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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

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They say that "the mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent".The irony of the situation lies in the fact that Induji succeeded in raising a fine son —–who is strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid——one who is proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory—–the very independence that Induji nurtured was what caused her son to hurt and defy her on the day of his wedding. I feel that Induji's hurt and disappointment at her Monu's defiance by marrying a widow with two kids , was expressed in the form of controlled rage directed at and vented on Megha and her family, especially Vedji——spurred on by Renu's snide remarks of course . Knowing his mother well, Mohan's actions stemmed from the belief that "the heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness." —–hence his reassurance to the apprehensive Vyas family that his mother would eventually forgive him and accept his decision. Apart from the Indu-Renu drama , the Meghan wedding seemed like a dream come true with glimpses of Monu-isms, which have so endeared him to us . I loved Guru's gesture of handing over the house keys to Megha, and suggesting that she cherish them as they symbolize his friend/brother Mohan's heart—-accompanied by a request to make their house into a home filled with joy and love. Megha's pledge to put in her sincere efforts to take care of Mohan Bhatnagar seemed to have convinced not only Guru but Monu as well , as he seemed as proud as a peacock with his new family . Jiji's quip about Ranbir Kapoor and Mohan's retort was amusing , and served to distract Megha from her typical "Dukhi Dulhan" mood , if only for a fraction of time . Addu still seemed sullen and I was wondering how Monu found his shoes which Addu had trashed—-but I'm happy with the Meghan marriage , so I won't delve into the nitti-gritties —– All in all , the photo of Mr. and Mrs. Mohan Bhatnagar walking hand in hand as a family, towards their new home and a new life , was a picture perfect Kodak moment for me ! I do hope Meghan get some Ridz/Renu/Indu-less time for themselves for a few episodes at least as I'd love to see Majnu Monu wooing his new bride and some sizzling romance , before all the twists and turns in the track start Looking forward to Mon(u)day, and the beginning of Mr. n Mrs. Bhatnagar's marital life. From my side I'd like to say " Shaadi Mubarak" and all the best !

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Akanksha Singh who has been getting high
popularity by playing the role of Megha in
the show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch
Kaha on Colors.
Now the buzz is that she is unhappy
because of her new look in the show.
In the recent episodes, Megha has been
dressing up beautifully as she is finally
getting married to Mohan (Kunal Karan
Akanksha Singh has been using heavy
costumes for the last ten days. She is now
feeling uncomfortable with her new
wedding avatar. She is badly missing her
simple cotton saree.
Earlier she used to get ready in 45 minutes
but now she takes two and a half hours to
get ready.
Megha is now a married woman. So now,
she will wear colourful clothes and
jewelleries. But Akanksha Singh wants to
keep herself as simple as possible instead
of having to do lot of make up.
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Mrs. Megha Vyas and Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar
have finally turned into as Mr. and Mrs.
Bhatnagar in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch
Kaha on Colors.
Mohan and Megha's first meeting
happened with a fight. Mohan's crazy
nature always made Megha upset.
As the time passed, Megha realized that
Mohan is a good person who is always
ready to help her.
Later, Mohan and Megha fell in love with
each other.
After facing a lot of ups and down, they
finally got together as a married couple
after taking wedding oath.
Mohan and Mohan are now ready to start
their married life. Their marriage life may
be filled with lot of happiness, but not
certain yet.
Megha's daughter Nanhi loves Mohan very
much but her son Addu hates Mohan.
Besides Addu, Megha loves to be
disciplined and hygienic while Mohan is
completely opposite to her in these things.
Let's see what's going to come after Mohan
and Megha's married life. 
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10 Reasons why we love Akanksha Singh!


We know and love Akanksha Singh as Megha Vyas, nee, Bhatnagar in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. Her birthday is on 30th July, and as a gift for this Leo, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why we adore this beauty. After all, love is the best gift, isn't it?



1. She is one of the youngest stars on TV today

All of 22, Akanksha Singh ranks as one of the youngest leading ladies on television today. And the freshness she brings to the screen is unparalleled.


2.She is a simple girl who made it big

Akanksha Singh was not brought up in the big bad city of Mumbai. She is raised in Jaipur, the Pink City and came to Mumbai to follow her dreams. She had a very non-starry upbringing, and she has still held on to her roots.


3. She has a strong acting background.

Akanksha Singh is definitely in the glamour industry, but she has what it takes in the acting department too. Akanksha has acted in over 15 plays in her hometown before she forayed into the television industry. And this theatre experience shows in the way she emotes as Megha.


