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Friday Jan 20, 2012 episode

Chellams is sick, missing Bharathy. Appa dear tries to feed her but she doesn't want food. Seashore and Pearl Beauty visit her with Kannamma aka Ratna and while PB goes to make kanji, chellams konjufies Ratna. She feeds her with bottle milk and Aavudai suggests they leave Ratna with chellams for a few days but PB snatches the baby and walks off. Seashore wants to take action against Vadai but chellams says it was her own decision to hand over Bharathy since she knows dad and daughter bonded much when Vadai was recuperating while chellams was working.

Chithappu is meeting his new brother in law in a restaurant and discussing marriage with joLLu. Kattadurai is privy to this conversation and he comes and pOttu kuduthufies to Vadai. Vadai stops chithappu when he enters the house and questions him if this isn't too much. Indha vayasula idhellaam thEvaiyaa? Chithapoo says he is also a human being and vayasaana kaalathula oru thuNai vEndaama? Vadai says it is all nonsense and he knows that chithaps has his best intentions at heart but he is no mood to marry again. aiyOda, he thinks the bride is for himself. Chithappoo also says aiyoda in his mind.

Vasu and amudha joLLing in their room. Amudha apologizes to Vasu saying all she did was out of loveuu for vasu and Vasu says he knew that. How asks amudha. Vasu says the other day when u insulted me in ur office, I went out and came back again for something and saw you crying on the side. I knew that you regretted talking harshly to me and it was all an act. Baby or no baby, I will never leave you. Let us start a new life and just as they are about to do that, they hear the mookkuthi illaa lady's outcry; seems her brother mandaiyai pOttufied in oor and she is sad. Vasu says didn't you wish for him to be dead. But mom says it is different when he is actually dead. It won't look good if we do not go and so let us go and asks Amudha to hold the fort while mom and son go attend the funeral.


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Nithya.. gr8 escapee..

Republic Day Special Programs.. Clap

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Wednesday 25.01.2012
Sorry for the late update...
The scene starts with CM waiting near Kalai's home to see Bharathi. Kattadurai takes the baby and show it to CM. CM konchufies Bharathi with tears. Kattadurai feels sad and asks CM to take the baby with her. CM refuses and tells Vadai  will talk ill abt her if she takes the baby with her. She tells she will come and see the baby like this if she wants to see and  gives the baby to Kattadurai and leaves with tears.
MA feeds Kannamma who is playing with cell phone. Maniarasu comes and updates the marraige for Beach and Sneha.  MA's mom scolds Sneha and asks MA to accompany her to Sneha's home for asking justice. MA gives the baby to Mani and leaves to Sneha's home.
In Kalai's home Kattadurai updates her about the CM's visit. Kalai feels sorry for CM and tells CM gave birth to two babies but one died. If that baby is alive  then CM will be happy for having that baby atleast. Kattadurai spills the beans that Kannamma is alive and Vadai also aware of that. Kalai gets lifetime shock. Kalai goes to Vadai and scolds him for not telling the truth to CM. Vadai tells he will find that baby by sure. Kalai asks him to find soon so that they can give the baby
to CM. Vadai opposes for that decision. Kattadurai gets furious and tells he will find the baby before Vadai and gives it to CM and leaves. Vadai stares at him in anger.
MA and her mom goes to Sneha's home and fights with her. MA's mom blackmails Sneha that she will give police complaint if Beach marry Sneha. Sneha turns the plate and blackmails MA that  she will hang if they stop the marriage and she will write letter that MA is responsible for her death. She tells MA that she will not interfere b/w MA and Beach after marriage but if MA
denies then she will die and send MA to jail so that both MA and Sneha can't live with Beach. MA and her mom shocked on heraing this.
Screen Freezes...

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Yaarumae illadha forum la yaarukkuma update ezhudhanum?

Arrey...Waaah!!!!...What a kanravi epsiodeDeadDeadSorry friends...Mokkai update dhaan innaikku...indha epsiode kku indha update pohum...

Thavasi and beach jodi ya water beatings...Thavasi  says "this kaila kattu is becoz of ur brother bell.."...Beach shcoked..Why adichan?...Thavasi says he didnt like my presence here...adichan and also thittinan...and he tried to kill me daughtervsaved me from that...

