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Is bidaai sequel a closed chapter?...

saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 12:12am | IP Logged

Is bidaai sequel a closed chapter?..


i know this is the question thats popping up  in  the mind when the wait of its coming back has long crossed its time span..


More than a year since its ended and now a new year but nothing from the PH which is launching new shows...


All channels doing their best to capture viewers concepts and recently life ok has joined in with its new shows ..viewers are getting so many variety of shows for entertainment..


i dont think SP will like to venture in a sequel at this point of time where competition is in full swing between the channels..sequels very rarely get the needed success...agree or disagree this TV industry is like a battle many production houses nowadays...all lining up to produce new actors..experienced actors coming back...all want to be a winner at the end in this TRP race...


The question comes back so why the need of sequel?..


This is my personal views i will love to remember the show  as an iconic did became one after it went off got the needed success though with new entries and new storyline.. its not hidden that i have appreciated more the post leap story.its not just because i'm an apoorva fan but the story of post leap was one heart touching one.a father-daughter bond though not having blood relation..a stranger in ragini's life but became her lifepartner forever in the end..their subtle romance ..their pure love story captured my many beautiful moments to cherish from the leap and anmol-ragini will always be one of my most adorable couple on screen...

If rajan sir wants to launch new shows so i wish him best of luck..he has brought apoorva as anmol in bidaai will always thanked him for that as he made the right choice to give his show another boost up ..he was satisfied with the end result as viewers accepted the show even after a leap..definitely apoorva as anmol contributed to the success of the show..

All the bidaai actors too have moved to greener pastures ...all moving on from their first show and characters they portrayed ..i think thats the role of an actor to try new avatars to showcase his/her talent..get new recognition and make the progress in his/her career..

All the best to all of them and same goes for apoorva who is coming soon in a new show..i wish same for parul too and soon she makes a comeback on screen in a role as remarkable as ragini..she is talented and i'm sure she will capture viewers heart..

For me i'm moving on from the expectation  and wait of seeing bidaai back ..i'm watching new shows esp life ok ones which is getting my interest as most of the concepts of these shows are related to real hope still remains though to get to see apoorva.parul on screen in a near future portraying new characters in a new show as they make one outstanding couple on screen..both talent and chemistrywise...

This is my POV as why i'm not waiting anymore for a sequel but to remember and cherish the beautiful moments that has made me adored anmol-ragini in the leap...

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 12:39am | IP Logged
If Not Bidaai Sequel Than It Can Come Back With A Diffrent Story.

Like Choti Bahu 2. On Zeetv. It's Competely Diffrent From The First One.

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 12:44am | IP Logged
You have sai my word.. I gave a lot of explanation here let me put it again here

This is a corporate world be it technology or media

Every where there are policies and strategies applied in a media industry with channel  production houses and all that bracketed with it..

Shows are always on " want " and "need" basis and the A-Z which goes along with it ...

So for a show to make a new season or conceptually needed or whatever needs a whenever which is decided by a big panel , but with times where  concepts are flourishing with more dimensions and broader areas and viewership its all done with time and  requirements and the growth which the two commodities look for i.e. Production House and Channel..

Bidaaii as a show took a risk of a leap and emerged successful and ended at No1,,Yet axed when shows never get axed when they are at No1 atleast in recent times or even way down in TRP history it has never happened..So that is unanswerable by people who write TRP clauses also I presume  Its gone into history books, if the leaf is ever opened again it will be whenever, and with so much happened it may never for the longest time thats my opinion..

All I can say is I thank Rajan ji to have given Apurva a chance to work in the show Bidaaii and show his beautiful talent and give growth to a show  amazing character Anmol worked for the show worked for the success, hope to see him back again whenever..The team the characters were amazing thoroughout the 3 year tenure and they all got their needed prominence.

Every show needs a lot of planning and people to work on it, Atleast with so much happening in television industry its all by requirement and need bases and it may not happen in the near future,

Also there are policies which work around of anything related to everything so same may go with Bidaaii or any show which is given a timeline and its future if needed.

As a viewer or a fan we can always wish for a show to come back with the actors we wish to see,
Starplus has its own policies, other channels have their own . So each channel has its strategy and its plan to show its show , They are the ones who give the final call. PH will work in collaboration with the channel and also what the focus of viewership what the common man is looking for , So when they do that its all finally their call

RS says Whenever since he is not the one who can call on by himself it needs A to Z for that and believe me its not so easy so he cannot wait forever as he is running a company and he needs to see what other demands in his todolist are and he follows that.

So only I can say according to my knowledge and understanding is at present it may not be possible and from what i gather from all his interviews and my understanding is  AtoZ is needed to make it happen again i.e. Bidaaii returning and with commitments the span and duration may take longer than one can anticipate 

Well Starplus or RS who decided to put an end to the show what was discussed behind close doors no one knows exact facts and they would'nt want to give details as all goes by policies and COC, Other channels work on their policies and Starplus on its so to keep a show to continue to pause to bring it back is all left to them.

Maybe now things have changed and viewers are kaleidoscope to variety and thats what entertainment industry digs in to offer.

For me I ma enjoying shows on LifeOK , There are what takes me back my time when I started watching critically shows no specific person or jodi just plain with understanding, and I am enjoying it
When someone whom I admire comes on the channel I will see it , but the channel is giving me what I was missing for a while I guess and as a viewer look at it as a platter for variety.

