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Episode Summaries

For those who want to either catch up with the show without watching it or for those who simply want to find their favourite episodes.
Season One

Episode 1: Pilot (Thanks to Nayab)

At the start of the show we meet Elena and Jeremy Gilbert whose parents died in a car crash and who are both now living with their aunt Jenna in Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Elena is adjusting to the changes in her life/her parents' death by making entries in her journal, whilst sitting in the local cemetery and hanging out with her friends Bonnie and Caroline. Jeremy, on the other hand deals with it by dealing drugs, getting high and chasing after Vicki Donovan who is more into Jeremy's friend Tyler.

Stefan Salvatore has just arrived in town and is known as somewhat of a mystery, he is living with his Uncle Zach who is always pushing him to stay out of trouble. Stefan has a dark secret... He is a vampire who has come to Mystic Falls deciding to live amongst humans in peace. He develops a liking for Elena who looks exactly like the woman he was in love with in 1864, Katherine.
Damon, Stefan's brother, decides to come for a visit and is angry that Stefan has decided to no longer drink human blood. So he attacks Vicki (to get at Stefan, mocking his new 'life') and
then fights with Stefan as well.

Stefan and Elena are attracted to each other from the first meeting, while Damon has his eyes set on Caroline.

The episode ends with Stefan going over to Elena's house and getting invited in... 

Episode 2: The Night of the Comet (Thanks to Nayab)

As Mystic Falls prepares for the festival celebrating the passing of a comet, Vicki is in the hospital recovering from the attack, one she can barely remember. Stefan goes to the hospital to try and use his abilities (compelling) to make sure Vicki doesn't end up remembering what really happened, but his attempt is cut off when Vicki's brother Matt arrives.

Jeremy continues to struggle in school and with his feelings for Vicki. At a parent/teacher conference, Jeremy's teacher makes Aunt Jenna feel that she is failing as a care/guardian, especially when it comes to Jeremy. Elena decides to visit the Salvatore house to talk to Stefan, but finds his charming brother Damon instead. Damon reveals some unexpected information about Stefan's past, and when Stefan arrives home, Elena is confused and embarrassed to find out that he isn't happy to see her there. Meanwhile, Vicki's memory of the attack begins to come back to her. Also, Damon begins his pursuit of Caroline.

Episode 3: Friday Night Bites (Thanks to Nayab)

Tyler tries embarrassing Stefan by throwing a football at him before practice. However, Stefan's vampire abilities help him catch the football before it gets him unwittingly impressing the football coach, Mr. Tanner who then tries persuading Stefan to join the school's football team.

Meanwhile, Elena continues to ignore Bonnie's (who is kinda psychic) warnings that Stefan is not who he seems. In an effort to help Bonnie and Stefan get to know each other (and thus get along, or so she hopes) Elena invites Stefan and Bonnie over for dinner at her house, but her plan ends up backfiring when Damon crashes the dinner with Caroline whom he has controlled (using his ability to compel) and is now been feeding off in order to further mock Stefan.

Elsewhere, Jeremy is still confused about where he stands in this "relationship" he has with Vicki while Matt looks on with mounting concern.

Episode 4: Family Ties (Thanks to Nayab)

Elena asks a reluctant Stefan to accompany her to the annual Founder's Park dance. Vicki gets Tyler to ask her to the dance but later accuses him of hiding their relationship from his mother because he's ashamed of her. Meanwhile, Zach reveals a family secret to Stefan. Damon finally "lets slip" the secret history about the Salvatore family(to Elena) and how she is the splitting image of Stefan's lost love Katherine, which is why Stefan is so interested in her.Stefan tries to get Damon out of his life for good without giving away their secret.

Also, Elena starts thinking that Caroline is being abused by Damon when she sees bite marks on her neck. She turns to Stefan for help who gives Caroline champagne to give to Damon, which, unknown to her is laced with Vervain (which makes vampires grow weak).

Episode 5: You're Undead to Me (Thanks to Nayab)
With Damon locked up and growing physically weaker, Jeremy and Vicki get back together.

Meanwhile, the school decides to hold a car wash to help raise funds in memory of Mr. Tanner (who Damon killed to spite Stefan). At the car wash, Bonnie accidentally ends up starting a fire using her powers. She is both horrified and confused and decides to go to her grandmother and ask for help.

Elena and Stefan continue to have doubts about where their "relationship" is headed as Stefan is unwilling to tell Elena his secret. But later, whilst in the bar, Elena hears an unbelievable story about Stefan and Damon from a stranger who recognizes Stefan...From almost 50 years ago, during the time someone was attacked. In an old news video, Elena clearly sees Stefan, who looks exactly like he does now.

Meanwhile, Damon uses his powers in order to summon Caroline to let him out and when Zach tries to stop her, Damon kills him.

