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FF-Promise To Never Leave Me #2 UPDATE pg50 4/10

AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys!! OMGG!! Its my 2nd thread!!! Whoot!! Who knew?!?!?! I sure didn't! I never thought I would get to a 2nd thread!! OmgBig smile Okay now tht I am done with that, thanks to all of you who read and made me open a neew thread! I would like to thank hershi and everyone else!! Now I am going to stop talking since I sound like some1 taking an award from Filmfare teehee Wink

Anyway here is link to  Thread 1

If you want pms for updates then add bluezcreationz

Links to my other works are right here Mya's Writing Center

Here is the next part!!

Part 13

Recap: Arnav comes home finally and Khushi sees him. She runs to him. Akash wants to marry Payal but he has not told Khushi yet that he wants to marry her sister. Shyam has left Anjali and she is determined to not allow anything to come between Arnav and Khushi due to Shyam.

She ran to him as the wind and crashed into him. Her arms curled up around him, as she placed her head on his back. She felt him stiffen but she did not care. All that mattered was that he was right there besides her, alive.  


Arnav was cutting his plants in deep thoughts. He was not paying attention to his surroundings at all so when he felt someone crush into him, he almost cut himself with the sieve he was holding. His breathing calmed down when he recognized the familiar arms. He could feel her head on his back while her arms clutched the front of his shirt. She was shaking but he was not sure why.


He turned around to face her, his arms snaking around her waist. Slowly he he nudged her away from him so he could look at her face. She was looking down and still shaking, of what though? He wanted to ask her to look up, to look at him, but that would be showing emotion, emotion that was not necessary. He waited... wait until she finally looked up, taking he own dear time. What he saw in her eyes scared him..., what is wrong? did something happen?


"Khushi... Khushi look at me! Khushi are you okay? Khushi?!" Arnav asked, his worry seeping into his     voice as he shook her slightly so she would respond.


Khushi looked at him in the face when she heard his voice. Her mind could not register the words he was saying. What?! He has been gone the whole day, the whole day with no contact at all and now he asks me what is wrong? All of her worry and anxiety from the whole day meshed together into one emotion which he should be very aware of, rage.

                She pushed against his chest which was were her hands were and moved out of his arms. He stumbled back due to the sudden shove, bumping into the plants behind him but she did not care. It did not matter anymore since he did not know what was wrong...

                "You are asking me what is wrong? You... are asking me... what is wrong? You should be telling me what is wrong and you don't even know?!!?" Khushi yelled at him, "You were gone for the whole day and you ask me what is wrong?!!?!

                "What? What are you talking about? I am always gone the whole day or pretty much the whole day," Arnav reasoned not sure why his sudden absence was bothering her. This is what you get! You were avoiding me the whole week and today in the morning right? Now look at you! I have not been around the whole day and you are so mad. He grinned at his own thoughts, which just made Khushi even more angry.

                "You think this is funny...? You think this is funny?!?!" Khushi asked him, pushing him once again, "This is not funny Mr. Raizada. Who do you think you are huh? You have been gone the whole day with no signs of coming back! Did you see the number of times I called you?!?! How dare you not pick up huh? How dare you!? What did you think that I was just calling for the sake of it?"

                "Khushi..." Arnav tried to say only to be pushed once again by her.

                "What Khushi? Who Khushi? I'm happy that at least you remember my name if not the fact that you have a whole family at home who wants to know where you are! What did you think huh? Everyone was wondering where you were, why you were not picking up the phone, why you had not called all day, and you know what they all did? They asked me! What was I supposed to say to that?  I said that I had no idea, since guess what? I had no idea where you were!" Khushi ranted, " What if something would have happened to you huh?" she asked him, pushing him back once again.


"What would I have done? Tell me Arnav!!" she said as she pounded her fists on his chest, "If something had happened to you then what would I have done?! You might not care for me but the society thinks we are man and wife. What would I have done? What would I have done..." she whispered, placing her head on his chest, her arms wound around him.


Arnav did not know how to respond to any of her questions. Stating that he was stunned would be an understatement. He was shocked. What the? He could feel tears on his shirt which just made him even more shocked. He wrapped his arms around her involuntarily, bringing her closer to him as he tried to process the things she had said to him. What have I done? Why is she so puzzled? Why is she so worried'? He brought his hand to his pockets and brought out his phone, quickly he turned it on to see that he had 50 miss calls. What the!? He looked down at her as she cried in his chest. Bringing his head down, he placed it on her head, patting her hair down.

                "Arnav?! You are here?! Finally! Where were you?!" Anjali asked as she walked into the garden.

The sight she saw made her regret coming to look for her brother. Khushi was standing next to him, looking everywhere but at him. Her eyes looked red, as if she has cried' and her brother? Well he was also doing the same things his wife was. He had opted to looking at his plants, as if he was willing them to grow instantly so he could start cutting them without looking too obvious. He had a guilty look on his face which showed Anjali that Khushi had done the job before she had even got there. Good. He needs someone who can tell him to clean his act. What time is this to come home at? It doesn't matter how much work you have! He should have at least called and since he didn't I am glad that Khushi yelled at him.

"Well I was going to tell ask you where you were but since Khushi has already asked you, dinner is ready so go have some," Anjali ended.

"Um Di'" Arnav started not sure how to say tell them, "I have already had dinner'"

"What?!" Anjali asked in shock, her eyes flying automatically to Khushi who has not eaten since she was waiting for Arnav.

