Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~Kissey Ek Hazaaron Mein~ NL # 8~ **DT Special**

-Sangs- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Maria : ooh teri ...saab kahan gaaaye twinooo ?
 komal : Twinooo D'ohphir bhool gaaayi ?
Maria : Kyaaa ? ab kyaa huaa yaaar ?
Sangz : tera sar maru LOL your such a bhoolakarROFL Komal tun hi samjhaa isse =D
 Reyaa & naila : kyaa ? kab ? KAISE ? kyoon ?
(maria,komal,sangz laugh)LOL
 sangz: ab do aur namoone aa gaye , komal tun in tinoo ko finally ek last tym 
samjha de ke aaj kyaa hai aur in logon ko kya karna hai .LOL
 Komal : okaay mere pagal doston , abhi batati hoon , i wonder how did you guys forget that our lovely forum got new IMPORTANT members
Maria : DT members ? Oooh ShitD'ohhow did i forget thaat
Reya : areey haan , we have to welcome them naa ?
Naila : Freaaak !! but where are theey ? i mean how its gonna happen ?
Naila&maria : Areey with should go with the intro naa ?
Sangz&komal: OFC maams =D finally you guys got everythingLOL
 Reya : theeen Shuru ho jaaye?ROFL


 Surprise Hug

Credit to MP_Radha

how do you feel on being promoted?
Kinda scared. for long time I've been with Sony and settled there and members are like close.
Now moved to a different place and new people,
so kinda scared and I know will take time and work to settle down.

have you previously been promoted...if so where ?
Lol last I was promoted must be 1 years ago as CM for SONY since then been there, so hard to say:)

how has been  your experience in EHMMBH forum ?
Well I follow the show, so been ok But kinda time need to get to know the forum and members

ty 4 da warm welcome
how do you feel on being promoted?
Gr8 As am Dedicated 2 My work n I Always Get da Fruit Back
have you previously been promoted...if so where ?
been promoted in many Forums in SP, Zee , Sahara 1 , SAb Tv
how has been  your experience in EHMMBH forum ?
starting was not that good as new members n a lot of Demands
But now hav got used 2 n know well how 2 satisfy thier needs

Last But Not Da Least Will Try Hard 2 Keep All Happy


how do you feel on being promoted?
It feels great to be part of a team that does so much for the members to stay
active and addicted to this website. I am honored to be on the team and love working with my fellow DT members here
have you previously been promoted...if so where ?
Yes, I have previously been promoted, as the Moderator for Pakistani Serials and Chat Clubs Forums,
but I was inactive for about two years, so came back as a regular member :)
how has been  your experience in EHMMBH forum ?
My experience in this forum is amazing. I found many great friends in this
section, even before I was promoted. Every forum has their ups and downs,
but that doesn't mean you despise that forum when it's going through a bad phase.
I am glad to be part of the EHMMBH forum and love to contribute and put in my effort into it at much as I can

how do you feel on being promoted?
It feels great having a red tag on my username, indicates the new responsibility on me   *jokes*
I have TONS of fun with my fellow Coolbies=D
and yes, our senior DT are amazing and so understanding!=D so it's does feel good.

have you previously been promoted...if so where ?
Previously promoted? Online forums nope, this is just the first time,
but of course, I've been through different responsibilities at Uni.

how has been  your experience in EHMMBH forum ?
This forum, EHMMBH. It has got lots of stuff I can talk about. All members are amazing!<3
but of course everyone has noticed the recent hiccups between fans right?
I just hope it calms down asap because it's just deteriorating the forum's perfect environment! :S Otherwise, I'm super loving the forum!

A special note to all the members of the forum,
 Please try to appreciate the work our DT member do for us , all our DT members are very approachable .
In case you find any topic inappropriate or can lead to bashing,
 instead of replying or commenting, please REPORT it..and the DT members will take care of it.

Another important thing, is try to appreciate the work Dhruvie 
does by posting links of the episodes in HD, by saying a Thanks and liking the post.
I am sure typing a Thanks wont hurt your fingers.
 Also, dnt forget to say thanks to the Written updater for giving us a detailed update of the episode.

Last, Maintain peace and enjoy the show.

