Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


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As We all know PARICHAY has reached its 1st mile stone-100th episode y'day which of course is a Sinalicious episode.So let's get together and  celebrate this success

The journey so far has been really memorable ,sweet and enjoyable both in the show as well as in our forum.We are sure that it'll remain so in future too...

My special thanks to each and every member of our forum for trying their level best to keep the forum active.

So this thread is to celebrateParty 100 episode completion of Parichay and make it  memorable for all PARICHAYANS/SINALIANS

Do you think my speech is over,if you are thinking so you made a boo booWinkLOL...b'coz along with 100epi milestone we have got some other reasons to make this party rocking

-What can be more happier than having 100th epi as welcome epi to NEW YEAR 2012 Dancingand that too a SINALICIOUS epiDay DreamingDay Dreaming

-Sameer Soni and Keerti Nagpure winning the 1st Colors Golden Petal Awards for Most Lokpriya Male and Most Lokpriya jodi that too when the show is just 3.5months old.ClapClapIts great accomplishment for whole Parichay team.Thumbs Up

-Sameer soni being voted as one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine,IndiaBlushing

-Lets share our happiness and appreciation for our Parichay Team here.

CONGRATULATIONS PARICHAY CAST &CREW for giving us such a lovely show and more so for introducing us to such an amazing and awesome couple-Sameer soni(Kunal)-Keerti Nagpure(Siddhi) whose chemistry sets the screen on fire though their love track hasn't started yet.


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3 Pretty ladies-


are organising everything at the venue.

is supervising them

Sh:Ah!guests have already started arriving.I can see 2 gorgeous ladies coming over there but unable to recognise them.

Sa:(peeps out)Oh yeh donon,bhool gayi ho kya,yeh humare MENKA GANG aur BROOM CLUB ke founders hai.

Woh jo red dre
ss pehni hai na woh humare sinal crazy land ki RANI(Iamrani) hai,yeh Sameer ke jitni badi fan hai yeh sab jaanthe hai,lekin iski nazar kisi aur par bhi hai-woh hai Richa/Mona,jiski baare mein sochthe sochthe Rani uspe Ph.D bhi kiyi hai.

Sa:-Uski saath jo hai uski baare mein mujhse zyaada tu jaanthi ho,

Sh:Yeh toh Pooja hai-handsome hunks ko dekhke kitna drool karthi hai,ek gaana toh bantha hai n shabz starts playing

Bachna yeh handsome hunks,lo yeh aagayi hai..SS ke pagal menka...Pooja

Neeme goes and welcomes them n offers some cocktails to them after they have settled in their seats

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-Next 2 more ladies enter the golden carpet in a hurry and keep on searching for someone.Naz goes to them and asks if they need any help.

Lady1:(whispers to Naz)Vikram aaye hai kya

Naz:Nahi,abhi tak nahi

Lady 1:Vicky jab bhi aayega pehle mujhe batadena,kisi aur ko khabar bhi math dena,you know i have huge crush on Vicky toh...samajh gaye hai na mein kya kehrahi hu...

N:oh ok.I understood.Waise aapki naam kya hai taaki mein aapko time pe bula sakoo...

L1:Nancy hai meri naam

Itne mein L2 grabbed Naz's hands & took her aside.

Meri naam Shumi hai

Aapko pucca malum hai na ki meri Sweetu aaj yahan aaraha hai.

N:(confused)Kaun Sweetu,kiski Sweetu

Shumi:Arey Sweetu nahi malum hai aapko,Meri jaan hai woh-aap log Rohit bulathe hai na wohi meri Sweetu hai.Mein Sweetu se itna pyaar karthi hu ki mein uspe ek kahani bhi likh rahi hu.

Naz:yh,he's coming.

Nancy and Shumi both are happy n excited run to their seats.

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A lady coming in dancing &singing Chamma Chamma and searching for someone.

Neeme:cultural programs baad mein hai,abhi se dance nahi karneka hai.