Khushi looked up at Arnav incredulously as she heard him say he had dinner already. She could feel tears about to run down her cheeks once again, this time due to rage. Before she could listen to anything else he said, Khushi quickly walked away from the garden, her walk turning into a sprint when she got out of their sight. She ran towards their room and sat down on the couch, looking out at the stars. I thought he was not okay and he was having dinner?! Why me? Why does he have to do this to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? I swear' You know what? You don't need me Mr. Raizada so I don't need you either. We will see how long you last without my help, Khushi thought decisively.

Anjali watched Khushi run out the garden, her anger now boiling. I knew it! You can't do this to her Arnav! Not while I am here.

"Arnav Singh Raizada what is your problem? You have been missing the whole day with no contact and then you come home late to say that you have already eaten?! Your wife has been going insane the whole day worrying about you! She has not eaten anything since the morning did you know that?!?! How could you!?!?" Anjali screamed, repulsed at the way her brother was treating Khushi.

"What? She has not eaten? But why?" Arnav asked confused, knowing that he was in deep trouble since Di has just called him by his full name, something she never did.

"WHY? WHY!? Seriously!? She was worried for you Arnav! She thought you might not have had dinner so she didn't eat since you were not there!" Anjali told him.

"Di! I don't tell her to not eat! She could have eaten! I never expect her to not eat if I am not there!" Arnav argued.

"Chotey when will you understand?!?!?" asked an exasperated Anjali and walked away, thinking,  He better know what to do or I swear he is dead tomorrow.

Arnav watched his sister walk away thinking about what she had said. Why did she not eat?! Why!!? Khushi Singh Raizada why do you have to be so difficult?! What now!?

Hahah!! Yes finally!! They met! Whoot!! You must all be so proud! I went through one whole thread without them meeting! Talk about dragging! 

Like and Comment! I want to know what you think!!! Big smile

Thanks to all of those who nominated me in the FF Awards thingWink

Hershi!!! We are going to get our game on nowwBig smile


Part 13- Pg. 1

Part 14- Pg. 14 Link

Part 15 -Pg. 35 Link

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me first me first!! woohooo!!!!
oh snappp!!! khushi told himmm!!!! 50 missed calls?! i would flip a shit too! arnie arniee...sheesh the man is so dumb!! but so hes excused <333 heheheheh

LMAO he got yelled at by his wife and his sister...hahahah! 

I hope he comforts her the right way and not like if u want...way! 
im so glad ur back soumi!!!

looking forward to the next parttt!!


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               on the new thread
awesome update finally they met and she gave him a piece of her mind love it he needs some one to give him a good buf 

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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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Absolutely fantastic!

An absolute pleasure to read!

Do update soon pleaseTongue


Im such a duffer,i accidently deleted you off my buddy list and realised thats why i haven;t been getting any PM's for your lovely work,i've rebuddied you nowEmbarrassed

Sorry and please continue soon,im dying of anxiousnessWink

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reserved...gonna drag a lil..Wink

being waitin lyk for evr...i thought maybe all this is mythicalPinch...they r always together in flashbak n wen we COMEBACK 2 da present it luked as if someone shut da book closeAngry...
bt thankYOU they metClapClap
Clap...u knw how much human life is lost in waitinCry...its actually 4 da humans...nt mineLOL...(my mum keeps me grounded u c...always reminds me dat im a social animalWink...animal beeing da operative word hereEmbarrassed)...shud put it down i sayin this to evryone of u writers 4 whom im waitin since ETERNITY...*stops her gibber*(sorryEmbarrassed)...
so finally Arnav reaches home n is gettin dirty with his PLANTS!!!!...ohkaayUnhappy...'u hadnt been home since a whole thread n u aint evn feelin quilty about it'...(nw Khushi n I can proudly say dat we're r veggies nt coz we love animals bt coz we hate plantsDead...)
Khushi was sooo elited to have Arnav infront of long after she's been put out of all her fears of losin him...her horror of a life evr without himCry(n nw atleast she can eat
Dancing..being hunry in almost 150 pages..uffF)...i jst adored Arnavs worry about how Khushi was scared he'd been 2 see her shakin in den he had 2 ruin it by being CLUELESS of her misery.."wat happened?"Confused...holy grace...
Nw Khushi has shown of how much she cares 4 him...she gets on verge of hysteria fearin his well being...she rightfully questions him his importance n answers bak as a shattered soul who cant live without himThumbs Up...Arnav did u understand something?...
so he also had dinner(which i really wanted him 2 have evn if felt lyk stones in da neck) bt as Highly intelligent n acute as he is it was obvious he'll nt understand her gesture n Di's "u're in a big soup(which is quite hot) type warning"
Silly...i mean seriously Arnav...Everyone has the right to be STUPID bt u're ABUSING the privilege...
wonderful update...i was jst in btween dis
ROFL n dis Angry ...
superb...i wud really lyk to Accolade you as none has ever gone on keepin them apart like THIS(bt da queen wud feel threatendWink) 4 nw

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alice54 Goldie

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Congrats for your new thread...
Loved the Update!!!!!
loved the way Kushi hugged him and told him how scared she was...
50 miss callsShockedShocked...Anybody would be too shocked...
Now i think Arnav is in trouble...waiting to read how he consoles her and makes her eat...
update very soon...

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