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His Way #2 [AR FF] New Thread link :) (Page 103)

coolgirl319 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
super part!

continue soon!


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-AK- Senior Member

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged
OMG!! The part was ahmaaazing
OMG!!! They came to noe they r married plzzz update soon cant wait to read further

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kunabz Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Nicely written parts waiting for verbal confession and thanx for pm plz update soon

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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sweetdesire hey geet
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd lolz yehi toh suspense hai ki shaadi kisne karway
nd lolz u'll see more jealous armaan soon
nd thnk u i am also happy that this thread completed 100 pages
jiyaa_m hey jiyaa di
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl di dont worry it wont be a bad twist
destinationn hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl confession dekhte hain kya hota hai
Jyo_Ksg hey joyti
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
KaSh-Maneet-Fan hey sai
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd yeah they did hear about their marriage
crazy4KASH_AR hey asma
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the udpate
coming to hiding it
well parents wouldnt want their chhildren
to suffer esp when they are at their career making process
so they thought of hiding it
but yeah truth had to come out
Radhika Shah hey radhika
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
Pious_KaSh hey nandi
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
yes they came to know about it
and rofl lets see aage kya hota
anishaalluri hey anisha
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl seems like ur guess is on right track
but all i'll say
hoker bhi nahiin hoga
-Keerthi- hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
mijanur hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
teenorchid hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl the musical pm part padha tha na tabhi shaadi hui thi
nd yesh they heard it
nd lolz confession dekhte hain kya hota hai
karan-shilpa hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
shonadesire hey shilpa
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl ur guess lets see kya hota hai
kisne karwayi shaadi raaz khulne main thoda time hai
and lets see confession hota hai ki nhn
XxDeansChickxX hey maria
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
1D_D3-Crazy hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
blessed4 hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
priyanki hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
DRarmaanfan hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
amruta04 hey amruta
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
kunabz hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved this ff
welcome to the world of AR love story
hope this ff keeps entertaining u n future also
blue_lotus22 hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl bad twist hai ki nahiin
it depends upon u guys
araja1234 hey
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update
coolgirl319 hey
thnk u soo much
i am glad u loved the update
thnk u soo much
iam glad u loved the update

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged

last but not the least thnk u to all the silent readers of the previous update

i'll request u to switch ON ur speakers or WEAR ur head phones to hear d background tune for the episodic feelWinkEmbarrassed
Njoy ReadingSmile



There was a complete silence in the room Armaan and riddhima were looking at everyone's face. After Armaan and riddhima had heard what Padma said ananya Padma and anjali had to call billy shashank and atul.


Anjali had also called rahul muskaan abhimanyu nikki because they would help them in calming down Armaan riddhima once they get to know the truth. Once everyone had come Padma and ananya took the initiative and started telling them the truth. Told them that the act which they did wasn't an act but reality they were really married in that act.



After they finished speaking there was a complete silence in the room. Armaan and riddhima didn't know what to speak it was too hard to digest the fact that they were married. Here they haven't even confessed their love to each other and they are already married.
After few seconds when the reality stuck into their mind both of them together shouted "what we are married kab kaha kaise".
 "Oye tum dono gajini ban gaye ho kya abhi toh bataya party main jo tumne jhooti shaadi ka act kiya tha na vo reality thi vo asli mangalsutra or sindoor the phere or pandit ji bhi asli the" muskaan said.
Armaan riddhima's mind had gone blank hearing that they were married and when Padma and Anaya had told them how they were actually not listening to her neither paying attention they were just trying to absorb the fact that they are now married.
When muskaan told them that's when they came to know. Riddhima then remembered that how in morning she had complained to Padma about the sindoor's prints not going of completely.

"Armaan riddhima hum jante hain ki yeh truth tumhare liye accept karna kitna mushkil ho raha hoga but bachon ab shaadi ho gayi hai iss reality ko accept toh karna padega" Padma said but her voice was quivering with worriness as she herself isn't able to understand whether its good to tell them to accept it or not.


Armaan and riddhima's mind was registering nothing as here they were planning to confess their love but all of a sudden they come to know that they are married, their relationship has changed from mere friendship to a sacred relation of husband and wife.


The first thing that came in their mind is will they be able to handle this relationship? Are they mature enough to handle their new relationship?


Seeing them quiet ananya spoke "kya hua bachon chup kyun ho?"


