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teju2292 Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged

hi gals
teja again
with another OS on our dear MAANEET...
hope u like it
plz press like button and plz comment

"bye meera"

"bye geet"

Meera took her usual root to her house...we both walk together until this street daily from college and here she takes her route and I should walk alone for few more distance to reach my home.

"mama I am the door" I shouted knocking the door of our little flat.

"coming geet" I heard my mothers voice from other side of dooe and next minute she opened the door and literally dragged me in.

"go ...go...go inside and change into some nice dress..." she took me into my room well she dragged me into my room holding my wrist.

"wait I will select" she said as she left my hand and opened my wardrobe and started taking out the dresses. and I stood there all confused. I tried to ask what but she is busy selecting dresses for me.She tired almost all my salwars putting on me and finally she is satisfied with the orange saree.

"what saree? Mama r u alright? Why should  I wear a saree now?" I asked confused.

"I will tell u later first get ready quickly...they can be here any time" with that she stormed back to kitchen.

Still confused I changed into saree. Wore as simple ornaments as I can. Just a silver chain with a pendent and ear hangings with orange and white stones...

I came out and saw my mom running hurriedly in the kitchen multi tasking many items. As I reached kitchen I saw all my favorites already cooked.

 "what mom? Any special?" I asked trying to take the pakoda. My mom slapped my hand as she said "not for u idiot...its for them"

"them?" I confused.

" ur papa's old friend is coming home for dinner" she said.

"ohh" I said and quickly came out of kitchen and went in to my bed room still confused of why she asked me to wear a saree.

"hey geet where are u lost?" I heard my bro's voice and I turned and saw him coming into my room.

Yeah he is my younger brother a year younger to me. He is so jovial and loves to tease me. But still we shared a wonderful bond. We always shared all the secrets...we used to even speak about the girls he looked and the boys who proposed me.

"when did u come yash" I asked him ignoring his question.

"just now geet...u look nice" he complimented.

"thanks" I smiled at him.

Just then I heard the calling bell ring and I shouted "coming"

I went pass him and opened the door.

I smiled at my father who entered followed by a man and woman who are of nearly my parents age. I saw my father inviting them in and they sat in the sofa.

"beta come in" I heard my father calling someone looking at the door. I looked at the door and saw some person walking in.


He stepped in and i froze. He is such a handsome person I ever saw. His dark black hair...his eyes...omg...chocolate brown...any girl will be lost in them...his M shaped lips...his perfect jaw line'.his shirt well fitted to his masculine body showing all his muscles'..and his height sure to be 6 feet'..may be he is some 25 or 26'.and looks to kill'.

"close ur mouth geet'.mosquitoes will go in" yash chuckled.

That is when I came out of the trance and turned to give him an angry glare.

"don't give that glare'u r literally drooling over him with ur jaw touching the ground" he giggled.

"shut up yash" I scolded yash and turned to see him. Now he sat beside my father talking to him rather I say answering his questions'.hmm I know my father well if he sees a new person he never stops his questions.

I saw the respect in his eyes for my father he is patiently answering all his questions'.i wonder how can someone have that patience'sometimes I will be really irritated by the amount of questions he shoot.

"stop drooling geet" I again heard yash saying.

I glared at him and he chuckled.

"he is really handsome na" yash said looking at him.

"good" I said and turned back to look at them. I saw my mother speaking to the aunt and my father and uncle and speaking some office issues and he sat silently.

"just good? I thought he is more than good'..may be u can give him a 8" yash said again.

"6" I said out but my heart screamed '10'

"that's poor I say" yash chuckled.

"he is a big man" I said.

"I don't think so'." He said.

I looked at him questioningly.

"he is 24 geet" yash smiled.

'what he is only 24!!!!' my heart screamed in joy.

"geet beta" I heard my mother call and that is when I saw my mother is already in kitchen. I silently went to kitchen.

"take this" she handed me a tray of coffee with some snacks "serve them beta"

I sighed and went into the living room to serve them the snacks and coffee given by my mother. Its still 6.00 pm and we usually have our dinner at 10'.so obviously this is our snacks time.

I went near uncle and forwarded his coffee and next to aunt. My father stopped me before I reach the man.

"rajiv she is geet my daughter" my father introduced me to uncle.

"geet beta this is rajiv uncle and this is gauri anuty'.he is my old friend" my father said.

"Namaste uncle'..Namaste aunty" I wished them.

"Namaste beta" they replied with a smile.

 "give the coffee to maan beta" my father said. "oh so maan is his name" I thought.

I extended the tray to maan and he took the cup and gave me a smile'..uff I may die to his smile'.wow what a smile'..a smile from heart.

I smiled in return and left the snacks on the table before them.

"oh I forgot to introduce''maan beta this is geet my daughter and geet this is maan rajiv uncle's son" my father said.

"hi" he smiled.

Wow his voice is as lovely as him...manly.

"hi" I replied.

