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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

NL AK Droolers#12: Welcome ArHilicious Year & DT

--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

(Thankew our new DT  Khushi for this wonderful bannerHug)
ArHilicious Droolers #12: HappyArHilicious Year

Fairy enters with chocolate chips and ice-creams Star and then she sits in front of Shine to eat themEvil Smile

Shine: Oye I guess u forgot in the past what I have done with youThumbs Down
Fairy: Dont make me remember that days when I was doing homework and u used to have JalebisOuch But now I have 3 people to protect meEmbarrassed and even Docs has told u to not to have this stuffDancing
Shine: Tell me the names of people who will protect u I will take them to my sideCool
Fairy: Were u able to take Minu at ur sideErmm U alws used to get dhandha from herPartyParty
Shine: If I ws not able to take her on my side than she was also not at ur sideROFL and u also has dhadhe from herCool
Fairy: Dont remind meOuch u r hitler u alws make me to have scoldings dont worry now I have Khushi and Nadi to protect innocents like meEmbarrassed
Shine:me is going to faint u and INNOCENTShocked Didnt u tried to steal Minu's Dhandha
Fairy: Why do u alws have to make me rmbr such thingsAngry
Shine: Do u want to steal Khushi's dhandhaTongue
Fairy: Is it possibleStar
Shine: Yeah see there it is * Fairy looks behind her and Shine snatches the stuff and runs away and Fairy strts crying*

Khushi and Minu enters Embarrassed
Khushi: Why r u crying??Ermm Do u need any Siggy and avi
Fairy: *speaks in a way that no one understands as she is crying badly*
Minu: Dont worry Khushi by the time u will get habbit of these nautankis, Chillz trying to steal dhandhe and she doing some ulta pulta stuffStern Smile and then me giving them dhande oops sorry me bringing them on lineApprove
Shine comes after digesting food
Minu: Did u ate her stuff?? and again u spammed everything poor my PM box
Fairy: Yayy minu go and give her dhandhaStar
Shine: Khushi save me from these evil people*Hides behind Khushi*
Khushi: aww U shud have not done this
Minu: she is just doing nauankiTongueu will understand when ur PM box will get spammed by herAngry
Fairy: yayyyDancing
Minu: And u why r u getting happy did u counted votesAngry
Minu: Both of u get back to work jaanusHug
Shine: *whispers* This is most dangerous dhanda called emotional dhanda

Hello shello People so we have new DT members right??? and Our old DT members getting Promotions So finally NewsLetter team thought to have Proper introduction with them. Approve So we went with Camera  to them so here is HOT gossip we got from themWink.


Lets start with Our Channel Head that is -Nadii-
Nadi: She is one of the awesome people on IF. U just have to PM her and with in no time u will get reply from her. . She is the one who updates caste, Bio-Graphy of the people. So today I though to write Biography of herEmbarrassed.  She Joined IF on August 2005. Frst she was CM of sahara one then she shifted to sony and now Star Plus.  Rest now she will tell u about her self

 Name: Nadia
Birthday: 9th April
Favourite colou:r Pink and Blue
Forums you visit Mostly: all Sony forums now need to change that habitLOL
Any special skills/interests (like siggy making, writing, etc)Not really, I do make siggies, but not good at it, write articles,but not good in it, so mix

Now coming to tricky questions

What r ur thoughts on Ipk show and forum Lol hmm, gonna be hard, but glad DT is amazing there, dont think I will need to do much,

How r u feeling being part of the number one forum of the IF??LOLHahah never thought about this, well goodLOL

Now coming to our Ghar ki murgi daal brabar oops I mean the person who we know very well and in every post u will find her name as people always says that if Minu( minuu) sees it than we will get dhandhaROFL So yeah I am talking abt Minu. Well better I dont say anything about her but I can just say she is the best thing happened to IPKKND, we have seen how she handled IPKKND forum and now she will handle NDTV channel which is not new to her as she moderated there for KMH and many more shows of NDTV. She moderated so many sections in the past mostly youth oriented like DMG, KMH etc and now our IPKKND So here we wish all the best to her for her new beginnings as Channel Moderator and for our torture questionsWink

 Name - Minu (the great LOLCool)
Birthday  - That's a scretApprove
Favourite colour  - Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Red and the list goes onEmbarrassed..
Forums you visit  - IPKKND, EHMMBH, DEK, Mods, Viewbies, Coolbies & Viewbies, CM and now NDTV forums..
Any special skills/interests (like siggy making, writing, etc)- I like making video avis when i have timeStar

