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JiYa/ RitSu #12 ~ Satrangi Saathiya chk mod note pg30

.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Hotness to the Extreme... Can You Handle the Heat?
If so, then welcome to the Jay Piya fan club!
Constructive topics only related to JiYa please.  Analyze their acting abilities, their chemistry, what you want to become of their love story, why you love them, etc.  Mention anything and everything about JiYa!  What's not allowed is saying that Abhay deserves Piya or that Abhay is better than Jay or anything along those lines.  If such words ever leave the tips of your fingers and enter this forum as a post, hmm well it won't be good for you.  Take this as a serious warning...
Otherwise, have fun here guys!LOL

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.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
Posts: 5899

Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Scene 1 (Jay Saves Piya): http://youtu.be/dBczW8XBDHA
Scene 2 (JiYa's First Meeting): http://youtu.be/HqV6afNaDBM
Scene 3 (Romeo and Juliet Play Rehersal): http://youtu.be/oYHzk2LeJZ4
Scene 4 (Piya Kisses Jay): http://youtu.be/vb4G9fYg5jo
Scene 5 (Jay Saves Piya at the Club): http://youtu.be/Dyc0_gWF9eQ
Scene 6 (Friendbook): http://youtu.be/R6jQyGib8Tc
Scene 7 (Volleyball): http://youtu.be/Ldl5w2Fg8ZM
Scene 8 (Volleyball Match): http://youtu.be/duUY9MlG078
Scene 9 (Tied Together): http://youtu.be/c9Tgt3K2lI0
Scene 10 (Blind Date): http://youtu.be/UUGP7UEXbj4
Scene 11 (Hospital After Neil's Accident): http://youtu.be/6r6cOQKjasw
Scene 12 (Hospital): http://youtu.be/AQ9sTHQoJRA
Scene 13 (Jay the Bartender): http://youtu.be/hhM-MZtf1ik
Scene 14 (JiYa Almost Kiss): http://youtu.be/Qu2T2c3nQkA
Scene 15 (Jay Saves Piya in the Jungle): http://youtu.be/PMkmqSTSv2g
Scene 16 (Jay Picks Guys for Piya's Date): http://youtu.be/45mBfc-pbjI
Scene 17 (Jay Admires Piya): http://youtu.be/7zkkhSOUhag
Scene 18 (Jay is Still Admiring Piya lol): http://youtu.be/dhUCYs_IJTo
Scene 19 (JiYa Bike Ride With Misha): http://youtu.be/HL6JIp9CMz8
Scene 20 (Jay's Search for Piya): http://youtu.be/m-2sZikLlvA
Scene 21 (JiYa's Bike Ride): http://youtu.be/KEkXENLG-g8
Scene 22 (Volleyball Match 2): http://youtu.be/9BFKTvF_bR4
Scene 23 (Jay Teases Piya About the Mud on her Face): http://youtu.be/9zA4NNOF7vs
Scene 24 (Arnab Sees JiYa Together): http://youtu.be/3rTLtjDPPrg
Scene 25 (Jay Tries to Find Piya): http://youtu.be/d0YutqTLeQE
Scene 26 (Jay Saves Piya, Cute Car Ride): http://youtu.be/h1TYv5jM0bs
Scene 27 (Jay Brings Piya Home and Defends her): http://youtu.be/ThM7xxPgvjE
Scene 28 (Jay Eavesdrops): http://youtu.be/MJ_6fvLSb3c
Scene 29 (Jay the Waiter): http://youtu.be/0t0se2XlQ3I
Scene 30 (Piya Gets the CD Back from Jay): http://youtu.be/NgCGjIEKcR8
Scene 31 (Dobrials vs Khuranas): http://youtu.be/EIX9zBrnrA8
Scene 32 (Jay Consoles Piya, The Start of a Beautiful Friendship): http://youtu.be/eArZmhtYv2w
Scene 33 (Jay Offers to Take Piya Home): http://youtu.be/0TYyQIlMoac
Scene 34 (Jay and Angelina Jolie's Love Story): http://youtu.be/UHBJlFx37iA
Scene 35 (JiYa vs. Abhay): http://youtu.be/eArZmhtYv2w
Scene 36 (Piya Will Cheer for Jay): http://youtu.be/PzO-sZDmvOc
Scene 37 (JiYa at T's Pre- Boxing Match Party): http://youtu.be/aGL5cfGY7EA
Scene 38 (JiYa See Abisha, Jay Comforts Piya): http://youtu.be/cxi6-f8a9aw
Scene 39 (Face Mask): http://youtu.be/ghWfDolOU8Y
Scene 40 (JiYa at the Boxing Match): http://youtu.be/dg_AOBDsky8
Scene 41 (Piya Cheering Jay as he Boxes): http://youtu.be/GQ5yuVBGei8
Scene 42 (Jay Attacks Abhay): http://youtu.be/psp8CCY1uSc
Scene 43 (JiYa Talk About Neelchi): http://youtu.be/yP20MUsGInA
Scene 44 (JiYa Car Scene): http://youtu.be/YKazxaqcuz8
Scene 45 (Dinner Table Scene): http://youtu.be/1Cb3DcEiQ1Q
Scene 47 (Neil and Jay's Game): http://youtu.be/s1U6FWGNcJU
Scene 48 (Jay Confronts Piya after Abhiya's Library Scene): http://youtu.be/X3BLJGpyVHM
Scene 49 (Jay and T fight): http://youtu.be/U39E9kQl7yE
Scene 50 (Meet me at Sunset Point): http://youtu.be/dL5PjqKJyX8
Scene 51 (Jay's Love Confession): http://youtu.be/xcUYLS6ETKU
Scene 52 (JiYa at Friendshi Day Party): http://youtu.be/tyfXeRyM-PE
Scene 53 (JiYa Car Scene): http://youtu.be/i6yPmG_wrRQ
Scene 54 (Jay Takes Care of Piya after her Accident): http://youtu.be/asItIud8h38
Scene 55 (Dobriyals, Khuranas, Raichands Dinner Scene): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9ThtfQ1Z6E&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
Scene 56 (Jay the Werewolf): http://youtu.be/vQX2kLnpqiA
Scene 58 (Making Sure Dippanita is Going to be Okay): http://youtu.be/vMEuHr6Hduc
JiYa Te Amo Dance: http://youtu.be/y8YOQYo0YfE
Jay is a Werewolf Promo: http://youtu.be/1c3P__jnqfA

