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(aiyooo anniki mayil torture.. inniki gokul torture D'oh)

Gokul screams Malar and wakes up. Parents come and ask what happen. Mother cries looking at Gokul condition. Father is worried and suggest Gokul to see a doctor. Gokul gets annoyed. Mother says she is going to give her piece of mind to Malar family and goes out. Father tries to say something but Gokul shouts him out. Gokul goes to the mirror ... looks at him and start laughing ShockedD'oh He vows never to let Malar lives happily Ouch

Gopi Malar sleeping facing their back to each other. Malar could not sleep and slowly turns and at the same time Gopi turns too Embarrassed ... kannum kannum kollai adithal .. kadhal endru artham HeartEmbarrassed semma romantic look. Both moves closer to each other. Avar avalai parka .. avalai avar parka...
Apadiya slow motion lae Gopi moves his hand to touch malar hand. BANG BANG BANG !Shocked!! some one knocks the door D'oh Gopi opens ... thadaaa its Rasappa ... (aiyoo rasappa .. enna timing! ROFL) Rasappa tells Gopi that everyone thinks his stupid. Gopi was the one who brought him to hospital and took care of him, but when he got all right and discharge, everyone tried to take him back to their house. Rasappa says his not stupid, and left them and came here. He tells Gopi he ate dinner already and bought for them both too. Further adds his eyes is already tired and his going to sleep and booppp he sleeps on Gopi's place ROFL Gopi holds and looks at the food. Malar starts laughing LOL

Gokul parents goes to Malar house and talks badly to her father. Gokul mother too insults him badly. Malar father remains silent. Gokul comes and puts drama like trying to scold his father and send his parents a way. He laughs before going in back and pretending like feeling sorry. He apologize and leaves. Malar brother is very angry but father says they have to face all the avamanam now.

Rasappa is about to leave, going to visit his mother. He ask both of them to take care and warns them not to allow anyone come as this house is taken for them both to stay and have a nice happy life (Shocked hv you forgot what u did last night Rasapaa? ROFL) He advices them not to let any intruder in and goes. Gopi says idhu chittapa sollitu pogarar LOL Malar laughs. Gaja and his mother comes there and invites them both for lunch. Gopi agrees. He goes to shop while Malar follows Gaja mother back to her house.

Nellu is back. Murthi calls his father and tells him his settled in his job but yet to find house. HIs styaing in mansion at the moment. Mother talks a while and then Nellu gives phone to Kamu. But Murthi shouts at her and ask her not to talk to him. She only must talk to him after she stops Paramu wedding. Kamu does not know how to handle the talk as both MIL and Vanitha standing beside her. Murthi rudely cuts the line. Kamu pretends like talking happily and MIL ask her to stop konjaraning and pulls the phone from Kamu. She says hello many times and ask Vanitha why line got cut. Both mother and vanitha leaves without suspecting anything. Kamu cries.

Gopi is riding bicycle when Malar brother calls him. Gopi stops. Malar brother very rudely says vaada ingga. Gopi goes. MB starts scolding Gopi for cheating his sister and slaps Gopi Shocked (what is wrong with this guy Angry always raising his hand???) Gopi ask MB to stop as right now its Malar the reason for Gopi being quite. MB reminds Gopi how he had hit his father on the heart. That is it. Gopi pongguran and starts beating MB badly Clap (semma semma adi for him... very good. he deserves it!) Finally Gopi holds his hand, thinks of MB slapping his father, twist and breaks his hand. MB cries out in pain but Gopi just walks away in anger.

To be continued ...

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EPISODE 400 ClapClap

Mayil is angry and tells Sokku and the others how Rasappa insulted him and left to go to Gopi. Sokku seem annoyed at most of Mayil's talk but remain silent. Two men comes to book for katcheri. Mayil happily agrees but the men ask for Gopi. Mayil says his not here and and they dont have any contact with Gopi. Sokku does not like the way Mayil answered them. Rasappa comes there at the same time, he gives Gopi contact number and they leave. Mayil scolds Rasappa for coming here but Rasappa laughs and say he came to tell Sokku that his going to visit his mother. Rasappa tells Sokku to advice Mayil. Puspa comes with her bag as its time for her to go back to her husband. She ask Pandi to take care of Maha and says the same to Devanai. Puspa leaves with Rasappa. Devanai and co also leaves.

