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:: 25th Anniversary Of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan ::

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Written by Lola610 and JanakiRaghunath a.k.a. LoLalitha

Here's welcoming one and all to join in the commemoration of a moment in the history of Indian television that is truly worth celebrating. On 25th January, 1987, a veteran director from Bollywood launched a television serial. It featured a then unknown cast, an archaic storyline, an unpopular timeslot, and a shoestring budget.  But most importantly, it was made with a whole lot of heart and soul. 
That is why, in spite of all the odds stacked up against him, the director stood behind his idea and turned it into an inimitable phenomenon that brought an entire nation to a standstill.  For one hour every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, the streets of India were completely empty as people flooded any place that had a TV to get their fill of this production as it kept then entranced and rekindled religious awareness and devotion in the viewers.

The director was Dr. Ramanand Sagar, heralded as a miracle maker by many media outlets and literary organizations for breathing life into this particular production.  The production was Ramayan, the Indian television industry's first blockbuster and the pioneer that introduced to the television landscape its still highly successful mythological genre. 

The success of Ramayan prompted several extensions to the serial, and upon popular demand by the spellbound audience, a sequel entitled Uttar Ramayan was produced by Dr. Sagar.  He brought together the same cast to continue the story of Lord Ram and Devi Sita after they had ascended the throne of Ayodhya; this too, was met with enthusiasm and inspired devotion.  Together, these two parts made up Sampoorn Ramayan with which Dr. Ramanand Sagar created a lasting legacy. 25 years later, it is still a revered favorite in many Hindu households, and much of a generation credits this serial with its knowledge of, or at least its interest in, ancient Indian scriptures and spiritual values.

Encouraged by the success of Ramayan, many directors decided to produce mythological serials of their own from various tales of Hindu lore. The epic Ramayan itself was recreated many times throughout the years since 1987, but Dr. Ramanand Sagar's version forever holds a special place in the hearts of all its fans. Far beyond a medium of entertainment, the show has served as a source of spiritual awakening for an audience whose demographics transcend the barriers of age, nationality, caste, and creed.  We are proud to celebrate its continued success, and we hope that its noble effect touches hearts and souls for many generations to come.
Please join us today as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this priceless mythological serial, and if you were one of those fortunate people who saw Ramayan when it first aired in 1987, re-awaken those memories and share them with us. How was it to witness the standstill and popularity of Ramayan firsthand? How crazy were you and your family about the show?
Other fans who have seen this show once, twice, and many more times over the years since then, please join us in exchanging memories and paying our respects to the late Dr. Ramanand Sagar and many other veteran actors who are not with us today, but who created history in their respective roles. They will never be forgotten.

Memorable Moments

The following are some video clips showcasing some of the most iconic moments from the show.  The majority of them are accompanied by songs courtesy of legendary composer Ravindra Jain, whose musical and lyrical mastery is an integral part of  the show's charm. We invite all of you to watch them and relive their magic (or possibly experience it for the first time and get a sense of what the show's evergreen popularity is all about).

Sita's Swayamvar

Ram's Accepts Exile

Bharat Milaap

Sita Haran

Hanuman finds and consoles Sita

Bridge to Lanka is built

Good defeats evil and Ram is crowned king of Ayodhya

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::Personal Testimonials From The Fans::

This post will begin with testimonials of the show's impact from the creators of this thread - our recollection of how and when we first started watching it, the fond memories we have from those days, the feelings it evokes in us and the effects it left with us. As more members begin to share the same, we will add excerpts from their posts into this one.
Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)By Lola610Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)

It is difficult for me to try and remember what my thoughts were when I first started watching Ramayan. I was not born while it was on air, but the VHS set that and several Doordarshan recordings converted to NTSC format were in my house since before I was born. My grandparents brought them over from India while it was on air and my elder brother was a baby, and he loved it so much that they bought the full set of tapes. I grew up with it as if it were a childhood favorite cartoon, insisting on watching scenes like Kumbhkaran being awakened and Hanuman flying to Lanka while I was fed lunch and dinner LOL So... for many years, I cherished it the same way as I did Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Power Rangers, etc. and had no idea why something so "fun" would make my elders get all reverent and teary eyed from time to time. That too, during the serious and action-free scenes that I neither understood nor cared to pay attention to Confused After all, wasn't this all about princes, princesses, magical powers, and escapism? What was the appeal of these crying scenes with long dialogues that I didn't understand?