Elsewhere, Logan (news anchor/ex-boyfriend of Jenna's from a few years ago) and Aunt Jenna go out on a date, later on it is shown that Logan is part of a secret society involving Mayor Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes, and most of the town officials who are aware of the vampires' existence and of Salvatore brothers. Logan tries to get into Jenna's house so he can steal the Gilbert watch (as promised to the society) which would help in stopping both Stefan and Damon.

Episode 6: Lost Girls (Thanks to Nayab)

Elena demands that Stefan give her an explanation for the terrifying things that have been going on in Mystic Falls since his and Damon's arrival. In a set of flashbacks, Stefan tells Elena how his enmity with Damon started, back in the Civil War when they met the women they both fell in love with (Katherine), the vampire who was the one that turned both of them.

In the present Damon turns Vicki and a confused and scared Vicki runs away not knowing what to do. Elsewhere Sheriff Forbes, Mayor Lockwood, Logan and the others take drastic measures to protect their town.

Episode 7: Haunted (Thanks to Nayab)

As Halloween draws nearer, Vicki's behaviour becomes more unpredictable because of which, Stefan decides to try and help her control her blood-lust. Elena tries convincing Jeremy to stay away from Vicki, but Jeremy refuses to listen.

Meanwhile, Caroline gives Bonnie a necklace (that Damon forgot at her house) to wear with her Halloween costume for the annual costume party, which Damon then tries to take back, but is surprised when Bonnie unwittingly uses her abilities to repel him. Bonnie discusses the happening with her grandmother and learns more about her family's past as witches.

Elsewhere, Matt tries to cheer Vicki up (who's been acting weird since being turned) by taking her to the high school's haunted house, but the evening takes a horrifying turn when Vicki finally gives in to her newfound thirst for blood. Vicki is staked by Stefan (in self defence) when she attacks and tries to kill Elena.

Jeremy is even more disturbed after seeing Vicki staked/killed. Elena asks Damon to use his compelling ability to help make Jeremy forget the events of the night. Damon agrees.

Episode 8: 162 Candles (Thanks to Nayab)

On his birthday, Stefan receives a surprise visit from Lexi, one of his oldest vampire friends. Still troubled by the way things ended at the Halloween haunted house, Elena avoids Stefan but Lexi gives her some unwanted relationship advice.

Meanwhile, both Elena and Jenna are surprised by the change in Jeremy's behaviour in the wake of Vicki's "disappearance". Only Elena knows that this is because of Damon's mind-wipe powers.

At Damon's persistence, Caroline tries to get his necklace back from Bonnie who continues to study her family history with her grandmother's assistance.

Elsewhere, Damon's offer to help Sheriff Forbes has sudden and tragic results (Lexi is staked by Damon) since she does not know that he is the vampire that she and her circle of hunters are looking for. 

Episode 9: History Repeating (Thanks to Nayab)

A new history teacher (named Alaric Saltzman) arrives at Mystic Falls High and requests that Jeremy write a paper, as extra credit, to help keep his grades up. Jeremy instantly likes his new teacher and introduces him to his Aunt Jenna.

Meanwhile, Bonnie continues to have chilling dreams about the ghost of her great-grandmother Emily Bennett who is trying to send her a message through the dreams. Bonnie decides to hold a sance (along with Elena and Caroline) in an effort to try and contact Emily and find out what she wants.

Regardless of Elena's efforts, Bonnie and Caroline argue over the necklace when Damon continues pressuring Caroline to return it to him.

Damon reveals (to Stefan) the real reason for his return to Mystic Falls which connects Emily's necklace to Katherine. 

Episode 10: The Turning Point (Thanks to Nayab)

After finding and reading a journal kept by an ancestor, Jeremy begins to draw again, a hobby he stopped when his parents died.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes tells Damon of another vampire attack and Damon offers to try and track down the killer.

Alaric helps Jeremy, Tyler, and Mayor Lockwood in different ways, Jeremy with his grades, Tyler with his football practice and the mayor with information about the recent vampire attacks.

 Whilst at Stefan's house Elena comes across Katherine's picture and runs away from Stefan's house in shock after she sees that Katherine looks exactly like her.