Same goes with any show so again for Bidaaii to come a breakthrough maybe needed and the dimension it could offer again

These are always the criteria of a show to work and viewers to get attracted  the end viewers watching any show with what it offers

also all the actors get committed to other shows and other channels as leads its a commitment for them in dotted lines and contracts , there are some laws which are followed otherwise penalties  will be there ..

In case of ZeeTV and Choti Bahu the actors main leads were not committed to any other show and the duration of wait was shorter..Actors are indispensable unless bounded by contracts and told with Bidaaii their actors were free from contract once the show ended or for some more duration thinking that they will be called in for a sequel or whatever reason , that did'nt happen and so they have moved on and are leads in other shows, with such contracts its not possible to pull them out and break negotiations and pull them to do another show affecting the show they are working n if they wish to be committed 
I second your thoughts and with all that was said I guess its RS and PH's call and they will make the decision if needed thats the criteria ,,and believe me what one channel does or what policy it follows is not what another channel does thats the THUMB RULE otherwise why should there be cut throat  competition and the race to get grps every week..

And there are many articles which are seeing different breakthroughs which are attracting viwers so revisiting old ones with new concept need more valid reasoning when newer ones are workibg as eyeball catchers.

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 1:12am | IP Logged
Agree with your POV.. "what one channel does or what policy it follows is not what another channel does thats the THUMB RULE otherwise why should there be cut throat  competition and the race to get grps every week.."

And there are many articles which are seeing different breakthroughs which are attracting viwers so revisiting old ones with new concept need more valid reasoning when newer ones are workibg as eyeball catchers. "
Thats the reality..its not like this channel is doing a sequel we must do it never works like this..each one has its strategy management..
For SP to end bidaai on a high was their decision..why they are not bringing it back i think they have a valid reason too..a show which has given them lots of recognition till its end its obvious they will think twice before coming up with a second season..a lot of risk factor is there ..what if the viewers dont have the interest anymore esp when they have lots on their plate for i'm talking about the mass who watch TV at home we call them the TRP junta not onliners ..
SP have launched shows that are garnering good TRPS for them and its in leading slot ... many shows in the  pipeline so where a sequel will fit ini  dont see it happenning ...Rs too wont sit idle waiting for a green signal as its the channel call too..its his right to launch new shows..he has a PH and his job is to create new concepts for the channels and move on in his business..

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 January 2009
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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Well needed post Saveeta.

Though my wish for bidaai 2 continues ,i am not so much dwelling on that.also moving on to face reality.

But for me bidaai is and was the best ever show i watched. Be it a beautiful sisters and brothers bonding or a beautiful love track of anmol anamika and heart touching story of anmol ragini ,each one is class apart.

Those were the time when i watched bidaai's every episode and retelecast too.

From Sharmaji family to Rajvansh family just love each character ,the actors were all perfect in their characters. And Apurva's entry as Anmol just added new flavor to the show.

My favorite being Anmol Anamika track and Anmol Ragini track.Both different in it's own way but was unique .

I feel anmol ragini track was left incomplete wished they continued for 3 more months and showed ragini's love for anmol .Ragini didn't open her heart completely to show how much anmol special to her.

But coming to the present ,every actors from bidaai are working in some shows and are enjoy working there. Now its turn of apurva ,just waiting for his new show.

But miss Parul ,for whom i continued to watch bidaai even in post leap ,i am waiting to see her another brilliant performance.

I watch some new shows though not regularly but it still not attracted me like bidaai. But hope i can fall in love with some shows in future.

But at present i love to watch my angini scenes again and again ,it still fresh and gives me so much happiness watching it.And i am ready to accept whatever, if bidaai 2  comes or not.

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 January 2005
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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Krithika well said,

At the end of the day all we can do is wait patiently, we are the end viewers and the entertainment industry be it small screen or large one is there to give stories, concepts and characters and actors who portray them , If a need is there for a sequel it will be adhere to at the time they wish to bring it.
Untill then we will have to enjoy what was already shown and if anything interest you in future enjoy that

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 August 2010
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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
nice POV krithika..
so agree with you on not dwell on too much and time to face reality also..
whether it will come or not  ..we cant predict it esp when the  TV industry is evolving at a fast pace...every now and then new shows are lining up from production houses on almost all channels to entertain the viewers..
its better to move on gradually from this wait  and to cherish these beautiful moments that has made us admire angini and the leap..

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged
well said friends agree with you all.. I just want to move as i can't see bidaai2 is back in near future. So this days i am trying with many serials... But nothing didn't attract me like bidaai.. I agree what krithika pen down here.. Bidaai had it's own beauty... Which any other serials couldn't show it yet to me.. The simplety of bidaai capture my heart..
I start to enjoy alekh sadhna's story.. Specially alekh.. Then ragini ak parul who tied me in to this beautiful serial.. Next it was angini.. Apuva's entry add more colourz to the serial.
What ever RS and PH do the last 'yes' should be from the channle..
As TRP's are ruling this industry bidaai was in a good TRP reating untill it end.. So we have a hope...

And yeah i think RS won't make bidaai another eakta's show.
Hope when ever bidaai back will see angini back in it as still angini love story isn't complete yet...
But untill that i wish to see apurva & parul as a couple in any good serial.
Best of luck for RS new show..

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