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His Way #2 [AR FF] New Thread link :)

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hey every one
welcome to the second thread of His Way. i can't believe it we have finally reached the second threadBig smile  but it would have not been possible without all my readers of 'His Way' so a hearteous thank you to all of you for making it possible.
29th april was the date when i had posted the prologue of this ff and since then its been a roller coaster ride. for giving you all an update i use to type it in my mobile during my college hours (nah it didnt effect my studies cos i use to write it during some of the most boring classes taki mujhe neend na aa jaye college mainLOL ) 
on a serious note i would like to honestly say i never thought this ff would be liked by you people and also the characterisation of armaan riddhima in this ff. The characterisation of armaan riddhima in this ff was bit rare according to me because i didnt see this kind of characterisation in any other AR ff which i had read before posting the characterisationSmile if now its there iam not aware of itBig smile. Riddhima full of innocense and cuteness and armaaan fully protective for riddhima and angry but he is not fully angry young manLOL cos he is sweet also when he needs to beWink 
i would like to also thank some special ppl whose comments always makes me smile
Geet (sweetdesire) and shilpa (shonadesire) medzi (kajenabhiya) anumeha (anumeha_rajat) asma (crazy4KASH_AR)
your long comments always brings a smile on my face and makes my day. those words and comments really encourages me a lot and honestly i wait for ur comments alsoBig smile
 sai (Ksh-mannet- fan)
ur comments r tooo cute i love themEmbarrassed
ashu (ammy_ka_ashu)
even though ur comments r short but they r really sweet nd i really like it when u put fwd ur wishes or suggestions. i dont noe whether u r actually leaving IF or not but i would miss ur wishes n suggestions if u goCry u n medzi were the one to encourage me saying u love angry armaan cos it makes him look hotEmbarrassed
arushi  dina amruta naureen and jiyaa di
my five very cute nd sweet frnds all i can say is that the way you guys support me i really have no words to say. If i say thank you to you guys it will be bad because friendship main no sorry no thank youTongue so all i would say is i really love you guys for supporting meEmbarrassed
arooshee nd ethereal -path (sorry dont noe ur names)
i really like how u voice ur opinions. i remember once in an update armaan was angry and you guys voiced ur opinion saying he becomes really angry and you didnt like that i really appreciate you guys for voicing ur opinion and keep doing that it really makes me know if iam going on a right direction or notBig smile
arooshee i also like the way u guess the next updateWink
ur sweet n cute comments and always saying sweet sweet things makes my dayBig smile nd iam really very happy being my silent reader you started commenting. because every comments helps me to improve and encourages me as wellSmile
off lately ur comments have started being long and really encouraging one tooSmile
last but not the least to all the ones who comment and let me know their view points
araja1234rupzloveu ksg_ritika, AR_LOVER,saniashzadi,(i really miss ur comments now a days) moonlight2630-Prithi-prachi_mjht, vaishiksg,(i dont know y these days u have become a silent reader) DRarmaanfan-nikki-akshiankita preety88, Rapunzzel, Amona dimpledsmile teenorchid qt4ever Radhika ShahRiarai2346,(hey maria i have found a new frnd through this ffSmile) divi1oct, nandinii_goyalpriyanki  Jyo_Ksg kweetrockstar, FULTUSI   [-ZooZoo-,zARqaa_Xlaizu, iceprincess101 Mrs.ArmanMallik RheaKSG4eva, KaShGurTiLuverr gupta_additi] (i really miss u nd ur commentsBig smile)
hope i havn't missed any one if i have then firstly iam extreemly sorry its purely unintentional and secondly please let me know about itSmile
At the end i would like to say what a start to the new year second thread of 'His Way' on 1st january 2012 a special new year gift for me. Once again thank you soo much for all your support my hardwork gets paid off  from your long/short, beautiful, sweet n cute comment Embarrassed 

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link to first threadSmile
update 25 - pg 1
update 26 - pg 10 
update 27 - pg 16
update 28 - pg 22
update 29 - pg 26
update 30 - pg 35
update 31 - pg 40
update 32 - pg 45
update 33 - pg 53
update 34 - pg 59
update 35 - pg 67
update 36 - pg 75
update 37(A) - pg 80
update 37(B) - pg 83
update 38 - pg 94
update 39 - pg 99
update 40 - pg 103
update 41 - pg 109
update 42 - pg 115
update 43 - pg 123
update 44 - pg 130
update 45 - pg 140
update 46 - pg 146
Link to the next thread