 "Dekho bachon tumhare dil main or dimaag main jo bhi hai usse hume bata do" billy said.


"Or jo bhi tumhara failsa hoga na vo hum sabko manzoor hoga" shashank said trying to ease the tention for their children.


 Armaan and riddhima were still quiet trying to think what exactly they should think.

"Armaan riddhima chup kyun ho kuch toh bolo" atul said.
"I think they need time to digest the fact that they are married and also they need time to decide what they wana do next" anjali said.
 "I think you are right beta Padma or shashank bhai saab aap riddhima ko ghar le jaiye or vahan baat kijiye hum yahan Armaan se baat karte hain" ananya said.
Shashank and Padma nodded their head in agreement and they took a shocked riddhima with them to Gupta mansion.


Muskaan and nikki also came to gupta mansion along with riddhima and her parents because they knew riddhima might need them to share her feelings.



They all entered the house and sat on the sofa.
"Riddhima dekh meri bachi tere dil main jo chal raha hai usse tu bata de humse kuch bhi mat chupaiyo" Padma started the conversation.
"Hain riddhima dekho tumhari jo bhi marzi hai vo karo tumhe koi force nahiin karega tumhe yeh rishta accept karna hai toh karo or agar nahiin karna toh mat karo per job hi tumhare dil main hai usse bol do" shashank said.
 Riddhima just looked at her parents and lowered her eyes as she doesn't know whether she should tell them that she loves Armaan or not? Or should she first confess this to Armaan? What would be right confessing to her parents first or Armaan? Her mind was now working on this direction for the time being. But suddenly the marriage thing came in mind. Does the confession even matters now? Her chain of thought was broken when muskan started speaking.
"Oye ridzy itna tention na ley samjhi na jo ho gaya hai so ho gaya ab uske baare main soch kar koi faida nahiin hai yeh soch ki aba age kya karna hai" muskaan said.
Riddhima looked at everyone and thought 'mien in sabko kaise batao ki I love armaan mujhe koi problem nahiin hai iss shaadi ko accept karne main but problem yeh hai ki miene toh pyar ka confession bhi nahiin kiya or hamari shaadi hogayi! I guess ab time aa gaya hai confess karna ka or vaise bhi aaj toh mien confess karne hi wali thi'.
Thinking this riddhima left to mallik mansion without saying anything to anyone.



After shashank and Padma took riddhima away ananya gestured anjali to make Armaan sit so that they could talk with him.

"Armaan beta meri baat dhyaan se sun shaadi jiss bhi halat main hui ho hui toh hai na sachai ko nazar andaaz nahiin kar sakte lekin beta yeh bhi sach hai ki teri marzi ke bina kuch nahiin hoga agar tujhe yeh rishta manzoor nahiin hai toh hume bata dena be fikar hokar" ananya said.
"Hain buddy tum apne feelings khul ke bata sakte ho koi tumhe kuch nahiin kahega or na hi force karega koi bhi decision lene ke liye" billy said and he buddy especially because he wants his son to speak to him as friend then only Armaan will be able to tell his true feelings without any fear.
 "dekh Armaan apne dil ki suniyo I am sure vo tujhe galat salaah nahiin dega or shayad kuch aisa bata de jo tujhe khud ko samaj nahiin aya" rahul said hoping his friend realises that he loves riddhima.
Armaan smiled hearing to rahul and left the place without telling anyone.
Armaan was standing in the garden and thought 'mujhe pata hai rahul tu kya kehna ki koshish kar raha hai lekin mien apne nahiin basket ke baare main soch raha hoon miene toh usse abhi confess bhi nahiin kiya or na hi humne koi girlfriend boyfriend wala relation enjoy kiya direct shaadi ho gayi vo bhi hume pata hi nahiin chala ki hamari shaadi ho rahi hai. Life kitni ajeeb hai kitne ajeeb cheese hoti hai insaan ko toh pata bhi nahiin chalta ki uske saath agle pal kya ho sakta hai. Lagta hai hamari relation boht ajeeb hogi confession kiya bhi nahiin or direct shaadi ho gayi arey confession chodo abhi tak toh poori tarah se yakeen bhi nahiin hai ki vo mujhse pyaar karti hai ki nahiin. Pyar toh karti hai aakhon main dikha mujhe I guess pehle confession karta hoon or mien vaise bhi confess karne hi wala tha yahi sahi time hai phir hum dono milke sochenge ki hume aage kya karna hai'.