But as I grew older and more understanding, and as and the show did me the favor of teaching me Hindi (not always a favor because it made me the nerdy kid who spoke in kintu-parantu style when her Mumbaiya aunties and uncles were like "arre kya hua tere ko? aisa kaaye ko bolti?" LOL) I began to understand what the show was really about. In those emotional scenes with their devotion-filled dialogues, I started to see the relationship between the epic's timeless messages and the lessons my family's Guruji imparts unto us. The importance of faith in God and ourselves because that is what gave Hanumanji his strength; gratitude for whatever situations we find ourselves in because they couldn't get any worse than what Sita Maiya and Shri Ram went through for our sake; love for fellow creatures in spite of any superficial differences because that's how Shri Ram accepted Shabri, Sugreev, and Vibhishan; acceptance of God's will as Bharat learned from Maharaj Janak in Chitrakoot; the dangers of pride as Ravan demonstrated over and over again; resistance of peer pressure as Vibhishan's conduct taught us all... among many other such priceless lessons.  Soon enough, for almost every doubt that came to mind or minor difficulty I experienced, I could think of an example from our scriptures to set it all right. Scriptures I would probably have no interest in if it wasn't for my early exposure to Ramayan. Yes, the actors and the music and the screenwriting and the dialogues were all golden, as I was later able to observe, but the foremost reason I so deeply love it is that it was among the first inspirations behind my interest in spirituality from a very young age...  an interest so full of benefits and so devoid of drawbacks that I am proud to let it alone define me. Thank you, Ramayan, for aiding in the process of making me the person I am today.

Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)By Janaki RaghunathDancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)
Though I was not one of those fortunate people who saw Ramayan during its first airing (I wasn't even born yet, lol!), or even grew up with it throughout my childhood like a bunch of my IF buddies, I first became acquainted with it when I went to the house of one of my family friends and saw their grandmother watching it (I remember clearly that it was the RamSita wedding sequence). My friends were not much interested in the show, but since Hindu religious epics have always been close to my heart since a young age, I joined their grandmother and watched the episode. I immediately felt attracted to it, especially with the actress who played Sita (who I later found out was Deepika Chikhalia Topiwala) whom I considered divinely beautiful and elegant. I asked to borrow the show, and the overly eager grandmother immediately gave me the first eight DVDs to watch in my leisure time!LOL
My family thought I was crazy if I thought I would finish those DVDs anytime soon, but much to their utter astonishment (and my own), I completed 1-2 DVDs per day (each of which held four 1-hour episodes) and was done with all eight DVDs before the end of the week. Eager to see more, for the eighth DVD introduced Kishkindha Kand and stopped at a very suspenseful place, I visited my friend's house soon after and borrowed the remaining eight DVDs, which I completed just as quickly. After the end of the show, I was left feeling empty for so long because I was not satisfied with just Yudh Kand. Where was Uttar Kand, I wondered? Ramayan is not Ramayan without showing the complete story of Lord Ram, and I was absolutely devastated that the story of Ram, Sita, and Luv Kush was not taken by the genius director. I then went online and searched for information on the serial, and much to my sheer pleasure, I found out that there was Uttar Kand after all!Dancing Though I wondered why it was not included in the main show, I was simply eager to watch it at the earliest possible moment and begged my dad to get it for me.
However, I had to wait for about 6-8 months till my dad went to India and found the 5-DVD set for Uttar Ramayan, but as soon as I got my hands on it, I watched it very quickly and fell in love with the show all over again. This time, despite feeling saddened upon the completion of the final episode, I also felt my desire fulfilled and thanked Lord Ram that I got to view his entire life story through this magnificent and memorable show. I will never forget it for as long as I live, and all I have to say on this celebratory day is that every single actor of Ramayan did complete justice to their role, whether it be Arun Govil as Lord Ram, Deepikaji as Devi Sita, Sunil Lahri as Lakshman, Dara Singh as Hanuman, Arvind Trivedi as Ravan, and so on. It is truly difficult choosing a favorite actor from that show, because every single person from the cast worked extremely hard in their roles and it would be an insult to their hard work and dedication to say one acted better than the other. I hope this show will always receive the love, respect, and dedication that it deserves and no matter how many years pass, it will be remembered just like the epic Ramayan itself. 