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"Riddhima ab vo din door nahiin jab tum meri hogi tum bhi mujhse pyaar karogi jaise ki mien tumse karta hoon"  [ok iam not telling who is this guy keep guessingWink]
"armaan meet amit and amit meet armaan my best friend" riddhima said
[lets see who is this new entry and what changes does it brings in AR life]
"ab hume bachon ko sach bata dena chahiye" padma said to shashank
"riddhima kaise react karegi jab usse meri harkat ke baare main pata chalega" armaan said
nd iam reposting the main prologue because firstly dont forget the main story amidst the sweet n cute ongoing storyLOL  and secondly now the story will be MOVING towards it
"what we are already married"
"kab kahan kaise"
well this is the prologue i wont reveal it who is saying these lines. all i can say is either it could be armaan or riddhima or both armaan riddhima but who is speaking these lines will be revealed with the time.
note: a small hint this is not gona be a child marriage if u are thinking thatWinkTongue
Shocked is it excitingTongue so get ready for some rollar coaster ride filled with fun masti dhamaal heartbreak romance and loads of mystryWink

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hey evey one this update is really special to me firstly its on second thread and secondly its the silver jubly update i.e 25th update

Njoy reading Smile



It was another bright sunny morning but it wasn't the ordinary sunny morning this morning is going to change loads of things in the life of these six friends (armaan riddhima, rahul muskaan and abhimanyu nikki).

whole night nikki was battling whether she should remain friends with abhimanyu or ignore him though ignoring him is not possible because she knew somewhere down the line her heart will melt but still she had to do something about it.
Whereas riddhima was battling whether armaan flirting with muskaan was pure fun or was he serious?
Everyone was fashionably dressed in college since today was the fresher's day and the dress code chosen for the day was modern wears, thus everyone was wearing the latest fashion clothes. Most of the girls had their hair straight wearing shiny dangler's, dressed in the most elegant manner.
On the other hand boys were wearing either jeans shirt or shervani along with neck chains and hand bracelets.
"wao nikki you are looking so pretty" muskaan said while hugging nikki.
"Thanks muski or tu bhi boht beautiful lag rahi hai" nikki said while coming out of the hug.
"waise nikki aaj koi na koi toh tujphe fida ho jayga"
 "oh come on muski aisi baatien chod"
"no iam serious yaar kya pata abhimanyu tujhpe fida ho jaye"
 "muski yaar chod aisa nahiin ho sakta hai"
"kyun nahiin hoga aaj toh tu itni beautiful lag rahi hai pakka fida hog"
"muski acha theek hai lets see" nikki said.
Nikki didn't wanted to continue this talk because she has already lost all the hopes and these talks would do nothing but increase her hopes which will soon be crashed again and she has no strength left in facing one more heartbreak from the same person.
"Hain lets see" an excited muskaan said which brought nikki back to reality.


 "Hi muskaan" said rahul shyly while walking towards muskaan and nikki "hey nikki" he added.

"Hey rahul" said muskaan and nikki together.
 Rahul looked at muskaan and said "wao muskaan you looking so pretty and beautiful".
 "Thank you rahul" muskaan said it with a sly smile which rahul didn't notice it.
 "Hey guys" abhimanyu said while standing next to rahul.
He looked at the girls and said "wao aaj tum dono boht beautiful lag rahe ho".
"Thanks abhi" muskaan said while nudging nikki from elbow while trying to convey 'dekha he noticed'.
 "Thank you abhi" nikki said with a forced smile ignoring muskaan's nudging's
"You welcome girl's lekin hello mien bhi itna bura nahiin lag raha you can complement me as well" abhimanyu said with a grin on his face.
 "Oh really hume complement dena tha" muskaan asked innocently.
 "nahiin degi toh bhi chalega" rahul murmured but to his luck no one heard it.
"Or nahiin toh kya miene tum logo ki jhooti tareef iss liye nahiin ki hai ki tum log mujhe complement na do" abhimanyu said to muskaan.
  Hearing this muskaan playfully slapped abhimanyu's shoulder's and both of them giggled. "waise yeh armaan riddhima kaha reh gaye" nikki asked to divert the attention from this 'whose looking beautiful or handsome'.
 "Or kaha honge armaan riddhima ke ghar par hoga or usse utha raha hoga" rahul replied and all of them nodded their head in understanding.