4. Akanksha can handle a challenge

While most actresses her age are playing young girls in love or negative characters, Akanksha chose to chart new territories by playing a widowed mother of two. Talk about being different! And not only has she chosen a challenging role, she has balanced it very well on her delicate shoulders. And all her fans' love is testimony to that fact.


5. She won an award for her first show!

Akanksha Singh, withing months of being in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, won her first award at the Indian Telly Awards. She bagged the "Fresh New Face of 2012" award as an acknowledgement of the novelty that she brought to the small screen, and we couldn't agree more.Click here to see Megha's winning moment and her reaction to the award! 


6. She has great chemistry with her co-star

With Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha being an unconventional love story, chemistry becomes the most important thing. And Akanksha's chemistry with her co-star Kunal Karan Kapoor, who plays Mohan, is oh-so-lovely. This duo has made talking through their eyes come back in vogue and are experts at making out hearts skip a beat. Did we mention that we love the mix of old world charm and mischief that this couple brings to the screen.


7. Akanksha is not just an actress

We've heard stories of actors giving up books and lectures for the warpaint and the camera, but Akanksha is different. This young lady is not just a great actress, but she's also on her way to becoming a physiotherapist certified by Rajasthan University. And despite her crazy schedules, she is in no mood to give up her studies. She balances her work and studies, gives her exams on time and also practices the art on her co-stars! Did we hear you say 'multitasker'?


8. Akanksha has set her limits

We don't mean limits in terms of her ambition, because well, sky is the limit. What Akanksha means is that she will not get too intimate on screen just because the script demands it. She has been a part of many lovely on screen moments with Mohan aka Kunal, but she is not very open to being lovey dovey on screen for hype's sake. A welcome change from all the actresses who claim that they'll do anything if the script demands it, don't you think?


9. She looks lovely in a saree

We're used to seeing our leading ladies in sarees, but none like Akanksha Singh. She makes the simplest of cotton sarees look beautiful and her 'no accessories' look works wonders. What's more, Akanksha loves these simple cotton sarees in real life too. Now that she's married on screen, we do wish to see her a little more dolled up, but have no issues if she continues with her simplicity too.


10. She is on great terms with her on screen children

A child's best friend is its mother, but in the case of the cast of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, that is true of on screen relations as well. Akanksha is on very good terms with both her on screen children Ashnoor, who plays Nanhi and Vishesh, who plays Addu in the show. If you visit the sets, you'll find them in each others' company between takes, playing and having a good time together. We love the fact that Akanksha has extended her on screen role to real life, and found herself young friends for life.