L:Do you know who i'm,Mein Minnie hu Minnie,SS ke sabse bada pankha,uske biography ke har ek panna malum hai mujhe aisa pyaar hai meri uskeliye.Yeh gaana sunthe hi Sammy bhag ke aake meri saath dance karega.

Neeme:Woh sab toh teek hai,tumhari saath dance karnekeliye pehle Sameerko yahan aana padega na,filhaal woh aaya nahi hai toh aap thodi der aaramse baithiye.

Minnie goes n sits next to Menka gang.

Shabz happy that everything is going on smoothly but suddenly she sees a lady running towards the venue and one more lady running behind her shouting Maria.

Maria goes and hides behind Menka gang.

Sh:Fivr tum yahan kaise?and why are you so breathless

Fivr:Breathless nahi toh aur kaisi hongi Shabz,BALH forumse iss ladki Maria ke peeche bhag rahi hu lekin pakad nahi paayi hu

Sh:lekin kyun

Fivr:Tum bhi azeeb sawal poochthi ho yaar,Kyun ka kya matlab hai ,naye saal ki shuruvaat hai,humare forum mein kitna kaam pending hai kuch andaaz hai tujhe.Aisi waqt mein yeh Maria yahan bhag ke aayi hai Sameer ko dekhne keliye,iss ke bina wahan kaam hotha nahi,karu toh kya karu

Sh:Jane do na,ek hi shaam hai,aise mauka roz roz thodi na aatha hai,Maria apni kaam baad mein karlegi OT karke,usse abhi enjoy karnedo.

Ab kar bhi kya sakti hu,mujh mein aur bhagne ki shakti nahi hai,mein jaake aaram karthi hu.

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4 girls standing outside venue.3 of them are puzzled looking at the decorations,SS hoardings n venue..Understanding their situation Varsha their leader tells them that she managed to get 4 invitations to Parichay 100 epi bash,Unable to control their excitement Jismi and Nag hug Varsha.

Varsha notices that her other friend is upset.

V:Nidhi aren't you excited to attend the party.

:Nothing like that,I'm happy but wherever i see there only SS hoardings,thatmeans only he's coming to the party and not Keerti,thats why i'm bit upset.
V:toh yeh baath hai,ek baar peeche mudke dekho.

N turns back n sees big hoardings of Keerti with her pretty smile.

All 4 friends hug each other,shout n dance and go inside.
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SAVZ enters the venue.Sahasra receives her n takes her inside.

Shabz at one corner of the hall is looking a bit tensed.

Sahasra asks her the reason n comes to know that she's worried about media n how to control them.

Sahasra asks her not to worry n calls someone from her mobile.After few mins a guy comes there

Sa:Shabz he's Akash,P.A of Sameer soni,he has good dealings with media.He'll manage them here also without any problem.

No need to worry about media,you just re check if everything is ok before my boss comes,there shouldn't be any mistake.
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Akash heads towards entrance to do the work assigned to him,n sees a guy who is standing there nervously.

A:Who are you and Why are you so nervous?

Guy:I'm Bipin.I became sinal fan recently.Where ever i see here i can see only ladies not even one guy is present,I'm all alone,thats why i'm a  bit nervous.

A:So you are Bipin,that shot story writer.

B:yes bro

A:I read your SS,Infact sir also hears them from me.

B:Is it,thats like music to my ears.

Yh,relax and be with me

B(Happy that he got a company)
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,Muskaan,Sana(my_jaan),roopalgupta reporters from various channels enter in along with their videographers Nipun n Dhruvie and camera woman Preeti

As Akash already knew them,there isn't any issue,he promised them a qn interview n photo session with Sinal at the end n  so that both sides will be satisfied.
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-Aisha_.gaganjotour creative team has just arrived and Naz receives them.

