*A Special Bday Thread 4 A Very Special Person!

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                                      (was @MidnightSkyXx)

         H.a.p.p.y B.i.r.t.h.d.a.y D.r.a.s.h.t.i 

Finally da countdown has cum 2 an end it's DD's bday :) !!! 
On da 10th of Jan da most gifted princess was born Drashti Dhami :)Eeeks get ready 2 party all DD fanz :P we love yah sooo much DD and just wish from da bottom of my heart u enjoy ur Bday 2 da fullest xx I'm proud of myself for being da fan of the MOST Gorgeous and Talented actress on Indian TV ever <33 

Wish you a very happy birthday Drashti , may god bless yah and fulfill your life with happiness...May all your dreams and wishes come true...I wish that you get everything you ever wanted and may you also reach extensive heights of success...Hope this day brings lots of love, surprises, happiness, peace and joy in your life...May god bless yah with with happiness and good health :)
Teehee really don't knw wht else 2 say I'm feeling so blank right now * Taps Brain * still nothing x Eeeks I think I got something :)

Drashti u r truly and amazing person :) loved yah since DMG da only reason I ever watched Geet was cause u were in it and gosh ur sooo amazingly talented u played da Geet role beautifully :P I just love yah I can say dat all day long <33 you make us admire yah more and more everyday :) ur da best actress out their and I admire u 4 who u r x their is no one like u in da tellybuzz industry just love yah DD and I hope yah cum back very soon on telly as all ur fans r missing yah deeply :) x !!

1 thing I adore bout yah actually their r many but I can't say em all otherwise this message will be like 10000 pages long :D x I just adore yah bubbly personality :) u just get along with anyone in minutes and people just love yah DD hope yah never ever change :) love u just da way u r <33 u r sooo gawgus DD yah have all yah fans drooling over yah :P x You have reached sooo far in ur career dat I'm amazed and may u keep up da hardworking throughout yah life :) x 

Another thing I love r yah dimples I always had this urge to poke yah dimples lol I honestly do not have words to describe the wonderfulness, greatness, niceness and fantastic talent of a person like you.. drashti darling you are simply just the best :)  cute whn yah smile :) x just feel like coming their and giving yah a great big hug and I hope just once in my lifetime I can cum and meet yah :) u already made my dream cum true my tweeting me which had me shaken I was like literally hyperventing and a cherry on top yah said Love u <33 dat had me smiling all day :) hanks 4 tweeting us DD my friends were also very happi we couldn't stop talking bout it xx

Eeeks I just luv ur expression DD u have da most expressive face I just love yah <33 u make such cute faces and everything I swear whn yah make them cute faces I just feel like cumin and pulling yah cheeks ur da Queen of expressions :P Whn yah smile we smile whn yah cry we cry DD ur such a fantastic actress I hope u go further in yah life and achieve a lot more success thn u already have :) u truly deserve it DD ur such a hardworking person and ur da most dedicated person I have ever met :)

You are and will always be my fave actress in da world <33 Also u r my idol and my fashion Icon u have a great sense of fashion DD and I just love da way yah dress up u have da most cutest clothes even in da most casual clothes yah still looking gawgus <33 I luv da way dat ur not afraid 2 be urself u just let yah self go and have fun :) ur sooo bubbly DD and dats da greatest thing dat I luv bout yah Drashti :) u make cute jowkes u laugh funni u don't care wht people think bout yah !! The way u portray each and every emotions just makes me wonder that how can someone be so PERFECT. Undoubtedly, you're the best actress in television industry. 

