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Wednesday 11/01/2012
Part: I
The episode opens with CM talking to her dad AV to pickup Bharathi from Vadai after 2 hrs as she has some imp meeting. AV accepts and tells not to worry. In Kalai's home Vadai eagerly waiting for Bharathi. Chittappa watches this  and screwedup him that CM wont give baby that easily to Kalai and asks him to sit. Kalai comes and gives the baby to Vadai. She tells them that she is doing all this things for CM and Vadai reunion. She starts to leave for seeing her kids in hostel and  informs Vadai that Kattadurai will take child to CM after 2 hrs and leaves. Vadai konching Bharathi and Chittapa watches this with terror BGM in background. He screwed up Vadai to snatch the baby from CM permanently as he is the father and CM's duty got over by giving birth to Baby itself. Hereafter its all  Vadai's duty to broughtup her till her marraige. vadai goes to thinking mode.
Part II:
In Amutha's office Jeyanthi comes and sees Amutha's bag in her desk and goes to see her. She asks Amutha whether she reunited with her family. Amutha denies that and tells she is there to take care of her MIL and she leaves after she gets well. Manager joins and tells he is verymuch upset  with the party and chides CM. Amutha asks sorry and tells CM is like her mom and she cant oppose her. Jeyanthi interferes and chides she have arranged lawyer for Amutha to divorce Vasu but she  is now in her MIL's house. Amutha tells she is strong in getting divorce from Vasu and she will leave that house by sure oneday inspite of CM's advice and leaves. Manager tells he want Amutha by today itself and asks Jeyanthi to make Amutha works overtime today and tells something in mute with terror BGM.
Scene shifts to Muthazhagi's home. MA and her mom return back frm temple after one week and searches for Valliammai. MA's dad tells them the flashback- Fight b/w Beach and Solai becoz of Thavasi,  Solai and Valli leaving the house and he told Beach that its his house. MA and her mom scolds him for insulting Beach like that. He informs them that he had asked sorry to him. MA's mom asks MA to get ready to go and see Beach.
Part III:
Amutha's Office. She gets ready to leave but Jeyanthi comes and give some work for Amutha and gives her COffee with sleeping pills. She informs this to the manager. He asks Jeyanthi to leave but she denies and tells Amutha will search for her after she wakeup and she will be caught if she didn't  available at that time. Amutha drinks the coffee.

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Thursday 12 / 1 / 12

Roja intha kashta kaalathai follow panrathu illai - so had to read a few updates to get the hang of the story !! UH huh , story aa?? athu enge irukku???

Well, the attempt to "Valaichi pOdu Amutha " is foiled - by none other than Omni - the omnipotent savior  of all womenfolk of this serial  - Amutha gets a call from Omni " Vaasu kku accident, so and so hospital, come soon " Amutha alari pidichu , boss kku peppe kaattittu runs to see Vaasu. Boss is disappointed " hmmm, kaariyam kaput, this time also " Hospital - Amutha shouts at the irresponsible receptionist who has no clue " Vaasu vaa?? accident aa??? " Amutha frets...Omni arrives - along with her appendage Vaasu - Amutha frets some more for getting cheated and Omni takes her to the doctor. Well, Omni has decided to get Amutha checked - ellam paappa vishayam thaan . The doctor dismisses Omni and Vaasu - test time for Amutha.

Beach - some site - Pearl arrives with mommy - well, Pearl's dad ridiculed Beach and so he is not going home. (by the way, snake enna Aachu?? ) Beach tells Pearl that he is buying a house for themselves " I will come and claim you then " The ladies beg some more and there comes Daddy snake. Tells Beach that he can not hold a grudge like this " Pearl is also like my daughter, don't punish her for her dad's mistake"  Hmm, enna motive irukkum ithukku???

Well, Amutha's tests are over - Doctor says that she has the same problem as Omni - "you will definitely get a child, I will prescribe some medicines and kaboom, you will be a mother "  Amutha cries and says that she consulted a doctor before and was told that she could never be a mother " I love Vaasu a lot and want to be happy with him. Because of that doctor I acted as if I hate him and fought with his mother et al vu vu..." Omni has that most benevolent look and Roja nondhufies her vithi


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konja nEraththukku appram thaan paadaNumaam - IF told me so!!


thappippEnaa today thappippEnaa
serial illaamal thappippEnaa...

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Friday's updt

Friday's chellam was Amudha.

She falls at Chellamma's feet and says all her ill-behaviour towards Vasu and MIL was coz she thought she couldn't give a child to Vasu but now she has confidence that she can and so wants to live with him.

They go home after Chellam's one line of advice and benevolent smile and she falls at her MIL's feet too, who has tears in her eyes. She says you could have told this all in the open and why medical route? Naan vaNangum dheivam would have given u a child (rishi garbam?) and comes and thanks Chellams for all the good she does to amudha's family even though MIL has always troubled her.

