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SS: wind beneath their wings! updated pt 4 pg 15

hkhb17 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:33pm | IP Logged

Hi friends, finally writing an SS. Do let me know what you think.


Part 1: pg 1

Part 2: pg 9

Part 3: pg 10

Part 4: pg 15



Part 1

NK sat in his car, puzzled. Was Khushi happy to see him or not?!

She had certainly taken the flowers but it was not as he had expected. He wanted to look romantically into her eyes and present the bouquet whilst whispering that he was so glad that she was the first person he saw in the New Year and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Instead, it was buaji and he shuddered at the thought!


Yet Khushi seemed distracted. She did take the flowers but more, he felt as a means to get rid of him instead of to cherishing it. Did he read her wrong?! And what was all the rambling about Naanav?! He thought she hated him and yet all she seemed to think about was him ' Lard Governor this and Arnavji that. And why was she so adamant that no one disturb her jiji and the door to be shut?!


He didn't understand and it made no sense to him. There was only one thing he could do at this moment, he thought. He got out of the car and went for a walk. It would be ridiculous to go back home since he had made an effort to be up for New Years. He might as well celebrate it by walking around and distracting himself with the fireworks.


He didn't have to walk for before he stumbled on his first evidence that something was definitely amiss. A distinct white 4X4 parked, mile away from Khushi's house. He scanned the number plate and immediately his suspicions increased. What was Naanav's car doing here? That too near Khushi's place? As far as he recollected, both had said they did not want to see each other and both hated each other. So why would Naanav be here? It had to be a coincidence. NK walked on but this time, heading back to Khushi's house.


Did he see a glint of emotion in both Khushi and Naanav's eyes when he was practicing his dance with Khushi? If so, then why did Naanav refuse to dance with her and Khushi blatantly didn't want to dance with Naanav either. So what was the long eye glances when she had slipped from his fingers and into Naanav's arms? Another coincidence?! and another eyelock when he had mentioned the significance of seeing someone's face and new year. another coincidence?


His mind raced as though it was high on sugar and caffeine. And from what he had overhead, both their engagements had ended on the same week. Another coincidence?! One thing he had learnt from young was there was no such thing as coincidence. There was always a plan, it was just we humans struggled to understand it and mislabelled it as coincidence. And from where he was standing, it was not him having the coincidences with Khushi but Naanav. He would need to pay more attention to both of them when he saw them next, he had decided.


With a new found resolved, he walked back to his car. Just as he was about to switch on the ignition, he saw a couple walking towards khushi's house. He studied them closely ' it was a tall lanky man with glasses and a strange white trousers. Akash?! Here? How romantic, he thought but what was Akash wearing?! That is why the car was here, he breathed a sigh of relief. Naanav was not here for Khushi and there was nothing going on. Until a small voice reminded him that there were two people walking and not just Akash. He looked again and almost choked. Payalji!!!


If Payalji was out with Akash then who was actually in with Khushi? Naanav?! So there was definitely something going on between the two. Naanav would not do anything he did not want to and as far as he knew, would not hide either. So the fact that if Naanav was in Khushi's room and still there, it would have to be because part of him wanted to be there too.


Only one way of finding out, NK thought. He picked up his phone and dialled Naanav's number. It rang for a considerable time before Naanav picked up. His voice not disguising his anger.


"What is it you want? It's past midnight. NK make it important."


"Happy New Year, Naanav."


"Did you just call me for this?!"


"Well I did try coming to your room to wish you but somehow you were not there. And I wasn't sure whether you were home or not. So I thought of calling."


NK heard a silence and a slight fidgeting of sheets. maybe bangles clicking.


"Naanav, are you ok?"


"Yes, I was just in the middle of some work. Er, that's why I had to leave immediately. Yes, something that I needed to clarify at the office. So that's why I'm not home."


"Really, Naanav?"


"NK why would I lie?! Now get to the point. Did you just call me to wish me new year or was there something else?"


NK thought for a moment. There was definitely something going on between Khushi and Naanav. He was now 98% sure but still the 2% niggled him slightly.

"I needed some advice Naanav, I went to Khushi's house but she didn't seem interested in me. And she was definitely not interested in my gift. Maybe she has someone else? Do you know who it could be?"


"Well, didn't I tell you that she is a strange woman. And what made you think she would like red flowers, in the first place?!"


Bingo!!! He was now 100% sure.


"Naanav, how do you know I gave her red flowers? Is Khushiji with you?" more ruffling of sheets and movement. 


"Why would I be with her?! Didn't I just tell you I'm at the office working and besides, I don't believe in the nonsence of needing to see the person I cared about's face on new year so that we will be together for the rest of our lives. I make my own fate and not follow some stupid belief."


NK heard slight movement and may have heard a female gasp. He squeezed the phone closer to his ear to hear more and immediately regretted it. Naanav's voice thundered through the phone.


"And the red flowers ' it is just something that you would do, NK. Now stop talking and let me get back to important work. I'll catch up with you later on today. Bye."



NK sat with the phone still glued to his ear. He could sense a strange hollowness in him, yet it was also mixed with happiness. If Naanav was interested in Khushi and vice versa, he was pleased. He knew Naanav was a stern man but he had a heart of gold. And Khushi, well she was just so sweet like jalebi and full of happiness like her name. They would make a wonderful pair, he thought but maybe with little less expression of anger all the time.

He was now a man on a mission. Not to win Khushi's heart ' it seemed that it had already found its rightful owner. If it was true that Naanav and Khushi had something going on between the two of them and he now could safely disregard mere coincidences, then something was definitely stopping them from voicing their feelings out in the open. He was now going to find out why and just maybe, he could be the wind beneath their love's wings!!!!

With that thought, he made his way home. It was definitely going to be an excellent year for him!!!

Part 2:

Part 3:

What do you think?! Sorry if there are some spelling or grammatical mistakes. Typed it in a hurry as just had these thoughts flowing. pointed out.. I'll be writing an accompanying OS from Arnav and khushi's POV to explain the ruffling of sheetsWink... possibly update tomorrow!

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Dancing Woohoo! Nanhneji! Aap bohot clever ho! Linking up all these 'coincidences'… He is a sweetheart isn't he? Embarrassed What an OS! It had all the feelings, all the emotions that NK will probably feel when he realises the truth. I felt for him a lot, it was a bittersweet realisation, but NK being NK he always does the right thing, bringing those two lovebirds together Day Dreaming

Wonderfully written, it completely flowed! 2 parts really cracked me up, one was this line, "it was a tall lanky man with glasses and a strange white trousers" and the second was ahem! Mr.Raizada's 'important' office work! ROFLKeep it going girl! Cos you can write! Clap

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nayika IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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glamourbird Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
dat was awesome!! NK is so intelligent!! LOLLOLLOL

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CDlove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
How sweet of our nanhe ji Big smile nice piece of writing!! Loved it !!

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.Euphoria. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
So lovely! And agree with ^^^ why were Arnav and Khushi still in bed together? Tongue

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hkhb17 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nayika

So much love!

I love N.K and this was just great although I want to know why Khushi and Arnav are still messing around under the sheets if Buaji's not there anymore and Arnav's able to take phonecalls. Hmmm? Wink

definitely!!!...will be writting an accompanying OS from Arnav's POV and khushi's POV. re: ruffling of this space!!!!

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moonlight99 Senior Member

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Loved it!

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