Loosu Beach shouts...who is he to interfere in my matters?...u should have asked him...Thavasi says kettene...adhukku he quesionjed me back...who r u to ask me this nnu...beach solludhu...solla vendiyadhu dhaana naan yaaru nnu... Thavasi says i told him...Adhukudhaan indha nilamai...

Thavasi uses this ituation and says u marry sneha...Then i will seethat bell...Beach says u have full urimai in that company...u can do wahtever u want...Thavasi says i am not worried abt my urimai...i want u to marry sneha..Appodhaan oor makkal will not say sneha is ur vappatti...not pondatti...Thavasi says just say yes maappu...nalaikke yerpadu panren...beach edho oru sound kudutharu...adha yes nnu nenechukittu thavasi runs away from the palce shouting...Maapu yes sollitaru..mappu yes sollitaru...LOLLOL

Visagam cleaning her kuppai house...There she sees a box which is locked...Then she starts crying...She opens the box and takes the photo outside...Its ratna's photo...parthu parthu crying...Pearl comes there and visagam hides the photo and starts her cleaning work...

Visagam finds a phone which beach's kolaiveri dialogues are stored...Vadai saaganum...Andha phone is ratna's phone...pearl picks it up and visagam tells her to give back the phone...Pearl takes thephone and runs away...Visagam pinnadiyae running...Pearl's dad says leave that phone...No charge i no problem...

CM in auto...Thinks abt her baby...Auto stops infront of vadai's house...CM aasaiya looks into the house...Auto la utkandhe dhaan...Inside...Ellarum konjing the baby...Konjara sound ketkings outside and and also baby's cry...CM worried.

Karuppu brings the baby outside...CM happy...Karuppu comes and sees CM and CM paasa mazhai pozhinjings...Vandhu baby aa vangi konjings...


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Friday Jan 27th episode.
This episode doesn't warrant any update. I am so sick of this Sneha track.She tries to lock herself in her room and is happily on her bed, threatening to commitSuicide; outside Muthazhaghi and mom are petrified that she shouldn't and then get blamed for that; they give in to accept her as the official sakkaLathi;

Beach comes in and calls Sneha out and slaps her; using this, Thavasi points out that only a person who thinks of himself as a husband will hit his wife and says he will marry Sneha. Beach is silent while Muthazhaghi and mom are stunned. 

Thavasi meets MaNiarasu in a tea shop and brings him up to speed and taunts him saying that beach is going to marry Sneha and that they have his aNNi's approval. Thavasi is surprised and upset.

Vadai finds it difficult to dress Bharathy who keeps crying; he gets angry as well and Kattadurai takes this opportunity to point out that she belongs with chellamma but vadai says no. Kattadurai says what if she starts speaking and asking for her mom and vadai says, I will tell her that her mom is dead.????????? Kattadurai is shocked but chethaps is happy. Vadai grabs bharathy and goes inside. (they shd throw vadai and chithaps out of the house). 

MaNiarasu meets chellams in her garments factory and informs her abt their aNNi agreeing to beach-sneha marriage and chellams is sad and thinks of ways to put an end to it, by her looks.



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Monday January 30, 2012

aaNdavana paarkkaNum
avanukkum kudukkaNum
appO naan kELvi kEkkaNum
sarvEsa update-u ezhudhamudiyudhaa...
sarvEsaa CM nallaa kolluraa...

CM gets out of an auto, asks the auto to wait, gets into MA's parental house.  MA's mother sitting holding her head in her hands.  CM asks for her aNNi.  MA welcomes CM.  CM asks MA to accompany her, without any questions MA is ready to leave.  CM asks her to take the baby, baby's things, clothes for a couple of days.  MA goes inside to pack.  Mother asks whereto to CM.  To arrange for the wedding is CM's reply.  Mother says their acceptance or denial would make no difference in Beach's decision.  MA talks as if she is alright sometimes . Atleast  the maaps will be happy after the wedding says mummyji.  Yes yes very true, the maaps's iLamai thuLLudhu comes a sarcastic retort from CM.  Beach will keep a statue on the beach (nejam beachunga) for his in-laws' after the wedding she adds.  Statue or no statue - everything is over mummy concludes. Now you do not cause any confusion in this requests mummy.  CM will not cause any confusion (adhaanE andhamma oru vazhi paNNiduvaanga)  Pearl comes with the child, bag & baggage.  CM offers to take the child, Pearl refuses to give the child, carry the bag she says.  (very cute acting by Malvika) .  Mummy wants to know what to say when Beach comes and asks for Pearl.  Tell him that his darling sister CM came and took Pearl to arrange for his wedding with Sneha.  He would understand "everything".  CM and Pearl get into the auto and vroom off.