"Riddhima" armaan said while entering riddhima's room.

He was surprised or rather shocked because he didn't find riddhima in her usual way, she wasn't sleeping means she woke up early today but how is that possible? Armaan was looking for riddhima in the room when the washroom door opened and riddhima stepped out shocking armaan completely. Armaan couldn't believe that riddhima was awake and if this was not enough she was already ready though he felt bit sad because now he was use to waking up riddhima, it had become a habbit rather than routine.
 'Isse ho kya gaya hai itni jaldi kaisee uth gayi? mujhe toh khush hona chahiye na ki aaj yeh jaldi tyaar ho gayi hai or hum late bhi nhn honge per phir kyun mujhe bura lag raha hai shayad iss liye kyunki ab mujhe addat ho chuki hai isse roz subha utha ne ki. Per yeh aaj apne aap uth kaise gayi isse kisne uthaya agar padma aunty ne utha ya hota toh vo mujhe neeche hi bata deti or nashta karne ko bolti. I guess yeh million dollar question hai ki isse uthaya kisne?'
"uumm tum itni jaldi uth kaise gayi i mean tumhe kisne uthaya" armaan asked riddhima.
Riddhima looked at armaan startled even though she knew armaan would ask her this question still the way he suddenly asked her made her startled.Riddhima looked at armaan and could see him perplexed may be thinking the answer to his question only riddhima assumed.

"Uumm vo apne aap hi aankh khul gayi or phir function ke liye samaan bhi pack karna tha na toh acha hi hai ki mien aaj jaldi uth gayi varna function ke liye late ho jate" riddhima replied.

Riddhima could answer armaan perfectly without stammering because she was prepared for this question before hand only. Armaan who heard riddhima's answer nodded his head in agreement.
 Armaan thought ' mien bhi na kuch zyada hi sochta hoon yeh sirf aaj ke liye hai kal se back to square one or kabhi kabhi mukhe araam bhi milna chahiye indeed this was a break or kuch bhi nahiin jisse mujhe bura lage'.
"Theek hai tum apna samaan leke neeche aajao mien nashte pe tumhara wait karta hoon aaj after soo long hum breakfast saath karenge so come fast" armaan said and riddhima nodded her in agreement while smiling meekly.
"Riddhima tum theek toh ho na"
 "hain kyun"
 "nahiin aaj tumne mujhe apni vo cute smile wali smile nahiin di na isi liye"
" vo mere dimaag main function ke liye kya kya samaan rakhna hai vo tha isi liye" riddhima replied and showed armaan her cute smile.
 "Now thats like my baby"
 "baby mat bolo mujhe"
 "bulaonga" with that armaan left the room so that they dont argue further because he so wanted to eat his breakfast with her today while sitting on dinner table rather than in his car where she only eats and he drives.
After armaan left riddhima smiled and shook her head left right and murmured "stupid".


Riddhima went back to her packing she kept the makeup box, earings, etc etc , the things which she would require for dressing herself riddhima kept them all. She had already made a list of things and now checking it whether she has all the things in her bag which are written in her list.