Thank u 4 cuming in our lives and giving us Muskaan chadda and Geet Handa 2 amazing roles dat u played I just loved yah as Muski cause I'm just like dat character I'm wild and I just fight all da time with my friends and famo * Ennit Jaaanu * while Geet on da other hand was da opposite of Muskaan but u played both da roles perfectly I loved yah in Geet whn yah always talked 2 yah Babaji I used 2 always smile at ur innocence :) ur just truly Amazing DD <33

Your just Amazing ur my Idol I love da way yah dress and oh yah I adore yah lauf it's sooo unique bless yah <3 ur sooo pretty and ur just a natural beauty and ur curly locks r gawgus I always dreamt of having yah curly locks so everyday I'm like curling my hair it will be full moon whn my hair is straight x  Everything I have said sooo far seems so small I just can't put in words how much I adore yah DD <3  Thank u 4 everything u have done ur an Amazing role model 4 all ur fans :) you have taught us many Amazing things and inspired us we truly love yah from da bottom of our hearts <33 

Oh and DD always keep smiling as ur fanz love yah smile u can brighten up anyone's day with dat smile of ur's :) ur just amazing and I wish u get da best projects in yah life and yah always be happi x no one can be compared 2 yah DD ur just awesome <33 Also on yah Bday eat lots of cake bless yah DD :P Just love yah off screen pics DD ur sooo umuahhh u look cute in every pic I swear I always get stunned their is not 1 pic dat u don't look gawgus in <33 may I knw ur beauty tip DD  ur just amazing and may yah go very far in ur life :) x

You are special to me and will always remain so Angel :) Will always have yah back no matter wht decision yah make cuz we love you for who you are and we know you will always make your fans proud in everything you do 
Love you hamesha and forever DD <33

Ur just amazing DD ur just a cute package ;) ur beautiful , gawgus and pretty :) u look dashing in everything yah wear especially white u just look like an Angel whn ur in white :P x You are beyond perfection...You are so sweet I don't knw wht else 2 say about yah ur just amazing I bet wht I just said everything is still nothing compared 2 how much I adore yah DD ;) 

Also gonna add in da 2nd time yah tweeted me :) it was like 11ish in da morning I was just roaming on twitter :) whn I saw ur tweet 2 me I literally jumped DD and with dat landed on da floor  with my face meeting da floor  I was sooo excited dat it didn't even hurt  I have saved all ur tweets 2 me in my favourites will treasure em 4 ever DD <33 Thank u sooo much once again 4 tweeting back it's actually makes us ur fanz sooo happi 2 see tweeting back 2 us ur just amazing :) Luv u Angel <33 x 

Have a blast and enjoy ur day DD :P Always keep smiling Drashti  because we want to see your beautiful smile on your face always :)We all love you Drashti  because you are perfection and there is no one like you in this world :) Keep smiling , always be happi and yah hope yah never forget us da crazzi gyals dat always tweet u like mad :)Oh and yah  will and will always luv yah DD u just rock !! Happi Bday once again !! 

                                           - Luv Sanzy
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Happy birthdayy to the one and only princess of tellywood...Drashti dhami<3 eeeks I hope you have a wonderful day and have a rocking b'day I just wished ur b'day was on geet sets like last year<3 I can still remember ur last b'day, it feels like it was almost yesterday wen you wer celebrating ur last b'day
I just luv yhew to bits<33 your such an amazing role model hair,looks,talent,style you've got everything that a girl dreams of having
you have the worlds best smile ever<3 whenever I'm down I just watch geet scenes and my frown instantly goes<3 that's the power of you DD you can change my mood from sad to happy in just a second the first time I saw you on TV was geet, yhh we didn't used to have star one on our tv set but GHSP was the first ever show I watched on the Internet ;D and omgg ur acting skills blew me away =P I remember one episode where you made me cry so much :) it was that scene where you wer narrating maaneets love story to maan who had memory loss, that day I cried buckets and that day I realised You are DEFFO the best actress on TV,you made people cry just by saying a few lines =') eeeks I love ur dancing<3 whenever I see that DD'z gunna dance I jump up and down cuz I'm soo excited to see ur Dance :) I swear if they put you in a dancing show you would SO win first place ;D 
and OMGGG the dayy you replied to my tweet on twitter I almost DIED! I mean 'THE DRASHTI DHAMI' Aka 'GEET KHURANA' replied to ME on twitter It was like a dream come truee<33 eeeks that day was the best day everr, you made 2011 the best year cuz you replied and retweeted me :D ahaa that day me and my girls went crazyy screaming,dancing,fainting loool we couldn't believe that you tweeted us ;P <3 aaah I cnt wait to see you back on tv<3 I soo hope they make a geet season 2 =) ur fans will be the happiest people on earth if that happens :P
May god bless you with success and happiness in whatever you do<3
All the Bestt for yr future projects drashti ,luv yhew loadss & loadss and once again 

