Part 12 of the story

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Hi, Sorry for the delay. This is Continution from last part..........



p with the insp. and then g came to him and p was shocked

and was about to say g...but stopped..and said p where r the

cupboards keys....he said haan woh mere paass hai....then he gave her

the keys but she turned back and siad...tumne gaadi ki chabi bhi de


then she goes and the insp asks him who is she he's like yeh meri

rishtedar hai....


and then the commissioner and umesh came down and then he introduced

the insp to him and they left.....and all this time the insp was

carefully examining p....


then they showed some shaadi ki rasam in think the tikka one....g was

very upset....but p was very happy and looked so cute....

then hitens father had called some rajasthani troupe 4 the

ceremony...then p and others danced .....then someone came and told

something to hiten and hiten went out and g followed him....

outside sheetal told something to him she was angry with him and

left...hiten turned back and saw g....g told him i did not listen to

anything but could figure out that she realised her mistake and left

now u have to c to it that u'll keep sanskruti happy....and she



then in the hall everyone sitting not p ....


the phone ringsd g picks it up and it's anita she like raj tumse

milna chahata hai(raj is the inspector) hum dinner pe milte hai...g

said aaj ok mein to aungi par p ka i cannot promise....


then in their room p was in a hurry and was liek aaj mein meeting ke

liye late hogaya ....breakfast nahi kar paunga.....he's in front of

the mirror and spraying the deo..when g enters and tells him baout

the dinner with anita and he says today i cannot make it....

g is very upset and then she goes back gets his mobile and keys ...p

was examing her sad face and then he said kahan aur kitne baaje aana

hai mujhe bata dena phone pe...


in the office all the men r sitting and p gets a msg from g and he's

not listening to the discussion and the none the chachus ask him what

do u say he' like rs 7 will be ok....they finalise the deal and then

the chachu tell him u go and give hin the file....

he said mujhe g ke saath bahar jana hai ....so tushar will give it...


and when tushar went out with the file and swati rings him and say

she is going to her parents place and he has to comes and tushar says

no first then says ok .....


at the restuarant g comes and anita is there.....she tells him

tumhare woh kahan hai...and anita tells her about hin that he is an


then outside the reataurant....the insp comes and behin him p comes

but they do not know about their arriaval.....

the insp goes to anita and says mein agaya hun something like that

and she introduces him to g as gpm and then says yeh unke pati pm..

p says to the insp...hello......and is shocked ot c him....

g says kya aap log ek dusre ko jante ho....p says nahi...

then they sit..

p is very nervous as he thinks that the insp will tell g

everything...but he doen't and p says meri tabiyat kharab hai ...i'll

leave and g says thodi der ruk jao...

then anita says kuch dim pehle tumhari anniversary thi na...then g

tells he rabout how she was late and manofied p .....p was sos upset

that he was waiting 4 her on the road...she was 4 hrs late....

the insp in his mind says isko kya pata yeh kahan tha.....yeh aur

road pe inka intazar kar raha tha....


the np again says i'll leave and both p-g leaves....

during this conversation p was staring at the insp and he had a smile

on hsi face as he ogt to know how he was......

even anita told him that p was the most popular guy in the college...



then at mittal house p asked g to get him some water

then his mobile rang and some guy told him that the deal is cancelled

as he did not gewt the file and p's like tudshatr ne nahi di and the

guy says i am waiting 4 him from 6 and it's 10 now


the ntushar and swati arives and p brust all his nager on him and

they leave...

g listens to all this and tell p that he was wrong and how bad swati

ust have felt....u should say sorry to them...

then p goes and saysd sorry to tushar and swati is listenning to all

this and then she taunts tushaat and leaves...


then anita arrives and tells g what raj just told her....and g has

tears in her eyes and on the same time she is very angry on p...






anita(a) tells g about allthe things and they even show the

clippings..then p comes and says a tum and g comes to him she is


angry and givrs him some papers p is shocked to c this g is goes


from there and a says

har bar tum hi apni zindagi mein aag lagate ho aur aab bhi tumhi in

sab ke zimmedar ho...