Episode 11: Bloodlines (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Damon rescues Elena from the car accident. Damon drives Elena to Georgia. Stefan asks Bonnie to help him find Elena. Bonnie tries to use her powers but nothing seems to work. Damon takes Elena to a bar where he meets Bree his ex-girlfriend; he wants her to help him open the tomb. Bonnie goes into the wood and falls down underground. Stefan goes to the wood in search of Bonnie. He gets her out and comforts her. Jeremy meets a new girl Anna. They talk about vampires and family journals. Elena goes outside into the night and receives a call from Aunt Jenna but she gets taken by force by a vampire. Bree Damon follows the tracks and gets ambushed by Lexi's Boyfriend. He hits him and pours gasoline all over Damon. Elena pleads to him not to kill Damon. He lets Damon go throwing him into a wall. Damon goes to see Bree and kills her. Elena learns the truth about her past.
We are shown a flashback of Damon feeding on Alaric's fiance and we are shown Alaric's obsession with tracking the one who killed his fiance.
Episode 12: Unpleasantville (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Elena tells Bonnie everything about her being adopted. A pizza delivery guy comes and Jeremy invites him in to put the pizza on the table. Stefan gives Elena the Gilbert watch/compass to keep her safe. Jenna reveals about Isobel, Elena's real mother. Stefan offers to only help Damon bring Katherine out of the tomb not the other 26 vampires. Elena's compass starts spinning so she calls Stefan. Elena is almost attacked but Stefan saves her.  At the dance, the trio catches the culprit.  Ben asks Bonnie out. Elena is attacked; the vampire reveals information on opening the tomb and is stalked but Stefan. Anna is revealed to be vampire along with Ben.
Episode 13: Children of the Damned (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Damon confronts Elena on if he can trust Stefan and Elena tell him he can. Alaric witnessed Damon kill his wife, but her body was never discovered. Stefan says he can protect Alaric, but he needs that journal Jeremy gave him. Elena and Stefan realize that Emily's grimoire  is buried with Stefan's father. They go to dig it up. Damon follows Anna back to her hotel room and confronts her. Ben is on a date with Bonnie, she realizes he's a vampire. She makes an excuse to go to the powder her nose and tries to quietly leave, but Ben grabs her. Damon finds Stefan and Elena with the grimoire. He tells Elena he trusted her and she broke it tonight.  He grabs Elena and demands Stefan hand over the grimoire. They exchange. At the Gilberts, when Stefan is downstairs he remembers Anna and runs upstairs to check on Elena. The window is open. She's gone.
Episode 14: Fool Me Once (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Bonnie and Elena are trapped in a hotel room, guarded by Ben. Stefan tracks them down using a locator spell from Bonnie's grandmother, and saves them. Sheila and Bonnie open the tomb; Damon, Elena and Anna go in. Anna tears open Elena's arm to feed Pearl. Sheila reveals that the seal keeping the vampire inside is still up. Stefan runs into the tomb and hears Elena screaming. Bonnie convinces her Grams to lift the seal just enough for Stefan and Damon to get out. Stefan realizes Katherine is not inside the tomb and convinces Damon to get out. Pearl and Anna managed to sneak out as well as all the other vampires. Damon learns that Anna knew all along that Katherine wasn't in the tomb.
Episode 15: A few Good Men (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Matt's mother returns in Mystic Falls. She's doesn't like Caroline. Elena, Stefan, and Alaric look up Isobel. They find an address to a friend of Isobel instead. Elena visits, they talk. In the end we see Trudie die, as she is aware of vampires. At the bachelor auction Elena and Alaric find out Damon turned Isobel. Alaric and Damon have a showdown, as Damon attempts to kill him. Suprisingly Alaric is alive, due to his ring, which was a gift from Isobel.
Episode 16: There Goes The Neighbourhood (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Stefan and Elena go on a double date with Matt and Caroline. Meanwhile, the tomb vampires are hanging out in a house deep in the woods under Pearl and Anna's leadership. Frederick and Bethanne don't want to sit around anymore and decide to take actions in their own matter. At the grill, Damon, Jenna, and Matt's mom are getting their drink on, while Fred and Beth run into Elena and mistake her for Katherine. Worried she tells Stefan, and the quad decides to continue this date at Stefan's place. They run into Damon and Matt's mom heavily making out, and everyone leaves. Fred and Beth attack once the brother are alone in their house.  Beth is killed and Fred escapes as he realizes he can't fight both of them. To test his theory on vampires, Jeremy cuts his hand, seeing the blood drip, Anna drinks up. Later that night, Anna tells him she could have killed him, Jeremy says that's what he wants-- to be turned.
Episode 17: Let The Right One In (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Frederick, an evil vampire back from the tomb, kidnaps and tortures Stefan. In efforts to save Stefan, Damon and Elena get the help of Alaric. Damon and Alaric fight off vampires, while Elena frees Stefan. Meanwhile, Frederick escapes and chases after Stefan. Stefan almost dies, and in order to save him Elena lets him feed on her blood for him. Once he regains enough strength, he kill Frederick. During the huge rain storm, Caroline gets her car stuck in the mud in the woods. While calling for help she falls near what she thinks is a tree limb but turns out to be a human body-- Vicki's to be exact. When Matt recieves the news he is devasted. Anna learns the real reason why Jeremy wants be a vampire so bad: he wants to be with Vicki.
Episode 18: Under Control (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Elena and Jeremy converse on vampire lore casually without giving too much information to each other. Both are suspicious that the other knows about vampires but cannot be too sure.  Jeremy reads Elena's diary to confirm his doubts and learns the truth about Vicki. After tasting human blood again, Stefan is having a hard time holding back.He did not trust himself, but Elena is  completely confident that Stefan would not hurt her. Matt's mother kissed Tyler. Matt is furious, fights Tyler and he kicks his mom out of the house. John Gilbert, Elena's uncle, is introduced. He knows that Damon is a vampire and that he was the one that opened the tomb. He confronts Damon, Damon attempts to kill John but he does not die.
Episode 19: Miss Mystic Falls (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Stefan secretly drinks human blood again. While Damon notices changes in Stefan, Elena sees nothing different. Damon confronts Stefan about his odd behavior and tells Elana what has been going on. Stefan kidnaps Amber, a contestant of Miss Mystic Falls, and takes her into the woods. He has a difficult time deciding whether or not he wants to drink her blood, and he ends up doing it. Caroline wins the pageant. Bonnie, Elena, and Damon find Stefan  attacking Amber. Bonnie used her powers to control Stefan. Elena stabs Stefan with vervain so Damon could haul him off to "vampire rehab". Pearl gives this mystery invention to Damon as an apology. Pearl and Anna decide to stay in Mystic Falls.
Episode 20: Blood Brothers (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Flashback: Stefan and Damon get shot while trying to rescue Katherine. Emily brings them to safety. She tells them that they are becoming vampires. Throughout the past few weeks, Katherine has been compelling Stefan to drink her blood, while Damon did it willingly. Damon and Stefan have to decide whether they are going to drink more human blood and complete the transition to becoming a vampire, or die. Stefan goes and finds his father, who freaks out upon find out that Stefan is still alive, since he was the one who shot his sons. He tries to stake Stefan, but Stefan ends up staking his father. He drinks his father's blood and completes his transition to becoming a vampire. Stefan brings his brother blood from a girl. Damon completes his transition to becoming a vampire and tells Stefan he would hate him forever. Damon tells Stefan it was only supposed to be him that changed.

