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~*~DOTW-New Year...New Changes~*~

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year! I hope this coming year brings each and every one of you all that you wish for and much more….


This week's discussion as the topic suggests is about new changes. It's a trend people follow; at the beginning of every calendar year, we make New Year resolutions, which we hope to maintain throughout the year to bring a "change" in our lives. So I thought why not do the same for the show characters???


Basically all you have to do is discuss what you like/dislike about each of the following characters; what changes you would like to see in these characters and what New Year resolutions you would set them??


Here's a list of the characters:

  • Rajmata (Dadisa)
  • Brijraj
  • Komal
  • Manyata/Moniya
  • Jai Nandini
  • Mainika
  • Vijay
  • Girijraj
  • UdayVeer
  • Unnati
  • Murari
  • Doctor Saab
  • Akash
  • Chiki/Soni (Moniya's best friends)

Enjoy discussing!


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*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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Rajmata (Dadisa) :I like her the way she is. I would like it if she would engage M in new tasks so that she won't be bothered about her Chawl life. Maybe Rajmata should let M go on an outing with Unnati you know just get accustomed to everything.

Brijraj: I want him to understand his daughter. He is her dad and him telling always that M is a disgrace is not good. He is right from him POV. But I want him to see M from a different light and maybe unknowingly start feeling the fatherly affection towards her.
Komal Komal is good. I want her to come out of her cage of being always in gloomy mood and not scolding Maanyata. Komal should tell M what she is doing is wrong. She is a mother and she can actually make M understand. She should try in making M accept the fact that she is a Royal.
Manyata/Moniya I want her to accept the fact that she is a princess. Enough of the Chawl stupid rona dona. It's illogical to watch it anymore. She should give her family a change-that is change her style in dressing especially and give the elder's their due respect.
Jai Nandini Jai is nuts. I want her the way she is. She better leave Uday and start looking for a new guy.
Mainika Vijay's mom is negative shade. And the lady is very good in it. I look forward in seeing her as negative only.
Vijay Let him be the way he is. His dialogues are so entertaining especially when it concerns M or Uday.
Girijraj He is a person playing the card very cautiously. I'd like it if he starts seeing M as his daughter not like someone who can bring money and name to his kingdom.
UdayVeer He is hard to crack. I love him for his nature,his style and his attitude. I want him to befriend M.He already has come on a friendly basis with her-want him also to play a crucial role in transforming Moniya to Maanyata.
Unnati I want her to tell M what she is doing is wrong.I mean make M understand the fact that her making dress out of curtain doesn't make any sense.
Murari I guess he is out of picture now.
Doctor Saab He is mysterious. I feel he knows more than what he shows outside. He knows the evil intention of the people who want the throne.
Akash I want him to forget Moniya and move on. You cannot always wait on a girl.Now M and you are in opposite shores. Accept it and you'll be able to move ahead without any problem.
Chiki/Soni (Moniya's best friends) They should stop trying to play cupid for Akash and Moniya. Can't they understand the fact that it was them who forced M to believe she loves akash? They better move off pursuing M or A.

@ Yuvika awesome DOTW dear! The best one till date! Clap Enjoyed writing Embarrassed

