Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hey Guys... I'm back with an OS or SS whatever you would like to call it...

Firstly "HAPPY NEW YEAR"... May God Bring Loads Of Happiness And Success In All Of Yours Lives This Year... God Bless... XOXO...
Okay now coming back to the story. It is a sad story and has 3 parts and I'll not make you wait and will post all the parts as I have finished writing it. I wanted to post it long back but as many of you know I was not well so I could not complete it and post it. But now I'm all good and here is the story...


I hope you'll like it... Please hit the like button and comment and check the next 3 posts for the update...And I'll update Tera Mera Pyaar Tomorrow... I have written half of it so I'll complete it and post it tomorrow...
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A man in his early 30's was sitting in the waiting area of the London Airport. His flight for Mumbai was delayed for 3 hours because of the bad weather. He sighed and looked at the Man who might be around 26 or 27 years old, was sitting on the opposite chair and was looking at screen of his Blackberry. He had been looking at the screen from quite a long time and there was a small smile playing on his lips.

He looked at his wrist watch and saw the time; there were more 2 hours for the flight. He got up and walked towards the Man who was looking at the screen of his phone. He never did this before but there was something about the man, which made him do that. He sat besides the Man and saw that he was looking at a picture in his phone. There were 2 people in the picture; one was the Man himself and other was a lady.
"Are you going to Mumbai?" he asked the Man bringing him out of the dream land. The Man looked at him and recalled what he said. He nodded once he recalled and looked back at the picture.
"Hi I'm Pawan Gupta" he introduced himself to the Man again bringing him out of the dreamland.
"Arjun Singhania" the Man introduced himself and smiled.
"Someone special?" Pawan asked pointing towards the Blackberry.
Arjun smiled and said "Very Special, she my life, my soon to be wife."
"Love Marriage huh?" said Pawan giving him a knowing smile.
"Yeah" said Arjun nodding his head.
"So Lover boy, what's your story? Only if you would like to share" said Pawan.
"Na, I don't have a problem in sharing it, It's an ordinary Love Story, nothing interesting" said Arjun.
"It's okay' I'm all ears" said Pawan.
Arjun leaned his back on the chair and then started narrating the story "It's said that hatred is a step towards Love. That's how our relationship started." He paused and then continued "3 years back, the Company for which I work was recruiting new employees and I was asked to take interview of the employees for Marketing Department as I'm the head of the department. That's when I'd first seen her; she had come for the interview. She was exactly the kind of employee I'd wanted for the department; her qualifications, her confidence and her attitude towards work was perfect. I'd really liked her then; I still remember what she was wearing that day, a plain white salwaar kameez, and when I'd looked at her face I noticed that unlike other girls she was wearing very less makeup-"
Pawan cut him off in between and said with frown on his face "Wait a sec' you said that your relationship started with hatred, but I don't see that"
Arjun smiled and said "That was just the first meeting mate. Then we were asked to work on a project together as a team and the biggest problem was that we would never agree with each other. Whatever I would say she would go against it and whatever she would say I would go against it." Arjun laughed then continued "We would often fight with each other, almost every day. She used to show me attitude and I would show her attitude. Though I was the head of the department, I could not tell her anything as we had to work as a team so there was no junior or senior and that would really annoy me. And the best part was that unlike others she was not scared of me." Arjun shook his head laughing and Pawan also laughed with him "We got warnings from our boss that he'll kick us out, but it didn't work, we were the same, we kept on fighting and finally our boss got tired and asked us to handover the project to another team. Even that didn't bring change to our behavior it was just added to the list. We started blaming each other for it. Our fights continued most of the time on silly topics. We hated each other so much that we didn't even like the sight of each other and there was no reason for it. It was just our attitude." Arjun paused and continued "After few months our boss again gave us a project but this time with a serious warning and guess what? It worked!!! We kept our attitude aside and gave a thought to what the other was saying and would find that what the other was saying was right. That's when our hatred turned into friendship. We started to know each other and got to know that we were so wrong about each other. Soon we were best buddies, we used to call each other every night, started to go to office together on my bike and then I would also leave her back home. We started meeting on Sundays and would spend the whole day with each other. We still had fights on silly topics but we would just forgive each other as we could not stay away from each other. All our colleagues and our boss were shocked to see that we were friends. Never had they imagined this." Arjun smiled and continued after few seconds "Later our colleagues started talking that we were not just friends, there was something else between us. We would get annoyed we would also fight with them as they were questioning about our friendship. They never stopped, they continued talking about us, because of which we started having fights with each other, we'd also stopped talking to each other. We would just ignore each other. One day I got to know that she's leaving the job, she'll be working only until the company finds a replacement; first I was shocked but then it made me angry, I started talking to her rudely, every passing moment my anger would just grow, I could not figure out why I was angry. Then one night I was sitting and thinking about the moments we spent with each other, the days we spent with each other. Those days, those moments were the most beautiful time of my life. That night I was thinking why did we fight, just because of those stupid things our colleagues were saying? Was our friendship so weak? That's when I realized that it was because we were running from the fact that we actually loved each other. Somewhere deep down, we both knew that it was true but we were not ready to accept it. After realizing that I love her, I didn't wait for a second, I grabbed my bike keys and rushed towards her apartment, I didn't care about what time it was, only one thing was going in my mind that I'll not let her go. I drove like a maniac and finally reached her house. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to open the door. She opened the door and I looked at her face, he red swollen eyes, which said that she was crying and it didn't even took me a second to say that even she loves me. I smiled and saw her expression changing every second. I walked inside and locked the door. I turned and saw her face, she was still shocked; I didn't wait, and just hugged her tight. Then finally after few moments I said the 3 blissful words and I was over the moon when she said the same. That was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Before coming here to London I proposed her for marriage and that was the second most beautiful moment of my life, when she said yes, I knew her answer, but still I was little scared." Arjun sighed and continued "I don't want anything from my life, just one thing that we stay with each other till our last breathe." Arjun looked at Pawan and gave him a smile and then said "That's my love story"