.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
Posts: 5899

Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged

JiYa on Bad Romance: http://youtu.be/44PzEEMeGe0
JiYa on Brighter than Sunshine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6HZtR1bU3w
JiYa on Sunshine: http://youtu.be/N6HZtR1bU3w
JiYa on Phir Mohabbat (Murder 2): http://youtu.be/Qz8SiXiwUlc http://youtu.be/qOrHHUZ7H2Q 
JiYa on Thinking of You: http://youtu.be/DnFzKspzzag
JiYa on Dekhun Tujhe To Pyar Aaye: http://youtu.be/Aaj1qhoe8-0
JiYa on Battlefield: http://youtu.be/IKXO6BwaSyk
JiYa on Not in Love: http://youtu.be/Wzz2wrXNhY0
JiYa on unknown song : http://youtu.be/VcNk-mSXlJU
JiYa on Just a Dream: http://youtu.be/v2ZORZx7CFs
JiYa on Mehbooba: http://youtu.be/-1mrCPeOrFE
JiYa on Pehli Waar: http://youtu.be/OPDauSRlFnU
JiYa on Humko Humise Churalo: http://youtu.be/32P53j0GWf4
JiYa on Eye for an Eye: http://youtu.be/m9Eu7Isq0jo
JiYa on an unknown tune: http://youtu.be/EzV_v6Qccxo
JiYa in Fariyaad Kya Karein Hum collab (0:46- 0:57): http://youtu.be/M6dMwI7L06E
JiYa on Tum Meri Ho: http://youtu.be/t6K_yDiF0sQ
JiYa on You are the Sky: http://youtu.be/ipJTRWBwgR0
JiYa on Woh Pehli Baar: http://youtu.be/JpSzdsLeaSc
JiYa on O Meri Bebo: http://youtu.be/qk3aDbDch40
JiYa on Shaam Bhi Koi: http://youtu.be/iGlgKFsb4aU
JiYa on Chori Kiya Re Jiya: http://youtu.be/6b8yDGxRVqs
JiYa on Main Ishq Uska: http://youtu.be/EAEfgf1rDEo
JiYa on Om Mangalam: http://youtu.be/9qdGy659Pr0
JiYa on You and Me: http://youtu.be/jx7gpr9RiFU
JiYa on Tere Bina: http://youtu.be/DcFblyA_r70
JiYa on Kaho Naa Kaho: http://youtu.be/DY6_Qa5Ot9s
JiYa on Dil Mere Na: http://youtu.be/M2Ay84Vr6Q8
JiYa on Tere Liye: http://youtu.be/PXDFeTXAnC8
JiYa in Pyaar Impossible trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neKHj4fs0UM
JiYa in PKYEK Season 2 Trailer: http://youtu.be/91E-Qhef7r4
JiYa on multisongs: http://youtu.be/wEWnzY0ovg0
JiYa on Fall For You: http://youtu.be/DEMfu3VcXg4
JiYa on Chot Dil Pe Lagi: http://youtu.be/pbcR939K7h0
JiYa in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Trailer: http://youtu.be/2jsLDw52VzY
JiYa on Bahon Ke Dharmiya: http://youtu.be/P34TMjmrhZI
JiYa on Hale Dil: http://youtu.be/_xDwkmsPVAk
JiYa on Saathiya: http://youtu.be/0bzPta2eXSo
JiYa on Break Your Heart: http://youtu.be/5jr02mMA2ZQ
JiYa on Teri Meri: http://youtu.be/4qKXQWTS9NU
JiYa on Rab Main Toh http://youtu.be/6d1ZGfg5Mds