After she was done with her work she stood infront of the mirror and thought 'armaan tumne toh meri taraf ek baar bhi nahiin dekha mien aaj subha itni jaldi uthi thi taki ache se tyaar ho sakoo or tum mujhe dekh kar complement kar sako jaise muskaan ko dekh kar kiya tha per tumne toh meri taraf ek baar bhi nahiin dekha. Ek baar toh dekh lete toh shayad tumhe mujhme kuch change dikhta aaj pehli baar mien araam se tyaar hui roz ki tarah jaldi jaldi nahiin phir bhi tumne ek baar bhi mujhe complement nahiin kiya saari mehnat waste. Tumne muskaan ko complement diya matlab tumne usse dhyaan se dekha hoga tabhi toh complement kiya tumne, tumne mujhe notice nahiin kiya isi liye complement nahiin diya na. Ab mien kya karu taki tum mujhe dekho lekin dost ki nazron se nahiin kisi or nazaron se pyar ki nazron se. mien chahti hoon ki tum mujhme apne best friend ke saath saath apna pyaar bhi dekho pata nahiin iss rishte ka kya naam hoga pehle friendship thi ab jab pyaar aa ho gaya hai toh iss rishte ka kya naam hoga? Agar tum bhi mujhse pyaar karoge toh hum baki sab ki tarah girlfriend boyfriend ban jaynge lekin yeh boht common lagta hai. aree riddhima tujhe rishte ke naam se kya farak padta hai hamaree beech pyaar hoga vahi kafi hai per sawaal ab bhi yahi hai ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho ki nahiin? Yeh kaise pata lagao na tum meri taraf theek se dekhte ho na kuch khud bolte ho per phir bhi mera dill kyun kehta hai ki tum mujhe indirectly hints dete ho ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho jisse miene samajhne main boht der kar di. Ab mien tumhe kaise batao ki mujhe mere pyaar ka ahsaas ho chukka hai aisa kya karu ki tumhe hints mile ki mujhe tumse pyaar hai aisa kya karu ki tum sirf mujhe dekho aaj ka toh idea flop ho gaya poori raat soch kar mujhe yeh idea mila tha ek complement de dete toh tumhara kya chala jata hain kam se kam meri mehnat toh successful ho jati'.


Before riddhima could think further she heard armaan "riddhima kitna time lagta hai samaan pack karne main breakfast thanda ho raha hai".

"hun" riddhima said and then shouted "aayi bas two minutes".
Saying so riddhima quickly checked her bag for the last time and then kept her dress inside the bag and ran downstairs.
 "Sorry sorry vo bas anyways nashte (breakfast) main kya kya bana hai" riddhima said while sitting next to armaan.
"Padma aunty riddhima ki aakhon ka test karwa di jiye" armaan said.
"kyun" Padma asked armaan and riddhima looked at him with her eyebrows raised.
"aaree usse dikh raha hota toh thodi na poochti ki nashte main kya bana hua hai" armaan said and giggled. Padma just shook her head thinking these two will never change whereas riddhima smacked armaan's hand playfully.
"ab jaldi jaldi nashta karlo varna late ho jaoge function ke liye" Padma said and both of them nodded their head and quietly started eating their breakfast.
"waise yeh function kitne baje tak chalega" Padma enquired.
"uumm aunty shaam ke saath baje tak hai hum eight o clock tak aa jaynge" armaan replied.
They finished their breakfast and when riddhima was about to get up she heard armaan "roz ki tarah aaj bhi boht khoobsoorat lag rahi ho".

Riddhima's cheek turned red with blushness and quickly turned to see armaan but to her disappoint armaan was walking towards the main door.

'yeh mera imagination tha ya sach main armaan ne mujhe complement diya? Kya karu  armaan se poocho yah nahiin? Agar poochoongi toh kya boloongi 'armaan kya tumne abhi abhi mujhe complement diya ya phir mien imagine kar rahi thi'. Agar yeh imagination hai toh vo mujhpe hasne lagega or mera hi Mazak ban jayga kya karu? I guess sivaye yeh pray karne ke ki yeh ek dream na ho mien or kuch kar bhi nahiin sakti'. "Riddhima jaldi aao varna late ho jaynge or aaj tumhara time pe tyaar hona waste ho jayga" riddhima heard armaan's voice which made her come back to reality.
 "Hain" riddhima said and ran towards the door.
During the journey riddhima kept thinking whether she should ask armaan or not. Her heart said it was a reality but her brain said no it was her imagination because if this was true then armaan would have waited for her reaction and also he would have not been at distance. If he has said those words, practically he would have been at less distance compared to what she saw but there could be a possibility that he walked at faster speed than the usual speed or ran till there? Questions are many but answers? There are no answers to the questions. When will she get her answers? When will her destiny favour her?


On the other hand armaan concentrated on his driving. Soon they reached college and armaan parked his car.