Everyone was confused seeing armaan's behaviour he left the place without telling anyone but everyone had seen him smiling and this was the main reason for them to be confused.

None could decipher that why he was smiling but rahul was had somewhere guessed it though he wasn't sure whether he was right or wrong and only time would tell him his answer.


Everyone was sitting only in the mallik mansion when they saw riddhima running inside the house. Before they could stop her she ran towards armaan's room leaving everyone shocked with her behaviour.


"Yeh riddhima ko kya hua aise kyun bhag rahi hai" anjali said in a shocked voice.

"Pata nahiin per vo gayi kaha hai" atul asked in a confused voice.

"Lagta hai Armaan ke room main gayi hai" abhimanyu said.


"Hain per Armaan toh hai nahiin apne room main" atul said in a confused voice. Everyone looked at atul and then shook their head.


"Atul bhaiya yeh hume pata hai usse nahiin or usne toh hume batane bhi nahiin diya seedha bhaag gayi Armaan ke room main" rahul said.


Riddhima entered armaan's room shouting "Armaan".

She looked around and didn't find armaan. She walked inside the room and her eye caught something so she walked towards his study table and found her photo there and not just one but many photographs either single or with Armaan.


She smiled seeing them as the memories of childhood were refreshed but then suddenly she realised that these photos weren't there before and are there today. Riddhima was about to leave the room when she saw a note on his bed along with a rose.

SHe picked that up and read 'riddhima I am in love pata hai kisse? Jao mien naam nahiin bataonga balki tumhe uski shakal dikhaonga dressing table tak walk karo vahan uski photo rakhi hai'.

Riddhima was confused as who this girl was she walked towards the dressing table but didn't find anything but then she clearly saw the mirror in which it was written 'TUM'.


Similarily when Armaan decided to confess his love he ran towards gupta mansion from the garden and in this process both Armaan and riddhima crossed each other.

Riddhima didn't see towards the garden nor did Armaan look towards his house thus both of them missed seeing each other and ran towards each other's house. Shashank Padma muskaan and nikki were sitting when they saw Armaan running inside their house and straight away going towards riddhima's room.

"Isko kya ho gaya aise kyun bhaag raha hai" nikki asked.

"Lagta hai hero pagal ho gaya hai or kuch nahiin" muskaan said.

Padma looked towards shashank with a confused look shashank blinked his eyes saying 'everything will be fine'.


Armaan entered riddhima's room "basket".

He scanned the room but didn't find riddhima. He then walked towards her bed and found a note kept on it along with a red rose he picked that note up and was shocked seeing it. It was written 'I love my best friend armaan'.

Riddhima smiled seeing herself in the mirror and a blush came across her face.

"Toh Armaan bhi mujhse pyaar karta hai or confess karne wala tha, acha hua mien yahan aa gayi ab toh mien aaj pakka confess karke hi rahoongi or Armaan ko pata bhi nahiin chalega ki miene uska yeh surprise already dekh liya hai" riddhima mumbled and left armaan's room to find him.


Here Armaan smiled seeing the note and mumbled "toh basket bhi mujhe pyaar karti hai acha hua mien uske room main aya varna mujhe toh pata hi nahiin chalta ki basket bhi mujhse confess karne wali hai ab toh confession karte time I'll be more confident".

Armaan too left riddhima's room to find her.

 (the poem has been written by me and its only for this FF kidnly dont use it anywhere else please)

Dono ke dilon main hai ek hi baat

Najane jage hain kitni raat

Soch soch ke huye hain behaal

Pata nahiin kitne aye khayaal

ki kab kare confession

kab ayega unke beech pyaar ka season

kab jeeyenge vo pyaar ke pal

dekhte hain jo sapno main aajkal

socha kaha dono ne

ki dosti badlegi rang itne

pyar ka izhaar karne se pehle

bandh jayenge dono atoot bandhan main aise

ki phir toot na payega ye rishta kabhi

lekin kaise karenge iss sach ka samna abhi

pata nahiin kitne imtihaan dene honge inhe

kya kar payenge yeh paar unhe


Both Armaan and riddhima came out of gupta and mallik mansion respectively. This time both of them saw each other and the world stopped for them. Their eyes met and a smile came on their faces.

Both of them unknowingly started walking towards each other. Both came and stood infront of each other. Both of them didn't break their eye lock. Their eyes were speaking volume; both of them had many questions to ask but had no answer to those questions.