JiYa on Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein: http://youtu.be/j5syDNBN3r0
JiYa on Bin Tere: http://youtu.be/AEXbqIsLqMY
JiYa on You and Me: http://youtu.be/qM9FvFXvR2c
JiYa on Badmaash Dil: http://youtu.be/VnTFYsBVbjc
JiYa on O Meri Jaan: http://youtu.be/r6RQZPfsBd0
JiYa on Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai: http://youtu.be/G7Lc3pHnGZA
JiYa on Salaam Namaste: http://youtu.be/vAI2C5wpTmw
JiYa on Woh Pehli Baar: http://youtu.be/qNEULujCA24
JiYa on O Soniyo: http://youtu.be/GhB8DC5BlFY
JiYa on Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar: http://youtu.be/WT4zrzhY0Mo
JiYa on DMG tune, Phir Mohabbat, and Te Amo: http://youtu.be/I883BdbfKbk
JiYa on Dil Ibadat: http://youtu.be/wGrE2TdMCTY
JiYa on I Love You: http://youtu.be/4PZGAEWd2pQ
JiYa in Phir Mohabbat Collab: http://youtu.be/nTbmpJn_MZ0
JiYa on Teri Meri Prem Kahaani: http://youtu.be/wRwXnzCtuVQ
JiYa on Tum Jo Aaye: http://youtu.be/juCHlJj-BUQ
Jay Piya Abhay's Love Story: http://youtu.be/wyCwdCTSV_M
JiYa on Extraterrestrial: http://youtu.be/IE0iZHIzR-M
JiYa on Tujhko Jo Paaya: http://youtu.be/P4pDS2rdO1U

.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

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.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
reserved for information on RitSu
.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged

Important Pages to Visit on this Thread

.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Previous Threads

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.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

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Rithvik and Sukirti Videos and Articles

Rithvik's Audtition: http://youtu.be/FlKK-B8HHwA
Rithvik and Suyash: http://youtu.be/OB3IMewDEpw
Rithvik in Airtel Fifa Ad: http://youtu.be/auMm5tlKWyo
Rithvik in Vascon corporate film ad: http://youtu.be/SnGPG9-_SVU
Rithvik in Lays World Cup ad: http://youtu.be/TWTwOZi2ZD8
Rithvik in Jacquar Lights ad: http://youtu.be/z3E_DhCWb7g
Sukirti in Fai One Cream ad: http://youtu.be/Ot0BCTMfdHw
Panchi to Marry Jay: http://youtu.be/KiOLqJnGsfM
PKYEK's Friendship Day Party on SBS: http://youtu.be/F_up0CKkM2Q
Friendship Day with Rithvik, Suyash, Vishal, Angad on SBS: http://youtu.be/aWf8CduYuu4
Rithvik and Suyash Dil Sambhal Ja Zara "music video": http://youtu.be/OB3IMewDEpw
Piya's Life in Danger:
Rithvik in Idea Cellular ad: http://youtu.be/MSGLVZXwAc4

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