We are being joined by some more crazy sinal fans and discussion team members like Norzar,tanyashrivatsav,tanya(sinal rocks),kshiti_kunal

A guy is seen hurrying up his friend who is drooling over Sammy's hoardings.
Neeme goes there and recognizes the guy to be Anmol(intruderfast) and welcomes him.Anmol introduces his colleague n friend Farah(Coeur2PsychoFMS)
to Neeme and request Neeme to introduce her to Menka gang

Divider GraphicsDivider Graphics

Naz and Sahasra arrange Refreshments to all the guests
followed by appetizers

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Neeme,Sahasra on board

hi hello and salaam namastei to all my dear parichaians!!!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile
so everyone ready for the party!!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile  then what for we are waiting ...,let's go for it!!

neeme: hi..hello and welcome  my dear parichaians!!!isn't this a pleasant night to have a party!!!Big smileBig smile

sahasra:yeah are is a certainly a very big day for parichaians...

neeme: how? is a new year party ...isn't it...'

sahasra: not only we are completing 100 episodes...

neeme:wow...waise friday kunal supported siddhi ,for the 1st timeand today it was sinalicious epi...isska bhi ek party bantha hai na...

sahasra: haan ...zaroor...on the top of that kunal ne rohit ka kya dhulaaye kiya...what a dum daar slap...'

neeme:ushh...ushh...paagal hogaye kya...kahin shumi ne sunn li...tu tho gaye kaam se...

sahasra:haan yaar wo tho forum poora sweetu kay thread se bhar de thi ...'

neeme: 'waise ...gud for chalu raha tha hai...'

sahasra:yo...chief guests are coming...' she screamed.



neeme:the great kunal chopra...and the cutest siddhi chopra...welcome to our midst!!!Clap

kunal waved at every one...and siddhi gave her shy smile at every one.

sahasra:haaye mein marjaawa...Day Dreaming

sahasra drooling over Kunal doesn't notice Ekta,so Neeme goes to receive her

Neeme:hello ektha jii..thanx a lot for coming...we were waiting for you...

Ekta : its my pleasure..actually you are the greatest audience i ever had and its an honour to be in your party..Embarrassed
Neeme: shall we move in ekta ji..Big smile
Ekta:yeah sure..Big smile

she joined the other celebrities...Big smile

Muzammil desai,the man behind Parichay comes in.Maria comes running to Sahasra and goes to him.

sahasra:Welcome to the party sir

Thank you,its a great feeling to be among those people who are the main reason for the show's success

Maria:Sir,aapne ek promise kiya tha,yaad hai na.

Muzammil:yaad hai Maria,anything for my fans

As all chief guests came,lets 1st offer some refreshments and then start our celebrations.

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Cake cutting by PARICHAY team

Now lets have some appetizers with our stars


Party party party ..

Let's party let's party party...
Kshiti,Tanya,Norzar,Savz start dancing

Let's party let's party party...Varsha,Jismi,Nag,Nidhi join them

Let's party let's party all the way Broom club members Pooja,Rani,Neeme,Sahasra  go and bring kunal to the dance floor...he joined with them

kunal:Vooo'Lets Party Come On Everybody Lets Party'..he extended his hand to sahasra...before sahasra could hold his hand neeme jumped on him and holds his hand pushing sahasra back...

rani:besaram...she yelled at neeme holding sahasra...

neeme:Vooo Hooo.. Lets Party Come On Everybody Lets Party'..she went around kunal.

pooja: iss ki tho died with jealous looking at neeme

pooja: Shaam dhale deewane khele roz naya sa khel she hold kunal's other hand. kunal left neeme hand and shook legs with pooja

shumi:kya hua...she asked sahasra...

sahasra; nahi wo...' she sighed looking at kunal dancing with Pooja

shumi:i worry come with me...' she took her to sweetu...who was rocking with Nancy

sweetu:'hi...sahasra ma'am...'he gave his usual killer smile at sahasra.

sahasra: Ouch...shumi: come on sahasra...let us dance with him...' with no other go sahasra joined sweetu.

Roz nayi zehreeli nazrein, roz naya ho mel              Gori gori baahon ke saaye, choo le koi keh ke yeh jaaye               Koi bole todho hadde saari...' while dancing sweetu found sahasra was not comfortable with him...with in his next few secong he moved on dancing and trickly gave his hand to kunal.sahasra:Tongue..she almost fainted.

kunal and sahasra:
Gori gori baahon ke saaye, choo le koi keh ke yeh jaaye
Koi bole todho hadde saari

So don't stop this you are mine...she grabbed his hand.

now he was with Rani singing

kunal and RaniG dancing                  

      Minnie: yehhh...are't you married...besharam...leave kunu to us...we are still single...we can mingle...'she pushed and almost fall on kunal.