Riddhima was thinking 'mien abhi bolu ki wait karu iske bolne ki Lekin yeh kuch bol hi nahiin raha mien hi bol deti hoon'.

Armaan on the other hand was thinking 'isse dekhke toh nahiin lagta ki yeh kuch bolegi beta Armaan tujhe hi kuch bolna padega or vaise bhi ladkiyan hamesha yahi chahti hain ki ladke pehle confess kare'.


"Mujhe kuch kehna hai" both of them said together.

They looked at each other for a brief second and then burst into a fit of laughter.

"Pehle tum" both of them again said together and again went into another round of laughter.

"Uuumm garden main chalte hain vahan baat karte hain" Armaan said. Riddhima shyly nodded her head and they both started walking towards the garden.


Both of them reached the garden and sat down on their favourite place, the place where they are sitting from their childhood whenever they had to talk something serious.

"Pata hai Armaan hum issi jagah beth kar kitne serious discussion karte"


"yeah serious discussion if I remember clearly tumne class main kissi ke saath jhagda kiya or mien tumhe samjha raha tha ki tum kitni galat thi"


"haaww tum toh aise bol rahe ho jaise ki tumne kuch nahiin kiya"


"miene nahiin kiya hai"

"oh really"


"yes really"

"ya toh tumhari memory kamzor hai ya toh tum jaan booch kar anjaan banne ki koshish kar rahe ho"

"meri koi memory kamzor nahiin hai or na hi mien anjaan banne ki koshish kar raha hoon samjhi tum"

"oh toh vo kaun tha jo upset tha jab uski favourite bike usse uske 18

th birthday pe nahiin mili thi"


"mien uske liye kabhi bhi upset nahiin tha"







"tum jhooti"

"mien jhoot nahiin bolti"

"oh really"


"hain miene kya jhoot bola hai Armaan"


"well lets say tum mujhse abhi kuch chupa rahi ho"

"mien tumse kuch nahiin chupa rahi balki tum mujhse kuch chupa rahe ho"


"mien kuch nahiin chupa raha"


"toh mien bhi kuch nahiin chupa rahi"

"oh really toh vo jo tumhare room main hai vo kya hai vo nahiin chupaya tumne mujhse"

" Armaan tum toh aise bol rahe ho ki tumne kuch chupaya hi nahiin tumhare room main bhi miene dekh liya ab bolo mien toh kuch nahiin chupa raha" suddenly both of them realised what they spoke and silence prevailed between them.


"Kya se kya ho gaya hai hamare bachon ki zindagi main" Padma said.

"Kuch nahiin hua hai Padma sab theek ho jayega let them talk with each other" shashank said.

"Hain aunty aap fikar mat karo vo log baat karenge na toh sab sort kar denge" muskaan said.


"Hain aunty sab theek hi hoga aap tention mat lo" nikki said.

"Pata nahiin dono kya decision lenge" Padma said.

"Aunty dono jo bhi decision lenge na boht soch samaj kar lenge or shayad yeh sudden marriage unhe kuch dikha bhi de" muskaan said.

Muskaan wanted to tell Padma that Armaan riddhima love each other but aren't confessing but then she can't do this it would be better if Armaan riddhima first confess to each other and then tell others about it.

Nikki looked at muskaan and both of them smiled at each other whereas Padma and and shashank looked at them with confusion.


"Matlab" Padma asked.

"Kuch nahiin aunty aap fikar mat kariye vo dono sahi decision lenge dekh lena aap pareshaan mat ho" muskaan said.


"Pata nahiin tum bachiyaan kya kehna chahti ho mujhe toh kuch samaj nahiin aa raha. Shashank chaliye hum ananya or billy bhaisaab ke paas chalte hain riddhima bhi toh vahi hai na" Padma said and shashank nodded his head in agreement. All of them left for the mallik mansion.



"Pata nahiin yeh armaan kaha chala gaya hai lagta" ananya said.

"Arey ananya riddhima ke ghar gaya hoga or jab riddhima ko Armaan yahan nahiin mila toh vo samaj gayi hogi ki Armaan uske ghar per hoga or vo dono baat kar rahe honge" billy said.

"Billy apko kya lagta hai vo dono sahi decision le payenge abhi toh unki umar padhai or apna career banane ki hai pata nahiin kya decision lenge dono" ananya said.