Now coming to tricky questions- How tricky can they get? Silly

What r ur thoughts on Ipk show and forum- Love the show and even more I love the forum members.. all are so sweet Embarrassed

Okay last question how r u feeling being part of the number one forum of the IF??LOL- Amazed LOL

See she is truly Jalebi bai as she answered everything in jalebis now coming to real KhushiEmbarrassed ohhh not Show one our real Khushi( khushix) who alws worked behind the screens finally is our new DT. She was already part of the newsletter. She joined IF April 2005. She is popularly known for moderation of Kis desh mein hai mera dil. She is one of the sweet persons on IPKKND forum. She alws have eye on every topic and discussion. Barely there would have been a topic on IPK forum which she has not readEmbarrassed. We are really happy to have u Khushi as DT member. So here is her interview

Birthday: 29th July 
Favourite colour: Black, Purple, Blue 
Forums you visit: IPKKND, LTL, Kis Desh, Mods, Viewbies, Coolbies/Videobies & some other SP forums..
Any special skills/interests (like siggy making, writing, etc): Video Mixing/Editing, Sig/Avi Making..wish i was a good writer too, unfortunately im not gifted with good writing skills! OuchLOL

Now coming to tricky questions

What r ur thoughts on Ipk show and forum: About the show, well i love it that's why i watch it LOL story wise, it may not be the best but the leads are enough to keep me hooked! LOL The forum can be messy at times but its fun.. members are very talented be it in writing, vm making and sig/avi making!  

Okay last question how r u feeling being part of the number one forum of the IF??LOL as a member, happy of course! as a DT, ask Minu! LOL

Now coming to chillad I mean children partyROFL. Lets strt with me(
--sunshine--) and what should I say abt myselfBlushing. I can just say I cant hate anyone I even dont hate vamps and willians in the shows as I alws try to find reason for everyone's behaviour But I do hate snakeROFL as exceptions are alws there.  Will just post what answers I gave myself without my ranting which I already didROFL

 Name: Sanjana I knw after listening to my name everyone sings some song which is Wacko
Birthday:  4 August do send me giftsEmbarrassed
Favourite colour: Yellow, Pink, Red, well ask Minu and Chillz  they well tell I like every color I guessLOL as I alws get lost between colors
Forums you visit: IPKKND,EHMMBH, dil dosti dance, bollywood, Coolbie section, every helpdeskLOL, New forum main lakshmi, Pkyek, Dekha ek Khawaab, TVD, Remix, DMG, MJHT, Embarrassed I guess yeah thats itTongue
Any special skills/interests (like siggy making, writing, etc):  I love making PSDs and AVIs and tutorials, Though others can tell if I am good enoughEmbarrassed

Now coming to tricky questions: I am most tricky personWink

What r ur thoughts on Ipk show and forum: I love the show  haye re devi maiyya everyone knows itEmbarrassed and forum is made up of members and here every member is tooo frndly but forum get lil crazy on weekendsLOL

Okay last question how r u feeling being part of the number one forum of the IF?? I love this forum and it feels to be part of numbers 1 whther as member or DT cz my updates alws get likes which makes me to go up on hall of fameROFL Just kidding but it alws pleasure to work for this forum

Okay now I didnt left even me to torture but my worst enemey(
PurpleFairy) Angrywho gave me dhokha and went to celeberate new year without meOuch but everyone knows we are soulsisters so I will give interview on behalf of herBig smile and will take revenge from her. She  joined IF  on feb 2010 and she Joined IF for DMG and MJHT and became active in PKYEK forum. After that she shifted to IPKKND forum and became coolbie of this section and latest in her charts she recently got promoted for KTLK as coolbie

 Name: Neethika but people call me chillz and scary FairyEmbarrassed
Birthday: 29 oct
Favourite colour: My username says everything
Forums you visit: IPKKND, PKYEK, Kuch toh log kahenge, Hitler didi, Miley Jab hum tum, Coolbie sectionEmbarrassed
Any special skills/interests (like siggy making, writing, etc): AVIs and siggies. I used to write OS in the past

Now coming to tricky questions

What r ur thoughts on Ipk show and forum: IPK show is all about SaRun chemistry I just love there chemistry and everything in this show apart snakeWink. This is the best forum

Okay last question how r u feeling being part of the number one forum of the IF??LOL I am proud to be part of best forum

Then I went to our Srush  -Srushti- whose updates will alws leave u ROFLing but she was not available for commentsOuch I hope soon we get into touch with her and get her amazing comments which will make u ROFL