"Aaj sab shock hone wale hain" armaan said while turning the engine off and taking out the key from the hole.
"Kyun" ruddhima asked while opening the door. Simultaneously both of them came out of the car and closed the door.
 Leaning towards the car roof armaan said " because aaj hum jaldi aa gaye hain isi liye sab shock hone wale hain".
"I dont think so"
"well dekhte hain"
 "hain hain dekh lena"
"toh lagi bet"
"Hain bet agar koi shock nahiin hota toh bet tum jeeti or agar two ya teen log bhi shock huye toh mien jeeta ab bolo lagi bet?"
"lekin agar sirf ek ne poocha toh?"
 "toh bhi tum jeeti minimum two people should be shocked fine?" 
 "Fine lagi bet" riddhima said and fowarded her hand and armaan also fowarded his hand and both of them shook their hand which meant sealing the bet.
 "Agar tum haari toh tum mujhe treat dogi or agar mien haara toh mien tumhe treat doonga manzoor?"
" hain manzoor"
"toh chalo bet harne"
 "hain chalo or abhi pata chal jayga ki kaun bet jeeta hain or kaun harta hai"
"after you madam" armaan said while bowing down in front of her and his right arm stretched towards the path way.
They walked towards their friends and muskaan jumped excitedly and hugged riddhima saying "ridzy tu aa gayi? Or tu aaj achi bhi lag rahi hai".
"Thanks muskaan" riddhima said with a smile and hoping no one ask them why they are early than usual days.
 "Hain riddhima aaj aap kafi achi lag rahi hain" rahul said. Armaan thought 'gadhon complement baad main de dena pehle mujhe bet jitao koi toh pooch agar ek jana bhi poochega na toh sab poochenge or mien bet jeet jaonga. Waise keh toh sahi rahe hain riddhima lag boht achi rahi hai'.
"acha guys chalo backstage jaker dekhte hain sab theek hai ki nahiin or phir armaan riddhima ko tyaar bhi toh hona hoga na" abhimanyu said.
Armaan thought 'lagta hai mien bet haar gaya kisi ne nahiin poocha'.
"Hain waise bhi hum vahi jane wale the tum dono ke ane se pehle" nikki said.
"Hain isse yaad aya ki tum log aaj kuch zyada jaldi nahiin aa gaye" muskaan asked.
Armaan mentally did bhangra and riddhima closed her eyes in defeat.
Riddhima thought 'abhi bhi mien bet haari nahiin hoo ek ne hi poocha hai isse pehle koi or bhi pooche mien answer de deti hoon taki phir koi pooch na paye'.
Before riddhima could open her mouth rahul said "hain mien bhi yahi poochna wala tha ki aaj tum dono jaldi kaise aa gaye".
Armaan wanted to jump with excitement but stopped himself from doing so though it was difficult for him to stop himself yet he managed it.
"Hain riddhima batao inhe ki hum aaj jaldi kaise aa gaye" armaan said while riddhima pouted at him in return.
"vo mien" riddhima was stammering because she didn't knew what she should say for her escape.
"Mien batata hoon" armaan said and riddhima's eye widened with shock.
'No! he can't tell them' riddhima thought.
"Well aaj jab mien riddhima ke ghar gaya tha toh" armaan started and looked at riddhima whose eyes were closed so he continued saying "toh phir miene usse uthaya and you guys won't believe it she woke up at once no nakhra nothing isi liye aaj hum jaldi aa gaye".
 Riddhima looked at armaan she couldn't believe armaan didn't tell them that she was already awake even before he came to her room.
"ohk acha ab chalo maam hum sabka wait kar rahi hongi" nikki said and all of them started walking towards the auditorium.
"Mien bet jeet gaya" armaan whispered in riddhima's ears.
"meri treat kab de rahi ho?"
 "uumm kal?"
Muskaan rahul and abhimanyu nikita checked the hall whether things are fine or not. They were checking the last minute preparations and helping their teachers to organise things. Soon the juniors started entering the auditorium and all the seniors who weren't performing for the day welcomed their juniors whole heartedly. Soon enough the auditorium was occupied by the juniors their immediate seniors and the third year students.
One by one the performance started and juniors were enjoying the performances. In between there were rounds for the Mr and Ms Fresher's. Meanwhile in the backstage riddhima was getting ready in the green room and she was facing some problem in tying the thread of her dress and was making cute expressions.
"Riddhima tum tyaar ho gayi" armaan said while barging inside the room without knocking it. Riddhima was startled with armaan's sudden entry and she turned around facing him.
Armaan saw riddhima was not fully ready so he immediately turned around and said "uumm riddhima umm I am sorry mujhe nahiin pata tha ki uuummm you are not ready yet uumm mien baad main aata hoon".
After saying sorry to riddhima again he was moving out of the door when he heard riddhima saying "its ok armaan".
 Hearing her voice armaan turned around and saw riddhima's face was looking at the floor and her eyes were searching something very precious.
To lighten the moment armaan said "tumhe sharam nahiin aati".
"Huh" riddhima murmurs hearing armaan.
 "or nahiin toh kya koi darwaza khol ke tyaar hota hai kya"
"mien bhi yahi keh sakti hoon na ki tumhe sharam nahiin aati"
 "hun mien kyun sharmaon miene kya kiya hai"
"tum darwaza knock karke nahiin aa sakte the? Or waise bhi yeh girls green room hai tum kyun aye"
 "oh acha yaad rakhoonga agli baar ok or kaha na mien poochne aya tha ki kitna time or lagega tumhe tyaar hone main hamari performance aane hi wali hai"
 "bas yeh thread band nahiin ho raha hai ussi main time lag raha hai kya tum muski ya nikki ko help ke liye bula sakte ho"
 "hain mien dekhta hoon ki yeh dono kaha hai" with that armaan left the in search of muskaan and nikki.
After armaan left riddhima started putting her make up.