Vadamalai is konjing his daughter outside in the thiNNai and chithappu is watching it. Vadai offers lots of bommais and is sweet talking to Bharathy. Aavudai comes there and asks for the baby back. Chithapps tries to interfere but Aavudai silences him and says he has no right to talk. Vadai gets angry and refuses to give the child. Aavudai begs and begs and says he wants vadai and chellams together but Vadai takes Bharathy inside and closed the door on Aavudai's face.


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Bell comes to vadai's get the baby...Karuppu tells vadai to give the baby...Vadai and sethaps saysthey will not give...Bell angrily says give the beby...Vadai nondi nondi vandhu shouts...Dei...i'll not give the baby...Bell mariyadhaiya asks the baby...Vadai says mudiyadhu...Sethaps supports vadai...saysthis is the right place for the baby...u leave...

Bella says i'll take the baby...Vadai says i'll kill u...They starts fighting...Baby crying...Karuppu tries to0 stop the fight...FInally karuppu joins vadai and sethaps in chasing bell out...Bell sabadam pottuttu going...i know how to get the baby...

Inside...karuppu shouts at sethaps...Vadai says dont thittufy sethappu...KAruppu tells vadai that whwtever he is doing is wrong...Karuppu tries to explain vadai...But vadai proves again that he dont have sondha brain...He syas i'll not give...Baby crying...Vadai feeling...

Office...RS garments...CM busy in a  meeting...Phone ringing...CM cuts the call...Phone ringing again...Oruvazhiya she attends the call...Bell on the otherside...he tells her abt tha baby...CM shcoked...

CM tensed...But she says she wants to continue the meeting...But officers leaves the place saying first deal with ur problem mam...CM comes to meet Bell..

Bell and CM at police station...Sethaps comes there and bell and sethaps starts fighting...Inside vadai sitting with the baby...CM comes there...Inspector advices vadai to deal this family matter in home itself...CM morachufying kalavani...Kalavani thalai kuninjing...

Vadai syas iam baby's dad...i have full rights to keep my baby with me...Bharathi baby mummy kitta odi vandhuttanga...CM shedding happy tears...Then she gives 2 dose to kalavani...Bell shouts at vadai...says he always wants to give problems to CM...

Ellarum talks in support of CM...But vadai loosu maadhiriyae talking... Karuppu says ippo we will take thebaby now...appuram we will give it back...But CM says mudiyadhu...inimel no one should come to my home ...She leaves and vadai says stop chellamma...

Enna nee vandha...en baby yathookittu pora??...inspector sir...what is this?...CM says asingamaillai ungalukku??...Vadai and CM fight intensifies...Inspector tells them to stop and tells vadai to levae silently...

Inspector giving free advice to vadai...CM tells bell to get back the complaint.;..Vadai starts crying...enakku yaarumae illai..nimmadhiyae illai..blah blah...all my drogis are happy...why this nilamai for me??...Bell semma act vidraru...CM nakkala looking...

Vadai polambikitte suddenly takes the pistol from the inspector and points chellamma...Ellathukku karanam needhaan...nee uyiroda irukka koodathu...CM and co super shcoked...


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Wednesday 18.01.2012
The scene starts with Vadai threatening CM that he will shoot CM if she dont give Bharathi. Then he says he lose his self respect becoz of CM and he also loses Bharathi also now. Then he places the gun in his forehead and ready to shoot himself and says he has no one in the world. He fails in his mission becoz of no bullet in the gun. The inspector gives him a tight slap and scolds him. CM seeing all these things with tears stops the inspector and gives Bharathi to Vadai. She asks maniarasu to return back the complaint and leaves station emotionally.
In CM's home CM's dad AV asking CM about baby but she keeps silent and goes to her room.Then he asks Maniarasu. Mani tells the happenings. AV asks CM why she did like this. CM says she was threatened by Vadai and she has no other option other than sacrificing Bharathi for Vadai.She tells she is having true affection on her baby and so she will get her soon.She asks them to leave her alone.
Scene shifts to MA's home. MA's mom gives some bank docs to MA's dad. He says he is going to tranfer amounts in MA's name and leaves.Beach comes and standing in steps without coming inside. MA's dad asks apologies again but Beach tells he will keep distance from hereafter. MA compels him to come inside and he half heartedly entered to the home. He plays with kannamma.Sneha calls him for taking lunch and Beach informs he is in MA's home. Sneha asks him whether he will be there oly hereafter.He replies he will be with MA till he finds house for her and cuts the cal.Sneha goes to Thavasi and confronts Beach.Thavasi says its his plan and tells he oly asked Beach to go to MA's home. Sneha scolds him whether he has gone nuts.Thavasi tells he is having some plan and asks her to get ready as they both going to MA's home now and leaves.
Kalai's home. Vadai in dejected mood. Chittappa asks him to be casual as they got Bharathi now. Vadai tells he blackmailed CM like a spineless fellow and got Bharathi and tells he is very ashamed of his acts. Chittapa says he did right thing oly like chanakyan.Kattadurai scolds chittapa in his mind. Then Kalai scolds Vadai that he cant take care of baby as he dont know the reason why babies are crying.She continues only mother will know abt the child attitude and gives a big lecture abt motherhood.She says all fathers like their child if they smile but if they cry they will give the baby to mom and goes on do their work. And mother is the only soul who will eat after feeding their babies and they only knows what the child wants. Atlast she says the problem starts for Vadai from now on.
Scrren freezes with Vadai...