Originally posted by visrom's 25 years since this was aired!!!! Day DreamingI remember seeing it as a kid. For me I wouldn't have known so much about Ramayan if it were not for the RS Ramayan. The first and only version of Ramayan I know is the RS-Ramayan.
I owe a lot to RS taught me to love my parents, it taught me that future is unpredictable and we need to be prepared for any eventuality. It taught me that good prevails over evil in the end. It taught me devotion to God.  And to this day if I think of Lord Ram, the smiling face of Arun Govil comes to my mind. Smile
~~~Jai Shri Ram~~~

Originally posted by Urmila11


Each & every single part of this divine serial is very dear to me. If anyone asks me about my favorite scene/song/actor from Ramayan I feel very confused as I can not eliminate even a little glance of characters or a single dialog/music from my list of favorites! This show creates such a mohini maya on me that I forget everything except it while watching! I feel that the Treta Yug's characters are in front of me, I can never think them as actors! I feel each moment of the scenes, even the small & silent emotional parts too. Each silent expression of actors tells me lots of words, on which I think after watching it, & write in my own words what do I think about the unspoken feelings of that character. It is my usual routine to think on Ramayan. No other TV show has so much impact on me so far.

Originally posted by aalochak

RSR has really been the background score to my life. Its teachings and memories are just so sublime. I feel indebted to Ramanand Sagar and Ravindra Jain who I regard as my Gurus. RSR has guided me and molded me almost as significantly as any living family member or friend. I have so many personal memories where RSR provided the background "music" in my life.

When I had my first school crushEmbarrassed, I drew inspiration from the Garden scene in Mithila. Whenever I had tiffs with my parents, I recalled Ram's line to Kaikeyi about making shoes out his skin for her, and reconciled with my parents. Whenever I sat to pray at our home shrine, "Lakshmi ramanam, niraja nayam" became my mantra with which to perform Abhishek. When I started driving and drove on the freeways at speed for the first time, it wasn't some heavy metal refrain that crossed my mindEvil Smile, it was "Sita sanga viman chale..." ! When my granddad was ill, and I had to miss my grade 10 excursion to visit him in another city, It was Sita Vanvaas and her sacrifice that comforted me Cry I could go on and on. ...

And lest I forget, thank you also for teaching me Hindi, albeit a sanskritised version :-) I too (like Lola610) was getting odd stares from family when they heard my very shuddh, pandito-wali gujarati and Hindi.

Thank you Ramanandji and team. I sometimes feel I have to add Sagar -Rin to the other 3 Rins (debts) I was born with as a Hindu.

Originally posted by Shruti_HR

I'm proud of my Indian mythology and it was a great step taken by Ramanand Sagar sir to start a show which truly reflected our incredible India. There is everything to learn from the great Ramayana and I'm really feeling proud today, on it's 25th year. 

Originally posted by Naina2127

The Ramayan remains to this day my most favorite epic, and most of the credit goes to the RS Ramayan for portraying the story so well! And of course, the actors as well, who to this day I picture as Ram and Sita, etc.

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 By Aish (aishhh.)

By Vicky (Vicky_Sonikudi)

 By Lola (lola610)

 By Janu (JanakiRaghunath)

By Aishu (AishuJSKFan)

 By Gunia (arun-deeps)


 By Deepika (dpka1415)

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PartyParty Join the Party PartyParty

We now invite one and all to join us in celebrating the memory of this truly legendary moment in the history of Indian television, and in fact, in the history of India itself. If you watched at a young age, regale us with your fond memories of the show from your childhood.  If you are a repeat viewer who loves it for the divine story it tells and the values it promotes, we would love to know what it has taught you and any favorite songs/scenes/dialogues that you would like to mention.  Even if you aren't very familiar with it and come by to congratulate fans and pay respects to the late great Dr. Ramanand Sagar and many other veteran actors who are not with us today, but created an everlasting and unforgettable impact in their roles, it would be much appreciated.