Black having his food in front of the tv watching news.  Art wants some song and dance sequence.  Art feeding Bharathi.  Vadai arrives.  The news shows of a babynabbing gang captured by the police.  Vadai & Black get interested in the news.  ACSR on the news requests parents who have lost their child/children may contact the Commissioner office or the respective police station.  Vadai & Black decide to go to the Commissioner office, but Vadai is a little hesitant - what to answer when the police ask why they never complained earlier.  Black says we can answer whatever they ask.  But Vadai also says that the child should not be given to CM.  Black tries talking that they can have Bharathi while CM can have the other child.  Art asks them to keep their panchayat later, now to go to the police.

Black & Vadai reach AC SR's office.  They complain about their child getting lost.  SR first thinks it is Bharathi, but they tell it is the other twin.  That twin was dead - not really is their answer.  Black Ottufies the story in mute (danks CM team!!) Which station has the complaint been lodged asks SR.  No complaint lodged, actually CM does not even know.  Careless creatures remarks SR.  Vadai intrudes saying they have been searching for the baby.  Borrowing RP's terminology - did you go jalan jalan - every street, town , city asks SR.  If it was CM she would have seen one hand is SR's pov.  We men could not find, how will she find is Vadai' chauvinist remark.  What Nonsense - both SR & I chorus.  (CM thaan Omni aachchudhE) SR wants them to write a detailed complaint first.

Vadai tells Black - no need to lodge a complaint - let us go.  SR asks him not to talk like an idiot.  (naanga firstlEndhu adhudhaanunga)  They cannot search for his child without the complaint.  If tomorrow something happens to the lost child then you will stand first to blame the police department.  Last year alone more than 100 babies have been missing.  There are "intelligent people like you" who thought they can find their baby and never brought it to the notice of the police.  If they had, then this could have been stopped a long time ago.  First trust the police she recommends.  Otherwise all through the year you will have only one job to do - hunt for the lost baby.  Vadai thanks and leaves - without lodging the complaint.  Black goes to the door, rushes back to SR - to request that let CM be ignorant of the lost child for now.  Will notify her after the child is found.  She would worry unnecessarily. No guts to lodge the complaint but making a request - Out - barks SR.  Black runs away.

Beach comes in calling for CM.  CM welcomes him, he asks for Pearl and the baby.  CM brought them here to purchase and arrange for his wedding.  Only Pearl knows his likes and dislikes better.  Why talk like this asks Beach.  CM questions if his actions are all alright?  What did he do , Beach wants to know.  What have you not done, CM begins listing.  Keeping that Thavasi with you, you fought with your siblings, sent your brother out.  Beach wanted Garden to adjust  - he walked out - what to do?  Okay leave that - when is the wedding?  Beach hangs his head.  Wants to know who told CM.  Pearl has accepted and so has her mother.  What else do you need she wants to know.  Beach does not have any idea of marrying anyone.  Once upon a time he did want to marry SS but not now.  CM gets angry and shouts that Beach is lying.  Thavasi called Bell to inform that Beach and SS are getting married on the 13th.  Did this happen without Beach's consent?  