Pawan smiled back and asked "What's her name?"
Arjun closed his eyes and said "Arohi' Arohi Ahluwalia" he felt delightful saying her name.
"You were right your story is like any other love story, but the love here is different" said Pawan.
Arjun looked at Pawan and frowned "What do you mean?" he asked.
"What I mean to say is mostly love stories are just stories, the love in it is not always true but your love is very true, very pure. I can see that in your eyes that how much you love her" said Pawan.
Arjun smiled and said "Yeah, I love her very much, I cannot live without her; I cannot even imagine living about her" he kept his hand on his heart and continued "You see this? This beats only for her. Every beat, every breath of mine has her name written on it; she's everything to me; my love, my life, my Heartbeat." Arjun looked at Pawan and saw him smiling. Arjun smiled back and said "Okay now you know about me, so now tell me about you."
"Well, I'm a doctor, a Heart Specialist." said Pawan and then they continued talking. Soon the flight announcement was made and they walked towards the plane. In the plane coincidently their seats were together so they were not bored in the flight and kept talking and became really good friends in their first meeting. They exchanged their numbers promising that they'll keep in touch and Arjun also promised that he'll invite him in his wedding.
Arjun reached Arohi's apartment after he freshened up. He could not wait after all he was meeting his Love, his Arohi after 1 month and the last 1 week they didn't even got to talk to each other; not even for a second. He rang the doorbell and stood there. He was getting impatient. He again rang the door bell but there was no response. He frowned 'Where is she?' he thought for a moment 'Maybe at the office.' He left for the office without even waiting for a second.
He rushed towards Arohi's desk but frowned; Arohi was not there. He shook his head and smiled. He turned around and saw their colleague Sushma standing in front of him and was just looking at him.
"Hey Sush, where's Arohi?" asked Arjun.
Sushma handed him an envelope and said "Arohi had given this for you." Her tone was sad.
Arjun looked at the envelope and smiled "This girl is crazy, I'm getting restless out here and she's playing hide n seek with me." He said shaking his head.
Sushma left from there immediately without uttering a word.
Arjun frowned "What's wrong with her?" he said to himself. "Ah! That must be Arohi's plan." He looked at the envelope and said "Let's see what's there in this" Arjun opened the envelope; a smile playing on his lips. He took out the piece of paper from the envelope and gave a quick glance. Something was written on it. He sat on the chair which was just besides him and started reading'
Ummm' I'm leaving Arjun; I can't stay here anymore and nor can I marry you. I know I'd promised you to live with you forever, but I cannot keep up that promise Arjun. I can't even tell you the reason but only this much that staying with me will only give you pain and I don't want you to be in pain because of me; you don't have to be in pain because of me'
Start a New Life Arjun, try to forget me, it will be difficult but not impossible' This is not any kind of joke nor am I playing games with you. Trust Me. By the time you'll get the letter I'll be long gone. Don't try to find me as it will be waste of time' Take Care of yourself.
I Love You Arjun forever; till my last breathe till my heart beats'
Arjun looked at the letter again, he clenched his fist, trying to control the anger. He stood up and walked to the main Area.
"AROHI!!! COME OUT RIGHT NOW!!! I'M NOT IN A MOOD TO PLAY THIS STUPID GAME WITH YOU!!! COME OUT RIGHT NOW OR ELSE THE PUNISHMENT WILL BE VERY HARD!!!" Arjun shouted, his palm was clenched in fist and eyes were red with anger. All the office staff gathered and were looking at an angry Arjun. All were scared sensing his anger. Arjun looked at Sushma who was looking down; she was not meeting Arjun's eyes. "Sushma ask her to come out RIGHT NOW!!!"
Sushma walked up to Arjun, tears were flowing from her eyes seeing Arjun's state. She knew Arjun is hurt. "She's gone Arjun, she'd told me but I thought she was just joking, but she's really gone" she said.
"You're lying, she's not gone anywhere, she just playing this stupid game with me. She'll have to pay for this" Arjun said angrily and left from there.
He came out of the office and was trying Arohi's number, which was unavailable. Arjun was fuming with anger now; he's not going to leave Arohi for this. He again drove to Arohi's apartment and rang the bell but no response. He stated banging the door with his hand and saying "Open the door Arohi." Because of the banging the neighbor came out.
"She's not here, it's been a week since she left" said the neighbor.
"You are lying" Arjun snapped and then banged and kicked the door. The neighbor got scared and immediately called the security. Few more people came because of the noise. The security guard tried to stop him but Arjun did not stop. Few more people came to help the security guard and finally Arjun stopped as he realized that Arohi is not there, she has actually left him.
Arjun came back to his apartment. He walked towards the table in front of him and kept both his hands on it. He threw all the books and vase which was kept on the table. He picked up the mirror and threw it which broke into million pieces. He picked up all the stuff and started throwing it. "WHY" he shouted like a maniac and fell on the floor. He was crying now.
"Why Arohi, why did you leave me, why? I need an answer; you cannot leave me like this. You have no right to leave me. You'd promised me that you'll never leave me and go then why did you break the promise? Why Arohi? Why" Arjun sobbed and then continued "You said you can't see me in pain then why are you doing this? Please comeback Arohi, I can't live without you Arohi, please come back. I'll not yell at you I promise but you please come back, Please come back." Arjun sobbed. He looked at his leg and hand which were bleeding, but he didn't feel any pain as the pain in his heart was much more than any physical pain. "I love you Arohi please come back" Arjun kept on mumbling.
After crying for few hours, he stood up "I'll not sit and cry. I'll have to find her, I'll find her" he wiped his tears and left his apartment after he searched his bike keys.
Arjun was standing on the terrace of the 20 story building and was looking down. It's been 3 days since he's back and he had searched for Arohi everywhere like a maniac. He searched in every possible place she could be. But there was no trace of Arohi. He had gone to her friend's place that stayed in Mumbai but even she didn't know why Arohi left all of a sudden and where is she. He also called up at her home in Delhi but no one picked up the phone. He had lost all hopes now and he cannot live without Arohi. He climbed on the wall and looked down one last time. He closed his eyes "I LOVE YOU AROHI" he said and smiled remembering all the moments spent with her. He was about to jump when his phone rang. He got down from the wall hoping that the call is from Arohi. He removed the cell phone from his pocket and looked at the name flashing; he frowned looking at the caller's name. He was about to press the red button to cut the call but something was there which made him press the green button instead.
"Hello" said Arjun and spoke to the person for few minutes. He cut the call and immediately left from there.