then they show p coming to the room were g is sitting on the bed he

puts his hand on her shoulder and g says don't touch me...and then

tells him p mujhe tum se yeh umeed nahi thi...then tells him tum


ho ...mein apni meeting chod ke tumhare liye bangalore se yahan aayi

aur tum kisi aur ladki ke saath...tum to insaan nahi..then p says

stop it g.he to is very angry on her he says this is not the whole

story which u have heard i was there in the room but nothing of the

sort happened which u think...g says p tum aisa kar sakte ho kyunki

tum mard ho ..p says bas g...

g says agr mein kisi aur ke saath..p gets really angry and lifts his

hand to slap her...

then g says agar sunnane se hi aisa hal hai to agar yeh saach hota

to...p says g pls thire se bolo agar sab ne sun liya to to which g

says sunane do unko ki unka laadla kya gul khila raha hai and leaves

the roon and when she comes out she is shocked even p comes out and

even he is shocked...


all the elders r standing in a line...and they heard all that then g


mein tumhare saath nahi reh sakti...p says to mat raho..

then g compares her attitude towards life with p and says v r


diff and cannot stay together...

g says tum ne mujh se baadla lene ke liye aur meri zindagi barbad

karne ke liye mujhse shaadi ki...p says agar nahi ki hoti to tumhari

zindagi barbad hoti g syas issase aacha to yeh hota ki mein apne

mummy paapa ke ghar shadi ke bina rehti ...

then mummji comes to g and g hugs her and says mein ab nahi reh



and they leave then p goes to his babuji and he leaves..even the

chahu and chachis leave...


then p goes to his chahcus and tries to tell them the truth and 1st

they refuse to listen and tell him to go to g and ask 4 her

forgiveness and atlast they hear to him...and p says meinne khabhi

aap logo ko dhoka nahi diya aur nahi khabie dunga...


the nthey show all the chachus one by one in their room and they all

r worried...

and even MIL and FIL...

at the dinning table the chachus try to explain umesh that p might


right and umesh tells them shut up...


in p-g room p is sitting on the bed...

g comes and p says i am sorry tum intna mental stress mat lo...tum

maa bana ne wali ho aur meri wajah se tum tension mat lo...

meine tumhe stress diya hai aur mein hi tumhara yeh stress dur

karunga...pls give me 1 chance ..g syas kitni baar bar aur har bar

tumne ause toda hai ...ek bar thik hai leki yeh to har bar hua

hai..ab to tumhe aadat pad gayi hai..

p says bas aakhari bar g pls i promise such thing will not happen

again..p tries to hug her but g moves back laughing no...


but it was a dream ...g was not thtere then they show g coming out

and with a suit case everyone is in the ha;; p follows her and tries

to stop her..

umesh says g yeh bag lekar kahan jha rah iho...g says yeh ghar chod

kejha rahi hun


g syas pls babujoi aap mujhe mat rokna mein aapki baat nahi tal


and she goes away...

umesh says to p aaj sham ko sansk ki mehendi ki rasam hai and u have

to get g here by 7:30pm and p says no...

umesh says u have to get her but p again refuses

umesh says agar nahi laoge to tum bhi yeh ghar chod ke jha sakte

ho..p and othersd r shocked...

p says babuji mein bhi aapka beta hu...agar aap apni baat par ade

rahenge to mein bhi apni baat pe ada rahunga..mein g ko wapas nahi

launga and he leaves.


tomorrow's clippings: sanjay chahu is listening to p ...then samays

father (don't remember

his name) is talking to g...

everyone is sad ...

g,p and chachu in the hospital...even vishakha is standing there



them p and g sitting outsdie on a bench or a platform sort of a


outside the hospital...i think g might have got to know the truth


is asking p for his forgiveness or might be explaining him why all

this happended and will not happen again....something like that but

not sure....





In a gist P was told by SC to go to the hospital for G's check up as

it was his duty to do so. On the other hand RC goes to G and ask her

to go for the check up. He takes her along with him. AC goes to the

club to find V out and then all of them go to the hospital. After P &

G comes out after the check up they meet everybody including V. Then

obviously V tells them everything and later they come out and

reunites. G didn't say sorry to P for which I am happy. They they

will be back in the house in the evening for S's mehendi rasam. Later

they will have one romantic cute scene where they will discuss

whether they will have a boy or a girl. Then P picks her up and lays

her on the bed for her rest. Next morning some of P's friends come

over and ask him to go to the club. P refuses as he had to go with G

for Samay's project meeting. The friends starts making fun of him and

calls him 'biwi ke paloo se bandhi hai' or something like that. He

calls up G and tells her he won't be able to make it and obviously G

gets mad at him for this. The episode ends there.