"Arey aunty aap fikar mat kariye sab theek hi hoga" abhimanyu said.

"Hain ma aap Armaan per bharosa rakhiye dono sahi faisla hi lenge" anjali said.

"Anjali tum uski side mat lo yeh tumhe bhi pata hai or mujhe bhi ki vo gusse main hamesha galat faisle leta hai or abhi uska gussa asmaan per hai pata nahiin kahi bechari riddhima pe bhi na gussa nikal raha ho" ananya said.


"Aunty aap fikar mat kariye Armaan ko jo chees ka ahsaas pehle nahiin hua tha na ab pakka ho jayega or vo iss mauke ko bilkul bhi nahiin chodega" rahul said.


Atul anjali abhimanyu smiled hearing rahul because they knew what rahul meant,they were trying their best to make Armaan realise his love but may be this marriage will make him realise it all of them thought.

"Ahsaas kiss chees ka ahsaas" billy asked.


Rahul looked here and there for help and suddenly atul came to his rescue "vo papa kuch nahiin chaliye hum shashank uncle ke ghar jaate hain dekhte hain riddhima or Armaan kya baat kar rahe honge"

. Everyone nodded their head and stood up to leave when they saw shashank Padma muskaan and nikki entering the house.


"Arey Padma tum yahan or Armaan or riddhima kaha hai" ananya asked Padma.


Padma looked at ananya with confused look and said "vo dono yahan nahiin hai?" Ananya just shook her head in 'no' and then everybody became tensed as where could be Armaan riddhima.


None of them spoke anything and just kept staring at each other.

Riddhima thought 'ab kyun wait kar raha hai bol kyun nahiin raha room main toh poori tyari ki thi bolne ki ab kya ho gaya isse'.

Armaan thought 'dude what are you waiting for bol na ab toh tujhe pata hai I love her and I also know she loves me ab bol hi deta hoon'.

Armaan was about to speak when his eyes fell on riddhima's forhead and then suddenly he realised that their relationship has already got a name before they could even think about it.


"Riddhima vo tumhare mathe per ab bhi hai"



"sindoor" Armaan said and suddenly silence again prevailed between them.

"Vo nikal nahiin raha tha boht koshish ki thi subha but"


"ab hatana bhi mat" Armaan said and riddhima looked at him with confused look.

"ab hamari shaadi ho gayi hai toh hatane ki zaroorat nahiin hai"

"uumm Armaan ab hume kya karna chahiye bachpan ki tarah koi solution do na"

"solution kya nikalna hai hamari shaadi hui hai usse accept karna padega"

"per itni jaldi mera matlab"

"basket mujhe pata hai tumhare dimaag main kya chal raha hai or mien tumse yahi kahoonga ki hum abhi apne iss rishte ko time denge thodi der ke liye bhool jayenge ki hamari shaadi ho gayi hai or ek boyfriend girlfriend ki tarah behave karenge yeh pal jo hum jeena chahte the vo jeeyenge or jab lagega ki shaadi ke rishte ko nibhana hai toh usse bhi nibhayenge"


"tumhara matlab hum kissi ko nahiin batayenge ki hamari shaadi ho gayi hai"

"exactly jaise rehte aye hain vaise rahenge bas ek difference hoga hum pati patni nahiin balki boyrfriend girlfriend ki tarah behave karenge college main so what say banogi meri girlfriend" Armaan asked waiting for her reply.

Coming up:

AR's decision infront of family,

what changes will happen in AR's life now

hey friends
how was the update? twist was confession hoker bhi confession nahiin huaLOL
lets see when the confession will happen but all i'll say jab bhi hoga it will be worth itWink coming to the track u'll see a new relatiionship of AR other than friendship which u have been seeing from the start so yeah be prepared for some romantic moments between AR nd also now that they are married boht kuch badalne wala hai b/w bth f them like u might see more possessive armaan nd more caring riddhimaWinkEmbarrassed
btw happy 12/12/12
please click the like button and i am waiting for ur comments reply and suggestionsBig smile

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Ab samaj aaya ur meaning to say "ho kar bhi nahi hoga" Tongue
Ab they know that the other person also loves them tho i love u bolne mein Kya prob hai inka??
But whatever it is just loved the part..
Especially everyone's reactions when they saw them running Tongue
Loved the poem also..
Cont soon


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29priya IF-Dazzler

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awesome installment...plz conti soon..

eagerly waiting 4 next installment...

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