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OS: Under The Covers (Last Part pg 15 1/11/12)

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!! It's hershi! So im back once again to annoy you all hehehe! I was bored and so i thought of writing an OS. No don't worry nothing sad this time! It's actually pretty fun =D well i hope you like it! Oh before i go on, you can find my other Arhi stuff and other works here at Hershi's Writing Corner

Alright Enjoy it!! See you at the bottom! BTW...this is part 1...part 2 which will be the last part will be posted after =) It got too long so i had to cut it short =)

purple italics = arnav's inner voice =D

OS: Under The Covers - Part 1

"Khushi Kumari Gupta I swear to god! LET ME GO! I want to go home!!!" Arnav tried moving her out of the way a millionth time but the girl would not budge!

"Arnav ji what part of you can't leave this room do you not understand?!!?!?" Khushi stood in front of the door with her hands on her hips.

The day was going perfectly fine! Akash had decided to go see Payal, and Arnav was going to finish up his work and ring in the new  year with his beloved plants. It was perfect! But then stupid Akash got stuck to a stupid chair in the Gupta house and of course wonders of wonders...who did he call?! Arnav! And now here he was trying to leave, but this stupid girl would not let him leave! He didn't care that her buaji was outside. He didn't care that Akash would get in trouble, he deserved it. He didn't care that Khushi would get in trouble, she deserved it. He didn't care that Payal would get in trouble, ok well maybe he did...she was pretty cool. But still he wanted to go home! 

The first time he had wanted to go home as soon as he found his phone, Khushi had barged into the room and started counting down for the new year. After a whole argument and trying to make her shut up he had finally tried to leave, but god knows from where NK had ended up coming here and he had to stay in the room. But this was enough, he was not dealing with this anymore.

"Dekho Khushi, I don't care about who sees me. I want to go home and I am going to go home!" With that he picked her up with her upper arms and moved her to the side. But of course luck wasn't on his side. As soon as he went to open the door he heard a loud "hai re nandkishore!" which stopped him in his tracks.

"Oh crap! Not again!" Whispering and agitated he turned towards Khushi who gave him a I-told-you-so look and then walked up to him and locked the door once again.

"See I told you not to shout so much! Now look what you did! Buaji is awake again! And anyways im not interested in keeping you here! You were the one that showed up and ruined my new year! And now I have to deal with you for the rest of my li-" Khushi whispered furiously at him but stopped as she realized what she was about to say.

"I was shouting?! Are you stupid?! My voice hasn't gone up more then this! And I ruined your new year?! You are the one who ruined my new year!" Arnav replied back to her and ignored the way his heart warmed up when he realized what she was about to say.

"Listen Arnav ji I don't thin---" Khushi went on only to be interrupted by a knock on her door.  Arnav and Khushi stared at each other shocked as they heard buaji from the other side!

"Hai re nandkishore! Oh sanka devi! Darwaza kholo!"  (Hai re nandkishore! Open the door)

"Does this woman never sleep?!" Arnav asked Khushi as she started panicking and wondering what to do with this man in her room. 

"Arnavji what are we gonna do?! If buaji finds you in here she is going to kill me and then kill you! And then she will know that Jiji isn't here and then we will all be dead! Oh my god I am too young to die! I can't die like this!" Khushi kept babbling on and on while Arnav rolled his eyes and tried to tell her to shut up.

"Khushi seriously shut up! There is nothing we can do. Lets just open the door and deal with -" He went on but trailed off as he saw a smile form on her face. Her smiling was never a good sign, clearly she has had some crazy plan in her head which was probably going to screw up and both will get into some mess or the other. No way he was getting into this again!

"Stop smiling. Whatever it is you are thinking of doing, I am not doing it." He told her in a final tone and looked away.

"Uff Arnav ji, why do you always say no to everything?! Have my plans ever failed?!" Seeing him turn around and raise and quirk up an eyebrow at her she gulped and went on. "Ok well yeah, sometimes things go wrong but this time it won't you just have to cooperate with me for a few minutes please!"

She pleaded with him while buaji kept on knocking on the door outside. As much as he wanted to go home, he couldn't look away from her adorable pouty face. Once again his heart was stirring due to her and there was nothing he could do about it. Instead of lashing out at her like he usually did, he gave up and let the feelings take over.

"Fine what do you have in mind?!"

She breathed a sigh of relief and gestured him to follow her. He walked behind her to the other side of the bed. She turned around and gave him a quick smile and looked at the bed and then back at him. Looking confused he raised his eyebrows asking what she meant.

"Get on the bed Arnavji!" She told him quietly.

"WHAT?!" Scandalized, he looked at her as if she was crazy! 

"Shhh!!! Hurry up and get on the bed!! We don't have much time!" Khushi pushed him and he fell on the bed.

"What the...tum pagal ho gayi ho kya?! Do you have any idea what you are saying?!" If he had thought she was innocent earlier, after this little stunt of hers he was sure she was not as innocent as she looked. Or was she?! She was telling him to get on the bed and that they didn't have much time! Of course he wouldn't mind but did she really...NO ARNAV STOP! What are you saying?! You and her?! No way! This is Khushi not some random girl! He rebuked himself mentally for having his thoughts go haywire.

"Listen Khushi I don't -" Before he could finish the sentence Khushi threw a blanket on top of him and covered him. And it finally dawned on him what she actually meant. He was suppose to hide. Good job Arnav you perv!