Ashok at hospital with hand bandage. Calls his father and informs him that Gopi broke his hand. Father gets angry and tells everyone at home and  slaps his wife for calling Gopi as mappilai. He goes off to see Ashok.

At Mayil house, Devanai tells Mayil that its time he start to think about their family income. Not only for them but for Sokku family as well. Mayil says yes, he is aware about it. Pandi suggest to call Gopi and seek his help. Everyone gets angry and Mayil gives him left and right. Maha takes Pandi behind and she too insults and scolds him. She will rather pitchai edukaran then eating from Gopi's money. She is ashamed getting married to Pandi who cant even go to work to support the family. Pandi vekke konja rosam comes. Maha tells him from now on she will eat only with his earnings. Pandi vows to get job and leaves.

Father comes and ask Ashok what happen but Ashok hid the fact the he was the one started the fight. Father tells Ashok lets go and give back nicely to Gopi and both about to leave when Sokku Mayil arrives there for Sokku medical check up. Ashok father looks at them angrily. Sokky too stares back.

To be continue..

Sorry friends.. today updates is brief. Confused

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Happy children's day to all of us ...
Shockedchammak challo Shocked omg sumi .. naan indha song 3 weeks aah abuse pannuren ROFL am so crazy about this song Embarrassed


Continue with a lady telling Malar that some guys are beating up gopi and taking him to burn alive and cuts the line. Malar cries and starts running with Gaja chasing behind asking what happen. Both arrives at sudukadhu and a ponam is burning. Thinking that is Gopi, malar runs and cries asking the man to stop the fire. The man ask what happen and Malar says its her husband. The man starts laughing and says its impossible as its an 70 year old man. Malar stops crying. The man ask Malar not to cry, her husband is save out there. He offers to accompany them back home. Gokul is standing behind and laughing looking at Malar. He vows that soon Gopi will die. Malar leaves not noticing Gokul watching her.

Both Malar Gaja reach home. Malar cries in confusion. Who call Gaja phone and who is doing all this mess? Suddenly someone knocks the door. Malar goes to window and see Gokul standing there. Gokul ask for Gopi and Malar says he is not around. Gokul ask her to open door as he got something to talk. Malar ask him to just talk from out. Fraud Gokul tells her that Gopi had break Ashok hand. Her mother and rogini had called and inform Gokul. That is why his here as her mother is worried if Malar father has done something to Gopi. Malar thinks but refuses to open the door for him and ask him to leave as she suspects him too. Gokul leaves in anger as his plan is not working out and leaves.

Pandi returns back home and tells Maha proudly that he has started working.  Maha only keeps quite. Pandi ask why is she quite? Is not happy about him going to work? Maha ask what is there to be happy or proud about? He should have gone to work long ago but unfortunately he never did. Now after she said, his gone to work. After all this years! So only his parents should be happy that his actually going to work but its nothing for her. Pandi is quite. He then tells Maha his hungry and to serve food but Maha says she is tired and sleepy. Maha ask if his join work with the same bos who loan money to get her chain back. Pandi hesitate a while and then lies yes. Maha tells Pandi to take her as she want to thank his bos as well and leaves. Pandi is thiru thiru mulikuraning.

Malar and gaja goes straight to her house. Mother opens the door and happy to see her but hubby comes and slaps her. Ask her why talking to this Malar. Malar tells her father she is not here to fight but she wants to know where is Gopi. Father scolds her asking why coming here looking for Gopi. Father scolds her and ask her to get lost. Malar says if Gopi has broken her brother hand, brother would have done something. Her anni gets angry and shouts at Malar. But her father ask why all of them wasting time talking to Malar. He shouts at Malar more and malar says she is very sure her father would have done something to Gopi. Father says yes, ive killed Gopi. Go and do what ever you want to. Malar shouts at her father and tells him all this while he was the one who said she is not his daugther, but now she herself says that he is not her father! If anything had happen to Gopi, then he will see the real Gopi Wife! Malar and Gaja leaves.

to be continue ...