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Pawan was sitting in his office and thinking about events occurred in last 24 hrs. He had to leave for Bangalore for a case the next day after he had reached Mumbai. The patient was suffering from a very severe heart disease the chances of surviving was very less, close to nil. In most of the cases the patient cannot survive and Pawan being a heart specialist was asked to take up the patient's case. After he had reached Bangalore, he directly went to the hospital to study the patient's case. He took the patients file and read the name "AROHI AHLUWALIA" 'This name is familiar' he thought for a while and then remembered that Arohi is Arjun's fianc's name; he was shocked but then he thought 'there is not only one Arohi Ahluwalia; this can be some other Arohi Ahluwalia. Arjun would have told me about this, he knew that I'm a Doctor and a heart specialist. This is not his Arohi.' He shook his head and read the patients file and asked the nurse to call Arohi in the hospital tomorrow to do further tests. Deep down somewhere Pawan was scared, he was not feeling good; his mind was not leaving the fact that Arjun's fianc's name is also Arohi. He tried to ignore that fact but was not able to do that. He just prayed to God that the patient is not Arjun's Arohi.

Next day he waited for Arohi to come and all the time he was getting a wired feeling. He looked up when he heard a knock on the door. "Sir Ms. Ahluwalia is here" said the Nurse. Pawan nodded and told the nurse to send her in.
Pawan caught his breath when he saw the person entering the cabin. She was the same person whose picture he had seen in Arjun's phone; she was Arjun's Arohi. Pawan just kept on staring at her in shock; he could not think straight. Her face was pale because of the sickness. He came out of the shock and let out his breathe which he was holding from God known how long when he heard the boy who had come with Arohi.
"Hello Doctor" said the boy and smiled slightly.
Pawan said a low hello and looked around searching for Arjun but Arjun was nowhere to be seen. Pawan frowned 'this was unlike Arjun' he thought. He had just met Arjun once but by the way Arjun had described his love for Arohi; Pawan could say that this was unlike Arjun and he should be here with Arohi.
"She's-" was saying the boy but was cut off in between.
"Arohi Ahluwalia, I know" Pawan completed the sentence. Both Arohi and the boy frowned. Pawan looked at their expression and recollected what had he just said. He felt that he should not tell that he knows Arohi because of Arjun. "I mean according to the file the patient is a female and even by name we can make that out and here there is only one female so it was easy to say the she is Arohi." Pawan pointed towards Arohi. Arohi and the boy let out a laugh. Pawan looked at the boy who had come with Arohi 'who is he?' was the question that came in his mind and the very next second it came out of his mouth "May I know your name and your relation with the patient?" he asked looking at the boy
"Yeah, I'm Sanchit, I'm Arohi's younger brother" the boy introduced himself.
"Oh' Okay" said Pawan. He was relieved that Sanchit was Arohi's brother but 'where was Arjun?' this question was coming in his mind again and again but he was a bit hesitant to ask about him to Arohi and Sanchit. He kept the topic aside and said "Arohi I have studied your case and there are few more tests to be done which will help and for that you'll have to get admitted in the hospital for a day or two." He paused and added "It has to be done as soon as possible so I would say that you get admitted today itself."
Arohi nodded and said "That's okay with me. I'll get admitted now."
"I'll ask the nurse to take you to the room" said Pawan to Arohi and then looked at Sanchit and continued "and you can complete the formalities"
Sanchit nodded, he then looked at Arohi and said "I'll call up Mom and Dad."
Arohi nodded and looked at Sanchit who was now leaving the room.
The question about Arjun again came up in Pawan's mind. He thought of asking Arohi about it but before he could ask, the nurse came and took Arohi with her and Pawan could only think about one thing 'Where are you Arjun?'
The rest of the day Arohi was getting the tests done. Pawan was there with Arohi all the time during the tests to study the monitor while the tests are done. The tests only said that there is no chance of survival, there is nothing he or any other doctor could do. Pawan knew this is going to happen but he asked to do the tests in a hope that he gets some way by which he could save Arohi, but there was no way. Pawan sat in his cabin, he leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes, he was worried about both Arjun and Arohi and their relationship. During the tests he had often seen Arohi lost in her thoughts and had also noticed tears in her eyes which were not from the physical pain but the mental pain. "Where are you Arjun?" Pawan muttered. More questions came up in his mind 'Does Arjun know about Arohi's sickness?' 'What if he knows and have left Arohi?' 'No! I don't think Arjun is like that, he must not be knowing. But what if he have left Arohi?' 'Oh God! Please help' Pawan fell asleep in his cabin keeping his head on the desk, thinking about Arjun and Arohi.
He woke up the next day when he heard some noise, he looked at the surroundings and noticed that he had slept in the hospital. He looked at the door and saw a nurse entering.
"Oh Sir, I didn't knew you were here. The reports of Ms. Ahluwalia have come" said the Nurse.
"I don't know when I fell asleep last night well forget that give me the reports" said Pawan.
The nurse handed the reports to Pawan and left the cabin. Pawan removed the reports and studied them but it was same as he had seen yesterday there was no change. He sighed and said to himself "It's time to tell Arohi and her family about the reports and I'll also ask them about Arjun." He stood up and first went to the attached bathroom to freshen up and then left for Arohi's room.