Tom. again another fight maybe and our whole weekend will be spoiled

again. Hope this helps.

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DETAILED UPDATE:1) the 3 muskeeters (chachus) are worried how to unite our 2

great lovers when Rajesh chachu hits on an idea & tells his brothers

abt it.

2) RC goes to G's house & tells her I hvn't come to change yr

mind but we elderly ppl care a lot abt u youngsters & esp. since u

are expecting u hv forgotten u hd a dr's apptmt today & will hv to

come along with me. G goes with him.

3) P is packing his stuff & Sanjay Chachu tells him he cares abt

G & when she goes to the Dr he shd be with her everytime. P says if

she is not bothered abt me, then why shd I bother. SC angrily tells

him don't lie u love her a lot & are only fooling yrself. Beside G

also loves him a lot.

4) Ajay C goes to the club & searches for Vishaka & finds her

5) G goes to Dr Rajani who asks her abt P & G hesitantly says he

is busy in a meeting. Dr says shd we wait for him. G says no u can

start with the check-up. When Dr comes out after the check up she is

surprised to see P sitting. She asks him why didn't he come early he

says he was busy in a meeting. Dr says this is more imp. P says is

everything fine with the baby. Dr says baby is fine, u'll have to

take full care of Mrs. Mittal, her diet, etc, esp. ensure she is


of tension. P & G stare at each other for a long time. P then

tells Dr I'll take full care of her & they leave

6) They come out & are surprised to find the 3 musketeers with

Vishaka. RC introduces G to Vishaka & says she is come to clear yr

doubt. P says no need, if someone cannot believe her husband then

what will she believe this woman. AC gives him their kasaam & tells

him to keep quiet. P says Chachu & turns his back. Vishaka tells G,

Mrs Mittal P was upset & drunk that day & was not in his senses. He

was only thinking abt u & somehow we landed in the hotel & god knows

how the police landed up. He realised his mistake & didn't even

touch me, because he was only thinking abt u. I came only because I

didn't want a man who loves his wife a lot shd be mistrusted by his

own wife. & V goes away. P & G stare at each other. Looking at them

staring the 3 muskies leave too.

7) G comes out of the hosp. to where P is sitting & sits beside

him. P looking ahead says now you'll says main sharminda u, I am

sorry. How many times G……G says I will say no such thing…P stares at

G. If u did no wrong then perhaps I wld have said I am sorry. P

says inspite of me being proved innocent...G says did u go to the

hotel room with that girl or not. P says yes, but I was drunk. G

says that is no excuse, the very thought u went to the hotel room

indicates u thought abt it, maybe u controlled yrself later. P

keeps quite. He says whats happens to our marriage. G says our soch

is diff & for 2 ppl whose thinking is diff then, one shd either

change their ways or both shd part ways….. Both remain quite for

someime. Then P says "Ghar chalen ?"

Sanskrutti is brought out to put mehendi & she is visibly

upset. So is everyone they all look at each others face & to the

door. Suddenly the most beautiful couple appear (P & G) & everyone

is joyous. Gayatri goes to the 2 of them & hugs them. UM, RC &

everyone stare at them happily. Mehendi is being put on S's hands.

Music is switched on & SC ropes in G to dance who is shy to dance &

slowly moves to a corner. Later P is dancing with everyone &


finds S in tears & hugs her. Later P moves to where G is standing &

they both stand in silence watching everyone dance. Then they look

deeply into each other's eyes & P thinks "Frm tdy we will start a


life" G thinks " I too will try not to bring any bitterness into our

relationship & they both smile at each other.

9) G is removing her bangles in front of the dresser/mirror when

P comes in & says G I told u umpteen times yet u don't seem to take

care of yrself. G says where am I doing any work. P says did I say

any work ? Dr says u have to sleep on time, eat on time & take


of rest. G says I am going to sleep only. P says good & turns to

keep his watch when he finds G still trying to adjust her hair &

clothes. He shakes his head (BTW he is wearing a new dark green

kurta) & carries her in his arms. G says what r u doing. P says if u

don't listen I have to personally see to it that u go to sleep & he

gently places her on the bed. & goes over to his side & lies down

beside her. He asks G what do u want a boy or a girl. G says boy.