A BIG THANKYOU and 3 BIG CLAPS to ALL members of the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week:-Ridzii-
Song of the week:--sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Costume of the Week: SmileyFace
Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka
Filler of the Week: cindrella255
Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
Videomix of the week : khushix
Joota Scene of the Week: rechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809
Best Character of the Week: shobra
Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:Princess.Suvi
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout: --sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy)Geek & Sanjana (--sunshine--)Silly, Khushi(khushix)Embarrassedand offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

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This week opened with our very own Tom and Jerry at it again !! ..Khushi the resourceful Jerry  is quite displeased with the party theme of Tom Arnav Singh Raizada ...realizing that Payal is also tensed about the Party.. Khushi calls up Arnav , requests him to include   few desi items in his party but Arnav flatly refuses to even hear her out and even tells her not to come if she feels uncomfortable .. A miffed Khushi decides not  to go and develops a sprain on her feet over night ...

Payal leaves with a Shy Akash  to the Party , She feels out of place in such a surrounding and to sooth her nerves she calls up Khushi, calms herself ... Khushi is perturbed by Payal's call   ..She immediately plans to make her sister happy a and puts her plan into action when NK calls her up to enquire the reason for her delay...The Party is  on full swing but the  Guests  seem to be stifling boredom when in waltzes Khushi bringing with her her brand of Khushi .. She begins to serve Desi foods and dances on Desi Girl   with NK leaving the Guests Happy and Arnav  Green with Jealousy...

Arnav lashes out at Khushi  and hurts her by bringing up  the broken engagement ..A hurt Khushi leaves the venue rejecting  Arnav's and  Nk's offer of dropping her , Undeterred NK follows her  and drops her safely at home ...Meanwhile Arnav comes to know that Khushi has purposefully hidden  the news of her  broken engagement cos she did not want  the sad news to cast a pall of gloom on the occasion..Realizing his error and feeling slightly guilty, Arnav calls up NK  , NK does not answer the phone which leads to a seething and  pacing Arnav... Arnav descends wrathfully on NK as soon as NK comes in and  coldly orders NK to pick up the phone next time it rings..

Next day dawns , Khushi and Payal come to Raizada mansion to get dance lessons from  a renowned Choreographer .. A guilty Arnav tries to Apologize to Khushi for his rude Behavior at the party but  Khushi refuses  to  accept the half hearted apology .. Khushi and the family are tensed up about the dance teacher since she is supposed to be temperamental... The choreographer comes  and the Raizada family  with the exception of Arnav quakes on its feet .. The choreographer has thought of a dance with  Arnav and Khushi playing a significant part .. After an intense staring  between ARHI, Arnav refuses to dance with Khushi , hastily corrects himself and refuses to dance  Period !!.. But the choreographer adamantly insists that she needs a brother of the Bride Groom  for the dance routine , Arnav calls out to  NK, tells the Dance teacher that  He, NK will be  his replacement ... A delighted NK accepts the deal  while Arnav leaves the scene satisfied that everything is sorted ...His stride is halted when he overhears the Dance Teacher  telling NK to place his Hand  On  Khushi's waist ..Arnav quickly turns and gives a sharp look at the scene, the J monster rearing its head.. Khushi is slightly uncomfortable and she gives a sideways glance at Arnav.. Arnav immediately pretends to be nonchalant and walks away from there ...

PAYASH are dancing lost in their own world ..Khushi  and Anjali teases them .. A vivacious Khushi begins to pull everyone into the dance when she bumps into Arnav again ... A dour Arnav remarks that he does not want to dance with  her and  NK is HIS replacement.. Seizing on the word ' HIS replacement " Khushi begins to tease and goad Arnav  by appearing to scold and taunt NK  using Arnav's name ... Pushed beyond  endurance, his short temper ignited Arnav marches to teach Khushi a lesson when she  twirls right into his arms..Both forget the presence of others and are lost in each others eyes ...

 A mildly sarcastic Arnav  retorts that had his actions been incorrect, Khushi would have fallen  down..The dance teacher catches on to the simmering tension, remarks that she would like to see the same smoky hotness, emotions in the dance too. She asks Arnav whether he has changed his mind..Arnav   snidely remarks that he will not dance with Khushi and an equally wrathful Khushi retorts saying that she will not dance  with Arnav.. she pointedly walks to NK,  and begins to dance with hime but her whole attention is on arnav, who is standing and watching ehr quietly.. NK catches this and  looks at them curiously.. Arnav sees Khushi watching him and walks away..