Arohi was sitting on the patient bed of her room and was lost in her thought that's what Sanchit had seen when he entered the room. He walked towards Arohi's bed and sat on the stool which was besides it. He knew about whom Arohi was thinking. Arohi came out of the thoughts when she heard Sanchit say something.
"You should call him up Arohi" said Sanchit.
Arohi knew about whom Sanchit is talking. She shook her head and said "I'm not going to call him up, he'll come here immediately and I don't want that. I can't ruin his life Sanchit, he does not deserve this. He deserves to live his life happily. He does not deserve to live with a person who is going to die. I cannot do this to him can I?" By now tears started flowing from her eyes.
"He deserves to know Arohi, he must have come back by now and must be searching for you, he must be growing crazy. I don't know what he'll do he loves you a lot. I think you should call him up once" said Sanchit.
"Even I love him Sanchit, I love Arjun, more than anything else in the world. You don't know how I am feeling now, without him. I cannot even describe it in words and I cannot let him go through this once I'll be dead. It will be selfish of me if I call him up knowing that he'll be by my side without delay. And he'll search for me for some day's and probably will move on" said Arohi wiping her wet cheeks with the back of her hand.
"Move On!!! You know this is not going to happen that why you added 'probably'" Sanchit said quoting the last word by showing his fingers. "Fine you don't want to call him up then I'll do that" he continued standing up.
Arohi sat up and held Sanchit's hand, her expressions showed shock. She shook her head and then kept his hand on her head and said "You are not going to do that. Swear on me"
Sanchit looked at Arohi's face and his hand which was on the top of Arohi's head. He could not see his sister like this he was feeling sad for her but he also wanted Arjun to know about Arohi because he deserves to know that. Sanchit was about to say something when he heard a knock on the door and saw Pawan entering the room. Arohi left Sanchit's hand and wiped her face.
While Arohi and Sanchit were talking, Pawan was standing outside Arohi's room and was listening to their talk. It was wrong he knew but he could not stop himself as it was about Arjun. All his confusion were now gone. He was right, Arjun would not leave Arohi. He is not here because he does not know where Arohi was. Both Arohi and Sanchit were right at their points but he completely agreed with Sanchit, Arjun deserves to know. He would have let Sanchit and Arohi talk more but he had to interrupt them as the nurse outside was asking if everything was fine with him. He entered the room and looked at Arohi's face. He had seen the love in Arjun's eyes for Arohi and now he could see the same love in Arohi's eyes for Arjun. He kept on looking at her for few moments and decided what he has to do.
"Umm' your reports have come" said Pawan looking at Arohi and then Sanchit and both were looking back at him. Pawam paused, he cleared his throat and continued "They are not good' in such cases chances of survival is nil and your case is the same. I cannot do anything I'm sorry"
Arohi blinked her eyes and then smiled looking at Pawan. She already knew that she is not going to survive the previous doctor had already told about this and it was nothing new but she consulted the other doctor because her parents and her brother had told her and then they fixed the appointment with Dr. Pawan Gupta who is one of the biggest heart specialists in India.
Sanchit closed his eyes and few tears came out of his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked at Arohi who was smiling looking at Pawan. He then saw Arohi looking at him and shaking her head saying him not to cry. Sanchit wiped the tears and gave a faint smile to Arohi. 'This is no time to cry' he thought.
Pawan looked at the brother and sister sharing a moment, they were looking sweet and they did not over react on the news. He guessed that they already knew this is going to come. His thoughts drifted towards Arjun 'I have to call him' he thought and looked at Sanchit. He wanted to talk to Sanchit about this but not in front of Arohi. "Sanchit I'll prescribe few medicines, you'll have to get that from the pharmacy. Come with me to my cabin I'll write and give it to you" said Pawan.
Sanchit nodded and left the room with Pawan. Pawan asked Sanchit to sit on the chair after they reached his cabin.
"Actually I wanted to talk to you" said Pawan and looked at Sanchit face which was now worried. "Nothing to worry about' Actually I overheard your conversation with Arohi" he added and Sanchit gave him a questioning look. Pawan paused for a moment and continued when Sanchit didn't say anything "I knew Arohi from before, she doesn't know me because we met the first time yesterday" Pawan looked at a confused Sanchit and then continued "Actually I met Arjun 2 days back at London Airport we were in the same flight and that was when Arjun told me about him and Arohi and how much he loves her and that he is hopelessly in love with Arohi' Well I think you are right about calling up Arjun and telling about Arohi'. So as you cannot call him up then I'll call up Arjun"
Sanchit smiled and said "Thanks, I was thinking about how to tell Arjun about this, even Arohi is hopelessly in love with Arjun and I know how difficult it is for her to stay without him and I also know it is difficult for Arjun also." Sanchit paused and then said "Even god does not want them to be separated look he has sent you"
"I agree, it's all God's fate. Arjun and I meeting at the Airport, him telling me his love story, then I turn out to be a doctor and I get Arohi's case" Pawan sighed and said "It's all God's fate' okay now no more delays I'll call up Arjun." He took out his cell phone and dialed Arjun's number. He waited for few seconds and heard a hello from other side. "Arjun this Pawan' well umm' Arjun, Arohi is here in Bangalore." Pawan paused. There was a silence from other side but he could hear Arjun's breathing he didn't wait for him to tell anything and said "Arjun I want you to meet me at City Hospital in Bangalore" Pawan cut the call and said "He's coming."
Sanchit smiled and again said "Thanks."