Armaan came back and this time before entering the green room he knocked on the door and then without waiting for her reply he entered the room.

Riddhima turned back and rolled her eyes at armaan and he asked her "now what this time toh I even knocked before entering" when he saw her looking at him with raised eye brows.
"miene andar aane ko bola tha kya mujhe toh yaad nahiin aa hai"
 "ohk next time reply ki bhi wait karloonga ok"
 "hhmm waise muskaan or nikki tumhe mile?"
 "agar mile hote toh ab tak vo yahan hote or mien nahiin"
"per ab yeh thread band kaun karega"
 "uuummm pata nahiin"
 "koi teacher ya koi girl student hai bahar"
 "nahiin teachers wings main hai ya phir hall main and koi girl volunteer nahiin dikh rahi lagta hai kuch kaam kar rahe honge"
"toh ab kya"
 "if you don't mind mien band kar do" armaan asked unsure whether he did the right thing or not?.
Riddhima eyes widened with horror she never expected armaan would say something like this that too directly he could have said it indirectly only.
Riddhima didn't know what she should do? Whether agree with armaan or wait for some girl to come and tie the thread?
Riddhima thought 'kya mujhe hain kar deni chahiye? Agar armaan ne mere thread band kiye toh yeh filmy scene ho jayga or uske baad shayad awkwardness bhi hogi. Per issi bahane armaan mere kareeb toh hoga ab kya karu mien dill ki sunu ya phir brain ki kuch samaj nahiin aa raha'.
 Riddhima closed her eyes and took a deep breath and a voice inside her said 'dill or brain ki fight main dill ki sunni chahiye kyunki vo kabhi galat nahiin hota'.
Meanwhile armaan was thinking 'oh god miene yeh kya bol diya shayad mujhe yeh nahiin bolna chahiye tha per kya karu dill ne kaha or miene baat maan kar bol diya. Kahiin riddhima ko bura toh nahiin lagega? Nahiin nahiin mujhe nahiin lagta usse bura lagega warna ab tak toh mujhpe bhadak chuki hoti vo'
Riddhima immediately opened her eyes and said "uuumm theek hai ab koi or option nahiin hai uumm tum hi uumm band kar do".
Riddhima was stammering in between and while speaking her cheeks went red due to her own thought. Armaan came back to reality hearing riddhima's words, he moved towards her slowly while riddhima turned around. Riddhima's back was bare only from top, the thread needed to be tied bit below her neck that's why she was not able to do it herself.
Armaan held the thread and riddhima felt butterflies in her stomach. While tying the thread armaan's hands brushed her bare back and riddhima closed her eyes feeling his touch and armaan gulped down his saliva.
 He didn't know why he was feeling different being so close to riddhima in past also they have been close to each other ok may be not this close but still they have been close so why is he feeling different.Riddhima's cheeks were turning into the darker shade of red due to shyness.
After tying the knot armaan said "uumm ho gaya" it was more of a whisper.
Feeling his hot breath near her neck riddhima gasped but it wasn't audible. She turned around and mumbled a quick thank you to armaan.
Armaan stared at her juicy red lips which were tempting him, he didn't know why he has this urge but he had it. he concluded may be watching many romantic movies his brain has started to act like one of the lovers. To avoid the awkwardness she started doing her make up again.
 "Armaan make up theek lag raha hai" riddhima tried to be normal and more than that she wanted to hide her new feelings which are unknown to her.
 "Uumm theek hai ab bhoot nahiin lag rahi hot oh theek hi hai make up" armaan said and he too wanted to divert himself from his new feelings.
 "chale ab der nahiin ho rahi" riddhima said after giving final touches to her make up. "Hain toh chalo miene kab roka hai" armaan said and both of them left the green room. Both of them wanted to avoid the new feelings riddhima was still trying to register the moment whereas armaan was still thinking what were those new feelings which he felt when he was close to riddhima? They went backstage where teachers were waiting for them.
 "You are ready for the performance" the teacher asked armaan and riddhima and both of them nodded their head in agreement.
 "on rehearsals when I told both of you to do salsa mixed with contemporary both of you looked so scared but I am happy that you agreed to do it, since it would suit the theme of today's fresher's which is 'LOVE'.Ok now go next is your performance" the teacher said.
 Finally it was now armaan and riddhima's turn. The lights were off and there was complete darkness armaan riddhima took their positions and waited for the song to start. The spot light was switched on and there were two spot lights one on armaan and other on riddhima and the song started.