Minz Heart

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YUVIKA! This was a great way to start the new year and the idea is realy lovely, haven't come across one like this in I-F. So great job Clap
  • Rajmata (Dadisa): She is a born leader, I completely admire her for the way she executes the role of a queen so well. Hope she keeps that up!
  • Brijraj: I feel as though he needs to become a bit more open towards Manyata and accept the way she is. He should also start feeling with his heart rather than only with his mind.
  • Komal: Can't say anything bad about her, she is definately one of my fav characters, she displays royalty with her elegance and brings forth the mother in her with the love she has towards everyone... love her!
  • Manyata/Moniya: Though I sometimes find her adorable, funny and a complete entertainment package, I also find her very ego-centric. I just hope that this year, she starts to look out for everyone else around and her and sense that she is not the only one of importance.
  • Jai Nandini: She needs to start being herself. Stop trying to be a duplicate of Manyata and start showing everyone who she really is from the inside and out.
  • Mainika: This girl needs a punch in the face to realize what a family is really about and needs to start loving people rather than only money and status.
  • Vijay: Probably the best actor! I love his dialogues and the way he says them just makes me crack up. I think he needs to start taking a stand for himself and still keep up the comedy.
  • Girijraj: The witty man. I think he is very lucky to have such a grand empire, riches, great children and a friends that are so lively and caring. But, he needs to be brought back to the ground somehow, so he also starts having some kind of "emotions" in him.
  • UdayVeer: I want this phataka halkat to start falling in love, other than that...he is just PERRRFFECCTT!
  • Unnati: Nothing to change in her, she is a very lovable person. Maybe we can have a love-interest present for her??
  • Murari: Needs to reveal the truth. I am still confused that what he told Monia for the explanation is the truth or was he making it up?
  • Doctor Saab: I have a feeling there is something going on between him and RajMata...the two should be marriedLOL
  • Akash: Needs to get a life this year.
  • Chiki/Soni (Moniya's best friends): Need to get a makeover ASAP! and also start minding their own business and start caring about their own lives.

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Wonderful DOTW Yuvika ClapClapClap..Here is my reply Embarrassed
  • Rajmata (Dadisa)-I liked the way she is so disciplined and fair with her decisions Clap ;Nothing I dislike about her ;I would like her to be more friendly with Moniya in the future mayb ..and my new year resolution for her will be to give weekly punishments to J Evil SmileLOLLOL


  • Brijraj- I like the fact that he is concerned for Moniya and cares about her Embarrassed ;But I dislike how he tried to put down Moniya and make fun of her in front of Uday's family Ouch ;Would like to see how as a father he tries to win Moniya's heart and my new year resolution for him will b to eat Sambhar-Rice once in every week LOLLOLWink


  • Komal -I love how she is so soft spoken and caring towards Moniya and never tries to compare both her daughters ClapClap but I dislike the fact that she is too timid at time and do not voice her opinion when needed Ouch ;Would love to see her more pro-active in transforming Moniya into a princess and my new year resolution for her will b to give some reality checks to Menaka and Vijay and make them realise who is the big boss Evil SmileLOL


  • Manyata/Moniya-I like her bindaas attitude and her strength of mind Thumbs Up but I dislike the way she is using crass language in front of her elders and not showing any respect to her elders in the family Ouch ;I would love to see her bonding with her family now and mayb tone down her language a bit and my new year resolution for her will b to get a makeover with some nice clothes  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and also forget Akash chapter in her life LOLTongue


  • Jai Nandini-I like she is practical in her approach but I dislike the fact that she is full of I,me and myself Ouch ;Would like to see some changes in her selfish nature and try to bond with her sister mayb Ermm ;My new year resolution for her will b to go and hook up with Akash just to create misunderstanding between Moniya-Akash Evil SmileTongue


  • Mainika-I like how she keeps to herself and does not waste too much time in interfering in other people's lives but I dislike her negative attitude towards Moniya especially the way she keeps feeding negativity to Komal Ouch ;Would like to see her doing some more breainwashing to her son Vijay and asking him to go and bond more with Moniya than J TongueLOL ;My new year resolution for her will b to search a groom for Vijay mayb ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


  • Vijay-I dont think I like anything in this guy ConfusedLOL ;Dislike everything about him LOL ;Would like him to change his ways of adding fuel to the fire Angry ;My new year resolution for him will b to try and search for a suitable match for him TongueLOL


  • Girijraj-I like the fact that he is Uday's father and dislike everything else about him LOLLOL ;Would like to see some emotional side of his as well Ermm ;My new year resolution for him will b to grow some hair on his head mayb ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


  • UdayVeer-Like almost everything about him from his looks to his attitude to his cool practical nature to his sexy lips to his smirk to his body to his eyes to his errr everything I guess Stern SmileBlushingLOLLOL; Dislike the fact that he takes things for granted at times and thinks everything including love and marriage are games Ouch;Would like to see some realisation in his heart for Manyata and also how he motivates Manyata to go for a makeover Embarrassed ;My new year resolution for him will b to go and woo Manyata asap so that we viewers are no more tortured of Akash-Moniya love saga SleepyLOLLOL