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Arjun reached the airport and took the first flight to Bangalore. He was happy to know about Arohi but also worried because Pawan had called him to the hospital. He ignored the second part saying that at least he knows where Arohi is. He reached City Hospital and asked about Pawan. He ran towards Pawan's cabin and barged in without knocking the door.

Pawan looked at Arjun who was breathing heavily because of all the running. Pawan signaled him to sit on the chair and offered him water. He looked at Arjun's hand which had a white bandage and blood spots could be seen on the bandage. He was also looking thin and Pawan immediately made out that Arjun has not eaten anything from a long time.
Arjun shook his head when Pawan was giving him the glass of water and said "I don't want anything just tell me where is my Arohi."
Pawan kept the glass down and sat straight. He didn't know how to tell Arjun about Arohi's disease but he has to tell him. "Ummm" he said.
"Pawan, Just tell me where is Arohi I don't have whole day" Arjun said when Pawan didn't say anything.
"Arjun, Arohi is suffering from a major Heart Disease" Pawan paused and looked at Arjun's shocked expression. He gave Arjun a minute and then continued when Arjun's expression changed "There is no cure for the disease and I cannot do anything."
Arjun leaned back on the chair trying to register what Pawan just said. Arohi is suffering from a heart disease and is not going to survive. It took few minutes for Arjun to register it. He looked up at Pawan with his watery eyes and asked "How much time does she have?"
"Huh?" said Pawan and recollected what Arjun had just said. "Umm... It depends on the person's immunity. Mostly patients survive for a year with the help of regular medications. If the medications are working then she can survive for 9 to 12 months." he said in a low voice.
Arjun nodded. 'A year' he thought. "I want to meet her, where is she?" asked Arjun after a silence of few minutes.
"She's here in the hospital" said Pawan. He wanted to tell Arjun about what he had heard Arohi say but then thought it will be better if Arjun talks to Arohi himself.
Arjun and Pawan stood up and walked towards Arohi's room. All the while Arjun was silent. He didn't utter a word. Pawan wanted to talk to Arjun but he didn't know what to tell, he was also confused about how Arjun has taken the news. Pawan pointed towards a room which was Arohi's room. Arjun stood rooted at the place for few moments and kept on looking at the door. He wiped the tears which came out of his eyes and walked towards the door followed by Pawan. He turned the door knob and opened the door. He walked in and saw Arohi talking to her parents and her brother. Arjun caught his breathe when he saw Arohi's pale face.
Arohi sensed his presence and looked at the door to see him standing there along with Pawan. Her eyes fell on his hand which had the bandage wrapped. "Arjun" she whispered breathlessly.
Arjun let out the breath when he heard Arohi say his name. Everyone present in the room was now looking at Arjun. Sanchit signaled his parents to walk out of the room leaving the two to themselves and Pawan followed them outside. Arjun walked towards Arohi in a slow pace.
"Arjun" Arohi said again when Arjun reached near the bed. She then saw Arjun's expression changing to anger.
"Why Arohi?" he said and paused "Why did you leave me and come, why didn't you tell about your sickness huh? Tell me... Did you think that my love for you is so weak that I'll not be able to handle this? Or did you think that I'll leave you alone in all the suffering? Tell me Arohi" he said angrily and then added "Do you know how I have spent this one month without seeing you? I would just get to hear your voice twice a day and in the last week we didn't even get to talk and when I get back I get this letter saying that you are leaving and asking me to move on." he took out the letter from his pocket and threw it on the bed in front of Arohi and continued "You don't understand anything, you are very selfish Arohi, you just thought about yourself."
Arohi looked at Arjun who was now very angry on her. Tears were flowing from both their eyes. "It's not like that Arjun. I didn't want you to go through all this. You don't deserve this, you don't deserve to stay with a person who is going to die. I can't ruin your life and it's good for you to stay away from me and move on in life."
Arjun cut her off in between and snapped "You cannot decide what is good for me or what is bad for me. It is me who will decide that... It is me..."Arjun trailed off. He then sat on the edge of the bed and said looking straight into Arohi eyes "My Love for you is not weak Arohi, I cannot leave you alone in this situation to suffer all alone, I don't want to leave you, I want to be with you."
"No Arjun, I'll not let you ruin your life; I'm going to die Arjun. You don't deserve this" Arohi said trying to explain Arjun.
Arjun took Arohi's hand intertwining it and kept in on his chest near his heart and Arohi could feel his heartbeat. "This beats for you Arohi, only you and it will beat till the day this beats" he kept the intertwined hand on Arohi heart saying the last bit. "My each and every breath has written your name on it... Do you really think that I'll be able to live without you?" Arjun cupped her face "Tell me Arohi, do you think that I'll be able to stay away from you and move on in life... You know me more than myself, you know the answer." Arjun wiped Arohi's tears with his thumb and said "The day you'll die will also be the day I'll die. The moment you'll take the last breathe will be the same moment I'll take my last breathe... After staying away from you for the last few days, my heart is still beating, I'm still breathing because your heart is still beating because you are still breathing Arohi. I cannot live in the world in which you don't live. And if I would have been in your place would you have leaved me alone?"
"I would not leave you alone Arjun" Arohi said immediately. She then closed her eyes and thought for a moment. She didn't argue with Arjun now, she didn't even want to argue. Arjun's words had touched her, she always knew that Arjun loves her a lot but she didn't know the depth of his love for her but now by hearing all these words from Arjun she got to know that what she had decided was wrong for both of them. "I would have done the same thing as you if you would have been in my place."
Arjun smiled and said "So from now we are going to be together till our last brethe." Arjun paused. He left Arohi's face and took his hand behind his neck near the hook of the gold chain he was wearing. He opened the hook and took out the ring which he had hanged in his chain as a locket. It belonged to his Dadi and she had given it to Arjun for his bride before she died. He closed back the hook and held the ring between his forefinger and thumb.
Arohi looked at the ring in Arjun's hand and knew what was going to come. She also knew that the ring belong to his Dadi. Her vision became blur because of the tears which had formed.
"Ms. Arohi Ahluwalia, will you spend the rest of your life with me who is hopelessly in love with you, by becoming Arohi Arjun Singhania?" asked Arjun.
Arohi gave a teary laugh and said "Do you need to ask that?"
"I'm trying to be a gentleman" Arjun said shrugging his shoulder. "Now don't spoil the moment and answer. Will you marry me Ms. Arohi Ahluwalia?" Arjun asked again.