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The episode that was supposed to be
the fresh new beginning of the happy
life of the Bhatnagars, turned out to
be the stale continuation of the
humiliation and insult of Megha
Bhatnagar and her kids. I was
surprised to see Induji waiting for the
family back at Mohan's home—
brooding and fuming , albeit from
hurt at her son's exclusion of his
mother from the most important day
in his life—–his wedding ! It seemed
as if her anger was also prompted by
concerns about how she would break
the news to Monu's (unconcerned)
Dad , and she was sitting there just to
spew venomous words at an already
sad Megha ——a new bride having to
shed incessant tears the moment she
enters her new home , with her MIL
dousing her with a barrage of
accusations instead of Aarti , that too
in front of her new hubby and lil kids
—- was too depressing for me. I
thought that the way Induji pushed
the kids aside was really mean and
small hearted of her , and shudder to
think of the feeling of rejection and
psychological trauma the kids might
be going through —-and I can't find
any justification in behaving this way
with little kids .
Even though Monu made an effort to
pacify his mother, and managed to
extract a promise from her to visit
the next day and complete the
remaining marriage rituals —– I was
expecting Monu to jump to Megha's
defense and make an effort to stop
his mom also inside the house, so his
"mute bystander " stance puzzled me.
Is this the same Majnu Monu who
couldn't bear to see tears in Megha's
eyes ?
I was almost puking at the " Mahan
Monu vs "Magnanimous Ridz" mutual
admiration society and shocked to
find out that Mohan really has
committed bigamy knowingly,
contrary to my previous optimism.
The hero of the day was definitely
Guru —-the way he tried to welcome
Megha and tried to make her feel at
home by assuaging some of her
apprehensions like a true friend and
brother ( more like taking the role of
the missing MIL in this case) was
really heartwarming prompting me to
say "Guru tussi great ho " ! All in all a
disappointing episode , and even my
optimism can't seem to be helping
me to push aside the feeling that
there's more heart break in store for
Megha this week —which started with
Induji's acusations and will continue
with Monu's confession methinks !
Author – Tazeen Siddiqui
Telly Tadka
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Okay, so I haven't been travelling of late.
Which means I am on a totally different trip
these days. I am couch potato. And, I have
discovered Channel Surfing! And that is why
I am here writing this time on Tellyland.
{read more}
And that is why I know that there are 12000
hits on TV actor Kunal Karan Kapoor's FB
page which perhaps cannot compare with
the 1,00,000 plus hits on Barun Sobti's and
yet herald the arrival of a small screen icon.
And why do I care? Because travel is as
much about people watching and I am
currently totally intrigued by these two
actors–very diverse, currently essaying male
leads in two very different Indian soaps.
I stumble upon Sobti thanks to a visiting
friend from Singapore. A highly intelligent,
vibrant woman well on the other side of
Forty (which is the new Thirty remember) I
see her transform into a slobbering idiot
right before my eyes as she speaks
animatedly about her latest obsession, a
Star TV soap called Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam
Doon and the dishy lead Barun Sobti. So
my wonderfully intellectual friend is now a
part of online forums gushing, writing
paeans and being a "Fan Girl" as they all
call themselves.
Kunal Karan Kapoor, or KKK to his phanka
girls, is part of an unusual love story
between a young widow and a bachelor,
Naa Bole Tum Naa maine Kuch Kaha on
Colors. A very simple story told and
enacted well with some great humor and
good music has catapulted this young actor
into "hero" bracket with swooning,
mooning, adoring adulation.
While Sobti sometimes goes shirtless in his
show to generate mass hypertension,
Kapoor accelerates heartbeats with his
tapori language and smiling eyes. And it is
totally amazing how both work equal magic
with the Fan Girls! So is there an entire
segment of viewers out there who are
evolving beyond saas-bahu? There seems a
huge online community happening that
does not reflect in the draconian TRP
ratings—probably NRIs who largely catch
the show after it's uploaded onto the
internet. These are the ones that compelled
BBC Radio Asian Network's Noreen Khan to
do not one but two interviews with Sobti!
Apparently because Fan Girls went suicidal
after Sobti has gotten a Bollywood offer
(But of course). They feared he may dump
the soap box and hence deprive them of
their daily fix!
Very interestingly, KKK's girls went on a
rampage recently because they feel his
Creatives are turning his show into a "Saas-
Bahu" saga of sorts! There are huge
protests online on the steady "Ekta-
fication" of this cute, funny-bunny show.
The fan girls will not take it lying down and
they have claws! I couldn't stop cracking up
when they decided to name the new writer-
director of the show "dappu-
jhappu" (allegedly for ruining it)
Kunal's acting poweress has been inspiring
blogs and essays from published writers.
Well, yes. Yes! Women, of course. But
women with intellect, I must stress. My
friend from Singapore, who stands a
slobbering wasted woman today, is a highly
intelligent human being turned to jelly, do
not forget .
It is no longer de rigeur to be pretending
that you do not watch Indian soaps in fact
confessing crazy emotions for the men in
the supposedly women dominated serials is
totally acceptable!
Of course television has immense hold and
power. Isn't that why every Bollywood star
is out there figuring out their own show?
Every filmmaker is using these very serials
to promote their new releases? And, every
brand trying to integrate their product into
the content?
It is heartening to see a new breed of
actors. Good looking, hardworking and
street smart. It is even more delightful to
see evolving audience who not only adore--
they analyze, criticize and are well armed
with information. It's been a long journey
since the Hum Log days for Indian
Television. I am happy I hopped on for the
ride lately to experience part of it.
I will leave Sobti to Singapore friend and
maybe settle for KKK. He defines himself as
traveler and actor! A man after my own
Posted by Ritu Agarwal Rohatgi
Tags: TV, TRP, Naa Bole Tum Naa Maine
Kuch Kaha, Kunal Karan Kapoor, Iss Pyar
Ko Kya Naam Doon
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Anandi and Phooli

Technically their relation is of a master and servant but they have transcended that point and have a cultivated a friendship that is fun yet honest. Guru doesn't think twice before lecturing Mohan if he thinks he's wrong. On the other hand, Mohan values Guru more than anybody and why not, when Guru played such a big role in getting Mohan and Megha together. 

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