  • Unnati-Like everything about her from her personality to her friendly nature ClapEmbarrassed ;Nothing that I dislike about her Embarrassed ;Would like to see her as guiding force in Mnayata's life Embarrassed ;My new year resolution for her will b to make her brother a better human being with a heart Embarrassed


  • Murari -Like the fact that he truely loved Moniya ;Disliked that all these years he lied to Moniya ..I dont think the character has future scope in story no use writing new year resolution or changes for him Ermm


  • Doctor Saab-Like the fact that he is very loyal to the family ;Nothing to dislike about him so far Ermm;Would like to see him giving some right advice to DS and Brijraj in future regarding Moniya and my new year resolution for him is to make him give some much needed electric shocks to J and Vijay LOLLOL


  • Akash-I like that fact that he is a self-made man but dislike the fact that he does not hv a very pleasant personality Ouch ;would like to see some variation in his character rather than just being reduced to a devdas ;My new year resolution for him will to find some other girlfriend for him mayb J TongueLOL


  • Chiki/Soni (Moniya's best friends)-Like the fact that they r not misusing thier friendship with Moniya just because she became a princess Thumbs Up but dislike how they r trying to play this unwanted cupid between Moniya and Akash Angry ;Would like to see them playing cupid for J and Akash instead LOLWink ;My new year resolution for both will b to think about thier own lives first rather than interfering in Moniya's life Big smile

Phewww thats it from me LOLEmbarrassed

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Rajmata (Dadisa)
I really want Dadi saa to be a little softer.. i mean she has to understand that manya cant change overnight because she all she has ever known is her chawl life and her baba.. soo dadi.. BE a DADI.. SWEET/CARING/UNDERSTANDING.. but at the same time KEEP your rough and toughnss / strictness because you are head of fam.. and you should always be!
  • Brijraj
  • Komal
  • Urm.. same as DADI but a little oppostie.. you need to help manyata change...dont jsut samjao her and hope her mood changes from bad to good and dont just give her what she wants.. help her understand and a little MORE strict..
  • Manyata/Moniya
  • AKASH...REALLY???????????? OMG.
  • Jai Nandini
  • haha..Jai continue being Jai..for soem reason..i just dont find any need to change your character..i feel like your character is PERFECT for YOUR character.
  • Mainika
  • Honestly..nothing...
  • Vijay
  • definitly nothing.
  • Girijraj
  • nothing.
  • UdayVeer
  • Help manyata change please! and PLEASE keep her AWAY from AKASH!
  • Unnati
  • are PERFECTTT!
  • Murari
  • just dont come back.
  • Doctor Saab
  • i dont really know your charcter..but theres something FISHY about you... hmm... we will see what needs to be changed..but you better not turn out negative..
  • Akash
  • Chiki/Soni (Moniya's best friends)
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    jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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    Posted: 03 January 2012 at 4:43am | IP Logged
    Hv just updated my replies Embarrassed
    Waise wondefful replies by all ClapClapClapEmbarrassed

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    reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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    Rajmata (Dadisab)
    Current Disposition: She is adamant that M needs to change; her way of running the Empire is old school; not particularly open to change do to the fact that she has had success with her method and change has not been necessary or thought of
    Hopefully Will:Understand that in order to make Moniya into Manyata she needs to portray herself as Dadisa before Rajmata. Make her feel like she is her granddaughter, and also a princess: not a princess before a granddaughter.
    Realistically Though:
    Rajmata will use principles and pedigree to show Manyata what being a royal is: The sacrifices, compromise and responsibilities which come along with the title.
    Current Disposition:Is arrogant and is looking at pedigree and "tahzeeb" before the fact that his own flesh and blood is finally back. He's attitude is not unkind and unwelcoming; in fact it promotes a rebellious or unwavering reaction from Manyata which is counterproductive.
    Hopefully Will:Understand that this is his DAUGHTER. His first born. His Heir: Note there is an order of importance here. There are years to make up; moments to be made, and a relationship to be created. He shouldn't waste a second.
    Realistically Though:Brijraj will be manipulative and attempt to win Manyata over artificially- not sincerely like a father truly should when their child has been gone for a decade and a half. Maybe he will truly fall and love his daughter unconditionally, but that won't likely happen this year.
    Current Disposition:She is stuck; one side she understands her Daughter's difficulties, and feels for her child. On the other hand she knows what is expected of her child, and that her husband and mother-in-law are correct in wanting Manyata to step up to the plate
    Hopefully Will:Push Manyata into transformation- Note it is not a "Change" but rather a DEVELOPMENT. Komal needs to draw parallels to herself; to show her daughter that she is a Rajkumari, but also a person. She can be BOTH; in fact she should show her how her position and title can help better the lives of others (philanthropy) which might even be an incentive for Manyata
    Realistically Though:She will be timid, and slow, Komal will gently nudge her daughter towards small shifts, and bond with her daughter. Make memories and moments; hopefully even bridge differences between a willing (even if it's a fake willing) Brijraj and Manyata
    Current Disposition:

    I don't want to Change!

    You Can't make me Change!

    And I hate this Cage!

    Accept me as I Am!

    You're all so fake!

    What type of Conditional love is this?!

    Who are you to me?!

    What's wrong with what I wear?!

    What did I do?!

    Why are you blaming me?!

    Hopefully Will: Understand that although they are royal; they are her FAMILY. A family that has missed her, waited for her, searched for her and do LOVE her. She doesn't have to change her PRINCIPLES, or PERSONALITY; just brush up on the cosmetic and linguistic stuff. AND is that really a big deal? Wouldn't that be expected of her WHEREVER she went: I.e. School, a Good Job, and whichever household she married into if she wasn't a princess? It isn't even about being royal: its commons Sense! Realistically Though:She will realize that some of her perspectives are not fair; and that she doesn't need to let herself go to be a princess in the process- but rather blend the two together. She is Manyata (well, she wants to be Moniya) but is still a Princess. She will fight the process, resent the demands, and definitely not change completely. If anything she may have an exterior faade before the internal transformation. It isn't even her looks that need changing: She needs to mature as a character; which will hopefully start in this year as well.

    Jai Nandini

    Current Disposition:Mad at the world, her family and a sister she had never (well, an infant does not count) met or knew. She is right in her place; because of the way she was raised, she has a sense of entitlement and arrogance to her: AND what her family did about the Jajath and Uday situation WAS unfair and I don't blame her for being mad about that. She hates Manyata, and wants everything which technically belongs to Manyata FIRST: the Title, Uday and the attention.
    Hopefully Will: Understand that there is more to life then this material life she has been brought up in. JN is a princess, but she is not a good person. Besides the title, and the material things associated with it, JN has done nothing else to show that she is fit to be a Rani: a GOOD Rani, who cares about the people and their needs. She is utterly selfish. MAYBE, JN can discover HERSELF. What her passions are, what she wants from life, and her identity within the Princess
    Realistically Though:
    She'll try to sabotage Manyata in Numerous ways:

    1. Try to make Get Manyata OUT of the Place

    2. If that Fails RUIN all of Manyata's attempts to become a "Proper" Royal

    3. Ruin any chances of UV and M: Create Doubt, Suspicion and animosity on both sides if possible.
    And who else knows what that evil mind can come up with.

    Mainkia/ Vijay

    Current Disposition: Mainika is self-absorbed, arrogant and feels entitled. She gets amusement out of belittling others, and showing superiority. She has a faade of "respect" for others, but in reality she was wants power and attention (Reminds me of her Young Niece Actually) ///  
    Vijay Enjoys entertainment/Drama. He is not one to take responsibility or headway an attack, but rather enjoy the show and casualties: He embodies a similar approach as his mother, but less hands on.
     Hopefully Will: She'll choke on something and die...Well OK, ideally she'd understand that NO, Vijay is not going to get the Crown, and to be a dutiful daughter, sister, and aunt. ///
    Vijay understand that Manyata is his sister as well, and she is a GOOD person unlike JN; maybe something will happen where JN betrays him, and M helps him; earning his respect for her, and hopefully making him a better person and have a relationship with M.
    Realistically Though: She'll plot and Scheme with JN, give her ideas and turn her back on her niece (BOTH OF THEM) if necessary/// He will continue to have a flair for the melodramatic, until a catalyst forces him to become a better person; but will continue to add a flair of laughter and personality with his great character, dialogue and acting!