Arohi just nodded her head and let the tears flow from her eyes. Arjun took her left hand and placed the ring in her ring finger. Arjun then cupped her face and kissed her giving her a promise. Arohi kissed him back doing the same. The kiss first was a gentle one but then it became a passionate one. They realized how much they have missed this, how much they have missed being with each other. Arjun left Arohi's lips when they both were breathless. Arjun leaned his head on Arohi's head still cupping her face. Both were breathing heavily. Arohi then hugged Arjun keeping her head on his chest near his heart and snaking her arms around his waist. Arjun hugged her back kissing her forehead every now and then. Arohi closed her eyes listening to his heartbeat which was beating only for her. She hugged him tight and said "I'm Sorry Arjun" she let the tears flow from her eyes making Arjun's shit wet.
"Hush baby, you don't have to apologize, I would have done the same thing you did." He paused and then continued "I'm sorry for being angry and shouting at you earlier."
"I would have done the same" said Arohi making both of the laugh.
Arjun took a deep breath inhaling Arohi's fragrance. Both of them were still hugging each other and there was a complete silence between them. They just wanted to be like this, being in each other's arms.
"Arjun?" Arohi said breaking the silence.
"Hmm?" was all Arjun said.
"I Love You" said Arohi.
Arjun squeezed Arohi between his arms and said "I Love You More."
They stayed in the same position for God know how long. Their moment was broken when Arohi's parents along with Sanchit and Pawan came back into the room. They left each other immediately. Sachit who had seen them hugging started teasing them.
"I guess we broke a Romantic moment. I'm sorry" said Sanchit making both Arjun and Arohi embarrassed. Arohi gave Sanchit a glare but Sanchit just showed her his tongue.
Arjun chuckled looking at Arohi's face. He was now standing by Arohi's bed; he looked at Pawan and said "Pawan... Thank You for calling me up and telling about Arohi"
"No Problem" Pawan said giving him an assuring smile.
Arohi who had forgotten about how Arjun knew about where she was was now shocked. She looked at Arjun and then at Pawan and then back at Arjun. "You know him?" she asked Arjun.
"Yeah, He's my friend, we met at London Airport and we were in the same flight. And I'm glad that I met him or else I would have not known that you have come to Bangalore" Arjun answered Arohi's question. He then looked at Arohi's parents and walked towards them. He stood in front of Arohi's father and said confidently "Uncle... Aunty... I want to get married to Arohi, I love her a lot. We want both of yours permission and blessings."
"You have our permission Son" said Arohi's father. Arohi's parents didn't knew about Arjun before but now before coming back in the room Sanchit and Pawan told them about Arjun and Arohi's relationship. Both her parents for happy for their daughter to have Arjun, who loved her so much and now by hearing about marriage from Arjun they were feeling really blessed.
Arjun touched both their feet taking their blessing. Arohi's Mom cupped Arjun's face and kissed him on his forehead. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Arjun smiled at her gesture and held her had lovingly. He walked towards Sanchit and hugged him and finally he hugged Pawan thanking him again. "Do you have a problem if we shift to Mumbai?" Arjun asked to Pawan.
"Not at all, it will be better for me I can see Arohi at Mumbai's branch. I practice there only" answered Pawan.
Arjun looked at Arohi's parents and said "Even you will come and stay with us in Mumbai"
"We'll go back to Delhi, we know Arohi will be fine with you and that we don't have to worry about her" said Arohi's father.
"But-" Arjun tried to protest.
"We'll keep on visiting Arjun" Arohi's father cut off Arjun in between.
Arjun didn't say anything, he just nodded his head.
They all moved to Mumbai after few days. Arohi along with her family, was now staying at Pawan's place. Arjun called up his parents and told them that he wants to get married to Arohi. His parents said Arjun not to marry Arohi and also said that how can he get married to a girl who is going to die. Arjun got furious listening to his parents and had said them that he was telling them and was not asking their permission. Arjun and his parents never had a good bonding they were always busy with their work and had left Arjun with a nanny. Arjun said Arohi's parents that his parents are not coming because they are busy in their work; he lied. Then with the help of his best friend Jai and Arohi's brother Sanchit, he arranged a wedding in a nearby temple.
The wedding took place after few days. There were only few people like Arohi's parents, Sanchit, Pawan, Jai, they also invited Sushma and obviously the bride and the groom. After performing all the rituals, Arjun and Arohi got married. Arohi's parents and Sanchit left for Delhi soon after the wedding, giving blessing and praying for both of them, they were also proud to have a son-in-law like Arjun but were also sad for their daughter. No one can imagine their feeling, their emotions, knowing that their daughter is going to die... all the parents give their children blessing that they have a long life but knowing that this is not going to work for their daughter was heartbreaking for them, but still they prayed for her and Arjun's both have a long life hoping that God will listen to them. Jai and Pawan also left for their home after dropping Arjun and Arohi to their home.
Arjun took Arohi in his arms at the threshold and entered their home. He closed the door behind him with his leg and then walked towards their room. Both of them were looking at each other's face lovingly. Arjun then kept Arohi on the bed and sat beside her. Arohi leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. Arjun sensed that she is might be tired after all the rituals.
"You tired?" Arjun asked caressing her back.
Arohi nodded her head and snuggled close to him.
"Come I'll help you with these" he pointed towards the jewelry "and then you can sleep for some time" he said and saw Arohi nodding her head.
Arjun then helped Arohi in taking off the jewelry and also helped her in changing her clothes. He again picked her up in his arms and made her lay down on the bed. Then he changed his clothes and lay down besides Arohi kissing her forehead. Arohi snuggled close to him keeping her head on his chest and was soon asleep with Arjun caressing her hair and her back. Even Arjun fell asleep after he was sure that Arohi is asleep.
It's been 10 months since Arjun and Arohi are married. Their love for each other only grew after each passing moment. Arjun had promised himself that he'll make each and every moment of their lives special for Arohi and had fulfilled the promise. Arjun would wake up before Arohi every morning and would make breakfast for them. After making the breakfast he would wake Arohi up by kissing her forehead and giving her a rose and then both of them would have their breakfast with Arjun feeding Arohi and Arohi loved it when Arjun did this for her. They would then sit and watch T.V. or would watch a movie. After that Arjun would cook lunch and Arohi would sit on the counter and watch him, she would also help him few times and would also give instruction to cook when Arjun would not know how to cook that particular dish. They then would have lunch but this time Arohi would feed Arjun. Arjun then would give Arohi her medications and Arohi would take a nap in the afternoon. She would keep her head on Arjun's lap and Arjun would caress her hair till she fell asleep. He would carefully place her head on the pillow and then would complete his work. After coming back to Mumbai he had resigned from his job as he only wanted to stay with Arohi. But when his boss came to know about Arohi he didn't accept Arjun's resignation. Instead he shifted Arjun to other department saying that he has to work from home and just have to check the entries which will only take an hour or 2. Arjun agreed when his boss insisted but he said to his boss that if he is not comfortable with it he will not do the work. His work would often get completed in an hour and he had made sure that Arohi at least sleeps for 3 hrs. He would then go and lay down besides Arohi and would just look at her lovingly. He loved watching Arohi in her sleep. He would see her expressions changing and would wonder what she is dreaming about. She would also tell "I Love You Arjun" in her sleep and Arjun would caress her cheek lovingly with a smile playing on his lips and would whisper "I Love You Too, more than anything else in the world."