Left to right come on this way
Move all the way, forget about yesterdayrrr

Kshiti: are too young to him...go and do your math home work first...' she kicked her away from kunal and joined dancing with him

Seeing all girls fighting so badly for dancing with him Kunal gives chance to everyone to dance

Nidhi,Jismi,Nag,Varsha dance with him for Ishq sufiana

Next Norzar,Tanya,Farah,Savz dance with him for mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai yeh pyaar jo tumse karta hai

Maria,Shabz,Naz dance with Kunal for Kitna pyaar tumhain karte hain

Next Kunal dances with Muskaan,ashnotrai,angel001,ankitaankita for Jabse teri naina


Yahan itni maar pitayi horahi hai Kunal ke saath dance karnekeliye aur wahan 3 vishwamitra (Anmol,Bipin,Akash)apne menka(Siddhi) ke saath aaramse nach rahe hai for Hey shona

Iss sab masti ke beech mein 2 no competition dance zones hai-Ek shumi aur uski sweetu ka,Uski Sweetu bachna yeh haseenon ga raha hai,yeh jaanthe hue bhi ki Sari haseenayein Vishwamitra ke saath hai,akhir Thakral khandan ke waris hai na,kisi baath samajh mein nahi aatha hai

Doosri Nancy aur Vikram ki jodi -they start dancing for sadi gali

Ekta bechari akeli akeli baithke bore horahi hai toh woh ooh la la pe dance kar rahi hai

Now all Parichay cast and Forum members dance for awaiyen awayein lut gaya

Richa upset that nobody is even caring her goes off angrily.

Everyone is so tired they started pouncing upon the buffet


chat corner

Gol Gappe

Present Panipuri - Filled

aloo tikki

paav bhaji

main course
chole bhature

Choley Bhature Recipe

Butter Naan

shahi paneer

Chicken biryani

chicken biryani, chicken dum biryani, hyderabad chicken biryani

Malai Kofta

Egg Curry

tandoori chicken

Tandoor Chicken Legs
Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Raita

onion tomato raita

sweet dishes
"Rows of Indian Sweets!"

Gulaab Jamun


All forum members enjoyed having dinner with their favourite celebrities and had a small chat with all of them,took autographs,had picture sessions to make this event a memorable one for them and finally waved bye to the Parichay team

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Since the party ended lets come back to  our favourite forum and become nostalgic

Your answers about the following

best of parichay

funniest scene

sensible person

moment of truth

best/funniest one-liner

droolicious scene

emotional scene

sensitive person

best dialogue

damdaar dialogue

cutest Kunal-siddhi scene

saddest moment

person whom you feel pity

scene which you hate the most

best of kunal

best of siddhi

best sinal tissue scene


Mazedaar moment in forum

Funniest thread

Which scene Discussion you enjoyed a lot


On the occasion of 100 epi completion Parichay director Muzammil sir accepted to answer queries of viewers on request by our friend-MariaMars-.

So Send your Questions abt the show To  -MariaMars-through Pm with Pm title  Parichay Question...

PM TITLE: Parichay Question

Before ending this i would like to thank Shabz(Dew_drop),Maria(-MariaMars-),Shumi,Neeme who helped me in making this thread

Hope you all enjoyed this thread.Sorry if i have missed mentioning someone in thread,whatever written here is just for fun,no hard feelings to anyoneEmbarrassed.


Journey so far- VM BY NEEME

party songs -minnie,shumi

celebs intro n dance script-
plot by shumi,li'l bit modified by me

sinal siggie:-Ridzii- on request by Maria

Sinal VM:Nidhi


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--- Res ---

Awesome Thread by u Sahasra dearClapHug
Congo to Parichay Team on completion of 100 epi..Party

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