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Archives paattu..

Monday  23rd January 2012  Episode -

paattu oNNu naan paadattumaa
Chellammaava kEttu
kadhaiyaththaan mudiyEnmaa
karuNaiyunthaan vechchu...

Garden and Bell at a tea stall.  Bell telling Garden shouldn't have left.  When Beach does not look like a person who would reform - there is no use of Garden continuing.  Where did this Thavasi land from suddenly, thought he had gone off to Kasi, Rameswaram asks  Bell.  Garden has no clue, but is sure that Thavasi is all in all in Beach's business, except  that he does not hold the cheque book.  Bell decides to talk to Beach about it.   Garden updates Bell on all that Beach told him, Bell feels that it is SS & Thavasi's doing.  Beach would never utter such words.   Bell will see one hand.  

Pearl plaiting Ratna's hair.  (adhukkuLLa so many years passed or is it a dream??)  Ratna is doing her homework, Pearl feeds her.   Pearl goes to get the lunch box for Ratna, Ratna looks at the clock, sees it is late, tells mummy and leaves.  Pearl comes running behind Ratna asking her to take the tiffin box.  Pearl  shouts in her dream.  (Eclat - seasoned serial watcher - eh??)  Pearl gets up comes running out of the room.  Her parents are watching television.  Pearl says that Ratna went away without her tiffin box.  The father asks if anyone will go to school in the night.  Ratna did.  Pearl asks her mother to give the tiffin box, realises no tiffin box in her hand - says it vanished.  Mother Visalam says must have been her dream.  Shows the baby who is sleeping.  This is my Ratna, but Ratna went to school is Pearl's line.  The mother asks her not to worry - sleep.  The mother comes out of the room closes the door, goes to her husband who is in thinking mode.  

Looks like Pearl is coming out amnesia.  The father feels it is good if that happens.  She would accept Ratna's death and everything would become normal (marupadiyum pazhivaangum padalams??)  tells the mother not worry and leaves.  Pearl in the room looks at the baby, then remembers plaiting Ratna's hair.  

Thavasi singing kolaveri and having a plate of apple.  Bell opens the door.  Thavasi wonders how come this fellow is here?   Invites Bell inside to have some apple.  Bell knocks the plate down.  Holds Thavasi by the neck.  Thavasi calls for SS - to help.  SS comes charging, she is pushed away.  Bell asks the duo to stay away from their family.  Questions how come Thavasi said he was the father in law.  Call yourself  a pimp  which Bell would accept.  SS is in anger questions Bell.  Bell wants to know if she is angry because her father was hurt.  How much it would hurt them to see their brother's pain.  How dare they throw his brother out of the job?  Go and ask Beach says SS.  Bell is not a kEnaiyan to fight with his brother.  If the stove is turned off there would be nothing that would boil.  The next day Thavasi must resign from his job if not Bell would be back to break Thavasi's leg.  SS asks if he is scaring them.  Bell is not bothered how SS translates his message.  But - he warns with his forefinger pointed and leaves.  

SS stops him to ask what is his reply to the problem he just created in her house.  He turns back to give a tight slap to Thavasi who reels.  SS turns away as reflex action.  Bell did not want to touch SS, so the slap was given to Thavasi, this was actually meant for her.  Do not forget to hand over the keys he says to Thavasi, and to SS never to forget this slap.    SS shouts behind Bell's back that she will see him one hand.  

Calls Beach who does not answer the calls.  Thavasi comes in to ask whom is she calling?  Beach - to complain.  Thavasi has other plans.  If SS complains he would only scold Bell and send him away.  Thavasi ties a bandage on his hand and head to visit Beach.  He would act as if he has been hurt very bad .  Thavasi' plan is to get SS married to Beach.  Thavasi does not want SS to talk to Beach over the phone regarding this until his return.  

Thavasi reaches Beach's cabin.  Asks Beach to rest and not work so hard.  Beach does not even look up - is immersed in a file.  Thavasi keeps a bottle on the table.  Beach looks up at Thavasi and his bandages.   Hadn't noticed.  Thavasi asks him to forget all that.  Pours the drink in a glass and asks Beach to have it.  Beach wants to know what is the cause for bandage.  Thavasi warns that Beach would get hurt if he knew the truth.  Beach insists - Thavasi looks up with a typical villain's look.


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