[would suggest you to play the song it will be bring the feel which i wanted to potray through it] 

Dil Ibaadat Kar Raha Hai, Dhadakane Meri Sun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun

Riddhima was standing like a statue with her right arm stretched towards armaan's direction. Armaan sang the lines and started walking towards riddhima. he caressed riddhima's face.



Jindagi Ki Shaak Se Loon Kuchh Haseen Pal Main Chun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun


Armaan walked behind riddhima and slid his left hand around riddhima's waist and with his right hand he stretched his hand along with riddhima's so that both of them were in same position.



Armaan closes his eyes to feel his love since he was acting like a lover boy for the performance. He opened his eyes and could feel riddhima bringing her streched arm down, she was moving she was no more a statue and he smiled whole heartedly.



Dil Ibaadat Kar Raha Hai, Dhadakane Meri Sun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun


Riddhima moved her right leg behind whereas armaan brought his right leg forwards and then next second brought to back, now their right leg were parallel to the left leg. They did the same thing with the left leg.


Jindagi Ki Shaak Se Loon Kuchh Haseen Pal Main Chun


Armaan was holding riddhima's right hand with his left hand and they were standing in a line with their hands stretched.


Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun

He pulled riddhima towards him. riddhima's front crashed with armaan's front.


Jo Bhi Jitane Pal Jiu, Unhe Tere Sang Jiu

Armaan twirled riddhima again and now her back was facing armaan's front.


Jo Bhi Kal Ho Abb Mera Use Tere Sang Jiu

They rotated their head in a circle starting from left side and finishing it on the right side.


Jo Bhi Saansein Main Bharu Unhe Tere Sang Bharu

Chaahe Jo Ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chalu

Riddhima turned towards armaan and now they were facing each other and were very close to each other. they could feel each other's breath and slightly moved their body front and back in sync with the tune.


Dil Ibaadat Kar Raha Hai, Dhadakane Meri Sun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun

Armaan lifted riddhima and started taking slow turns in the same position. Their nose was touching with each other during this step.



Armaan kept riddhima down and they both stared in each other's eyes. Armaan looked at riddhima's lips and then in her eyes and again looked at riddhima's lips. He was moving forward to capture them when a man with black dress came and stood between them. It represented evil his head was also covered with black cap. Armaan riddhima looked at that person with scared expressions and then started running but found that they were surrounded by many more evil people and those people were also wearing the black dress and their heads were covered with the black cap. The main evil person held riddhima's hand and pulled her towards him and armaan was held by other evil people. They held his both hands. Riddhima went down on her knees and pleaded that evil person to leave them let them live their live and armaan shook his head saying her not to do this.


(Mujhko De Tu Mit Jaane Abb Khud Se Dil Mil Jaane

Kyun Hai Itana Faasala

Armaan sang the lines and struggled to free himself. His left hand got free in this struggle and he stretched it towards riddhima. The evil held riddhima's hairs in his fist and pulled her up. Riddhima closed her eyes due to pain.