After waking up Arohi and giving her a light snack they would first go to the nearby temple and then would either go to the park or to the beach to spend their evening. They would take a walk in the park or would watch sunset at the beach. Often in the park or the beach girls would envy Arohi for having Arjun with her and Arohi would love to see their jealous expression. After spending their evening at either of the places they would go back home and would cook dinner the same way they cook lunch and then would feed each other. After dinner they would watch T.V for a while and then would talk to each other laying on the bed. Arjun would then give Arohi her medications and then both would go to sleep with Arohi snuggling close to Arjun keeping her head on Arjun's chest hearing his heartbeat, she loved to hear his heartbeat it was really blissful and Arjun would kiss her head and would sing a song for her caressing her hair and then would sleep after making sure that Arohi had slept.
With these they would also go to the hospital regularly for Arohi's check-up. Arohi's parents along with Sanchit would come to visit Arohi and Arjun every 2 weeks and would stay for a day or 2. Even Jai would come and meet them whenever he would get time. After their marriage Arjun had also taken Arohi to Goa for their honeymoon and they had had a wonderful time out there. They would never forget the time they spent there. Whenever Arohi and Arjun would talk about their honeymoon Arohi was always left blushing as it was the time when Arohi belong to Arjun and Arjun belong to Arohi in all the senses; and Arjun was very gentle while making love to her he had made sure that he doesn't hurt Arohi and they never forget this moment of their lives even after their death.
In last few weeks Arohi had gotten really weak. She was on complete bed rest and she would just want be with Arjun snuggling close to him. Both of them knew that the time is not far and they were both ready for it. Even now Arohi was sleeping snuggling close to Arjun. She was having a pain in her chest since few days but now the pain got unbearable and she was breathing heavily. Arjun called for the Ambulance and also called up Pawan and told about Arohi's condition. Arjun gave Arohi water and rubbed her back trying to control her breathing but there was no effect. Arjun picked Arohi up in his arms and took her out when he heard the siren of Ambulance. The oxygen mask was placed and the doctor in the ambulance was checking Arohi's blood pressure and pulse. Arohi held Arjun's hand tightly whilst Arjun was caressing her head and was trying to calm her by talking to her and also saying "I Love You" every now and then which was giving strength to Arohi.
Arjun was now sitting on the bench outside the ICU where Arohi was admitted and Pawan was checking Arohi who had left for the hospital immediately after Arjun had called him up. Arjun looked up and saw Pawan coming out of the room. He stood up and Pawan came and stood in front of him.
"She's stable now, I have given her the injection" Pawan said and saw Arjun nodding his head. He paused for few moments and then added "I think we should keep her in the hospital from now and you should also call up her parents."
This was enough for Arjun to understand that Arohi does not have much time now. "I'll call them up" said Arjun and then asked "Can I go inside and meet her?"
Pawan nodded his head and Arjun walked inside the room after giving Pawan a smile.
Arohi's parents and Sanchit came to Mumbai after Arjun called them up and told about Arohi's condition. They cried seeing Arohi's pale body laying on the hospital bed with number of wires connected to her. By now even they had got to know that Arohi does not have much time. They were very sad seeing Arohi's condition but were worried about Arjun. Whenever they would look at Arjun they would see a smile on his face. They had seen Arjun sitting besides Arohi and caressing her hair lovingly and a smile on his lips. Even when Arohi would sleep snuggling close to Arjun, Arjun would just smile looking at her. They had not seen him cry even for once which made them worry. Whenever they would cry and Arjun would see them, he would give them a smile and console them. They were really worried about Arjun, they could not make out how Arjun was feeling, they just prayed for him.
"Arjun" Arohi whispered looking at Arjun who was sitting besides her, holding her hand and was caressing her hair. Sanchit and her parents had gone to the canteen to eat something.
"Hmm?" said Arjun and saw Arohi signaling him to lie down besides her.
Arjun lay down besides Arohi and Arohi snuggled close to him keeping her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. She hugged him tightly and closed her eyes. Arjun hugged her back and caressed her back.
"Sing that song for me" said Arohi in a low voice asking Arjun to sing the song which he had written for her and was also her favorite song.
Arjun kissed her forehead and started singing -
"Teri Saanson Se Hi Meri Saasein Chale...
Tu Hi Dikhe Jab Bhi Aankhein Khule...
Saanson Se Hi Meri Saasein Chale...
Tu Hi Dikhe Jab Bhi Aankhein Khule...
Dekha Falak... Dekhi Zameein...
Koi Nahi... Tum Sa Haseen...
Aa Tujhe Khud Main Mein Iss Tarah Loon Chupa...
Ke Khuda Bhi Humein... Kar Na Paye Juda...
Kaise Kahein Humein Kitani Mohabbat Hai...
Kitani Mohabbat Hai...
Kaise Kahein Humein Kitani Mohabbat Hai...
Kitani Mohabbat Hai..." his voice trailed off. There was complete silence. Both Arjun and Arohi could only here their breathing and the beep of the monitor.
"I Love You Arjun" said Arohi.
"I Love You Too" said Arjun.
Arohi heard Arjun, she closed her eyes and took her last breathe. Arjun felt Arohi loosen her grip and closed his eyes.
Pawan rushed towards Arohi's room after he got the message from the nurse. He barged in the room and saw Arjun and Arohi laying on the bed hugging each other and smiling. His eyes fell on the monitor which now showed a straight line. He walked towards Arohi and held her wrist to check her pulse. Her hand was ice cold and he could not find the pulse point which only said one thing that Arohi is no more, she's dead. Pawan stood rooted at the spot, Arohi's hand still in his hand and tears came out of his eyes. He controlled himself and walked to the other side.
"Arjun" he said shaking Arjun but got no response. He again shook him but nothing happened. He held his wrist to check the pulse, his own hands were shaking now. Even Arjun's hand was ice cold and he could not find the pulse point. Pawan was shocked; he left Arjun's hand and stood at the same position... "You see this? This beats only for her. Every beat, every breath of mine has her name written on it; she's everything to me; my love, my life, my Heartbeat." Arjun's these words were echoing in his ears. He came out of the shock and looked at Arjun and Arohi. "Your love story is not an ordinary love story my friend... yes I said 'is' because you both will always be in our heart and your love story will be an example for everyone, Arjun's and Arohi's Love Story... Come back soon" Pawan said and kissed Arjun's and Arohi's forehead and then left from there to inform everyone.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Lemme read it

