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ArHiliciousDroolers#13: HumTum IkChadarKe NeecheHo

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #13:  Hum Tum Ik Chadar Ke Neeche Ho...

Khushi and Minu comes. 

Minu: Where are these 2 nautankis. Shocked They have not even completed there homeworkAngry

Khushi: They must be doing there homework only, I will just come after making siggyBig smile

Minu: Thats amazing idea KhushiHug I knw them they would have been fighting with each other at some corner.Sleepy

Shine and Fairy enters with few papers in there hands.Geek

Fairy: Did u thought of any excuseStern Smile

Shine: I am already working on it see we have used 99 excuses out of my 350 lame excuses book. This time we need to make excuse for breaking Minu's fav Vase alsoErmm 

Minu approaches Fairy and Shine

Minu: where were...

Before Minu could say anything Fairy speaks up everything in nervousness

Fairy: We were in our rooms and were fighting who will make AVI on ArHi frst in that fight we broke ur fav vaseDisapproveCry

Before minu could say anything shine jumps

Shine: we were not fighting we were saying that Arnav was looking HOT at midnightEmbarrassed

Minu: Yeah thats so true he was looking killerHeart

Khushi comes after listening Arnav's name

Khushi: I knw I am still not able to make siggy on thm as ASR ws sooo HOT at midnight that I forget to make stuff on him and strts drooling himBlushing

Shine whispers to fairy: Lets run before they comes out of there droolingD'oh


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Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

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Sanju(--sunshine--)Silly Neetz(PurpleFairy)Geek , Khushi(khushix) Embarrassedand Minu(minuu)Cool

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The Gupta's come back to their house each of them aching  from the dance exertion but Buaji still stoutly maintains that she would have beaten Naniji and the dance teacher any given day.. soon the pleasant talks turn to gifts for the Bridegroom and Khushi sharply retorts that  One shud gift Fire extinguisher  to Arnav..soon the talks turn to Bidai and the normally gloomy Payal becomes even more gloomier and morose  ...Meanwhile  Akash is hankering to speak to  Payal but does not have enough nerve to call her ..Egged on by NK and  by the confident support of Arnav ..Akash calls up the Gupta House , Buaji answers .>A scared Akash  cuts the phone ...  After undergoing the same experience twice more..he looks askance at Arnav..Arnav calls up GH and asks to speak to Payal, hands the phone to Akash ..A sombre Payal comes , answers in monosyllables and runs away trying to control her tears ..An irked Khushi thinks that Arnav  has sent her jeeji into tears and chides him.. but finds a profusely apologizing Akash at the other end...Halting her tirade..Khushi tells  Akash to call on her Mobile ..

An Overly enthusiastic  NK offers to help Akash and  calls Khushi's mobile but both refuse to hand over the phone to the eagerly awaiting lovers and it takes Arnav to  come to the rescue of Akash...

AKash suddenly decides to meet Payal at her home and wish her at Midnight ..Nk and Akash  make lots of Plans which are quite ludicrous ...Akash seeks Anrav's help..Arnav refuses to come with him to GH...NK suddenly gets into his head that he wants to meet Khushi alone and tries to dissuade Akash from going to GH .. but a determined Akash decides to go .. he ends up at  Payal's house and there follows a series of mini disasters which   leaves the two lovers no other option other than placing an S.O.S to Arnav... Arnav is quite reluctant to go but he is informed that the elders are sleeping and Khushi has gone out to the neighbors and is not in the vicinity ..A relieved Arnav  rushes to Akash's aid.. Arnav manages to rescue Akash from his problem.. PAYASH decide to celebrate the new year  in a restaurant ..

While going towards his car, Arnav discovers that he has  misplaced his Mobile inside Payal's room...He goes into the house and begins to search for the mobile ..Just then Khushi who had been to the neighbors returns to the house ..closes the bedroom and gets ready to usher in the New year .. She holds onto the  Jalebi on one hand and gets ready by the switch ..Khushi begins the countdown [with her eyes closed]  while a resigned Arnav spots the Mobile lying  beneath her feet..he rushes to pick it up  [ to make an hasty exit ] and jerks up just when Khushi opens her eyes to greet the first year ...The first face she sees is that of ARNAV !!