 The dance teacher gets ready to teach the elder's of the family .. Naniji  calls up Buaji ..Buaji and Naniji rock the floor and drive the Dance teacher up the wall..NK moves in swiftly to defuse the situation in his broken Hindi .. Khushi good naturedly ribs him on his Hindi ..  Which is overheard by Arnav whilst coming down the stairs..He smiles in amusement , his smile is caught by  Khushi and he immediately puts his Mask back in place ...

It's  Tea Time..The Raizada's and the Gupta's are gathered around the dinig table ..when NK casually lets slip that the first person they see after Midnight will be the person they will be spending their rest of life with..ARHI exchange quick horrified glances ... NK suggests that  PAYASH should go out and usher in New year together.. Both the elders negate this proposal ..Buaji decides that the time  has come for them to leave for home.. The Gupta's take the  leave of  Raizada's..with ARHI swearing that they will  not see one another on the fate ful day and hour of Midnight...

And for those who think Shyam did not make his appearance , Exult not, for he was there , trying his level best to get Khushi to believe that Anjali is not a good wife but the Intelligent Khushi does not fall into the trap, advises him to stop such petty complaints and try to live happily with his wife...Shyam is determined to win Khushi at any cost and he is seen planning his next move !!..

Peace, Contentment, Satisfaction, Joy, Success .. May You be blessed with all this and Much Much more !!Big smile

With him, NK has brought in a wave of funny scenes in the serial. Every other scene seemed to be a funny scene nowdays. Among them all, this week's pick is the awaited intro scene between Buaji and Nandkishore. 

Buaji appears at RM to show her thumkas and jalwa and gets welcomed by a confused NK who opens the door. Buaji's continuous 'Hayre Nandkishore' leads NK more confused as he kept wondering how she knew his name and asked her about her 'tarqeeb'. His weird ways even make Buaji confused who asks him, "who are you Nandkisore?" It was hilarious to see as NK wondered why she'd want to know who he was when she already knew his name. Later on, Khushi clears the confusion by properly introducing them.

It was a treat to watch Buaji & NK going on and on around the NK drama in the short & aptly done scene. We would definitely want to see more of Buaji & NK in the coming episodes.

Wishing all of you a wonderful new year...

 Joota scene is the scene after watching that we all are about to break our TV screens.

As we had witnessed in last week, Shyam is continuing with his mission of making Anjali bad n weird  in front of Khushi. He is creating a lot of situations in front of Khushi so that she may misunderstand Anjali.
But this time Khushi didnt fall in his trap n proved herself smarter than him. She made him shut up by telling him that she is not at all interested in his personal affairs.

So Mr. phatakta hua saaya is searching for other ways to make khushi fall for him.
I hope CVs will spare us from this torture in future.

Hi to my dearest, nearest, and sweetest ArHilicious DroolersHug,
Hope you're having a blast on the New Year's Eve,

        This week was not filled with much ArHilicious scenes, but we did get one
Achari Scene to calm our ArHi-lessnessBig smile. It was when Khushi was dancing with NK and Arnav had refused to be Khushi's dance partner. Khushi in her completely, bindaas style started behaving with NK as if he was Arnav. Khushi took Arnav's words of NK being his replacement very seriously, and incorporated them in her joke where she referred to NK as Arnav and indirectly gave Arnav left, right, and center. Arnav's expressions during this entire scenario were AWESOMEClap... the guy looked like he would explode, and the best part was that Khushi not only referred to Arnav indirectly as Arnav ji but also as his nick name 'Chote'LOLLOL...She ended her NK-Arnav stint with a jab at Arnav that people with this name can't do anything properly. At this moment Khushi lost her grip and was about to fall when she collided against Arnav's chest... and we got our National ArHi anthem of 'Rabba VeHeart'
          Even though I thought the sudden hug could have been more provocativeDay Dreaming and could've set the whole RM on fire, but chalo I'm happy with what I'm getting. Now lets see how ArHi meet at 12:00 PM on Dec 31st... and get bonded for
the year ahead.
 ...With loads of warm wishes and love,
                                                                         Yours Truly, Mahi Heart

Well this week's scene was definitively the one between our favorite bro and sis pair, Khushi and Shyam. 

Bhai Shyam really needed that scolding that he got this week. How rude of him?! Trying to convince Behn Khushi of something which is clearly not truee. Well I am glad that Khushi told her brother off. i mean what else is a sister for? She is there to correct her brother. In this case, a brother who should be locked up in a asylum asap. 