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!
                                       Luv Sara
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Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Drashti
Happy birthday to yoouuu 
 Well well well looks like it's a very special day today, it's my favourite actress/role model/idol/ heroine's birthday today!!!
Firstlyyy I would like to say that I pray you have a wonderful day and God blesses you with happiness, success and with everything/anything you desire & that you have many many more birthdays to come Embarrassed
I first got to see you as Geet in june 2010 (the episode before kurbaan hua to be preciseTongueLOL) and from that day onwards I NEVER stopped watching your show. I love you so much Drashti on a serious note I think you are the best actress of all time!!!
Apart from your phenomenal acting skills I letter l smileyletter o smileyletter v smileyletter e smileyeverything about you, from your smile to your bubbly and joyous personality, you're just full of life and vitality I think it's impossible for anyone to not love youEmbarrassed 
I think the best and most cherished memory I have regarding you is when you first replied tome and my best friends/sisters/kameenians on the 22nd of december, just a few weeks ago. I had discovered your twitter a long time back & would tweet you occasionally but only when I realised none of my tweets actually got through to you [LOL] I made some changes and *voila* they managed to get through and just in a matter of hours I got my replyStar and BOY DID I HAVE A HEART ATTACK!!!!LOL I'm not even gonna lie my hands started shaking like a lunatic I couldnt even type I was trembling with joy, shock, excitement and was going mad (like this-->SillyROFL)
I then got another reply from you a while after and the following morning I got another one where you said to me you love us (my kameenians and I) and it was one of the happiest days of my life! *tears of joy tricke down* LOLTongue
Also on the 8th of january 2012 you retweeted me and again I was over the seems so unreal that YOU, , like rainbowed smiley*THE DRASHTI DHAMI*rainbowed smiley is actually communicating to ME *faints* LOL
I pray that you come back onscreen in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi Season 2! I don't even have to tell you how much your fans want you back on there with Gurmeet as Maan, Geet wasn't just a show for us it was actually part of our very lives and we have a very deep emotional attachment to the show and to the actors/actresses that are a part of it Smile (a.k.a  YOU YOU AND YOU ..and gurmeet of course but also Y-O-U =P ROFL Embarrassed)
I have made such amazing friends that I call my sisters (the other crazy ((but lovely:P)) girls that have written their messages for you in this thread Heart We all love you with all our hearts and it's coz of you and your show we got this close <3 :') I would have never joined India forums if it wasn't for Geet<3
Alsooo...I wish wish wish wish I could come and meet you one day! It was my dream to come and meet you in geet sets when I am older but coz geet ended I thought my dream could never come true but there's always hope for season 2 Wink...perhaps my dream can be fulfiled after all WinkLOLEmbarrassed
I remember your birthday a year ago and how you said you wanted geet to go on for another four more birthdays of yours...hopefully in season 2 your wish can come true Smile *fingers crossed*
I think that's all I have to say for now Embarrassed, I've been going on a lot LOL, could say so much more LOL...but yeah May God bless you, and I wish you all the best for the future
Mwah Heart
 heres some presents for you Tongue
(chocs for you coz I know how much you love them TongueLOL)
and CHOCO cake for you as well WinkBig smile


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hiii Drashti
Happy Birthday
may god bless u with everything that u wish 4
i hope u have an amazing day
Drashti u r an awesome actress we love u sooo much
can't wait 2  c u bck on da screen
all da best 4 da present nd future

Wishing you all the great things in life,
 hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

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