Both look at each other for long seconds..The A shocked Khushi erupts  out  saying nineteen to dozen.. An exasperated Arnav finally closes her moth and states that he had come to help Akash and both Payal and Akash  have gone out ..A startled Khushi realizes  that her yelling will bring the house down and she calms herself but not before venting out all her  frustrations on Arnav ..  After few mins of calming down..Arnav decides to leve and moves towards the door when both Khushi and Arnav are stooped on their tracks by the knocking on the door.. They are further sent into tizzy when Buaji  wakes up and moves towards the door.. Buaji  opens the door and sees NK..

A flustered NK replies That he has come to wish them and also Khushi..A Panicked Khushi runs out to save the situation while Arnav begin to simmer on hearing NK's voice ..Khushi manages to handle the situation, calms everybody down , sends NK packing amicably , accepts his bouquet .. Finally the house retires..Khushi heaving a sigh comes back into the room..only to be confronted by Arnav who demands to know why NK was here and why was the bouquet given... Khushi is too keyed up to answer him properly ..A  put out Arnav decides to leave  inspite of hearing Buaji's voice..But Khushi mollifies him , tells him not to do anything hasty ..She pushes him on the bed, covers him with the blanket..opens the door  ... Buaji is standing outside with Razzai on hand.. she says she has come to cover Payal..Khushi replies that Payal has slept away..Buaji sees the truth of the statement  by the huge mound on the bed.. She tells Khushi to lie down too , so that she can cover her in quilt and shocked and embarrassed Khushi refuses to do so ..but is intimidated by Buaji's scowl and she reluctantly lies alongside Arnav ...

How hard it must be to try to hide a man in your room at new years' eve? Well, you should ask Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Already baffled by their midnight encounter, when Arnav was about to leave the house his NRI cousin NandKishore appeared on the door step to wish Khushi Happy New Year. This lead to a parallel humour-filled sequences as on one side Khushi tried her best to keep Arnav quiet and hidden in her room, while on the other side Buaji yapped in joy seeing her NandKishore in new years' eve in flesh. An indignant Arnav wanted to come out, not liking the plan of hiding but Khushi managed him by doing sit ups holding her ears. In the meanwhile, NK had the shock of his life as he imagined himself 'I do'ing with dear Buaji!

The scene doesn't stop here as Khushi is called outside and she creates all kind of situation to prevent them from going inside her room and seeing Arnav, blabbering continuously and doing sit ups in front of NK, Buaji & her mother as well. She almost pushes NK out of the house in her attempt to make things a bit easier. 

It gets completed as later on, she ends up pushing Arnav to her bed, to save them from Buaji's hawk eyes! In short, the whole of Friday's episode could be declared as the Funny Scene of this Week.

Joota scene of the week is after watching it we all are about to break our TV screens.
Joota scene of this week is a Shyamu scene in which he was trying to kill Anjali.
Shyam failed miserably in the plan of making Anjali weird infront of khushi, so he made another plan of killing Anjali.
He agreed to arrange lights near poolside to celebrate new year with Anjali. He then cut the wire n connected it to socket n dipped it to the pool.
Then he took anjali there n danced with her n slowly tried to push her into the pool. Fortunately Mamaji saved Anjali n his plan was flopped

Hi to all you beautiful, spectacular people out thereHug,
          This week was a huge filler of episodes where ArHi was concernedOuch, but we did get some ArHi screen space on thursday and friday. I won't exactly term them as 'Achari' cause they were more on the funny side, to tickle one's funny bonesROFL. The only Achari moment that happened was when Khushi is blabbering in a loud voice nonstopLOL and Arnav is worried the entire house would wake up and discover that Payal is missingD'oh. He moved forward and put his hand over Khushi's mouth silencing her... UFFF that was some good hot achari moment which Khushi returned later on in the show by keeping her hand over Arnav's mouthBlushing. I loved how she returned his gesture. Another development in their relationship that occured was when Khushi questioned Arnav about why he is the way he is?Ermm, why he doesn't believe in love?Approve... That was finally something meaningful between ArHi. I hope the CVs dwell on it, and Khushi gets to know about Arnav's past. I really want to see the story moving forward cause its being a huge drag theseSleepy days with ArHi moving forward and then coming back to square oneThumbs Down. The real Achari moment will be coming up next week with Khushi starting the first night of the new year lying next to Arnav for a few minutes...heheheBlushing... Lets see how the next week progresses.
                               And this is MahiHeart signing off...See ya next week my jaanu-est pals!!