Well that was this week's scene!! 
Signing off 


Hi fellow Arhi droolers!
          This week was quite good ...We had some funny moments with Nand Kishore aka NK aka Nanheji who made our dear Arnie boy to render the slogan "Go green" without appointing him ambassador of any environmental organization...
         But there were lot of fillers...The Wednesday episode, in which the entire Raizada Mansion waiting with bated breath for the entry of Madhushala...oops Madhutaala... no Madhubala ji ...

Few of us started thinking of Vaibhavi Merchant/Farah Khan/ Saroj Khan to enter...but alas! it was a bad joke...
         And in Thursday's episode...couples were repeating the same step even after the half an hour break, so the entire dance practice sequence except Khushi pulling Arnav's legs had nothing much to do 
        Hope next  week will be a filler less one with our dear Green Rakshash and Jalebi Bai with some development in their story, with the help of Nanheji
       And I wish you  all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year Big smile Tongue


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im so shocked cz its for the first tym we dont have best character!!! if ur each persons [eg; arnav, khushi etc etc everyone were havin pros nd cons]! so i decided to select BC indireclty! if ur takin only friday's epi thn it'll be arhi for their interestin dialogues , fights, challenges but for the second tym the BC is...
Nk was really funny throught the week with his silly dialogues, wrong pronounciation! he was supportin nd standin with khushi for all her silly plans!!! nd unknowingly he's creating jealousy in arnav by talkin nicely to her!! he's a best frnd of khushi!!! he respects everyone! as Madhu said he's a bomb nd his dialogues r unexpected!! hope he'll make arhi realise their love!!
i know this week's bc is borin but wat to do im helpless, i hope next year i'll be able to make it interestin!!!! so see u next year!


The most irritating character of the week is one whose antics and actions annoy us. This week's most annoying character was  once again Arnav. This was because of the first two episodes this week. He shouldn't have said what he said to Khushi at the party after she danced. Though he does get the benefit that he did not know why her engagement broke but he honestly did hurt her and us as well. Don't get me wrong,  I love him.Embarrassed Still, its disheartening to see how he always ends up hurting up. Another reason was because he behaved really rudely with NK when he returned after dropping Khushi. Plus why did he refuse to dance with Khushi? Whatever the circumstances, I really wanted them to dance together but he broke my heart. OuchAlas, he was the one whom I found a little annoying.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. First of all i would like to wish each and everyone of yous a very very happy new year!

Now coming to this week's funniest character. Well we saw some really really cute scenes this week...and ASR's smile was one of thoseDay Dreaming Now Khushi and NK are getting along pretty well and when they are together we are bound to Roll on the floor with laughter! And when joined by ASR that makes it even better..!
So the funniest character for this week goes to none other then our KKG! Yes that girl is matter how boring or depressing the situation is she's always there to make us laugh. Her never ending fights with ASR, and her come backs are surely hilarious. Only she can make her Laad governer laugh so therefore this award is well and truely deserved by our KKG this week!
So this is it for now...u guys enjoy 2012 and party like its the end of the world...Wink I'll be back next week, same place same time...Bye bye

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Happy new Year

Hello guys its hershi!!! Missed me?!?! Of course you did =D Im back once again with Costume of the week! This week i personally think everyone looked nice in that party buttt there was one person who took my heart away...and surprisingly enough it wasn't what he was wearing at the party...No points for guessing who im talking about. The one and only Arnie Jogging Raizada (hoping he went to jog all up in the morning in this outfit LOL) I swear this man can wear the ugliest clothes and would probably still be able to pull it off and make it look hot!!! how does he do it?!!?!?  And i had this convo with a friend Aishu (malluangel)
and we both swear those were definitely Barun's clothes!!

the director was probably like "Barun, lets just shoot with these clothes. We kind of lost ur suit!" And so barun being barun was like...sure what the hell =D

So smexiness of the week, costume of the week goes to ARNIE JOGGING RAIZADA!!!! woohoo!!
yeah i have a habit of giving him weird names...but its ok...because it just makes him hotter <333

So here is pic goes to once again my love aishu (malluangel) for putting this pic together...

and another one just to drool (i dont own this belongs to star plus)...

wish u all a very happy new year!!!

it goes to two pics.. Wink

>> look NK, this is how its done! ankhon mein ankheee Day Dreaming.. it may have been tons of times before, but each new time, its a rabba veee

>> E.P.I.C moment WinkHeart

Happy ArHilicious year, Emm everyone must be wondering why this song, well its becoz why not to learn something new this year about lifeEmbarrassed. Just listen to this song and relate ur life and ArHi lofe to it u will really find this song meaningful.Star

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Gosh this week was sucha filler..i dunno what has happened to the speed of the story...hmph..hope some dhamaka happens next week and the show gains its spark..