"Arnav ji, don't move or make any noise! I am letting buaji in now!" Khushi told him quietly as she saw him nod and throw the blanket over his face. She walked towards the door and let in an impatient and annoyed Buaji.

"Arre Sanka devi! Kitni der lagti hai darwaza kholne mein? Kya kar rahi thi tum?! Aur yeh kya...payaliya abhi se so gayi?" (Sanka devi! How long does it take to open the door? What were you doing? And what is this, Payal is asleep already?) Buaji reprimanded Khushi and looked over at the bed.

"Wohh buaji hum hummm wohhh haan hum bathroom mein the na! Aur jiji toh so rahi hai isliye darwaza kholne mein der hogayi." ( Buaji I was umm...oh yeah...I was in the bathroom. And jiji is sleeping so that's why it took a while to open the door.) Making up the first excuse that came to her head, she told buaji.

"Toh tum kahe jaag rahi ho? Dekho bitiya itni der se jaagna theek nahi hai. Chalo so jao! Bahut der ho gayi hai." (Then why are you awake? Its not good to stay up so late. Come on go to bed its very late now.)

"Haan buaji hum so jaate hai, aap bhi jaake jo jaayie" ( Yes buaji I will go to sleep, even you go to bed) Khushi tried to get her out of the room but only to have Buaji say no. 

"Arre! Kya kar rahi ho! So jao taake hum bhi jaake so jaayein. Tumhe sula kar hum jaate hai" (What are you doing? Go to sleep so that I can go to bed too! I will leave once I make sure you have slept.) Buaji gently pushed Khushi towards the bed to lie down.

With no choice left Khushi sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly picked up the blanket and put it over her feet. Smiling at buaji and making sure Arnav was completely hidden she gently laid down next to Arnav. Feeling her heartbeat increase Khushi clenched the blanket tightly as she felt her feet brush and rest against Arnavs feet.  

"Arre Sanka devi kya ho gaya hai tumhe? Thoda andar so jao, aise raho gi toh neeche gir jao gi. Chalo andar jao."(Sanka devi what is wrong with you? Why are you sleeping on the edge? Go inside more or else you will fall off the bed.) Buaji nudged her again as each pulse in Khushi's body raced! She clenched the blanket close to her and pulled it up to her nose and covered one side of her face as she felt Arnav's hot breath on her neck and arm. Feeling her stomach doing somersaults Khushi tried hard not to jump out of bed as she felt the warmth of his body radiate onto her. But the next second she let out a soft gasp as she felt a warm hand envelop her hand that was in the blanket and soft lips touch the curve of her neck.

The moment he felt her sit on the bed Arnav's breath hitched. This was not normal. His heart was beating fast and every muscle in his body twitched. What the hell was going on? He felt her put her feet up and rest against his feet and used every inch of control to not move close to her. What was going on with him?! He knew he felt something for her but really?! This was how it was going to come out?! Him and her on the same bed and he couldn't even touch her. Life was cruel! You really have turned into a perv havent you?! His inner voice taunted him again making him feel stupid. Ignoring everything he closed his eyes and tried to calm down his breathing but of course luck once again not being on his side, all his control went out the window as he felt her next to him. His eyes snapped open as he saw how close she was to him. His head found solace in the curve of her neck as he took in her scent. 

Feeling like he was in heaven, he didn't care if death found him now. He would willingly give up his life to be like this forever. Not caring that there was someone else in this room, not caring about what others would think, not giving a damn that this went against everything he ever believed, for the first time in his life he followed his heart. Moving his arm ever so slowly, he gently moved it down and held the hand of the girl who was changing his life. Feeling her face turning hot, he smirked as he realized this was definitely not one sided. Making up a decision then and there, he knew what he wanted. Leaning in close to her neck, he gently let his lips linger before he placed a soft kiss on her neck. She had told him to get on the bed and he had done that. Now it was his turn to show her exactly what he wanted. This night was definitely going to be fun! 


Alright that was Part 1. hehehhe hope u liked it! I know i left you at such a torturous point but i couldn't help it! It was getting too long so i cut it into two parts! Part 2 will be posted once i know people actually liked it! So let me know if you like it by pressing the LIKE button and leaving wonderful comments! If i don't get enough comments and likes im gonna think you guys didn't like it and won't continue it. Hehehehe! Thanks for reading!! 

Once again you can find all my written work here Hershi's Writing Corner

and lastly...Please add me as a buddy if you want PMs for the next update! or any of my updates!! thanks!


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Take it from me: Strange is bad, dead is worse. ~ Damon Salvatore Heart




First of all. Thank you for making me learn so many cool things!!! Embarrassed One looong update dedicated only for you coming up next!!! Big smile

Second of all. What a hilarious and naughty OS, Hershi love!! LOL
The scenes between Khushi and the Arnav underneath a blanket was awesome!!
He kissed her neck!! Tongue

My favorite kinda kiss!!! Wink LOL

Update soon-ish, Hershi!!!

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awesome start loving it i can imagine this happening poor khushi her lg is going to make her pay  awesome can't wait for the next part 

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really not fair in leaving this here ! but still an awesome super cute os as usual ! continue soon !

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LOLLOLLOL ... bechari Khushi EmbarrassedWinkWink ... kya soch rahi thi ... aur kya ho raha hai LOLWink

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nice part pls pm me when u update next part

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Good, very good. I am still smiling at Arnav's thoughts and at the situation Buaji has put Khushi in. Continue soon:)

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