Hi fellow droolers! Hug

Awww! This week was not a gr8 one...Thursday and Friday episodes were the saving grace... This week started and continued 2 survive till mid-week on fillers...
Everybody in Raizada and Gupta houses are thinking,talking,planning, flaring on "raat ke bhaara baje"...nothing else!
Akash planning to meet Payal, Buaji interrupting, Akash n chair ki love storyLOL LOL..the entire thing was stretched...and stretched...and stretched!
NK disturbing with Chips packet first was cute...further it was filler!
And how can I forget Shyam and fantabulous plan...swaying..and swaying...oops! interruption...
Again...swaying...swaying...oops! plain failed!

Looking forward to the next week..Hope it will be an eventful one

Sharmi Big smile

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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hello everyone, me back again to trouble u all with my bhak bhakLOL im d hppiest person cz this week ive got many persons as d best character!!! nd this tym ive selected them with no confusionWink so before cumin to my topic i would like to thnk cv's for bringing back d charm of our show!! luv u cv's u rock!! ClapClapClapso presenting the best characters of d week is none other thn...

i think u all must be agreeing with me cz best character deserves for d ones who has entertained us a lot! nd im very hppy dat its d first tym bua nd payaash is cumin on d BC list!! payaash too entertained us a lot but in indirect ways! i'll explain everything on detial! cuming on with d first person!
1. Arnav: we alwys say that blood is thicker thn water! that hppened here for his bro aranv is ready to face any risks, say meeting khushi or anything other thn that!! if though he is nt at all ready to go he went to GH to help his brother!! nd when akash wore d pajama nd asked do i look gud, he said yes for nt to let his confidence go downLOL [akash defo looked like a joker]! eventhough he made fun of khushi by tellin u dont have brains he was agreeing to wateva she was telling!! she told him to shut up, he agreed, she pushed him on d bed by mistake nd covered him with blanket he didnt tell anything juz followed wat she said! he is more courageous thn akash cz he was ready to tell everything to bua when she was abt to come to khushi's room! so well done arnav! awesme acting nd expressions barun!! ur d bestSmileWink
2.Khushi: she's nt like other sister's she supports nd loves her sister alot! she decided to welcome new year by seeing her sister's face but ended up seeing aranavLOL[u dont have to regret khushi, ur choice was superb]! she makes arnav understand dat hw precious is love but he cant understand! she is ready to tell sorry to arnav to make him agree to wateva she says! eventhough she wants to get NK out of d house i luvd d part where she asked NK -''y do u call arnav as nanav''! dat showed a concern twrds arnav! brilliant acting sanaya!
3.Payal nd Akash; oh god im so hppy dat payal finally agreed on goin out with akash!! it really takes tym for this girl to agree on such things! nd i appreciate akash for goin to GH alone!! he was really funny nd at tough situation he was discussing his childhood experience with his bro!
4.Bua nd NK; i juz have to say they r best jodi after arhi!LOL they tried their level best to entertain us! bua is hppy cz after snake she has got such a cute BF, nk! she was hppy seeing NK  at midnite! she should actually get angry but i guess she was only lost in NK! nd nk hw sweet of u for bringing d roses which buaji liked!! nd bua its simply cz of u dat we got arhi on d same blanket!! thnx bua!

                             cumin to NK i thnk u for cumin late nd nt spoiling d convo b/w arhi! eventhough u saw bua u tried to control ur anger by talkin sweetly with bua!!! karan ur an awesme actor! after barun ur d second rockstar of tellywood!! keep up d gud work!
so dat's it for this week! i hope my decision wasnt bad!! hope u like it!! enjoy ur weekends! see u next week!