Well a lot of irking things happened on the show this week..most prominent being khushi's plan to secretly distribute the lassi and jalebi..i mean how is it possible to even do that,c'mmon i organise a party and how come i don't see unusual things happening in my party :L  until its too late?? Ughhh CV's bhi na,they conveniently manipulate stuff they like even beyond its logic..ufff..didnt like how they made Arnav realize it very late about the *gadhbadh* in his part..CV's should bring in some creative and believable ideas inorder to avoid such irregular scenarios...


And and i remember Arnav talking about some dance routines including jazz or something but they ended up with thai classical dance?to purposely make it look boring!


Well we bcan bear all that..but hopefully we get meaningful episodes next week..that will help progress the story..

Hindiii Tongue

"Jis din se tumhe mila hoon, tabse dekh raha hoon, har baar galat time par galat jagha per pahooch jaati ho. Aur Mujhe Yakeen hai ki kal bhi ghoom fir ke tum mere saamney aakar mera next year kharab kar dogi."  

Enghlishhh LOL

"The Very day i met u from that time i am seeing, everytime u come at the wrong time and place and i very well know that tomorrow also somehow u will come in front of me and spoil my next year"

Pride and Glory 
Back In Your Arms -Never meant to Let Go You-

One Look of them, their spirits rises
This flame inside them  burns and twists,
When they're far away, their heart quivers,
When they're near, they breath drowns,
None can sleep in their dreams, except their love,
None can travel their path, their shadows are bound
Eyes in Eyes, Hands in Hands, Soul in Soul
Beating of Heartbeat as a passion of awakening
Touch of two skins as a melting Fireworks,
The way they clutch each other in a warmth Quilts,
The way they feel each other near to the hearts,
A sense of pure completion; surge of sentiments,
Love flows away in the veins as a volcano
They have lost even in this twilight Of Love,
No one sees them this evening hands in hands,
While the blue night dropped on the world,
A Feeling is felt before; losted somewhere in the darkness
Back again, as i've found their Whole Life In Each Other
Love rekindled again; thoughts awaken intensely
As the fondness risen they found comfort wholly,
A rain falls its drops as a Love on them
Each drop which's filled with Hails,
A moment frozen; yet melting away in their hearts
A yearning of Hearts, dark and deep,
There's no beauty without their Quarreling Charm
There's no Beauty without a Smoky Fire,
Their emotions are tracing in the breeze
They can't seem to get off from their Minds,
As they're entwined with Spirits till Death
A Valley of Heart, warm and drenched; yet stand stills,
They're a rushing rivers, gushes in the same bubbling water
But for now, its still surging distantly in distinct mirrors

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i came out with 3 winners :) Sorrry not my fault :) blame These PS users ROFL

Khushi for these avisBig smile

fizii for these onesWink

& OFC my pari ( paritha) for these ones

Greaaat job galz :) <3 congrats HugHug

Here is ur GiftEmbarrassed

the winner is chandani_C for these fab icons

Made By: Chandani_C

Here's your gift!!

Made By: fizii_gurl

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Here's your Gift:


Here's your Gift:

This week Arnav got possessive about Khushi! Over the whole week, he hated seeing Khushi and her Nanhe ji. Embarrassed The way they stole glances and the rest of the scenes were awesome. It's 4.5/5 I would cut out one whole point because of Shyam but then our KKG gave him a tight answer. Clap Still he continues with his acting! Angry See you all next week! Happy New Year! 

Viewers are really enjoying the episodes, it's a nice twist that has been brought into the show with the entry of NK, also Payal-Akash wedding track has also began.. it's getting interesting day by day. We really want to see Shyam out and his dirty tricks stopped. We want to focus more on ASR-Khushi.. Mondays episode sounds interesting.. will ASR-Khushi see eachothers faces at 12am? And How? We've got to wait and watch.. Lets see what CVs have in store for us!!!!!!

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 The Proposal, by mademoiselle927

Here's your gift.

His Gardening, Her Jalebi, by the_rain

Here's your gift!

This week we have two VMs and both are by the same person. They are by:


Amazing Job here is ur Gift =]

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