I went and sat on the sofa opposite to his and our parents continued with their talks.

After few minutes I heard my father saying "geet beta why don't u show him around our house he might be feeling bored sitting and listening to our old people talks"

Show around house??? Our house is not any mansion to show him around its just a 3 bedroom flat with a cute little kitchen, living room and a dining hall and every room is almost visible from the living room so what should I show him?

"yes papa" I said and got up and he too got up.

I walked to the kitchen when my mom shouted "take him to the terrace and show him this whole residency area"

Now they went to residency from flat'what are they thinking??? Ufff'''..

I turned around and walked out of the flat and he followed me silently. We both took the lift to 6th floor and there we went to the terrace by steps.

As the cool air of the evening touched my skin I felt lively. I instantly ran to the end of the terrace to the pit wall totally forgetting about maan. I raised my arms horizontally in the air and rotated once.

"u look beautiful u know?" I heard his voice.

I stopped twirling and looked at him. He is smiling.

"sachii" he hold his skin at throat as if promising me. I smiled at him and went near him.

We both stood at the pit wall of the terrace. Its already turning dark and the sky is shining with stars more over it's a full moon day.

I stared at sky.

"nature is always a way to break the stress" he said.

I still started at the sky with a small smile.

"many different non related thoughts pass our mind when we see the nature" he said again.

"enjoying nature is a gift" I said.

"with a person who is special is a boon" I heard him say and I turned to face him again.

I stared at him few minutes with silence.

He broke the eye lock and looked up watching the moon. I followed his gaze.

"beautiful" he said.

"its in the eyes of the person who see" I said.

We both stood in silence again and he asked me unexpected question.

"will u marry me?" I heard him say and turned to face him instantly. I m shocked.

He smiled a bit and said "I came to meet U"

"what?" I gasped.

"can u really believe a person will fall in love at the first sight" he asked looking at me.

His eyes'.i can see the truth in his eyes. And some different emotion which I never came across until now.

I looked at him confused.

He chuckled.

"I saw u first time in ur cousin's reception" he said.

I don't have words to say. I just stood there rooted to the floor.

"my parents came here to fix our marriage." He said.

"what??? But u...I mean papa told me that ur father is his old friend" I asked.

"yes that's true. But today we came here to fix the marriage." He said.

"I don't know...why no one told me. This is my life" I don't know what to say. How can my parents fix my marriage without even asking me.

"its ur father plan to make u meet me and even if after our meeting u don't want to accept this proposal u r free" he said.

"but why dint anyone tell me?" I asked.

"becoz ur father thought that if he tells u the truth u will never agree to meet me" he said.

"and y don't u think it as a surprise from ur dad" he said again.

I kept silence not knowing what to speak. I stared into the dark. Next moment I saw him down on his knees.


"I Maan Singh Khurana, fell in love with u at the first sight, with ur smile with ur laugh with ur eyes with ur dreams with ur character with ur beauty with ur care for people'.what not'.with U completely U'.and I want to live with u forever'..want to share my every happiness and pain with u'..want to cure ur pain'.want to make ur loneliness run away from u'.make u smile'.to pamper u'.to care u' be ur side forever''Geet Handa will u be my side? Will u become mine? Will u marry me?"

I kept silent staring at his eyes.

"answer geet?" I heard him say.

He stood up and stared at me. I had tears in my eyes. Never in my life I expected this to happen.

"geet u alright?" he patted my shoulder.

Instantly I hugged him.


"I dunno what love is but if it is what u told me'.what I felt when u spoke to me'.what I felt when I saw ur smile'..then'.then maan I love u"

We stood there hugging each other we dunno how much time.

"oh my''. This is done" I heard yash shouting.

We broke the hug and I saw him running downstairs and I know whats coming.

I looked at maan and he is staring at me. I smiled at him. But his eyes are different. Something is in them other than love.

He looked at my lips and back to my eyes.

I understood what he meant. I blushed and dipped my head down.

He put his finger under my chin and made me look at him. His eyes full of love'.for me'.only for me.

He slowly covered the distance between us and my lips met his.

It's a totally new feeling for me. He at first touched my lips lightly and then started kissing them. He then licked my bottom lip and took it in. he sucked and licked my both lips.

Without even my knowledge my hands reached his shoulders. His abs which I drooled over and then I dipped them in his thick hair.

He kissed me with passion and I responded back with the equal passion.


We finally broke lack of breath. He touched my forehead with his and I smiled.

"that's my first kiss" I said him say.

"perfectionist" I smiled and he chuckled.


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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautiful os..luvly.

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply fab

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 8:54am | IP Logged
lovely os but please4 update ishq hai ye pleaseee

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amita5 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome story

please keep on writing

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful OS...

loved it...

thnx for PM...

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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wow... awesome os...
loved it...
maneet r soo cute in this...
loved maan's proposal...

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_nandy_ IF-Rockerz

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awesome OS

plzzz write an epilogue

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