The most irritating character of the week is one at whose sight we get annoyed. This week It was Payal because of many alternate reasons.  The girl really needs a boost of confidence. The main reason because of which the PaYash couple lacks any sort of spark is because of Payal's attitude. She doesn't talk to Akash but half the time is roaming around with a gloomy expression on her face. If I got a guy like Akash, I would never let their be any sort of silence in the atmosphere but the girl just refuses to talk properly.

Furthermore, it's really disheartening to see her as a simple doormat. There are no expressions, no personality. The CVs really need to work on her character a little bit. Agreed that she is of shown to be an introvert but not talking to your fiance? That is a little gloomy.  Same goes for Akash. Both need to work on their relationship.  That's it for this week. Adios!

This week funniest character of the week goes to none another than bua's only love NandKishor. There are no surprises that he made us laugh this week
>> When he was irritating ASR with his chips crackling voice the expressions of him and ASR were like heaven
>>NK making plans for Akash which were fail according to ASR made the scene hillarious
>> NK and his Jet lagging was just out of the worldROFL
NOT TO FORGET his broken english and people correcting him makes everything awesomeROFL

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi guys!!! Im back once again for costume of the week!! This week i decided to step away from my arnie obsession and look at someone else (even though it was very hard!) who can fit in the shoes for costume of the week! So this week we have the one and only Nandkishore! Our very own NK!

Even though his hindi isn't perfect..the man does dress well!

So Costume of the week goes tooo hai re "NANDKISHORE" and with a bonus we even get to see our arnie hehehehhe...u know i had to have a pic of him in here LOL!

So that was it for this week guys!! Hope you had fun!! Until next time this is Hershi signing offf!!!


two star crossed people.. NYE.. under the same roof..within 5 cms of each other.. dark and lonely.. rabba ve.. what more can you ask for? oh yeah! a star on top like the icing on the cake.. WinkLOL

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Wohooo!!!it has been a great last day of the week for all of all the frustrations and gussa for dragging with chillar scenes throughout the week has vapourised..hehe im sure that's the case with everyone..


Okay seriously i was so pissed of this week's episodes that was in no mood for nevertheless duty is beauty Winkso im back..


Hmm i found so many scenes dragging, like the makers made it obvious they wanted the week to move so slow, unnecessary things were shown that could be skipped, like Arnav knew(he remembers through FB) where he dropped his cell phone, but still he starts searching for it on the other end of the bed..of course till the Khushi arrives there and he happens to come face to face with her..though i don't regret this of course but dragging could've been avoided..we all know Arnav is a straightforward, no time-wasting kind of person, that's why im saying this..okay how come no one notices him sneaking into the Gupta house to fetch his phone??esp at that hour of the night??hmmm


Anyways im so filled with rabba ve,and all the more excited for the next week..have a great week end ahead..Big smile


Hamare Rashtria Bhasa Mein: Hindi Tongue

Aapne chahey hamara cherah dekhliya, lekin humne toh aapka cherah dekha tha, Aur Kya kaha tha Aapne huh.. "What The... mein toh tumhare samne aane se raha, lekin tum, to tum jaroor mere samne aaogi." Ab kaun aaya kiske saamne? Aap galat waqt, galat jaghe par pahuche ho Mr. Raizada... hamara naya saal barbaad karne ke liye.. Aap jante hain kitna dara ke rakha tha hame? aaj din bhar ghar ke bahar kadam nahi rakh pai, taaki aap na dikhe, lekin hame kya pata tha, ghoom fir ke aap hi mere saamne aajaenge.

Special Enghlishhh Service: English LOL 

You saw my face ok, but i saw ur face, and remember what u had told? "What the.. I will not come in front of u.. But u, u will definitely come in front of my sight." Now who has come in who's sight? U have come at the wrong time and place Mr. spoil my new year u know, how much u scared me, I didn't keep my foot out of the house thinking that i will see u, But what i knew, that u will come in front of my sight..