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Wednesday -  
Intha Varam -- Adithadi varam.. & Also Sr. PP is opening his mouth .. PP vanthutaru.. pesarathu.. So all are ROFL in ground

Update (Brief) 

by Hopper_Ocean

Malar calls out Gopi name. There comes Devanai and Maha. Devana starts her scolding D'ohand chases Malar out. She tells Malar that Gopi will not come with her. Maha smiles. Menashi comes and for her panggu she took scolds Malar who leaves crying.

Rogini tries to call gopi but could not reach him. Her brother comes and starts scolding. Her father about to hit her when Gokul arrives and puts up his fake acting. Rohini's mother not knowing about the fake Gokul ask for his help to try contacting Gopi. Gokul ask her not to worry and he will take care the matter. He gets Gaja number and leaves. 

Malar is on her way back when a man tries to misbehave with her. Nelli who pass by there helps Malar and send her back home. Nelli comes back and tells everyone what happen. Leela as usual starts talking and cursing. Nelli slaps her to keep her shut. 

Gaja comes and ask Malar what happen. She tells him about Gopi missing. Just then Gaja phone rings and a lady ask for Malar. She tells Malar few rowdies are beating Gopi up and they are going to burn him alive. Malar shock.

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Tuesday - Nov 15, 2011

Starts with Kamu, Theiva, Paramu and maha. All are cying except Maha. kamu tells Moorthy pushes this and he wants the wedding to be stopped. Theivanai scolds Gopi then Paramu.

Sokku and Mayil walk back. Theivanai pottu odachufied the matter. She tells them Paramu went out with his friends and I don't like her to be married to my brother. Mayil wonders why now..

And finally says it is all due to Gopi. If he married Vanitha then they would not have talked about it. Sokku tries to utter a word - why? Mayil stops him and scolds Gopi left and right and all is due to his drogam.

Mayil goes and hits Paramu. He tells all is due to Gopi(Ayyo thaanga mudila - Gopiya romba thaan thittararu).

Mayil says Ok lets go and talk to NA about this and stop the wedding.

But Kamu throws another bomb that the wedding has to be stopped - but they should not know Moorthy is the reason for that.

Mayil innum kiyyo muyyonnu gopia thittararu.

Sokku is speechless. kamu also says Gopi annan should have thought before. Sokku is een more speechless, shaes his head, tells her lets try to talk thi and goes home.

At hom Sokku keeps thinking looks agitated. Meenatchi asks what happened to Mayil why sokku is all alone.

Sokku cannot control any more and screams  what did my son do, did he kill some one? did he do something no one ever has done? Every one is saying my maanm pochu, ithu pochu, athu pochu...

Meenatchi sits down and asks did some one say some thing? Sokku is agitated. Meena  is worried.

Sokku says Gopi should have run away long ago. He only married for his wish. No other mistake he did. Kamu says Gopi is bad - but for her love only Gopi fought with me and married her off. How much he worked for her to get married. Paramu - she is bad and Gopi saved her. pandi - yo uall praise him now, may be if Gopi went away and came back one day you would have praised him.

looking at his agitation, Meenatchi is worried. She scolds it is all due to Gopi. Sokku scolds her neeye ippadi pesiraye. If some thing happens to him I can't take it.

Meenathi offers coffee, tee - but Sokku takes two tablets and lies down as DR told. Meenatchi holds his head and cries.

At Gopi - Malar house - Malar is all dressed up. She looks pretty. Waiting for Gopi. Looks by the gate.

Exactly at the time Leela and Vanitha comes(Ivange yeppudi inge vanthaanga).