Lamahe Yeh Phir Na Aane Inko Tu Na De Jaane

Tu Mujhpe Khud Ko De Luta

Riddhima struggled to free herself. Due to struggle she got free and ran towards armaan and hugged him tightly. Armaans whose left hand was free encircled it around riddhima's tiny waist and pulled her more to him.


Tujhe Tujhase Tod Loon Kahin Khud Se Jod Loon

Meri Jismo Jaan Pe Aa Teri Khushbu Odh Loon

Jo Bhi Saansein Main Bharu Unhe Tere Sang Bharu

Chaahe Jo Ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chalu


The evil person pulled riddhima but armaan held her right hand tightly and wasn't leaving her, trying to pull her towards him. the free evil people were trying hard to brake this.


Dil Ibaadat Kar Raha Hai Dhadakane Meri Sun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun

Finally the evil people succeeded with it and armaan riddhima were separated and took into opposite direction. But armaan riddhima maintained their eye lock session till they could see each other.



Riddhima sitting on floor crying when she suddenly saw armaan and she immediately stood up and ran towards him.


Baahon Mein De Bas Jaane Sine Mein De Chup Jaane

Tujh Bin Main Jaau Toh Kahaan

Riddhima hugged armaan tightly while tears were still flowing down her cheeks.


Tujhase Hai Mujhko Paane Yaadon Ke Woh Najraane

Armaan and riddhima looked at each other with teary eyes.


Ik Jinape Hak Ho Bas Mera

Armaan sang this with authority and held her shoulders while pulling her towards him.


Teri Yaadon Mein Rahu Tere Khaabon Mein Jagu

Armaan started twirling riddhima


Mujhe Dhundhein Jab Koyi Teri Aankhon Mein Milu

Armaan looked in riddhima's eyes trying to find his image in her eyes.


Jo Bhi Saansein Main Bharu Unhe Tere Sang Bharu

Armaan riddhima touched their nose and could feel each other's breath.


Chaahe Jo Ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chalu

Armaan walked ahead and opened his arms asking her to come in his arms and hug him. riddhima was about to hug him and even stretched her right arm but that very moment evil freezed her restraining her to move towards armaan.


Dil Ibaadat Kar Raha Hai, Dhadakane Meri Sun

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Haasil Lagi Hai Yahin Dhun

Armaan's eyes opened with jerk and saw he was still in the same position that is Riddhima was standing like a statue with her right arm stretched towards armaan's direction.


The song ended and the lights went off making the hall completely dark. Each one had tears in their eyes seeing the performance since they too could feel the pain of those lovers which armaan riddhima potrayed.

On stage when light went off armaan riddhima looked into each other's eyes they were so much into the character that they were performing from their heart as if they are the lovers and people are trying to separate them. They both felt something while performing but what?
hey guys firstly sorry for being late was having cough and cold but to cover up i gave you a long update which covered mostly Love.
about the song i would just say that evil was a representaion of people who sepereate lovers be it society or parents or custom traditions etc. nd to let u know its my conceptEmbarrassed not copied from any one or anywhereBig smile
and i will thank the silent readers f the previous update n d next updateBig smile 
and yeah no precap since there will be a twistWink
i have written the update with cough and cold so if its not up to mark iam sorry. waiting for your views comments and suggestionsSmile

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Congratulations on your new thread :)

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awww u r my cute frd tooo
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Originally posted by zARqaa_X

Congratulations on your new thread :)
thnk u sooo much 
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Originally posted by Nori.KaShian

awww u r my cute frd tooo
n congrates u deserve this ClapClapClapClapClapClap
n update soon
hey naureen Hug
thnk u sooo much Smile
n luv uEmbarrassed

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Hey DearHug...woww the second thread of His Way...A very huge CONGRATULATIONS dearClap...You and this FF truly deserve this...May you have many more threads like this.Smile..I really love this Fic and I feel so lucky  to be the part of such a beautiful journey...I am also very glad to know that you like my commentsEmbarrassed...Keep doing the good work dear and I am always there for you to support you with My Long Long comment.Tongue..Wow The preview seems interesting yaar...A new character is going to enter...gr88...waiting for update nowSmile...So do try to continue soon...Take care

 Orkut Myspace Congratulation Scraps, Graphics and Comments

Lots of Love



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