    Current Disposition: G Is a smart person; ambitious and cunning. He knows what he wants, and has instilled those values in his son and Heir Udayveer ///Unnati understands how these royal/social games and tactics work, but is Ernest and Honest enough not to resort to them; she understands how her father and brother work, and although she doesn't approve of it, she does not prevent them.
    Hopefully Will: G will see his son become a better person, and opt to do the same: He will see that his Son Cannot Change Manyata; but She will change his Son. ///Unnati will do her best to make Manyata a Princess; be her friend, her guide and support system. She may even be the bridge which causes M to see the softer side of U
    Realistically Though:  G will continue to be conniving, and constantly steer his son onto a more relentless and cold hearted path; as an outsider he will enjoy the Show which is going on in Rajmata's Palace, and like a family member suggest things on occasion for his own gain./// Unnati will do what she is told: To be Manyata's friend and help her become a princess; any side effect of this is a mere coincidence.


    Current Disposition: Is Arrogant, self-absorbed, over confident, and smart. He thinks he has Manyata in the bag; and thinks she WILL fall for him Sooner, or a little later, but will fall nonetheless. But what about his heart?
    Hopefully Will: Udayveer needs to feel as if he is losing to win Manyata: He needs to show that he is WILLING to give up what he wants to have HER. NOT "Attain" her like a foot stool to have his Ultimate goal of Power. Uday needs heart break, I wish for him to feel this hurt, pain and anger in order to feel LOVE. It will be the greatest challenge, yet most rewarding outcome: Manveer
    Realistically Though: Uday will plot, scheme, burn and possibly get burned in trying to get Manyata to fall for him. I think this year he will start feeling things he does not expect, nor has a witty explanation for. Possibly even question what he actually wants, and what really matters in his life.

    Murari /Doctor

    Current Disposition: The Kidnapper/Father. His role has two sides, both of the hero and the villain, and is not clearly defined. ///He was the head of the Princess Hunt, to find Manyata, now that he has, what would be left?
    Hopefully Will: His story line is not crucial at this point: He needs to come back when Manyata has changed, causing doubt and sincere conflict./// Nothing really.
    Realistically Though: He will show up; and cause conflict between Brijraj and Manyata- who knows over what though. /// Nothing really, he is a bridging character. He may be a raaz holder, but I don't see him a round character.
    Current Disposition: Ambitious, Honest, Hardworking and sincere. This young man falls in love with a simple young girl who has at least the Honest quality in common with him and sincerity. Only problem: The girl's a Long lost princess
    Hopefully Will: I want Akash to simply GO AWAY. You want her? Become something. Come back, prove that you are a prince if not by Blood then by Persona. This Devdas, lovie dovie thing is pathetic. He is outshone by UV EVERY TIME on Screen. It's not even the Actor's fault; the Character is week.
    Realistically Though: Honestly, I have no idea: The CVs are playing mind games, so I have no freaking Clue. Just make him go away. Even for a while so UV can fall in love with M or visa Versa.


    Current Disposition:  Both girls are friends of Manyata before she is a princess, they are initially impressed by her sudden royal title, but then feel for the girl as she apparently did not want to be a princess. They feel Akash has been wronged (Especially Chiki) and want their two friends to be together. 
    Hopefully Will: I want someone to Cut off Chiki's hair. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME. Cut off that TERRIBLE Princess Leah knock-off! ////Make Soni be the voice of reason, she already seems to have more sense. Make her be the dominant voice and tell Manyata that she owes it to her family to give them time, and love as well. That arrogance and stubbornness doesn't help or change anything.
    Realistically Though: Will Continue to be her annoying self: Without sense, foresight, and knowledge/// Will always be the Ying to Chiki's yang, but not courageous or determined enough to voice and make her thoughts- which are correct or more thoughtful at least compared to Chiki's ... to be known or implemented.

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