P says no a cute, sweet little baby girl. G says ok baba but now can

I sleep. He says very good I tell u to sleep & u now tell me the

same. G says ok baba, thanks for telling me to sleep. Goodnight. P

smiles & says Goodnight & they turn their backs to each other &


(Note inspite of all that romantic talk they never forgot their

trademark back turning while sleeping)

10) P wakes up (as usually adorable in the mornings) & finds G

not around. He says to himself G will never listen, she somehow


some work to do. At that moment G walks in with his tea & says get

ready soon, there is a meeting in the office. P says ok I'll get

ready by 10 . G says P why don't u finish yr meeting quickly & then

we'll work on S's project & go for the meeting together. P says knew

u will work hard & have work lined up for me. Ok Milord as u say.

Now can I have tea. G smiles. In betw he said something abt carrying

her in his arms & making her do her work, didn't really get that


11) When P goes to the office, he finds an employee Mr. Dave

pleading with Samay & Gautam to give him leave since his wife was

pregnant, something, something. S & G are hesitant when P walks in &

grants leave to the jubilant Mr. Dave. P then tells him r u guys

expectant fathers. They both shake their head, P says then u both

won't understand an expectant father's problems. Samay & Gautam look

at each other bemused & shake their head as if they understood.

12) As P is getting into his car, he meets Hiten & 2 new

friends. P is happy to see them & ask them when they came frm New

York. They says just now & come on lets go to the club & catch up. P

says no, I have to go with my wife for an imp. Meeting. They say

come on, what are u tied to yr biwi's pallu & P says no nothing like

that, but I promised my wife. They coerce him saying we are meeting

after a long time & P says ok I'll call my wife.

13) G is waiting impatiently for P when he calls & G thunders,

where r u P, waiting for u, don't u remember we hv to go 4 that

meeting. P says that's why I called, u go along, I cannot make it.

G gets annoyed saying why. P says I hv to go to the club since my

friends frm New York hv come. G gets angry & shouts on the phone

saying Bas, this is yr usual problem. More than work u think of yr

friends. P says now don't start an argument. U go for the meeting &

yes I maybe late home tonight. Don't wait dinner for me. G gets

angryThe end


Tmrw snippets

P & G are upset with each other I think abt the club thing

Later I think Gayatri does a patch up work

Later P is smiling when he is talking to G

Actually the snippets were in reverse order, but one can tell this


the sequence of tmrw's episode







1) P is at the club with his friends & enjoying. In betw, one of

the N.Y returned friend ask him yr wife doesn't come with u. P says

no, she doesn't like to come to the club. She is diff. She is

conservative. She takes care of the business & the entire house &

does not like going out like this faltoo


2) Here G finishes her meeting & tells her client Its, 11.30 & I

am late He says I'll drop u. I hope u hv no problem if I pack up

some food on the way. G reluctantly agrees

3) They both arrive at the club & Hiten sees G standing & says

Gauri Bhabhi. P turns round & sees G & is shocked. The other friend

says so this is G bhabhi. U said she was conservative. P stares at

him in irritation. He goes to G & says G u here, G says haan. P says

u shd hv been at home at this time. G says even if u shd have been

home at this time. P says leave my topic, u shd be asleep now, u are

pregnant. G raises her voice & says even u are an expectant father.

If u can tie me down don't think u can be free. Everyone stop their

dancing & look at the 2 of them. The N.Y. ret friends of P smile

slyly. P & G continue to argue when Mr. Sehgal the client comes &

says Mr. Mittal u here, but Mrs Mittal u said he wasn't feeling

well. G smiles hesitantly & says he wasn't well. Mr. Sehgal says in

any case yr husband is here so I need not hv to drop u & goes. G

tells P angrily Tdy because of u I had to look like a Liar in front

of Mr. Sehgal. Then starts another spat with onlookers.

4) G comes to Gayatri who is I think arranging flowers. G says

Mummyji I want to talk to u. Gaytr says Haan tell me, without

turning & continuing with her work. G hesitates & says Kuch Nahi &

turns to go. & Gaytri goes to her & says what happened what do u wish

to say. Sit down. G says I am not able to adjust with P, we are both

diff. Mum says u think like that but it is not true. G says no,

Mum says wait, sit there I'll just come. She comes back later

holding P's hand & makes him sit next to Gauri. She says Tdy I want

to talk to both of u. With mother-children there is always love &

respect. Hvr tdy I want to be a friend to both of u & advise u both

as a friend. In every husband-wife relationship goes thru 3 phases,

1) is when they fall in love & begin to see a new life with each

other the next is understanding & tolerating each other and third is

when they become parents. U ppl have reached the 3rd stage now of

to be parents. P says NO mom, we haven't even crossed the 2nd stage.