Viewbie's Note:
Please bear in mind that this celebratory thread is all about appreciation, so no criticisms or comparisons will be permitted.

Thank you!

Mytho Masti DT

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Yaaay, the thread's in business!
Happy 25th anniversary, guys, I can't believe it's been that long since RSR was made, because I see it almost everyday that it seems like a recent show,'s hard to believe that it was made before I was born!

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Splendid work both of you Clap

Happy 25th anniversary everyone Embarrassed Me and history don't go along well but I have quite a connection with Ramayan, Mahabharat and Shree Krishna. Long one indeed.. Will check all the posts in detail and then give my view on why it's special to me Embarrassed

Lovely siggy's prepared as well. Might pick out the best from my opinion and use it Big smile

Edit: I know I said I'll read each post. But I have just scanned it right one. Still busy but thought I should come back to edit my post before It's too late. I can always come back and read the previous posts Embarrassed

So.. why it is special to me... Well, like I said, long reason. Ever since I was small and I can remember, I would always wake up on the weekends listening to TV on in the living room and my dad watching Ramayan or Mahabharat or Shri Krishna, Maa Saraswati and various other Myth/Devine shows there can be. A smile would just play on my lips as I would lay in my bed and listen to it. Then get up and go out and jump into dad's lap and then watch it with him while mom makes me drink milk and have breakfast. Those are some good memories I can never forget. 

Then when I got a bit older than 5, Dad got a DVD of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and we would sit and watch it together as family whenever we are all home together. It would just amaze me to see it all and I would be asking tons of questions related that my dad would have to shut me up. I have watched Ramayan so many times by myself as well that now the second set of DVD's bought have scratches on them too that I need to buy it again for the third time if I want to re-watch. It just touches my heart in an awkward way possible. Please don't expect a 15 years old silly girl to explain her feelings to you. I never was good at them and still am not Embarrassed

Also, my sister and dad tease and mock me on how I had asked 'Who's Sita?" after watching the whole Ramayan twice. Clearly, I don't remember asking any such question but I guess I might have as they would remember it clearly then I can. Older than me you see. Embarrassed Well, I guess I might have meant to ask who is playing the role of Sita or something like that. But nevertheless, I still remember they still tease me and make me quiet when they have no other rebutal to make me quiet and go to my room. ROFL 

All the video's posted in memories part, I watched them and it really feels great to watch them. Haven't had time to watch any of the scenes before today from the last few months as busy with studies and family. But now I feel fresh to handle anything else that comes my way Big smile 

Looked at Awards and Accoladees and surprised to see that nothing been hosted in or by Gujarat... As I used to live there and I know many people who used to watch... Maybe other states were just more attentive... 

I am grateful to Ramanand Sagar to have given us a new ray when looking at our history. The every single scene just brings a new emotion at heart that no one will be able to neglect. 

And now I guess I have said enough. Getting back to my studies. Will re-read again to make sure I haven't left out anything when I was scrolling though. Embarrassed

Thanks you Janaki and lola for bringing us this celebration worth wonderful memories to remember Hug

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