his...

He was trying to get me at a comfort level with him...it was all new to me but i also know, that inside this serious dejected person, lies a beautiful lovable romantic person who just want to shower the love he is holding inside...

"Marry me Nidhi" his words just caught my breath as i turned my face slightly to look at him and confirm that what i heard is true...i m not imagining

"Marry me, i promise that i will give you all the love i have...i dont want to spend a single moment of my life without you anymore...i have waited for you enough to wait any longer" tears started taking place in my eyes...his words just touch me inside out

"Being doctors, i know we cant just stay at home...we have to perform our duties but even if i am not beside you or you are not beside me at a moment...i know, the moment we are free...we are at each other side...the moments we had are to sacred for me but i want to create million more such with you...I love you Nidhi"

Tears stained my face as this time, his thumb wipe them away and i was now facing him

"I love you too and i will marry you..." i said it as i hugged him...

"I have waited so long to hear that from you" as i said, his grip got tighter around my waist as i placed a kiss on his shirt

"I know" he sighed...and i felt his body relaxed as he broke the hug and placed lousy kisses on my face and i laughed with him...in that moment i know, i have finally found my home in this world

The person, who i thought has killed all my happiness, dreams, aims and peace in life became the reason and base of all those things...he was my killer, who killed me by making me stay away from him...but he is my lover now...who thinks of nothing else than me...and i will not allow him to leave me ever

ok guys...thats the end...epilogue will b there on sunday now...long break...but i will update Being Snubbed in between so keep reading that

thanks for the support and love...


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