Leela sees her and scolds Malar. vanitha tells her to be quite. Leela shuts her and talks Malar badly. Malar cries and runs inside and waits by the step she is crying.

She locks the house and goes to Gopi Tailor shop. The Aachi comes there and tells Gopi never came back after lunch. malar tries to call him. The number is switched off. Aachi says did he go back to his house? Malar says let me go and goes to Kaja house, which is locked. She runs in the dark and goes to Sokku house and stands in the front.


Innikku yennoda lucku ore thittalk, kathal and yellal...Angry

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Naan vandhuten pee pee vasikka. Hopper kanna thanks for holding the fort  for 2 Fridays.

nee ennai yEtRu koNdaal, kaNNil konjam kaattu [Naanga Nadhaswarathai etruk kondal kaNNala kaata mattom , pennala katuvom
nee mattum illai endRaal nEsikkaadhu  kaaththu
pEsaadha vaarththai solli perinbathai koottu [Sokkuku porundhum indha vari]
vazhaadha vaazhkai vaazha vaa .

                                               Friday 18.11.2011

 Tirumurugan declares-Friday oppari is our [ serial directors] birth right & we shall have it.[Mannichudunga Tilakare]

Vaanka friends Nadhaswara azhugai veLLathil serndhu naneivom


Mayil comes to Sokku's house .  Sokku having his bath says Meenu  Meenu then asks about Kamu's varugai & azhugai. Pochuda , Mayil got a chance to urutufy Gopi's mandai , polambing –Moorthy doesn't want Paramu Ramesh marriage. Tit for tat – all because of Gopi .Meenakshi chaing chaks [[Thai kulame nneye ippadi pesalama. If want to adichufy jalra , do it for your husband. Support Gopi]. Soku comes , tells Mayil  ,it is delicate matter – muLLu mela vizhundha saree madhiri ,  will handle it ,talk to Nelli & subama solve the problem.  Sokku  then asks Mayil to go to police station to lodge a complaint for the lost money . Mayil wants Sokku to accompany him , but Sokku who has other plans convinces Mayil & sends him away.


Malar Kaja mummy madila head vachundu crying o crying – ennale , ellam ennale , avar padara kashtamum , thunbamum ennale. My dear husband lost everything the day he married me. I am jinxed. Kaja mummy dhairyam solling – you are an educated & bold girl , should not talk like an unpad. Nothing will happen to Gopi. Come on get up , kaNNa thudaichuko , let us go & give a police complaint.


Mayila mella kazhati vittutu Sokku vidu vidunu goes to Gopi's house. Poor man locked house greets him. Tree pidichundu sogama thinking .


Mayil at the police station lodging complaint . Inspector says-huge amount , how could you be so careless.  Mayil  thanakku therinja only mandhiram Odhing– ellam andha padu paavi payal Gopiyala vandhadu. Then asks the inspector how long will it  take to get the money. Inspector sends him away with a sarcastic reply.  Once outside Mayil meets a friend policeman from whom  gets to know that Gopi is behind bars for attacking Ashok & inflicting injury. Meantime sees Malar & co arriving & leaves. The police man repeats the same to Malar- arrested Gopi on complaint from her dad & bro. Malar runs in to the station , stopped by the rude inspector, denies her permission to meet Gopi Malar  talks  rules – blame the police for not informing the arrested person's family immediately.


Romantic azhugai- emotional  husband & wife  counting the kambi from either side. Gopi narrates the scene between self & Ashok -Tried to be patient as far as possible , but after a point couldn't & in anger injured your bro. I admit am at fault , will explain everything in the court. Soon will be out. Am feeling more sorry for you ,can imagine the trauma you might have undergone due to my absence. Now  go & stay with Kaja family, asks Kaja family to take care of her till his release. Malar cries more not wanting to go, Gopi insists go Malar go , I don't want to see you in police station ,both kai pidichundu more crying [ kai viduppa , appathane poga mudiyum]


Azhugai swaram thodarum

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