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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What shud i write veds. M in all tears. Love beyond evrythng. Surely their heartbeats were 1 dat dy share. Ek ke sason se hi dusre ki sasein chal rahi thi. Hats off veds.

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sadffi IF-Rockerz

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Wooow buddy what a surprise...Smile

Lovd it...

The story & the writing style is sooo sweetEmbarrassed

Thnx for PM...Star

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DarkDove Goldie

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ooohhh Veds...

i dont know whether i should love you right now or hate you for writing this...

No, I will chose to love you!!! Oh gosh, no I hate you , you made me cry.. Im crying very badly right now.. Why? why why why???

It started out so perfectly..
And i wondered what the hell happened, why did arohi left.. Then i found out she left because she has a heart disease... Arjun got angry and then cried...

and then arjun  found her.. its really destiny and fate that pawan met arjun at the airport.. oohh the moment when arjun was standing frozen on the spot in front of the door...
they reunited...

aaww they got married...
again everything was going perfectly ...
and then the part who one wanted to come but knew it was going to come..

arohi's state was getting worser...
he lay down beside her and sang his song.. our fav kmh song...
and this.. : 

 "The day you'll die will also be the day I'll die. The moment you'll take the last breathe will be the same moment I'll take my last breathe' After staying away from you for the last few days, my heart is still beating, I'm still breathing because your heart is still beating because you are still breathing Arohi. I cannot live in the world in which you don't live."

the day she will take her last breath, will be the day he will also take his last breath...
they both closed their eyes, still smiling and hugging each other...
ooohhh this made me cry sooo badly...
i hate it and love it at the same time...

it was truly an awesome os/ss...
it was very sad...
it really broke my heart.. .their love is soo beautiful...

you write beautifully...the way you write, you really capture the essence of the love and emotions they feel for each other.. it looks so vivid...


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