We don't understand each other. Gayatri says u both understand each

other but don't want to adjust , don't want to change yrselfs. Both

are adamant at their side. U ppl are no more college-going P & G. U

are now family ppl. U ppl have to keep away your own bitterness & the

family bitterness. P says but our paths are different then Gayatri

says leave yr paths & build a new road. G says but P doesn't listen

to be. Gaytri says If he doesn't u take the first step & listen. U

bend a little, let him bend a little & slowly, little by little live

each others lives & see the other's pt of view. She says yr babuji &

I used to fight a lot but we never let our fights leave our bedroom

because we did not want others especially the children to go thru

tension because of us. Slowly by slowly we learnt to adjust with

each other. P & G realize what she says is right & P says Ok & both

stand up. Gayatri hugs both of them & says think abt what I said &

all the best to u both.

5) In their room P & G are pondering on Gayatri's words &

slowly keep staring each other & again remember Gayatri's words. P's

mobile rings & his friend says P in a hurry u forgot abt deciding

tmrw's programs. P says no Karan, I won't go anywhere, I want to

spend maximum time with Gauri. G is happy to hear this & smiles. P

smiles back too. He says Gauri its time for yr medicine & gets the

tablet & glass of water & hands it to her. As G picks up the tablet,

she pauses & says Thanks Pratham. He smiles at her as she takes her

medicine. P then tells G U want me to tell the client I was not

well. G says its ok, I'll tell him u were not well & yr friends took

u to the club to change yr mood. P says Ma says to change our

pathway. Frm now on I'll try to change my path. G says & I will give

u company on that journey. They both smile & the background song

plays "Chahat ki pehchaan main doongi" At the end, P holds G's face

tenderly in his palms & brings her head to his shoulder & holds her.

6) P & G are in the car, happy with each other. Suddenly an

auto comes in front & breaks & P had to break too & stop the car.

Both are stunned. First thing P asks G are u alright. She nods. P

gets angry & gets out of the car & fights with the auto driver. G

gets off as he is abt to hit the guy & tries to stop him. P says G u

don't come in between & he continues to shout at him. Just then a man

stops P & says it isn't his fault I told him to go slowly as my wife

is pregnant. P stops & he and G stare at each other & go back to the

car. Later he drops G at her meeting place. He tells G after u

finish, call me up, I'll come & pick u up. G says u don't worry I'll

ask Samay Bhaiya to drop me. P says no u call me & I'll come. G

smiles & says "ok Mr. Ziddi". He smiles. At the meeting Samay & the

client are waiting. G says I am sorry I am late. The client says u

are very late, but lets start the meeting.

7) P passes by a Just Born shop. He goes in & browses around.

He sees some cute little baby chimes & is lost in thought. He looks

around & says "He is not even born & I don't know what to buy" The

sales girl overhears him & says I know what u'll need. She brings

out a few pregnancy books & hands it to P. P quickly scans thru a few

& smiles & tells her to pack all.

8) G is in the meeting when P calls & says G are u sitting or

standing. G says betw her teeth, I am in a meeting are u are asking

me whether I am sitting or standing. Samay who was sitting next to

her overhears. P says tell me If u are standing hold something &

stand & if ua re sitting sit straight. This is what is written in the

book on child care Tell me are u sitg or standg. G says sitting.

I'll talk to u later & disconnects the phone. P gets irritated & says

here I am sitting in the office & reading pregnancy books for her

sake & she disconnects the line. After sometime he calls again &

says hv u finished yr meeting G says no its going on. P says going

on ? don't take on so much load, tell Samay bhaiya to handle the rest

& u leave the meeting. G says I'll call u back & disconnects again. P

gets irritated again. G tells her client can I use yr computer. He

says of course. She goes to the computer when her phone rings

again. Samay picks it up & hands it to her. G disconnects the

phone. P gets annoyed.


Tmrw snippets.

P wakes up & smiles to himself & knocks his head lightly.