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-Sangs- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged

Previous week we saw a lot of depressing and sad moments as well as a lot of Virat- Maanvi scenes for which the fans were waiting for.
The week starts by the New year's eve party at the Vadera's .Maanvi is bored at the party ,
so Virat and Maanvi decide to go out and celebrate. Viren overhears this and asks them not to.
But this is our Virat- Maanvi, will they listen to others. NO! They eventually went out to a dHabba where some Bhangra music was going on.
We got to see, a lot of VirMan scenes. THey danced to Chance pe Dance together and won the competition.
At the Vadera's Jeevika too comes to know about the disappearance of VirMan, Virika are tensed.
They try to dodge the questions about Virat by the family members.Later we see, Some goons trying to tease Maanvi,
as Virat had left to take the care. Maanvi runs and sits in the car. Virat notices the goons..
and he rushes towards them and starts fighting. Police comes to the scene , they arrest Virat with the others.
Virat and Maanvi at the police station, there Virika are tensed as its nearing 12.Virat then calls Viren and tells him the situation. He levaes to bring them back home,
leaving a tensed Jeevika alone to manage. Viren luckliy knew the Inspector and he releases them.
Viren is super pissed at both of them. Jeevika is tensed, and Dadaji notices her.
He asks her for Viren, right then he enters with VirMan. Jeevika too is angry with Maanvi.
New Year arrives and all take blessings of the elders. Swamini notices a wound on Virat's forehead, but Virat excuses himself saying he hit the door.
The foursome are in a room, and Viren and Jeevika are unhappy witht them. They are explaining things, without knowing that Swamini is overhearing.
Viren comes out and notices Badi maa.Viren apologizes to her ,
but She turns to leave and Viren calls after her and repeatedly apologizes till she tells him that today
he has not only hid something from her, but also broken her trust that she had in him all these years.
Viren is sad. later we get to see emotional scene between Virika, for the first time,
Viren asks jeevika to leave him alone for some time.
Early morning Viren is in Dadaji's study room asking for forgiveness for whatever
that happened last night till Dadaji shouts his name! he also tells him that Maanvi has been living
in this house for very long now; the arrangement for her to leave for Hrishikesh
should be made for tomorrow. Viren is trying to apologize to Bua , but in vain.
Maanvi keeps on doing her things to make Viren and Swamini talk to each other. Jeevika is very pissed at Maanvi
for making her Viren cry. Dabbu gives Maanvi a solution to write letter to Bua in the name of Viren.
She writes the letter and keeps it in Swamini's room. Swamini reads it and fumes.
Swamini chides her for interferring with her and Viren's relationship. Later we get t see,
Viren coming and telling Jeevika about the condition by Dadaji to pack Maanvi tomorrow.
Jeevika agrees. After the letter incident, Jeevika yells at Maanvi for meddling and asks to leave tomorrow.
Maanvi is left crying so is Jeevika.
We got to see a very good scene between Vanshika and Jeevika.
Virat later comforts Maanvi asking her to go and ask for forgiveness from Swamini bua.

The dialogue of the week will have to go to: Vanshika
It was a nice change seeing someone different in this week's: Dialogue of the week.
Vanshika deserved the dialogue of the week as she had consoled
Jeevika whilst all these misunderstandings were taking place. She could see that Jeevika was tackling
the situation between: Viren ji, Swammini as well as Maanvi; therefore went to console Jeevika
who was feeling quite depressed and upset due to the current situation.
Great to see Vanshika had a little role to play in making Jeevika feel better, great job, she earned the dialogue of the week.

It was difficult to choose a character of the week seeing the events that took place this week…
but I decided to go with SUPERHERO VIRAT
like wohooo. He fought for Maanvi and I was jumping with joy. Even though he said that he would do that for any girl but I think differently.

It was a depressing week with Virika with all the drama surrounding
with Swamini Bua but there was one scene where Jeevika is seen reassuring
and comforting Viren after Swamini Bua was upset with him.

It was very Virman week with loads of Virat and Maanvi together.
Starting with their dance in the beginning of the week and then the fight…
damn…Virat looked hot when he was angry. There were also scenes where Virat
was seen reassuring Maanvi when she thought everything was her fault
and trying to help her at the same time.
This was all nice to see but I would love to see the next step in their relationship.

We'll all probably have our own views as to which character this week was the 'best dressed'.
Due to the various negative aspects of this week's episodes;
all members must have been too engaged with the problems
occurring between all the characters (therefore would not have paid attention to any of the well dressed characters).
All the negativity shown within this week, made it quite
difficult to choose a best dressed character. For this reason,
I have chosen an AVERAGE well dressed character from this week's episodes.
So the AVERAGE Best Dressed Character for this week, goes to'


Here is an image of our 'AVERAGE Best Dressed' Character
from this week; lets relive the wonderful average best dressed character we saw earlier on this week!