I love the Nok-Jhok of ArHi, their Nok-Jhok too has a lot of Chemistry.. Last week i loved ASR's dialogue and now i am fidaa over the long long long bhashan by KKG Stern Smile ROFL Anyway, thanks for reading this part and encouraging me.. Means a lot.. Thank u Hug

Pride and Glory
"Why Do I Feel This Way ? Solitude and Shattered"

Too much work in the day, Too many nights alone
Too much time in my house, And still not at home,
 Surrounded by people, Yet no friends can be found
Surrounded by noise , Yet I hear not a sound,
I'm mere like a dead spirit who amble in his shadows
Even if air flies away through my Body, i feel nothing
My emotions are like the movements of a willow
Not hesitant to be swiftly changing,
But somehow prisoner to the hands of new seasons
I cannot take another midnight
Of being bitten by the unbearable chills,
Even I awake in the Spring Dawn, my Heart feels 
As I'm still existing in the valleys of Darkness,
Solitude, Wrapped in Chains, drifting in miserable thoughts,
The past Of my Life makes me astonished, chaotic
As every door Of my life seems shut eternally,
How can I feel the essence of Love ? 
How can I trust On this World again ?
How can I find someone who cares of me ? 
No breathe can make me Inhale,
As the congestion in my Heart never seems to set free,
If i don't roll tears on my Eyes; If i don't boast the familiarity
Is this the meaning of being Overlooked from Everyone ? 
Walking On such a lonely roads since times,
This desolate path leads to nowhere
Constantly questioning, second guessing,
Is there someone who'll open my Doors Of New World ?
Is there someone who'll take a glance inside me crushed Heart, 
My heart is my own, it has bled a thousand tears
Broken, and beaten, it's faithful to me, myself,
Why so much trouble I hear you wonder ?
The answer is simple, its simple but true,
It doesnt belong to me, it belongs to you,
Somewhere My Heart belongs to you
Its awaiting for You, to come and unveil the Covers of my Heart.

The above Lines has been referencing On Arnav's State of mind where she told Khushi that ' This World is only made up of Stone Hearts People and nothing else could compare the emptiness and anguish of my Heart, as the way he feels and endures it' Hope to see that Khushi will soon acknowledge the depth of Arnav's excruciating pain.

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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this tym i forced myself to choose one person only =D not oftenly in our forum but now she's starting to come *i guess*EmbarrassedLOL  she made faaav avis no doubt :) and she deserves this week's award OFCBig smile she's none other thaaan *Zunni*


Here's your gift!


beautifuul made by ragii (ragzz)

 congraatz Hug

Made by jenny1000 Clap

Here is ur gift

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

With no dooubt i'm giving this title to Ishuu & you all know why =DROFL isn't it ? 
its really amazing to the coreEmbarrassed beautifuuly madeDay Dreaming

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Here is ur gift

This week I give 3 stars out of 5 It seemed liked a filler to me as the only things going on were the dance lessons. Only few minutes worth watching when Khushi was irritating Arnav. Other than that, PaYash love bloomed.  Shyam as usual brings tha rating down with his annoying self.Even Payal and her reasons is a reason to bring it down a little. It was totally dragged but the show picked well on friday but it was bad on behalf of CVs to begin the new year with filler episodes. Friday was the only saving grace of this week episode otherwise there was no quality ArHi this week.

Honestly speaking, it wasn't a great start into the year.. you did dissapoint many of us fans CVs by the waste of episodes shown on Monday & Tuesday and No ArHi on Wednesdays episode.. but now we can proudly say that ArHi and IPKKND rock!!! You did make it up to us in the last 2 episodes of the week Clap. Especially fridays episode as it was full of ArHi!!! Viewers really enjoyed the Akash-Arnav masti and scenes and all the masti.. whether with Khushi, Payal-Akash or even NK. About Shyam-Anjali track, most viewers want you to end it, not only its getting boring but the track is silly. Why is Anjali been shown to be so silly?? Change that and expose Shyam as I say everyweek!!!!!.. We are looking forward to the upcoming week, we wonder what you have in store for us..

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 11:38am | IP Logged

Silent Confession, by ..Winter_Soul..

Here's your gift.


Bairi Piya, by naishu (Aishu and Naina)

Here's your gift!

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