Current Time: Elena goes to visit Stefan in his cell to prove that she can trust him and that he won't going to hurt her. He tells Elena that he does not trust himself around her and that he may crack one day and doesn't want her to be around for that. Elena tells him to trust himself. The guilt is still overwhelming though, and he decides to die by taking of his ring and letting the sunlight burn him. Elena ends up taking Stefan home and convincing him, he's good, he's pure. Anna and Jeremy take their relationship further. Jeremy seems happier and Anna enrolls in school. John staked Pearl and Harper despite Pearl telling him she gave Jonathan Gilbert's intervention to Damon.
Episode 21: Isobel (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Isobel returns to Mystic Falls, she threatens Alaric that if he doesn't arrange a meeting with Elena, she will kill people in the town. She meets with Elena, and tells her that she wants Gilbert's invention. Elena tells Bonnie about her meeting with her birth mother, and fills her in on everything that has been happening with Stefan and Damon. Bonnie shows Elena a page in the spell book that describes one of Gilbert's inventions: a weapon against vampires. Damon confronts Isobel for threatening Elena. Isobel kidnaps Jeremy so Elena is forced to give her mother what she wants. Bonnie pretends to take the spell of the peice, but doesn't really do so because her grandmother wouldn't have. Isobel takes the piece from Elena. At Gilbert's house, Jeremy tells Elena that he knows everything that is going on because he read her diary. She tries to apologize, but he kicks her out of his room. Then Anna shows up and tells Jeremy that her mother is dead.Damon figures out that John is Elena's father.
Episode 22: Founder's Day (Thanks to Dhruvi)
Stefan tells Elena that John Gilbert is her father. Anna  leaves Jeremy a vile of her blood for when he wants to change. The vampires will attack during the fireworks show. This is when the council plans on activating the device which will expose the vampires. The cops will inject the vampires with vervain then take them to an old medical building where John will finish them off. During the parade, the mayor tells Tyler to go home and make sure Matt and Caroline go with him. The mayor and his wife announce the beginning of the fireworks show. Damon finds John in the old medical building. John activates the device, and all the vampires go down, together with the mayor. The device causes Tyler to get into a car accident. John and the cops gather all the vampires down into the basement of the old hospital. Damon sees John stake Anna then sets the basement on fire. Mayor Lockwood wakes up and is shocked to see Damon. Damon reveals that he is a vampire. Mayor Lockwood gets his neck snapped. Outside, Alaric saves Stefan and tells him that Damon is still missing. Stefan hears the commotion in the basement and heads over with Elena. They are greeted by John and the police. John grabs Elena and threatens her. Elena reveals to John that she knows that he is her father. Bonnie tries to stop Stefan from entering the building. When he enters anyways, she recites a chant that gets Stefan into the basement, and Damon out safely.

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