In this segment, I will overall rate the week's episodes,
based on the current track as well as the pace of the story.
The pace of this week was quite monotonous; the pace of each episode
began to gradually increase towards the end of the week
when more problems and misunderstandings were shown between various characters.
From a cheerful start to this week's episodes, it suddenly dropped
as the atmosphere of the episodes this week turned quite negative.
Maanvi and Virat's disruption, the problems occurring between Viren and Swammini
as well as the solutions Dabbu and Maanvi came up
with led to various problems taking place within the episodes.
Characters were left frustrated and annoyed due to the problems taking place;
and viewers were left chewing the end of their nails as they waited
in hope for something positive to occur. Hopefully, next week
we will see a patch up between Jeevika and Maanvi, Swammini and Viren as well as Viren and Jeevika.
Fingers crossed, that there will be lots of POSITIVITY in next week's episodes
. With the overall pace, storyline, and members views regarding this week's episodes' in mind, this week would overall be rated:

Overall Rating: 8/10

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-Sangs- IF-Rockerz

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Post of the Week goes to:
All posts made during this week have been judged with:
The contents, whether suitable, and whether it led to a good discussion or not.
Post: Not that I'm complaining, but, Maanvi's Illness??
Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2656946
Queenyuks posts consisted of a good point regarding the show- on Maanvi's illness;
her sudden recovery from her terminal illness led to a great discussion,
thus making it the post of this week.
Fab job queenyuks! Continue on with the great posts!!
Hoping for a lot more great Posts of the Week coming from many members in the upcoming weeks.

well wheen we think about a bandariyaa then how can the chep stay behind ?
Yeep yeep this tym we haave a great pair to present =D
this winning honour goes to once again a VERY loyal Virman faan

who's the lucky winner this tym ? any guesses ?
well for me this award is unfaair i mean there are too much bandariyas
in the forum so whyy  one person should win ?  *kidding*
plz baare my weeird mood =D
anywaays the award goes to a very sweeet girl and a loyaaal Virman faan <3

anyone ready to weaar the haaawt coat of Mr.Vireen Vadhera this tym Too ?
OFC =D...well sorry for breaking your heaarts young ladies but if your not the winner this tym , you'll win next tym
So the laaw pagri is won byy ...

and finally the laast award =D teacher of the weeek ...
who'll be oour sweeet masterni this tym ? any guesses ?
well i didn't haave to think a lot and the award goes to ...







~:EHMMBH Creation Gallery #4:~ (Page 60) 

 Hope you all enjoyed reading our edition.. Do show your support by making more posts , VMs, Siggies and Avis..

Here I would like to Thank and give credit to the Media Gallery , Creation gallery and Picture Gallery ,
without your support this wouldn't have been possible.
All the winning siggies are made by Komal and Maria... Full credits to them..

 All the above winning awards were given to those whose links
 are there in the galleries only, so make sure to give in your links there

 Last but not the least, We thank the members who made this edition possible. Thanks and enjoy reading.


 Komal, Maria, Naila, Reya and Sangs.

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Enjoy the NL..

Thanks to all who have contributed to this NL.. I really appreciate it.. 

Thanks a lot to my partners. Love working with you guys.. Hug

We really thank you all for the tremendous support you have been giving throughout..Hope you guys have a great time reading the edition! Please leave your comments, criticism, suggestions! 

Congrats to all the winners... Keep up the good job guys..Clap


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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged

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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Welcome EHMMBH DT! Embarrassed Congrats to all of you for being promoted! Thank you so much for all the time and effort and hard work you put to make this forum work smoothly and become a memorable one for everyone! <333 We are blessed to have such amazing people as DT! This edition aap sabke naaam! Here's a special edition for you guys, hope you and others like it! <333

Sangs the edition looks great, loved it as always! <3 

Congrats to all the winners!Big smile


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Hawa-Hawaii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Welcome...DT...of EHMMBH...

How much i have seen...they all are very sweet...and cooperative...hope to hv a rocking forum...with their support...!!!

and all the people who hv put their hardwork ...and creativity in this newsletter...AWESOME...!!!!

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explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Congratulations the new DT !!!
Welcome and hope u enjoy here and love it dil se !
As for the NL superb like always !!
Keep up the fab work .. Congratulations to the winners too !

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