G gives tea to Gayatri

G & Gayatri are discussing something which is making Gayatri very


Gayatri happily tells UM something

P & G are on the bed & P gets out upset frm the bed & G watches him

dejectedly (I think this will be the first scene on Monday








.i know it was expected that gauri may have a miscarriage but soo

sooni mean it was like a shock.well it so happened...

gauri finishes the meeting and hands over the charge to samay and

bcoz samay has some work she leaves alone saying that p is waiting

for her.p reaches home and asks raghu to call g.he says she has not

come. p gets angry and upset so he calls samay.s says that she has

left alone.so p gets more angry.in the meantime g comes home with a

gift and keeps it on the table.p comes and she apologizes to p and

tells him that she has handed over the charge to samay.she says over

and over again.p justs goes and sits on the bed sulking.g takes out a

brown teddy bear and talks to it as if it is her baby.and tells it

that it is like p coz he has anger on his nose.and they start teasing

each other.ultimately both are happy and kiss the teddy.next day is

sanskruti's engagement and everyone is dancing.p doent let g

dance.hiten gets a call and he leaves.g (nosy as she is) goes behind

him and p follows. she asks p to follow him saying that he must have

gone to meet shital.he gets angry and refuses so in a fit of anger

she goes behind h.p follows her they drive pretty fast.g hurts herslf

when the car bumps but she goes on.p comes near her car and tells her

to slow down but she loses control and drives straight into a tree

and falls off. p rushes towards her and goes to the hospital.his

family is there. the doc says they cant say anything and then later

says that g is safe but they couldnt save the baby.p is shattered.he

goes to see g. he gently touches her forehead. and takes her hand in

his and kisses and rubs her hand over his face. that time he hears

the doc talking to UM, that if she didnt drive rashly and didint have

the accident they could save the baby.p gets angry on hearing this.

so he leaves.he comes home and is just on the verge of tears. he sees

his and g's pic taken in goa and then the teddy. he sees a girl

sitting there and she is crying she says"papa aap mujhe rok sakte the

par aab mujhe jaana hi hoga"( dad u could have stopped me but now i

have to go).he remembers the time g brought the teddy and when he was

cradling his dumbles.etc but he cant do anything. there is a sad song

in the background.

tomm's clippings show g crying with p's mom, she is leaving the

hospital when there is a couple taking their child,p is crying

bitterly on hid dad's lap and p and g are sleeping both with their

back towards each other and crying.








g in the hosp and mummyji goes inside and both cry and g was too


in it it was soo natural...then she sees a guy outside and the sis

gives him his child and he is soo happy and pyaar karofying him


makes g even more sad then mil tries to make her stop crying but all

in vain....


then cd and bd r crying and sc comes and tells umesh that p has

locked him up so u go and samjaofy him...then umesh goes and tells p

that u have lost your child but even i have lost my pota.....and




in the hosp. kavita chachi and her hubby talk to the doc and he


them she is fine but mentally she is very distrued so pls don't let

her think about the child....

outside they r going when a couple comes with their child and g sees

it and is just straing at it...omg she was 2 good it seemed as if in

reality she lost her own child....she didnot even blink but just

looked at the child....


at mittal house she enters and every1 is there except p ....then

comes outside and c's g and wants to console her and comes near g


then g starts crying but p cing her goes away from there and g just

looks at him and then sits down crying bitterlyt......


in the bedroom p hugs the pillow and then pops inside his bed


the pillow in the middle then g comes and lies down c's the pillow

and starts crying p knows about it and he turns to her side but he

was late g turned away and was still crying p picked up the pillow

and threw it away....


at the table next day umesh tells every1 not to cry and it would


g remember more of the child.....


p in the off. is dreaming himself with a girl that small girl shown

yesterday she is in his hansd and then g comes and takes her away

from him ...at that time samay was telling him about the

project...but he was not listening.....


in the mittal house g in the bedroom and one of the chachi coems


gives her the tablet and g is standing like a murda lash...she goes

out side and cries(the chachi)


there g dreams of p with a baby boy and is throwing him up and then

catching him....and g telling him not to do that as he might fall

down bbut p does not listen and the child falls down and g runs


but no one wa sthere......


p at the beach and remembering those scenes where g tells him to

follow hiten and then they show g crying even p is ....the nthey


t that music which they gave in the background when p changed to the

old one....

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