Just one thing - from the day she got married Pearl believed that Beach was her world.  But he did dhrogam and was living with SS.  After Ratna's death she is a walking dead body (lol..mummy...)  Showing that as the reason Beach wants to marry SS now.  What if Beach & Pearl had a role reversal.  If Pearl wanted to marry someone else how would you feel?  Beach changes into thoughtful mode.  Don't you ever dream that you can live happily with SS warns CM.  You can never live in peace for the dhrogam you are doing to aNNi.  Beach accepts that giving a job to Thavasi was the biggest mistake.  Now he sits on his head.  That day when he came and convinced him, it was Beach who did accept.  Now he has a change of mind.  (kshana chiththam kshana piththam) If it is true that he loves Pearl and respects CM's words then go to SS, cancel the wedding and return.  Beach turns to go hears the gurgling noise of the baby, turns to look at the baby holding a bottle of milk , Pearl fast asleep.  He leaves. The screen freezes on the Omni.


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CM tells beach to go and meet thavasi and sneha and inform them that this marraige will not happen...Beach looks at CM..

Construction site...Some ganesan comes to meet beach...kalyana samayal contractor also present...Ganesan says daughter kku i need some money...Beach tells him to go and get 1 lakh from cashier...he says he is going to delhi today...he will back soon and he will defenitely attend his daughter's wedding...Ganesan leaves happily...

Cashier thavasi busy working...Ganesan comes there and he says ayya ungakitta kalyana selavukku 1 lakh money vaangikka sonnaru...Thavasi very happy...Beach and sneha's wedding nnu nenechukittu he syas says...just 1 lakh...??..ok..i'll give...evlo venumnalum u can come and ask me...i'll give u.,..

He says ...DOnt worry abt the selavu...Kalyana mandapam should be very big...Samayal says ont woory abt that...i know lot of good mandapams...Thavasi tells them ellam shouldbe best...Thavasi gives them the money and ganesan and samalayal leaves...

Thavasi goes to meet beach to get some signature...Beach says he is leaving to delhi...Thavasi rombha surusuruppa ularufying abt the wedding...Beach leaves and thavasi thaniya talking...sneha ...ur kannalam jaam jaam nu nadakka poguchu.u r lucky...

AC SR's house...Amudha's manager (i dont know his name...)comes and SR welcomes him ...vaada ulla...He comes in...He is SR's brother...SR asks him abt his wife ...He says why r talking abt her now?...SR says kalyanam senja ozhunga irukanum ...not appadi ippadi ...

Brother and sister fights abt their life...Sister says dont talk abt my life...Think abt sangeetha...Even yesterday she called me...Nee panra kodumai ellam sonna...Someone very soon going to punish u...Brother gives her a paper and asks her sign...SR sign pannicchu...Thambi kelambings...Pogumbodhu he syas he will come on sunday to talk abt sangeetha...

Amudha office kku vanachu...Villi friend jeyanthi  comes and asks what amudha rombha happy ya irukka?...Amudha syas she is the very happiest person now...Amudha says i have decided to u ite with my husband...Villi says but be careful...ur husband unnai pazhi vaangaporaru...

Amudha says my husabnd rombha nalla person...Villi confused...Amudha invites her home...Amudha says she wants to resignher job...she wants to take care of her house and husabnd...Manager comes and calls amudha...

He calls jeyanthi,amudha to his cabin...Manager starts brainwashing amudha...says ur husband polladhavan...amudha syas i know my husband...he loves me so much...Manager sya no need to resign...Amudha gives him the letter...JEyanthi and manager maathi  maathi trying to convince amudha...

Amudha gets a call from vasu...Vasu syas he will come tomorrow...He tslls her to o and stay with CM...Amudha says enakku onnum bayam illai...Manager aks ...enna neenga mattum thaaniya va?...amduha says yes...iam levaeing...veetlaneraiya work irukku...She handsover the letter to manager and leaves...pogumbodhu she says...u r like my annan...Thanks anna...bye anna..LOL

Manager kadu kadu...

Kalavani's house...Vadai ponam maadhiri sitting...Kalavani and co asks abt the baby...Vadai says baby kedakala...AC bayangarama question ketkaranga...Sethaps jumps inbetween and says...eppadiyavadhu u want to find the baby and give it to CM...adhana u want...Kalavani and co says yes...adhaan ...

Sethaps says dont worry abt the kanama pona baby...just think abt bharathi's future...kalavani's husband says i saw the baby with oine kizhavi and kizhavan...Sethaps face sethupochu after hearing this...


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